Gen. Cirillo’s NAS International Relations Committee (IRC)’ Response to Kiir’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: Dr. LAKO JADA Kwajok, NAS Chairman of the IRC, Jan/05/2019, SSN;

Further to the statement by the SSPDF (the South Sudan National Army) Spokesperson regarding the recent clashes between the National Salvation Front (NAS) forces and the regime forces in Goroum in the Luri area near Juba, the Kiir’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation came up with a statement of its own carrying the same unfounded allegations and lies against NAS.

The IRC would not dwell into the matter any further as the facts were explained thoroughly in the statement by NAS spokesman yesterday.

It’s, however, outrageous for the regime to accuse NAS of terrorism when all the indicators point towards brutality and State terrorism brought by the government upon the citizens of South Sudan.

The regime committed hideous crimes against communities in the Pibor area between 2010 and 2013. In December of 2012 it shot 25 innocent civilians in Wau town while exercising their constitutional rights of peaceful demonstration.

That was the reported number of the victims by the controlled press. The fact of the matter is that afterwards the regime forces went on a killing spree for three days that caused the death of unknown number of civilians.

It also caused mayhem in Malakal town in 2014 that led to the loss of innocent lives and utter devastation.

Furthermore, in February 2017, the regime pursued its war against the communities in Upper Nile region by the bombing of Wau Shilluk village that left many civilians dead and resulted in extensive destruction and famine.

It’s worth mentioning that the Information Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth, the Chief of Staff of the SSPDF, Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, the Deputy Minister of Defense, Gen. Malek Reuben Riak, and the Commander of the Ground Forces, Gen. Santino Deng Wol, are all under the UN sanctions for committing or instigating atrocities against civilians.

Hitherto, the whereabouts of Dong Samuel Luak and Aggrey Idri remain unknown. The two were kidnapped by the regime agents from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya on January 23 and 24, respectively. The above examples show that State terrorism in South Sudan is not speculative but a reality.

The African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan (AUCISS) report in October 2015, is in keeping with the above conclusion as the atrocities investigated by the Commission were deemed part of State policy.

Whilst Pres. Kiir’s regime talked about Christmas and the New Year celebrations in an environment of false peace – it wouldn’t spare a thought for the tens of thousands of innocent lives that were slaughtered in Juba in cold blood in mid-December 2013.

A responsible and considerate government would have dedicated a day in commemoration of the victims of those horrific events. Of course, the regime would like the memory of those who lost their lives forgotten.

The National Salvation Front condemns in the strongest terms possible the belligerent acts by the regime against the local population and the continuation of its scorched earth policy in Equatoria and other parts of South Sudan.

Untold suffering and crimes were inflicted upon the local populations in Yei, Wonduruba and Parajok. The regime uses this policy to punish the community of any dissident leader.

They did it to the community of Gen. George Athor before he got liquidated. The same happened to Dr. Riek Machar’s community in the Leer town area in Unity State.

We call upon the UN and the humanitarian relief organizations working in the area to be on alert for the unfolding humanitarian tragedy in the aftermath of the clashes.

It’s ironical that the government is now calling upon the CTSAMM, UNMISS to look into violations it claims to have been committed by NAS forces.

It’s the same government that has been all along intransigent to the peaceful settlement of the conflict and had committed numerous ceasefire violations.

The recent shameful and criminal abuses against some members of the CTSAMM in Luri underpins a pattern of behavior by the Juba regime against some foreign entities. It includes harassment of foreign nationals involved in relief operations, the killing of journalists and rape (Terrain Hotel incident).

The National Salvation Front has repeatedly reaffirmed its position of full support for a peace agreement that would be inclusive, just and ensures the realization of FEDERALISM and the establishment of a process of full accountability.

The Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) has fallen short of tackling the root causes of the conflict, hence, isn’t a recipe for lasting peace in the Republic of South Sudan.

Nonetheless, NAS would continue to work with our brethren in the other opposition Movements and organizations to coordinate our efforts for the resolution of the conflict and the benefit of our people.

At the same time, NAS would value any engagement with IGAD, the AU, the Troika and the UN towards achieving sustainable peace in South Sudan. END

SIGNED BY: Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok, Chairman of the IRC


  1. Tyson says:

    Dr Lako,

    Anything from this rogue regime is laughing stock. What do you expect from these rotten and hard core murderers?
    The kraal-led primitive government in South Sudan will not escape the wrath of the innocent masses. It has to account for all its horrendous crimes.

  2. info@southsudannation says:

    M’BusumuMon…..(whatever alien you are),
    Despite your audacity, temerity and one-person verdict, it should be Dr. Lako who should be writing if ever the article is not the one sent.
    A coward like you, hiding in such a fictitious name, don’t even and ever deserve some honor on the website. Be a man and say who you really are.
    I just published your nonsense to expose your falsity otherwise such duplicitous names don’t deserve publication here on this one of South Sudanese oldest and reputable websites.

  3. mading says:

    Go find something to do, you are late in the game. You Tyson, Deng H. Mr. J. Malooma, and other internet warriors rebels need to leave people of South Sudan alone to implement a good peace God gave them.

    • Tyson says:

      Catastrophic and usual Jieng mentality
      Do the Jineg really know God? Yours is just blasphemy!
      You kill, steal, rob, rape, etc, etc against God’s ordinances. Shamelessly you consider your MoU for looting South Sudan a “God given peace”,
      Yours is the SATANIC peace led by prince Lucifer and commanded by killer Kiir under the overall guidance of Jieng Council of Evil rogues. Shame on you!!!!

  4. Fertit says:

    Well said, Dr. Lako, thank you.

  5. J. Malooma says:

    Blank and empty is how I defined you, Mr Mading!
    Take this advice, illiteracy is not something that you can joke with; the only treatment however, is to attend any nearest institute/school that you can afford and learn some elementary basics, and that will do the trick for you. How would you possibly argue and defend these messy leadership of Kirr-JCE, with these learned and knowledgeable guys when you can’t reason and expressed your ideas, Mr Mading?
    Gen. Cirillo-NAS should have strengthened their position and do enough damage to Kirr-jieng before it’s too late! Because this shaky peace and its money making machine (IGAD) will work hard to isolate the holdout groups perhaps, before the peace collapsed….. God forbid, as it happened to Dr Riek-IO in 2016/7.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      J. Malooma,
      Whilst I totally concur with your excellent comment above, I want to add that Riak Machar truly and stupidly messed up all the energy that his patriotic supporters selflessly sacrificed for him. Machar was just like some political monkey who hopelessly copied all that Kiir was doing instead of concentrating on toppling the Kiir tribal dynasty.
      A revolution must be what it is. If the problem is/was Kiir, then the goal is to get rid of Kiir, then get rid of monster Kiir!! Why must a quarter of a million patriots die in vain, for nothing and you, Machar, stands/sleeps in a paradise, meanwhile happily fattening up like a pig, not understanding or appreciating why those brave souls were being slaughtered by Kiir.
      That’s the dilemma confronting NAS, and they must now do better than Riek Machar.
      Surely, Gen. Cirillo fully understands the predicament of his situation and hopefully he doesn’t follow the abysmal and catastrophic political and military footsteps of Riek Machar.
      I hate to say this, but the truth is that, Kiir and his jieng terrorists would always eliminate an Equatorian first thing than doing the same to a Nuer or a fellow jieng.
      We just need to painfully recall those many Equatorian patriots killed by Kiir…in the bush and in our so-called ‘independent’ country.
      Finally, with the ‘intifada’ on-going in Khartoum, if Pres. Bashir, Machar’s godfather, falls, the peace agreement will also die. Machar will thereafter remain an unwanted political liability/orphan of the jellaba …What next, only God knows.

      • J. Malooma says:

        Thank you editor
        But stop this crap, we just want NAS to show us in action or perhaps the course of action that they are going to take against the Kirr-JCE regime sooner or later! And don’t forget that we are in the fifth month since NAS walked out of peace talks. Here’s the question, what if the IO and other oppositions managed to implement this shaky peace with Kirr-JCE in good faith; and as result produced the desire “constitution and federalism that would mandate the GNU to repatriate people to their places of origin, and have agreed on acceptable number of states” by throwing the troubled “32 states, aka JCE junk states” into garbage bags of history……! What do you think would be the best strategy for NAS to encounter the outcome?

        • info@southsudannation says:

          J. Malooma,
          In response to your question, I am not a NAS spokes-person to give a direct answer, however, as a citizen deeply skeptical of the willy and untrustworthy Kiir-Jieng Council of Elders, I can only postulate that Kiir and his mafia JCE would never so easily acquiesce to any modality that’s akin to ‘kokora.’ The JCE have heavily ‘invested’ their stolen billions in Juba and they would rather die than surrender those ill-begotten assets to the natives of the city.
          However, I seriously think NAS isn’t aiming for that goal, what you’ve claimed above as….”to repatriate people to their places of origin..”
          What NAS and others are proposing is ‘federalism’ which will be discussed and agreed upon by all South Sudanese. The current system of governance is unproductive and is only exacerbating regional antagonisms among South Sudanese. Juba, today, is a city being so-called ‘developed’ by a cabal of THIEVES AND OUR NATION’S STOLEN MONIES; it’s a false paradise.
          If Kiir and JCE were real patriots (post independence), today, Ramciel would have been developed into a modern Capital City and all South Sudanese would be proudly looking at their ‘super’ capitol instead of running away with all of the billions of dollars to Khartoum, Kampala, Asmara, Addis and Nairobi.

        • Equatoria Koko says:

          J. malooma,

          As a NAS supporter, I find it useful to explain a few things based on what came in your comment. Leaving federalism out is not the only reason that made NAS reject R-ARCSS. Accountability and total overhaul of the security sector are among our bottom line. Lest there will be no peace and the country would move closer to disintegration.
          Dr Riek Machar has essentially surrendered and abandoned the objectives of his movement. So, it doesn’t matter whether they managed to implement the so-called peace agreement or not, it will remain a lame one. Do you think people would put up with the forced demographic changes in Ma’adi land, around Juba, Western Bahr Ghazal, and the Collo land?! A big no. Therefore, we will fight them all until a just peace is attained or every historical region or community gets what belongs to it.

          • Force_1 says:

            Equatoria Koko,
            If you can’t get what you want peacefully in South Sudan, what are the chances that you’ll get what you want forcefully?

  6. Dear: Editor/Publisher

    I like your comment to the fellow member. J Malooma, on Dr. Riak Machar himself and by himself! okay, I really do not see any good reason for him to continue waggling the tail on government of Khartoum in Sudan! I am giving him a benefit of doubt if he will be president of South Sudan Republic! He is screwed up himself by himself!

    As you know very well, on the peace talk agreement, he had been signing with the government in Juba under the leadership of His Excellency President Salva Kirr, he had failed to demonstrate his cause of the civil war. Another error is that because he had signed the peace talk agreement with President Salva Kirr in Khartoum, but he did not know his duties on the functions of his responsibilities!
    He is going to cause problems on the Transitional government of National Unity(TGNU) believe me! We are now in the NEW YEAR OF 2019. Let us wait and see if milk and water can boil at the same as time on the teapot! Back to you!



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