Crime and Security: The menace of Armed robbers in Juba city!

By Deng Mangok Ayuel, Columnist, JUBA, OCT/27/2015, SSN;

Juba is a city for sale. Apart from being ranked as the world’s most expensive city for expatriates according to the latest findings by consulting firm, ECA International, Juba is a city full of unknown gunmen. A city where you can’t distinguish armed robbers from policemen because they both carry an AK47 …!

It’s a city where its citizens go to bed in fear while thinking they might be robbed by unknown gunmen in their houses at midnight. It’s also a city where foreign briefcase companies became the real beneficiaries of our businesses amid economic crisis in the country.

It’s a misery. The menace of armed robbery in Juba is unpredictable and the police forces shouldn’t be blamed but encouraged to take charge of the situation in order to protect the city dwellers.

Armed robbery is a worldwide phenomenon. It is neither peculiar to South Sudan nor confined to any country. But where do these robbers get the guns? And when will unknown gunmen be known? We must set thieves to catch thieves.

However, crime and robbery appear to be undying features. Although crimes have been with mankind from creation, there are increasing categories of crimes that are really baffling, senseless, shocking and malicious in our country.

Since insecurity remained a prodigy and continued to take vexing dimension, the current security situation is provocative in the city because incompetence of the authority to arrest and bring criminals to justice is fear-provoking.

There are basically two classes of armed robbers, the psychotics and the normal robbers who want to enjoy the booty acquired during the robbery.

They consider their lives as sacrosanct and are prepared to escape alive at all cost. As a matter of fact, they tend to avoid hard targets so that there will be no confrontation with equally armed protective clusters like police forces.

This is how our policemen failed to catch these tactical robbers. The psychotics do not care of life. His/her doctrine is to kill or be killed since he is desperate to flue his venom on the society – that is why some of our police officers who do not want to die that way fear to face the robbers in Juba.

Armed robbers in this category engage in mindless killing, raping and elimination of any opposition to their immoral activities.

They go for the broke and put their victims in a psychological revulsion, taking away the chauvinism in their victims.

These armed robbers are either mavens or the starved ones in the city. They fear police forces and the reaction of people.

They prefer areas of the city where there is little chance of law abiding citizens providing collective defence against their attacks.

Others in this category include pick-pockets, muggers and petty thieves who take advantage of confused situation to perpetrate minor crimes.

In sum, your next-door neighbour may be an armed robber. This is a country where swindlers and people of dubious characters without visible and productive means of livelihood act as pathfinders and celebrities.

You might notice that those robbers who were in Kampala, Nairobi and Khartoum have flown to Juba. Just be very careful.

Let no one have illusions that the war against crime especially armed robbery will be a pushover in South Sudan.

With the collapse of core virtues, corruption, divorces, the harsh economic situation prevailing in our own part of the world and plenty of guns let loose in the hands of starved-gunmen into unknown gunmen prowling around, make a long drawn battle.

Do we just fold our arms? Of course not, we must cooperate with security forces to minimize crimes.

These are crimes in which the armed robbers themselves are not direct beneficiaries of the earnings from the robberies.

One characteristic of these types of robbery is that it is often accompanied by high rate of fatalities. It is in line with the aphorism of hired assassins.

The robbers are hired to carry out the operation on payment of agreed fees. There used to be cases of politically motivated killings. The beneficiaries might even be the owners of the stolen items or robbed targets.

Those robbers involved might even be mobilized to the area of operation and will disperse similarly after the operation, which makes police investigation difficult.

Most of the factors considered are similar to those of pre-planned operation. Other cases of killing are tribal and regional. Take the case of Mundri-Rumbek road where innocent people are sometimes killed on their ways home. This is organized crimes.

Finally, citizens are encouraged not be heroic by risking their lives. There is a need to comply if you can’t help yourself when attacked by robbers. Or just be deliberate in your action if you are ordered to handover the money or anything in your hands.

Your life is precious than the property. The simpler way to reduce gun related crimes and death is to disarm and collect guns from the masses in our city. Where there are few guns, there’re no gun related deaths and robberies.

Deng Mangok Ayuel is a columnist and South Sudanese blogger. He currently lives in Juba and can be reached via


  1. Beek says:

    Police (Bol Achol) internationally thought that they are intelligent,but not,they should blamed those who teach them about crimes.

  2. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear:Deeng Mangok Ayuel

    I blame the government in the South Sudan Republic in the country for the violence for the crimes against people! The government is too SLOPPY! South Sudan is not a savannah land.The South land is cleared.There are no jungles to people in the dwelling places in towns.It is easy to bring robbers under control at once!

    To robbers,their cases must have a special prompt justice! To those, who are always robbering people and killing people at their homes for no apparent clear good reasons,they must be hunt and must be tried at once in the court of law! If found they guilty in the court by the judges at the judgments sentences,,they themselves,must be shot at once in fired squad in public to people publicly with no clemency at all!Even though they are strangers,even though they are nationals South Sudan citizens themselves in the country in the South Sudan! It is very bad to see very bad crimes in the capital in Juba committing for all the time by criminals the thugs doing against innocent people and their properties in barbaric ways!

    Jackson County,Kansas City,MO.USA

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Hi Abiko,

      I totally agree with you, government of South Sudan is not very serious to control the crimes. Those robbers and killers in Juba are not difficult to make them surrender to authority. It said in the Bible submit to government authority otherwise you will face justice. whoever resists the authority should be held to accountable ( Romans 13:1-3). Those victims of robbers should blamed the government for failing to control the crime in the city. Government has power to do what it takes to bring those who are against authority. In South Sudan, there are many people found a way of circumvent the law, but these people have to be held accountable for doing that. God bless South Sudan.

  3. Deng Deng says:

    Good material Mr. Mangok.
    This nonsense of criminals criminal tieves controlling the lives and taking hostage citizens in Juba is un called for and must be brought to an end once and for all. One wonders what are these massive number of the organized forces and security operatives in Juba doing to curb crimes in our city. Citizens are un safe day and night in Juba. Some people somewhere are not doing their job. Those in authority should create a rapid response crime prevention force with hotlines to be placed in different corners of Juba, fully equipped. They force should be mandated to shoot to kill on spot. Believe me, these criminals will either all be apprehended, surrender or flee Juba. I think it is time to say enough is enough. If the government does not take the lead on this, then citizens have no option except to form vigilantes in their residential areas to bring sanity to Juba. You thieves in Juba, your days are numbered!

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Deng,
    A friend of mine in Mombasa told me a very shilling love assassination story of a man flipping with another man’s woman.The man whose woman got flipped with got outraged and hired a hit man.The economic value of the contrct was 20 US dollars with 12 dollars first down payment and the 8 dollars to be cleared off when the mission should have been accomplished with the prove.It took the hit man one single evening to gun down the flipper,cut one of his ears as a material prove to the out raged man and pocketed the rest of the 8 dollars from the contract.

    The friend said that Kenyan police never muddle in such affairs becouse some of it’s members could be the master minders of such cases so far as they are allready hungry,poor,ill paid and can economically benefit from it.
    Or that the honest policemen among them working under the merit of sincere professinonalism couldn’t dare to uncover the hit man for fear of reprisal.
    That appears to be the most ugly criminal copy that has come to institute it’s self upon our politically and economically instable RSS and is likely to progress and stay put for a very long time!!!

  5. BILL KUCH says:

    Well, Deng,
    You are absolutely right, but we got no government in South Sudan and I which that South Sudanese would have not had an independent from North Sudan. We have recruited criminals from an old Sudan into all arm forces of South Sudan, we have welcomed all Ugandans criminals in the names of Equatorians, and we have allowed Colonists to occupy South Sudan in the name of UN. Poor leadership is our weakness!!!

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