Danish Church Aid Involved in Fueling Community Conflict in South Sudan

Feb/18/2015, SSN;

On February 13, 2015, the regime in Juba supported by Danish Church Aid (DCA) through RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL co-opted a few individuals (Emilio Igga and David Eriga) from the Ma’di Community to support a proposal in form of a “MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT” between the Ma’di Community and the Dinka IDPs in Ma’di area. This document if signed not only encourages mass tribal migration, land grabbing, and insecurity but legitimizes IDPs not to return to their ancestral land.

The Ma’di Community in Diaspora and at home rejects the document in its entirety and condemns DCA and RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL in the strongest terms possible for being part of fueling conflict, encouraging and legitimizing land grabbing in Ma’di Area in particular and South Sudan at large.

Issues of land in the Ma’di area are the responsibility of the Ma’di Community under the Leadership of Lopirigo Amb. Angelo Vuga Morgan and Lagu Jabakana Kodara, Deputy Lopirigo who is languishing in one of the secret detention centers created by the Kiir regime in Juba.

Government and NGO representatives have no mandate or responsibility to negotiate or sign any document on behalf of the Ma’di people.

The Ma’di People urges all its leaders (Youth, Women, Chiefs, etc) not to sign such a document; signing such a document amounts to not only the betrayal of the Ma’di people and mortgaging their ancestral land but initiates direct confrontation between the Ma’di People and their leadership and encourages the Ma’di People to resist and fight all levels (National, State and Local) of government in South Sudan.

The Ma’di Community calls upon DCA and RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL to immediately withdraw this document and cease from any further consultation on this matter.

DCA and RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL shall be held responsible by the Ma’di Community if they continue to support that leads to signing of the MOA.

The Ma’di Community calls on its members to remain vigilant and reject any interference from Government representatives and NGOs and to immediately expel DCA and RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL from Ma’di area. The interest of DCA and RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL is not peace building but rather to exploit the current crisis in the country to benefit them.

The Ma’di Community also calls upon DCA and RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL to immediately withdraw its personnel and programs from Ma’di area without any further delay.

The Ma’di Community further calls upon the peace loving people of South Sudan to reject DCA and RECONCILE INTERNATIONAL from carrying out activities in South Sudan. Their intention is not peace building but rather fueling conflict, encouraging and legitimizing land grabbing in South Sudan.

Ukuni Paulino
Community Representative
Nairobi, Kenya
Email: orialimu@gmail.com


  1. the DINKA they have their own states ,so what made them to go all the way from their places to madi land,if the intention is not land grabbing ,and why that organization is reconciling instead of taking them back by IOM to their own states.the dinka they wont to be every where(why??????)

    • johnjerry says:

      IOM is partly to blame for what had happened and continue to take place. After the CPA was signed IOM instead of sending the Dinkas from Kakuma and other places direct to their respective states they redirected all the Dinka Bor and others to NImule. They should learn a lesson from this and should never send people from other states to another state as they did with the Dinka Bor in Nimule. The Madi Community must write a strong worded letter to IOM not to make the same mistake as repatration will be taking place again in the near future. And no NGO should stand on the way of the people of that land as when they leave it is the people of that land who will be suffering. So Madi people stand your ground it is your land and not that of IOM or any NGO.

  2. Eastern says:

    NGOs should not use donor monies to sow discord among South Sudanese. Such acts have very serious ramifications, Dan Church Aid stand warned.

    We can not make the same mistakes done by our fore bearers during colonial times of signing treaties and other agreement which literally away ancestral land to church institutions, government facilities, etc.

    Please stop this madness of signing any documents now!

  3. Eguatorians says:

    Well done. Ma’di are eguatorians.

  4. augustine says:

    It seems like IOM needs to be educated that people in South Sudan all have their ancestral land so they can not take people from Equatoria to Bor, Malakal and Bentiu because it is not technically their land even though they are all South Sudanese.

    Thanks to Ma’di community for fighting for their rights and land because they do not need other people to occupy their land. Those who created conflict in their areas should sit down and resolve the problem. It seems like every these people displaced, they created another problem in new places they go why? People should be serious about living together as human beings.

    We do not need to keep fighting another like animals. Even animals they do not fight all the time. When are other people learn to respect themselves and others?

  5. Redivision says:

    How many Ma’dis died on the front-line during the liberation struggle of South Sudan? The Arabs were there in your land and no body spoke about these stupid ideas. Land is for the government to protect and defend if there is foreign invasion. You can not do that because you don’t have moral duty to come out as men and fight for what you believed in. The same people whom your considered as IDPS are the real people who can defend the Ma’di land if need be.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      What there is left to be defended by these marauding IDPS in Madiland?
      Please, let’s be good citizens towards one another or else such attitude of domination and aggression will only serve to exacerbate the disintegration of this nation that’s already suffering from a tribal-minded and primitive leader.
      On liberation historicity, just imagine if Madi Gen. Lagu had your Kiir’s or Garang’s mentality then in 1972 and tried to occupy Mading Bor, for example, what do you think would have happened? I can tell you there would never have been any South Sudan then or today.

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