Collo (tribe) must mend fences or face ultimate doom!

By Gwado J. Ador, United Kingdom, JAN/12/2017, SSN;

The snobs are out again managing an atmosphere of hate and fear amongst sons and daughters of one mother and father. With the heroes falling one after another, the battle for Malakal is certain just at our doorsteps and will soon be decisive.

Brave Collo young men and women are ready to respond to the calls of liberation in Collo land. As natural soldiers by birth, it was possible by the grace of our ancestors for Collo youth to defeat forces of occupation at every available opportunity. Collo would surely determine the outcome of war. They will eventually win the battle for Malakal in just a brief encounter on leveled ground.

Beforehand, Collo will have to come to terms with the inevitable consequences of vulgarism and fatal consequences of infighting among themselves, which benefits none other than prophets of doom in South Sudan.

The issue at stake is the claim staked by Dinka Apadang on a chunk of Collo land. Apadang said Malakal and other Collo areas lying East of the Nile belong to Dinka. This claim which was based on a false ground was duly effected by Kiir’s Presidential Order No. “36/2015” which enhanced the practical annexation of Malakal town to East Nile State.

Since then, Collo young men and women have formed armed resistance movements. Training centres were opened and started to spring up in many areas. Collo were ready to wage armed struggle against Dinka Apandang’s forces on legal and moral grounds.

Many bitter wars have been fought along the Nile and in Collo areas. Agwelek forces managed to put up fierce resistance and defeated the heavily armed SPLA and its Dinka militias of Abu Shok and Darfur Rebels on numerous occasions. Juba however, sustained defeat and embarrassment of losing battles on high tech military equipment to Collo liberation army.

Against all odds, the regime in Juba and its strategist from Jieng Council of Elders “JCE” have become hysteric and paranoid about the ensuing revelation in Upper Nile. A new strategy to deal with what they have termed as “Shilluck menace” have been adopted.

Skillfully, President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Jieng Council of Elders ‘JCE’ started to move buying off some wicked elements who were adept to serve selfish interests. A congregation of disgruntled groups in Juba known for their lust for power and money relentlessly competed for kiir’s trust and favors. Some of them ended up being appointed into fake positions of elusive states.

Hence, sharp divisions coupled with military provocation started to surface among Collo sons and daughters. Competing factions who were pledging to fight for ancestral land turned the barrels of their weapons against one another.

Shot by friendly fire, heroes and heroines started to fall one after another. All have happened as a result of lust for power and money. The enemy exploited this and the issue of Collo land confiscation has become even more real than at any time before.

Collo military leaders from both sides have been engaged in polarising public opinion to the extent that desperate Collo natives and victims of injustices became confused. They were sharply divided antagonising one another and on social media platforms.

In order to win our objectives for which we have taken up arms, Collo should vigorously start mobilising youth to face Apadang aggression aimed to confiscate our ancestral land. By now we should have learned how to live together in peace and harmony especially following last incidences of which we lost fine lives of our young men and women. At our political and social spectrum, we must always strive to avoid provocation at all cost.

The fact that Collo traditional leaders worked tirelessly to mediate between the opposing Collo forces but unfortunately these forces often agree to work together half-heartedly. There are threats still casting a shadow on peaceful coexistence among Collo forces, which were bound to fight for our heritage and values. The ensuing threats in the Collo Kingdom might likely cost serious setback and loss of our ancestral land to our enemies.

What struck me further is the amount of death and the quality of fine lives of our young men and women being lost in ‘Upper Nile killing fields’ as a result of the work of twin evils within our midst, which turned Collo people into a laughing stock.

Undoubtedly, this has set a record that some Collo elements could even stride further to accept being bullied or used to fight in order to protect the interest of the enemy for food and positions. Overwhelmed by power, they were ready and could even be fooled to butcher themselves to the finish.

While nothing is being done to stop the bloodshed in the Collo Kingdom, some circles with ulterior motives started to move horizontally causing more chaos and mayhem and the latest is Hamara incident.

How many hero’s and heroin would we want to see falling before we could come to our senses and to conclude saying enough is enough?

On whose account are we paying the high price in terms of lives being lost in the course of our struggle?

Why do unnamed politician(s) and some food lovers keep on provoking the situation of hatred and unnecessary blood being spilt within Collo circles?

Until when will we remain to dig our heads into the sand, and be in utter denial about the threats surrounding Collo motherland?

Fair enough, under the auspices of Collo Kingdom, Reth (King) Kwongo Dak Padiet made several attempts to bring Collo youth together so as to discourage acts of defiance, especially sentiments of hatred and antagonism within the same members of one family.

Thus, Collo competing forces of Agwelek Under Gen. Johnson Olony Thubo and New Tiger under late Yoanes Okic were ritually bound to harmonise their aims and objectives so that they could bottle up their differences. They were set to fight shoulder to shoulder should there be any threats from outside, mainly from forces of marauding vulgarities surrounding Collo land.

But, on many occasions than not, the spirit of unity forged with the blessings of our great grand ancestors of which the two sides pledged to respect have often been a waste. It is abrogated in mysterious circumstance unleashing thus terror and latent hostility in the area. Collo young men and women arrogantly revert to challenging and savagely killing one another.

The sad news is that, following the latest incident, Agwelek and Tiger staunch supporters on social media, instead of investigating the circumstances under which this incident took place, they reverted to antagonising and abusing one another in stark contrast with the past incidences. This situation has unfortunately let to hurting and savage killing among members of one family. This situation has never been witnessed before.

Subsequently, supporters of both parties on social media were seriously embroiled and engaged in cyber warfare. Blame game flared up making most of them busy to mock one another. They often point fingers of accusation of siding with Juba’s “Mathiang Anyor” making it further hard for some of us to believe and digest the ensuing revelation.

But thank God, nothing serious has been advanced to substantiate the wild allegation made against our gallant forces and their leading figures in the battlefield.

It is being rumoured, however, that Kiir’s regime has mysterious hands behind what was going on in Upper Nile because, his forces have failed miserably to achieve their military objectives in the Collo Kingdom and now would want to attain these objectives through other means, including playing each individual against one another.

The question being raised today is how much success has Kiir achieved his military objectives in Collo land? The answer is perhaps a score of 75% certainly because his forces of Mathyang Anyor and other militia allied with the rebel groups in Northern Sudan are still occupying Malakal town including the entire Collo land on the Eastern part of the River Nile.

However, Mathyang Anyor and Dinka Apadang are entrenched in Collo land since Presidential Order “36/2015” of which Malakal was illegally annexed to what they named as “East Nile State”. Stephen Dhieu who comes from Baliet area makes necessary funds available.

The portion of war efforts is estimated in Billions of US Dollars to advance the cause of land confiscation in Collo areas. Dhieu was appointed in various lucrative economic positions to ensure the blazing fire is kept blowing and burning everything in the Collo Kingdom. It should consume the last soul and must erase traces of Collo heritage in that part of Upper Nile.

Strangely enough, others are still leaving in delusions and in abject denial arguing that things will soon become normal under Kiir’s leadership. They said only 25% of objectives have been realised and that explains why Kiir and his ‘JCE’ resorted to discreetly buying-off some top politicians and high ranking military officials who in turn would unconditionally join the government later as part of Gen. Taban Deng Gai’s IO ‘desperate mission for power and recognition’.

Although Gen. Taban Deng Gai was the top leading figure at the negotiating table on the side of IO during peace talks; both ‘SPLA IO and IG’ sides have explored to renegotiate the deal and resolved to settle the issue of decentralisation and federalism based on the new reality on the ground. Kiir and JCE stuck fast on the 28 States and for now, they were not ready to back down.

Taban was warned not to touch the issue of 28 States but allowed to operate within the small margin. He was given an opportunity to slightly improve on the deal by proposing additional states so as to resolve competing interests in certain areas.

Thus, Taban was forced to speak a different tongue. He would want to appear that he was still in control. Taban however, wants to pursue another phase altogether with risks to his safety, guarding thus against any threats which could jeopardise his newly acquired position.

After joining the government following July 2016 Palace Coup conspiracy, Taban alleged success in ousting his former boss Riek Machar Teny. As First Vice-President, he wants to put on a brave face to show his supporters that he was still capable to protect and to safeguard their interests. But sooner doubts started to overwhelm him, especially His uncertainty to take up his responsibility and poor perception on how to follow in his boss’s footsteps.

He embarked on subtle campaign to challenge Riek Machar in an attempt to keep him out of politics in Juba. Taban ensured that Riek is kept away as far as possible, and preferably in exile so as to prevent him to come back and to resume power as the legitimate IO Chairman.

Shortly, Taban became disillusioned with his position, he was in constant nightmare about Riek’s come back. At every opportunity he seizes, Taban vigorously started to dismiss Riek as irrelevant, who is like ‘a vehicle parked in exile without wheels’. President Kiir confided in him and entrusted him to chattel flights abroad to pursue this strategy, which will make Riek confined to one place in exile.

Simultaneously, Taban started to chattel flights between Juba and Khartoum on official visits to iron out issues of bilateral nature, including meeting with some opposition groups active at the border with Sudan.

Observers believe that Gen. Taban managed to strike a deal with some top military (IO) officials, including Collo high-ranking commanders in the area. His mission to attract followers and boost support for his leadership has yielded very little results and subsequently managed to barely lure Nuer or Collo forces to his own camp.

Implausibly, Taban with his bizarre character proposed to create Upper Nile Central States, which will include Panyikango and all areas of the Collo Kingdom lying on the Eastern bank of the River Nile joining thus, Dinka Areas of Akoka, Baliet and Adong with Malakal as the capital city. But, ironically, Dinka Apadang forced Taban to shut-up hinting, “non-coexistence with Collo people under one roof in Malakal.”

Emerging reports have obviously revealed that Taban has thoroughly discussed the issue of Malakal at different forums including church centres showing a clear departure from his previously held position to maintain JCE interests in Upper Nile.

Apparently, Taban would want to bring about peace and tranquility in the remaining conflict prone areas through newly set strategy provided that his proposal would not anger his new boss Salva Kiir Mayardit, and his Dinka supporters who maintained saying the issue of Malakal is non-negotiable. He has appealed for both Collo and Apadang to accept coexistence in Malakal as before, but neither side would want to back down on held positions.

Interestingly enough, Kiir’s recent expression which revealed saying he has done nothing wrong and that he seeks forgiveness for mistakes he might have committed unknowingly has cast doubts about his genuine search for peace and reconciliation.

It was rather unpalatable because of the nature of his approach and the character of his appointees whom some of them under no delusion were people with past bad records on the management of public resources and peaceful coexistent.

Take, for example, Simon Kun Pouch who served as the governor of Upper Nile State for more than two decades has been presiding over the ruins in Malakal. His reign as Governor during those days showed wanton destruction on physical infrastructure, including social fabric in the area. Thus, Malakal was reduced to just a mere rubble.

What could we expect from a bunch of idiots who knew nothing besides hatred? Simon Kun in league with other like-minded Nuer and Dinka individuals destroyed the whole town of Malakal beyond recognition. They massacred thousands of innocent people, including children, women and elderly in just a matter of some few days, what a farce!

Similarly, Bona Malwal who is currently serving, as a leading member of JCE is known for his avid dislike for unity and non-sharing resources with other non-Dinka in South Sudan. He strongly believes in disunity, and a tribesman at heart.

In fact, Bona Malual is the very person behind the idea of ‘Dinka absolute power for two hundred years to come’. He has relentlessly traveled around the world to preach for Dinka super power and imposition of the policy of divide and rule in the Republic of South Sudan.

However, both men and some more others are posing real threats and insecurity for the people of South Sudan. They will certainly defeat the purpose by which any genuine call for dialogue and reconciliation. With their likes on top of affairs, the prospects for dialogue will not only become harder to realise, but it will be a more risky venture in the context of South Sudan.

As devoted Churchgoer, President Kiir is still far away from the spirit of true repentance, thus he is not worthy to receive the divine of forgiveness or remorse yet. God the almighty saviour has not yet come any closer to his side, because of the amount of sins he committed against innocent people of South Sudan.

Honestly speaking, if he were serious about his recent intention, he would have at least scrubbed his establishment order No. “36/2015” as a gesture to attract sympathy and to remove suspicion and doubts still lingering around his neck.

Secondly he would have accepted without any precondition to dismantle all the illegal establishments crippling political, economical and social welfare institutions in the country.

Thirdly, he would have taken a courageous stance to dismiss JCE as unconstitutional non-existence.

Lastly, he would have shown signs to step down voluntarily, paving the way for the advent of real democracy and unity of the people in the country. But instead, President Kiir ignored all these vital gestures. Therefore, he was not really serious about his latest call.

The good news is that many people, however, have not taken him seriously, because he was known for such misleading and compelling appeals. Obviously, he was making a mockery of the system. However, fighting against injustices will still go further. We will preach and call for unity of all the tribes to rise up against policies of ‘Kiir’s fascism’.

Albeit, Collo must be prepared this time to fight for survival. Collo must come together united with other communities facing the same enemy to fight against injustice, corruption and malicious antagonism within South Sudan. Threats are real and will go nowhere any sooner. Collo forces should take the lead and put its forces on alert to response rapidly for calls of duty against forces of disunity and destruction.

The established social spectrum on various media platforms must observe the spirit of brotherhood and desist from making unnecessary provocations or irresponsible move. Collo various military forces must abide by pledges made before the King of Collo people and paramount chiefs in respect for the spirit of our ancestors and for the sake of our motherland.

Let us stand side by side for the protection of our traditional values and our rights to leave decent life. Let us reject forces of evils in our midst by assuring that we wouldn’t be intimidated or misled by forces of darkness again.

The spirit of our ancestors reinforced by the blessings of Jesus Christ will always be upon all the Collo people, especially those who have taken up arms to fight for our rights against forces of occupation and disunity.

Finally, the issue of Malakal is central to everyone in the Collo Kingdom. This is not a private affair or a monopoly of politicians or groups of individuals armed or otherwise. We will never accept any bargain that would not place Malakal at the centre of final peace to resume its role as inherent Collo commercial town.

Certainly, Agwelek and New Tiger forces, including the entire Collo people won’t take any further provocation or aggression lightly while lying down. Victory is ours and certain.

To our fallen heroes, have mercy and rest in peace.


  1. Bala says:

    Olony stole weapons from Kiir. Half of them were recaptured or destroyed. Khartoum can’t give collos anything because their militiasm has nothing to do with Bashir. It is a good idea to have peace with Kiir, APandeng and share Malakal West or Malàkal East.

    • Yoc Ranthar says:

      By Yoc Ranthar
      Gdwado, you supposed to pray so hard not to be an endangered species because you are heading in a wrong dark tunnel if you are still insisting about Malakal and East bank of the Nile. Make peace between your Agwlek and Tiger you are praising first. Secondly, your only survival is to make peace with Padang community because Padang community is the peaceful community and the evident is seen now, with respect of majorities of your blood in the Eastern bank (Malakal, Maluth, and Renk are full with Shilluk). You cannot wage war while you are living comfortable in UK and rest of Shilluk community are living in the hill of life than before they were peacefully together with their Dinka Padang community. Rest of politicians of Shilluk community are talking of war; that has no meaning from the majorities of Shilluk who know the truth. The hatred that you, Lam Akol, Adwok Nyaba, Olony, etc. plan do not hold the truth about the border between Padang and Shilluk. God was not blind to place the river Nile between Shilluk and Dinka Padang Community. Mention one grave of King (Rath) that you can find on East bank of Nile and I will mention thousands of graves of Shilluk King on the West Bank of the Nile? Because Shilluk knows well where they can be put to rest when they died and that is their ancestor land, with that regard, you cannot find any grave of any Shilluk kings in Eastern Bank Nile. And there are more evidence that I can reveal to you if you want me to reveal them to you.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Ador,
    Heaping up hefty stakes in a crude English to appear as a consequential political actor is naturally typical of fellow countrymen residing in London.But u run the risk of being viewed as disconnected from the true realities of your origin that are also important parts of the true past and present dues of RSS.
    Why do u speak of collo’s history of resistence and ignore the history of collo’s betrayal?
    If Lam Akol and Dr Nyaba aren’t ground-nut characters in the structural backbone of the highly educated elites representing collo’s interests,u should give critical attention to the events of 1991.
    If one should be honest,then John Garang de Mabior did his best to sleep over issues of frictions among citizens like the land conflict involving padang jieng and collo in Upper Nile.But look what did he get? The very collo heavyweights like Lam Akol and Dr Nyaba took part in the back stabbing game with the Nasir Revolt.
    When will u become aware sir that that revolt had set back the independence for a period of almost 2 decades?
    Had the south become an independence state as the military means of that moment implied, RSS would have been under Garang’s chairmanship for the period of those 2 decades.
    It couldn’t be too far from the mark of reality to say that,his leadership capacity would have had practical bearing in the quality of institutions and that manners of dealing with such issues as land conflicts would have been managed by consensus rather than by Klashnikov as is the case with an RSS under Kiir.
    “Jesus Christ”, if he was a true prophet for justice in human affairs, may be misplaced for your cause if u show partiality to the background of your role in the upheaval. Such context being the case better leave London and go join the ranks of collo youth in arms so far as u give impression of trusting in settling the question of Malakal by force of arms.

    • Bol says:

      Perfect lecture! What an assets in the fight against TERRORISM and Ethnic HATRED! I will just enjoy the ride on the back seat.

    • GatNor says:

      To False Millionaire,

      Clearly “The New Sudan Vision” too setback efforts leading in the direction of South Sudan Nation for much of the tribalist Garang’s reiegn than the Nasir Declaration that openly adopted “Self Determination” for the people of South Sudan. Please kindly justify Garang’s elusive and unattainable New and United Secular Sudan for me before you condemned all efforts of corrective majors the leaders of Nasir declaration took to guide South Sudanese in the direction of attaining an Independent South Sudan Nation.

  3. alex says:

    This is a lesson to those who just jump to follow people blindly. Riack Machar is a violent man and he always want to force people to accept his ideas. No he want to silence anyone who want rise up. This a good lesson to the equatorians now soon Kwajok Laku will make his people pay heavy price. He either submit to Riack Macher or he risk military confrontation. My advice is for him to go to S. Sudan to command his so call fighters. For the shilluk it is already done

  4. Thon Giei says:

    My friend Guado, let preach peace, not war. We have had war for long. Padang can not worry of war declared in UK. Let us work for Peace

  5. Bicbic says:

    Gwado, keep your dirty mouth away from South Sudan politics because you are just tribal inciter whose heart is full ot hatreds. Leave us alone, we the current residence and the real patriotic citizens of this beloved nation called South Sudan. You are just an emigrants to UK and you are settled there as refugees. All tribes of South Sudan are tired from those likes you the hatred and tribal inciters while they are far from the battle ground where the real men face each other. I warn you please!!!!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      What do you call your political leaders and their families who are living in the comfort of neighboring countries like Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia and Khartoum, but not in Bor, Kuajouk, Rumbek?
      Are they not also emigrants and refugees?
      The point is: They are all South Sudanese, whether escaping the tough life in Kiir’s misruled South Sudan or choosing foreign immigration is just a phase of life. Just make South Sudan a country that respects the rule of law and you will be immediately overwhelmed by these emigrants going back home.

  6. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr GatNor,
    The Northerners include those of the nuba mountains,of the blue nile,of angisna and of darf fuor.
    The fatal mistake for the Anya Anya movement was fighting them as one single block. That was the cause of Anya Any’s miltary failure.
    There was a wider window of opportunity to exploit.The masses of those nationalities were victims of marginalization and mistreatments by the governing elites in Khartoum in much the same way as southerners were.
    Garang’s Slogan of,”United Secular Sudan”,was à brilliant position that corrected Anya Anya’s mistake. Not only did those nationalities got neutralized from fighting on Khartoum’s side,but they were convinced to join the SPLM/A in huge numbers.YOU are free to refute if they didn’t sacrificed on the same side with the southerners in the struggle.

    Garang’s Slogan also contained a clause preconditioning southerners to stop fighting in Kosti should they feel satisfied after they should have liberated the south.That objective was near to completion before the Nasir revolt which reversed it all togather.
    U being à partisan to the Nasir revolt,it isn’t a surprise to see u jumping out from the bush to Defend it without any sense of shame to the notion that it was betrayal.
    The fat lady named respect is something u will not deserve with your argument if u couldn’t prove that Garang had forced southerners to fight up to Khartoum after liberating the south and stopped fighting from Kosti to justify the Nasir revolt.

    My problem isn’t u but those of Mr Ador who refuse to acknowledge their role in backstabbing Garang who represented their interests in every human and sincere ways.
    But one hopes they will grow up to respect nigerian crooks who give value to time to be able to understand that time money. Their Land dispute with padang jieng could have been settled by consus long time ago with Garang on the helm if the Nasir revolt hadn’t delayed the independence.

  7. mading says:

    False M. People like Gatnor are so blind by hatred that they don’t see the things you mentioned above, because they are short sighted, if they can credit Nasser declaration as the result of South Sudan independence, when these two evil Drs. Lam and Riek shamelessly ran to Khartoum after their fail coup in 1991. Then you can see that these people are not the right ones to debate with Mr. False M.

  8. GWADO ADOR says:

    False Millionaire, Yoc Ranther, Bicbic and others

    No wonder that some of you are still stuck in the mud squelch and slides of the conflicts your elders have created.

    Obviously, you don’t want to admit facts or accept the responsibility of destruction, prejudices and animosity of your own making. But, instead, you are looking for scapegoats to blame for 1991 stereotypes. A cliché!

    Remember that when you deny facts and try to blame others for your own fallacies is like cattle calling the pot black!

    My advice to you and your likes is just pull up as members of ‘Dinka intellectuals’ to clear up your own mess or otherwise coexistence within the context of South Sudan would only remain something of the past.

  9. GWADO ADOR says:

    False Millionaire, Yoc Ranther, Bicbic and others

    No wonder that some of you are still stuck in the mud squelch and slides of the conflicts your elders have created.

    Obviously, you don’t want to admit facts or accept the responsibility of destruction, prejudices and animosity of your own making. But, instead, you are looking for scapegoats to blame for 1991 stereotypes. A cliché!

    Remember that when you deny facts and try to blame others for your own fallacies.

    My advice to you and your likes just pull up as members of ‘Dinka intellectuals’ to clear up your own mess or otherwise coexistence within the context of South Sudan would only remain something of the past.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Ador,
    Why is this naive response for sir?
    After betraying Garang and the movement:the human consequencies that were heavily paid by innocent jieng and particularly having delayed the independence and wasted precious time,a human being couldn’t live infinitely.Everything Garang hadn’t achieved could have been achieved within the two decades of which RSS could have been under his chairmanship.
    So cher blind fellow,good luck with your cross.U are the makers of the JCE,Kiir and all the hell that is befalling RSS.
    There are reports that Riek Machar had a hand in the death of Tongiya and the Tiger malitia commander.It’s the same Riek u supported during the events of 1991.That’s what’s called digging your own grave.
    Stop being merry.U will remember Garang tearfully!!!

  11. great post, very informative. I ponder why the other experts of this sector don’t understand this. You must continue your writing. I am sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

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