Collo Global Action Statement on Aggression of Dongjol Dinka of Akoka


Collo Global Action (CGA) has been shocked by the callous assassination act that has been conducted by Dongjol Dinka of Akoka County against the SPLA Major General James Bwogo Olew and his bodyguards in Abanim, closer to Lul Bridge in Fashoda County of Upper Nile State.

In addition, the CGA is totally left in disbelieve by the continuous targeted killing and wounding of innocent Shilluk civilians in Lul village, including the capture of three of the World Food Programme vehicles drivers and disarmament and killings of members of Shilluk community who have been working and residing in Paloch, Melut, Renk and Geger.

The assassinated General is one of the courageous Shilluk heroes who liberated Malakal, Owaci, Doleib Hill, Canal, Kaldak, Atar, Tonga, Pangak and Wadakona from the SPLM-IO rebel forces and rescued the civilian population, including Dinka of Othol and Luac from the massacres and other evil wrath of the Nuer White Army.

Nonetheless, the CGA is stunned by the silence and lack of condemnation from the Government of Upper Nile against the uncalled for heinous acts that are suspected to have been planned and instigated by Governor Simon Kun Pouch, National Minister of Petroleum and Mining Stephen Dhieu, State Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Ayong Awer, among evil others, who have been fearing the military strength of Shilluk armed forces who have stood firmly with SPLA Chief of General Staff, General Paul Malong Awan in defense of constitution and territorial integrity.

The CGA condemns in the strongest possible terms the barbaric assassination of Major General James Bwogo and his bodyguards as well as the targeted killings and displacement of members of Shilluk community in Upper Nile State. The CGA conveys its deepest condolences to the immediate families as well as to the entire Shilluk for the loss innocent lives out of the cowardly act by the Dongjol Dinka of Akoka and some of their backers from other Padang Dinka.

The armed Dongjol Dinka of Akoka has been practicing acts of terrorism in futile attempts to grab the Shilluk lands on the east bank of the Nile. It has also been an open secret in Upper Nile state that Governor Simon Kun collaborated with the Padang Dinka with the hope that both Dinka and Nuer will grab parts of the Shilluk kingdom so that he can resettle them and increase his political influence and chances of clinging to power on blood of the innocent civilians.

The CGA urge all the Shilluk to stand up together strongly in order to defend the precious kingdom lands and expel the encroachers and teach Dongjol Dinka of Akoka and some of their Padang Dinka supporters tough lessons that will not make them forget again the might and power of Nyikango Wad Okwa and his son Dak along the Nile.

All the mocked initiative of reconciliation between Padang and the Shilluk must be rejected for now and any Shilluk member found involved in such treacherous process should be regarded as a betrayer.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Stephen Dhieu who was a fostered child of the Shilluk Community during his formal education days has now grown up to be the main hater and the killer of the very Shilluk people.

However, the right time has now arrived to silent him, Mr. Ayong Aware, and some other senseless Padang Dinka intellectuals who are behind the politically tribalized dirty games that is being played nowadays in Juba and Malakal in the expense of the historic Shilluk Kingdom in the Republic of South Sudan.

Long live Collo Kingdom
Long live Collo Heroes
Forward Ever, Backward Never
Collo Global Action Information Desk


  1. Othow Adieng says:

    Dongjol will not leave those who want to invade their land,

    • Thoman Lual Mading says:

      If you have proof that the area belongs to Dongjol, then provide it. People talk about those things without evidence and our youth die as a result. No more fighting over land is needed here in South Sudan. Land issues should be solved in peaceful and amicable ways, not through youth fighting each other as most of them do not know the reality that existed before war time.

  2. The Chollo Defense Force’s general deserve to be killed period. General James Buogo Olew of Chollo defense force had reaped what he had exactly sown at the right time. Please do not blame Dongjol for killing the general, but blame US dollars and SSP that had been paid to bribed Chollo Defense Force generals.

  3. J son of man says:

    I don’t support that idea of alienation our brothers the collo kingdom at this time and those responsible 4 the death of Gen. should be brought to book whatsoever the case may be, that thug ( kiir) must know his limit we ( dinkas) are not going to fight every tribe in the name of defending him and his stupidity anymore now coz he is taking us to hell we are not going to fight our own coz of him that’s impossible this time. We are deeply in pain with the family of the deceased and the kingdom and i also tell my brother Oluny not to be misled by the tribalists around him coz he alone can liberate the p’ple of south sudan regardless of tribe.

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