Confronting the Jieng policy of Land Grab in South Sudan

BY: Elhag Paul, APR/07/2016, SSN;

The reaction of General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, a highly renowned liberation war hero against the Jieng land grabbers who descended to his village, Gwu’duge in Rajaf should not surprise the people.

It is an expected outcome to an undeclared and unspoken Jieng policy being implemented by the state in South Sudan. This policy is destroying South Sudan social ties at an alarming rate. It is dispossessing people, pauperising the victims, generating vile hate among the people and constructing the Jieng social group falsely as the upper political class in the new state.

The reaction of General Swaka is an outcome that all of us eventually in our own ways will be pushed to resort to in order to protect our human rights from the Jieng regime of destruction.

Critically, every non-Jieng must know that they will be affected and dispossessed by the current system in favour of the Jieng and they will resort to saying like the General did, ‘I am ready to die for my land.’

To be dispossessed and pauperised through land grab is something nobody is going to accept. It is sad and shameful to see a well respected and honoured member of the society in the person of General Swaka being frustrated and provoked to resort to self defence to protect his home. It is further disgusting to read in various media outlets that the system is planning to arrest him.

General Swaka from personal observation appears to be a very patient person who hardly gets swayed by political events. This is what makes him a truly professional soldier.

When he served in the Sudan army, in spite of the suffering of South Sudanese he controlled his emotions, lived with the pain and remained loyal to the system until the Arabs overstepped the mark in 1992 that he reacted heroically to fight for emancipation of his people.

The independence of South Sudan is the product of the work he contributed to massively. His own elder brother, Major General Peter Cirillo too fought for the same objective under General Joseph Lagu. How on earth can a family that contributed immensely to the independence of South Sudan find itself in such a predicament?

It is only in South Sudan under a tribal regime that such aberration take place.

The threats on freedom of General Swaka must be taken seriously for two reasons. First, the General is an Equatorian. Secondly, the Jieng want to settle in Equatoria in huge numbers to establish themselves as the local people.

In the article ‘The decapitation of Equatoria’ enough has been written to highlight the problem Equatoria as a region is facing from the current regime.

General Swaka unfortunately may not be exempt from this Jieng policy and the recent media reports should be read within such context. However, the General’s colleagues need to stand up in defence of their commander as he led and stood with them shoulder to shoulder in those trenches drenched in sweat and blood liberating the country.

You worked together tirelessly to liberate the country, now you need to rise up to the challenge to make sure that the country you fought for is a true home to every South Sudanese.

The grapevine stories circulating regarding planned arrest of General Swaka simply because he is an Equatorian who has confronted land grab is unacceptable.

Land grab is illegal, but because President Kiir and his JCE have disabled the other two branches of the government namely: the parliament and the judiciary, the issue is allowed to go on in order to benefit the Jieng and to also achieve their long term tribal plans.

The issue of land grab is something that must be debated now vigorously because it is not going to go away as it is an undeclared policy of the regime whose intention is to settle Jieng in Equatoria using the state. The JCE’s plan to settle Jieng in Equatoria in huge numbers is part of a strategy laid down by the late leader of the SPLM/A, Dr John Garang De Mabior.

The birth of the SPLM/A in 1983 came at a time when South Sudanese were torn among themselves by divisive politics introduced by Abel Alier and his supporters in mid 1970s, most of whom are members of the current JCE.

Alier’s discriminating rule during the autonomous government of the Southern Region in the Sudan led to Kokora, the redivision of South Sudan into three regions based on the colonial provinces of South Sudan: Bahr El Ghazal and Equatoria and Upper Nile.

The Jieng political class were totally opposed to Kokora and this included Dr Garang who expressed his views in his book, ‘Dr John Garang Speaks.’ Right from its inception, Dr Garang was telling the Jieng that when they liberate the country the Jieng would be free to settle anywhere. This was given in a form of promise which acted as a motivation to the Jieng flocking to the movement in anger of Kokora.

Dr Garang intelligently used the anger generated by Kokora to recruit the Jieng in big numbers to build the monstrous SPLM/A as the Jieng machine of oppression and revenge which is why the Equatorians initially hesitated to join the movement until the introduction of forced Islamisation by Khartoum pushed them.

Basically SPLM/A has been constructed on promises to make the Jieng people the ultimate rulers and owners of South Sudan.

Arop Madut-Arop in his book, ‘Sudan Painful Road to Peace,’ on page 56 confirms this point by writing: ‘the resentments (of Kokora) were meted against the North through mass exodus of Southerners (Jieng) to swell the training camps in Ethiopia.’ It is in these camps that the idea of settling all over Equatoria was sown, nurtured and grown to be the cancer that it is now.

The renaming of places in Equatoria as New Bor, New Site, Jebel Dinka, Bilpham etc is central to this policy because it enables the settlers to put roots in the new area which then allows them to claim legitimacy. This combined with the ferrying of dead bodies from Jieng lands to Equatoria for burial strengthens that argument.

The Jieng have gone to unbelievable levels to remove evidence of Equatoria in lands they forcefully grabbed. For example there are documented cases where such settlers (aided by the disgraced clown, JW Igga) have not only desecrated graves but they dug out the remains of deceased Equatorians in rest from their graves which callously they threw away.

Cruelly, they converted the emptied graves into pit latrines. Utter disrespect to Equatorian cultures re-honouring the dead and the place of the dead in our lives. In this, the Jieng do not empathise or consider the cost of emotional and mental torture they are inflicting on the dispossessed legitimate owners of the land.

Claims to land are evidenced by names of places and graves. Names provide evidence of local language and the rich stories behind them; and graves provide evidence of history and ancestry. So, if you carefully look at the behaviour of the Jieng on this issue of land grab, it is clearly calculated to dispossess the local people in the long run.

Therefore, this is a combined short, medium and long term policy that if not stopped by all means available will result in Equatorians losing their home.

It is worth remembering that President Kiir was a close officer of Dr Garang who must be well indoctrinated with the Jieng ideology of settlement. With the JCE comprising most of the people who initiated the idea of Jieng supremacy and settlement, no wonder President Kiir’s government is fully committed to implementing the idea. It clearly explains why the parliament and the judiciary
have been deliberately crippled by the executive.

The objective of settling the Jieng all over the country is intended to promote the false claim of the Jieng that they come from all over the country. They want to create a situation like that of the Tutsi in Rwanda in which they are found everywhere in the country.

It is astonishing that the Jieng have completely ignored the local contexts of both countries. Copying the Tutsi does not work. The
reason being each situation has its own unique context and produces a unique outcome.

Therefore, the Rwandan context that produced Tutsi among the Hutu can not be recreated in South Sudan because South Sudan’s context is totally different. For example, in Rwanda there are about two major tribes (Hutu and Tutsi) with two or three tiny ones while in South Sudan there three major tribes (Zande, Jieng, and Nuer) with sixty other sizeable ones.

The Jieng believe that if they are able to settle everywhere in the country like the Tutsi spread throughout Rwanda, then they will be the ones to legally represent the various social groups of South Sudan in the parliament and therefore they will have achieved their objective of ‘Born to rule.’

Given the above, arguments such as the issue of land grab is coincidental, or it is a consequence of poor governance, or the Equatorians are the ones selling their land is intrinsically not true. These arguments are deployed by the Jieng to confuse the Equatorians while land grab goes on.

The important fact is that land grab is part of a bigger well planned, well coordinated and well executed policy of the Jieng intended to construct South Sudan as a Jieng nation. Just think of the imposition of the 28 states through illegal means and think about who are the beneficiaries of this elaborate land theft. Think about it.

Thus, every non-Jieng is going to fall foul to this obnoxious policy that has caught up with General Swaka. This is the reason why it is not a surprise to some of us. General Johnson Olony after accepting President Kiir’s amnesty in 2013 told him point blank that he rebelled because the Jieng grabbed Chollo land.

But did President Kiir listen to him? No! He did not. President Kiir instead went ahead to grab more land through the Establishment Order 36/2015 creating 28 ethnic states.

General Olony is now back in the bush fighting for Chollo land. As said, with this undeclared policy in place, many other army officers will be faced with critical decisions of what to do when this evil reaches their door steps.

Before each one of us experiences this horror, something can be done about it. The tribal government of President Kiir and his JCE needs to be changed and this calls for a strategic alliance of all the other tribes of South Sudan.

In 1930s the Nazi in Germany arrogantly set out to dominate the world and to a certain extent they succeeded to control Europe. However, when they attacked the United States in 1941 using the U2 boats, the world had to come to its sense to confront Nazism. It
took the logical and workable strategy to build up an alliance of purpose to fight Hitler and it did work beautifully resulting into a decisive defeat of Nazism from which a peaceful Germany emerged.

What can we learn from the German lesson? The one most important lesson is that bullies including dictators and totalitarians must not be appeased or accepted. They must be confronted and cleanly defeated.

In the context of South Sudan, we have a nasty tribal-totalitarian bully in the form of Jieng armed with the machinery of SPLM/A who hijacked the state and is using it to destroy the South Sudanese society. This should not be tolerated, it should not be accepted, it should not be compromised with and it should not be allowed to continue.

The other 62 tribes of South Sudan and the peace loving Jieng like the rest of the world in the case of Nazi Germany should come together and form a strategic alliance of purpose (common good) to decisively defeat the Jieng and recover the state of South Sudan.

From what is going on in the country, the reality is that South Sudan will not see peace and development under President Kiir and his JCE. As all of you know very well their only ideologies of Dinkocracy and Dinkonomics have sunk the country.

These ideologies must be destroyed and uprooted from the psyche of the adherents through education. These ideologies seek to cleanse
some ethnic groups as well as subjugate and dominate the rest of South Sudanese in the interest of the Jieng people only like what Nazism in Germany tried to do in 1930s and early 1940s.

The only panacea therefore is for the Jieng regime to be changed by whatever means available in order to save South Sudan.

In conclusion, land grab is an undeclared policy of the government for the interest of the Jieng. This policy affects every South Sudanese but Jieng. With President Kiir and his JCE in power, this policy will not be stopped and there will be many Thomases, Olonys, Dukus, Bakasoros , Otims, Oneks falling victim to it simply because the government supports it.

As each and every one of us will be affected now or in the near future it is imperative that an alliance of the people of South Sudan is built soonest to bring an end to the chaos in the country. Yalla! Yalla!

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. False Millionaire says:

    Please look at yourself in the mirror as reflected by the following assertion:
    “…peace loving jieng
    “…come togather and form a strategic alliance to decisively defeat the jieng”.
    The question is,if your case was genuine,do u know some body who shoots himself in the foot?
    Since it’s the jieng without any excption who are the cause of your illness,why don’t u want to fight them as one single block?!!!

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      False Millionaire,

      To answer your question of if Mr. Paul knows “somebody who shoots himself in the foot”, yes he knows the Nuer people have shot themselves in the foot in form of Nuer weu. And agreed with you that we the oppressed are the problem to ourselves because we failed to organize ourselves against you. This truth cannot be disputed. We have ourselves to blame not the Jieng and that is how I see it. Our failure cannot be blamed on Salva Kiir and the jieng. Simple as that. You have organized yourselves and bought Museveni to protect you from the few Nuer who have been resisiting you and good job on your side.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      False millionaire, force-1, Aguer, & Alex–traitorous Jenges,

      The issue of forceful–gross land grabbing practices by the traitorous Jenges in Equatoria region is a national problem that needs urgent eradication.
      It’s evidently becoming a norm for the traitorous Jenges grabbing the minor tribes’ ancestry lands. It’s presently happening in Jur, Balanda, and Chollo territories.
      It’s a national calamity that needs immediate eradication–remedy period

    • Gatdarwich says:

      False millionaire, force-1, Aguer, & Alex–traitorous Jenges,

      The issue of forceful–gross land grabbing practices by the traitorous Jenges in Equatoria region is a national problem that needs urgent eradication.
      It’s evidently becoming a norm for the traitorous Jenges grabbing the minority tribes’ ancestry lands. It’s presently happening in Jur, Balanda, and Chollo territories.
      It’s a national calamity that needs immediate eradication–remedy period

  2. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Bro, Paul,
    I like yr articles but if you yrself and others equatorians would have chose practical action South Sudan would have been the best environment in the world,but iam afraid that you Equarorians resort to fighting in the net than the rally actions.
    Should some body who has never known you read yr articles one may concluded that Equatorians are very powerful mean while you p,ple are just women who likes making noises.Even the are praising today should he decide to defect he will remain as a lonely man like Lado Gore and Kenyi who defected but don,t have any single force and get big positions thro,some people blood.In our current war with the Gov,t there is no any single solder from Equatoria who died in the side of SPLA/ IO but when you Lado Gore Talking you may conclude that he has captured almost all part of South Sudan but thro,mouth.Pls be advice yr noise will not helped you.

    • Nikalongo says:

      comrade Yien Mathew,
      Your fascination with violence as a mean to conflict resolution is absurd. Where is the peace that thousands of Dinka and Nuer youths died for? Communities in Bahr-el-Ghazal and Upper Nile are trekking Northwards to Sudan in search of security and food and you are here praising and enticing people to violence. Do you not see that AK-47 in your (Dinka and Nuer) hands have brought you nothing but barbarism. If you think I am kidding, come home to see for yourself. You have this false assumption that every average Dinka and Nuer lives like Kiir and and Riek.
      Warrior Yien, Equatoria is powerful without having to resort to running around like idiots and causing mayhem. The day people in Equatoria take up arms, there will be no South Sudan. Do not deceive yourself that you are much more braver because you are armed to the teeth. Issues of land grabbing, cattle rustlers and wandering herdsmen disturbing farming communities will be resolved. These are political stuffs and in politics, nothing lasts forever. Where is Bashier and his gangs of jihadists? Only fools and daydreamers belief the current situation is sustainable.
      Why should Equatorians die in your wars? In Equatoria, Generals follow people, people do not follow Generals because the interest of the Generals are not always those of the people. That Yien is the difference between you and Equatorians. If Kenyi and Gore were never followed, is because they failed to convince people in Equatoria. Gens. Tafeng, Lagu, Abu John,…etc were followed and supported by the people of Equatoria. The visions were the same. The present conflict is senseless and stupid. It serves absolutely no purpose. Equatorians are doing themselves a better service by keeping away. The sooner your people (Dinka and Nuer) realises that the better. The ball is in your court.

  3. alex says:

    Dear S. Sudanese we have to open our eyes and reject violence as a means of addressing any issues
    the ideology of violence belong to terrorists whom their language is violence and treating other people. They spread hate and tell lies about non Muslims. Poul elhag is one of those Imams who preach hate and violence and promising haven to those who are willing to die for the cause. But what is funny about these preachers is that, they sent their children and wives to go and live abroad. They send their children to schools to study. The poor allowed their children to perish. So , we should inform this imam that , we reject violence and hate. We are people who have norms and values in our country. Paul elhag is preaching the destruction of SPLM/SPLA in all his articles. Never in the history of S Sudan no any political party has called for destruction of SPLM/SPLA accept our enemy Khartoum. So, given the names of this so call politician we need to be very careful. There are many of our people under Khartoum pay role. Is it logical to compare SPLA to Nasi German. I need our People to judge by themselves. This is beyond the normal political difference or change this man is claiming. This man is aiming at destroying out state.

    I leave it with you people. Has any of our political parties compared our brothers to Nasi?


  4. Force_1 says:

    Are you people not bored with this topic yet!

    • Bol says:

      Land Grabbing, Dinka Born to Rule, Dinka stupidity, Dinka…., Dinka….., Dinka…., Dinka…. and some spacey cocktails of made up stories are the best national contribution some us could offer these days…..They will go out of business if these poisonous soft wares become un-consumable! Flout these melodies as much as you can, they are about to die out soon.

  5. M. Akulia says:

    Bravo Elhag!! The time for tackling this malevolence is now not later. Yalla! Yalla!
    M. Akulia

  6. Aguer says:

    Paul to look into land issues , the people who are benefiting now are none other then Bari people not Dinka . so to blame Dinka as whole is nonsense.may be U guys who are outside the country still didn’t get it .By the year 2035 most people in Juba areas will be millionaires bcs of land sales , so before its too late come and.join your people .The govt belongs to all 64 tribes not Jieng alone , if a land taken by the Army is your problem then blames spla not jieng.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Just to counter your falsification of the realities on the ground, those Bari who you alleged to have sold land are just a few and what they got from the transactions was not much.
      Actually, those few thousand pounds were immediately consumed up and today, each and everyone is suffering the economic catastrophe president Kiir has precipitated in the country.
      Now the illegal land grab that everyone is taking about is the forceful acquisition of lands by SPLA army generals and by top government and SPLM leaders, most of whom are jieeng.
      The trickery these land grabbers used in a few cases was asking for and then buying from the Bari a piece of land which they initially claimed on grounds of humanity. But after getting the initial piece, the land grabbers then aggressively used their power, privilege and security forces to occupy more land than that which they were given initially.
      The village land owners suddenly found themselves utterly powerless to neither resist nor evict these powerful aliens from their land.
      That’s what exactly happened in Gwu’duge village of Gen. Thomas and in many surrounding villages of the Bari in Juba. The Land grabbers unashamedly used state power to get these lands and up to this moment, despite all efforts and promises to evict them, they are still there because the whole government is behind the land grabbers.
      So, Mr. Aguer, who is to be blamed for this problem when the land grabbers are the government and the government is the land grabbers!!!!

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,
        What Kiir and cohorts think they are clever than they really are! To show that those who rebelled and went to the bush with Dr Riek Machar wasted their times and lives, Kiir’s government under the guise of changing signatures on the legal tender bills, printed more money to appease those who stuck with him.

        This newly printed “worthless” money outside the borders of South Sudan is doing wonders in the country. It’s the one fueling this massive “property acquisition” you see in Juba and its environs including Gwu’duge village.

  7. Gatdarwich says:

    Paul Elhag,

    The forceful–gross land grabbing practices in Equatoria by the traitorous Jenges is not simply going to be eradicating by General Cirillo alone–with pure mere-empty self sacrifice-death threat!
    General Cirillo will and shall soon hopelessly joined others–supposedly the mightiest Equatorians–General Wani Konga and Colonel Bangasi Bakasoro–in indefinite detention palace in Juba—if you, the Equatorians, just unruly making boisterous noises without concrete action–unreservedly commencing firing silver bullets at the traitorous Jenges period

    Peace, and Ngundeng bless Patriot!

    • Force_1 says:

      You Nuer are the ones who are powerful and fearless enough to handle the government by force you remember? So why are you the ones cheering up the Equatorians to act and then throw them “under the bus” instead of you Nuer doing the action you revered yourselves to know better than others? I wished you were smart enough to read between the lines of what I just said; you would realize how ridiculous you sound with those statements you made against Equatorians in your above comments!

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Your statement that Gatdarwich is “cheering up Equatorians,”–manupilatively–simply by wisely advising them–Equatorians to decisively defend their ancestry lands against the aggressive invaders–land grabbers–Jenges, is completely misguided.
        Yes, Nuer are 200 percent anti-land grabbing practices, and shall stand shoulder to shoulder with every affected minority tribe in South Sudan, but practically, we can’t hold their fingers on the machine gun triggers as you inanely seems to suggest because it’s militarily impossible to do so period
        Nonetheless, Gatdarwich shall ethically informed the Equatorians–the trigger scared individuals–affected minority tribes that it’s takes exactly one finger to squeezes–fires 100 rounds out of M249 or PKM machine gun in 10 seconds. Imagine how many Jenges would hastily joined Nhialic in hell if a trained military sniper–Madi or Bari fearlessly squeezes-fires 100 rounds on their land grabbers’ asses–Jenges’ in their Kraals–in Madiland or Bariland?
        Force-1, Jenges are the well known cheerers of others men–“my big brother, Museveni–killer NyanKiir boisterously cheered,—“thank Jenges’ nhialic-god for having created Uganda,”—Arch Bishop Nathaniel Garang–slavishly praised Museveni.
        In actuality, force-1, what tribe in South Sudan is passionately “cheering up” others men? Isn’t the mightiest-patriots Nuer or the indisputably traitorous Jenges?

        “Reasonable argument”? you got it, natural born liar–traitor period

        Hell to your likes and peace to the patriots,

        Patriot, Gatdarwich

        • Southdan says:

          The current peace agreement is a land grabbing according to Elhuge Pual.the present peace gives places to Reik Dr Riek Machar forces in juba to be accommodated this will aggravate government anti-peace, so you should not say Nuer are %100 anti-land’s apparently the war is a Dinka Nuer war. The mentality of person which advocats that peace not should not be implent south equatorians government agents. In this case you could see after Elhuge Pual article the peace agreement is falling apart.

          agent to the government misleading people as one acts on behaves of Bariya ( Karo).see after elhag pual articl on April 4/11/ 2016, the peace accord is falling apart.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Deng Hanbol
      Brother Gatdarwich,
      It seems that history is about to repeat itself for that Bari tribe. According to Samuel Baker, who came to suppress the slave trade in southern Sudan. He reached Gondokoro in 1870 and believed that the Bari tribe of Gondokoro should genuinely support his protection from the representatives of the slave trader in the southern Sudan. Conversely, the chief of Bari, Alloron refused to be protected by the new appointed governor general of Equatoria province instead he (Alloron) had allied himself with the Arabs who came to take Bari and other Nilotics tribes as slaves

      Samuel White Baker said:
      … he had hope that tribe in the neighborhood of Gondokoro,
      the Bari, would gratefully accept his protection against the
      agents of the foremost slave traders in the region, Muhammad
      Ahmad al-Aqqad. He could not imagine they would not. But to
      his horror, he found that the Bari chief, Alloron, had recently
      allied himself with the slavers- his people voluntarily acting as
      al-Aqqad’s porters and mercenaries. So when Baker tried to
      buy food staffs, he was turned down. Evidently, it suited the
      interests of the Bari to gain immunity by coming to an
      accommodation with the ruling caste of Arabs permanently
      settled in the south. Baker had disliked these people on his
      earlier passage through their territory and now pronounced
      them naturally vicious and treacherous.

      Likewise, Gen. Thomas Cerino has utterly failed to confront Kiir who killed his tribal man Peter Soul, the son of Bari heroin particular and south Sudanese at large Abdu Rahman Souli or against the same Dinka who had bitten badly his elder brother Gen.Peter Cirillo during Addis Abba agreement. Bearing in mind that the aforementioned brother was the one who sent him to Sudan military college. And above he (Thomas) failed to join his beloved leader the statesman Gen. Lado Gore instead he allied himself with the Bari land grabbers.Therefore, I would argue that history is about to repeat itself for that Bari community ya Mr.Elhag.
      Even if I criticized constructively, some people may perceive it negatively, and i’m sorry for that. By the way, I’m a supporter of Gen. Gore, Lawyer Peter Souli and Dr. Luka Maonj and to mention a few.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        It’s good to know that you’re supporting the indisputable patriot, General Lado Gore!
        General Gore is a man of high standards and a true nationalist.
        As per your critical observation, I believe that there’s a high probability that history is imminently “repeating itself in Bari community” period

  8. oyhath says:

    You nail it right on its head, Elhag. If a cancer is spreading and destroying other parts of the body,it should be stopped in order to safe those parts of the body and this is the right thing to day. This was exactly what the Allied Forces did to stop Hitler in his unjustified hunger and thirst to occupy Europe and the world. Exactly this is what all south Sudanese whose lands are being grabbed by this tribal chauvinism should do. The righteous should check and should keep the evil in check. If south Sudan is to be saved as a nation, alliance of the victims of the land grab policy is inevitable.

  9. laku says:

    Dear false millionaire,

    you better continue cleaning stuff and get paid. So don’t participate in the politics of South sudan.

  10. Peacemaker says:

    Those who think they will maintain the status quo even after formation of TGoNU through secretive strategies planned in advance are daydreamers. Any attempt by the regime to impede the process to fully implement the peace agreement by letter and spirit will bring the country to an abrupt bloody end. The frustration and dashed hopes of the suffering masses will explode and would be difficult to control.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Which politics?!!!

  12. alex says:

    The government of S. Sudan will no be tried to preach peace because we believe it is the only way to development and prosperity. The gallant SPLA forces will not be tired to guard the peace in the country. So anyone who want to destabilise the country will be dealt accordingly. So Paul and Laku you are most welcome to the playground. Come and test the SPLA might. It was of time jalla, jalla in the net. Come and say yalla, yalla in the battle field because things in the net will not be the same like in the ground. We are tired of empty talks. We need agent action. The only thing is we do not want people to make silly lies like,they are killing civilian or they used chemical weapon. For you to be able to make a right choices between people and war is when you know the bitterness of the war. Some of you ran during the war to exile that id why you still have the guts to fight. People who talk a lot are always lairs. Be informed that we are ready prescribe you the medication to combat your mental delusions for you to be able to make right choices.
    Thanks meet in Gumbo or Yei.

  13. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Readers,
    If bro,Paul and Dr.Lako can come on the ground for action i will be very glad then being out side and declare a war which the may not participate.I really hatred the behaviors of Equatorians of barking every day.

  14. Southdan says:

    Mr.Paul, are you really talking about Bariaya Land being grabbed by Dink or after different agenda. I could say you have a different agenda try to mislead people, but to me your distorted agenda would be accepted. You talking Bariaya land being grabbed by Dinka. What about Nuer, collo, More, Anyuak and 64 South Sudanese tribes would come and work in Juba under the national unity government aren’t they a land grabbers too. Mr Paul please grow up, not let yourself be enchanted by Israel’s philistines problem that talks East and West Bank. My advice is when you write the next article say Bariaya land is being grabbed by Nuer, Dinka shuluk, Murle Anyuak and 64 tribes.

  15. Deng says:

    ‘I am ready to die for my land.’ Really, did the said General really said this or just a concocted story? I think the author do need to check this with his source again before he could do more damage on false assumption.

    • Southdan says:

      Deng, don’t worry there will be a forgiveness between Dinka and Nuer.They had allready damaged their interests, for the sake of Samuel Gai Tut and Dr. John Garang D-Mabiour.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Deng Handbol,
    Your analysis is very interesting and u have touched the core of the truth.
    Ask the fat equatorian intellectuals like Elhag paul and Dr Kwajok among others if they like slavery and they will tell u no with the speed of light ignoring the fact that their descendants were part and parcel to slave trade.
    Ask them again if they don’t like land grabbing and they will give u another speedy big no in disregard to the fact that elites of their masses are the ones in the centeral core of illegal land business.
    Brother Deng,please keep your kinsmen away from violence for political objectives.U could be committed for national objectives.But others like Elhag would be just too happy to see u sacrificing your kins and then pick up the spoils that u may manage to achieve from a silver plat.Such evil context makes it most imperative to choose to use the words of mouth in public rallies.If u get elected,fine.If u don’t,it will still be fine becouse u will have neither done harm to any one nor lost any soul among your kins.

  17. Raankan says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,
    Jieng had over population in Country that is why they immigrated everywhere in the world ,they became the local people of Australia,America,Kenya,Sudan,and Canada.what prevent Jieng to be local citizens of Equatoria,to cry is not help unless you take gun and fight as Nuer did

    Thank you,

  18. Southdan says:

    Mr. Raankan or Raanka(sounds like Dinka words which means this fellow)
    I agree with you and I don’t give a demand to people who barks on the internet about Dinka being a majority or occupiers .Nuer are also could be occupiers in their eyes others, why Dinka alone. I think people don’t application the way Dinka people cares for one another. The second majority tribes, the cousin of dink the nuer does not love on another like Dinka dose. This current war is a cousin war in which Dinka Will not defeat Nuer, neithe Nuer will defeat dinka, but finally they will make peace. President Kiir Mayardiid has created another dinka’s term portraying Equatorians word Kokora he divided country into 28 States where jeing will never mingle with Nuer.

    • Raankan says:

      Iam not Dinka as you like to say,but hater and tribalism will not stop untill those old generation will die with current Liberators and Nyagats or militias and after that South Sudan will free after 100 years.But to continuous preaching lie Dinka,Nuer or Bari is not good or land grabe will not help


  19. Southdan says:

    Hi folks, my question who coined the word land grabbing?. Please read the Nuer conquest book it talks about Nuer grabbing the Dinka land (which is now including the old pangak, Nasier, Lou Nuer Nyirol wouroor, and waat. The Dinka fallsely alleged Nuers occupied their land. For example, I’m following Jock being said by Dink fi example, Nuers and Dinkas names are similarly pronounces but the matter if Dink hears Nuer name pronounces like Dinka he would say this Nuer is a Dinka which been grabbed by Nuer forgetting Dinka, Nuer had common origins.

    • Force_1 says:

      If Nuer “grabbing Jieng land” is historically true; then the Jieng sub-tribe of “Hol and Nyarweng” would know better because they are the only sub-tribes of Dinka in Jonglei state who shared the border with Nuer and had the fluency of Nuer language. But I never heard them complaining of their land being grabbed by Nuer; unless one of those sub-tribe who share the border with Nuer proved me wrong. I mean anyone from either Hol or Nyarweng!
      All I know is; there are areas known as Hol Pathel and Duk Padiet which are all Nuer sounding names but Dinka of Hol and Nyarweng own those territories. To say places like Nasir, Pangak and lou Nuer Nyirol were grabbed from Dinka would be like saying Yei, Yambio, Nimule and Torit were grabbed from Dinka; that would be insane!
      The wise often say; “If your argument make sense; then it’s true but if it doesn’t make sense; then it isn’t true”!

  20. Gatdarwich says:

    Southdan & Force-1,

    You’ve both went astray from the main topic—Jenges must immediately halt grabbing Equatorians’ land–vacates it with urgency period
    The issue of whether or not Nuer & Jenges have historical–questionable land disputes is totally irrelevant in Mr. Elhag Paul’s article, full stop

    • Force_1 says:

      First of all; you need to know the difference between a response to an article and a reply to an individual’s comment. Good luck to you!

      • Gatdarwich says:


        You unequivocally got Gatdarwich’s main point–(stick to the topic being discussed), but your traitorous mind is frozen–NO valid point worth debating. Lol–?

  21. Southdan says:

    Cousin force -1
    The relationship between the Nuer, Dinka is generally they wrere as brothers. I can’t tell you when it will but the logic will tell us in had mentioned Nyarweng and Hol fluently speaking Nuer that is call A broum means a place people met for peace and Nyarweng means Nuers mixing jeing or jeing mixing Nuers further it goes on to Ruweng which means Nuer and Jeing or jeing Nuer.should you believes my word.

  22. Southdan says:

    Dinka, Nuer had been poison by SPLA ideology. You may think I lie to say pangak, Nasier, and Lou Nuer are Dinka land grabbed by Nuer but this propaganda comes from Dinka Elites but the ordinary Dinka like you would be brind washes and accept false parpaganda. I believe you the facts you said, if Nuer grabbed Dinka land it would have been like allegation which says Dinka had grabbed Nimeli or other Equatorians this case I try to indicate some which was not your making nor me but likely to affect others.during 1983-86 Dr John Garang D-Mabiour had committed genocide against Nuer section of Gajak and gagok in( Maiwoud and Jeco districts) the reason was Dr John De-Mabiour considered the land of Maiwoud, Jeco as former Dinka which was occupied by nuer if you think I lie go and ask close friend from Nuer gajok will tell you.

  23. Amokranthiec says:

    In every country there must Conqueror it s dos,t mean weak people to be murder we must respect ourselves (nuer have tried see the become idps in their own country

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