Daughter, Natalina Malwal, in defense of dad, Bona Malwal’s hate speech

BY: Simon Kur Peter, JUBA, APR/29/2015, SSN;

As South Sudan is a nation born of earnest and generational aspiration of all south Sudanese to be a multi ethnical country with equal representation of her 64 tribes, tragically however, few individuals, the likes of Bona Malwal, incepted the “born to rule” ideology and hold the nation hostage right from its very independence on 9 July 2011, and precipitously drove it into descents of injustice, inequalities, reprisals, extortions, abuses of powers, land grabbing, extrajudicial arrests, gross violation of human rights, tortures and killings of ideological opponents and worst to include opinion writers and journalists.

The nation that we fought the “common enemy” nail and tooth for Equality sadly has becomes a den of lions where only the tribal elites but alas also the commoners with strong backings of relatives in high places are the only equipped to survive the storm of demonic forces that has possessed our new born nation, these, known as the Jieng Council of elders, the equivalent of NIF in the lands of the great Satan, we thought we left behind.

It’s making the old Sudan look pale in comparison and the reason for South Sudanese fighting and losing millions of her precious lives in the process to achieve sovereignty looks cheap, meaningless and in vein! Unless at the end of such sacrifices South Sudan becomes the land of freedom for even her minority tribes, worthy the bloods sacrificed!

I am not shocked or surprised to see the older daughter of Bona Malwal; Natalina Malwal, come out of her safe haven vigorously in defense and attempt to cover up the hate speech given by her father in Kansas city, Kansas USA on 23 March by wielding the threat of lawsuits.

Bona Malwal is known to South Sudanese even before the birth of this daughter who is now flexing her muscle and family fortune to defend her father. She would like to present a different Malwal to South Sudanese but she need to be reminded that most South Sudanese know her father better than she seems to have realized including very many patriotic Jiengs who are opposed to him when it comes to national issues!

As it was reported in Many Media Sources, Mr. Malwal, the father of the born to rule ideology, the very ideology at the heart of jieng unbrotherly and negative attitudes towards none Jieng South Sudanese is the source of the current destruction going on in our nation, making Bona, the father of this destruction that engulfed our Nation.

In his speech he advocated and instigated hate, designed to provoke the youth from Dinka ethnic group to rise up and wipe out the Nuer from their existence, given in the view of Bona Malwal.

Unless Nuer are extinct from their ancestral land and denied the right to ascend to power in the Republic of south Sudan, the country will not be safe as the Dinka and Nuer are traditional rivals over grazing lands and cattles.

It must be pointed out that South Sudan is not a grazing land for Jieng council of elders to carry these traditional fights over to include in the nation’s affairs!

It is sad to see a daughter fighting the press for exposing the evil her father has committed, and threaten to sue the press and a Journalist for reporting the fact that came out of her father’s Mouth!

She instead should rebuke her father rather than issuing threats to soldiers of freedom AKA the press. Is it any wonder then journalists are killed in South Sudan while the Jieng tribal elite enjoys the status of complete immunity and untouchability?

Ms. Natalina Malwal, you should know, in the 21st century nothing can be hidden under the sun, you think threatening of suing the professional journalists for doing their noble work will make them succumb to fear, thus giving the like of your father a free ride?

Please have the womanhood and courage to look your father into his eyes and tell him to stop advocating for one tribe to take advantage of the others and cleansed them from their ancestral God given lands.

South Sudan belong to all south Sudanese, there is no single strong tribe without the others as being erroneously trumpeted by the likes of your father, of course every south Sudanese about the age of 25 years and older know who your father was and is, along with all the southerners bribed with oil money by Khartoum government to assassinate late Garang, and the fight between your father and late Dr. Garang intensified and has escalated further until 2003.

Before I could go further let me give the world the chance to see the threats you issued against Justin Kwaje, I found it hard to make distinction between you and your father.

Your father’s speech poses a big threat not only to the Nuer but also to all South Sudanese to include the Jiengs! By him appealing to the Dinka graduates from the Diaspora to go home to claim positions in the anticipated decree-riddled shuffling of government to sustain and continue to give life to the malignant and genocidal regime of Kiir, A regime that spells death, clearly shows who he truly is, a tribal figure not a national one.

Now you have picked a fight against the press not knowing the freedom of media is one of the core pillars mentioned in the emblem of the SPLA.

Your words “Therefore, Mr. Kwaje, you have two days to do two things, either to produce evidence of this hate speech to support your claim mentioned in your article, or issue a public apology for these lies.

Otherwise I personally will sue you and the newspaper for defamation of character. I have the whole meeting in Kansas recorded and will produce it as proof. I am already in contact with my lawyer and they are waiting for my permission to go ahead.

Time for people creating lies and getting away with them is over. Mind you I don’t have to pay for a lawyer, because they are family. I will have them pursue you and this newspaper for ever, and will not stop until I see a public apology.”Natalina Malwal.

So Natalina Malwal, there will be no formal or informal apologies to you or your father. In the 21st century there are a lot of evidences that can be brought against you and your father, no one will be forced into submissions, and if the media houses were to apologize for telling the truth then the media has bowed to the tribal elite and became corrupt.

As such the people of south Sudan will be left to accept wrong to be right and falsehood to be truth and the nation become truly blind.

For the sake of South Sudan, we the media shall never apologize and shall remain free till the darkness that hangs over the nation is passed and the day break greets our beloved land, which is inevitable!

For the future of South Sudan and the memories of our valiant colleagues, the likes of Isaiah Abraham, We shall resist!

You stated “Furthermore, if he was a tribalist, he wouldn’t have married to two of his wives that are from Equatoria, from which he produced two of my siblings.”

Natalina, evidences and history tells us, in the last 25 years both powerful Dinka politicians and illiterate former guerrilla fighters have grabbed and forced many women from other tribes into coerced marriages.

This, if in fact investigated, will constitute crimes against women and those involved in doing this unlawful criminality will face prosecution for reintroducing sex slavery and multi-wives in the 21st century including perhaps your father, thus your father marrying two Equatorial wives is a matter of shame not glory.

In the Journey to independence, you seem to inflate your father’s role in the national struggles of South Sudanese. The employment of your father, Bona Malwal, by Al Beshir to the post of adviser was only to derail and sabotage the plan to achieve comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Al Beshir himself knew that Bona Malwal was the best chance he had to prey on and to divide the Dinka from achieving the aspiration of the people of south Sudan from breaking away from the Sudan.

Is this not one of the reasons why many southerners, not only Dinkas Bor, link the current sitting President and your father in the mysterious death of the founding father of SPLA?

It was until the Rumbek convention of the Liberation council when late Garang and Salva Kiir reconciled under the initiative of and thanks to Dr Riek Machar. Since then, Bona Malwal has gone silent, one of the reasons he quit politics was because he had no creditability left and lost the support and backing of the Dinka people.

In January 2005 he was featured as the leader of a new party, the South Sudan Democratic Forum. Why would Bona Malwal form SSDF just as the CPA was signed if he was a supporter of Garang and the Southern aspiration for independence and if his political ambition was not to derail and deny the people of south Sudan the long awaited dream of independent homeland?

Many remain suspicious that your father Bona had planned to sabotage the achievement of our long awaited aspiration to gain our independence since 1947!

In one way or the other President Beshir, immediately realized the danger posed by your father to the Southern aspirations thus Al Beshir immediately married the veteran politician and appointed him as his advisor to derail and influence the Dinka tribe to vote in favor of united Sudan.

Al Beshir miscalculated—- thankfully! Thinking, since the Dinka are majority, if they vote in favor of united Sudan, then the South Sudanese long dream for separate home land will permanently die and be buried.

The courtesy was mutual. Malwal, fluent in propaganda, defended Beshir’s sanctity in the face of the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant, and devotedly joined the top rank of the ‘National Association in Support of the Candidacy of the Citizen Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Beshir for the Presidency of the Republic’ at the side of Field Marshal Abd el-Rahman Suwar el-Dahab and other respectable elders of the North.

The same body was transformed into the ‘National Association in Support of Unity’ in the interlude between the April 2010 elections and the January 2011 referendum.

When asked few days before the session whether he will settle in South Sudan once secession is declared, Bona Malwal responded “If I receive an invitation from the South I will attend the 9 July celebrations otherwise my house is in Khartoum”.

By all means Bona Malwal saw and sees no future in south Sudan as he has many enemies from the South and at the same time he knew his political marriage with Al Beshir was on part time basis as Khartoum proposed marriage with south Sudan would no longer happened.

Thus Al Beshir sees no use to keep Bona Malwal on adviser’s duties that is why Mr. Malwal decided to disappear for the last ten year and declared his retirement from political arena only to emerge in Kansas City with hate messages against the Nuer and the remaining 62 tribes.

It remains a matter of curiosity how far the alliance between Kiir and Malwal will survive.
For poor Natalina Malwal, a daughter of veteran journalist who turned politician would never accept the fact that her father is not the darling of many; Natalina Malwal with no political background clearly displays what is called “blood is thicker than water”.

The poor daughter would rather threaten and defend what is not defensible and rewrite history that has already dried on a rock.

Your father’s legacy for worse has been established, rest assured no one can add to it nor subtract from it. This legacy was written over half a century by none other than your Father, Bona Malwal, himself!

Thanks to him, his ideology of “the born to rule”, the rest of South Sudanese hate us and will forever reject all those old guards now known as The Jiengs Council of elders, who harbor such antiquated and destructive ideologies.

Until the younger and well cultured and enlightened, true and patriotic Jiengs who numbers in thousands if not millions and thankfully who all agree with me and call all south Sudanese brothers, not subjects as your father would like to believe! Until then there shall be no peace, guaranteed! The sooner we all learn this, the better for ALL!

Simon Kur Peter
Chief reporter South Sudan Liberty News
email: simonkurpeter@gamil.com or info@southsudanliberty.com
Juba, RSS


  1. Ojja says:

    Indeed for this unknown poor lady blood is thicker than water, but what mouth does she really want to use to defend the corruptible father Bona Malwal?, this utter nonsense from daughter confirmed beyond doubt the African saying that ” a wizard will give birth to another wizard” this man called Bona is one of the evil whose aspiration is to alienate other tribes and make Dinka to flourish in the expenses of others. This lady can be deadly poison like the father Bona Malwal his evil plan have taken so many innocent souls and lives.

  2. Defender says:

    It will be nice to share with us Natalina’s piece so that we have a point of reference to draw from. For those who are objective in apportioning blaming, because it is important to give those who deserve it their right share. As for Bona Malwal, he is someone that past his time in impacting politics in South Sudan. They guy has been part of politics in Sudan/South Sudan for the last fifty years. His stay is very unwelcome.

    JCE hegemony must be confronted by all peace loving South Sudanese, including Denka who do not share their grand strategy. The young Denka Generation must not be allowed to be the bearer of bad seeds of the current generation of Denka leaders into the future. They must separate themselves from what is happening in South Sudan so that those Denka who are suffering today may not suffer just because of the interest of few.

  3. Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

    Yes, This so called Jieng Council of elders are tribal fundamentalists with colonial ideologies of the born to rule! they are the NIF of South Sudan, we must dismantle them or they should be outlawed. They need to worry themselves with their Kraal or cattle camps!
    Thank you Simon for eloquence!

  4. John Kijana says:

    Simon Kur,

    Bona Malwal´s jienge of the “born-to-rule” is “slave mentality”, is an ideology that reflects a deep inferiority complex, a desperate attempt to lifting self-esteem and pride of the jienge people who for centuries have been jellaba slaves themselves. No peoples of South Sudan have been so humiliated, dehumanised and reduced to sub-humans as the jienge. As recent as in the 1900s, jienges were taken as slaves from areas of N. Bahr el Ghasa, Abyei and Warrap and at least between 40 to 60 percent of all jienges today have tracable jellaba ancestry. As a one-time slave descendant, Bona Malwal tries to emulate his masters “master-slave ideology” to the rest of the Southerners. He is like that Uncle Toms´s “house-slave” who feels better off that the “field-slave” and is more subservient and obedient to his jellaba masters. Bona Malwal believes that his paternal jellaba cousins have bestowed upon the jienge that unaalienable right to then rule the South on jellabas behalf. It is unthinkable how these jienges who on their own can´t rule, feed let alone think for themselves then rule, feed and think for the Southerners. Look at where the “born-to-rule” ideology has brought them. While Greater Equatoria is on the path of development, the jienges are out there in the luaks to kill themselves. Perhaps like in the words of the late Chief Andrea of the Bari, we should first teach the jienges how to “think” as humans and not like their “cows”

    • Bol says:

      Jeing are already ruling since 2005…. They ruled during Abel Alier time…. They will rule after President Kiir….Please stop spreading lies about None_Existence Born to Rule Ideology…. It is a myth…the only reason you are not ruling RSS is simple (not good enough to lead) ….sharpen your talents and you will be living in J1, but I believe HATRED will shortens your breathing days before you could step into the doors of the beautiful J1!…John, if 60 % of Jeing are of Arab descendants, what might be the percentage of Arab descendants in Equatoria, especially in residential areas of Lubas Mafi, Rujal Mafi and Atalabara? Didn’t half Jeing half Arab push up the numbers in the rejoin because they are actively producing kids of their own? John, why do you have to vomit nasty stuff every time you open your mouth ? What is needed here are ideas please.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Simon,
    Are you editor’s brother in law, that because of your sister’s feminine’s influence, you twisted his arm and forced him to publish your rubbish?
    There is only one destiny for you, your false fellow journalist Mr David and the rest of the likes idiots and that is the hell fire that you are fanning.

    Could you explain what you mean by the following phrase,”Until the younger and well cultured and enlightened,true and patriotic jiengs who numbers in thousands if not millions and thankfully who agree with me and call all south sudanese brothers,not subjects as your father would like to believe! Until then there shall be no peace,guaranteed! The sooner we all learn this,the better for ALL!”.

    You compel us to want to sacrifice another breath taking efforts to learn english language to be able to understand you. Sincerely speaking, you have succeeded to mystify but in the absence of clarity, your intentions have nothing to do with denounciations of Bona Malual, his daughter and the misleading false jieng council of elders. Your true intentions are incitations of tribal ill feelings against jieng and dinka as a tribe without any exception.

    But in your apparent miserable blind existence,one feels obliged to ask you a question:do you see the hell fire that is burning between dinka and nuer in nuer and dinka homelands?What will happen to dinka and equatorians in equatorian and jieng homelands will not be very different if your ill campaigns ever succeed to set them in a tribal war!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False millionaire,
      Why shouldn’t a fellow jieng not be allowed to be critical of jieng misrule? That isn’t incitement by any definition; Simon is a true patriot who’s rightly concerned about jieng’s over-inflated and calamitous superiority of ethnic domination, period!

      • Bol says:

        Is scaring off individuals from taking legal actions considered War against Misrule ? It is more like a Sword for Copper! Happy Friendship.

  6. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    Dear Simon Kur Peter,
    Firstly, thank you for the article though seem very strange to others. Going through your article, I failed to see principle reason (s) as to why you punish yourself very severely. I can ask you very simple question: As you said your press have evidences, so what wrong with Mr. Kwaje being taken to court as long as press is confident it will defense itself and Mr. Kwaje as well? Prove your self in the court of law isn’t one of the pillars of this very model society? As one read your article critically, he/she wouldn’t fail to conclude that Mr. Kwaje’s article was very much falsified. Globally every press club is regulated and so yours. If one writes amateurly or clandestinely, he/she must be hold accountable in anyway for their actions. Defamation is a punishable crime if find guilty!
    In your own article Simon Kur, one wonder whether inciting hatred between communities is away forward. As intellect, why not preach for peace, Love, togetherness, humbleness etc rather than just inciting hatred.
    Finally, one is known through his/her action. The contribution of Southsidannation web to either old Sudan or present South Sudan is well known. Needlessly, in current crises, Southsudannation web comments are highly contributing to the crises and even worse, those comments are damaging particular communities as if the purpose of the web was amongst others to divide people along community line.
    Dear editor, its my heartfelt to always see comment such as for John Kijana above saying, 40-60% of all Jieng are of tracable Jellaba ancestry. Where is your control to let go unwanted sentence/statement or word seem unnecessarily fit? I hope, could you spare abit of your time to those comments, no doubt this web can live forever.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dengchol Machar Atem,
      I am bamboozled by your accusation that the SouthSudanNation.com is dividing the people. Even though John Kijana’s alleged assertion that 40-60 of jieng can trace their ancestry to the jellaba, you cannot hastily presume that the website supports the assertion made. If such a state is presumed by you as erroneous, then please have the liberty to criticize it as openly and as factually as you may.
      Let’s learn to talk to each other while disagreeing, a better option that the wild west gangsterism of the SPLM/A of killing each other needlessly.

  7. AGUMUT says:

    Why that picture near Bona Malual have been cover up and why Malual had being named Malwal?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      The reason for the blurring of the photo is because we don’t have a picture of Natalina. If you have one, kindly send it to us so that we can see the beauty.

  8. False Millionaire says:

    John Kijana,
    The problem of RSS is the misrule by the political elites among whom are jieng citizens.If you are truly a man of principles,this is the primary reality to admit.In the face of this reality,many citizens of good will oblige themselves to reason as what can be a best solution.What must be achieved at the end is a universal result that will correspond to the concept of,”one nation,one people”.

    But success to organization of any national movement that can achieve results of common interests for all can never materialize if such terms as political,historical and social consciousness are not respected and applied to their very core.That is the major problem that has become our handicap too difficult to over come.But how and why?It is the idiots like you and the rest of the evil forces who are now in the central stage that are our problem.

    It’s a grave mistake in any scholaristic work to distort history.Slavery was a phenomenon that affected almost the rest of Africa.In general,in what you should already know as slavery coast in west africa that included the Ashanty Empire,Africans were captured,gathered and shipped off to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.They were among whom were the survivors who have the living descendants called American blacks today.In the African east coast,the Arabs marchants with their collaborators raided such places as Zambia,Tanzania and Mozambique deep in the heart of Africa and carried off African blacks into slavery.Today in such places as Madigasacre,the island of Zenzibar,Mayotte and even in the arabian peninsula,there are visible human signs of surviving African blacks racially mixed in breeding with none black human racial groups.

    There is no single record every where in Africa including South Sudan to show that those who were captured and taken to slavery had ever returned to their homelands.Those among the captives who could be either weak without economic value or simply sick were assassinated.Even the story of the sudanese maiden slave named Baketa who is now saint came to be known after achieving an ampler happy ending in exile where she lived and died.But she had never returned to her Sudan’s homeland.So your malicious assertion that,”at least 40 to 60 percent of all jieng today have tracable jallaba ancestery”,is false.Every dinka who was captured and taken to slavery never returned home to cross breed with those who were not taken to slavery.

    Speaking of slavery in South Sudan in reality,it wasn’t only the dinka citizens who were victims.You would be a saddest RSS intellectual if history has not taught you that,the turkey Othman Empire had intentions to occupy Sudan in order to capture black men to recruit them into it’s empiral army.South Sudan and the rest of the countries along the Nile were included in the plan.It was English muddling that spoiled the plan.But sporadic raids still inflicted suffering as some shuluk,nuer,dinka,fertit and Zandie citizens were captured by slave raiders and taken to slavery.Infact slavery business was to be institutionalized and imposed upon black Africans becouse correct record shows that,the french Empiror Napoleon Bonaparte visiting Egypt was offered a gift in the form of ten strong African male slaves and he was impressed by their physical strength that he demanded the Egyptian ruler to collect for him two thousand strong black men every year for his army with the promise of money in return.This was a most lucrative business to be achieved at all cost.Yet England was there to save south sudan ending up by imposing what is called the closed district policy that put to an end the slave raids all togather throughout the period of Anglo Egyptian rule.

    You are exhibiting a degrading sense of ignorance for some body who ever went school like you if you believe that it was only the jieng who were,”humiliated,dehumanized and reduced to subhuman”.For it was every one who was ever too unlucky to be a victim of slavery that went through such in human experiences.

    Sincerely speaking,life is a struggle.But do idiots like you know that?I am interested to ask you questions.Who is you in South Sudan and what do you want to achieve in lashing out so savagely against dinka citizens?Did you know that dinka is the biggest tribe in RSS and that if you ever set foot from Terkika in CES,it’s all dinka in thick density up to Abeyi on the boarder with the north?Is your ill feelings directed against those ordinary citizens out of pure hatred or are you targeting them as a way of fighting those in the misruling government among whom is Kiir?If this last question is your case,I regret to remind you to prepare yourself for long suffering becouse the misruling government can never be brought down without dinka citizens taking the central role in any struggle to over throw it.But as for Bona Malual,members of the false jieng council of elders and the rest of their likes,drink your whisky coolly and take on them with any factual severity. I assure you of many genuine dinka citizens to be on your side so far as they have nothing to do with the wishes of the dinka citizens in general.

  9. AGUMUT says:

    I don’t have one,i think our politicians have to keep their positions ,but they have to think about a future of their children in general and particularly about their daughters. Denial can cause mental illness.

  10. simon Kur says:

    Dengchol Machar Atem,

    Mr Atem, I have no hate message in my article, neither have I tried to instigate community, my advise to you is please try to revisit the original article written by my colleague Justin S. kwaje, young brilliant well informed journalist, who has vast knowledge and very resourceful colleague who is well informed person about the geopolitics of south Sudan, Justin has reported within the ethic of professionalism( Journalistic) the one who was trying instigate my people to deprive other minorities of our fellow country people was Bona Malwal, uncle Malwal through his hate speech preached on 23-March 2015, in Kansas city, Kansas , was trying to incited our people to storm and kill Neur our neighbor not knowning many of us/Dinka have marriage relationships with our Nuer neighbor . I as a journalist have deserve the right to report whoever is undermining the power of what has been adopted as new emblem of our country ” One people, one Nation” if this claim by the sitting president uncle Kiir is right then, it is damn wrong for an old school uncle Malwal to preach his massage of hate.
    Mr. Atem, it is equal wrong to claim or think that you have purely 100%Dinka blood, while thinking I don’t have Dinka blood, what made you to think you got the right to rebuke me from saying the true about uncle Malwal? Please for security reason I am not going to reveal to who my father’s name is,and where I am from, but if you are in Juba email me privately using the above email address so that I can arrange to meet you.
    Brother Atem, I cannot accept such individual the likes of uncle Malual to misrepresent me through his hate speech, I am entitle to define my own destiny than to be misrepresented by uncle Bona. it is due to some few handful of our elders who think they can dominate power that is why I walk with my head down whenever I visit Kampala. Unless we Dinka assert to understand that we are the makers of our problem ethnic cleansing is not an answer. Think deep, i enjoy working relationship with my colleagues, Justin S Kwaje, Andrew Olweny, Dr. Gabriel etc

  11. AGUMUT says:

    What one expected from politicians and celebrities because their marriages and their divorces are on the doorsteps and poor people in the big cities have adopt that too.

  12. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear Simon Kur, this is not the first time he has given negative speech against Naath people. The U N conference which was known globally as Rio Earth Summit, was held from June 3- 14, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Some of the main themes and goals of the summit are listed below:
    1. on developing a global framework for addressing environmental degradation via sustainable development,
    2. improved management of chemicals and wastes
    3. extinction of some minorities tribes such as the first nation ( Sinixt) in Canada or aboriginals in Australia. the issue of
    4. provide guidance for communities worldwide who desired to integrate sustainable development goals into their governance structure.
    John Garang dispatched Bona Malwal to the Summit to talk on behalf of Jaang tribe . Contrary to the aforementioned conference, Malwal gave a controversial speech. The main theme of his speech was about Dinka extinction in South Sudan. He informed the summit that Dinka tribe in South Sudan are in danger and their extinction is imminent. Specifically, Malwal mentioned that the Nuer tribe and the Arab Messyria as well are the roots cause. Consequently, he urged the world leaders to provide an urgent protection for his community before it will be too late. Interestingly, he was stopped before preceding his speech by one of the organizer. In fact, he was told that the goal of the Summit was the possible extinction of minorities ethnic groups in the World and others living things. Dinka is a majority in South Sudan and therefore, your claim is irrelevant. It was very embarrassing situation.

  13. Ojja says:

    Deng Hanbol,

    Interesting to read the pieces you have jotted above, Simon if he is a dinka, I blessed him for speaking the reality, we need more blood like Simon to denounce this dogmatic unfounded ill ideology of Dinka council of elders, this will become epidemic if left unchanged and unchallenged. The so called dinka council of elders are to aspire for local affair in dinka region, but their wrong aspiration to extinct the other and wipe them out of the country will constitute to genocide and the idiotic President should know that he was elected to be the president of all south Sudanese not for jienge tribe .

  14. Dear:Author Simon Kur Peter

    Yes to me!”The blood is thicker than water in nature!”The blood is heavy! But-the water is light!There is always a gap to compare on matters in life cycle by nature. People are born differently at birth among themselves according to the their creation in nature.People are born base on blood relation because they are always tie among themselves as always in one family children boys,girls because they always know the parents more than everybody else.

    Attacking Natalina Bona Malwal daughter on what she had said when said”The blood wa thicker than water.”Bona Malwal is her biological father.He is the true father.He becomes her father which is part of her blood in nature.She has obligation right to defend the father Bona Malwal vigorously as much as possible from outsiders enemies as much as possible as she can be! She has the right to leave politics aside to defend the father.There is nothing like being a father.He father is Bona Malwal He is the one who bore her and who have given birth for her in his blood and the mother right away the same time at the beginning.He bred her up and in her childhood until therefore to be an adult in her life.
    I knew very well.There are people in life,they do not defend the parents in people whenever they are done wrong problems in people in the public on matters. But there others are those who will always defend the parents in which sister Natalina Bona Malwal,is one of them by birth.

    Well,do you really in your sense ad your common sense like her,she should defend which father after all besides the true him father Bona Malwal??! When attacking her and criticising her,you should have a good sense in your head at the beginning.

    Please,do not get me wrong.I think.I am guessing.Catergorically,I can guess for you.You belong in Nuer tribe in the South Sudan in Sudan.I am demising on you simply because of your talking in your written article you wrote and posted in the forum South Sudan Nation on Discussion Board.

    In your article,you rambled without ever known what you were expressing in your brain in your mind in your ideas and your opinions the same time.Your aim,and your motto,was that to rebuke Natalina Bona Malwal for what she said according to the author the writer which was written before by Mr.John Kwaje in the article he wrote.I found his article in the forum being posted and being published and being read widely as much as possible

    When I saw it,when I read it,it was contained full of malicious words and defamatory words all upon directing against Mr.Bona Malwal. But I have declined to make a comment in it according to what he had said in the article his he wrote on his politics animosities words be cause according to what he wrote,he wrote in partial because he did not after all write in impartial when I compared according to in my own comparison between his position in his politics affiliation between the rebels in the war in the bush in opposition and the government of South Sudan which to be seated in Juba.

    My frankly speaking to you, I myself,I am misgiving and I became doubt whether it was true that Bona Malwal,had used the hate talk on against Nuer people in the tribe in the South Sudan to his fellow tribesmen residents in Dinka tribe in Kansas City Missouri in USA. He himself, after all, he is a person of integrity because he himself, after all, he is a person of his caliber. He himself,he could not debase himself,on South Sudan local politics.There are some of you. They are talking local politics which base in academic affairs which always has nothing to do in politics affairs in the government in the country in the South Sudan.

    On his presence in Kansas City Missouri in USA,in the South Sudan,in the country,in Sudan,I was not there around.
    I would have had ever enable to hear him in his hate speech he made in the matters back home in the country when he brought in the government in Juba because I have stopped attending the matters for the South Sudanese communities in USA since during CPA 2005 because I did not to want troubling myself anymore because after all, I found a wasting of a vital time and a wasting a vital energy.I left! quit! I take care myself and my life! This is all I can do right now.

    I for one, by myself,who is talking to you,I knew very well what making the people the Sudanese in the country why they are killing themselves among themselves? They are killing themselves among themselves for only one matter which is DEMOCRACY which originating for politics simply because for political system in the Sudan!!! There is nothing else.Whether you believe me and disbelieve me.It is up to you!

    In your article,you wrote,you have talked of two issues personal attack and character assassination attack in one time.You were attacking Natalina Bona Malwal,and you were criticising Natalina Bona Malwal because of her personality when getting deeply and when getting closely in personal attack and personal criticism and character assassination attack socially,and politically and the father Bona Malwal on politics his!

    Well,I think,perhaps,you do not know him very well.You small child with him in politics!You do not have a solid base on your politics at all! When becoming a journalist to yourself,it does not mean,you qualify to be a politician in South Sudan local politics.You have not yet becoming well mature in your politics altogether at all! Thank you. No hate! Back to you to the audience in the forum South Sudan Nation on Discussion Board.

    Missouri Kansas,USA

  15. malcum x says:

    your dad is useless, his mind can’t understand beyond dinka people he is very limited, you are defending him is because he is your dad but not because he in one of the dinka kingdom maker, and he is one of dinka jeing council of elder(but he will not succeed with his evil plan) let him die. wau nar

  16. False Millionaire says:

    In reference to your comments to Dengchol Machar Atem,May 1,2015 at 12:13 AM,if you are sincere in claiming that,”even though John Kijana’s alleged assertion that 40-60 percent of jieng can trace their ancestry to jallaba,you cannot hastily presume that the website support the assertion”,why haven’t you published the comments refuting and challenging John Kijana to provide the prove?Or ought one believe that it’s you who have impersonated John Kijana therefore you are the author of the malicious false assertion?Do you also agree with the evil forces who assert that equatorian citizens like you and Alhaj Paul are congolises?What kind of RSS are you looking for?!!!

  17. Ojja says:

    chief Abiko,

    Chief or not chief, your writing is out of the place, father or not father if they turned to be evil we have to correct them, not defending their evil deeds and trying to justify them to be good because they bore us, what a world are we in living? of course our parents will always remain our darlings but we don’t have to accept the evil they do, remember one will be remember with the good he/she does and always being curse with the evil he/he has committed. there is this saying which goes, ” the good you do will remain with you, the evil you do will follow you” so the evil Bona Malual has done will be inscribe on his grave stone, and he will be judge harshly in the history of our nation. And people like you who advocate and instigate hatred, and support them towards people from other ethnicity will not be recognize as brothers and sisters but they will always be call the evil doers, as such history will not recall their evil deeds because they are encouraging tribal elements ethnic cleansing, remember Dinka have their God given home lands, therefore encouraging the youn Dinka to arise to grab power by force is simply an act of primitiveness and backwardness and uncivilized ways of dinka untamed culture.

  18. You call your self a chief and yet makes such useless comments really idiot


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