Daniel Awet lets the cat out of the bag: Jieng cattle-camp mentality

BY: Prof. Peter Adwok NYABA, Ph.D., JUL/02/2017, SSN;

It isn’t possible that people who’ve been struggling together against a common enemy for nearly six decades could turn in the end against themselves as if nothing strategic bounded them. Many people in the civilized world find it difficult to comprehend South Sudanese leaders’ attitude towards their country and people.

South Sudan has been at war since 2013 in which more than half a million people perished; four to five million South Sudanese dislocated from their natural habitat and are living in the forests, swamps, in UNMISS Protection of Civilians Camps or in Refugee Camps in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and the DR Congo.

Famine and diseases like cholera and malaria are taking their toll on the people in towns and villages. Internecine fighting over grazing and cattle rusting still claim lives in the erstwhile peaceful Dinka territories.

In its current social, economic and political configuration, South Sudan depicts a complete breakdown of state and a recoil to what the world was in the Stone Age era.

Not that many of us did not know the consequences of this Jieng parochial vanity, but we had hoped the logic and imperatives of constructing a state in modern times would impel prudence on the part of these Jieng chauvinists to prevent backward drift towards savagery.

In a talk to the so-called ‘lost boys’ on 9 June 2017 in Syracuse, NY, transcribed and posted on the Facebook, Hon. Daniel Awet Akot, in his usual ingenious honesty, let the cat out of the bag.

On piecing together the threads of Awet’s clumsy presentation, it was possible to decipher and explain South Sudan’s current predicament.

Mr. Daniel Awet Akot was a subsidiarity to the SPLM/SPLA Politico-Military High Command. In his own words, he is one of the six surviving members of that defunct body, which adamantly shunt ideological orientation and political education to raise the social awareness and political consciousness of the SPLM/SPLA cadres, combatants as well as the masses of our people during the war of national liberation.

He is a member of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and advisor to President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Therefore, Daniel Awet was acting in that capacity to convey official policy to the Dinka Diaspora.

The JCE comprising the Jieng political, military and business elite is the driver of Jieng ethnic nationalism and its ideology of hegemony and domination, which is an important driver of the raging civil war.

Daniel Awet’s talk to Dinka audience in the USA could not have come at an opportune time and therefore warrant serious attention and response.

Most of his talk impinged on policy issues aimed at engineering a false reality that only the Dinka fought for the independence of South Sudan. That all the nationalities in South Sudan, including our regional supporters, contributed in one way or the other for the independence of South Sudan goes without saying. It is therefore unjustifiable to continue to hammer this falsehood.

The message Mr. Daniel Awet delivered was not in any manner a revelation. The people of South Sudan including some Dinka compatriots have painfully been enduring the atavistic behaviour of the JCE only to enable the people of South Sudan to exercise the right to self-determination and achieve sovereignty.

The dull chauvinists fail to grasp the reality that constructing Jieng ethnic state, tantamount to imposing a primitive ‘mode of production’ and archaic ‘relations of production’ on the people of South Sudan, is not only moribund but will also inflict immense suffering to the people.

The politics of exclusion, discrimination and marginalization led to dismemberment of the Sudan

The JCE, rather than the SPLM, constructed a system of governance akin to the cattle camp governance in accordance with the rule of the thumb.

The cumulative effects of this governance system, whereby Jieng community leaders occupy senior positions in the executive, legislative and judicial organs of the political establishment, which outwardly occur as tribalism, nepotism, corruption, inefficiency, incompetence, impunity, insecurity and finally the civil war, have plunged South Sudan into the abyss.

This is not a system Mr. Daniel Awet or any sensible individual would advocate for in a place like New York.

The Jieng social system or mode of production – pastoralism – upon which the JCE would want to model South Sudan state, lies at the lowest level of human socio-economic and cultural development. It would constitute a serious contradiction in the age of science and technology.

As an acephalous society, the Jieng are in a state of perpetual segmentation and therefore never evolved a tradition of indigenous statehood or centralized authority.

Therefore, the attempt to impose Jieng hegemony and domination by physical force will historically parallel the destruction of the Roman Empire by the primitive tribes of Northern Europe and Scandinavia sometimes in the medieval ages.

One aspect Daniel Awet admittedly attributes to Jieng model of governance is the corruption in the government of South Sudan since its inception in 2005. No government would tolerate the theft of a staggering figure of US$25 billion.

However, that nobody has been taken to the courts of law means that this theft came in the context of Salva Kiir’s project of economic empowerment of Jieng individuals and businesses christened ‘payback time’.

The ‘dura saga’, the ‘Letters of Credit saga’, the ‘crisis management committee saga’, the ‘Nile Pet saga’ and the ‘theft in the Office of the President saga’ all link to Jieng individuals and businesses.

The JCE undertook this enterprise to achieve Jieng politico-economic hegemony and domination by combining the control of political and economic power.

The JCE leadership of South Sudan produced a totalitarian dictatorship, whereby President Salva Kiir governs by decrees.

Unlike some benevolent totalitarian regimes that generated socio-economic development, JCE totalitarianism triggered civil war, massive impoverishment of the people of South Sudan and the bankruptcy of the state.

The reason is simple; being a backward class, in terms of primitive mode of production, they did not plough into productive enterprises the billions of dollars they stole; instead stashed it in foreign lands in the form of real estate, cash in banks, luxuries cars or froze this money in form of cattle. The huge herds of cattle in Equatoria is contributing to ecological degradation and environmental pollution.

The kinship nature of the JCE modality of state in respect of those opposed sprouts in Daniel Awet’s diatribe reflecting a conversation with Mama Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior. His question, “are you now ‘Maan baai’ or ‘Man baai’, transliterating to whether Madam Rebecca de Mabior is a ‘mother’ or ‘enemy’ of the Jieng nation’.

This thinking encapsulated a social psychology – herd mentality, typical of kinship mode and relations of production that equates dissent with treachery.

This explains why many Jieng intellectuals opposed to the JCE will never speak out against it openly lest they suffer social boycott.

I hope my Padang Dinka compatriots will rubbish off Mr. Daniel Awet’s falsified knowledge of Chollo (Shilluk) history.

His reference to the so-called national dialogue (ND), ostensibly as the forum where the Jieng would raise issues with others, speaks volumes.

Like the Establishment Order 36/2015, with which the JCE torpedoed the agreement on resolution of conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS), I believe the so-called ND will be another JCE ploy to coerce the other South Sudan sixty-three nationalities into accepting Jieng hegemony and domination.

It is likely that the anticipated recommendations would translate into Jieng communities and their cattle herds unlimited access to land in Equatoria and Western Bahr el Ghazal, which underpins the current land grabbing and dispossession of communities of their ancestral lands inherent in redrawing of boundaries as per Establishment Order 36/2015.

Mr. Daniel Awet went at some of the SPLM Leaders former political detainees speaking of them disparagingly smacks of unveiled deep-seated jealousy. His pinch at Dr. Lam Akol and Dr, Riek Machar describing them as “two nyagats”; was uncouth as it was a hit quite below the belt.

Speaking of SPLM reunification, and the Arusha Agreement between the three factions [IG, IO and FPDs], signed on 21 January 2015, nothing could be more insincere.

First, the formation of the JCE consigned the SPLM to the dustbin of history, which was its raison d’être. The idea of forming ethnic caucuses in the executive and legislative organs of the government as well as ethnic and regional associations and unions in the schools and universities was to undercut the SPLM and render it dysfunctional.

The SPLM reunification, now the Entebbe process, is something different. Its contours run around certain individuals among the FPDs, which links to Salva Kiir’s quip, “what I will regret till my death bed is that I did not kill the former political detainees”. The task of the process technical advisor is to ensnare to Juba the FPDs such that Salva Kiir may have a chance on them. They should watch out.

Having discoursed Awet having let the cat out of the bag, I want to pause and ask ourselves whether the desire to erect a Jieng ethnic state in South Sudan is worth the suffering, sacrifices, tribulations and the agony the people of South Sudan are experiencing daily and a possible dismemberment of the country?

Dr Peter Adwok Nyaba


  1. Samuel Atabi says:

    Dear Dr Peter Adwok,

    We South Sudanese will always remain indebted to you for insightful and knowledge-based analyses of the Jieng’s plan for South Sudan. Some of us had warned years ago that the Dinka were planning hegemony in our country, but we were dismissed as street intellectuals and scribblers. We have now been vindicated. But we do not need to always be reactive to and analysts of the Dinka’s plan; we need to have our own plan against theirs.

    I predict again that South Sudan will break up like Yugoslavia in the foreseeable future. The ingredients are in place for this to take place: the incessant selfish attitude of the Jieng; their backward political culture; and the dearth of patriotic and nationalist leadership among them, are some of the ingredients. I foresee that the Equatorias plus Western Bahr el Ghazal, excluding any Dinka enclave, will form a new independent and sovereign country of civilized, Christian and peaceful people. The Chollo, Nuer, Anywak and other non-Dinka peoples, will come together to form another independent country. After this rupture, the rump South Sudan will be inhabited by the warring Dinka tribes who might have to be annexed by the Arab for their (Dinka’s) own good.

    This prediction might not come to pass in my life time, but I have no doubt in my mind that it will happen. Hence, non-Dinka peoples should begin to seriously consider this proposition instead of wringing our hands at the constant machination of the Jeing.

    • Agutraan says:

      Samuel Atabi and John yugu modi,

      You guys have no clue about what it takes to liberate a country; you think that to liberate a country; you can just do it while living overseas comfortably but that’s not how it’s done in any way shape or form.
      When is the last time you liberate an outpost guarded by soldiers let alone a town controlled by the army? Or do you think; waiting for Dinka women and children on the highways and murdered them is the way countries are liberated?

      Or you guys think that you can liberate a country by writing thousands of words bashing Dinka on the internet is the way to liberate yourselves? If it were that easy; liberation of South Sudan would have never taken almost 3 million lives but we would have liberated South Sudan within minutes in 1955 and in 1983. Just enough with the fantasy of liberation that you don’t have any clue of how it’s done!

      • Eastern says:


        You obviously don’t understand the difference between liberation and subduing/capturing a military target.

        Just to let you and like minded know, SPLA captured significant military installations from NIF/SAF with SAF having dug-in in the major administrative which were heavily fortified and it could take SPLA pyrrhic victories to capture them!

        That said, SPLA failed to liberate South Sudan from the Sudan because of the idealogical bankruptcy of the leadership. Most of the people high in the echelon of power in South Sudan were top military commanders who are used to GIVING ORDERS to get THINGS DONE; military orders don’t run a country! Most of those weilding these emmense powers are illiterate and they loathe any guidance by well informed and exposed South Sudanese without military accolades. This is the the catch 22 situation South Sudan finds itself in at the hands of SPLM/A.

    • loberito says:

      You said it all Daniel. Let me add. Dr. Peter Adwok points out the ruthlessness of our leaders in South Sudan. The South Sudanese leaders failed us miserably. The South Sudanese children and family members suffer because the leaders who are supposed to care for them are fighting each other because of ignorance, greed and selfishness. South Sudanese people are suffering equally whether they are Dinka, Nuers, Bari, or Madi are dying the same way. The most people who are the victim of this useless war are the children, youth, women, patients and elderly. Shame on us all for letting our Country go down like this.

      We all watch our country going down slowly. We watch our children and family members dying while we blame our leaders and do nothing about it. Instead of us saying Dinka, Nuer, Equatoria are like this, we should all come together and save this Country. We should all deal with the reality that hits our Country like ignorance, selfishness and greed which is killing our humanity in South Sudan.

      However, blaming ourselves day by day, month by month and year by year will not help our situation. Instead of blaming, let us come together to save humanity in South Sudan. It is ignorance, selfishness and greed that kills our people nothing else. We the citizens of South Sudan watch our leaders dividing us so we kill each other for their own interests. Shame on us South Sudanese! Where is our humanity my people?

  2. Lokosang says:

    Bravo Dr Adwok. What you expressed in this article actually reflects the reality of JCE mentality.
    The reason behind the creation of 28 states is to achieve their dream of ruling South Sudan for more than 100 years and to ensure it is achievable, they have to control all the apparatus of the state from executive, judiciary and the parliament. The number of states in JCE enclaves are half the total number of states in the country. That means in any democratic process they will be the dominant factor. Any empire that is instituted on falls beliefs is likely to disintegrate miserably. The ill intention that was meant to rule others is now working against the odd. They are now killing each other over grazing land, and water. I said it before and will say again and again that people should reject the creation of the 28 states which is now 32 or 34 because the motive behind is obvious.
    The only way to get out of these mess is to reverse the decree of creating more states, revive the peace agreement that has been abrogated by the regime and must be inclusive of all political forces in the country.

  3. Abel Magok says:

    Dr. Peter Adwok

    One can’t imagine how ugly it is to read lies and exaggerations from highly an educated individual. Adwok talks like never been in government, though he was a minister since 2005 to 2013, and never mentioned in many of his articles a single thing he left behind in the ministries he worked starting from Khartoum to Juba, I mean the achievements he could be remembered for.
    He is talking now about disadvantages of regional associations and unions at schools and universities which is true. When did Adwok, discovered disadvantages of such unions while he was a minister of higher education in South Sudan? they were in his direct authority and never tell us what he attempted to do with such unions he is blaming people still in government.
    Moreover, he is talking a lot about corruption, no one can deny corruption in South Sudan, can anyone believe that Dr. Peter Adwok was the only angel in the bunch of corrupts ministers from 2005 to 2013? we can not believe he was just sitting and watching them doing corruption, he involves like others he blames now.
    It is unfortunate to see highly educated people expected to bring the country out of the mud we are in lowering themselves to zero level and drown in tribal practices couldn’t even distinguish between Dinka and government.

    Adwok talks of Jieng community leaders occupy seniors positions in the executive, legislative and other, if we can answer his tribal short sighted clams, he himself Adwok, Pagan Amuom, Oyai Deng and Lam Akol, four of them from Chollo were ministers before they choose rebellion. What is the size of Chollo as tribe to have four ministers? Only Dinka in Tonj area can double Chollo three times and Adwok with his education is not feeling ashamed in his blames.

    Adwok mentioned that more than half a million people perished in South Sudan, four or five millions dislocated, they are living in forests, swamps and UN compounds. True there is deaths and suffering in South Sudan but never hear of such numbers, in the last census, population of South Sudan was estimated as 8 millions and compare it with Adwok numbers.
    South Sudan is all forests may be Upper Nile region lack forests and people living in villages are living in forests while others with cows live in swamps areas and this should not be new to Adwok.
    With such tribal attitudes from highly educated people, South Sudan is far from stability until those people perish or learn ideas that will bring us together as Southerners not tribes.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      Whilst you are absolutely correct to point out the despicable lack of self-blame from SPLM giants like Prof. Adwok Nyaba, you also are among the defaulters of this failed organization, the SPLM.
      Truly, there were and still there are NO angels in this monstrosity, the SPLM. Instead of showering the same and typical jieng criticism on anybody digressing with this monstrous party, you should instead stand out and tell us what the solution is to the problem.
      Yes, it’s the jieng dynasty under king kiir and the Daniel Awets who have exacerbated the disaster in the country and no sane person should support that.
      Unity, which has proven disastrous in South Sudan, cannot be forced on anybody by a regime rightly perceived as the originator of this disaster.
      South Sudan can be chopped up into three or five semi-independent states, that should be given at least five years of survivability and then after that they can choose to either re-unite or continue as independent states.
      Believe me, we are a resources-rich nation with lots of God-blessed resources everywhere. Instead of watching these SPLM thieves ‘eat’ everything in their failed rule, let’s look at some solutions that will bring peace and good lives to all the people living in this accursed nation now called the Republic of South Sudan.

    • Eastern says:

      Abel Magok,

      You need to read Dr. Peter Nyaba’s piece with soberity and without any malice aforethought. What Dr. Nyaba wrote in relation to the dangers of regional unions and associations is what is now rearinf its ugly head in Jonglei state when the Bor youth through their association gave a 72 hour ultimatum to UNOCHA to ask all agencies employing people from Equatoria should move them out of Bor lest they fall in harm’s way.

      When the minds of learners, especially at higher institutions of learning, are not tuned to networking with other peers from different ethnicities but cocooned in tribal associations/unions, the country will continue to experience the type of bubbles emanating from the Bor youth and this will disasterous consequencies in societal fabric of South Sudanese.

  4. John yugu modi says:

    Dear brother Atabi,
    I do concur with your though! We told the arabs before that south Sudan will eventually break away ! they never believed that! The Same scenerio gonna happen in south sudan.. This retarded Dinkas think they are smarter than arabs..! Is very unfurnate that they fail to learn from history!
    How can batch of uncivilised retardads who can not even live peacefully
    among themselves be able to govern a whole diverse country !
    I rather die as as proud poor Equatorian resisting oppression and domination than living as a slave of uncivilised savages ! Our fight is legit and justified.. For sure we will prevail.. Equatoria let us roll!

  5. False Millionnaire says:

    Is it because Awet Akot lashed out on Riek and Lam that’s the cause for the ranting or is it the reproduction of Dr Nyaba’s former two articles?
    The one,the other and the third combined to make up one single subject of Dr Nyaba’s life time obsession and that’s the fear of jieng hegemony in RSS. That was the very motive for the events of 1991 in which he was a centeral player among the makers of those events.
    Having helped to delay the independence so that the fate determined Garang’s destiney,Nyaba and the Nasir’s groupe became the makers of Kiir and the JCE and finally the wretched state of affairs of which the country and the masses have fallen into today.
    One decade of RSS under Garang would have meant one hundred years of progress.There was a smoke with regards to the land conflict between shilluk and padang jieng but Garang knew how to sleep over it and that was meant to promot dialogue leading to national cohésion as one country and one people.Garang is long dead with all of that.Dr Nyaba and the rest of his like should find something better to do than picking on such trifflings as Awet Akot lashing out on the traitors like Riek and Lam who aren’t any different than himself.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionnaire,

      I sometimes question your wisdom.

      I begin by quoting you: “Having helped to delay the independence so that the fate determined Garang’s destiney,Nyaba and the Nasir’s groupe became the makers of Kiir and the JCE and finally the wretched state of affairs of which the country and the masses have fallen into today.”End of quote.

      Actually, the INPUT from SPLM/A-Nasir faction largely contributed to independence of South Sudan. If Dr. Garang was left to continue peddling the fallacy of New Sudan, SPLM/A will still be fighting in the bushes of southern Sudan, it could have splinttered into various factions fight against Khartom and against each other or worst still, it could have gone into a state of oblivion. Look no further than what has befallen SPLA-North with no clear out come in sight.

      The cause Dr. Machar and company are pursuing is beyond the interests of Nuer per se. The hands that are keeping Dr. Machar in confinement are larger than Kiir’s; the forces that are bleeding and dying to defend the cause are not only Nuer. Smell the coffee.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        This simpleton will never listen or learn from your wisdom. The vision of New Sudan would never bring closer to where we are today. Keep educating him and hopefully, just hopefully, the reality might sink in. Struggle continues!

  6. Ww says:

    Dr. Nyaba,

    Are Jieng, JCE, and the government one and the same?. No. It’s uterly misleading to convey to your audience that the “Jieng community” as a whole is somewhat responsible for the dire situation in South Sudan. Sadly, imbeded in your psychic and your soul is anti Jieng people hate and propaganda. Don’t not beat around the bush, hating Jieng is in your blood and history.

    The problem of South Sudan has been one of political Leadership, yourself included. who are the political leaders in South Sudan? SPLM IG, SPLM IO, and the so-called G10. Look at their military and political leadership history, without exception, and tell your supporters reasons you fault “Jieng” here. You leaders are not exclusively Jieng, I’m confident of this. Don’t shift blame for your failures.

    It is disappointing, to say the least, given your academic superiority and the knowledge you possess of the history of South Sudan and its people, to have this incredible naive and parochial view of the problem of South Sudan. But good luck Sir. from this Jieng, all the desire is to see South Sudan in peace and all its people living in harmony. However, this false narrative of Jieng people being the problem of South Sudan is a wrong prescription to the disease of South Sudan. let’s us diagnose the problem correctly or else, it’s a doom for the country called South Sudan.

    • Eastern says:


      JCE and Kiir’s government are one and the same. The Dinka as a community has not come out collectively to DENOUNCE, DISSOCIATE, CONDEMN, DISOWN, etc. utterances on governance issues, policies and pieces of advice to Kiir on key policy/governance issues by JCE whose leadership also sit at the Council of States.

      Until such a time that South Sudanese will get information contrary to the aforementioned status quo, yes, JIENG = JCE = Kiir’s government. They are the same and fused together!

  7. Okuc says:


    You reminded me of the claim made by the director of statistics bureau or depart in South Sudan before the independent that Jongeli and Warrap are the most populated in the Whole South Sudan. which a lie.
    You people are born liars and void of universal values which are guiding principles because manipulation and distortion of facts are imbedded in your mind-set.
    Like the director of statistics department in Juba who claimed that Jonglei and Warrap are the most populated in South Sudan; again a big lie from someone who never been in Chollo kingdom claimed that the population of Dinka’s Tonj are three time of Chollo population. Can you inform the readers of this web site when was the last census carried out in Chollo kingdom from which you derived your data or is it the same Jieng lies and manipulation to justify their claim that they are the majority in South Sudan?
    Those of Nyaba, Lam, Pagan and oyei they were in government not because they are Chollo but, because they were competent and more qualified than some of your people whose only ticket for being a minister in the government is because he is a jieng. Rather than admitting the mess created by your people in South Sudan through their greed which is born by your chaotic way of live in particular and false sense of superiority over the rest of South Sudanese after independence is the cause of current war in South Sudan.
    The educated Jieng like you and the rest should join ranks with the rest of South Sudanese to bring about the change of bloody regime of Kirr and salvage the South Sudan from disintegration. The rest of South Sudanese will not succumb to Jieng hegemony and domination and it is a matter of time before Jieng fascist regime crumble under the resistance of non- Jieng in South Sudan.

  8. Alex says:

    Nyaba has failed even the time when he was the minister of high education and research. He think he can divide S. Sudanese. Most people are not thinking the same way as when we were under the Arabs. So these old politics of Nyaba will not work. People are going ahead leave that wasted brain. We wish the money spend on educating this man could have been spend on educating our children who are crying for education.

  9. False Millionnaire says:

    Beyond ranting inorder to say nothing,you should paraphrase your assertions and make it known to this forum what do u see or estimate to be done by those of Nyaba,Riek and Lam that’s better than what Garang was doing for South Sudan and the masses.Ignoring such point isn’t that light not to warrant a crude dose of Coffee for u than going Merry for nothing and then proceed to prescribe undue medicines for those who are above their convictions.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionnaire,

      Dr. Garang overlooked his CONTEMPORARIES in the movement. He almost persecuted all the intellectuals in the SPLM and killed the zombies that became vocal. Kiir is still steeped in that mentality.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Indeed and utterly irrefutable, it’s a fact that current South Sudanese president Kiir Mayardit was the most trusted lieutenant of John Garang who played the satanic role of murdering almost all those deemed opposed to Garang’s dictatorship.

        This man, Kiir, was a common Anya Nya soldier in 1972 after the Addis Ababa peace Accord and slowly rose along the ranks until he was promoted as a ranker to a major in 1983, just before fleeing from Upper Nile to join Garang’s new rebellion, the SPLM/Army.

        As a fact, he was sent to Upper Nile specifically to hunting down and kill the Nuers, Equatorians and Dinka who had formed the Anya Nya II to oppose Sudan’s president Jaafar Niemery’s and Abel Alier faltering of and non-implementation of the 1972 Addis Ababa Agreement. No surprisingly, ex-president Abel Alier is now Kiir’s nominee as co=chair of the doomed so-called ‘National Dialogue.

        He was there murderously hunting down on behalf of the Arab jellaba those of Gaitut, Akot Atem, Joseph Oduho, Matip and many patriotic and truly nationalistic South Sudan leaders opposed to Abel Alier’s role in the abrogation of the 1972 Addis Ababa Accord.

        There, because of his known cold-blooded appetite of killing for hire as a Sudanese Army security officer, Garang wisely and deviously used Kiir to hunt down his opponents.
        Kiir is a cold-blooded murderer and Dr. John Garang exploited this blood thirsty appetite in Kiir to eliminate his opponents. It’s no wonder that Kiir continues to plainly expose the same trait as president by remorselessly killing anybody he deems a threat to his reign.
        As typical of sick megalomaniacs, Kiir will kill anybody, whether his own Dinka jiengs or others, without any regrets or moral compunction. His trail as president is littered with the blood and bones of his victims.

        He’s just a cold-blooded and spineless kiirler. And without shame, morality or compunction, he still pretentiously goes to the Holy Catholic church in Kator every Sunday to pray…..for whom or what???

  10. Okuc says:


    What Nyaba wrote is facts otherwise South Sudan wouldn’t plummeted into civil war less than 5 years since her independence from Sudan. Yes, Dr Nyaba had served as a minister of Higher education in the government until the massacre of Nuer in Dec 2013 in Juba but, you can not blame him for the failure of whole government he had been serving before the events of Dec 2013.
    When the captain of ship is inept and incompetent in the person of Kirr the ship will cap sized and that’s what happened to government and country led by Salva Kirr and his JCE. Let me, inform you about an episode in 2012 when Dr Nyaba was not in favour of establishment of many universities in South Sudan because of lack of resources and manpower to run these institutions and best course of action is to strengthen the existing universities with funds and capacity building. Nyaba proposal was ignored by Kirr and he went to Wau and proceeded to Aweil to open university of Aweil because John Akec the current vice chancellor of Juba’s university persuaded Kirr against advice Dr Nyaba that South Sudan doesn’t need many universities because of lack of resources to finance labs, instruments … extra for university. This point illustrate how South Sudan being run like personal enterprise by Kirr because he shouldn’t listen to John Akec who wasn’t a minister appointed by him to the ministry of Higher education but, Akec being a Jieng hell to government prerogatives and Aweil’s university was open by kirr according to Jieng’s way of norms if as South Sudan is a village in Warrap.
    This is the message Dr Nyaba want to convey that Jieng’s way of live is too far behind for running modern way of live as demonstrated by example I have mentioned above because of their social structures which lack systemic hierarchies and therefore people of South Sudan are paying estimable price for being led by Kirr and his mentor JCE.
    For your implicit meaning that non- Jieng should accept Jieng leaderships because Jieng are better than Arabs and those of Dr Nyaba are trouble makers who should listen to because his is practicing old politics applicable only in Sudan when South Sudanese were under Arabs. This is typical of Jieng mind set you are exhibiting by living in denial of horror able situation created by you fellow Jieng who are not fit to government a country like South Sudan. Are you not feeling a shame of yourself to support a regime which has driven millions of South Sudanese from their homes to become refugees from in neighboring countries for second time in span less than 10 years since independence from Sudan. Are you not a shame of the banners with writing Malesh in Arabic your fellow Jieng set up in Khartoum to regret for independence of South Sudan in Nov 2011?
    Forget your dream that would turn South Sudan into Jieng republic through violence and the rest of non- Jieng will succumb to your domination. Hegemony and domination through violence had been tried throughout human history and failed and the same will happen in South Sudan.

    • alex says:

      Mr Okuc people with shallow mind will buy your story, Lam Akol, Nyaba and Pagan these guys God has given them mind but they do not know to use the gift given to them in the right way. They failed in leadership skills and I could not believe a learned professor can reduce himself to a simple cheap politics of tribalism. I think the shilliuk as a tribe might have known the curse these three children have brought to their motherland. You have seen the ugly face of SPLM IO what they have done to the two commanders of Lam Akol and soon you will see Lam Akol and Riek Machar marrying together. Why would shilliuk people allow themselves to be played by such people? it because they are the only learnt individuals in their area or lack of independent decision making. These guy are up for their stomach and it is fools that can follow such people. If you are tired of live follow these people and you will meet your mecca and leave them to eat in these world. So Ocuk people like me will not and will never follow such kind of leaders. Lam Akol was used buy the Arabs properly to discourage us from voting for independence. Short sighted people will follow this uncivilized old politics of Nyaba. It is like committing suicide to follow Nyaba. Ask yourself what will happen if you remove the Dinka using these politics of hate? will there be a peace? It is people with low analytical capacity that will run after people like Nyaba. This man know he has no future already and what he want is to destroy the country for we who are young. The best think for him is to retire from politics and denounce violence. Secondly, let him teach the young people to follow the terrible way he was using. He shoult the young not to repeat the same mistake he has done. He have to accept mistake and he should not push it to president Kiir. He was bright but he lack a vision. So Nyaba Bye bye go and rest in peace bro.

  11. mading says:

    Eastern. Nuer are dying in large numbers in Riek machar ‘s war of wanting to be president of our country since 1991, you Euatorians like to talk big for nothing to fool nuers to jump in to fire like in 1991 and 2013. That is what people like self appointed Hassan Turabi of South Sudan Adwok Nyaba who become one who pick leaders for us, like what he did when Lam Akol decided that he was ready to challenge Garang for SPLM\SPLA leadership in Ethiopia. He told Lam no, only Riek can do it right not you, and when he learned that Riek was a great disappointment to him, he ran back to John Garang like a thief day light breaks on him before he steal any thing.

    • Eastern says:


      If you have your facts right, the Equatorians are not only talking big but they are walking the talk. Equatoria is continuing to assert itself in South Sudan and it’s an important entity in the South Sudanese political equation.

  12. False Millionnaire says:

    Your great sense of learning being respected,why do u want to disappoint when such phrases as,”the end justifies the means”,are universally valid?
    If that war for south sudan’s independence had to begun today without a leader in the person of Garang on the helm,u can bet without any margin of error that it would end up like Anya Anya one’s without any illusion of success.YOU,the editor and the rest of the likes never give the chance to comprehend others’ point of views.
    Kiir is a failure and the country and masses are bound to sink into hell with him becouse the opposition has no acceptable leaders to propose an alternative.
    Equatorians, it’s MTN and that’s the target. Dr Nyaba,it’s the jieng majority and that’s the target. Riek Machar, it’s the ancient naath/jieng quarrels as proposed by ngundeng and that’s the target. How would u want jieng to join you against Kiir when they are the targets on the struggle to overthrow the same Kiir?
    Never ignore that jieng paid heavily in Garang’s purging.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    U are more than correct and the blind big fish named Riek machar ran into the net without any clue that it was a conspiracy to set up the two majority tribes to liquidate each other inorder to give the chance for the likes of Nyaba to pick up the pieces from the rubble.
    See how so restless he is:one day with Garang,later with kiir,another day with Riek and finally setting himself apart to write articles and books to denounce both but preserving himself as an untouchable revolutionary.
    The article on this page is one recycled already twoice before reaching this point with it’s centeral theme being one and the same and that’s his obsession and fear of jieng hegemony.
    Nelson Mandela wrote in The Long Walk To Freedom,”the fear is not in falling dowan,but the fear is in not getting up when we fall”.Nyaba will learn it the hardest way the invalidity of that assertion when subjected to the test of struggles for ill defined objectives.

  14. John yugu modi says:

    This fake entity call south Sudan has to dismantalled! The good thing is that guns are now reaching most of the oppressed none-Dinkas.. Able bodied Equatorians are joining the various resistant movement in droves! The UN has even confirmed that most people.taking refugee in Uganda and DRC are elderly, women and children.. ! The JCE and the nyors better get ready.. ! Kirr and cohorts fall. from power will be decided in this great land of Equatoria.! a different breed of young determine.. Talented, educated and fearless Equatorians.. Who can’t be fool this time are engaging those criminals tribal militias masquarading as national army in all corners of our great God given land of Equatoria! I was encouraged one time in the field by our.people that we holding gun on one hand and our land on other hand to défend what is ours!.But these nyors are here to destroy and loot our land
    In short one of our hero.. Joseph Lagu even said one time that the only thing we shared with those Dinkas in South Sudan is the skin colour! Otherwise we got NO Commonality.

  15. alex says:

    Dear brother John yugu modi
    Instead of taking guns to equatoria, it is better for you to take peace or books to your people. Go to the camps and see the misery of our people. It is only heartless people who are saying they still want war. For those who talk in distant lands, it is a sin to prolong the suffering of our own people while you people are enjoying. your children are schooling and you let others children to stay at home.
    It is a wishful thinking for those who are thinking of achieving a victory through the barrel of a gun. People are tired of war and even now days all those encouraging war are job seekers who are far and they are sending fools to die for them. It is not worth to transfer the war which was not for euatoria to yourselves while the people who started are not seeing themselves eye to eye with each other. So Yuga ask for advise from the white army or you risk putting our peaceful equatorians to suffer for no reason. You can not fight a good fight when all the neighboring does not like you.

  16. GatCharwearbol says:

    Thank you Dr. Nyaba for this sincere article. When it comes to Former Political Detainees, I supported Kiir for they have betrayed the innocent souls and Dr. Machar who fought hard for their release. They owe us big time. It is because of SPLM-IO why they are still alive. Well and good, the ball is now in their court. If they want to jump into the lion’s dean, it is their calling.

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