Countering lawlessness in South Sudan

BY: Elhag Paul, JUL/20/2015, SSN;

In the article, ‘SPLM, a curse to South Sudan’ I argued that this organisation has no idea of what to do with South Sudan. ‘To all intent and purpose (it is) confused without any identity of what they (it) stand(s) for.’ The only thing that keeps it going is the entrenched culture of violence it introduced and normalised in the country. As a result South Sudan has been in a state of lawlessness for over three decades now.

In order to capture this state of lawlessness and suggest a solution to it, I shall highlight six incidents to make the case clearer. In November 2007 SPLA soldiers shot dead 3 senior police officers in Yambio in their offices because they refused to release a detainee to them.

In the same year, the then minister of finance, Mr Arthur Akuein Chol, was fired for embezzling nearly sixty million dollars. He was arrested and remanded in prison. However his tribe’s mates in the security services violently freed him from Juba prison while on remand. Soon after the unlawful violent release, Mr Chol was appointed to the Upper House of the parliament by President Kiir. To this date he serves in that august house.

In 2009 President Salva Kiir awards Pigi County in Jonglei state to the Jieng people dispossessing the Chollo people of their ancestral land. These events happened before South Sudan attained its independence.

We see state agents and institutions violently assaulted by SPLA with impunity. We see a criminal freed violently and illegally from state prison by his tribe’s mates and rewarded by the president with a responsible post in the legislative assembly. We see the President dispossessing citizens of another tribe for whom he has a duty to protect in favour of his own tribe.

After independence in July 2011, South Sudan ploughs on without any change in its governance. In December 2011 an alliance of Jieng and Nuer targeted the Murle people with an open notice circulated in the social media declaring an intent to “wipe out” the Murle as a final solution.

While in Equatoria, the Jieng systematically dispossessed the Madi people of Nimule, from their home land with the support of the government. The Madi tribe’s leadership and its influential members have routinely been killed by SPLA Jieng soldiers.

In the summer of 2013 President Kiir forms a militia with the help of the then governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, General Paul Molong Awan, against the advice of the then Chief of the Army, General James Hoth Mai. In December of the same year, President Kiir unleashed this force on the Nuer people in Juba and the surrounding areas.

We see the state failing to protect the Murle people from being “wiped out” by the tribal alliance of the Jieng and Nuer. The Murle had to fend for themselves and to their credit they did very well in holding their corner.

We see the powers that be sanctioning the dispossession of the Madi people from their land in Equatoria by the Jieng. The government deliberately ignored the aggression on the Madi people by the Jieng. Worst still, we see the president running an illegal militia parallel to the national army.

From these few selected snippets of numerous stories, something glaringly stands out. In spite of the fact that all of the suspects in these cases hail from one tribe and are known, they have not been arrested, or investigated or prosecuted to show that indeed law and order exist in South Sudan. All the culprits involved are protected by their tribe’s mates and the government. They roam the streets posing continuous serious risks to peaceful people.

All these point to one thing. South Sudan prior to independence and after independence has been in a state of chaos. There has never been any law and order in South Sudan but tribal disorder and chaos.

Surprisingly this chaos is designed, hatched and promoted by the so-called Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) composed of judges, lawyers and intellectuals. Please get a sense of the mindset of the JCE by reading their recent letters. Here they are: ’Jieng Council of Elders reject imposition of peace in South Sudan’ and ‘Response of the Jieng Council of Elders to the latest IGAD proposal on power sharing’

So, what is going on in South Sudan is what the enlightenment philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau calls the state of nature – an environment where the armed uses brute force to stamp his wishes on the peaceful and unarmed.

As you can see what has been going on in South Sudan is contrary to what the Troika and the UN have been saying about South Sudan. They repeatedly and relentlessly call South Sudan as a young democracy and a legitimate system thereby reinforcing the ongoing lawlessness.

Now this lawlessness has a history covering over 3 decades which must be taken into consideration if peace is to be achieved in South Sudan. This starts from 1983 with the inception of SPLM/A – an organisation that has been lawless to the core waging war against Khartoum supposedly to establish a “New Sudan” of multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious order, but also consolidating power into the hands of a single tribe, the Jieng.

To deeply understand the arguments advanced in this piece and the true nature of the SPLM, the reader my wish to read the work of Dr Peter Adwok Nyaba, ‘Politics of Liberation of South Sudan’ and also the work of Dr Lam Akol Ajawin ‘Colonialism, Resistance and Autonomy’ among other written critiques of the SPLM/A.

During the Machakos negotiation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), a golden chance availed itself to stop SPLM/A from continuing with the chaos and to transform itself for the better but this was lost when the talks assumed the modal of peace negotiation between two principals or what is commonly referred to as peace between “elites”. This discriminatory and oppressive modal eliminated all the democratic forces representing the various political groups in north Sudan and south Sudan.

Principally, this theory is not new at all. In 18th century, monarchs in Europe deployed it to exclude their subjects (the people) from participating in political discussions that affects their lives. Jean Jacques Rousseau’s theory of ‘Social Contract’ was a direct response to this undesirable model of conflict resolution.

The monarchs at the time argued that they had a divine right to legislate on behalf of the people without the people representing themselves. Rousseau’s response to this nonsense was that sovereignty lies in the people and essentially the people must be the shapers of their destiny.

Therefore, the adoption of the “elites” model in the Machakos negotiations in effect pushed the forces of democracy out narrowing the talks to the men of arms. The net result as we know now has been consolidation of dictatorship in both Sudans with lawlessness reigning in South Sudan. Not only that but wars broke out in both Sudans meaning the CPA was ineffective in bringing peace.

The implosion of the system in Juba in December 2013 was not a surprise to South Sudanese, it was expected. While the events of that particular period are sad and painful, it should be taken as an opportunity and here let me borrow the words of Ms Helda Johnson, the former United Nations Representative of the Secretary General to South Sudan, to describe what needs to happen. South Sudan needs to be “rebooted”.

Rebooting South Sudan does not need IGAD’s current approach which is more of what happened in the CPA. As Albert Einstein correctly said such a repetition would be insanity.

“Insanity” according to him, “is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result.”

We can not employee the same strategy used during the CPA that ended up empowering the very parties perpetuating lawlessness to realise peace, law and order. Unbelievably, this is what is going on now with IGAD-Plus.

It is wrong to speculate that power sharing and narrowing the talks between the SPLM/A factions will bring peace. The very notion of sharing power and wealth in the same country between a fractured party is manifestly wrong.

It implies that governance should be based on appropriation of power and resources to certain groups rather than for these resources to be used by the political group for the benefit of the whole country as it should be.

Such approaches employed by IGAD encourage vicious competition for meagre resources which means other non-state actors will begin to mushroom across the country to claim their share thus perpetuating instability and war-lordism.

However, one of the drawbacks with the current IGAD‘s approach is that it tends to hide the real problem which is tribalism which fuels the lawlessness. It is good to talk about deals between elites, but it is important to know: who are these elites?

Using the term elite in African context can be misleading. The Oxford dictionary defines elite as “A select group that is superior in terms of qualities to the rest of a group or society.”

This is essentially a Eurocentric view which normally looks at elites as people emanating from different ethnic backgrounds but with similar experiences and interests in a country. Unlike in Africa, where political leaders usually come from a tribe and want to dominate for the interest of the tribe.

IGAD appears to be using the elite model of brokering peace in South Sudan to promote continuation of dictatorship in the new country.

The question to ask is: does SPLM/A really have superiority and quality? The obvious answer is NO! However, if one peers deeper into this organisation, the reality is that it is a tribal organisation and so its various factions as tribally oriented.

For example, take SPLM/A in government, the president is a Jieng, the minister of foreign affairs is a Jieng, the minister of defence is a Jieng, the minister of home affairs is a Jieng, the chief of police is a Jieng, the chief of prisons is a Jieng, everywhere is headed and staffed by Jieng.

Similarly with the SPLM in opposition everything and everywhere is staffed by the Nuer.

Turn to the peace talks under IGAD, the bulk of the representatives of both factions are composed of the two groups with both heads of delegations with their spokesmen. The bitter fact is that 62 tribes are marginalised and excluded from the affairs of the country.

Who then represents this silent majority in the IGAD peace talks? Therefore what goes on in IGAD is not peace talks but deliberate empowerment of two ethnic groups to lord it over the majority of the 62 ethnic groups. It is difficult to see how a lasting peace can be achieved under IGAD.

A careful examination of the IGAD talks suggests that, it is not about bringing peace to South Sudan. Its latest peace proposal being floated is the increasing evidence the talks are primarily about politics and the interest of the IGAD member states and others far afield.

The insistence on a deal between the warring factions of SPLM/A whose combined population is less than 20 percent of the country speaks for itself. This medieval monarchical method of conflict resolution is a disgrace to Africa at large and South Sudan in particular.

How could Africans (IGAD) wilfully promote a hopeless Eurocentric theory which the Europeans themselves have trashed, buried and ditched centuries ago in a new 21st century state of South Sudan?

It is startling that the Troika are backing a non-democratic approach which strives to entrench totalitarianism in the country they love to refer to as a young democracy. This song is misleading because it encourages the dictators in Juba to continue with their misrule.

If the Troika truly believed in promoting democracy in South Sudan they should be seen to promote practices that encourage and lay democratic structures.

Such practice would necessitate the Troika to recommend and encourage an inclusive pluralistic process bringing all South Sudanese together to truly sort out the mess of SPLM/A once and for all. Not what is going on right now in Addis Ababa, Nairobi and Arusha in tandem.

In a sense, a pluralistic approach is not only to promote democracy but to also avail the South Sudanese a chance to make their own ‘Social Contract’ which they have never had the opportunity to do because the current South Sudan was born out of vehement opposition to Khartoum’ Islamic system by the African tribes in the Sudan.

The latest IGAD proposal will most likely not be signed as all the signs are that the talks may fail like that of 6th March 2015. If by sheer luck or shrewd arm-twisting it should succeed, then it may not bring the long-awaited peace for reasons already elaborated above… namely the repair and reunification of the SPLM/A and its failed structures that generated and will continue to generate instability in the country.

It is possible that the dogged refusal by IGAD supported by Troika to apply democratic practice to the talks in Addis Ababa may be driven by the fear of the unknown.

The international community through IGAD appears to prefer the talks to be limited to the SPLM because such a process excludes stakeholders and directs the talks to achieve a desired outcome.

The main purpose of such a manoeuvre is to ensure the interest of the involved members of the international community is not compromised or lost in a multi-stakeholder’s process that may produce actors whose intent is to truly work for the benefit of South Sudan.

In the case of South Sudan, the international community appears to prefer business with the ultra corrupt murderous SPLM/A than the peace loving people of South Sudan.

So, they may be thinking it is better for them to patch the SPLM/A up because it serves their interest. They do not want to see a situation where power shifts from the SPLM through the talks which can lead to a true change of political play leading to a potential loss of interest of the member states of IGAD and beyond.

The political corruption of IGAD countries distorts the reality of South Sudan politics. For example, Uganda’s overt destructive activities in South Sudan.

On one hand it is an active participant in the war using banned weapons such as cluster bombs and helicopter gunships in eviscerating South Sudanese and their properties in the war zones. On the other it pretends that it is a peace maker and a friend of the people of South Sudan.

Given what is going on, any talk by the international community of standing with the people of South Sudan is a mere facade and face saving gimmick.

South Sudanese are on their own and they should be prepared to go it alone to make their own peace. The earlier this point is grasped by South Sudanese, the quicker a solution can be found from within.

However, as IGAD-Plus is now in charge, if it truly wants to achieve peace then it should counter the lawlessness in South Sudan by considering the following suggestions:
1) The IGAD-Plus talks to be inclusive rather than dragging on with a wrong and a failed process based on a deal between supposed “elites”.
2) The objectives of the talks must be about resolving the core issues generating problems in the country notably: tribalism, state driven violence against citizens, corruption and lack of law and order.
3) Reform of the entire security sector with emphasis on representation of all ethnicities in the various organs of the sector.
4) Accountability, preferably through the current international legal structures as the crimes committed in South Sudan is of an international nature.
5) To make maximum impact to discourage corruption, the UNSC should freeze accounts of all South Sudanese who have in excess of 2 hundred thousand dollars. South Sudanese know that before 2005 hardly any person of South Sudan origin had that amount of money.
5) NGOs to be discouraged from shielding the government from its responsibility to provide services.
6) The AU report into the violence in South Sudan in December 2013 must be released. Further delay clearly will mean denial of justice to the victims. The adage “justice delayed is justice denied” applies here.
7) IGAD needs to consider the invaluable contributions of South Sudanese intellectuals, the Diaspora and the people of Equatoria in brokering peace. Position papers from these groups have already been submitted to IGAD.

Finally, South Sudan has been lawless for over three decades. During this period it has bled and lost over two million people, majority of whom died at the hands of the SPLM/A.

The latest bloodletting initiated by President Kiir in December 2013 setting the country alight needs to be resolved through a modern multi-stake holders process and not the medieval “elite” process adopted by IGAD.

If IGAD truly wants to solve the South Sudan problem it should change course of direction now and do the right thing for the sake of the region generally and South Sudan in particular.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Nikalongo says:


    What a marvellous presentation. The Audience in London must have enjoyed it. Apart from over stressing the inefficiency of IGAD and the Troika, the overall picture of the paper was true to the core. Blaming foreigners for our inability to appropriately governing ourselves will not bring us peace. Today we know that the thousands of Nuer and Dinka civilians and over 50 % combatants who perished during the liberation war was not the deeds of Bahier and his jihadist gangs. It was the same SPLM/A of Kiir, Riak, Gadet , Malong, Gatwech and Santino Deng. We are responsible for own sufferings. The Nuer and Dinka hooligans need to be reminded that South Sudan cannot be held hostage to their centuries of mistrust, conflict and destruction. Other than subjecting their people (Nuer and Dinka) and by extension us others to an endless cycle of death, war, rape and destruction, they should a peaceful resolution to the conflict. We others should refrain from taking sides because doing so only emboldens the Nuer and Dinka into thinking that their war efforts have support beyond Nuer and Dinkaland.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to appeal to peace-loving Nuer and Dinka politicians, elders and the youths to withdraw their blind support to their leaders. They have nothing to offer you but death and destruction. It is time to save the Dinka and Nuer nations than Kiir, Riak, the generals and their gods of war. That time is now, not tomorrow.



    • GatCharwearbol says:

      “We others should refrain from taking sides because doing so only emboldens the Nuer and Dinka into thinking that their war efforts have support beyond Nuer and Dinkaland”. This paragraph from your comment is the solution to the problem. It is the involvement of Museveni and others that prolong the suffering of our people. If this war or mess is left to the right groups who are responsible for it (Nuer and Dinka), the solution could have emerged long ago. Please lobby for Museveni to withdraw his troops and leave Nuer and Dinka alone. I can safely assure you that peace would come immediately after the withdrawal of UPDF troops. Juba would fall shortly after.

      • Nikalongo says:


        Museveni/UPDF is not here to protect Kiir but to prevent the war from spilling over to Equatoria. What do you expect Equatorians to do when the Nuer and Dinka monopolises the instruments (Security forces and weapons) of war and violence? He (Museveni) will be around to such a time that Equatorians are in position to protect her borders from the marauding and murderous gangsters from Gogrial and Akobo. Uganda has interest and responsibility in keeping that war away from her borders. Besides, you do not need to come to Juba so as to fight the Dinka in Warrap. Defeat each other in your backyards and keep your tribal and senseless war away from us. It is your war just as it is your oil money. Equatorians do not survive on government alms from thieves in Juba and Pagak. Tell your leaders to sue for peace to save your people from the jaws of death and destruction.


        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Well, Mr. Nikalongo, you are contradicting yourself. On your left hand you don’t want any involvement and on your right hand, you want others to involve. Be decisive and clear. What is it that you really want to happen? When the target killing took place in Juba, no single Equatorian was murdered. The prime target were Nuer tribe’s people. The war didn’t start in Warrap, the thugs who murdered our innocent Nuer people are hiding in Juba, thus, it is right for us to go get them inside Juba since it is their hiding place. Nuer White Army is not after Equatorians or any other tribes; thus, do not scare for nothing, dude. Besides, Museveni didn’t come to protect Equatorian, he is here to protect the Dinka. Stop making a fool of yourself on this one. Else, send those Dinka who were responsible for Nuer civilians killing to Warap and we will pursue them there; otherwise, there is no need to go to Warrap since all the culprits are in Juba.

        • Nikalongo,

          You were born idiot, grown up idiot, and you will idiot. You are real goofy functionless human creature.

          • Nikalongo says:

            Yes Bentuiman,

            I was born idiot to pursue the Equatorian dream in Equatoria free from war, violence and induce famine. I grew up an idiot defending peace by preventing war so that my people are able to pursue the Equatorian dream. I function and thrive like most Equations better in peace and tranquillity knowing well the Equatorian dream is the guiding star.

            Bentuiman, how long will it take you to understand that Equatoria is not and will not be part of your tribal and senseless war. We (Equatorians) are an independent minded and hard working people who can freely decide. The decision now is not to get involved. We do not live on alms (oil money) from the thieves in Juba and Pagak. If you and your Dinka cousins must fight and die instead of making peace and pursuing your dreams, I insist you do that in your backyards and without our support. After all, you are millions strong. Some of you even call themselves Israelis of East Africa. Go ahead.

            Long live peace and freedom in the land of peace-lovers
            Long live the Equatorian dream
            Victory to over death and violence

  2. AGUMUT says:

    Money and government and Riek Machar loves money

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      I command you from today onward to start including the Dr. title in front of his great name. The man has gone beyond the call of duty. He is the same man who reversed your fight for Secular United Sudan. He is the man who is now reversing your dictatorship tendency and tendency to be slaves to Museveni. He is the man who is championing the journey to democracy and institutions reform. Respect him by placing his Dr. title in front of his name. He worked hard to acquire this title. Put your personal grudges of him aside. Meth ator nyot. cha ping…

  3. Force_1 says:

    This is a typical Elhag rant against Jiengs as being unfair and undemocratic; if Paul idea of true democracy is that everyone from the 64 tribes in South Sudan must be appointed or elected president or minister; then it would be a ridiculous democracy of loons! This is like saying how every single of 43 United States presidents had been white male since the country’s inception and no minority’s president or women among them!?

  4. Tombe Gboro says:

    Well written — and nothing but the truth.

    Tombe Gboro

  5. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Paul.
    Your article is rubbish and sound like enemy of peace in south sudan who is preaching the hartred against Dinka tribe.if you are fairs and konwing the gensis of history between Dinka, murle, and Nuerthen you missed alot of points that need your justification. keep barking on the media and around the world telling the badness of other tribe will not help you in your life and take your wisky in western countries and relax bitch. if i can ask you about your contributions in this country i hope the half of your marks will be zero.

    • Nikalongo says:


      You must be able to pinpoint the rubbish than going general. The truth is that, the thieves and warmongers in Juba and Pagak are failures. The country is down on her knees. Don’t you see that? Let us all seek a peaceful resolution to that conflict than boasting about how much we contributed in liberating that country. Dinka and Nuer spent most of their time fighting each other than for South Sudan. Majority (Dinka and Nuer) that died were victims defending senseless tribal egos not our collective interests.


  6. Amum Machar says:

    Pigi County and Paweny men in SPLA/SPM -IO, Rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar and Gen. Olony are responsible for the brutal killing of innocent children, elderly, women and civilians in Jonglei Atar Pigi County.

    By Amum Machar U.S.A, July 21, 2015

    I condemned those Paweny who are supporting rebel leader Former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar for betraying their people whom have been marginalized in South Sudan.
    In addition, I condemned the Nuer Community across the world particular the Gawaar-Nuer Community, Thong-Nuer Community, Leak Nuer Community for targeting unarmed civilians with tension to continue revenge on Paweny people while aligned with Wulony from Shilluk and Riek Machar to massacre them and over throw the government in Juba, a government in which many majority of Nuer leaders are enjoying in the government! This is humiliation and violation human right abused. This is against the will of the people of Padang Jieng Paweny Ruweng Pigi County. In eyes of Gen. Kiir and Paweny community in Juba, the rebel is continue targeting and threatening while keeping them hostage and continue killing innocent civilians! Those communities under Rebel leader Riek Machar have no hearts and should be accountable for massacred of innocent civilians which continued happening in Pigi County. That brutal killing carried out by the angry Nuer with specific tensions to kill Paweny children and elderly and displacing thousands of people have angered Paweny Ruweng Community because it is not political. The Nuer and Shilluk want to occupy land and take civilians properties. Therefore even though Nuer and Shilluk under rebel leader Riek Machar is going to sign peace with Kiir’s government with tension to occupied the entirely Government with rests of members of the Dinka, I believe Paweny hearts is broken and will never trust their leadership!

    Amum Machar

  7. Choromke Jas says:

    To US and UN: If you REALLY support South Sudanese, as you seem to state at every opportunity, read this essay very carefully. You both missed the point when you recently slapped sanctions on the field generals; these are mere surrogates of others. The center of evil of this war is the JIENG COUNCIL OF ELDERS. They are the first to come up with the divisive slogan that “Jiengs were born to Rule”. During the war, the Council indoctrinated their fighters that the war was to acquire new promised land a la Bible. Hence, at the end of the war, the Jieng population have spread out from their origin into other people’s land in Equatoria, Upper Nile and even in Bahr el Ghazal.

    The same Council has usurped up the advisory power of the Ministers, Military and Security Council, the Judiciary and even the parliament. The Council decides what the president must do. The Council did propose and got a private army to perpetuate the Jieng rule in this country. The same Jieng Council , through its members, prescribed the genocide against the Nuer in Juba in 2013. This led to the current mayhem. Now the Council has realized that, the Jieng as a people, has no chance of ever ascending to power in this country through peaceful means. Thus, they have dreamt up a new solution: there must be no peace in the country, a perpetual situation of war and insecurity must persist in the country until the Jieng ruling system of dominance is completely entrenched. To achieve this, the Council has advised against signing of any peace agreement. Instead, the Council has now contrived a countrywide insecurity through the use of agent provocateurs to kill people randomly on roadsides, in their homes and in town centers. This, the Council believes, will strengthen the hands of the President when he declares a “State of Emergency” in the next few days or weeks.

    US and UN, if you want peace to come to South Sudan SANCTION JIENG COUNCIL OF ELDERS AND ALL ITS MEMBERS. Just try this for effect, you might be pleasantly surprised. (And do not later on say that NO ONE TOLD YOU WHAT ACTUALLY GOES ON IN SOUTH SUDAN A LA RWANDA).

    Congratulations Paul!

    • alex says:

      Dear readers do not waste time with defeated hooligans. Riack Machar is already under pressure. He either sign the peace or risk overthrown by his own generals. He has already sacked General Gadet and the other general. I assure you there is valocono developing and soon it erupt at any time. Unity state soon will be free of rebels. You heard the speech of the general who has defected. There is no way for anyone to use tribal card to come to power because today if you say Nuer are good as soon they take power, Dinka will oppose the Nuer rule. When Dinka are in power, the Nuer will oppose and the circle goes on and one. The only way out is nationalisum is the unifying factor. The goverment firm stand on unity is the only way out. One people one country and if you want to eye the top position in the country, it should be through elections and respect for our consititution.
      Choromke Jas lairs can not save a crumbelling rebel movement and your lack of love for our country can not and will not help you. Sancations are not the things we want for peace to come because they affect the innocent people. Preaching hatred is not what we S. Sudanese people want now because we are for unity. So hoping to be brought to power by UN is a sell out. Some African leaders did that mistake during the colonial era of Africa. They were fighting along the white people to crush their own fellow country men who were resisting colonisum. So in this century we will not accept that to happen. Our problem is power greedy people like you who want to get to the top leadership through short cuts. Conspiring with foreign powers to bring you own country down is a criminal act. Grass root peace is now working very well and those opposed to peace will soon be humilited when they see our grass root peace progressing. G10 are now back so we waiting for Riack to jump into the peace wagon or els he risk being left out. You the job seekers must also jump to train of the peace than wasting time in things that can not help to bring unity in our country. UN should only help our suffering people. Our friend should only help us to overcome our differences. Whatever they think we are I am sure we will be able to bring peace by ourselves S.Sudanese. So we reject imposed peace and impossed leaders because we will vigrosely oppose anyone brought to power by foreign help.


      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        Nobody wants your power. You are missing the crux of the matter. The platform in which we stand is self defend from your private army and Museveni of Uganda. Presidential seat belongs to any able South Sudanese; it doesn’t belong to Nuer and Dinka personna alone. This misconception needs to be made known. Killing of innocent Nuer civilians is the cause of this chaotic state we are in today. So, do not twist the facts to your advantage.

        • alex says:

          Brother you are wrong. You can gain nothing from war. Peace is the best thing to solve problem. If I can ask you what did your group gained in the last 18 months of fighting. It only loosing many innocent lives, increasing the number of orphans and widows in the country. So is this the solution. Do not think like you are a child. War is bad and peace is the only way to iron out differences. Many countries in the world have been in the same situations as ours and they have left the past and are now looking forward for development but for you because you are used warrior’s life you think you can win with Gun. That is the greatest mistake you are risking our people. So jump to the peace wagon and stop this childish mentality. You can not win the war and even if that opportunity was there you will be voted out when elections are organised. I am assuring you your group will be in power only during the transitional period after that we will show you our anger during voting. You people talk laud we will disapprove your lies.

  8. Deng Deng says:

    Mr. Alier-Kon,
    Mr. Elhag flagged that we Jiengs and Nuers are violent communities! You foolishly again reacted your reasoning with violence, I think then you are an idiot to core! Shame on you!

    • nyibol says:

      Mr. Deng Deng. you are real stupid Dinka. You don’t know what you want to say! don’t play with grammar, your English is very, very poor! Shame on you!! Salva and Museveni will face ICC for what they did to innocent Nuer Children and women. S. S it does not belong for Dinka, it belonging to all S.Sudan Citizens. Well all S. Sudan we know Kiir is tribalism, nepotism, detractor, just Kiir play the money of Nuer land in S. Sudan. God blessing Nuer wherever they are in the world.

    • Chol Deng says:

      Just because you label or called yourself Deng doesn’t necessarily make you a Dinka or Jieng but an idiot like you from other tribe can called himself Deng the way did! Just spare yourself from this inanity; you would be better off keeping quiet other than pretending to be who you’re not!

  9. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Help South Sudanese to stop betraying one another and give them the wisdom for peace. I have been always read the articles telling people that Dinka are not South Sudanese. I wonder where Dinka came from to Sudan. My brother Choromke Jas said “during the war, the Council indoctrinated their fighters that the war was to acquire new Promised Land a la Bible. Hence, at the end of the war, the Jieng population have spread out from their origin into other people’s land in Equatoria, Upper Nile and even in Bahr el Ghazal.” In his comment to article of Elhag Paul in July 20, 2015 is what make me to response because I totally do not understand what he is talking about. As South Sudanese born in Rumbek Lake State I believe South Sudan is belonging to all of us, but what we need is only peace and freedom.

    Regarding Jieng Council of Elders in Juba, I do not support what they are doing in Juba because if they are really Jieng Council of Elders why do they do not bring the peace to their people in Lake State? I always pray to God to bring the peace to Lake State because people of Lake State have no government to bring insecurity to the end. I ask God how long these people will continue killing one another. Right now it seems no one is care about them even their government is giving up does not want to bring insecurity to the end in Lake State. I ask God in the names of our fathers and mothers in Lake State to bring the peace to the suffering children, women and disable of Lake State. I truly understand the Jieng Council of Elders in Juba are not in a favor of peace otherwise they and government would not abandon people of Lake State to kill themselves.

    Truthfully, people of Lake State are peacemaker and I believe without people of Lake State in December 2004 there would be no CPA today in South Sudan. People of Lake State are those who called the peace and reconciliation between Dr. John Garang and Salva Kiir the President of Republic of South Sudan. South Sudan is belonging to all of us, but we just need the peace and reconciliation. Let us stop creating the hatred in our beautiful country and let us stop neglect other tribes.

    What we need to ask God is what make the president Salva to abandon people of Lake State those who are not even against his government. People who fought to reconciled the SPLA/M leaders. What make SPLA/M leaders turned against people of Lake State? I wonder there must be something wrong has been done to innocents peacemakers otherwise president would not distance himself from Lake State and allow them to kill themselves 24 hours without taking action against insecurity in Lake State. Without peace in Lake State there would be no peace in the whole South Sudan because people of Lake State are only people to make the peace.

    I always lament and disappointed when I have seen children and women are dying in Lake State, but government and Jieng Council of Elders are sleeping and enjoying their beautiful life in Juba. I ask God Father to touch Lake State politicians hearts to look their innocents children and women suffer at home. People of Lake State contributed their lives to fight and also voted for independence of South Sudan, but the government of South Sudan put them behind.

    Are they mistaken when they called Dr. John and Salva Kiir to reconcile in Rumbek the capital of Lake State? God you says in (Matthew 5:9) “Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God.” Is it a crime when the elders of Lake State called Salva and Dr. John to have a peace and continue with peace negotiation in 2004?

    I say in the name of Jesus Christ if there is anything plan against people of Lake State today I ask in the name of God to destroy that curse because people of Lake State did not make crime otherwise there would be no freedom today in South Sudan. The peace that conducted by Lake State elders in 2004 is what make Dr. John and Salva Kiir to united and continue with peace and struggled until today that peace make Salva Kiir a successor in SPLA/M Party. God hears my prayers and I believe in peace as my people did in 2004 in Rumbek South Sudan. God bless people of Lake Sate.

  10. alex says:

    Dear Francis Mangok Angeir

    You are the right person to tell us what is the problem in lake states? Is it political issue, backwordness, power issue, compitation for resources,or is is about cattle raiding. You are the same people and we see no point for you to kill each other. I read several times police have been killed while trying to prevent this violence. What is the problem brother. Govoner Thon was relieved in office because he was not able to contain the voilence. I could not agree with your point that you are a peace loving people when you people hate yourselves. Several peace conferences ware held in Rumbek if you are peace loving people could you not learn something useful from the peace conference. One thing you need to know is goverment will not impose peace within your hearts. You people of Lake states you have to come out with solutions and the other brothers will help you.If you have grivences why wouldn’t you bring it out to the S./Sudanese people. One thing you need to know is a doctor can not be able to give a right medication to your if you can not tell him/her how the sickness is paining you. To my own judgment your problem in your place is not a political issue. It is to do with you people. So the more you can shed light will other people be able to help you people. Traders being shot, cattle raiding, burning your fellow country men’s house down, attacking innocent people I think you need to change your behaviours. Taking somebody’s cattle or properties is a sin and killing your fellow country men is a sin did you people reliase that or you think it is okay to take somebody’s properties.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Dear Mr. Alex,
      Human beings are like animals and they need the law to guide them and without law they would acts stupidly as they do in Lake State. During the war SPLA used to punished those who kill, rape and take somebody property, but today everyone is free and act like crazy because there is no accountability. What is going on in Lake State is the political issues and that is what destroy people of Lake State because all the politicians in Lake State are in Juba and they do not want to going home to study the cause of misunderstand between the cattle raiders and the government in Lake State.

      During the war all the youth of Lake State have been controlled by the paramount chief and the laws of SPLA/M, but today the paramount chief are not function just because the new law in South Sudan is not supporting them to apply the rule they used during the old time. In old Sudan capital punishment was function and that is what keep the youth to respect the law.

      Suggestions and Solutions:
      1. Suggest all the paramount chief of Lake State have to be summon by the president of South Sudan to be trained and give them powers to adapt the and apply the old laws.

      2. Politicians of Lake State in Juba should have to be called by the president of South Sudan to go home and have conference with youth in Lake State otherwise the problem of Lake State would never end.

      3. The head of security in Lake State has to be change whoever leading the security because there is no single day I had the security of Lake State address the issues that facing people of Lake State.

      4. The president of South Sudan has to call the election to let people of Lake State elect their governor because people of Lake State have been called the president to call the election.

      I truly understand that the current Governor Matur Chut Dhuol is trying very hard to improve the security, but the conflict between his clan and other would not allow him to successfully improve the security in Lake State. So I suggest the president to call the election and hopefully the new governor will improve the security situation in Lake State.

      Mr. Alex Since the death of Dr. John Lake State has been vulnerable and abandoned no one seriously care about people of Lake State and that is why I call God to help innocents people of Lake State. Meetings have been done in Lake State during Dr. John, but after his death there have been no any conference done in Lake State. Today there are thousands prisoners who are in jail without justices in Lake State. People have been protesting want to hear the justices, but nothing has been done to make the family of victims stop from revenge. I say it is a political issues otherwise there is nothing to stop the government to tight the law and killers have to face the justices, life in jail period. Killing is the sin and God cannot bless the killers.

  11. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Deng Deng.
    I think you have something in your mind or you hung over last night, because you did not understand my reply to Paul.
    what I saw in his article was the hatred against Dinka and he fail to understand that the conflicts between Dinka, Nuer and Murle has it own roots caused were non of the above mentioned tribe will not know ant thing about this conflicts.

  12. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Nikalongo.

    I hope you got my points and parts of arguments that I was replying the article wrote by Paul with out mentioned anyone apart from three tribe of Jong lei state who were been in the conflicts for 9 years as they are initiated cattle raiding and abduction of children among themselves.
    if he want to blame the Government then let him not saying the made the Join campaigns carried out by Dinka and Nuer and killed murle, if we are fair what about the murle they killed both Dinka and Nuer how did condemned them in their act?

  13. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    I have other Suggestion and solution. The government and politicians of Lake State have to come up with laws and make cattle raiders to pay tax for cow. If you have one hundred cows you should have to pay tax for hundred cows every month otherwise you go to jail. Human beings are important than cows people cannot allow to kill themselves every day because of cows or property. Government have to do something for these innocents cattle raiders because government have powers to control any situation, but they do not want to take actions against this stupid killers of Lake State.

    I do not sleep Alex when I see children and women have been killed and the government and Lake State politicians are just doing nothing about this insecurity situation in Lake State. I pray God will do something to rescue these innocents children and women that suffering in Lake State. God will bring the peace.

  14. Hoiloom says:


    You are such a lost sheep. The current war is a national crises, Equatoria is not an island to stand on its own. Keep twisting facts and you surely will be caught of guard. If the reason for UPDF present in South Sudan is to protect Equatorians as you alleged, why can’t you defend yourselves from Dinka and Nuer? You are pathetic indeed!


    • Nikalongo says:


      Why don’t you tell us what is national about the tribal and senseless war. Do you know the number of people that Uganda will have to take in if that war was allowed to spill over to Equatoria? Go around Equatoria and you will see for yourself how much people have invested in their respective communities. Most of the schools you see around, for example, are community built and staffed. Why would we allow murderers, warmongers and lazy hooligans who live on handouts and loots to come and destroy the fruits of our sweat? We want them to make peace between themselves instead of calling for more violence and hooliganism. But if they must kill themselves, we (Equatoria) insist that they can do that elsewhere. We would not allow them to turn our towns and settlements into their battlegrounds.

      I take this opportunity to call upon all peace loving Dinka and Nuer politicians, elders and the youths to save the Dinka and Nuer nations from death and destruction. It is time to let the Kings (Riak and Kiir), their Generals and the gods of war and violence go to hell. That time is now not tomorrow.

  15. Dear Francis Mangok Angier:

    Rumbek case is on President Salva Kirr hand! He should be only person should blame on it altogether.He knows people in Rumbek in the State,do not like his handpicked the so called Caretaker the military Governor Mr.Matur Chut Dhuol.He should recall him and will allow people in the State in the government,do election for his replacement at once! It will save people lives.Killing their own ownselves by themselves for long time,is not all right at all! Keeping him in office,Rumbek people will continue attacking themselves persissently! I am sure if the Caretaker,is gone, it will bring a better security in the State in general to people in Rumbek!Trust me! President Kirr himself,is part of the problem.Not part of a solution! What is going in Rumbek in the South Sudan in Dinkaland, in the motherland, is not good! It has now becoming a chronic disease!

    Jackson County,MO.USA

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Dear Chief Abiko,

      Mental attitude is very important, it makes a real difference to our country and State problems. Our problem in South Sudan or in Lake State cannot be solved by making people to kill themselves, but bringing peace to people is the solution. I preach about peace, but not hatred because my called is to preach about peace, love and finding the happiness.

      As I have always write and debate, I think many people do not understand my argument, but I am a person who love to see people of South Sudan love themselves and live in peace. In contrast, I am not a politician, but I have to address the issues that facing people of South Sudan. In addition to that, I am not against the government or rebels, but I would like to see both are working to bring peace to people of South Sudan instead of allowed them to kill one another that is my concern. I would like the government to take the serious action against insecurity of Lake State otherwise the problem of Lake State will weakening the development of South Sudan because Lake State is the center of the country. Hope to see people of South Sudan are happy and thank you.

    • alex says:

      But is there logic to kill your own brother because the president has elected someone you dislike. If so what was the issue when there was elected governor in Lakes state? You have to admit there is morality and behavior problem.

  16. BILL KUCH says:

    El hag Paul,
    You have stated that SPLM is a curse to South Sudan as if you have special blessing or alternative to replace it. I am sure you like the party and the fact is that, you don’t like the Dinka people, but I am not sure on what you would do because Dinkas are all over in this world and when you die then after death whether you go to hell or heaven Dinkas are going to be there as well. You have saluted Dr. Tombe early on your last article because he wanted to fill buckets with Dinkas blood,s and here I am praying to Dinka’s God to let Dr. Tombe soul rest in peace wherever he will go in order for him to find peace with his enemies who are as well his Dinka brothers in South Sudan as they are there waiting for him.

  17. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Nyibol & Gatcharwearbol.
    As you sated in your comments that you want those who killed your people in Juba and not in warrap.
    let me asked you one question more in Bor your white army killed people and there was no killing happened in Bor why did you come to Bor and murdered people?
    if you want to fight they are there in front line in Bentiu, malakal, and nassir did you defeated them in your areas rather than coming to Juba for what? and you left Juba on ran as sated by your rebel leader Riek over the radio on BBC.
    To Nyibol: there was nothing called Nuer money in south Sudan be realistic and we are not saying South Sudan is belong to Dinka. if people talks of ICC make sure included Riek Machar and we want to know where to begin the ICC if it is from 1991 or 1983 or 2013? you need to justify your comments on that. in term of academic your English unacceptable that mean you are not qualify at all. if you are God to blessed Nuer then you are adding a lot of problem to them, please let them repent first able and bless at last.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Are you referring to UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N, Egypt, Rwanda, and the Nuer weu? Yes, they are indeed in those mentioned areas. There is nothing to deny there. For your information, the war is yet to over. It is this one tribe fighting the entire East Africa and the other 63 tribes minus our chollo brothers who just recently joined us in Upper Nile State. We have been fighting all of you for the last nine months and you haven’t defeated us yet despite that facts that we have no ammos, logistical supports, and others.

      Your God father, Museveni promises to defeat us in 4 days, how long has it been? Get your calculator out since your brain is too dull to do the math. Kiir himself gave us 3 months, how long has it been? Malong gave us 30 days, how long has it been? You will keep counting till your brain quit functioning, we are in it for very long time my friend. Your pathetic dude!

  18. Alier-Kon,

    You are good and strong at lying like Salva Kiir . To prove you wrong, when white army came from Nuerland, they did not kill any Dinka on their way to Juba. The white army fought with government troops in Bor and they defeated the government military in Bor and pursued them all the way to Jamaza where the white army encountered huge Uganda military.

    However, when the white army was retreated by the Uganda military back by helicopters gunship after they were bombed with cluster five times, the Dinka that were left beyond in Bor, Panyingoor, and Duk, began to bush and killed the white army on their return from Jamaza and Mangola.

    The white army did not event response to Dinka-Bor shooting the first time and the second time. However, when the army captured Bor for the third time, some of them kill Dinka-Bor adjacent to Bor-town who were shooting at them, but the white did not go to the Dinka-Bor villages.

    Please quite making liars about white army. They are peaceful, honest, and pierce fighters army who respect humanity dignity and life. The white overturned United Secular Sudan vision into self-determination, however, the same white army with the same Dr. Machar who reversed United Sudan into self-determination are going to trash the dictatorship vision of power hungry, tribalist, and cluless Kiir Mayardit.

    In conclusion, Nuer will never ever accept colonization and re-colonization of South Sudanese. Naath will not allow dictatorship take root in South Sudan again as it happened in the North.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol’s need to take war to Juba still implies the desperate desire to take power by force.That’s ofcourse was the very reason for the power struggle among the SPLM/A elites that lead to the events of 15th December 2013.
    As it has turned out,the struggle was,is as it will ever be a dinka/nuer’s one well rooted in ancient tribal revalaries dated to time immemorable.
    That’s why it was easy for the nuers to murder every dinka citizen within their reach in reaction.But that is as it should always be very fine for the rest of RSS citizens who aren’t dinka or nuer to see that the nuer and dinka are fighting their war in their homelands.At such context what’s the place of the equatorians in this war to dare to want to take the war to Juba?

    The truth is,the greater Bahr el ghazal boarders nuerland from Yerol,Rumbek,Tonj and Gogrial where Salva Kiir comes from.
    If it’s to revenge the nuer citizens Kiir and comrades have murdered in Juba,that’s to say according to dinka/nuer trbal war tradition,it’s best for the nuers to attack the dinka in the dinka lands.There aren’t ugandan soldiers there.
    There the nuers will have opportunity to revenge their murdered tribesmen,burn,loot,destroy and even annex some dinka lands into theirs if the war current could permit.
    It’s high time the ancient dinka/nuer’s lust for bllodshed among them is settled one good time for all now and there and never in equatoria!!!

  20. Hoiloom says:

    You begin to sound like an old tape being play over and over. Please play another music instead of the old stuff. Which part of Equatoria is peaceful? Oh, I forgot some schools in Nimule have been occupied by SPLA-Juba, but you have not condemned it. Just last week more than ten people were killed in Juba-Keji Keji road and Juba-Yei road, yet I need to hear your condemnations. Learn to write like a nationalist. We know that the fire that engulfs Greater Uppernile will reach all corners of South Sudan unless of course God hear our prayers for a peaceful settlement.


  21. Nikalongo says:


    Stop lying. Yes, Equatoria is peaceful. You do yourself a favour by mentioning where war is currently taking place, Ambushes of civilians on our roads are works of bandits and malicious characters who are jealous of peace in Equatoria. They will fail.

    • Nikalongo,

      Please stop spreading white liars. Which peaceful Equatoria are you talking about? People are being killed every day on Juba-Yei road, Juba-Maridi road, Maridi-Yabio road. Juba-Numile road, Juba-Lakes state road. Besides these killings, there are over 10, 000 IDP Equatorians in Yabio at the moment under UNIMISS protection.. Finally, there is too much killing in Juba every minutes, every hours, everyday, and every month. Shame on you visionless, clueless, careless, and extremely coward human being.

      • Nikalongo says:


        Do see why Equatorians think you are barbarians. Assuming that what you are saying is true, is that anything to be proud of? Those are ordinary people trying to realise the Equatoria dream. What is their crime? They have nothing to do with your thieves and bloodthirsty murderers (Kiir and Riak) in Juba and Pagak.

        • Nikalongo,

          Your safety, your life, your future, plus your children’s life, future, and safety are in the hand of Pagak. As you see more than 80% of South Sudanese civilians have more faith on the politicians and military of Pagak.

          Pagak is the only hope for South Sudanese future at the moment.

          • Nikalongo says:


            Those guys in Pagak like the ones in Juba are thugs. They do not care about us the ordinary folks.

  22. alex says:


    Stop lairing if you claim it is your forces who killed the people in Kajokeji and Yei road, was it morally right for splm-in opp to kill innocent civilians who has nothing to do with the government. This is typical splm in opp character of killing, burning villages , raping and destroying properties. This is why people reject your war. Your rebellion is barbaric and anti civilians. Taking of innocent human life has become like killing a chicken in your rebels. You have no respect and concern for human life. Are people really going to forget your actions. I share my pain with the people of Kajokeji and Yei who might have lost their dear ones. May God consul you.
    Hoiloom your rebellion will pay for their actions one time. You are fighting all the 64 tribes because you are even killing innocent Nuers. Course is on your faces because all this killing is because of position for one person to become a vice president and for you to earn yourself jobs. 1991 you did the same killing for the same position and now even you still fighting for the same man to be a vice president. You claimed before your leader was not able to perform well during the last eight years because his hands were tied by President KIIR but how will he be able to perform now if he is again coming to be vice president? I think all those lives were lost for no reasons. It is for position of one man and for job seekers fighting for their positions. We are now victims because of simple reason positions and jobs.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Liar, had you gone after Dr. Machar and left Nuer civilians alone in Juba, there would have been no civil war in South Sudan. So go lie somewhere else.

  23. Kondokoro says:


  24. False Millionaire says:

    U have become the living ngundeng to strike the truth so pricisely like that.Stay tuned for hell fire and atrocities among nuers in nuerland!!!

  25. Hoiloom says:


    Read my comments carefully before jumping to conclusions. You are another idiot like Nikalongo. I should not waste my time responding to nonesense.

    • Nikalongo sanduksanduk says:


      I may be idiot, but the fact speak for itself. You will be the only ones (Nuer and Dinka) wallowing in your own war and barbarism. Your attempts and desire to export war in Equatoria will go nowhere. Your refusal and those of your Dinka and Nuer population to see beyond your noses will condemn you to a perpetual life of violence and destruction.

  26. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear Brothers and sisters,

    I said early in my writing that the end of the destruction is coming praise the God. President Kiir has to take the risk too if they are committing for peace. I think if Peter Gadet has been obstacle for peace then let the peace come at this time. In the government side, if there are many people do not want peace to come and the president wants the peace to come let him also take actions against those who do not want to end this conflict. Everything has end this unwanted war will end soon and I always pray that God will free the innocents praise the Lord.

    My message to both leaders is this, your people are the most important things than the leadership. You cannot be a strong leader by killing your people that is not the meaning of leadership. The meaning of leadership is to serve, observe to others, organization and institution involving a leader and followers who willingly subscribe to common purposes and work together to achieve the hearts of citizens.I would like to see both South Sudanese leaders to understand what does it mean to be a leader otherwise there will be no future for people of South Sudan if the leaders do not have a clue about the leadership. I love to see children and women to be free from this physiological war. God bless South Sudan.

  27. alex says:

    It is too late for Riack and he have to arrest John Koang the current chief of staff. There is no way Riack can escape the blunders he has caused in S. Sudan. We are going to give him one final blow during the election after the interim government by voting him out. This the man who has proven he is not capable and he laired that he command the support of the majority of the people in S. Sudan. He and his Job seekers wherever they are should prepare for the elections. They have deceived the world a lot. We will show them how angry S. Sudanese are by their act of collaboration with Omar El Bashir to destroy Malakal , Unity state and Bor. He made we citizens of S. Sudan to suffer economically whatever excuses they give about this current war we will not accept it. He want position let him take only during the interim period after that democracy power will remove him from the position of vice president. We need him to go and teach physics in Juba University because politics is not his career. Divisive politics does not work today in south sudan.


  28. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, nuer-isearal

    now you tell us that you able to fight us and take over. we are in Bentiu, malakal, Nasir, ayod, leer, rokona, nhialdieu,mayom and panyijar and etc
    where are you to defeat us? and in which battle? you are greedy community in south Sudan and I hope you are almost surrender to our hands and you will see how bad it is.

    • Alier-Kon,

      Liar, liar, liar check your source again. The government troops are only in Bentiu and Mayom towns in Unity State, but Leer, Nhialdiew, Panyier, Rubkona County, Guit County, Koch County, and most parts of Mayom and Parieng Counties are under rebels control at the movement. Stop being an successive liar like Benjamin Marial and Kiir Mayardit.

  29. Elhag Paul says:

    Ya jamma, weinuu Lokudu Gatkouth Garang??????

  30. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Elhag Paul,

    There are two rumors in circulation regarding Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. The first rumor has it that he switched his name to Bol Akuol before he stopped commenting under his LGG name. He was using both names before he finally opt for Bol Akuol to blindfold us all. The second rumor has it that he got tired of cooking for UPDF and Nuer weu and caved in to the well circulated allegation that Dr. Machar is living large in Ethiopia, capital Addis Ababa. So, he is supposedly the new recruit bodyguard of Dr. Riek Machar. Life is so funny nowadays. This is the guy who was claiming to be looking for Dr. Machar with his AK 47 and end up being the bodyguard of the very man he was looking for. Shameful indeed.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Nuer-another-Israel in Africa
      Indeed this is very interesting but before we pursue this conversation further – Nuer weu da shinnu? I am ignorant. I want to be enlightened.

      • Elhag Paul,

        You had asked a good question. Dinka call money “Weu”. A Dinka’s Doctor who works at Juba Teaching Hospital said to another Dinka doctor that Nuer are still in the government in big number after seeing many Nuer who were wounded in the battles of Bentiu in the side of the government were brought to Juba for treatment. The other Doctor replied yes, “Nuer are still in the government in big number, but the Nuer who are in the government are “Nuer ke weu” which means the Nuer who are servicing the government are there in the government just for money, but not because they like the government.

        Another example is that Malong Awan told his supporters in Northern Bar-El Gazal, captital Weil, our people are safe in this war. This means that Dinka are safe in this war. We usually send “Nuer ke weu to fight with Nyigats” This sentence means that Malong Awan and his government have sending Nuer for money in the government to fight with Nuer who defected from the government (Nyigats). We must make “Nyigats fight with Nyigat” Malong said. This sentence means Nuer in general are Nyigats, but before the Nuer for money in the government defected to join their brother who had already defected, we must make them fight.

        Elhag Paul, this is a shameful government for Nuer in the government. Imagine, when Nuer who are wounded in the frontline are brought to juba for treatment, they always go to UNIMISS when they are discharge from Hospitals because the very government they serve killed them if they try to stay outside of the UNIMISS. Is this not a shameful for Nuer who are servicing Nuer?

        In conclusion, Dinka always call Nuer in the government “Nuer ke weu” which mean Nuer for money. Whenever, you come across a sentence that says “Nuer weu” it means Nuer who are serving in the government just for money.

        Thanks for asking such a great questions, and I hope my explanation help.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Bentiu Ramaran
          Thank you for enlightening me. There is a lot of material in your explanation. It is also sad but remember power does wonders on mind of human beings. The Jieng can do all the things they are doing because they have power. However, when this power slips from them as it will soon, you will see them behaving in a bizzare manner like they used to do under the Arabs. Forget Nuer ke weu: things will change. In the meantime take care.

        • Bol says:

          Firstly, Correction….Nuer eh weu or just Nuer Weu, but not Nuer ke weu {Dinka Malual dialogue}……Second, this derogatory term might have been invented the way you narrated it ….or it might have been coined by SPLA I/O who are fluent in Dinka in order to smooth up bitterness felt by fellow tribesmen towards those left behind …… How do you call the Dinka in your camp? position seekers or true nationalist ? White can be Black or Black can be white depending on where you looking at these colors.

          • Bol,

            The Dinka in the movement are not serious like Nuer weu. So the Nuer ke weu destroyed to the core their areas. Yes the Dinka in the rebellions are just position seekers. You see Dau Aturjang has more than 30, 000 military, but he does not want to fight in Northern Bar El Gazal. Only none Dinka in the movement are fighting in Western Equatoria and Western Bar El Gazal. The only serious Dinka men in the movement is General Kemis only. The rest are just giving information to Salva Kiir including Dau Aturjang.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Elhag Paul,

        “Nuer weu” weu in Dinka is money. So it means those Nuer with Juba regime are only after money. Thus, they gave them a derogatory name – Nuer weu (Nuer after money).

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Gatcharwearbol
          Thank you very much for the explanation. It will soon come handy in future writings. I love this imaginative label. Take care and all the best.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa,

      In addition to your comment, another source substantiated that both Lokudu Gatkuoth Garang and Jay Johson have joined the SPLA-IO toward the end of 2014..

  31. Toria says:

    Elhag Paul, Editor, etc….
    Please keep it coming, am sure you fellows realize how many people you have educated on this site. This is the very reason why it’s worth to call oneself a citizen of this twisted nation full of rascals.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Toria
      I am humbled by your comment. We only can do what we can. We will try our level best to help our country in the best way possible. Take care!

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