Condemning Kiir’s facist regime: PR from MPs & SPLA Officers

Nairobi- Kenya
7th June 2014



We take this opportunity to humbly inform the press and the Public in general that we have decided to condemn Salva Kiir’s dictatorial regime in Juba and join the forces of opposition for many reasons among which are the following:

1. The Parliament in Juba is a rubber stamp institution of Dictator Salva Kiir Mayardid. It is totally controlled and dominated by the President. He appoints the leadership of the Parliament (The Speakers, the deputy Speakers, Chairpersons of specialized standing committees etc). He also appointed 60% of the members of Council of states and 48% of the National Legislative Assembly. Important motions such as those against massive corruption are killed and the proposers are threatened with death e.g.

• The stealing of 4.2 billion dollars by 75 government Ministers and other important government officials; the dura (sorghum) saga whereby 6 billion pounds of the government were shared by corrupt tribesmen etc.

• The President dictates on parliament when it comes to the vetting of his appointees for Ministerial positions, the cases in point are Telar Deng (Presidential Advisor) and James Wani Igga (the current Vice President). When parliament for good reasons rejected the appointment of Telar Deng as Minister of Justice, the President got angry and decided to impose Telar as his Legal Advisor. He threatened to dissolve parliament if it had rejected the appointment of James wani Igga as vice President in September 2013. He threatened to send them to look for food in the streets by dissolving Parliament. So Parliament passed Wani’s appointment without debate.

• Since 2005 the executive has not been transparent and it has not been held accountable to parliament because the President would not allow that to happen.

2. Tribal domination of the government institutions
From 2005 to date all government institutions have been dominated by one tribe Salva Kiir’s tribe, the Dinka).

Examples are:
• Minister of Defense
• Minister of Interior
• Army chief of staff
• Director of Security
• Director of Military intelligence
• Inspector General of Police
• Director of Passports and immigration
• Governor of the Central bank
• Chief Justice and Senior judges etc.

3. Poor government performance
In the last nine years of Salva Kiir’s rule government (2005-2014) government performance has been dismal indeed.

Government employees are unqualified and inexperienced tribesmen and women. The Public service in efficient and in effective. There have been no development projects and services have never reached the people. There are no roads, no schools, no hospitals etc. 88 % of national revenue has been kept in Juba to be stolen and squandered by Salva’s tribesmen and women. Only 12% of the national revenue has been transferred annually to 10 states and 78 local government councils which is very inadequate to serve their basic needs. This is one of the main reasons why we are calling for federalism, so as to be able to take badly needed services to the people.

4. Bad foreign relations and poor diplomatic image.
80% of the Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including Ambassadors is also from one tribe (the Dink). Consequently we have poor diplomatic relations, with china and Uganda being the “only friends”.

5. Serious insecurity and Gross violation of Human Rights.
Worst of all there has been no security for individuals, groups and tribes in South Sudan since 2005 and especially in the national capital –Juba. Juba city has experienced daily killings at night by unknown people suspected to be the Presidents’ security agents. The death toll went to the maximum as from 15th December 2014 when thousands of ethnic Nuers were killed and murdered en mass in cold blood and that continues up this date.

We are aware that most of the tribal clashes are being encouraged by the President himself and some of his trusted agents. For example the tribal clashes in Western Bahr El Ghazal State (Wau) and in Jongolei state.

Way forward.
We are calling for a proper federal system (not quasi–federalism) in the country whereby:
• There will be ensured constitutional guarantee of sufficient devolution of powers to the states and counties with adequate financial resources.

• The president will not be able to interfere in the affairs of the states and counties as happened in Lakes State, Unity State, Jongolei State and Northern Baher El Ghazal State. He dismissed the elected Governors of Lakes and Unity States and appointed care Taker ones; he also promoted and appointed the Governors of Jongolei and Northern Baher El Ghazal States to Minister of Defence and Army Chief of Staff respectively.

• Towns will be taken to the people and not people to the towns
• The capital will be transferred from Juba to any other suitable location.
• There will be an end to land grabbing
• Security will be improved
• Corruption will be curbed
• Tribalism will be minimized
• Unity of the people will be restored
• Peoples participation in governance will be promoted
• Human rights will be respected etc.

We the honourable MPS from Greater Upper Nile and Greater Equatoria hereby append our names and constituencies as indicated below:

Names: Constituency
1. Hon. Gatluak Riek Jack Maiwut
2. Hon. Dr. Kuong Dak Ler
3. Hon. Ramadan Hassan Lako Terkeka
4. Hon. Charlaman Char Shawasa Ulang
5. Hon. Jok Jack Ulang
6. Hon. Wiew Kun Kiyang Ulang
7. Hon. Rev. Michael Mot Diew Payinjiar
8. Hon. Bol Gatwech Kuong Nina
9. Hon. Sophia Pal Gach Nasir
10. Hon. Robert Ruoch Kuot Rabkona
11. Hon. Banguot Amum Okiech Pibor
12. Hon. Gabriel Gone Dok Uror
13. Hon. Rien Galiar Lar
14. Hon. Reath Muocch Tang Nasir
15. Hon. Agnes Nyoka Lainya
16. Hon. Nyalolok Tiang Gatluak Mayiendit
17. Hon. Dr. Richard K. Mulla Mundri


I graduated Yesterday from Kenya Staff College but as of today I have decided to resign from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and join the forces of opposition.
The reasons for my resignation are as follows:

1. The SPLA Army is no longer a national Army. The President undermined the SPLA by recruiting private tribal army from his own tribesmen. The private Army has massacred thousands of ethnic Nuers Since 15th December 2013 and those people hail from the same tribe with me.

2. The President has killed Nuer Officers including those who are even loyal to the system. For example over 200 Nuer officers, NCOS and men were killed in cold blood in Mapel in Baher El Ghazal in April 2014. Another 40 officers were killed in Pachalla in May the same year.

3. The government could not even witness my graduation yesterday in spite of the fact that we have an embassy in Kenya.

Major Tah Galjiek (PSC)

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