Col. Phillip Aguer nominated by Twic East Community as Jonglei State Governor

Press Release, OCT/26/2015, SSN;

Congratulations to Twic East Community on successful nominations of their gubernatorial candidates (Jonglei state).

Elections being a credible and a democratic means of getting leaders in a modern societies, we would wish on behalf of Greater Bor Communities in Kenya extend first and foremost our heart-felt congratulations, felicitations and internal gratitude to his Excellency Comrade, General Salva Kiir Mayardit for opening up democratic space for various states, newly established by republican order no 36 of 2015 by allowing public participation in identifying their would-be governors in their new states.

Kudos to him. This is a step in the right direction and we urge him to continue in the same spirit. On the same token we wish him to respect his orders, the powers he has given to the people to choose their leaders and stick to peoples’ choices in his final appointment of these governors.

Our special thanks go to the Twic East people in particular and the Greater Bor Community in general for the credible and transparent process of nominations of candidates, the political field was really over crowded with various candidates declaring their candidatures from boma to payams and finally to the county level (Twic East). This was a good sign for our communities because a community that seeks leadership through democratic means is not a bad community.

The arrangement saw numerous candidates eliminated in the race since the number of candidates required of the final nomination was narrowed down to the three best candidates. The process of doing this was quite clear.

Twic East Community being a giant in terms of human resource, intellectual capacity and a land of myriad of professors could not be defeated in resolving a little hiccup in Ajuong payam’s nomination process.

The nomination requirement was that each of the five Payams of Twic East were to presented one aspirant except Kongor that had opted not to present any candidate in the spirit of sharing.

However Ajuong payam in their nomination at boma level could not come up with one person and ended up taking the four aspirants to Twic East for determination.

When the issue of Ajuong payam nomination reached cul-de-sac, it was forwarded to Twic East general assembly in Juba for final verdict.

The county members decided to form a committee headed by Prof. Ajang Bior Duot (Ajangatoot) and few other elders and intellectuals with wealth of knowledge and experiences.

The committee came up with an Electoral College system where each of the five Payams except Ajuong was asked to identify five delegates (voters) totaling to 20 persons to vote and screen the Ajuong candidates from four to one person. The vote went as follow:
1) Col. Philip Aguer Panyang 14 votes
2) Peter Dut Kezekiah Barach 4 votes
3) Col. Machar Akec Machar 2 votes
4) Hon. Deng Dau Deng zero vote( 0)

It was as transparent as indicated herein, Col. Philip Aguer being the winning candidate of Ajuong payam had to compete with 3 other candidates, from Lith payam Dr. Dau Aleer, Pakeer payam Ateng Amos Agok and Nyuak payam Dut Achuek Lual.

Again the able committee devised another formula of identifying Electoral College voters 10 from each of the five Payams of Twic East totaling to 50 voters who voted using rank system of voting whereby each voter was asked to tick three preferred candidates in the ballot and rank them in the order of 1-3. Thus the results were as follows:

1) Col. Philip Aguer Panyang 32 votes
2) Ateng Amos Agok 31 votes
3) Dut Achuek Lual 29 votes
4) Dr Dau Aleer Abit 21 votes

The first three names will be presented to his Excellency, the president for his scrutiny, and vetting and final appointment for Jonglei state governor.

Congrats to Greater Bor community (GBC) for the crystal clear process of arriving at the final list/names of potential candidates for Jonglei state gubernatorial race.

There is no time for abracadabra but enough time for work and speedy development in our republic and Jonglei state in particular.

1) Dabek Duot Yak-GBC Chairman in Kenya
2) Ayuel Atem Ayuel-chairman-Ajuong Community in Kenya
3) Alier Gai Awan –chairman-Pakeer Community in Kenya
4) Deng Bul Chol-Ayual community in Kenya.


  1. Jim Monyekak says:

    Hopefully now all jienges will leave Juba and get to develop their luaks into civilized and habitable places. Jienges please go home now and remove all your cows from Nimule, Lobonok and develop your areas. Thanks to Kiir for facilitating Kokora.

    • General Thoon -Anyar Auien says:

      MONYEKAK-means owners of the land.
      Are you sure you are Monyekak, I Don’t think so, because you Guys gave you mothers & daughters previously to Jallaba in a Golden plate what sort of MONYEKAK are you crab.
      Secondly you BARI especially those deformed Offspring’s of Jubiek, you are only good in sucking liquors and spiting poisonous sentence in you environ. That is all you are capable of doing, so leave rougher task to tougher communities of RSS, because barking like dogs won’t scare a hyena from snatching your nose. Let me put it simple; why not take your spears & bows to chase out what you assume to be nasty Jieng. Of-course heaven is closer to you, than even dreaming of venturing to that.
      Recently Only three to seven chaotic youth from Mundari tribe send the whole villagers of Kuwaragik freakily migrating to Juba town occupying Juba one schools for half a year, as if people been displaced by enormous natural disaster or escaping an imperial invading army. What shame??? You BBBbbbbbaaari….

      • Jim Monyekak says:

        General Thoon Anyar Auien,

        Yes of course I am a monyekak. If it were not for the Bari, you jienges would still be running wild, naked, uncivilized, hungry and poor. Was it not Chief Andrea who forcefully taught especially the Bor jienges around Juba na Bari in the early 60s till mid 70s to put on underpants or shorts before running around naked in town? Do you know that most jienges during this period used to take care of Bari cows and then allowed every evening to milk the cows as a reward? Do you know that it was the jienges who used to collect and distribute water from Supiri (River Nile) around Kator, Konyokonyo to all households of Juba on donkey-drawn carts? Do you know that half of all jienges have jellaba ancestry and blood? Do you know that without the Bari, Juba would not exist and so you would have no capital city for the South Sudan? Now take this city to Ramciel, Kuajok or Aweil and you see the nastiness. You brag yourself, coz this is jieng-led government which uses state property to terrorize others. But should that slip off your hands, God forbid! Like our grandfathers, the saying goes: urinate into the mouths of every slaughtered and dead jienge enemy. Time will come for revenge and nothing lasts for ever. You better begin to prepare yourself for the D-day. I think you are a Kakuma camp General, a coward nyor-nyor.

    • Beek says:

      Divided South Sudan into 28 States is not going to remove Dinka from Equatoria.because Equatoria is a part of South Sudan and a commercial centre for all South Sudan.It is you who have to pack up and leave or you shut up your little mouth.

      • Jim Monyekak says:


        The reason you cant leave Equatoria is simple, you have enough to eat; you can flee from the wanton killings in your area; you can sleep in a well ventilated house and you have a sense of civility and humanity. Otherwise you´re simply wretched and without value. Equatoria has made you “human” at leat better than the ordinary cow in the luak. You´re dead without Equatoria but Equatoria can LIVE without you. Period

        • Beek says:

          You don’t know what you are talking about. I never been to your Juba since South Sudan has gained independence. I think you have to think twice before comments and also for others.stop hatred for no reason.

          • Jim Monyekak says:


            Good that you have never been to Juba since independence and you even dont have to come anymore cos we dont want you in Juba. You should go to Bor state and develop it. Or are you afraid of the Murles? Or dont you have enough food or are there many mosquitoes and snakes? What is your problem? Dont you love your area?

        • Beek says:

          You are very poor and very bad embarrass for Equatoria. Your name itself is no good.

  2. Deng Monymor says:

    Come home first before you shout who should be a Governor. Nation or decision concerning nation cannot be made while living in Refugee Camp. It is my understand that most of you ran away when things were hot here on the ground. Although it is true that Philip Aguer is a hero who deserves any position in running the nation, his nomination cannot be made by cowards.


    • David Atem says:

      Deng,the folks who wrote and signed this piece are not in the camp neither did they ran away when things were hot on the ground. they are some of the top brains most of whom are graduates in various field of specializations and are therefore leaders in their own rights.

      • Deng Monymor says:


        If I’m not mistaken, your assertion that “the folks who wrote and signed this piece are not in the camp” disqualifies itself by mere location in which these signatories were when they were signing the Piece–they are not chairmen of respective communities in South Sudan, are they? You should have noticed first where they are before you defend them.

        I know not what you mean with “top brains” and “graduates in various field of specializations.” Nowhere in the exchange have their qualifications been questioned; it is just that they shown us different characters of who they are when things were hot here. For your information, I was in the group who took Bor back after second capture by the so-called White Army and I am still here on the ground. Furthermore, I know most of these individuals personally,even though some do not know me, so it is not what kind of degrees one has that we are talking about.


    • Gabriel Bol says:

      No one is going to fill the position Aguer in the national army

  3. Malaak Chol Khok says:

    First and foremost, I would like to thank H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan for taking towns to people as one time quoted by late. Dr. John Garang De Mabior. Secondly, much thanks to the citizens of Twic East Communities in the five Payams for endorsing and electing potential people of well deserved experience to the serve for their own people. Thirdly, Much thanks to the able leadership of Greater Bor Community headed by Hon. Michael Makuei for showing togetherness and readyness for job in the new Jonglei State.
    Am very much convinced that indeed! Unity of GBC is truly “Paramount”.

  4. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear Twic East,

    Congratulation Twic East for your nomination. Col. Philip Aguer is a leader. What is a leader? A leader is a person who stand with his/ her people during the crisis. A leader is a person who cry out for his/her people safety. A leader is a person who never think for himself or herself, but about his/her people. I have been follow Col. Philip since the beginning of SPLM/A, this is a leader we in South Sudan wants. In Kakuma Deng Dau, let Dinka kill themselves during his leadership. Toady South Sudanese orphans are suffering under his leadership. For example, in Lake State, people are killing themselves because there are many leaderships in Lake State who think about themselves, but not about people. Leader has to work hard to keep his people safe and have word of peace to keep people together.

    In South Sudan, I am looking for a leader who serve his/her people, but not a leader who serve himself. I am looking for a leader who think about how to bring services to people, but not himself/ herself. I remembered when Dr. John Garang said there are many people who think about their stomach, but not stomach of others. We need leaders who think about other people stomach instead of their own stomach and safety. I think Col. Philip Aguer will serve you better than himself. Thank you and God bless you people of Twic East.

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