Condemning Kiir’s unlawful arrest of Peter Biar Ajak, now in Juba ‘Blue House’ Den of Lions

BY: Yom Deng Bul, South Sudanese, AUG/02/2018, SSN;

I am hereby Appealing to the Kiir’s Government of South Sudan to unconditionally free and release the South Sudanese Political Analyst, Peace Activist and a Founder of (SSYLF), Dr. Peter Biar Ajak, who is the PhD Holder from the Harvard University in US.

Dr. Biar was part of the 26000 lost boys/girls of South Sudan who were resettled to the Western world in 2001. Dr. Peter Biar becomes part of the lost boys/Girls who were brought to the USA in 2001.

My Name is Yom Deng Bul, I am a South Sudanese Child Rights Activist, the founder of Achut Foundation (A.F) that came to existence in 2007. The A.F was established in South Sudan as a South Sudanese’s Children Rights Organization. I am A Master Student from the U.O.N, and majoring in Diplomacy.

I fled South Sudan on April 27th, 2012 after South Sudan had just gained her independence on 9th July, 2012. I had survived an attempted murder at Hai-Amarat in my premise in Juba. The attackers on me were allegedly suspected to be members of the South Sudanese National Security.

I had spent seven years in exile in Kenya. I had also survived attempted forced kidnapping in Kenya until my House was attacked and raided in Roysambu Estate in Nairobi, on Feb 17th, 2018.

Currently, I am residing in Manhattan, New York City, US. I came to the US on April 15th, 2018 for a speaking Engagement purposes.

Dr. Biar was arbitrary & unlawfully arrested on Saturday, July, 2018 at Juba Airport. He was harassed and intimidated while he was about to board a Plane to Aweil Town heading to Nyamilil to attend a Red Army Foundation’s Commemoration anniversary-day, as reported by a good source.

Dr. Peter Biar was inhumanely and brutally arrested by the South Sudanese National Security (SSNS) in the VIP terminal building. He was forced into a SSNS car and transported to the Blue House, the SSNS headquarters in Customs Area in Juba where he’s being kept.

There is no proper information about what the SSNS charged him with so far. There is no proper public notice about the arrest although all the media houses and magazines are shut down by the government in Juba.

Unfortunately, such SSNS pernicious and unlawful act of Detention, False accusation & an illegal Imprisonment of an individual South Sudanese Political moderator, Analyst, Human rights and Peace activist in South Sudanese is something very common in Juba.

The South Sudanese National Security (S.S.N.S) under General Akol Khoor can decide to illegally arrest anybody they want for no reason. So this is an act is misuse of power. This continuing act of human rights abuses has amounted to war crime and crime against humanity.

This has been going on in South Sudan since the country gained her independence on 9th July, 2012. Addition to that, I am also appealing to all the International Human rights organizations, and individuals legal bodies in East Africa to join hands in advocating for the release of Peace Activist from unacceptable detention.

The Background to South Sudan’s Conflict Hostility: LEADERSHIP FAILURE

The conflict in the Republic of South began on 15th Dec, 2013. It began as a misunderstanding within the SPLM ruling Party. Due to mistrust in the SPLA/M party, it mushroomed into an out-scaled civil war that has engulfed the whole country into the violence.

The war was fueled by mistrust and power wrangling within the SPLM Party. It started as misunderstanding between President Kiir and his former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, who become SPLA/M-IO chairman.

The war is sustained by the Government and its corrupt cartels including SSNS agents. There was also malfeasance and stealing of the public funds by the SPLM and its high rank government officials as for the case of the 2008-2010 Dura scandal.

This had led to the disappearance of $6 billion in the economy. There is constant Human Rights Violation by both the Government and opposition armed groups leading to abuses of intellectuals in Major towns, Women, Children, elderly peoples and vulnerable youths.

The civil war has been prolonged and has led to constant rebellions at various state levels but much worse in Greater Upper-Nile Region which is composed of Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity States and currently the conflict has escalated into the Greater Equatoria region, Former Western and Northern Bahr-El-Ghazal States in the Greater Bhar El Ghazal region.

This wide spread of violence is contributing to mass atrocities and abuses of citizens across the country and in a Neighboring countries to South Sudan.

The Social services such as learning facilities have been destroyed by the civil war, civilians have fled to increase the Refugees crisis in the region.


The war in South Sudan is four and half years now, violence has escalated across the country and if the war doesn’t stop, we will witness the worst. This is because the more the war is prolonged, the more it becomes complicated and complex.

There is no security for intellectual South Sudanese like Dr. Peter Biar Ajak. One could be killed by any criminal agent known as Unknown gun man in South Sudan.

The warring factions are committing more mass atrocities and violating many ceasefire agreements since 2014. The government in Juba has resorted to new tactic of inciting communities to go to war with each other.

The National Security has counted and recorded Juba populations and whoever is a new face or arrival in Juba city is recognized and interrogated.

There is use of online hate speeches, fueling up of mass atrocities across the country. The individual supporters of the warring factions in South Sudan are using their associate tribesmen and women to help them preach hatred.

This has given rise to an increase of abuses of sexual violence and sexual exploitation of South Sudanese women on the ground.

There are extra-judicial killings, torturing of the prisoners of war, inhuman treatment of abducted political analysts/leaders, Human rights and Peace activists, Journalists, Moderators and philosophers, Recruitment of Child Soldiers in the Refugee camps outside South Sudan in East Africa and including the IDP.

The civil war has increased the corruption cartels such as stealing and Looting of civilian property, cattle and destruction of the agricultural farms and the Foods items.

There has been forced adoptions and transfer of children to the other group.

The above all amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This war and its effects on Girl-Child population in South Sudan, has increased early pregnancies, rape..etc.

There is an ongoing Humanitarians crisis fueled by warring factions using inhuman warfare tactics in preventing Aid workers transporting foods to the needy people.

Warmly regards,

Yom Deng Bul,

Contact number:

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