Collo Crisis: Truth about situation of Yuanes Okic vis-a-vis Johnson Olony

By Olany Amum, MAY/24/2015, SSN;

There are a lot of propaganda and lies going on these days regarding the situation of Yuanes Okic in relation to Johnson Olony. In order not to lose our sights on the truth that is intended to be hidden by some individuals with ulterior motives, the following facts need to be
made known to the public and for better sincerer judgement of the matters at hands based on straight records before Nyikang Wad Okwa and God the Almighty.

According to the agreed understanding for Chollo forces of Gen. Johnson Olony and of Gen. Aywok Ogad, their border was in Manyo County extending northwards and Fashoda County stretching southwards to Makal and Panyikang Counties.

This arrangement has been respected and the two separate forces managed to co-exist and coordinate their operations accordingly for the defence of the Chollo Kingdom before things totally fell apart between Johnson Olony and Salva Kiir on May 15, 2015 till now.

And even when the signs of felling apart became clear and Gen. Olony was pushed by Juba to the tight corner of rebellion due to injustice of Dinka solidaristic tribalism in favour of Padang alliance, Okic continued to urge Olony not to join the Nuer of SPLM/A-IO but to operate independently.

However, instead of continuing to cooperate and consult, Gen. Olony and his allies decided to resort to bullying and humiliating tactics by giving Okic an ultimatum to surrender or risk
being chased away from the Kingdom or killed.

They even employed cheap propaganda of tarnishing and assassinating Okic’s image by spreading lies that he has been bought and bribed by Juba to be a betrayer.

They even tried to carry on emotional sabotage within Aywok Ogad’s forces so that they can desert and join Olony and Nuer forces.

Not only these, but also more seriously, the joint operation of some Olony’s forces and Nuer proceeded, despite some gentlemen peace agreement with Abdallah Kur, to attack Okic’s garrisons in Ogon, Nyiliech! Adhwoy, Aweth and Kaka.

But still and in order to avoid more deaths and harms to Chollo people, Okic refused to fight back as he ordered his forces to withdraw and allow the ill-motivated attackers to occupy these places peacefully. Few of his soldiers were wounded.

And to the confirmation of the suspicion of the vague Olony’s Nuer alliance, more Nuer forces were seen deployed in big numbers to take over Kaka to replace Chollo forces.

For the Nuer and according to releases from their media, it is Olony who defected from the government side in order to join them under the over-all command of Dr. Riek Machar.

So far Olony didn’t refute this attribution directly apart from the poorly written press release No.1 that was circulated to the media by Mabior Garang in Narobi, Kenya on
behalf of Agwelek’s forces.

The heading of the second press release that enumerated the weapons captured in the government gunboat near Melut was even clearer on the direction that Olony’s forces are heading.

That is, they have declared themselves as a subset and part of the SPLM/A-IO, contradicting the first media release that they were operating independently.

Further worse, the Spokesperson of the Sudan People’s Liberating Army – Agwelek, Brig. General Nyagwal Ajak, announced over Radio Dabanga that they have defeated Okic’s militia forces in Kaka and many parts of Manyo County and are giving the scattered Chollo militia betrayers a hot pursuit.

But since Olony has cut all his contacts with Okic, the latter tried to contact Jockino Fidelo in the spirit of dialogue and understanding as he is said to have influence on the former.

Unfortunately, Jockino employed the same bullying attitude by telling Okic that it is too late for consultations because they have already gone to advanced stages with the Nuer of SPLM/A-IO and that nothing shall be helpful to Okic except unconditional surrender.

Other efforts of reconciliation are being tried by some Cholo Chiefs, Elders and other well wishing Chollo individuals but the bullying and arrogant attitude from Olony and some of his close advisors and supporters is still blocking any success.

Is there any understanding and compromise from Okic more than these when it is known that he has not been under command of Olony and Dr. Riek Machar?

Why should Chollo areas be liberated with blood from Nuer expansionists but later again handed back to them freely so that they can hijack the victories for their advantage as we have been reading and hearing from the SPLM/A-IO media these days?

Nevertheless, constructive efforts should still be pursued based on the following points and for a better way forward that will ensure that the Chollo will not come out as losers at the end of the current war:

1. There is no need for Chollo forces under command of Olony and Aywok to fight among themselves at this critical juncture. Instead, they should be persuaded to co-exist peacefully and with continuation of dialogue and coordination around the common Chollo interests
regardless of political or military affiliations.

2. Olony needs to come out clear to refute what the SPLA/M-IO is saying about him that he is a defector who has been made one of their top commanders. The involvement of the Nuer needs to be explained and clarified so that they don’t hijack Chollo victories or occupy Chollo lands through treachery of being unconditional allies, while in fact they want to revenge on Chollo by making the kingdom’s land a war theatre for the advantage of political scores of Dr. Riek Machar and with better leverage for Nuer chances to regain the power some of them have lost due to the tattering of Dinka-Nuer alliance post 2013 crisis.

3. Okic should maintain staying in his current garrison positions in Manyo County and should not collaborate with Dinka who may think of stabbing Olony in the back. He should be reminded that the attitude of Dinka is not very different from that of Nuer as the case of Markoni Okuc is still fresh in Chollo memories.

4. Olony and Okic should jointly declare the purpose of their war as that of the security of Chollo Kingdom and its historical territories vis-a-avis its right place in South Sudan, and that they are ready to negotiate with the legitimate government via external neutral mediator
to bring gains to Chollo Kingdom. They may name themselves officially as Chollo Kingdom Movement and appoint a political wing from Chollo learned intellectuals to strategize and represent them in a separate peace talks.

5. Chollo people inside South Sudan and abroad should mobilise humanitarian assistance and essential medicines to be dispatched to the Chollo forces controlled areas. They should also mobilise and encourage more Chollo to go on the ground and join the war of defence of the security and prosperity of the historic Chollo Kingdom.

Our Condolences to the lives of our lost heroes. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Long Live Chollo Kingdom in South Sudan

The struggle continues.

Olang Amum
The writer is an expert on SPLM/A thieves, South Sudan greed, Regionalism, Tribalism, Clanism, Sectionalism, Empty pride, Villagezation of South Sudan by corrupted SPLM/A leaders and
Fragmentation of South Sudan by SPLM/A.


  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Olang Amum,
    it seems to me that you’re the most tribal and the most idiot person that I have ever heard. Mr. Amum do you forget that your Chollo is a tiny tribe of 200 hundred thousands only. Therefore, Chollo kingdom needs military protection from Nuer community whose population is 2.5 million. Any way, general Johnson Olony has already forged an ally with the SPLM- IO through mutual trust. I think Mr. Jockino is telling you the truth. For your information, other Chollo generals such as gen. Oyia Ajack , some politicians , as well as spiritual leadership bless the new alliance between Dr. Machar and general Olony. Please stop beating around the bush if you are dissatisfied with the recent agreement, take your gun and join gen. Awyok Ogad to fight the SPLM-IO and Agewelek forces. I think you want to commit military suicide to confront Kiir and his Dinka council of elders of 3.8 million with out the protection of Naath soldiers.

    Finally, don’t talk nonsense. Although the bulk soldiers who are fighting the tribal regime in Juba are Nuer, the SPLM-IO is not supporting by Naath people alone. Apart from the huge support in greater Equatoria,there are more than 4 Equatorian generals namely Major, general Martin Keny, major, gen. Elias Lako Jada, major gen. Baballah and ? Also there are many politicians including the deputy chairperson of the SPLM- IO gen. Alfred Lado Gore, Dr. Oyiet, Henry Odwaer, Dr. Richard Maley and many more. Most people of the western Bar Ghazal are the SPLM-IO supporters and …
    Mr. Olany, Have you no shame? Dr. Machar was the same person who saved the life of your brother Pagan Amum from eminent death yet you’re talking a re bush against him and his Naath community.

  2. Mawien Magol says:

    Mr. Olany Amum. Obviously, it is become shame on all people of Upper Nile Regions for making South Sudan nation as a tiny arms tribes and Regions of war zone, most of the seven others States will have development little by a little unlikely to your Regions of Upper Nile. I think those who always throwing their blamed on president Salva Kiir Mayardit are not only Idiocy people but also they are lacking understanding the matter in South Sudan. What a nation in the world we will be living in and would be look like if the tiny tribes are turning the whole nation in to something shit of pieces for Militiamen to kills innocents Southern Sudanese citizens just, because of self-serving agenda. The Shilluk Militias have chosen to do same thing as our brothers of Nuers are doing now for the last 20 years rebellions none stop but this small tribe of Shilluk have failed to know that, those like Johnson Olony and many more others Shilluk Militias leaders are putting their own people at risks in the coming future. The SPLA/SPLM have had respected them and giving them a powerful positions to serves during struggle and after struggle yet, they couldn’t make any acknowledgement to make appreciation but seeming to looks beyond rewarding and I am sure each tribe or individuals in South Sudan will be judge according to what they did and their actions and the members of Shilluk educators people have to write small note so that, they wouldn’t forget why things are changing and it is because of that Militias action in Upper Nile.

    Secondly, why afraid to joins the rebels of former vice president while, you chosen to fights against Dinkas and the Nuers at Malakal capital of Upper Nile. Apparently, you will run nowhere in South Sudan if you chosen the wrong direction to dislike the vast majority population within Young nation and you might continues dancing around tiny Shilluk community but I’m positive these Militiamen will be caught up one by one because there is no way to hide from that River Nile we have known for years. The action of major general Johnson Olony and his Shilluk Militias allied is going to destroying the records of those Shilluk well known such as the former Secretary general Pagan Amum, Dr. Lam Akol and I am not the intention of general Oyai Deng Ajak for hiding his defection to SPLA IO. Keep your skeptical and fearing for joining the rebels of former vice president but you will run nowhere from both current South Sudan’s government and those rebels who have lost their relatives because of major general action in Malakal’s first fighting against Nuers and Dinkas.

  3. Olany Amum,

    Do you really understand what wrote on your article? First, understand that Nuer and Shilluk do not have dispute borders. Nuer do not want Shilluk’s land. Nuer and Shilluk lived together for over 500 years, but they never clash over the land. Second, Shilluk would not be able to stand alone between the SPLA-Juba and SPLA-IO. If the SPLA-IO did not help Shilluk, Malakal would have been in the government hand right now.

    It was a join forces of Olony forces and the SPLA-IO which resulted in defeat of government. Third, the SPLA-IO does not have problem with Shilluk. If Shilluk decide to operate separately no problem, but still you need allies. Otherwise, it would be end of Shilluk kingdom.

    Imagine, Salva Kiir has more than 50% of Nuer military which is larger than the whole Shilluk community, yet Salva Kiir need other allies. Kiir has all Equatorian militants, but he still need allies. Kiir has SPLA-N Nuba mountain, SPLA-N Blue Nile, JEM of Darfur, Uganda People Defense Force, but Salva Kiir still need more allies. How come you wrote this article encouraging Shilluk not be ally with Nuer. Any I hope real Shilluk fighters will not listen to your no make sense advice.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Bentiu Ramaran

      Malakal has been retaken by the SPLA gallant forces. It does not matter whether you ally your forces with Cholo (Johnson Olony) or not. If the SPLA could stand tall against you and Jalaba in 1980s and 1990s, they could do it against you and Cholo Militia. Please advise your rapists and looters to wisely choose their way/route to exit from South Sudan. South Sudan will not accommodate rapists/looters and the SPLA soldiers. You must pack your belongs and flee to Gambella and Khartoum. There will be No mercy or presidential amnesty this time. The line will soon be drawn on the sand/mud with human poop in greater Upper Nile region.

      • Bol Akuol,

        Liar, liar, liar like Philiph Aguer, Salva Kiir, and Ateny Wek Ateny. Your liars brought chaos in South Sudan. The government forces stayed in Malakal only for three hours. As I speak with you now, the rebels are in full control of Malakal. I am now writing to you inside Malakal. Here is my satellite phone: +8821621906548 call me. I am in frontline in Malakal no joke.

  4. Abraham says:

    Dear Olony Amum, first of all, Dinka Padang people have been living with shilluk or beer side by side,but because of you greedy and stingy.Now you will be displace regardless, believe it or not. Dinka Padang will retaliate what you guys had done in Biocthiang and Maluth/Melut.Keep in mind shilluk will immigrant to North Sudan as they used be Arab Slavery back in day.No more compromise with shilluk at this time.

  5. Gatnuer says:

    It is better for Shilluk and particularly Johnson Olony to rethink their decisions. I bet you my friends at this time you the Shilluk community will regret the fight against Dinka pandang, no kidding, trust me. If you want to lose most of your land, then join Olony, but if you really want to continue own the land you have right now, then please make peace with Dinka Pandang and stay the same way you used to be. The land problem between Shilluk and Dinka Pandang cannot and will not be settled by militia war. It is an advice. The choice is yours!

    Let the Shilluk community not be fooled into joining the Nuer tribalistic rebellion. Do you really know how this rebellion going to end? You don’t know for sure and even me too, however, if you have really felt the hatred created by Riek Machar’s rebellion and if you have some friends in Dinka community who can explain their feelings to you about this rebellion, you may guest that the end to this war is far from sight. I don’t want to say more. I hope you can read between the lines.

    For your future, let your Shilluk community stay out of this rebellion! Leave Riek Machar and his dumb followers fight alone and soon you will see their disgraced end. I can assure you that the end to 1991 rebellion will be way, way better than this. Take my words.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Your bombastic response evidently reveals that the Dinka are out on an imperialistic crusade not only to colonize the Shilluk but the entire non-Jieng lands.
      Your aggressive so-called advice to the Shilluk about losing their land should they persist in resisting Dinka Padang land occupation is stereotypical of what the jieng are doing everywhere, be it in Bari land, Madi land, Fertit land and Moru land, as examples. The current instability and rebellion rapidly mushrooming in Mundri among the Moru community against jieng cattle occupiers is one excellent example that shows that South Sudan will remain unstable for long time until you, jieng, desist from imperialism and colonization.
      Everyday that your aggression becomes more pronounced and deadly against other tribes, it goes to negate the futility and belief that we are ‘A One Nation, One People.’

      • Gatnuer says:

        My friend, I have never been aggressive and I will not be one day. What I am trying to say is a sincere advice to Shilluk community because it is evident that there is no winning in the end. Do you really believe that Shilluk will defeat Dinka Padang and annex their land by force? That will never happen! People in Shilluk and Padang community have capacity to sit down and discuss their issues.

        You talked about Dinka imperialism and colonization. Is it really what is it unless you have your own definition for these terms. The land of South Sudan belongs to all southerners and each one of them has full right to live where he or she chooses. What we needs is the law for those who tend to cause disharmony where they are in the country. Let me remind you that during the war Dinka soldiers were fighting in every corner of the south but nobody complained about their presence why is it a big deal now. Think about it.

        I don’t want to talk about Bari or Maridi because they are well known for such behavior. Think about Kokora and what have you! Don’t get me wrong my friend. I am indeed against the behaviour of cattle keepers in agriculturalist land but that should not be tribalized because it is a law issue. One thing you should always remember my friend is the fact that your hatred against Dinka or any community will never set you free and you always be the one in pain. Let move away from that tribalistic thinking and let look at our issues with open mind and sense of forgiveness. No land belongs to Dinka, Bari, Maridi, Shilluk etc. but the land belongs to South Sudan. This is the really whether you believe it or not. Enjoy your time and look ahead.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          For your info, there is no tribe called Maridi when you included it among the other tribes that you appear to hate for their defence against Jieng land occupation.
          Maridi is proudly the land of mostly the Baka and Moundu and others and it’s the land of legendary liberation leaders like Ali Batalla.

          • Gatnuer says:

            Thanks for the correction. I appreciated Ali Batalla’s heroism but how many people in your Equatorial land are like him? As the editor of this public site, you should not take side otherwise we will leave your site for your supporters only which I think will not be for your interest. Why is the editor seemed to care very much about my opinion while many people write craps all the time. This is a one million question. Is it because everything they write is against Dinka. Is that what suits your heart. I would like to remind you again that the problem is with you the hater, not the hated. You are very hateful towards Dinka community but you will choose to quit it someday on your own. No Jieng will ask you to love them and don’t expect them to do otherwise. I don’t hate any tribe in South Sudan but I will not allow my haters to shoot at me without decisive responses in any way possible. Look how many Nuer people are residing in Dinka land as we speak but nobody tells them to leave because they are southerners and it is their constitutional rights to live anywhere in the country. If they cause any disturbance, the law will deal with them. Is it not the way it should be all over the country. Why is Equatorians always barking at some members of other communities living in Equatoria. Teach yourself to quit hatred and life will be good thereafter. Enjoy your time my friend, the editor.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Whoa! Can you not accept some criticism at least? Must every action have a reaction?
            The editor comments where and when necessary, so it might seem selective for you but that is not his intention.
            I don’t like to generalize but I can correctly state here that our main problem in South Sudan is that we don’t accept some other person’s criticism against ourselves.
            Obviously today in South Sudan, many others are seeing the bad of the ruling Dinka clique and they are criticizing the Dinka for that, just as the Jieng are condemning Equatorians for the increasing Dinkaphobia due to the actions of the ruling jieng, e.g. aggressive land grab.
            The more we all become more louder and persistent in our varied criticism of the other, the better would be the opportunities for resolution and peaceful coexistence.
            Look critically at the worsening relationship between the jieng and the Mundri community. According to the information minister of WES, an official was gunned down in the very presence of the SPLA but yet those SPLA didn’t shoot the alleged assailant. Obviously, the Mundri people strongly suspect the SPLA shot their man.
            Where is justice? Cows are destroying farms in WES and yet the jieng don’t feel the problem.
            We must strongly condemn the perpetrators of injustice not only in WES but across the country. So, we must speak out, louder and stronger.
            The point is, Mr. Gatnuer, speaking against injustice is NOT synonymous with hatred, as you allege. Criticism is a way of redressing the injustice being done, it’s not hatred. Some one steps on your toes, tell him or her to get her or his foot off, that’s not hatred but fairness.
            Best regards,

          • Gatnuer says:

            Mr. editor, you have intentionally disabled the reply button in your comments so that I can’t reply. Right? That is our justice you claim to preach. My last point is that the Government of South Sudan is not the government of Dinka Clique if you are not aware. SPLM is functioning according to its hierarchy. This has nothing to do with Dinka as a community if we are really fair to ourselves. I won’t explain why because it is obvious and I believe you are cognizant of this fact yourself. See you virtually around and I promise I will not leave you until I see response to nasty comments post your supporters against Dinka community. If that happens, I will then believe indeed you’re fair otherwise none is convincing.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Nobody disabled the reply button. Everything is working normally.

  6. Abel Magok says:

    Abraham, you are wrong for suggesting no compromise with shilluk at this time, yes they did damaged their trust by allaying with Riek Machar, but if there are wise people like Olony Amum who wants them back to the government side, that should be welcome.
    Shilluk should know that Riek, would not be a reliable ally to them and they are indeed risking their tiny tribe survival and interests in such ally with Riek.
    They should learn a lesson from Padang of unity state when they took very correct decision in 1991, to join Riek on the ground that he is a son of their state of unity and they should stand with him though of his wrong decision for splitting the movement, later on Riek does not recognize such positive stand from Padang, he killed all officers and educated people of padang who were with him on the ground that they are Dinka, though they supported him.
    Riek can do the same with Shilluk, the reliable ally with Shilluk are their neighbouring Padang and the government, and they should work on that as Mr. Olony Amum suggested.

  7. Thoman Lual Mading says:

    I am sure that none of you, the above Jieng commentators, have ever tried to understand the real reason for the General Olony/Oliny’s rebellion?. If you ask some of the top SPLA generals, you will be shocked to know that most believe Olony was acting in self defense. They forced him to rebel in order to dumb his genuine claims.

    Shilluk land issue will not end even if you kill Olony, and hatred will continue to breed. Jieng will win when they revert to Justice and protect minorities’ rights. I always tell you “stop the false claims”, ask your elders and you will be guided.

    • Willie Wani says:

      You may be men who are thirst of seeing blood bed all over South Sudan. You all do not have health mind and good heart for South Sudan. You are more worse than murderers of the innocent people in this country. You must stop your wicked propaganda for encouraging bloodshed all the time.

  8. Isaac Deng says:

    Olany Amum,
    Every South Sudanese citizen life matters not only that of Silluk Kingdom people and Northern el Bahr Ghazal people as reported in your tribalistic article and Sudan Tribune article (

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