Collo Community to Pres. Kiir: Return grabbed Collo land without dialogue or negotiation

Collo Community Council: AUG/07/2017;

Collo Community Council would like to inform all Collo people residing in Sudan and those concerned about Collo land problems everywhere that the council met a group coming from the government of South Sudan on Monday 24 July 2017 in Khartoum.

The group which actually requested to meet the Council is part of the so-called national dialogue committee that was formed by President Salva Kiir some time back. The group said the meeting with the Council was part of its program of contacting influential persons, groups and organizations which it thinks could help in making peace return to South Sudan.

The Council thanked the group for its initiative to meet. But the Council said clearly that its members and the Collo people they are representing have nothing to do with Kiir’s dialogue. The council’s prime concern is the land that has been grabbed. That land grabbing process started with the presidential decree establishing the Dinka Padang’s Pijo County on Collo land of Athidhyang and Obay.

The appeal and the complaint raised by the late James Ogilo Agor and Samson Oyay Awin were ignored by President Salva Kiir whom the two gentlemen met in person. Instead President Kiir, on the advice of the Jieng Council, went further to grab Malakal and areas along the Sobat River and those falling east of the White Nile. The creation of 28 states that grabbed a very large Collo land was effected through a decree not dialogue.

The Council, therefore, stressed that since our land was grabbed via a decree its return should follow the same process – a decree. Collo has been forced into war and many of them are currently displaced in UN camps inside South Sudan or have crossed the borders to refugee camps in neighboring countries. The national dialogue members who want to go to Collo villages will not find anyone to talk to.

The point that the Council clearly stated to the committee from Juba was the following:
“If President Salva Kiir really wants peace with Collo, let him decree the return of all Collo lands that were grabbed and given to Dinka Padang. This process does not need dialogue or negotiation.”

Samson Oyay Awin
Collo Community Council Khartoum
Press Release
Thursday 27 July 2017

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