Crisis in Madi, Nimule, is a Government conspiracy to grab land


Ref: Murder of Chief John Ajugo, the head chief of Nimule was a conspiracy.

It was Sunday September 8, 2013 when head Chief of Nimule was gunned down during the night. The incident happened when I was in a Hotel in Nimule just for a night waiting to continue my journey to Kampala Uganda. The following day I left for Kampala leaving Madi in Nimule helplessly in a great shock.

On Wednesday September 11, 2013, I was back to Nimule and found that some government personnel were sent there for further investigation. I tried to talk to the local people to collect some information about the death of their head Chief, but almost everyone is scared to talk to me and the atmosphere was tense. Finally, I met a non-Madi working in Nimule with NGOs. He worked there for a long time and this is what he has to say on humanitarian ground.

The head Chief of Nimule was killed for land issues. It was early 2013 when the central government in Juba issued a mandate to transform Nimule town to a town council. The mandate was forwarded to the state government of Eastern Equatoria. The governor of Eastern Equatoria State and his councils decided to implement the mandate without consulting the Madi Community.

What he did was he sent some individuals to talk to the chiefs that they needed them to sign a mandate from the central government to make Nimule a Town Council. The chiefs’ demand to talk to the Madi community first was ignored.

It was in a meeting at night when Head Chief John Ajugo and some Madi were forced to sign a mandate they didn’t want to do without consulting their people in the middle of a dark night.

After collecting signatures, the governor of Eastern Equatoria State announced the agreement, Torit and Kapeota were added to make three town councils in total.

When the Madi community learnt about this declaration, they held a meeting and delegations were sent to Torit to stop what they considered is illegal. It was simple, they are not aware and those who signed the mandate did it illegally.

Then the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State said, “If the Madi people don’t want development in Nimule is up to them” and he withdrew the illegal agreement. In his letter to the central government, he said “the Madi people refused the offer to make Nimule a town council.”

I found there is a mistake here, what he called a mandate to the Madi people changed to be an offer in his statement to the central government.

Now, the idea of making Nimule a town council: is it direct from the government as a mandate or it is the state which had changed an offer from the government to a mandate to the people?

It was in August, 2013 when the Madi community were shocked after learning that the governor who promised them he had withdrawn the idea for the town council went public and announced Nimule as a town council.

It was clear that problems surrounding Nimule today were drafted without the consent of Madi as a people. These are the intentions of the Central government, Eastern Equatoria State government, and Magwi County Headquarters.

This matter is complex; an internally displaced person who said he lived in Nimule for 15 years further added that “it was Chief John Ajugo’s apology to the Madi people which led to his death.” However, he also confirmed that the chiefs and some Madi people were in fact forced to sign the mandate.

Among them he mentioned late Jinno Luluga Kiji, the former youth leader of Nimule. He said Jinno Luluga Kiji was the first Madi who were forced to sign the mandate and to apologise to the Madi people for his lack of intention.

Shockingly, he was killed by sniff poison which was directed through his nose into his brain and later he died in Lachor hospital in Gulu as a mad man. Although any arrest wasn’t made, the conspiracy to kill him was carried out by some members of the internally displaced persons.

Sadly,the Madi people remained voiceless about it.

According to the latest news in Nimule, its true the death of the head Chief of Nimule was a conspiracy from the people who forced them to sign the proposed town council document and the internally displaced persons.

When the former youth leader was killed by sniff poison, his death was covered in his state of madness.

Today, covering the death of the head chief isn’t easy. The Eastern Equatoria State government and the internally displaced persons in Nimule have exploited the matter to torture the Madi themselves.

Arrest and Detention without Charges.
This is where the Human rights commission of South Sudan should intervene. As far as the conspiracy is concerned, several Madi have been consequently arrested and detained in Nimule barracks. Among them were the elders and youth activists. Most of them were Madi who stand against making Nimule a town council without consulting the Madi community.

These people are in a great pain in the barracks. Why should government of Eastern Equatoria State torture its people like this for what they rejected and said NO?

If the death of the head Chief is not a conspiracy, why the Madi people are to be arrested and tortured by the military wing in the barracks and yet there is the Nimule police station?

If its not a conspiracy, why Eastern Equatoria State government pushed for the third town council to be in Nimule instead of Magwi county headquarters?

Why is the government arbitrarily forcing a town council on the people when Madi had asked for a county?

To Madi who are working with the government like Dr. Anne Itto, the acting Secretary-general of the ruling SPLM and others: Your people are in pain, as they mourn the loss of their chief, some of them were in detention in the military barracks in Nimule.

This is a clear sign that the conspiracy is meant for more people to die. After my conversation with the commissioner of Magwi County, the county seems to have little knowledge about what is going on in Nimul and yet Nimule is within the Territory of Magwi County. This is a serious complication.

In conclusion, as the government of South Sudan is waiting for the investigation results, we should also be aware that most of the people who talked to this government investigation team were the internally displaced persons themselves who were more connected to the government than the Madi community.

Therefore, the chance of not representing the interest of Madi Community is very high.

As a lover of my country, I am requesting the Human rights Commission of South Sudan to intervene in this matter and talk to the Madi as a people to get the right information.

As south Sudanese, let us join our voices to condemn the inhuman torture of the Madi people.

Finally, the murder of the head Chief of Nimule was connected to the politics. Meanwhile here in Juba, Angelo Vuga, a leader of Madi, was arrested. These are things which can happen to any group of people. It happened to us in Juba which led to my peoples’ demand to have the ROSS government move the capital city out of Juba.

Unfortunately, it has happened in Western Bahar el Gazal State where people were forced to accept what does not favor them. The same happened in Yei, and now in Nimule.

The idea that the people should not be allowed to plan for themselves, but the government should do it for them, is totally objectionable.

Darius Tongu Swaka
Juba-South Sudan
September 14, 2013


  1. Aj says:

    Lobong will pay when comes his time. He work for Dinkas and he will vanish or go live in Dinka land. Lobong has irritated a lot of communities in EES a lot and no one wants to see his face any more.

    • bolabokdit says:

      You know what if the war of liberation is to be fought again, Dinka will not fight for freedom. Dinka will fight tribalism ideology because it is number one enemy.

      • Bolabokdit,

        Dinka never fight for freedom, however, their number objective for joining the movement was to secure leadership but not fighting for the freedom of the South. If the movement leaders were not Dinka, then they would have not joined the movement in the first place or they could be minority .

  2. sengar says:

    The worse not to come yet, this is the kingdom of Dinka and you must accept any outcome or face the death.

    • Aj

      I profoundly regret the death of Madi Chief and I sincerely convey my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Chief John Ajugo and to the entire Madi Community as well. I wonder, Why you blamed the killing of the late Chief to the Dinkas? Where did you come up with the assumption that the Equatorians who are not anti Dinka are working for the Dinkas?
      My compatriot, you have to smart up and abandon your hatred of Dinka otherwise you would grow old and die in shame and disgrace in exile. A Dinka police general was ambushed and killed in the vicinity of Torit early this year. Was he killed by the Dinkas too?

      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        You know well that your Uncle Kiir is ruining our nation and you do not condemn it. If you condone what Kiir is doing, what do you call this? Isn’t it Dinka supporting Dinka, which means protecting Dinka man bad leadership for Kingdom to be established? There is no difference with this when Sengar said it is “kingdom of Dinka”.

        We are witnessing our nation degenerating into dictatorship under bad leadership of Kiir and when someone questions it, you rush with your mouth wide open in defence of Kiir and his dictatorship government. How would the spectators react to this? Don’t you think they would smell the rat? Stop defending the indefensible.

        If you want South Sudanese to start respecting you, stop defending Kiir’s ego. Nobody is after Dinka. We are just in opposition to Kiir’s dictatorship rule and nothing more.

      • Muntu says:

        To Paramount Chief John Ajugo Rest in Peace. The the berieved family members, take courage; To the Madi community stay calm. Recollect yourselves. To the so-called IDPS there is need to respect your hosts. To the Government law enforcement agents speedy up your investigations and bring the culprits to book.

        However, there is one thing we must understand and that is you gave the government the instruments of power to govern this country and they have a program to implement. If you don’t want them vote them out. By the way Nimule town is not the Nimule Corridor of the war time. There are many and different government installations there that require protection under a certain level of government. What is wrong with the making it [Nimule] a Town Council? Please let us write responsibly as citizens of this Republic. And give the government space to implement its policies.

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, please keep your sober attitude. I always enjoy your comments.

        • YONGO YONGO says:

          This is irresponsible in a modern democratic society, the power belongs to the members of the constituency, that guarantees the government to distribute the revenue of the country. Nevertheless, a sensible government will not make such barbaric assumption in the name of development or unclassified programs.
          This government lost control for securing land instead of following democratic processes agreed in the CPA. You may be surprised to see the conspirators are correctly cited by many colleagues, we are not circumscribing to fear and intimidation of the of the secret societies of the government.
          The are multi-reasons that NTC can’t go ahead to the indigenous, instead, both the central and state governments need to refocus in developing the mismanaged border and send those inexperienced high school leavers staff to gain education and the policy maker re-visit their policies and restructure them for the best of the country.
          The post-war look of Nimule is not a government cake but individual. The simplest message for you and your elites is that, the indigenous will absolutely retrieve their votes in 2015. No more space will be admitted whatsoever tactics are used.
          The country is in peace, thus, I suggest the government develop places that are highly in need, not a better Nimule and leave selfish ambition or ideology of self-government..

      • nyeri says:

        This is madness being pronounced here, Madi did not ask for a town council neither did they kill their own chief. The killer behind chief Ajugo is the EES government who are persistently pushing Madi to accept a town council so as to resettle the so called IDPs in the interest of the land owners. We all know the Gov. Lobong of EES vowed his support for the Kirr Government. He intends to be in position by selling Madiland to the Dinkas, demarcating it to many eradicating the Madi tribe. They need to know that this is bad news for them, Nimule will never be a town council until all IDPs are removed and sent back to their own homes.

        Madi are peace loving farmers and therefore they cannot live with warlords cattle raiders. Dinka Bor are afraid of Murle and they want to get free land in Nimule in the name of town council.
        Sorry, there is time for Everything, Madiland belongs to Madi, Dinkas have Dinka land too, they can take the town council to Bor or Barhagazal

        • Dear All,
          Would it be possible to take all the Dinkas from the Greater Upper Nile and Equatoria Region and relocate them permanently with their Dinka Brothers and Sisters in Greater Bhar El Ghazal Region. Take all the Fertit tribes from the Greater Bhar El Ghazal region and relocate them in Greater Equatoria. Take all the Non Nuer tribes from the Greater Upper Nile Region and resettle them in Equatoria and leave the Upper Region for the Naath people alone. Bring the Nuer of Gambella back to resettle in Upper Nile with their Nuer Brothers and sisters. Move the South Sudan Capital City from Juba to Ramcil.

          In additions, the presidency of South Sudan should rotate between Dinka, Nuer and the rest of tribes. In other ways the presidency of ROSS should rotate between the Greater Equatoria, Greater Upper Nile and Greater Bhar El Ghazal Regions. Will this solve the hatred and the issue of land grabbing in Juba and tribal conflicts in South Sudan? Let the most hated people stick to themselves so that they can have a peace of Mind. What do you think, folks?

          • Aj says:

            YOu Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
            why can’t you Dinkas just go to your region and stay peacefully there? What’s that in great Equatoria and not in Dinkas land? I always think that home is the best, what happened to charity begins at home, as the English saying?

            “Would it be possible to take all the Dinkas from the Greater Upper Nile and Equatoria Region and relocate them permanently with their Dinka Brothers and Sisters in Greater Bhar El Ghazal Region ” You Dinkas and Nuer are not Equatorians, wouldn’t wanna be there. Thank you.

            Relocating Capital to Ramcil? Yes you can have it as soon as today. Garang himself named Bor as Capital and you can follow that track and entire South wouldn’t be disappointed if the nation capital is relocated.

            Last, I ask but couldn’t get it, why are Dinaks the ONLY IDPs yet war is done? Lukudu, go home and built you backyard. You should be ashamed of not developing your home town. AJ

    • Sengar:

      Dear Jalaba in Disguise:

      There is no Kingdom of Dinka in South Sudan. The ROSS belongs to all of us in the South and it is our beloved Country, liberated from you through our blood and Ballots. Please pack your belongings and move out of South Sudan. The time for divide and Rule is over and we, South Sudanese, are too mature and too smart to be fooled by Idiots like you. Please shift your slanderous intention somewhere else. We have no heart and sympathy for the people like you in the ROSS.

  3. LionAfrica says:

    we all pray that you and your criminal uncle will soon see the gate of turmoil. Just put that well in your little brain! This is the word from God!

    • Dear LionAfrica:

      Please don’t wish for that gate of turmoil to come as you will be the first one to walk through it. Just digest that little piece of truth while you are awaiting for the arrival of the holy gate.

      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  4. Bhanyker says:

    This is very sad news, the killing of Madi chief, John Ajugo, by government security is very disturbing and worrying to every concerned south Sudanese citizen. This is how dictators rule, by killing, intimidation, abduction and in some cases people disappear in process. Hoping that people will be frightened and eventually become submissive to his rule. But there is something this old generation do not understand. This time is not 1970 or 1980, where by the only information come from government TV or Radio, and usually misled people and getaway with it. This time Mr. president, any crime you commit, will be documented, recorded and you’re going be answerable to those crimes. South Sudan is not your family business and will never be.

  5. Chaka, Jill says:

    How it’s humanely possible to understand people who supposedly gave up their lives for 2 decades in the bush for the sake of their people and land to turn around and displace and torture the very people they claimed to have sacrificed for? Our leaders are lost in greed and tribalism!
    Eastern Equatoria has failed to reconcile two of her critical tribes, the Madis and the Acholis, and the animosity between these two tribe was born in Torit when an acting governor using the seat in Torit to issue the illegal Iwire County.
    This was what sparked the deadly consequences between the ancient and brotherly tribes. This Nimule Town council now is also pushed through Torit. The same failed governor who has not resolved any of Madi issues leave alone Eastern Equatoria State issues!
    He is a disgrace to this great state! Under him, Eastern Equatoria has turned into a failed state period! We can not wait to vote him out!

  6. AW Joseph says:

    When Equatorians in 1983 stood up and said enough was enough and kicked DINKA out of Equatoria, guess what happened????? They went to the bush and started the so called war of liberation.
    Thanks to the CPA, the DINKA are back in Equatoria. The relative peace which we had for years after we got rid of Dinka is no more.
    The killings and blood baths will continue until we find solution to the DINKA problem.

    • John Khot says:

      AW Joseph
      The Dinkas were in Equatorian before CPA, fighting fierce battles against your slaves masters (jalaba) and slaves like you. I truly believed your statement on Joana Adam’s article that you are from Central Equatoria.
      Be honest with me now and talk like a man. Do you truly believe that Equatoria was in peace before CPA? Were you really in South Sudan during the war? Were you not from Wani Konga’s militias? What did the Jalaba leave in Juba that makes you love them so much apart from deaths and neglected town?
      Feel free to join your slaves masters in Khartoum or shut up as you do not speak for the greater Equatoria. Even people of Central Equatoria voted over 98% against union with Jalaba and so you can cry all you want but nobody will console you for your stupidity and feeling of inferiority.

      The author of this article is another coward militia trying to stir up trouble. Why would the Central or State government assassinate the chief while he was cooperating with them? Why would a government that has accommodated thousands of hostile militias and rebels kill a peaceful local chief?
      It is very absurd suggestion and chances are this author should be investigated for chief’s death. His article shows that he was among the Madi community’s members that was opposed to to the late chief co-operation with the State government.

      • AW Joseph says:

        John Khot
        Well if you believe that your Salva Kiir and SPLM got the 98% then tell your uncle to bring the elections on and see if he can get the fake 98% you base your illegal legitimacy on.
        Riak Machar is breathing right now on his nose. No cause for alarm. We will give 200% support for Riak in Equatoria. Come 2015.

        • John Khot says:

          AW Joseph
          You can’t even read properly. I mentioned 98% in reference to the referendum results. Who cares if you will give 1000% support to Riek Machar, Abdirahaman Sule or any other militia. That’s is your democratic right. Let me remind you that you are not the spokesman for the greater Equatoria.
          And by the way, president Kiir was legitimately elected as you mentioned and hence attempts by your likes to constantly intimidate and soil the image of his Dinka tribe on the internet will never go unresponded to.

          • AW Joseph says:

            John Khot
            Did you ask yourself why most major towns such as Wau in Balanda or Jur Land, Malakal in Shilluk land and Juba in Bari land none of them is in Dinka land? It’s because Dinka are unruly and the British could not put up with people who could not be civilized. Find out why other tribes do not want to migrate to Dinka cities, towns or villages because you are thirsty and cold blood murderers, robbers, petty criminals, lack social etiquettes and have contempt for the rule of law. Leave us alone. Go back to where you come from.

  7. duang marildit says:

    Even something that has nothing to do with dinka, they just have to mention dinka’s name. what the hell is wrong with these creepy …..people? sengar’s language is that exactly what you guys like. now, have you guys a choice to make whether to shit and shut the hell up or act to make worse than this?

  8. kikisik says:

    My condolence to the people of Ma’di. one day the people of South Sudan will see light. “Those who are perpetuating the present situation will one day be in tears.” Leaders come and leaders go, but South Sudan will remain for ever”

  9. Firstly, my condolence goes out to the family, relatives, and friends for unexpected death of their head chief. Anyway I’m sure more deaths will follow, under the leadership of dictator president Kiir. Unless we the South Sudanese, say enough is enough by going to streets for peaceful protest to remove this unwanted president.

  10. eberu dan says:

    Governor Lobong,
    you have committed unforgivable crime against humanity by touching the most friendly and peace loving tribe, the Madi. just back off and run into exile in Turkana land to mourn and the see the doom of your supporters. if you are brave as you think so, wait for the international communities to come to pick you during the day because there is no need to hide your evil acts even from children. shame on you for deeds you carried on your children’s uncles.
    eberu, dan

  11. Ustaz Mabior says:

    You are all beating the bush, brothers.The fact must be told in order to solve the problem. Th death of the head chief of Nimule is not in the hands of the displaced people and Dinka as you have put it. The displaced people have nothing to do with the politics of Eastern Equatoria and their mandate of making Nimule a town Council. Please, be informed that you must always shut up pointing fingers to the Dinka and other tribes in South sudan whom you called them displaced people. Be mindful that the war in South Sudan is not over and very soon what you are preaching will bitterly turned into worst sooner or later.
    I must tell u the truth because I know very well the tactics and strategies of fighting the wars. Mind your tongues please and accept that Chief’s death is in the hands of your own people not displaced people. And thank you accepting my advice or not.

  12. Terenzia says:

    Thank you so for all the information.

    Let the world see and know how the government is pushing some tribes to the side. Probably they want to eradicate them especially the minority tribes. The question is, is this what we fought for? Democracy?

  13. Akuma ToK says:

    Shut up!!!, it is our government. If you chose to be submissive to us (Dinka), we will continue oppressing you, grabbing your fertile lands in the entire region of Greater Equatoria, assassinates your elites until all the tribes in South Sudan succumb to the hands of Mighty Dinka. To assure you, no Nuer, Equatoria, Shilluk etc, will rule this Country except we Dinka who are Majority and born to Rule. If you are tired with oppressions from Dinka, do not collaborate with us in our Tyrannical government, form your good network with other strong tribes such as Nuer, Shilluk, etc to peacefully overthrow our Gogrial Kitchen Government. But, Remember, prepare yourselves well, you will step on hot Fire, we Dinka Bhar El Ghazal are fighters not like Dinka Bor who are only good in conspiracy and Murdering like those IDPs in Nimule, Torit, Narus etc.

    • Ori Idule says:

      Your argument is not fitting in this context, Akuma, because we people of south Sudan have long fought to bring peace and to reclaim our land from Arab, it was on this basis that we all voted positively in referendum not only Dinka because statistically Dinka would have not made such historic vote. People like you have little vision only for narrow ethnic lining but what people discuss in this forum are important issues for national building, the nation that Dinka made apparently 12% of the population. I know most Dinka have constructive mindset than you, so i don’t blame Dinka but you as individual.

    • Joseph says:

      Akuma Tok,
      You are not Dinka my friend. The way you wrote tell everyone about who you are. All in all i just want to convey my condolence to Madi people at large and i just pray that justices will prevail in this case. However, the Madi people are the number one or the prime suspect in this case follow by the government later. According to the interviews conducted on Miraya FM with Rt. Ambassador Angelo Vuga concerning the upgrading of Nimule town before the death of Madi beloved chief. The Madi people were not happy with the late chief coz he accepted to sign the mandate, without knowing that the chief’s life was under threat by the government.
      In nutshell, one will be forced to believe that the late chief was killed by his own people. The chief father also spoken in Miraya that his son was ambushed and killed when coming from river in the morning by unknown gunmen. So let us not finger point one another at this early stage, otherwise, we shall be ashamed with the outcome. I honestly beg the government to release the innocent people and just hold Vuga under investigating because of his words in Miraya before the departure of the late chief. Equatoria Oyee!!

  14. Blackstone says:

    The genoicde in Rwanda was carried out as a results of 50 years of madness and side-lining of certain tribes. it is the same history will come to pass in south Sudan if certain animals continued to do the same.

  15. Dennis Ochen Jobojobo says:

    Dear reader,
    What is written in this article is incorrect about the death of our lovely chief, Ajugo. Ajugo death is a planned death from his own people. I said this because Chief. Ajugo is a true leader who loves his people and the people residing in his payam area as his community call them as IDP’S. So, is wrong to bring the name of the head of State for Eastern Equatoria State that, it’s because of the so called “Nimule Town Council” approval???
    You Madi, want to confuse the rest of the tribes residing in Nimule that they might have a hand in this. You had killed your own son who was a true leader to the Country mate people and the Magwi County will never get such a good leader who loves everyone to be in his area/payam????

    Very Sad………………………

    • Terenzia says:

      Dennis, the way to go is for proper investigation to be carried out. Those who want to shut up others have something to hide.

      Do we want our country or do we want to dictate? This way we will fight and fight and enjoy nothing. It also shows how limited some people are. Neither abusive words or oppression will solve any problem.

      Let the country men and women wake up!!!

  16. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear All,

    It is time to rise up and dismantle Gen. Kiir Mayardit from Presidency. All this onslaughter is the result of Kiir and his cliques. The Chief of Madi who was acting in line with his constituency mandate was gunned down for no apparent reason whatsoever. The thugs who murdered him are Kiir agents who are working day and night with aim to control us. For this to be achieved, Kiir is using every means including killing and intimidation to bully us to advance his personal ego. If we continue watching this transpiring without intervention, we are signing our doom to Kiir Mayardit. Why should we allow this to happen?

    As we all know, satisfying Kiir’s ego is not what we fought for. Kiir Mayardit must go practice his dictatorship somewhere else. An insane and heavy drinker like him is not fit to rule our country. Enough is enough and it is time to take the bull by the horns. Time for action is ripe. From East to West and North to South, Kiir Mayardit is killing us directly and indirectly in both directions. If he thinks having Kuol Manyang Juuk as his defense Ministry is sufficient enough to sustain him in power for long time, it is for him to know that he is lying to nobody but himself.

    We are sick of him and it is hurting to see our nation wallowing into dictatorship. We want better governing system.

  17. Silvia Nyoka Mathew says:

    Ladies and gentlemen; my beloved South Sudanese, let us learn to stand for the right of our people. Those who are objecting the information in this article are likely the people who are behind the unfortunate situation in Madi land. The author of this article is a known man; before his article, this message was already floating over the Radio and TV stations all over south Sudan.

    If we need peace in our country, let us learn to stand for what is real. Go to here you will find the New Bishop of Torit talking about the same thing without reservation. Do you mean his message is wrong in his capacity as public figure? For people who are promoting un Godly treatment of others, I would like to say you should feel ashamed. Assassinating their head chief and indiscriminately arresting their elder’s means a lot. Forging statement and covering themselves with blood of the innocent people is blood bath… shame on the commissioner of Magwi County, shame on the governor of Eastern Equatoria State and shame on all government officials who were behind the plot to force town council in Nimule without proper communication with the natives of the land.
    Silvia Nyoka Mathew
    South Sudan

  18. To useless/fake name Akuma above:
    you should feel shamed by not seeing the suffering south Sudanese under the leadership of kiir, and called the national government as dinka government. However, I don’t blame you for acting that way. Based on your reason capacity, you either are an uncivilized/villager, or an alcoholic street boy or slave body guard who sucks south Sudanese blood for your own interest. Very shameful indeed!.

  19. 2015 should a year for change, whether ballot box or by bullets. And Salva kiir should be investigated for the following crimes, he committed:

    Ongoing Murle genocide.
    Wau peaceful protest.
    Isaiah Abraham assassination.

  20. You said it all, Mr S Nuerland. 2015 must be a year of change, for the goood of our belove country South Sudan.

  21. Duma Lokiden says:

    Why Dinkas still live as IDPS in Equatoria despite the fact that we are in peace and have achieved our independence?
    I don’t know because they lack food, schools, health centers and their infinite revenge killings in their States or what?

    Let u Dinka go to your States and work hard to develop your places so you can reach the level of Equatoria. I think the leaderships there is dire need for the leadership in South Sudan to sensitize the Dinka about the importance of returning back home in order for them build their states.
    Of recent when I was in Nimule, Kaya, and Yei for Food Security and Economic research tour I came to notice that most of the Dinka still reside in these towns and called themselves IDPS and so surprised what IDPS again at this period of hard work and nation building.
    I think SSRRC should repatriate those IDPS back to their original States since there is no any war again.

    The Author is South Sudanese Senior Economist/Specialist in Food Security and Socio Economic Development


    • Duma Lokiden says:

      The what so called IDPS are no the concern of Equatoria Governors to call for their repatriation, it is the mandate of the national government to repatriate them. And about the Equatoria governors whom you think are mere stooges and are working against their own people, i don’t think so except Louis Lobong Lojore whom i and most Equatorians doubt much about his conduct of Business in State. cos Lobong is unqualified for that post and the way he was fixed by the Political Bureau in Juba was for the interest of some people from other States.

    • Madut Acuil says:

      Do you guys really believe Dinka is going to be expelled from all three Equatorian states to their own territories and Equatoria is going to be left for Equatoria and Equatoria only?! You have to be insane to believe that!

    • Dan says:

      Duma Lokiden:
      If you are waiting for the government to force those people out where they have now settled in their own country, then you will have a long wait. I am supprised someone still calls them as IDPS.
      When the war was fought, it was not done on regional or tribal basis. Some of those people you are now trying to dehumanise were the ones who expelled Jalabas in those towns and the rest are either their wives , children and other relatives.
      So they are there to stay until that day when those who claim the nativity of the land they are residing on become a different country that does not welcome anyone from outside.

    • Ustaz Mabior says:

      Dinkas and other tribes who are living here in Equatoria are not IDPs. They are the liberators of Equatoria. They liberated Equatoria from Jallaba and that is why they are here enjoying their fruits of struggle. If you think that Dinka are IDPs, then you are mistaken.

  22. anti-kiir n - wani says:

    dear commentators,
    what happened in Nimule was not good at all but lobong and his father salva are the ones to be blamed for every thing… grabbing the land of maadi and land of bari community in juba will not help you conquering south Sudan sooner.
    you will go down in the history as dictators who try to rule democratic country by iron fist. i urge supporters of benydit to look at ongoing genocide on land of our beloved murle and assassinating of our beloved son of our greater Jongulei Isaiah Abraham. NO investigation result was announced to the public. Where are we heading, Mr. Lukudu gatkuoth garang? why my friend you refuse your own name and you called yourself with nickname as combination of three tribe Bari, naath ,jieng?

  23. Mankien town says:

    Dear all,
    I Know Dinka will finish Equatorians in land grabbing, I know these people since, they say if there in no Nuer and Murle in south Sudan, south Sudan would have forever belong to them.
    you see they jump to every communities land excepted Nuer and Murle which they can not attempt and if attempted, it can be a sign of disaster for them. This is why you can see Dinka now are in panic when Nuer declare themselves to contest for 2015 election. Because they know any election involving Nuer Presidency candidate will not be easy milestone for Dinka to succeed or to cross such a event.

    To Terenzia, you are beautiful lady and your comments are as well beautiful, but for your information stop talk about investigation, investigation in south Sudan are just nightmare, for instance, some guys stole money in president’s office and they were found guilty by anti corruption commission and given reference to face justice, but unfortunately, instead president reinstated them in their various positions while he was the one who called for investigation in the crime.

    Never waste your time talking about investigation, my sister.
    they only announce the investigation to buy time while in turn come out without result.

    may Almighty rest his soul in external peace.

    thanks you.

    Mankien Town.

  24. SPLA says:


  25. Chaka, Jill says:

    My fellow Southerners, The elite in our country have lost it and we are fools if we follow them into the deep seas! Today we see Anna Itto (acting SPLM Secretary-general) barking, when the military wing of the party she leads killed people in Moli Tokuro. She never showed her mouth in Public and never demanded the culprits brought to justice and are roaming free. When killings took Place in Opari and Magwi she was no where to be found and today she disgraces herself and shows her lack of leadership by reckless declaration that will influence the so called investigation very negatively.

    These people are innocent until proven otherwise. We understand they are being tortured in the process of the so called investigations. Anyone of these innocent people who die as a result, their blood shall fall on you, Ms. Itto AKA Ms Rabbit, and your likes and your children.

  26. AW Joseph says:

    John Khot
    If you were to privately speak to our people in the streets of Juba, Wau, Malakal, other towns or villages throughout the country they would tell you they regret voting for independence. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joana Adams summed it up in her master piece, “The SPLM government under the careful watch of the security officer turned president, has introduced new vices in our society. It will be fair to say that more people have died in the hands of the SPLM government than they did in the hands of jallaba at least in some quarters.]”
    SOME THING NEW HAD BEEN INTRODUCED IN OUR SOCIETY….. Please, explain what is it???????

    To me the new vices introduced by the DINKA SPLM and its STOOGES AND CONSPIRATORS are: unexplained murders, Killings, nepotism, incompetence, corruption, greed, selfishness, poor governance, lack of social etiquette, oppression and lack of freedom, insecurity, no justice, injustice, hunger, disease, foreign criminals, Land grabbing ………..etc.

    Mobutu in Zaire, Gadhafi in Libya, Sadam Hussein in Iraq, The Arab dominated Government in Sudan, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and many others throughout the world, all oppressed their people for long time but didn’t last for ever. Your time will come and you will regret it one day!!!!

    Well I wouldn’t expect anything new from a Dinka. A savage will always remain a savage!!!!

    Better Arabs in United Sudan! WHY?? When they eat the meat they leave us the bones. Here in independent South Sudan Dinka SPLM had been eating all the meat and the bones for the last 8 years. What are we left with??? The answer is NOTHING…..except suffering at the hands of our brothers and sisters (saviours & liberators).

    • John Khot says:

      AW Joseph
      Your writings suggested that you were one of the blood suckers living off the suffering of South Sudanese to please his Arab masters. All the social problems that you blamed on Dinka and SPLM are in every country on this Earth. For example a gunman murdered 12 innocent people this week in the USA. Less than 2 years ago a gunman murdered 89 people in Norway. Killings of innocent people are reported daily in most countries of the World. Is it the SPLA/M introducing it to those countries?

      Your beloved masters, the jalaba of Sudan have been savagely bombing and destroying civilian settlements in Nuba mountains and Blue Nile regions in the last 2 years. This has caused thousands of death and massive displacement of our African people in the two regions. Let me not even talk about atrocities in Darfur. Is this the jalaba that you prefer over the Dinka and the SPLA/M? Tell us exactly the death figures under the watch SPLA/M and Dinka, and compare with over 2.5 million deaths inflicted on the South by your cruel masters and slaves like you. Shame on you for lying.

      Nobody in Malakal, Wau, Juba, or any town in South Sudan will regret voting to be a free human being in his/her own country except slaves and traitors that were benefiting a cruel system that held our people back from achieving development like the rest of the World. Again shame on you for benefiting from the deaths and suffering of our people. Your masters, the jalaba are gone never to set foot on our land as principals in any capacity. Again, feel free to join them so that you can settle for the bones while patriotic Equatorians enjoy the meat that get distributed equally from the Central government to the ten States.

      All the social problems that you blamed on Dinka and SPLA/M have existed every country since humans came into being. Keep that negative altitude towards these entities of your hate and only result in self destruction. Your likes that benefiting so much from the enemy never saw at coming that our people will be the masters of their own destiny, and therefore the pain of having been stopped from suckling from your mother the jalaba is becoming unbearable. Well suck it slave as nobody will listen to your incitement.

      • AW Joseph says:

        John Khot
        Any educated person will tell that you have not addressed the issues I have raised. YES, all of us in SOUTH SUDAN agreed that we were oppressed and marginalised.
        Yes, an estimated 2.5 million people were presumed to have died in Sudan not South Sudanese as you claim. The people that died included Soldiers on both sides, Foreigners, people that died of hunger and disease, those civilians who died in cross fire. Both sides during the war were accused of killing innocent people.
        Did we South Sudanese become independent from the ARABS in order to be oppressed and marginalised by DINKA? Did the Arabs really grab lands in Equatoria as the Dinka…………….etc?
        You either explain the issues I have raised or shut up if you are unable to do so. What a pathetic serial liar. Shame on you too!!!!!!!!!

  27. kamba says:

    South Sudanese, listen to this call, let us unite against this evil tribe and see who will be the majority? Will the small tribes not form the largest tribe in SS and do away with the devilish government in power right now.

    May God bless the inflicted


  28. Mankien town says:

    to people of Abeyi,
    the Abiye area have secretly been sold to Khartoum government in exchange to the oil flow because Kirr needs oil money for his election campaign, don’t waste your time talking about referendum in Juba, you just wasting your time to do anything else. Kirr just politically talk, because he knows Khartoum will not except the referendum to take place. if you have a good intelligent analysis you can even know, it will not take place, and in the nearest five to tens years to come the people of south Sudan will not recognise Abiye people to have any right to say anything to say in south Sudan as they have many position now in the government.
    Believe me, Kirr Has a secret deal on Abiye, you see they refused US Envoy to mediate this issue because they know American may find out the facts and Kirr will not accept war to interrupt oil flow to port Sudan, believe me.

    Mankien Town

  29. Konybai says:

    Even if their dogs and cats died of animal diseases, rain failed, floods, global recession. they blamed Muonyjang.
    it is just inferiority complex not because they don’t know what kill their animals and brought natural disaster they know it very well but still feel Muonyjang is the cause all. So they brings up thier kids by telling them do you know what,there are no diseases and natural disasters but muonyjang.

  30. Madut Acuil says:

    Why was the killing of Dinka police general in broad daylight in Torit not widely publicized here? Equatorians should learn the “golden rule.” “Do unto others in the way you expect others to do unto you”. Don’t believe for a second that you only have crazy people in your community; you have people who are crazier than you are in other communities. Don’t do something stupid and expect not to come back and haunt you!

  31. I sincerely convey my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Chief John Ajugo and to the entire Madi Community as well. here is my objection and concern to us all as the rest of 64 tribes, of South sudanese, beside one tribe, who have objectivated with empty, mind and tribalism, killing of innocent civilian who have disagree with them but I believe will not succeed, than the Dinka tribal mind set.

  32. AW Joseph says:

    Let us try to Stop Double Standards and Hypocrisy! Every creature in South Sudan and all over the world knows very well that the reasons for dividing Sudan was that WE the Southerners had been oppressed and marginalised by the ARABS. In the last eight years the level of oppression and marginalization by the DINKA SPLM/A is a lot worse than that of the Arabs. When I tried to compare and contrast the previous rule in United Sudan and the current rule in South Sudan my contribution in this forum is being censured while those who make inflammatory messages are allowed.

    I am an independent minded person who believes in a fair go for every living creature in this planet be it Arabs, Europeans, Asians, Africans………….etc. The reason why we are on the way to becoming a failed state because we are dishonest and not standing up and tell the truth just to keep jobs or to try to get one.

    Please, be fair and allow all contributions without fear or favour.


    • AW Joseph:
      Dear Ex-Compatriot:

      Indeed, I thought I was the only victim of censorship on this forum. The 98% of my daily/weekly comments are not published on the SSN forum. Even the comments that I personally directed to you are always censored and deleted. Due to censorship, I reached the conclusion that the Editor is somehow performing the damage control in protecting his……….
      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!
      “The truth must be told even if it hurts


      • Dear Editor:

        This is very unfair indeed. Why do you allow others to use those unacceptable words or language against me on this forum? Some of the SSN contributors such as Dr. Ramba, Gatcharwearbol and AW Joseph had used those words or profane language against me in the past and their comments were not censored or deleted. What is happening here on the SSN? Are you attempting to dictate us on this forum just like president Kiir?

        As from now on, I will refrain from using the profane language on this forum just to alleviate your editing or censorship workload. However, I will take the legal action if you allow others to use those words against me on this forum. The Scotland Yards and/or the Hague are not too prejudice to investigate and hear my case in the Court of Law as I’m tired of you holding my arms behind me and allow Dr.Ramba, AW Joseph and Gatcharwearbol to punch and kick me in the stomach politically. Stay Blessed!

        “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

    • Aj says:

      AW Joseph,
      thanks for calling spade a spade. This author is a supporter of IDPS and he uses the opportunity to shield-out the reality that is lying into people hearts. He can block what he dim unacceptable but he will never know what is inside us in regards to issues such as one on the subject.

      I got a feeling that, one day, worst will be regretted once action decide to take its course.

  33. Lokilachong says:

    Dear Darius Tongu Swaka,

    We deeply regret the dead of chief Ajugo and our condolences goes to the family and the Madi community at large. We hope that such evil will never happen again in Magwi county. However, before finding the culprit of such heinous crime there should be no blame on anybody because until a person is proven guilty he/she is innocent. It is regrettable that Nimule has become a focal point of entry in the south Sudan, and it is an important place that must have secure and stable administration to handle the multitude and bulk of traffic that comes in and out of the town. Probably, that why the idea of the town council came up, and it is not a bad thing to have a town council in Nimule. But the process of establishing the town council is what brought this misfortune today, the Madi people should have been consulted.

    On the other hand, the Madi people should not blame anybody for the dead of chief Ajugo they should blame themselves. Over the years, Madi ignored what is important, the sending away of the displaced from their land. Instead of joining hand with the Acholi and other tribes in in greater Equatoria, they allowed IDP to settled in Nimule to increase their number in order to have their county. On the contrary, they attached Acholi visibly and killed many in cold blood. Now everything is backfiring on them and they blame their enemies of choice, the Dinka and the Acholi. And now they blame also the Governor of EES for their misfortune. It is a shame to see them crying fawl just because of one man after they killed hundreds of Acholi during the war. As a loyal son in-law, the Governor promised them many things during the election and why blame him now? Shame on you Madi, bear your load without complain.

    • Taban Mawa says:

      Mr Lokilachong,

      I appreciate your point on Madi people to be calm till the culprits are found and brought to justice and respect your opinions. However I do disagree with you on many basis on your point that the Madi people harboured the IDPS and killed Acholi people so they could be awarded a county. That is false, mate. The fact of the matter is, the IDPs were settled in Nimule by the ruling Dinkas whose aims are to eradicate the Madi people from their own land.
      The senior SPLM members (Dinka’s) brought the conflict between the Madi and Acholi for their own benefit (divide and rule). The Madi and Acholi have lived side by side for hundreds of years and intermarried among themselves without any problem. You have no recollection on history of the two tribes, and I suggest you don’t talk about it.

      The Madi people are pro development people and don’t refuse the notion of Nimule becoming a TC, as you put correctly, the process of doing it has failed. You can not come to someone’s house and tell them I have decided to turn your house into a shop. That won’t work any where else.

  34. Mankien town says:

    To: Equatorias you have to not to vote for dinka presidency contested in election, just wait for your right and vote for Nuer presidency because Nuer know the right of innocent people, while Nuer Will defend you in fighting.
    there is no War that can defeat Nuer Except God only has power over them because he the Almighty, the one gave them this power, believe me,
    TO: Dinka why there is still Dinka IDPs In Equatorias regions? is it because of lack of food in dinka land or you just see Equatorias as a weak society who can not defend themselves from other community who disturbed their ordinary life.

    Mankien Town.

  35. Taban Mawa says:

    The Madi people are peace loving and have being living with the IDPS for as lons as I can remember. The killing of this innocent chief comes at a time the people of Madi are oppose to the GOEE imposing a Town Council on them against their will.

    The Madi people demanded for a county and nothing has being done about it till now, and now the GoEE is instead choosing to impose a TC.

    The death of the chief could happen any where else in the country as long as the people are oppose to government forcing decisions down on them. Keep calm, the sounds on the hill of the mountain will deliver peace to the peace loving Madi people. The chief’s blood will never be in vain.

  36. Will says:

    Mankien Town,
    For your information on what you are, no one here trusting you guys to be leading us when it comes to leadership. You don’t stay the same to the end of the day as you keep changing! Look now you pretending that Nuers are not living in Equatoria region. And who is buying that nonsense?

  37. GatCharwearbol says:

    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang; AW Joseph,

    You are not the only ones who have experienced this censorship issue. I wrote many comments some of which do not carry any profanity language and are not published here. But let us not resort to attacking the editor. Perhaps, he or she has some procedures to follow and abide by. At least some of our comments are sometime published. I did reply to many statements I disagree with particularly in this very article; these responses are not published. Whatever the reason might be is not important to me. Let editor general do his or her job.


  38. Dmajak says:

    I am sorry to hear divisive words from editor in chief that why not the three governors of Greater Equatoria demand the return of IDPs to their home states. I think these Three governors have vision of united south Sudan.
    To editor, it looks like you don’t know your job title and yours is to correct our English grammar and reject any article that will hurt the public of South Sudan .


    • The Chief Editor of SSN is right to remind the three Governors of Greater Equatoria that the IDPs are the once causing a lot of problems in Nimule, IOM (International Organization for Migration) is partly to blame for this as they brought some returnees direct to Nimule from Kakuma as if their plane’s GPS had no Bor town in its system.
      The other issue at hand is that the SPLA Soldiers at Nimule have not been rotated since the capture of Nimule from the former SAF in the late 1980’s.
      Rotate the Army, take those in Nimule to the border with Khartoum because they like to stay at the borders. It is shameful for IDPs to turn against their hosts and pretend to bury their heads in the sand that they do not know what is going on.

  39. AW Joseph says:

    One thing I love about the EDITOR of this website is that he is impartial, fair and Just, that is why both PRO & ANTI-Dinka SPLM are equally complaining. My contribution was later published. I should have been patient about the amount of time it takes you to edit the volumes of messages given the voluntary nature of the work you do.
    Please, MR Editor, do accept my apology for the friendly fire and the opportunity I created for those who have scores to settle with you due to the exposer of their evil deeds on this website.


  40. Joana Adams says:

    It was just a little over two weeks ago that a Madi chief George Ajugo was brutally murdered by un identified gun man/men as he walked home. This heinous act has been condemned by many people of goodwill. May God Almighty comfort the bereaved family and the Madi people at large. Only fools or debased people will rejoice at the death and misfortunes of others.
    I am not a Madi but as a South Sudanese I feel the truth must be said and that is: the politically motivated violence against the Madi people is the same as gruesome as the Komiru massacre in Juba and the massacre of innocent civilian demonstrators in Wau in 2012. We have also witnessed atrocities in Collo land and the continuing genocidal activities against the Murle people.
    While the people agonise over these government atrocities, they must not loose the bigger picture of the policy of divide and rule. We can point fingers at state governments but let’s be mindful not to shoot the shadow for the elephant. Louis Lobong may be the governor of Eastern Equatoria but like most of our governors, he is a toothless governor who can be removed by Kiir at a stroke of a pen.

    Also, like in the above instances, there is a consistent absurdity of blaming the victims when it is abundantly clear that this could only be a government sponsored act of terrorism against a people and their traditional leaders. Previously there were no minorities in South Sudan. South Sudanese were just South Sudanese and they were equal in the eyes of each other.
    Today under the leadership of Kiir Mayardit, minorities with derogated legal and human rights have been created and are increasingly being targeted for dispossession and elimination from their ancestral lands. The good news is that if all the so-called minorities unite, they will cease to be minorities.

    • Will says:

      September 27, 2013 at 7:41 am
      Joana Adams,
      You may claim or take everything else seriously as an agent of human rights, but I don’t expect you to complain much about the killings of Murle tribe! Well, here you missed the point on the right of other children being kidnapped from their parents and to be sold by Murle perpetrators. How does your human rights know Murle rights to kill, loot, and kidnap and you don’t know the right of the child being kidnapped? Thanks.

      • Kidepo says:


        Human right is human right issue. Murle are people alike whether they killed/kidnapped others or others killed/kidnapped them, it is all Human rights and this is my understanding from the writers comments/Joana. The genocide carried against the Murle in the RSS is the worst genocide ever happended in this country. This is not something that can be buried in this forum only.


  41. Leader says:

    Dear Editor,
    The author of this article is so malicious and his intention was to cause hatred to the Dinka without any basis. The conflict in Nimule has nothing to do with the Dinka or the National Gov’t. It is about the upgrading of Nimule to Town Council status which most Ma’di people oppose but sanctioned by the late chief and few people.
    I was in Nimule a few days ago and could confirm that the chief was killed by Ma’adi people themselves b’cos he was seen as selling the interests of the people out. A number of arrests were made based on the information received from the chief’s family and even the late chief had recorded statements with police about threats to his life by some people. All people arrested are Ma’di.

    The Editor’s comment about the so-called IDPs is misplaced. We don’t have IDPs in Nimule. The fact that some Dinkas live there does not mean they are IDPs. What is the criteria for them to qualify as IDPs? They live there by choice as residents or business people just like any group of people could do in any town in the country. They live in town together with other S. Sudanese and not in IDP camps and do not receive food ratio from UN agencies or Gov’t.
    I think the gov’t should institute a commission to guard against such incitement otherwise we are heading to a crisis. The police should investigate the author to shade more light on his allegation and if Dinka or the so-called IDPs are involved they should be brought in justice.

    One could even realise that the Ma’di people do not blame the Dinka or the National govt for the death of their chief. It is only people with ill-intention towards the Dinka who do.

  42. diktor agarab says:

    Dinkas can never be residents of Nimule. They’re IDPs and will be returned to their regions one of these days. As long as the IDPs remain in Nimule they’re going to cause insecurity. They should go back to their regions and face the Nuers instead of running like the cowards that they’re to Equatoria.

  43. Black Domino says:

    Dear Editor,
    What has happened in Nimule is a long term conspiracy planned and executed for a long time by those in high echelons of Power, Nimule has become so strategic that some individuals feel that the only way to get land is through turning Nimule into a Town Council who consequences we have seen with the brutal murder of our Chief, violent arrest of Angelo Vuga, who are languishing in jails in Torit.
    We know that E.E.S Governor and his deputy are the executioners of these conspiracy backed by the God Fathers within ROSS corridors of Power to grab land from Madi people, but what surprises me is there some people in this country who think they have more rights than others.
    On any day i have heard of Equatorians going and claiming parts of Bor as their own, while others come to Nimule as IDP because of the problems in Jonglei but decide to start grabbing land claiming that they fought.
    I wonder who did not fight in this Liberation war, it’s true the constitution allows south sudanese to settle anywhere freely as long as they don’t infringe on the cultures of the hosting community, but it’s so different that some people want to settle in other peoples community but they never want you to settle in their areas.
    We have seen this in Jonglie, Upper Nile, Lakes state. Sometimes people say Madi are women, but one day this country will erupt because of such divisive tendencies demonstrated by leaders within ROSS establishment.
    We shall only have peace in this country if we learn to accept that we are equal, love one another, not associate ourselves because of tribal identification, otherwise we are headed for anarchy.
    There will be no peace in South Sudan unless we learn to live, love, accommodate and respect one another.
    No one will ever deny us our existence, those who say Madi are cowards one the true volcano will erupt, i hope u will know where to run.

    • Will says:

      Black Domino,
      In most places where Volcano eruptions take place, people would not live there ever again because most living things could be dead or else everyone can migrate and that land would be useless. However; don’t wish for bad thing to come for no one would be safe. And of course man-made volcanoes are only effective at the human being degree! Thanks.

  44. Mankien town says:

    Dear, Diktor Agarab.
    those Dinka IDPs will not leave the Equatorial regions unless the Equatorial youth turn up and say enough is enough, these people they only understand the language of guns.
    when I commented on this article last week one Madi man replied that Madi are the peace lovers, who doesn’t, everybody loves peace, but only thing is, that you are vulnerable in your own land if you fail to protect yourselves.
    Even in the place where Jesus was born the Israelis defend themselves from the enemy, there is nothing bad about defending yourselves, otherwise people will treat you as cowards.
    Mankiens Town.

  45. Concerned Madi says:

    Mr Darius,
    Thanks for your touching article, otherwise we the Ma’di people are ever united and will always remained united. I deeply feel the pain being inflicted on our hospitable madi community. It’s a common phenomenon (observation) nowadays that even intruders, neighbors these days could blatantly and shamelessly afford to mock us the madi people in our own land simply coz we have been very generous, kind, loyal, hospitable, and honest tribe to them and now they have turned to be snakes in our soil. Killing our people in cold blood, selling our soil, torturing our key figures in the madi community something intentionally meant to cripple the madi’s. and yet up to now we haven’t got a lasting solution to these perturbing marginalization that failed to heal.

    We have endured it too much! Enough is enough; it’s high time we should stand up altogether to defend our rights and soil jointly against any foreign interference. We youths of madi shall be ready and fully behind you to defend our the decisions taken. If the Government can not support us where else could we then turn to for help/rescue??? Madi is being denied a County and now foolishly out of the barbaric policy of some few individuals who want to favor their selfish egocentric interest now upgrading nimule into Town was being forced/approved that now caused lives of our innocent madi leaders.

    The tears of the Madi which is rolling from their eyes through chicks shall be paid back heavily by the monsters who are wishing the madi people ill in the own land of madi; the time will soonest come. And anyone fighting madi either directly or indirectly causing our people suffocating in the Nimule Barracks will account in untold miserable life. EEG must dissolve IDPs in Nimule with immediate effect just as they want to sell Nimule.

  46. Omar Khalist says:

    Why most major towns such as Wau in Balanda or Jur Land, Malakal in Shilluk land and Juba in Bari land none of them is in Dinka land? It’s because Dinka are unruly and the British could not put up with people who could not be civilized. Find out why other tribes do not want to migrate to Dinka cities, towns or villages because you are………. and have contempt for the rule of law. Leave us alone. Go back to where you come from. There is policy on ground if a South Sudanese wanted to settle in any other land in South Sudan, let us be democratic.

  47. Moked Batali says:

    Dear South Sudanese,
    It is unfortunate that our government is using other tribes in dominating other tribes. This is what I found:

    EES Nimule: Dinka IDPs Met With SPLA ,Guns To Be flown To Nimule
    southsudan on PMpThu, 18 Aug 2011 19:50:20 +000050Thursday 17, 2007 — 1 Comment
    The Madi elders initiative to repatriate Dinka from Nimule is not in line with the government of South Sudan. Our coming to Madi land was not a peaceful one. We were forced by SPLA/M politicians to come and settle here. Today the some politicians are quiet when it comes to Dinka going home from Nimule. In series of meetings held in Bor demanding Nimule must be secure for Dinka settlement, we new in the nearest future Madi from exile will come home and our stays here will be in a big question. Our elders in Nimule did not attend the meetings initiated by Madi elders, instate they met with ROSS officials who are also members of Dinka community. In 6 hours meetings, some fire arms will be flown to Nimule and some SPLA soldiers will be deploy in the Corridor. To me as a Dinka, this is not politics, its a plan for genocide. Some ROSS officials who are suppose to work for the public should stop encouraging what I can call occupation as stipulated in the 6 hours meetings. I came to Nimule overwhelmingly, I married to a Madi lady and have 4 kids with her. But now I am coming to understand the course of claiming land that does not belong to you.
    The commissioner of Magwi county is worsening the matter by having private meetings with Dinka elders in his County Headquarter in Magwi. His word is brainwashing. As our elders keeps encouraging the community to stay, the Madi people keeps getting all shorts of plot against them every day. Instate of encouraging Dinka to fight the Madi people, if the government of South Sudan don’t have the budgets, this case should be forward to Humanitarian Agencies and International Community for help. The Madi people will not continue to stay in exile and our community in Nimule cannot stay so long as the land belong to the Madi. Its shameful for our community members to talk about Kokora. This is not Kokora, but its the communist’ wrong plan against other people.
    Stephen Dut Deng

  48. Jiribi says:

    Mr Editor

    Can you help me out to find from president Kiir why Messerya tribe many of whom enter the region to graze their cattle and had settled for 100s yrs are not allowed to stay in Ngok Dinka land, whilst the Dinka Bor who enter Madiland 10 yrs ago are allowed to settle?.
    What confused common sense does it make?


  49. Madi Pride says:

    It depends on who is in power and who is doing the ‘settling’. Logic has NEVER been the strength of oppressors (a.k.a. SPLM Jiengs in SS). I hope others can step in…

  50. Kidepo says:

    To Mr Darius Swaka-

    Just to comment on the title of your article that reads, “Crisis in Madi, Nimule is Government Conspiracy to grab land”.
    To my suggestion, the title should have been, “the crisis in Madi, Nimule is dinka bor conspiracy to grab land”. The reason being it is the the dinka bor who are majority more than the madi people and others who do business and have economic interest of resettlement in Nimule and nadapal more than other people.
    By mentioning the government means all the people working in the Govt. The dinka bor prefer to be in borders like nadapal, and nimule for the purpose of sucking the import taxes. on the other hand those who settled with their cattle is because they ran from the murle and also because their land is not suitable for cattle any more and you can see the dinka cattle when they are brought them first from dinka land and compare to the ones which are settled in Equatoria. The ones which are settled in Equatoria looks more heatlhy.

    SInce the govt. has failed to send the IDPs back to their original lands, I suggest the Madi community to either bring the Murle and alot for them land in Nimule and madi land to chase the dinka bor or the madi must poison the grass to kill the cattles.

    I prefer to be called the dinka bor because the other dinkas who deserted their villages for the beauty of equatoria are already settled in yei (mostly the barh elgdazal), Juba, Nadapal, etc.

  51. Kidepo says:

    Madut Acuil-
    The police general whom you are ignorantly talking about was not killed in EES but in CES at Nesitu by the same jienge group for love for Equatoria who were rivalling with the late over the post of police general in Equatoria (EES). According to the viable information, the so called late police was about to be replaced by another jienge like him and you of which the late refused and that jienge and others were wrestling over the position based in Equatoria seriously to avoid their transfer to jienge lands.

    We are people from one nation and no one hate others to stay in their areas but why is it always dinka, dinka… dinka, not Nuer, shiluk, balanda or others, this is just a simple mathematics.
    The dinkas need to be human in behaviors and learn how other peaceful people co-exist than running out from your own land to grab others. The people of equatoria cannot be inferior to animals like you for your information but I will suggest those who believe they are human beings enough should learn how the shiluk, Nuer, Anyuak, Balanda, Equatoria, and other people co-exist.

    Where were you in 1983 when all the dinkas were expelled from equatoria and the Nuer, shilluk and others were victims because all people were regionalized according to their territories and all the mess were caused by the same dinka bor son-Abel Alier who did not fight any war and later given food on spoon by the arabs.

  52. Lado says:

    Im not a south sudanese because south sudan is for nas fok (those who are not Equatorian) We Equatorians we dont look like South sudanese because we are from THE REPUBLIC OF GREATER EQUATORIA which its capital city is JUBA let NAS FOK look for themself a capital city. western equatpria state,eastern equatpria state, central equatoria state are one people.Let NAS FOK thank us (the equatorian) for helping them get their country South Sudan. only the children of our sisters are the ones who helping you ya NAS FOK.they are not 100%Equatorian.
    what NAS FOK is doing to the Easterners affect the other two state too Im not from eastern but ill die for eastern equatoria state because she is my neighbour.
    A solution for whats happening in the land of Equatorian is being processed in the heart of all the Equatorians during there bed rest. We are accumulating enough of anger so that we can burst up all at once not knowing that there is something call death.
    DO NOT THINK THAT MA’DI ARE FEW because we want ma’di to keep existing.We will stand up for ma’di.
    Do you think ma’di can all go and forget their ancestral land for you?
    Why are you not prout of what God gave you to your land you NAS FOK?
    Is there any Equatorian fighting for land in you lands?
    If you dont appreciate what God gave you then you have no blessing anymore from him.
    The bible says he who is faithfull at what is least is faithfull at what is big.
    Continue multiplying your oppression inorder to add anger into Equatorian hearts.
    The Equatorians no longer shout SLPA OYEEE only the children of our sisters do.
    THE CHILDREN OF OUR SISTERS(semi-equatorian) ARE THE ONES HELPING YOU. they are muarraseen of NAS FOK but they will be sorry.

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