Conspiracy & Hypocrisy by the West & Bashir in South Sudanese Conflict.


By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, KAMPALA, APR/19/2014, SSN;

When I was reading the News headlines on Sudan Tribune on April 19, 2014, I came across the following: “Western countries regret support for South Sudan’s secession: Bashir declares.” It immediately came into my mind that South Sudanese conflict has many players behind it, including Bashir and the West. These groups are out there to destroy South Sudan.

I opened the whole news which continued that the Sudanese president, Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, said that several Western countries which encouraged South Sudan’s independence have apologized for their actions and urged Khartoum to reunite with the newborn state.

How the reunion can be done, I do not know. Whether through annexation like what happened between Russia and Ukraine where Crimea was annexed to Russia, it isn’t clear; or through Western Intervention?

I have not yet up to now understand what they will do and why did many Western Countries propose that.

However, the report went on by stating that Bashir made this when he addressed a meeting of ruling party’s pastoralists and farmers’ secretariat on Thursday evening by saying that Sudan’s enemies who supported secession of the south in order to destroy the north regretted their action, noting they are now begging Khartoum to reunite with Juba.

He said, “They pushed the south to secede in order to destroy the north, however when they saw what happened in the south they secretly told us they were mistaken and wished they had listened to us and now they asked us to reunite.”

Bashir appears to have been confused here with falsity and frustration. If he had ever said this, then he was wrong and will still be wrong in the future if he made the same statement again.

I am now made to believe that the problems of South Sudan are not caused by the people of South Sudan, conspiracy, hypocrisy and self-interest of Bashir and the West, who are planning to destroy South Sudan.

What Bashir and the West must understand is that South Sudan is a sovereign state and they should not try to influence its politics in order to destroy it indirectly.

Bashir made such statement without shame because his government is also one of the causes of the problems of South Sudan because the problems of South Sudan have their origins from Sudan.

Besides, Sudan itself is not at peace and I do not know what motivated most of the Western countries to make such awful proposal to Bashir as he proudly told his crowd.

If I can ask, where will the add Sudan after adding South Sudan to Sudan if the war is the one that can make a country lose her independence?

Conspiracy and hypocrisy against South Sudan!

This underscores the fact that some of the Western Countries have been playing a destructive role since the war broke out in South Sudan as shown by the accusation South Sudanese citizens and government leveled against the UN personnel who appear to be sympathizing with the rebels more than the government.

No smoke with fire. After reading what Bashir said and his allegation that Western countries have secretly called upon him to reunite with South Sudan, I no longer doubt what my fellow South Sudanese say about the UN role in the conflict of South Sudan.

There must be a reason why the Western Countries have taken special interest in South Sudan; may be because of the oil and other resources based on the fact that South Sudan government was becoming more independent from them than they expected.

Therefore, they are playing Samson’s politics in the Bible that if the enemy has overpowered him and he is not able to fight back the enemy and what is remaining is his death then he or his enemies must die all.

Hence, he shakes the whole building that collapses on him and his enemies.

In the same way according to Bashir and western Countries, if South Sudan has not made their expectation of being a puppet government and instead it is becoming more and more independent which denies them access to resources, then South Sudan should not be allowed to exist as a country.

The statement of Bashir shows frustration that he had undergone which was caused by the inevitable break away of South Sudan from the North.

At the same time, it unearths the false hope that Bashir has been nourishing of South Sudan one reuniting with the North.

The statement indicated that Bashir and his Western Counterparts have very shallow way of reasoning because such things will never happen in our life time as South Sudan because South Sudan will never reunite with the North.

Going back to reunite with the North is worse than killing ourselves and learning from it and then in future knowing how to relate with each other.

How can reasonable people make such empty statement? If the countries are dissolved because of civil wars then the USA and other countries in the world would have been dissolved and returned to their colonial masters long time ago.

Having briefly narrated American Civil War yet America is still there as America today, I wonder what push Bashir and Western Countries to utter such statement.

If countries are returned to their colonial masters because of the problems that they face after independence, then most of the countries that have been colonized and when they got independence became embroiled in civil wars would have not remained as independent countries in the world map today.

For instance, the USA, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Angola, Mozambique, Mali, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Ghana, Liberia (Liberia got her independence in 1847), Togo, Somalia and many other countries not only in Africa but in other parts of the world would have lost their independence.

In addition, people who are related and staying in the same house fight but no one regrets for having been born into such a family. The only thing they do is to look for a solution.

Bashir and his Western counterpart who have such unrealistic hope must stand warned that they will be held liable for continuing and destruction of lives by the war in South Sudan.

The words that Bashir utters and the West’s conspiracy against the South Sudan are an indication that Bashir and the West are responsible for the current problems facing South Sudan.

They must know that South Sudan is an independent country, which means that it is a sovereign state.

No any person or anybody has any authority to invalidate the existence of South Sudan on the ground that it is facing a civil war.

In addition, many have proposed that South Sudan should be placed under the UN Trusteeship. On what ground? I do not know.

As I can understand the term it is applicable in case of South Sudan. The United Nations Trusteeship Council (French: Le Conseil de tutelle des Nations unies), is one of the principal organs of the United Nations, which was established to help ensure that trust territories were administered in the best interests of their inhabitants and of international peace and security.

The trust territories, most of them former mandates of the League of Nations or territories taken from nations defeated at the end of World War II have all now attained self-government or independence, either as separate nations or by joining neighbouring independent countries.

The last was Palau, formerly part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, which became a member state of the United Nations in December 1994.

Hence, the role of this body is not extended to South Sudan because South Sudan is an independent country.

To show flaw in that argument, if Countries which are faced with problems are placed under the UN Trusteeship, then Somalia, Rwanda, Congo, Syria, Libya and the Central African Republic would have been placed under the UN Trusteeship.

What is so special about South Sudan? All these are conspiracies and masterminded into order to destroy the sovereignty of South Sudan.

What Bashir and his Western friends would have done was, instead of plotting for the destruction of South Sudan, they should have come together as good countries with the welfare of South Sudanese at heart to look for all possible solutions or means to bring to a quick end of South Sudan.

What is even surprising is that although there is still a stable government, the Western countries do not see anything good in that government, which is an indication that there are special grudges by the West against the government of the Republic of South Sudan.

Somalia, for instance, operated for 20 years without any central government or TFG that was operating in the neighbouring Kenya but the West did not quickly propose it to be put under trusteeship.

There must be a special problem which the West holds against South Sudan as a country.

What the West and Bashir did not comprehend is that problems of South Sudan are not as complex as many project them but they are caused only due to the lack of diverse approach from the leadership.

Based on the foregoing point in the above paragraph, what the West and Bashir would have done was not to plan the way on how to destroy the independence of South Sudan but they would have joined with the government and rebels to direct them on how to achieve peace.

It appears that there is a paradox and conflict of interest somewhere in searching for peace in South Sudan.

Why if it is intervention to end the war and restore the stability quickly the West talk of sovereignty of the South but if they plot against it as Bashir pointed out they do not care about the sovereignty of that country.

Bashir and the Western Countries must understand that any destruction of South Sudan will not be accepted by all South Sudanese nor it will bring to an end the problems of South Sudan.

Bashir and the West should put aside their interests in South Sudan and try to find the real solution to the real South Sudanese problems not such illusive day dream.

NB// The Author is South Sudanese Student of Law in Makerere University and he can be reached through the following contacts:; +256783579256.


  1. Elhag Paul says:

    President Bashir is a compulsive liar. Nobody who understands the politics of the region can believe his bluster fluster. I can vouch that no western government apologised to him. Bashir just wants to confuse and manuplate the situation to convince his constituency or the Sudanese people that the west is the culprit that made South Sudan to break away. This is absolute nonsense. South Sudan called for secession long time ago and they have proved their wish through the referendum. So no matter how Bashir constructs his lies no South Sudanese is going to accept going back to Sudan in order to be a second class citizen in an Islamic state. So do not blame the west out of lies of Bashir. Actually Sudan now is worse than South Sudan. Look at the wars in Darfur, Kordifan, Blue Nile and Eastern Sudan. Bashir as president of a failed state should not pretend that his country is peaceful and well managed for South Sudanese to crave unity.

    FROM EDITOR: Mr. Elhag Paul,
    Indeed, Bashir is a pathological liar who unfortunately is riding once again on our own stupidity as we (I meant Kiir and Riek and the SPLM monstrosity) have so truly proven right his previous prediction when he said, ‘these southerners will soon be fighting among themselves.’
    Sometimes, I also feel that we might just as well give Bashir a good pat on the back, and sincerely tell him: “Thank you, Mr. Lucifer, you’re absolutely correct, and thanks again for according free Sudanese citizenship and all those nice privileges to those South Sudanese citizens we have forcefully sent to you for the second time as refugees…oops…sorry! as free Sudanese citizens, once again.”

  2. Andrew Jenge says:

    Mr Nhomngek, tell us what is your solution to this current crises in the country. You want to maintain status quo and do not want any other tribe lead in this nation, and we do not trust Dinkocrats anymore to lead either. What are you blaming Bashir and the West for, for your own failure!? Tell me where on earth, an army of a country walk down to the UN compound and mow down civilians, and the government comes out say the victims deserve it, where!? Tell us you do not want interim government, UN trusteeship and annexation to Sudan. What/who is your alternative to the above solutions? Tell us sir, why are so concern since you have already approached Arab league, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ruwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe and I lost count to control /fight your war at the expenses of the rest of us, what difference does make if South Sudan is annexed.!? May be it is about time this nation be put under UN custody and Bashir resign his position in Sudan and come lord it over us in South Sudan!

    The West you are hurling insults at, was the same person yesterday you were crying Arab foul against you to, same person you were crawling with an empty bowl to give you a ration for you to see another day, same person who helped yesterday to get and call this place my country, you forgotten so soon, ah! Ungrateful people indeed!!!

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Andrew, I like your question. I am one of those who love democracy so that but I hate the way it is sought by others because the victims are the people themselves. My solution is that the conflict should stop and we seek for a neutral person if Kiir is the problem. But overthrowing him is unacceptable because people will end up on revenge instead of running the country and bring reconciliation. You see what happened in Unity state where 100 of people are said to have been killed. The same thing will happen wherever the rebels go to if they capture power which I think it is impossible because they will never capture Bhar El Ghazal. We need only peaceful transfer of power.

      • Andrew Jenge says:

        There was no coup, secondly you people went and killed Nuer civilians door to door. Dinkocrats do not love democracy but dinkocracy, tell us if what you see since the inception of SPLA/M in 1983 to date resembles anything like a shadow of democracy!? Your statement that you love democracy is just a cheap shot, it would have made a difference if this statement came at least immediately after CPA and implemented by Dinkocrats. It is too late now for this statement since this war has reached level of anarchy, please come back home and your Warrap state. Please do not drag other tribes into this war since you are the one who cooked it and you should eat it alone!

        Please leave jellabas and the West out of this mess, and good luck with your conspiracy!

        • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

          Jenge that is what you believe and that is why you revenge in Bor, Malakal and Unity state. Let me tell you you may run on such wild rampage attack but you should remember one thing, you will turn South Sudan into another Central Africa and that is when you and Riek know that you have miscalculated your action. The country run on revenge is the dead country. We should learn tolerance.

  3. monychol says:

    Juol, your foreigners conspiracies and other dangerous ideas theories donot anchores well to what happens in South Sudan. Your argument is too shallow and old schooled mentality of pointing fingers to outsiders and those who are out of power. That type of argument is too usual for us and will never convince even novices.
    Those of us who were in Juba in December and and are still in Juba now knows that the problem is more of a home grown then imported from outside and it is the president and his ministers who intentionally dragged the country into this bloodshet. All what we wants to see is someone who would ask Kiir and the minister of defense about what they know, when they started to know it and what did they do in the aftermath of Jebbel Kujur night shootout?.Any attempt to assign the blames to outsiders and citizens who are not part of Kiir’s administration is nothing short of attempts to absolves the culprits of their evil doings and create and image of passive victims to South Sudanese .We know that we are not just passive victims to outsiders conspiracies against our country .We are pretty sure that we are victims of our own government conspiracy victims for our own president staged a successful coup attempt against the constitution and the people including the SPLA and SPLM.I know it will be difficult for you to understand these intrigues given the shallow conceptual and cultural background you have demonstrated in your thoughts.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Monychol,I think you have boiled up without reading what I am talking about I wish you should read what Bashir said and then comment. I did not invent it. Also read by other article on this website and understand what I mean I know the causes but that does not mean that the government should be overthrown in order to bring a solution. I am sorry for you if you have such hope.

  4. monychol says:

    Juol, you claimed to be a law school student at Makere University and you have such a shallow novice level of thoughts? I’m really sorry you are the kind of dangerous shallow self claims lawyers such as Telar Deng Ring,Michael Makuei Lueth and other shallow Kiir’s sycophants.Start lying from there so that when you come to Juba you will be appointed this is a government that cherish idiocies.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Monychol I have no much to tell you because you are one of those do not understand but with tell you will understand your fault because experience is the best teacher. The law that I have learned is rational it does not see things at tribal angle because I know what the law implies.

      • Lavina Lual says:

        Juol and Chol-I like your conversations though!. BUt now we have this situation of kiir is elected and kiir farbriacted a coup to get rid of riek and he ends killing Nuer. On the other hand riek took advantage and made a full rebellion to oust the elected kiir.

        These actions resulted in continuous killing on ethnic bases.

        In my opinion, neither kiir or riek both should rest and a new person comes in under interim Govt. Kiir was able to dismiss elected governor due to insecurity; why not to step down due to insecurity abyss the country?

  5. Eli says:

    Beshir is only covering up his failures, he is a known liar and fabricator. Like every other jallaba they have PhDs and graduates of schools of lies and cheating. An Arab is an Arab whatever they say don’t mean a thing. And don’t trust a living Arab just like the Dinkas.

    • Eli says:

      No Western World had ever apologized and will never apologized to Beshir, in fact Beshir is indicted for war crimes and many sanctions are still not lifted from Sudan because of Beshir. He can only lie to pastoralist and his mujahedeen puppets but he can’t fool us again. We have our internal conflicts just as they in the North does, this is our home affair and we shall find solution to it. Let him worry about the many rebellions lurking in his nation.

  6. Alier Gai says:

    I read that article about Bashir and his bizzare comment. I had two reactions after I gathered my thought. First, bashir is pushing his war campaign in darfur, khordufan, and in the blue nile region through south sudan’s war, in order to silence the west and accomplish his project successfully without charges being added to the already existing charges he is a criminal wanted by icc. This means that, in one way or the other, he is telling the west that you cut south out and they can’t rule themselves. So what more do you want than the choas you had demanded? Let me do my job to hold these regions from falling down. Second, as bashir has been allegedly accused of supporting riak macher, he is begging the west in his tactical approach to fight the south and bring it back to the north. But he is not better than kiir in the north, his government is on the verge of denial. The motive or interest is about oil in the south for northern economy. But western’s apology should not be ignored if anything small was delivered. South sudan is a country of many interests, directly or indirectly, and northern friends don’t understand our departure with the oil. Their survive is important than human freedom. No smoke without fire.

  7. Alier Gai says:

    What goes around comes around. The anti-south, the media, and opinion writers went around during our two years of independence, that it is too early to have freedom this way; and that the government is for the few, wrong to be ran that way, and the war is must for those claims. Their prayer is dearly heard by pinicky-interest people, and here they come around. We have become jadas by selling our land and freedom at no cost so that the toxic and poison in our heads and in our hearts is release at no cost as well. These writers have destroyed south on their disadvantage to enemies’ advantage. War has come and they are far away from placating their minds from what is happening, and from what they then wanted. They are confused and helpless to their waring minds and hearts, for their too many hands already spoiled the well cooked broth. Who to be blamed now, the persons who cooked the broth or the ones who added more flavors? I read that article about Bashir and his bizzare comment. I had two reactions after I gathered my thought. First, bashir is pushing his war campaign in darfur, khordufan, and in the blue nile region through south sudan’s war. In order for him to silence the west and accomplish his projects successfully without charges being added to the already existing charges where he is a criminal wanted by icc, he is testing the water how shallow or deep he can get. This means that, in one way or the other, he is telling the west that you cut south out and they can’t rule themselve because of you. So what more do you want than the choas you had made to south? Let me do my job here in the north to hold these regions from falling down. Second, as bashir has been allegedly accused of supporting riak macher, he is begging the west in his tactical approach to give him green light to fight the south and bring it back to the north. But he is not better than kiir in the north, his government is on the verge of denial. The motive or interest is about oil in the south for northern economy. But western’s apology should not be ignored if anything small was delivered. South sudan is a country of many interests, directly or indirectly, and northern friends don’t understand our departure with the oil. Their survive is important than human freedom. No smoke without fire.

  8. BILL KUCH says:

    Bashir don’t lie as most of you guys calling him a liar. He did not make up because this fighting was caused by the fact that we have oil and other resources in the country. So, go ahead and name him a big liar with whoever you dislike in the South Sudan government, but it will not Change the reality foreigners are pushing hard for their self-interest here. They better capture South Sudan within two months time before UN mandate expire in July otherwise. It is not a problem for one united Sudan if westerners are going to change rules which will make it possible for two separated countries into one again. Thanks.

  9. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Nhongoth: You are hypocrite, biased, pinhead and narrow-minded individual. Blaming Sudan and the West for what? If is not because you are a pinhead student, you could have not written a crappy piece like this. You should know this: S. Sudan was liberated with help of the West. Period. What about intervention of Uganda & Darfur rebels in S. Sudan conflict! What your tyrant Kiir-ngoth did since 2005? Nothing! No roads, no electricity, no education (why r u studying in Uganda n not S. Sudan), no healthcare, no …. The only well-paved road in S. Sudan is Juba-Nimule. It was constructed by USAID (United States Agency for Int’l Development). Tell me one thing Kiir did! If you don’t know, it is embezzling public money! Practicing tribalism and nepotism!

    I have an advice for you: please just focus on your studies there in your Uncle’s M7 country.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Chul, I understand by your name if I guess wisely you are from Nuer but being Nuer does not make you attacking the person but you attack the weaknesses in my writing. If you attack my personality then you will miss the point. The point here is has Bashir not said that and if he has said that why did he say that? You have eyes but you cannot see, you have hears but cannot hear. How do you enjoy the war yet people are being killed in Bor and in Bentiu because the war is being fueled by the west and Bashir. If Bashir was not behind the capture of Bentiu why doing selective killing. I feel sad when I hear people killed in Bor and Unity State. I pity you.

  10. Alier Gai says:

    The commentators are just dancing with their opinions than the obvious reality of khartoum government. Soon or later our cry will be unbearable over the lost land unless God is with us. Let wait for another month and see what it is like.

  11. Joseph Oreste Odhok says:

    Mr. Nhomngek,

    After a bloody war with no winner and loser, finally South Sudan independence was attained by peaceful means through a general referendum in which the people of South Sudan voted for cessation option by approximately 99%.
    The notion of re- uniting the 2 sovereign States is a daydream and very perplexing. Nobody has the right to temper with the status of this hardly won country. Right now we should focus our attention on bringing about a peaceful resolution to the current war and pay little attention to international media propoganda.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Joseph, I totally agree with you and thanks for comment. I love what Amum said the day he was released when he said that this senseless war must end. Our country is being destroyed on useless project., The war should end immediately and we look for someone can develop the nation. People right now are the victim we are regressing by building the nation on widowhood and orphan. I sometime shed tears whenever I see people in camps and some whose sons and husbands are killed sitting in front of government offices waiting for handouts from government officials. It is really bad whether Dinka or Nuer or from Equatoria. All are South Sudanese. Those who are South Sudanese do not know what it took to liberate South Sudan. The same people who are dying today are the same people who died some years back liberating the country. I feel sad and bad.

  12. doctor chiek says:

    From the time he was in the sudan inteligence unit in canal area in the 1980,s, kiir has been killing Nuer of panjack,Law and any body whom he did not desire his looks .salva is ablood-thirsty coward who kills in cold blood,decptions and lies. He ordered attack of Gen.Tang in Kaldagy before idepent of the country, while Gen. Tang came in good faith.
    Watch him this time.He will destroy this so called IGAD mediated truth.mark my word.
    But, if ,he did this time,the ,so called south sudan will cease to exist.

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