Press Release: Condemnation letter: On Appointment of unconstitutional mayor of Malakal Township by Gov. Simon Kun Puoch

SEPT. 3/2012, SSN; Governor Simon Kun Puoch has denied Chollo participation in matters that concern their lives; the governor’s policies have become a direct threat to Chollo physical existence.
We call upon all Chollo, political leaders, intellectuals, civil societies, and the kingdom authorities to speak out and strongly support the Chollo intellectuals’ recent stand against Simon Kun Puoch illegal decisions and also to support the vigilant stand of honorable Juliana Nyawello Dak Padiet and his colleagues who have walked out from the Upper Nile Legislative Assembly in boycott of the illegal creation of Malakal City Council and appointment of a Mayor of the City of Malakal.
We support the efforts of the Honorable Santino Ajang in mobilizing the Chollo communities to stop Governor Simon Kun Puoch threats against the Chollo Kingdom.
Governor Simon Kun Puoch is inciting the rift between Upper Nile communities to build his own political utopian kingdom relaying on his own personal militia.
Chollo Global Action (CGA) calls upon all the Upper Nile communities to reject this divide-and-rule politics which will further destabilize the state and might lead to tribal genocides.
It is clear that Governor Simon Kun Puoch is following the path of some of his predecessors who have worked to destroy the Chollo Kingdom.
CGA condemns the encroachment of the Jongeli State into Panyikang County, the encroachment of Akoka County into Fashoda County and the encroachment of Melut County into Manyo County.
Similarly, Chollo hold President Kiir’s government responsibly and accountable for failing to act to resolve the land disputes between Chollo and Dinka communities and Chollo will not make any concession to those who want to occupy their ancestral land.
Malakal is the heart of the Chollo Kingdom and a vital part of Makal County. We support the commissioner of Makal County in his strong defense of the county and his rejection of Governor Simon Puochs decision creating an illegal Malakal City Council without national, state and local government constitutional provisions.
CGA condemned Governor Simon Kun Puoch’s action by appointing an unlawful mayor and creation of Malakal City Council in the Upper Nile state. This is a clear violation of provision of national, states and local government constitutions Act 2009.
Governor Simon Kun Puoch should know that his action will undermine the peaceful coexistence within the state of Upper Nile and he must and should abolish this illegal action.
The creation of Malakal City council is illegal and unacceptable which will create conflict among the citizens of Upper Nile state. Malakal is the capital of Upper Nile state and formally known as Upper Nile Province based on historical records and facts originates its name from Makal, which is the Chollo village.
Governor Puoch has decided to violate both national and states provisions by creating and establishing the Malakal City Council without any warrant of endorsement from the President Kiir.
As we all know that Makal County Council is created and established by the order No. 003/10/2004 issued by late Cdr. Dr. John Garang De Mabior, Chairman and Commander -in- Chief, SPLM/A dated 16th October 2004.
As citizens of Upper Nile States , we ask the Governor Simon Kun Puoch to revise his decision for the interest of citizens of Upper State and Makal County.
We warn those who seek to create a false reality and a way to drive the Chollo to leave their ancestral homes on the east bank.
For the sake of peaceful coexistence within the state of Upper Nile, we ask Governor Simon Kun to abolish the creation of illegal Malakal City Council.
We also urge the Governor Simon Kun to resolved other areas in Chollo Kingdom such as Akoka, Atar Ardeb, Obang, Ogod, Wic Nyiral Lul and Athidhang which have been occupied under his watch and his predecessor former Governor Gatlwak Deng on Chollo ground.
Chollo Global Action, CGA is a nonprofit organization that works to promote human rights in South Sudan and protect the interest of the Shilluk Kingdom. If you would like more information about this topic, or would want to schedule an interview with CGA, please contact us by Tel or Email CGA at the following contacts.
Olany Amum Lueth
Press Statement by the Leader of Minority in Upper Nile State Legislative Assembly on;

The Farcical statement made by Upper Nile Governor in Juba.

AUG. 25/2012, SSN; Governor of Upper Nile State, Simon Kun Puoch Mar, beamed on SSTV on Saturday August 18th 2012 on his arrival at Juba airport from Malakal, same shameless statement which was published in the Citizen news paper the following morning on first page that, quote, “SPLA Captures SPLM-DC Militiamen in Upper Nile”.

The crux of the matter is retaliation against the SPLM-DC party members’ walk out from the Legislative Assembly of Upper Nile State for refusing to accord audience to illegally appointed constitutional-snare Mayor for Malakal town council by the governor.

The Governor had been hoarding copies of the state’s constitution hidden in his custody since it has been reviewed and passed by national ministry of legal affairs and constitutional development in Juba several months ago.

The constitution was only made available to the parliament only 48 hours before the summon of the Mayor to the parliament. When it became crystal clear that the Mayor had no constitutional being, to appear before and address the parliament, the leader of minority in Upper Nile State Legislative Assembly, protested as a matter of procedure.
However, the deputy speaker overruled and offered the opposition either of two choices i.e. either he must sit down and precede with the appearance of the Mayor or to leave the room. The leader of the opposition opted for choice of the constitutional provisions and walked out. He was immediately joined by SPLM-DC members in the walk-out.

Simon Kun Puoch Mar is above the constitution in Upper Nile State, and can not entertain any opposition from whoever. Least of all the SPLM-DC party. The delayed distribution of the constitution copies to the MPs was a tactic to keep them in the dark in the hope of illegal confirmation of the city Mayor position which is not in the constitution, along with others as the ministry of legal affairs and the ministry of trade and investment. The opposition in the parliament is the vanguard against any unconstitutional practices fostered by the governor in the state.

The SPLM-DC has nothing to do with what happened in Renk county carried out by known commanders of insurgency in the area under the command of Maj. General Mohamed Chol El Haamer, Maj. General James Gai Yoach, Maj. General James Thiel.
The accusation by Simon Kun Puoch Mar comes as no surprise to many people of Upper Nile State, because when he is in difficulties in the state, he rationalizes by smearing the name of SPLM-DC as the escape goat, to appease his superiors as to avert the attention of the public from real issues like the bad health and education where there are no drugs and overcrowded classes of two hundred pupils who never attend classes on rainy days and poorly paid teachers.

Prevention of the commissioner of Makal county to celebrate the nations’ independence in Malakal town, ordering him to celebrate across the river at Lelo Payam, is one part of this plot to hand over the county to an illegally appointed Mayor.
The refusal of Makal county commissioner to give-up the town of Malakal and opposition walk-out of the parliament had triggered anger in the governor who feels better when regarded being above the law.
Where are the 15 captured militia men affiliated to the SPLM-DC? But they could pay any persons to impersonate the alleged militiamen, if the investigation is not carried out by an independent court of competence.

Hon. Juliano Nyawello Dak Padiet

Leader of Minority Upper Nile Legislative Assembly.


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