Cueibet County Community’s position on the ongoing crises in Lakes State

Date 22, Sept. 2014

To the government and the people of the Republic of South Sudan: Press Release

Mindful of our historically consistent and effective contributions to the cause of struggles and independence of the people of South Sudan; fully committed in supporting rule of law, democratic principles and democratically elected system of governance in the Republic of South Sudan; profoundly saddened by the ongoing blood-letting in the country both in the theatre of the political war of rebellion and in localized inter-community feuds,

We, the community of Cueibet county in Lakes state, the country at large and throughout the world do hereby condemn in the strongest terms possible:

1. Targeted killing of innocent people on the roads in private or public passenger vehicles, on motorbikes, on foot, in their homes, on their farms or in anywhere they are found;
2. We strongly reject any form of violence against anyone anywhere in the Republic of South Sudan in general and in Lakes state in particular.
3. We call upon all the feuding community groups or clans in Lakes State to cease all acts of violence, revenge or counter-revenge against one another; we urge them to reconcile and live in peace and harmony and unity as one people one nation!
4. We express our strong feeling of indignation on the way innocent town dwellers have been treated in their supposedly state capital Rumbek; people who have nothing to do with whatever transpired in the hands of individual criminals were forced to flee into places of safety for their own dear lives, and by the gangs of tribal fanatics who took it upon themselves to terrorize and instill fear in the citizens of the state.

Therefore, we hereby call upon the Caretaker Governor, Major General Matur Chuut Dhuol and his state government to use everything in their power to restore law and order in the capital Rumbek and ensure that all those citizens of Cueibet County or any others who feel threatened and insecure in their own homes and sought protection in UNMISS Compounds and Police stations are accorded due protection by the state government and enabled to return to their homes and resume their routine employment or business activities.

Failure to do so will call into question the viability and long term existence of political union between the people of greater Cueibet and greater Rumbek as the seat of the state’s Political power!

We further call for a comprehensive disarmament without any exception, of all the communities in Lakes state, Warrap and any other neighboring community groups who pose or may pose security risks to the disarmed communities.

Nonetheless, any disarmament exercise must be carried out within the confines of the rule of law and human dignity respected by the authorities and forces involved.

This is so because past disarmament exercises were done in a way which amounted to double standards, discriminatory in nature and abused some community groups at the expense of others who were and still are equally notorious in misusing arms they possess, causing insecurity in the region and sabotaging developmental activities.

In the same spirit, we urge all the people of Lakes state not to lose sight of their rich and historical contributions in developmental and political affairs of South Sudan; it is high time the people of the state in all their diversity begin to make a deep soul-searching reflection on what went wrong and begin to unite efforts to restore their loss glory, dignity and respect among the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

Last but not least, we appreciate the swift response by the national government which ordered its security apparatus to make the issue of security in Lakes state a priority; this response was long overdue.

We particularly appreciate the Minister of Interior and Wildlife Conservation, Honorable Aleu Ayieny Aleu’s efforts in regard to Lakes state crises and commends every positive step that he is taking to restore rule of law in the state and beyond.

We hereby assure the Honorable Minister, the government and the people of the Republic of South Sudan that the Cueibet Community is peace loving and conscious of their historical stances in the collective interests of, and with their people in South Sudan.

The community has always stood tall and proud in fighting for and defending national aspirations of the people of South Sudan.

Therefore, we stand ready to join hands with the government of the people for the people and by the people to safeguard national integrity and cultivate peace, harmony and unity of purpose among the people of South Sudan in general and Lakes state in particular.

Long live the peace and unity among the people of South Sudan; long live the aspirations of the people of Lakes state and South Sudanese in general.

Signed on behalf of the Cueibet community worldwide:
1. Deng Mayom Manyang
2. Deng Mador Koch Dengdit
3. Samuel Wel Maciek Major


  1. Juol Nhomngek says:

    Good work, keep it up. May God bless you!

  2. Mabok Baak says:


    We Agaar want to make very clear that it was not a mobilised kind of revenge attack against the Gok community but this was perpetrated by the Chuut family after they felt victims of their own on the way from magician. We condemn the act of violence against the Gok community because they (in camp) were not the ones who killed those from the magic but God of Thuyic in particular and Agaar in general who are fed up by the dictatorial regime of Matur Chuut.

    And belief it Matur Chut is going to die very soon because of all the mess and spear masters he accumulated for wealth and power. Only will Agaar of Athoi communities have peace when he’s gone to hell, down down Matur Chuut, down down Chuut family may your kingdom ends forever. AMEN

  3. That is good comment from gok community and we call God to give you united and every soon Mj Gen Matur has been remove from his position if God is welling.


    the governor of lake states is not related to the county’s commissioners to prevention and the punishment of the crime against humanity and all forms of discrimination, the pact govern legal relations among lake states who have ratified it, as they work together in the priority selected areas, such as peace and security democracy and good governance, we gok community need a peace and security cooperation,
    peace and security
    democracy and good governance
    economic development and regional integration
    humanitarian and social issues
    in addition to crosscutting issues designed to meet the challenges facing the lake states

  5. john jackson says:

    Very stupid Agaar community who does not know u in the entire s sudan 4 your ridiculous attitudes u even killed your fellow Dinkas. U r just Nuers every Dinka knows that.

  6. Tembang Gabriel Matur Malek Kashoual says:

    it is a time for us to let by gone be by gone because any revenge killing it will never solve the current crises that we have in lake state ,will never bring back our dead if blame Gok, Agar , or even the General family and should start learning how judge people on their behavior not the clan or the family in this matter

    Teambang Gabriel Matur Malek Kashoual

  7. Mabior Madut says:

    Mr. Mabok Baak, Abednego M. Magok,

    Thank you so much for your mature and responsible comments. We know not all the Agaar community are bad, but some few elements among the majority. The Nyaang Community are to take serious steps towards this barbaric act for the atrocities that are always committed in their soil even if not by their own Citizens of the area. If some one does something in your house, it is the owner of the House that is always held accountable.

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