Day of Misery and Gloom in Nimule


As I write, the unpopular Nimule Town Council has been officially inaugurated on 22nd October 2013 with the beneficiaries: Governor Louis Lobong Lojore and his friends in crime – Ambassador John Andruga, MP Jerome Surur, MP Avelino Bilal, Dr. Anne Itto, amongst others and their slaves, Mr. Daudi Kisire and his Nimule company, must be patting themselves on their backs for having succeeded in their evil plans.

For the rest and majority of the Ma’di people, it was a day of misery and gloom. For the plan to grab their land is on its way to be fully effected. The opportunists have fulfilled their evil schemes as their masters (the land grabbers) have told them to do.

The fact remains that this is a plan of few coward individuals. I dare you, Mr. Governor, you and your musketeers: if you are men and women enough to come in front of the Ma’di people and in a democratic way ask them whether they would like to have Nimule as a town council, the vote will be an overwhelming majority for a NO vote. That is why you decided to use the back door for pushing through your project.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36).

Money you have received, yes. To you, it could have looked enticing, lucrative and promising but you have lost the trust and the respect of all Ma’di people.

You are traitors (especially you, Mr. Jerome Surur, the project implementer and Dr. Anne Itto, the initiator of the project) and you are worse than the devil itself.

The facts speak for themselves and this evil you have committed against your own people will follow you like your shadows to wherever you go and will follow you all your lives to your graves and will follow your children and to your grandchildren for the bear insults and affronts on your behalves.

Without shame, you are now asking the religious leaders to organize the Ma’di people for reconciliation. Reconciliation for what?

Who is reconciling who and for what?

The Ma’di people do not want to reconcile with any of you, your sins are unforgivable.

And you want to use your power to silence us from voicing our issues. You say you are hurt by what the Ma’di people are writing about you.

We, the majority of the Ma’di people, should be the ones to cry out loud that we are hurt for you have taken away their land for “a few pieces of silver.”

We warn you not to pull even a single hair from a Ma’di. We want to see all the people you have arrested, those you are threatening with arrests, those you wrongfully said defamed you by their writings and all of us to be safe.

We have reached our boiling point and the consequences will be great if you dare touch any one of us.

All we want is the NTC project of ours should be officially withdrawn without any conditions or pre-conditions before anybody can talk of reconciliation, if any.

And all we ask for as Madi people is the repatriation of IDPs and their animals, clear border demarcation of Ma’di land and granting of our county (Pageri County) as we have been refused access and chased away from Magwi County.

I call on all Ma’di people not to be deceived by these cunning individuals to accept their call for reconciliation. We want the whole of Madi land for yourselves but not its people. Have the land through your NTC project.

What do want from the rest of the Madi people after you and your cheque payers have taken Ma’diland through your NTC project?

Those singing the reconciliation song are planning for failure. All Madi people: young or old, at home or in diaspora are all disappointed by the actions of the few individuals towards them. Reconciliation MUST start with the truths.

The pro-NTC people MUST first tell us who started the NTC project, how much they were paid for it and why they killed chief Ajugo of Nimule payam?

When they publicly tell us the truths, they MUST ask us to forgive them. And if we decide to forgive them shall we then reconcile with them.

These are the terms of the reconciliation they have ask for. Short of that let the Ma’di elders and religious leaders forget what they so call “reconciliation”.

Finally, for the Ma’di people are not there just to be used to satisfy the undying egos and selfish greed for power of the pro-NTC group.

You have starting it and you should find a way of clearing your mess.

Martin Oluku, Juba, South Sudan (


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dear Martin,
    Like Judas Ischariot, the likes of Andruga, Itto, Bilal have brought division amongst their people by using undemocratic means, they like Judas betrayed their people and the consequences shall follow them!
    If now protected by kirr, whose days in power are numbered and we shall see, who shall save them when the power dries and when their stolen dollars are dry.

    • nikalongo says:


      Dr. Itto, DG. Jerome, MP. Bilal and Amb. Andruga have large following in M’adiland. Like u, they all support and work for peace and prosperity for M’adi and South Sudan. They are working for a county in Pageri and bringing development through NTC. Calling them names and assigning them titles just because they have alternative views different from ur own is unjust. Are u aware that communities elsewhere in South Sudan, for example, County headquarters Magwi next door would have wanted that privilege? We all fought many battles to bring towns and services closer to our people and now u are telling our people that that NTC thing is evil. Tell us why.

      IDPs is an administrative issue that area MPs, County Commissioner, Governor and Govt. of EES should deal with. Nobody wants to see a large scale government resettlement programme for Dinka in Nimule other than Bor nor persecution, oppression and insecurity for our people in general in Nimule. Criminal gangs in uniform on our streets and those in the kraals masquerading as IDPs should be apprehended and persecuted.

      Besides the IDPs and NTC, there is the County issue which I think should be resolved amicably after a land demarcation with the Acholis which has yet to be decided.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        The Evil they committed is very simple. In the democratic values we all strive for, no individual or group of persons have the right to impose their views or ideas on the Majority. The Madi people as reported held several democratic exercise and Bilal and Androga themselves where parts of these meetings, They were given the floor to expound on their ideas and they failed to sell it and the people did not buy their ideas.
        So when they then went from behind and made secret deals and money exchange hands, then within the NTC, they killed the Chief who had turned against them and used the murder to imprison their civil leaders while under such environment…They inaugurated the NTC.
        Well if this is how things should run in our country…then why do we kick out the Arabs who have never done such things in our regions of South Sudan??

        An MP is simply a mouth piece of the people, instead Bilal became the mouth piece of the government against his people.. Beating the very purpose of an MP. If an MP has a great idea for his constituents but they do not see it, his work is to convince and sell the idea to them not shove it into their throats by crocks and force as Bilal did.
        He has brought suffering on his people and curse on himself. Every Patriot in the country should condemn such way of governing…which must be by consensus not force!
        If the Madi people do not want development so be it, in the first place is this not one of the most educated group of people in the country?

        As to support this NTCier enjoy, believe..not what you hear. Their days in power is numbered just as is the days of the source of this Evil idea the cowboy president.

  2. Modo says:

    True something forced in one’s throat is chocking!!! Now that (Gov) Louis has gone ahead and done it, how does he expect the chiefs and community to work with this town clerk coming to manage the town council? It is clear Lobong is a dictator, he did not deserve our votes. Big lesson learned!!!

  3. Wani Mathias says:

    It’s true the Madi people must wake-up. According to South Sudan Television, Radio Bakitha, and other sources of information in Juba, we already learnt that two Madi anti-Nimule Town Council were killed. These were John Ajugo (Head Chief) gunned down by a man who surfaced to be hired by the government itself. Jinno Luluga (Youth Activist) killed by Internally Displaced Person using sniff poison which was directed through his nostril and 15 others were arrested among them were intellectuals, Leaders, Elders, and youth activists.
    Now the Town Council is being imposed illegally and inauguration is done illegally as of October 22, 2013.
    What is left for Madi people as majority declined to attend the inauguration? Will the government of Eastern Equatoria State and Central government call this an act of development or an act of a total destruction of Madi tribe in South Sudan.
    A lot of different things are happening in South Sudan every day, but this particular Madi land issue is very strength. I strongly believe Madi people were framed by Magwi County by not allowing the Town Council in the Head quarters.
    Second, by EES government leaders being puppets and uncompromising and they were in fact being used.
    Third, by the Central government, a plan by Dinka majority in the government, they wanted to push Madi out of Nimule so that their relatives (Dinka) will occupy Nimule for good. I can only see unfairness, and how long will the Madi people continue under such extreme torture and brutality is what caught up my imagination. To be honest, this is not development, but destruction.
    Wani Mathias
    Juba-South Sudan

  4. umoja says:

    Martin Oluku

    Some people do not understand language of peace, use Western Equatoria still. Kick out whoever is tempering with your land. Look, how tiny Moru number is but because of the rights and belief in God they were able to defend their land by use of arrows and bows.

    If you don’t act now you will remember what I am saying here. Start the fight; remember David defeated “Guallat” not because of anything but because of the faith in God and truth.

    Good luck.

  5. Albinodit says:

    I don’t seem to understand your point of argument, it is apparent that you have ill intentions and bad wishes against the respected individuals you ave been shamelessly abusing, what is wrong with forming a town council, it is in local government act in our constitution. I don’t even think the Ma’di people you claim to be fighting for their rights will agree with you. sometimes what we express on social websites contradict with realities on the ground, you said the inauguration was done yesterday and the indegenes of that land didn’t chase back these nationalist you call betrayers, please if you are beginning to campaign for 2015 elections then this is so earlier.

  6. Loku Eberu Vuni says:


    As I write this message, three Dinka family-heads, returnees from Renk, currently in refugee camp in the outskirts of Juba, are on the process of being repatriated to Nimule. Why on Earth can’t the Jienge stay peacefully in their Jenge land? What the hell do they want in Ma’di land!


  7. Omar says:

    Mr. Albinodit,
    Let me asked you one question, if the Nimule NTC is something not democratic, why not call even only one of Nimule elders to attend what the so called inauguration of the NTC apart from the tissue papers? Just one moment some people will regret why they are insisting to stay in Nimule comes the so called TC leaders our distance matter but East to West, North to South home is better we will be there in soonest future and will see. Why Only NIMULE tell us your motive but remember that land belong to Ma’di not any other community in S Sudan but Ma’di as community MUST be asked first for anythings X and Y to Z.

  8. jay johnson says:

    I do not understand how gloomy and misery it is for a strategic town like nimule being promote to a town council status which it rightly deserve. regardless of our opinions, Nimule strategic location is important to the overall economy of the republic of south sudan. It is a trading/commercial and port of entry into south sudan. The construction of Juba and Nimule road, the only tarmac road in the whole nation was a strategic investment by government of south sudan in conjunction with USAID.

    The Juba-Nimule Road was not built to appease Madi and Bari, but was a national investment to boost economic growth for the benefits of all citizens. the point being Nimule is an important strategic town for its fate to be determined by confused tribal people like madi. It is no longer a Madi town but a national town which holds the key to economic success of the whole nation. the stakes are high that the debate about Nimule town council should not to be viewed as a local matter for Madi people to decide.

    Regardless of the presence of Dinka people in Nimule town, Nimule position as a port of entry into south sudan from east Africa region is irreversible. So madi people should debate the question of Nimule Town council in strategic and national context as opposed to tribal and local view. The Question should be about the importance of Nimule town to the overall economy of South Sudan.
    If it can be shown that it is insignificant, then I would join the opposition. Otherwise, I stand in solidarity with governor Lobong, ambassador Andrugu, Dr. Itto and MP Bilal. these people are doing South Sudan a favor by supporting the upgrading of Nimule into town council so that substantial government investment can be initiated.

    The Equatorians and Madi in particular should stop being hypocritical by accusing Dinka of tribalism when infact they disguise their tribal hatred of jieng and other people in the name of TOWN COUNCIL.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      I do not expect you to understand. When ruling becomes by imposition and force rather than by consensus, when democracy dies then it means the blood of all those who fought for independence has been insulted and they died for nothing. Is that not a gloomy day?

      Remember, Nimule was not and has never been an empty lot, Nimule has clans and people whose very existence from generations to generations depends on their lands, if its dynamic is to change, don’t you think their views should be heard and they should be compensated and relocated if necessary?no such has taken place.
      What if the city road falls where you fathers and grandfathers laid to rest, how is their bones and graves going to be handled? These are some of the few questions not answered instead the government first attempt even before the NTC was announced, people woke u only to find red cross marked on their houses and property.
      Why did we killed the Jalabas because their of Dictatorship and only to impose dictatorship on our own people?

  9. Lokilachong says:

    Dear Oluku & Jay Johnson,
    The Madi are double dealing people who can esily be enticed with simple perks and with it, they are ready to sell their own people. The history of Madi double dealings speaks volumes and it will continue as long as their leaders put riches first.
    I am glad that nobody apart from the Madi leaders that orchestrated the idea of the NTC. In few years I am sure Madi land will be turned into a big Manyatta (cattle camp- kiSwahili) for the Dinka in EES.
    The worry is that Dinka domination will extend to Acholi, Bari, Latuka lands and other tribes in EE but I hope those tribes will resist it.

    According to Jay Johnson, “Nimule strategic location is important to the overall economy of the republic of south Sudan.” That much is true but then why not Yei, Narus, Pachala, Nzara, or Source Yubu? Dinka IDPs were pushed away from some of these places because nobody likes them.
    These are the rich places in the country and source of economy, why not build town councils there?
    And why should the TC be headed by the Dinka, why the IDPs in Nimule are armed, despite Madi and the neigboring tribes in EES being the most hospitable and peaceful people in the whole of south Sudan?

    The trick of the Dinka in occupying Nimule and settling in Equatoria by force is very clear. What they have done is just to use hungry Madi leaders, bribe them and convince the illiterate Governor of EES to establish NTC. And slowly they will eliminate all those Madi who resist such establishment.
    The Madi people should be courageous, speak out but avoid being shelled out because nobody wants IDPs Dinka anywhere in Equatoria.
    The jenge must really go, they must leave Nimule, and they must leave Equatoria.

  10. Loku Eberu Vuni says:


    Well, greed has no colour, race, tribe and religion. The Dinka-led government in Juba has sold Abyei in broad daylight! It is not only few Madi leaders who would sell their soul to demons — for money. Greed is everywhere. In case of Madi, those who sold Madi are few elected leaders turned rogue. In case of the Nimule those who are selling the land to Dinka in disguise of town council are Aventore Bilal, Jerome Surur and now David Eriga (who jumped into the wagon to become a town clerk) and their cronies in Juba.

    By the way, Bilal, Jerome, David and governor Luis are all related. Luise married the cousin sister of David. Jerome is maternal uncle to governor’s wife. And Bilal is a brother-in-law to Jerome. You see, it is a family business — love, money and more more … human greed.

    But in spite of greed which will consume the Madi leaders, the Madi people will survive the consequences of the evil deeds of their rogue leaders. For the spirit and fabric of Madi community is built on ethos more stronger than greed.


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