Chicken coming home to roost: Jieng must take responsibility

BY: Elhag Paul, RSS, NOV/11/2013;

In the last fortnight the Jieng of Bor and some of their distant relatives from the other parts of the country have come out forcefully, and rightly so, to condemn the government of South Sudan for its failure to protect the people of Twic East in Jonglei state. I use the phrase “rightly so” because one of the main functions of a government is to protect its citizens.

Unfortunately the ruling ethnic groups and their party, the SPLM/A has since its inception in 1983 only cared to protect themselves leaving all the other people of South Sudan at their mercy. They abused the people and grabbed lands at will while uttering painful words like, “Anina akuma” meaning ‘we are the government’, “We liberated you” and so on to their victims.

Many of the Jieng whether from Bor, Gogrial, Rumbek etc did not seem to see this as a problem since their mis-governance makes them feel good. So, everything was OK.

As I said many times in some of my previous articles that SPLM/A violence will eventually destroy all of us including the country. The Jieng whether by design or necessity of tribal solidarity or realisation appear to have decided to wage a writing demonstration against president Kiir.

Article after article written by staunch Jieng government supporters in the various media outlets specialising in South Sudan issues poured out venomous stuff against the SPLM government for failing to protect the Jieng of Ajuong and Pakeer in Jonglei Twic East. The attack on these villages obviously is tragic and no human being would want such a thing to happen to any other fellow human beings.

It is right that the Jieng and everybody should get outraged by these painful incidents. Painful as they are, South Sudanese people have to be honest to themselves to understand why such incidents occur which means everything has to be put in context if at all solutions are to be found.

By doing so, equally the Jieng need to be reminded of their predatory behaviours and its consequences on others which generate similar feelings to what they are experiencing presently.

When the Jieng are the abusers all the Jieng writers making loud noise now zip up their mouths and pretend as if nothing is wrong. They do not empathise with the pain of others and if anything they are the first to condemn anybody who wants to highlight the abuses.

They make no effort to condemn any Jieng orchestrated atrocities from open shooting of Equatorian police officers in Yambio; killing of an Equatorian doctor in Yei, disappearance of John Luis and Reverend Manas Matayo; shooting of Bari people in Kemiru; arbitrary kidnapping of Kakwa chiefs to violent land grab and the stories can go on endless.

To contextualise the attack on Ajuong and Pakeer in Jonglei Twic East, it is vital to look at the behaviour of the government of South Sudan. To date the government of South Sudan can hardly convince anybody that it is not a tribal government of the Jieng. From the people staffing the government offices to how the judiciary works in favour of the ruling ethnic groups.

Take for example, the corruption saga. The overwhelming people who embezzle government money are Jieng and they are never called to account. The overwhelming number of murders and killings in the country are carried out by the Jieng. The culprits once arrested are freed from detention and no accountability whatsoever. The majority of the rapes in the country are carried out by the Jieng without accountability.

So the Jieng dominate the forces and judiciary precisely to ensure that the system works for them regardless of the crimes they commit. This is just a small picture which suffices for this article.

The confidence that the Jieng has developed from their exercise of state power has made them to be blind to realities. If you remember, in December 2011 the ethnic ruling groups were so confident that they publicly declared their intention to exterminate the Murle people.

They formed a force of nearly 5000 people who rampaged throughout Murle land with the government standing by as a spectator. This force of non state actors comprising 80 percent Nuer and 20 percent Jieng in alliance of convenience to wipe out the Murle devastated the villages of Murle with the authorities watching actionless claiming they could not stop the crime obtaining. An act that can be interpreted as abdication of state responsibility by the government.

This callous behaviour of president Kiir’s government which proved South Sudan as a failed state was in fact taken to realise the interest of the ruling ethnic groups which as they declared was to exterminate the Murle.

Please study the stories in these URLs for you to understand the full picture:
‘Nuer and Dinka White army to launch operation savannah storm against armed youth’ ; ‘Nuer Youth have captured lolkuangole and are advancing to capture all Murleland’ ;‘The Nuer white army ended operations against Murle tribe in South Sudan’

‘The Nuer Youth in Diaspora declared the invasion of Murle tribe legitimate criticised the government for its failures to protect civilians’

At the time everybody kept quiet as if crimes of international nature falling under articles 5 and 7 of the Rome Statute were not happening in Murleland. Even Ms Hilda Johnson, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Juba, at the time gave vague excuses supporting the state of South Sudan pleading lack of capacity and resource in the nascent country.

What a palaver? What a shameful behaviour from both the United Nations and the government of South Sudan? Is there any wonder why the United Nation’s office in Congo is seen by the locals as a “tourist office” with the staff as “tourists” on leisure trips. Here was a world body and a state that cave in to challenge from non state actors. Yet the government of South Sudan wants to call itself a legitimate government.

Supposing that this White army which was composed of illiterate, indisciplined and careless boy-villagers was marching to Juba with the intention to change the government, would president Kiir have remained timid and inactive as he did? Would he have given up power? Was this thinkable?

No wonder Holland and Fletcher in their special report: ‘In South Sudan, plunder preserves a fragile peace’ published by Reuters on 22nd June 2012 described the current leaders of Government of South Sudan as “a rag-tag bunch of boys with guns that have never administrated anything.” There you are. What more could be expected from children running riots in the country.

The pain experienced by the Murle in the December 2011 attacks and the subsequent attacks that followed were met with silence, but this does not mean that they did not suffer emotionally and mentally from the devastation and displacement that occurred.

On the other hand the attackers of Ajuong and Pakeer in Jonglei Twic East whose identities remain unknown have muddied the waters as no one knows what painful experience they might have had and from who in the lawless land of Jonglei.

As for the Murle they may have had similar raw emotions and feelings resulting from the pain inflicted on them. The Murle, defenceless, isolated and labelled by the ruling ethnic groups were mercilessly hunted down like animals in Bor and other places. Those Murle civilians who were attacked only for being Murle and survived were tracked down to hospital wards where they were shoot dead in cold blood killings in government controlled areas without any accountability.

The raw feelings enraging the Jieng of Bor now because of the Twic East incidents can be destructive to their well being unless it is channelled and managed in such a way whereby it is turned into good use.

These feelings should be harnessed towards realising a positive change in the country leading to sweeping off the current good-for-nothing “idiots ……rotten to the core”.

These feelings need to be merged with similar feelings from other parts of the country to speed up the process of change. This entails the Jieng coming to terms with the fact that they have failed the people of South Sudan and if all South Sudanese have to be protected the Jieng must abandon their nefarious tribalism.

Otherwise eventually all South Sudanese including the Jieng will sink together whether they like it or not. So the Jieng need to take responsibility for their huge contribution to the problems facing the country.

The total sum of thinking of the entire tribe known in the world of academia as “group think” that promotes nonsense such as “born to rule” and “we liberated you,” has to come to an end if the Jieng truly want to ensure their future safety in that part of the world.

The Jieng of Bor with support of their other kith and kin from other parts of the country is largely instrumental for the massive suffering of many people in the country from Kharasana in the north to Nimule in the South and from Akobo in the east to Raja in the west.

Take for example the case of Nimule only. The Jieng are tormenting the indigenous people there on daily basis. They dispossess the locals of their properties; they kill the local leaders and impose themselves as the local administrators with support of the government. In short they are terrorising everybody with impunity.

This situation is also replicated in many parts of South Sudan like Chollo land, Bari land, Kakwa land and Fertit land and so on. The consequence of this barbarism of Jieng has huge consequences on the lives of the local people.

Some people have lost their properties and land in effect becoming homeless in their own ancestral land. Many are marred and bereft because of the unceasing killings. Entire communities are by Jieng design forced to live under fear endlessly in their rightful homes.

The consequence of this predatory and oppressive behaviour has resulted into serious injury to the collective feelings of the community causing emotional stress and distress generating deep resentment of the Jieng and the whole system.

Now this destruction that the Jieng are visiting on others seems not to move them at all as if the others are not human beings. Rarely do the Jieng who are now vigorously writing against the government in defence of their tribes mates regarding the Twic East incident show any solidarity with the suffering of their fellow countrymen resulting from their actions.

Even their clergy keep their mouths shut. They do not condemn the abuses of the Jieng. Unlike in the cases of Kemiru carnage, Wau massacre, Chollo land abuses, Nimule atrocities, the Jieng clergy have come out with guns blazing. What a hypocrisy?

Please see ‘The Bishops of Bor and Twic East Diocese on the Continuous Killings of Innocent Civilians by David Yau Yau Rebel Group.’

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Juba, Daniel Deng is even worse than the clergy of Bor. He comes to the oppressed in Equatoria with songs of peace without any condemnation of what his tribes mates are doing. Remember that oppressive powers have since the empire of Rome used the clergy and Bible as an anaesthetic to lessen the pain of the oppressed.

Karl Max put this point in a nice way by referring to religion as opium of the masses. The Jieng with their shallow thinking think that Archbishop Deng will do the soothing of the pain like the church did for early colonialists in Africa for them to realise the Jienganisation of South Sudan as revealed by Mabior Garang, the son of late Dr John Garang, in his interview with Pan African Vision (22/08/2013).

If Archbishop Deng because of tribalism can not honestly represent Christianity as in the Bible like Archbishop Desmond Tutu or Rev. Trevor Huddleston in relation to Apartheid in South Africa he should just butt out of the church. I hope that Archbishop Deng is not a wolf in a sheep skin.

Archbishop Deng by now should very well know that the people of South Sudan are living under emotional distress due to the actions of his kith and kin in the person of president Kiir and the Jieng dominated forces and SPLM party.

It is said that charity starts at home. Archbishop Deng therefore needs to first go back home and preach to his tribes mate the value of respect, empathy, non violence, honesty, respect for public properties, sanctity of life and peaceful co-existence with others.

He needs to condemn the promotion of theft by the Jieng of state properties and fellow countrymen’s lands.

The Bible clearly tells Christians in the 10 commandments that “thou shall not steal,” “thou shall not kill” etc. He needs to be seen condemning the theft and killings promoted by the Jieng government for the purpose of Jienganisation.

This is 2013. There is no room for hypocrisy and the Archbishop should not think that when he wears those robes people will just bow to him and his tribe’s abuses which he pretends not to know. The biography of this clergy must be opened up wide for the people to peer through to know exactly who he is.

He can not be the left hand of president Kiir mock soothing pains of the oppressed while president Kiir is committing atrocities against South Sudanese with his right hand.

The Jieng clergy now are experiencing the pain visited on their people and they are furious. They are right to be furious. Equally they too need to be furious about the actions of their tribes mates in other parts of the country to prove that they are not tribalistic.

It is sad that the Twic East incident has to happen for the Jieng to feel pain that others are already living with daily from their barbarism.

It is just dawning on the Jieng that they are not really strong and powerful as they falsely convinced themselves. It is the state power that they have hijacked and abused that gives them the clout of invincibility. This is why all the other people of South Sudan must come together and ensure that the people take back their power.

The Jieng must not be allowed to abuse state power in the way they are doing: intense grounded tribalism, violence, corruption, wanton mismanagement, land grab, displacements etc.

The Jieng of Bor now realise that they are not really protected as they thought and believed. Thus they are venting their frustration on their already proven useless leadership and government.

But if the current incompetent leadership and government is to be replaced by a non Jieng from the other groups, they will all run back to president Kiir and rally in support of any Jieng leadership. They would not care whether the Jieng they support is competent or not as they did with Kiir following Garang’s tragic death.

If president Kiir now further empowers the Jieng in Bor as per their request to be armed, do not be surprised to see the noise stop with the reversal of the noise makers strongly backing him.

The Jieng only rally on issues affecting them. They do not care about the other people of South Sudan. The absence of empathy among the Jieng to the suffering of others from their own actions appears to be something that they have cultivated by dehumanising the “other.”

This concretely proves their well grounded tribalism. They do not reflect on the fact that their own violence and predatory behaviour affects victims like themselves and surely it has now come home to haunt them. It is a case of chicken coming home to roost. Although I share their pain, I believe that the truth has to be said.

With the foregoing, let us recap. The incident of Twic East in Jonglei is barbaric and disturbing. There is no place for such behaviour in our world of today. However, this incident is not comparable to the immense suffering the Jieng have and are inflicting on fellow country men in places like Nimule, Yei, Juba, Mundri, Wau, Pigi etc daily. The outcome of such behaviour regardless of the magnitude is the same – psychological destruction of the people individually and collectively with the long term consequence of dehumanising the society.

Therefore, it is time for all South Sudanese to come together to work for a change and a genuine democratic constitution that protects everybody, promotes humane policies and holistic development.

If South Sudan takes this path and adopts such a democratic constitution, slowly it will discourage tribalism and at the same time nurture positive citizenship ensuring an emergence of a healthy country with happy citizens.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Tyson says:

    This is good for my day. I hope the actions to drag the drag the Jieng hegemony to the ICC is gaining momentum.

  2. John Khot says:

    Shame on you, Elhag Paul, for celebrating the death of my people in Twic East county. We will definitely come after yau yau and his murle bandits.

    • Canon the destroy says:

      You are liar Mr. John Khot, You and your father Kiir will never go after any dog. Just sit and eat and grab the the land of those innocent and their blood will come after you.

  3. Mr, Elhaq Paul,
    your truth which is full of hatred cannot liberated anything, i was expecting you to pay your condolence to the families of the victims, instead you are celebrating the death of jiengs.
    I am a jieng from Rumbek, but i can see that u are pointing particularly jieng of bor the way you put it, it hurts me and all the jieng across south Sudan. Jieng will be there as long as tribes are there, you will bark, bark and bark on the the media till you are nothing.
    let me tell you one thing, south Sudan is going to be called “Jieng Republic” by 2100 because we are now on the process of making intermarriage with Equatorians girls who will produce jieng boys. It is a matter of years Equatoria will be “jienganise.”
    there is a say that, “quarrelling with jieng is like quarelling with God.” so take care

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Samuel Bagish,
      Just who do you think you dinkas are? The state powers that your Kiir and other jienge are using is making you a fool.
      You said intermarriages with Equatorian girls….. huh?
      It’s only the most illiterate and material lady who will fall in love with a dinka BUT NOT LADIES OF MY TYPE. sorry for you, man.

      There shall NEVER be Jieng Republic in the existing South Sudan, keep sleeping in ignorance and arrogance.
      This is blasphemy, stop using God’s name, your likes makes me wanna vomit.

      • Dear Daughter of Equatoria:

        The intermarriage between Dinka and Equatorians had started way before Mr. Abel Alier, Dr. John Garang and General Salva Kiir Mayardit became presidents of South Sudan. In fact, the intermarriage was and still is based on mutual understanding and love rather than materials. Also it was not done in order to increase the Dinka populations in greater Equatoria. Therefore I kindly ask you and Samuel Bagish to apologize and retrieve your false and demeaning comments about the Dinka-Equatorian intermarriages.

        You must apologize to the Equatorian ladies who are married to Dinkas for the comment you made about their marriage. Also I advise you not to worry about getting married to a Dinka man because no Dinka would marry someone who will tear their house apart or plant hatred in their Backyard. Perhaps, you would be better off being a Dinka enemy rather than Dinka wife. Please keep hating Dinka until you and Elhag Paul are exhausted and unable to hate anymore. I assure you that the Dinka of Kiir and Abel Alier would suck all the hatred out of your hearts and minds and at the end of the day you and Elhag Paul would free of all kind of hatreds and jealousy. Certainly, there will be no hatred left in you and Mr. Elhag Paul if Kiir and Bor remains in Juba and Nimule after 2015. What can your hatred of Dinka and that of Elhag Paul do to Jieng? Tough luck with it!

        “The truth hurts but it is wortth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

        • Diktor Agarab says:

          L.G. Garang,
          Keep dreaming as your dinkocracy unravels. Guess your alliance with the Nuers failed. Soon you’ll be looking for a second home cause I hear that nobody likes your ilks in East Africa – coming to think of it, even in the world. Check out what your cousin wrote about you.

          • Dear Diktor Agarab:

            Liar, Nuer has never been ally with the Dinka. The majority of your Naath people are Nyagats and traitors. Please don’t be overjoyed about what my Cousin wrote about me. He is just reflecting on the real life of South Sudanese in Diaspora.

            FYI, In 2011, I visited UK, Australia, Canada and USA. On my visit, I found out that the majority of the South Sudanese living in those Countries are extremely stressful and dejected more than those who are currently living in the war torn South Sudan. I had found out that those South Sudanese are having some economical, social and family problems wherever they are in Diaspora. So it is not Dinka alone which is facing some social and family problems in Diaspora.

            While I was on my visit to UK, Canada and USA, I learned that 95% of Nuer families have lost their children and wives to children services and women shelters.They lost most of their children to the governmental agencies that apprehend children/ women and taken away from their families due to abuse and lack of care. Please check how your Nuers and other South Sudanese are coping with life in exile and particularly in Kawaja’s land before you throw the mud up in celebrations.

            Dinka went to East Africa when they were fighting Jalaba. This time, it will be you and the likes that would go to East Africa to fight Dinka in South Sudan. Dinka would not flee South Sudan even if you ally yourselves with Jalaba again.

            “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

        • Daughter of Equatoria says:

          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

          CHANGE for the better,You are just being defensive.My reference are for those in due process and searching not married ones where some are living in agony and are trying to escape but it’s too late.There shall be more dislike towards you and your people as long you are adamant.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

            Although there is sanity in your above claim, you marred it all by exaggerating the real facts. All immigrants from all walks of life are facing difficulties in those places. Facts need to be told and you are sincerely right about this.

            But exaggerating that 95% of Nuer families got their children taken is a sheer lie. I also have been to these places and what you put down here is not what I have seen when I was there. Your allegation regarding Nuer is way off the mark. It might be the animosity you already have for Nuer that prompts you to deviate from the truth and choose to lie between your teeth.

            Like I stated above, it is all immigrants including your people. One of your close relatives might be currently sitting under the bridge without any shelter for him or her to go to. In fact, Salva Mathok’s children now living in a city called Omaha, Nebraska. Notwithstanding the money your Uncle Mathok looted day and night, his family was kicked out and moved to a homeless shelter. Had it not been for Nuer in this place, they would have been in deep trouble. But Nuer came to their rescue.


  4. Ping says:

    Elhag, your reasoning capacity and understanding is very shallow. Misleading people through this article will bring you no gain. Your negative campaign against majority still will bear no fruits.
    Brother Elhag, preaching peace and love would add you wisdom rather this baseless campaign.

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Elhag is never shallow in brain, instead it’s Kiir. it’s the truth he is exposing that is hurting you and your kins which prompts you to say that of him. Why not face the truth, stop pretending and diverting your attention from serious issues and learn to accept the truth.

  5. To My Dear Compatriot :Mr. Paul Alhag::
    You know, articles you wrote, they are very good to read! But as my fellow citizen, I advise you to avoid calling the government in the South Dinka government. Why Dinka alone?? The government belongs to all Southerners in the country! To me, I do not have any fear from Dinka people in the tribe at all! They are human beings like me. Tribalism is human in nature! You cannot take all away from people totally! I am living here in the United States, tribalism is well existed!
    Let us wait for a new administration in 2015! No more SPLM in power in 2015!

  6. M says:

    most of us who read your writings are tired with word jieng. Your hatred with jieng as a whole is vivid even if you write to achieve certain political ambitions; u must remember that hating entire tribe can not and will never allow u to achieve your objective.
    take example of Dr riek who was romoured to have discouraged or refused convening of greater upper nile conference just because he does not like regionalizing politics, that point alone gives him creditability that he wants to govern south sudan not greater upper nile.
    Your criticisms is good and educating but capitalising on jieng invariably mar all that. Adjust your writing if u r to achieve your objective.


  7. PK. Chuol says:

    Paul Elhag,

    You are the truth, my friend. These people are so emotional and couldn’t even comprehend what you are conveying in YOUR article. Folks, stop being so emotional and read with understanding.
    Good piece sir.
    PK Chuol

  8. Dan says:

    I would be surprised if Murles’s have emotions. How will you convince anyone that the murles, who kill mothers in front of their children before they abduct the children have emotion? The reason a lot of people did not condemn Lou Nuer was because they were only retaliating after so many aggressions from your new friends, the Murles.
    The Dinkas you are heaping blame on stopped cattle rustling long time ago and they even influenced the Lou Nuer to give it up as well. The Lou just resume the practice lately after being left with no choice by the Murles. You can verify this information with any Lou Nuer elder if you don’t believe it.

  9. Paul, not the end of Jieng Bor during 21 years War when we’re fighting Arabs, DR Nyagat, murles and others militias, we lost big number of lives than that but we didn’t give up till independence.
    Celebrating of killing would not help in any way nor it will stop us eyeing in the future.
    Murles killed 79 (only 13 youths – 66 are kids, women & oldies) from dinka Bor but 47 murles criminals gone and 23 guns left behind with 91 injured.

    • Mr. Paul, you are always teaching the new nation by what you write here and as well you are supporting the DINKA to support themselves but they don’t understand AT ALL and i think they will not understand.
      Based on this article I CAN’T SEE JIENG after two to three years in south sudan. they will have black future full of challenges and difficulties…due to what they have done to others.
      it will come back to you again…all your nonsense. this article is very visionary and futuristic at the same time. this will determine the future of south sudan, either you quit the country or you stay here and you die, this will be the future of DINKA.

    • President Eyes.
      Not a vestige of truth in your comment, dude.

  10. Ohi'de says:

    El Hag,
    You have observed the behaviour of Jieng very well. They should read the article well, reflect on it and thank you.
    The jieng must rectify their behaviour before it is too late.
    Thank you, El Hag, for caring for the Jieng.

  11. Tyson says:

    My Jieng comrades,
    Elhag Paul is not celebrating the deaths in Twic east. Murdering innocent people in cold blood has been the norm of the SPLA during the years of the struggle but also after the independence. The killing of innocent Isaiah in Juba, the murder of Kakwa family in Yei and many others are a testimony of this cruel and barbaric platform called the SPLM with its rat-tag soldiers (SPLA).
    If the SPLM and its SPLA were really organized under sound leadership, there could be no loss of blood in Jonglei or any part of South Sudan (including Abyei), no looting of public funds, no land grabbing, etc.

    Elhag is just sounding the bells for you to repent from your slavery of born-to-rule attitude and bleeding hands, and seek God’s forgiveness and reconciliation with fellow South Sudanese. PEACE is the gift given by God to all His creatures including South Sudanese but this peace cannot be realized in the context of the current muddling policies driven by the Jieng led government.

    Some of you are arrogant that the Jieng majority means hegemony and silence to all the other tribes of South Sudan. Remember Goliath did that with his mighty Army that they were humbled by simple David.
    Also the Egyptians tried but they were also humbled. With God, everything is possible! God listens to the cry of the poor, widows, the oppressed….. etc.

    Take time to reflect humbly on all issues affecting our country today and ask yourself, how do I contribute to address these issues and allow peace, harmony and prosperity to this beloved God given land?

  12. Daniel Mawei Deng says:

    Elhag Paul, what a hatred man?

    Daniel British,

    Political Activist, South Sudanese, USA

  13. lutageng says:

    They are claiming to be innocent while marauding with heavy guns protecting themselves and their cows in Nimule and Lobonoc, why don’t they use the same in their own land?

  14. malith Alier says:

    Look at Dr. Martin Luther King, JR who shunned hatred but embraced nonviolence. El Hag Paul is on the opposing side with that great Man.
    Shadows disappear fast!

  15. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    By the way, these commentators who are saying Elhag is celebrating the death of the people of Twic East, did he not say he is sharing their pain as well, it’s like none of you really got the message or you people are just adamant and are really obsessed.

    “It is sad that the Twic East incident has to happen for the Jieng to feel the pain that others are already living with daily from their barbarism.”

    It is just dawning on the Jieng that they are not really strong and powerful as they falsely convinced themselves. It is the state power that they have hijacked and abused that gives them the clout of invincibility. This is why all the other people of South Sudan must come together and ensure that the people take back their power.

    The Jieng must not be allowed to abuse state power in the way they are doing: intense grounded tribalism, violence, corruption, wanton mismanagement, land grab, displacements…..etc.”

  16. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Excellent piece, Gentleman Elhag, you know WE are proud of you, your articles are all excellent, yes, expose them. WE are behind you in sisterhood and brotherhood, cheers!!!

    • Majongdit says:

      Dear Daughter of Equatoria,

      In one of the pieces in another article in which you commented harshly against the Dinkas, I responded to you with a message of ‘LOVE’ but unfortunately the Editor removed my comment. I think my comment was not derogatory. Despite your hate for jienge and love of pitying the Equatorians against the Dinka, I still have one message for you: LOVE!

  17. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:


    I am not a Dinka but the behaviours you have displayed here claiming Republic of South Sudan is a Dinka government is unacceptable. You should criticize within limit. Besides, Nuer Lou action on Murlei was prompted by Murlei’s action in Akobo. Tit for Tat was used here and this is difference from killings of Twic people in Jonglei State.

    Whatever you advancing here will not succeed. Editors should guide you and this is all I could say.

  18. Hello, Paul! Your statement it’s somehow, but u differentiate those Twic East innocent and proud people. I remember when i was in school my fellow student he wrote SPLM/(SPLA) belongs to Dinka, that the same Dinka use this politics like my friend mentioned above that South will be called Dinka. That’s the same way when other tribes captured a town, an order was made to replace with Dinka officer.

  19. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    In sincerity, this article is healthy and good for correction. If and only if the Jieng radicals come to their senses in scrutinizing and examining their deeds through the other people’s minds and eyes and considering the golden rule: ‘Do to no one what you would not want done to you.’ this can enable them and every subjective and biased person to understand Mr. Pual objectively, so to say.
    To Paul, I express my thanks and gratitude to you because of your reasonable article of today and you often times work for our country’s Democracy.
    A key point is that the Lou Nuer Youth all did not sit to cleanse the Murlei Nation as you alluded to in the article, but a good number of them were invincibly-ignorantly led to fight a retaliation fight against their fellow country people, the Murlei people but that was not good at all for intellectual Nuers who could very well judge the govt. deeds over her citizens of the all Jonglei State on whom she has the obligation for their inalienable rights protection.
    The killings in Jonglei are squarely on the president shoulders as akin to every achievement being always attributed to our good president. This is undeniable administratively. Our president is liable enough.

  20. The church teaches that forgive your enemies and pray for them, so under the same context that’s why i sympathise with the jieng of twic east but my heart and support for my brothers, the murle, who are facing a very systematic genocide from the jieng, lou nuer and the jieng government of south sudan (JOSS). The jieng people should understand the lesson that God is now trying to teach them, God has taken from the smaller tribe to resist their mighty domination which they think is resistible.
    the jieng people should start to learn certain human terminologies such as sorry, thank you and finally be humble. in medieval days people or tribes governance through might (power) such as the Roman empire but in contemporary days, people or tribes governance others through humility and intellect. this jieng mentality of terrorising others in order to pave way for them to rule this country forever is a bright-day illusion, the more they terrorise other tribes the more they unite them to resist and fight back which is neither good for the continued existence of jieng nor for the unity of purpose of this God forsaken country.
    It’s only God who knows when will this country will explode.

  21. upiu says:

    Elhag never disappoints! What else does anybody expect to read from him other than his obsessed hatred for Dinka? I only read his pieces for comic relief.

    • South Sudanese says:

      Upiu! I encourage this Dinka bashing in South Sudan. These folks don’t want to believe and accept that there are also other people wherever they are (be it in their filthy villages or outside South Sudan). Dinkas have not changed for the better since time immemorial. They need to be rudely but sincerely reminded that there are also other stakeholders in South Sudan. The world over, the approach is to respect the minorities (I don’t though other tribes less the Dinkas are a minority in South Sudan).

      This evening if you are a witness to what happened in Bor on a foreign national (of course the hapless Kenyan) inflicted by somebody regarding himself as senior in Jonglei government, you may have a different opinion of your Dinka cousins. It’s known fact that the town is already badly flooded, how do you expect a vehicle laden with merchandise to give right of way in a place where you don’t have another space by way to VIP!!

      Elhag, Aluta continua!

    • Joseph says:


      El-Hagi does not have any hatred towards Dinka at all, however, he (Elhag) and every reasonable human being wanted Dinka to change their mentality of oppressing others, period.
      You can better start with yourself than to go to the whole community. If you did not change i will encourage Elhag to write against you till Jesus come.

  22. jijury says:

    Unless we call a spoon a spoon, things will never move forward in South Sudan. Salva and his Dinka followers are just implementing what was already jotted down by Dr. Justin Yach and his likes which was for Dinka to lead South Sudan for the next 30 years or beyond.
    Here and there you can blame Mr. Paul for what he wrote but reality on the ground says the opposite.

    Years back thousands of Scholarships were awarded only to Dinka once they were asked why? They said other tribes are not qualified, Really? People are dying day and night in Juba leave alone Jonglei and nothing is being done by Kiir to stop it.

    The more people allow Salva to continue with this tribal dominated government the more people will suffer. Thus wake up people, let Paul use the name Jieng as he likes.

  23. Dear The Daughter Of Equatoria:

    Watch your tongue! For you, there are no girls, ladies and women very important from any girls, ladies,and women on earth in front of God! They are the same! Many have married to Dinka people on love affairs basis.

    If you think to yourself alone that you do not like to marry to people in the tribe, that will be your own decision, it will not affect Dinka much. Talking on politics in the government, it has nothing to do with social issues in people because they are personal and private!
    Supporting Mr. Paul Elhag’s articles because he is from Equatoria, you be may wrong! You should admonish Mr. Paul Alhag not to attack things in the government simply because of Dinka people in tribe!

    The administration of President Kirr is very fair! All tribes in the South have been given work without secluding another tribes, maybe before in the forgone years. Love yourself! Love your country! Love your the fellow citizens with your open heart without any RESERVATIONS!

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      FYI Chief Abiko Akuranyang,
      I am never blind to see the atrocities committed by dinkas, you people are trouble makers and cowards, it’s the Nation/State powers that you and your tribes men are abusing thinking it belongs to you, wapi, it doesn’t belong to kiir either, you must be ashamed, THAT IS STATE’S POWERS BUT NOT INDIVIDUAL POWERS as kiir claims.

      • majongdit says:

        Daughter of the tribe called Equatoria,

        Chief Abiko tries to tell you not to mix marriage in the same line as politics. Marriage is a mutual agreement between two partners.
        Instead of replying along the same line you go straight back into Dinkas cowards and then the cowards again commit atrocities.
        You need to be excused for you are a MAD GIRL!

        • Daughter of Equatoria says:

          in accordance to VP statements I think intermarriage is getting politicized, well I don’t care at all if or if not, and why are you dinkas salivating for Equatorian girls/women? It’s like you people are not proud of your girls/women……And WHY?

          Keep crying to be liked/loved……

        • Daughter of Equatoria says:

          Ponit of correction,there is NO tribe in Equatoria call Equatoria. You and your chief Abiko just meddled up, I DID NOT MAKE ANY MIXTURE OF POLITICS AND INTERMARRIAGES, STOP SPREADING FAULTS HERE. My reply to Samuel Bagish is plain and concise, grow-up. Who mentioned this subject intermarriage any way? Answer me.

          I always make my reply according to how you construct your paragraph and argument, I do analyse each sentences, phrases and words. Yes, I replied your chief accordingly but it was removed (Edited) by moderator. I guess you are really disturbed, ohoh.. sorry..

    • Kei says:

      Dear South Sudaneses, does any boby knows how much does this guy call Chief Abiko Akuranyang get paid by Dinka? He is number one puppet of Dinka on this website. Abiko Akuranyang, you sound lame and not straight in your mind. Check with mental hosiptal in USA before you are declared crazy.

  24. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Chief Abiko Akuranyang,

    You kindly refute Daughter of Equatoria in a civilized manner. I unreservedly thank you with regard to this and for the fact that you understand that love is blind; it doesn’t segregate. You can marriage to whoever you fell in love with irrespective of what tribe, country, continent they come from. Hence claiming that Equatorian lady cannot marry to Jieng man is unquestionably baseless.

    I value your opinion on the claim that Kiir’s administration is very fair. This is your individual opinion that you might not share with many. Or at least the people who first handedly know what is taking place on the ground. I can tell that your argument is based on second hand information, which led you to the conclusion you reached.
    As for us those who really know, we do not share that view with you. President Kiir to us or I should say to me has never been fair and he will never be fair. There are many indications or signs serving as testimony for my claim and I could write a book about them.

  25. Joana Adams says:

    Daughter of Equatoria,
    There are many deranged people in this world who want to be liked even loved by their oppressors. I’m glad you are not one of them. Don’t be discouraged by people with chicken brains.
    Who has not heard that the Vice President Wani Igga wants to promote intermarriage as a government policy with misguided belief that it will bring national unity. Does that make marriage a social or a political issue? Only children will not know that marriage or forced marriage has always been used as weapons of war. It is an attempt to humiliate your war victims and dehumanise them even further. Alternatively it is a strategy to dilute your offspring.
    No men will love you if they do not respect your people. if our girls realise that their own humanity is inseparable from that of the men in their families or communities, perhaps they will think again about marrying national thieves who are throwing stolen money and not hard earned money at them.
    As we saw in the past some of these misguided girls became either slaves in their so called marital homes or had their children forcefully taken away from them.
    The SPLA used forced marriage and rape as weapons of war during the long years of struggle. It seems we are now being told that Equatorians girls must be prepared for forceful marriage as a matter of state policy. By the look of it this form of state terrorism is well underway. What a republic! Daughter of Equatoria, you should ask the question, just what is wrong with their girls?

  26. Kei says:

    Dear South Sudanese, does any boby know how much does this guy call Chief Abiko Akuranyang gets paid by Dinka? He is number one puppet of Dinka on this website. Abiko Akuranyang, you sound lame and not straight in your mind. Check with mental hospital in USA before you are declared crazy.

  27. Mr. Long John says:

    This is totally weird for a person who claimed to be an intellectual to write divisively. Mr Paul might have the education but I presumed he needs to go to the school of thoughts.

    I am sick of his writings. Its full of unfairness, a twin sister to corruption!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Long John
      When and where did I claim to be an intellectual? I am just a South Sudanese expressing my/our realities under Dinkocracy. Am I not supposed to write about our experience? Thank you, my oppressor.

      • majongdit says:

        El Hag Paul,

        I really like your articles about and against Dinka because they are not only RUBBISH but at the same time they are HARMLESS!
        Go on barking, we get going!

  28. Chief Abiko
    you are realy wise and well-versed in the current politics of south sudan, kirr alone in his capacity loves all south sudanese, thought some jiengs are bad, Paul Elhaq should limit his talk to particulars, el haq, if he wants to be a good writer he should be neutral, to all south sudan tribes, like one coulmist Ateny Wek Ateny, ateny is a goog writer even he writes about his own brother if he go wrong, to my brothers and sisters including daughter of equatoria in greater equatoria, and my patriotic chief Abiko, my first comment was directed personaly to elhaq paul, not equatorian, one again i recognise chief as an elder who loves all races of south sudan

  29. Mohd Adam says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,
    You have always said nothing but the truth. And it is also the same that the truth hurts, but it liberates. Those who are not happy with your writings are free and have liberty to delete your sound messages. The old adage says, those who kill by a sword, will also meet their fate by the same sword, as it was, it is.

  30. Kei:

    There is nothing wrong for being a puppet in life in people! If I am a puppet of Dinka in this website, is good for me alone! For you, I do not have any Dinka blood in my mouth! My mouth is clean! I have my own blood alone by myself! I do not want any pay from them! I am just needing my freedom of expressing FIRST AMENDMENT going forward with no block on the road because it is very essential and important for people and for me! Thank you! Mr. Kei! A puppet of National Congress Party in Khartoum! Have a nice day!

  31. bolabokdit says:

    Elhag is a sad creature this is the reason he always makes deliberate aggression on Jieng and embrace their death directly or indirectly. Elhag doesn’t know that if he becomes a president of Southern Sudan today he will not eliminate or relocate Jieng even if he makes contact with space aliens.
    Why don’t you (Elhag) say we did not get the people in our government to do the job the way it ought to be done and you fill your mouth with word Jieng?. This will not help your ego whatsoever unless you restrain from blasting all entire Jieng or labelling them with such useless abusive words.
    Regarding political parties you talk about it is important to know what kind of historical event tend to align people with political party. If a party loses in election people should not blame themselves; it is because party doesn’t have good credential background period. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with oppositions parties because they re-create the way people want the country to look.

  32. Dinkator says:

    chief Abiko
    your are total liar that president salva kirr was fair, yes, for dinka is fair, take example of unity state Bentiu alone only one national minister in Bentiu seen than compared to Warrap who always has four national ministers plus president, five, and the current government unity state has one executive minister, Warrap three minister plus President. which fairness are you talking of? we are watching, man.

  33. Mr. Paul, you ought to be reminded that the attackers of Twic East left 81 dead bodies 49 bodies inspected and confirmed UNMISS to be from murle tribe while the other 32 were killed by Ajuong and paker youth after they where left behind with serious injuries and infact one of the attackers left injured was just killed on the 9/11/2013. You need to seek medical attention am begining to notice you are not ok mentally.Jieng got no problem with anybody that why the contributed 90% for the freedom you enjoy with your grandmother today and that history will always remained for generations to come. God will forgive you because you don’t know what u are doing.

    • nikalongo says:

      Whatever Paul said can be corraborated by facts. The truth is, our brothers from Bor and their kins in other parts of the great country are undermining their very existence. The lives of the police officers in Yambio, the Doctor and the Kakwa family in Yei or the traumatised population in M’adiland is as much as those in Twic.
      Yes! The revolution is beginning to eat up her children. Condolence to all the bereaving families in Twic but also to all others in South Sudan who lost their loved ones from bullets fired by the Sons of Bor. Unlike people in Bor, we do not clap for the tragedy in Twic.

  34. mindra says:

    Dear Daughter of Equatoria,

    you have said it all what i want to add but keep the ball rolling. educate our equatorians girls to open their eyes well because like what they say, these people are throwing in stolen money to chase after our girls, they actual didn’t know how to make love and normally they put in huge sums of money to convince them…….due to forceful marriages done by the jienge, most of our girls ended up losing their marriages.
    we count on daughters of equatorians

    Mindra-madigo,i live in loa local pageri payam,madi corridor.

  35. Choromke Jas says:

    Jieng are sleep walking to the precipice. Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it. Compared to the British, the Ottoman, the Romans…etc, Jieng are nothing near rulers, let alone empire builders. Because they are sleep walking, they believe in “make-belief”.

    Serious imperialists do not “defecate in their nests”. They are defecating all over the South by raping, killing, grabbing, stealing… you name it! If they were to be awake and if they intend to rule for 100 years (as one of them crowed recently), they should have started slowly rather than with a bang of theft, genocides, rapacity etc.

    Eventually, the British, the Ottoman, etc had to be put back in the bottle whence they came. This happened at the hands of weak but determined people. Who would have thought the Africans would push the British back home?: Muzungu arudi ulaya (Maumau).

    Jieng will surely be chased back to their luak where they will take another 100 years to learn how to be civilized. Only few and noisy Jeing are terrorizing the population now. The majority of Jieng are in their prime state needing education, donated food, medicine and civilizing mission from other parts of this damned country. Listen to El Hag or be damned.

  36. bolabokdit says:

    Mr. Jas
    you can not categorized Dinka as uncivilized people in a sense. I myself I defend Dinka people when it come to issues that are reliable, and condemn them when they are wrong. I am afraid of people who still live in state of nature like you if they can formed a nation. I don’t know how old you are but I do respect people of all ages when they communicate reasonable and healthy ideas. By saying majority of Jieng are in their prime state you cross into realm of fiction because in order to be assertive prove that the situation is really existing. I can suggest that you should examine each fact seperately in the article without being influence by the various of self-interested writers

  37. Bhanyker says:

    I wonder why the overwhelming majority of Dinka are telling lies. And always arguing against the the truth. Guys what Alhag is telling is true with concrete evidence. Only the absolute liars like the Dinka will argue otherwise. And here are some of unbelievable lies constructed by Dinka.

    1- They said that they had liberated the whole country alone without other tribes’ participation. But the irony, the Nuer were majority in th SPLA prior to the liberation of South Sudan. And now are still majority in South Sudan Army with 70% . But due to the Nuer culture, the good fighter does not go around and telling people, ‘look i did this and that,’ only the coward goes around and tells lies. In that case if the Nuer are still majority in the nation army, then where are the Dinka whom you claim liberated the country ?.

    2- No Dinka ever stated clearly the reason behind their migration to Nimuli. Always pretending that Dinka liberated Nimuli from Jalaba. Let me make it clear to all South Sudanese who might not yet understand the reason of the migration.
    The reason why, ladies and Gentlemen, is because they can not protect themselves from massive attack by the Lou Nuer Youth like it happened this Monday at Duk county. It is known though the attackers are always well prepared than their victims. Surprisingly the Duk reporter said that 5 Lou Nuer youth lost their lives and none from Duk youth side that is a complete lies. How come the attackers took livestock with out killing anybody ? Those truth only the Dinka will beleive.

  38. King J. says:

    Is this place a political path for irrational thoughts against one another rather than having collective ideas to build this nation?

  39. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Elhal Paul,

    This is another constructive article. I would only like to correct you that Luo Nuer issue with Murles was a retaliatory thing. There was nothing done wrong by Luo Nuer youths and it would have been senseless for them to standby hands-folded and watch Murles wreak havoc on their community. I like what they did and it is what it was. Murles are cruel and what Luo Nuer youths did fit them well.

  40. South Sudanese says:

    King (or rather Queen J), how do you talk of nation (I am not certain if South Sudan is really) building with all these imbalances? The minister of Interior was in Nimule (what Dinkas continue to call Numili) to seal the fate of the hapless Ma’di people. Pronounced himself on the status of the Dinka land grabbers: that there are no South Sudanese IDPs in Nimule. This translates to asking the Dinkas to stay put on the lands/property they occupied in 1990s after the rightful owners fled to exile. The minister is saying that Nimule was established in March 1998, simple! Before that date there was no abode hitherto known as Nimule (also knows as Guru by the indigenous community).

    Aleny is encouraging the parallel Dinka administration to thrive and overshadow the local one. After all, the 2009 Local Government Act has been banned. I shade tears for your likes!! Building nation my foot! Are a beneficiary of the 80% revenue loot at Abila (the border post) the minister Lomoro was alluding to?
    I know the Dinkas will not keep Lumoro longer in that docket (since he’s not SPLM), he will be sacked soon for revealing (read washing dirty lining in the public).

    Don’t get used to the habit of covering wrong with right, queen, it won’t work. The Dinka occupiers need the indigenous Ma’di for them to lazily continue to stay in Nimule thanks to the availability of plastic chairs!!

  41. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Dear Elhag Paul, I hope you are aware of the realities of South Sudan. The problems of South Sudan have nothing to do with tribe. If you still have such Sudanic attitude of using tribes as the basis of campaigning and getting power, then I am sorry. In South Sudan as you may be aware, there are those people who do not want South Sudan to prosperity. The people who make up such group are from different tribes and their mission is to create confusion out of order to maintain their hegemony. The role that I expect you to play is to campaign for unity of those who are educated to isolate this group and finally destroy them. If you are one of those people who do not analysis the situation and come up with informed understanding then I am sorry for you, you have actually missed the point.

    Your character has betrayed you through your writing. You have been thinking that South Sudan is being destroyed by Dinka people which is a wrong conclusion from you. It is a shallow way of reasoning. South Sudan is no longer occupied by tribes but by different distinct groups, which are from different parts of the world. For instance, those who came from East Africa, Khartoum, Egypt, Kenya, America, Australia and those who have never gone anywhere since the war started. These are the groups who have distinct characteristics.

    These groups have their own aims and objectives and which to see the country develop the way they want. In such Confusion, there is a group that has been formed, that do not have any agenda for the country but want only to benefit economically. These people are mostly concentrated in the government. Therefore, the way you reason shows your intellectual incapacity and you need to go back to your educational aims and objectives.

    • Samuel Modi says:

      Dear Paul,

      Each one of us is entitled to express our opinion on this discussion board. Your hatred toward Dinka community in general will not help you at all. Instead, you send your condolence to Ajuong community and Pakeer of twic east. you end up blaming Dinka community and the families of deceased ones. Do you think if you blame Dinka you exclude dead ones?
      Bear in mind that there are many Dinka who laid down their precious lives for the cause of this nation. If you continue with your hatred their souls will hunt you down. You need to differentiate between government and Dinka Tribe. South Sudan does not belong to Dinka alone. The government of south Sudan is for the people of South Sudan.
      Your cancer toward Jieng will not set you free from your hatred. correct yourself, your writing does not represent the opinion of Equatorians.

      Samuel Modi

      • Daughter of Equatoria says:

        Samuel Modi,
        What a lie you’re spreading? No ghost will hunt down Elhag nor any Equatorian because the incident of Twic East never had Elhag’s/Equatorian hands in it, remember you dinkas now have enemies across the country. Yes, blood is thicker than water, you now feel the pain of your own people killed in cold blood caused by another enemy of yours and you people laugh out the killings in Yambio, Yei and Madi, where your hands got stained by blood of these people killed by dinkas in Equatoria.
        And who told you the writings of Elhag do not represent Equatorians’ opinion…huh? It seems you forgot that there was the first conference in South Sudan after independence, The Equatoria Conference, some of the issues of concern to Elhag were all expressed there, sound Equatorian elites like his writings you don’t have any right as an outsider to say his writings does not represent Equatorian opinion.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Daniel
      Thank you for your comment.
      I find your comment extremely patronising, arrogant and sadly enough lacking insight of the realities in South Sudan. I can do without it. Thank you and best wishes.

  42. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Daniel Juol Nhomngek,
    You should be sorry for yourself. You are just too blind enough and egoistic enough to examine yourself and the character traits of your own people. Can you now prove to us by any means how you are liked within South Sudan and that you people are not trouble makers?
    And once again show us how you are seen positively by other continents in the world?
    Go ahead and tell us how you are portrayed….
    I will advise you to read or read once again that piece written by your fellow dinka in Diktor Agarab’s comment.

  43. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Dear Daughter of Equatoria,
    I am neither sorry nor angry with your comment. Your comment illustrates intellectual dwarfism simply because you lack analysis of the real situation. You take effect for the cause rather than searching for and understanding of the real issues. Have you ever taken time to see and understand the real structures of the society inhabiting South Sudan today?
    South Sudan is no longer tribe-oriented society but class dominated society and the interests of classes are competing against each other. Those of you and me are the last class and the government officials are in the first position trying by all means to use ignorance and illiteracy of the people for their own advantage.
    Instead of you understanding issues underlying that create this kind of composition, you are there attacking all Dinka people yet within the Dinka Community there are those who are marginalized and need to rid of all those people who oppress them.
    One thing for you to understand is that Dinka are people of South Sudan and cannot go anywhere, what you need is to study and understand their composition and why do they behave as such and then come up with informed solution to the problems of South Sudan if you believe that Dinka are the problem of South Sudan which I do not thing to be the case. The problems of South Sudan are far more complex than you might have thought.
    Please, South Sudan is for everyone and the problems of South Sudan are caused by everyone in South Sudan but if you who is educated think as such then I am sorry for you will end up no where.

  44. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Daniel Juol Nhomngek,

    There is indeed some legitimacy in your claim. I have come to realize this myself. South Sudan’s problem isn’t tribal thing as many seem to brush it to Dinka tribe. I surely know this and it is why I always go after Kiir Mayardit and his cliques. The cabal of Kiir is what has been wreaking havoc in South Sudan.

    As I know, there are many Dinkas from Kiir’s backyard who are suffering and dying of starvation while the President is bathing in ill-gotten wealth. Mr. Kiir and company are our problem and not any particular tribe. Hence as oppressed and marginalized, we need to stick together so we can get rid of these thugs who are sucking us dry. Let us unite under one umbrella in the upcoming election if we are to eliminate these corrupted thugs. Regardless of what tribe you hail from, discharging these thugs off the power needs to be our common goal and platform.

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      I Like your insights, it just puzzled me only after the Twic East incident, and the Abyei dilemma that some dinkas came up furiously to condemn kiir and his administration so ironic.
      when some other sectors of people are oppressed, marginalized, they sit back arms folded, an example is how the Equatorian Conference met criticism from dinka.
      did any dinka writer applaud the conference? Why now fretting? Is it not right for any person to say a dinka can only feel pain when it felt his/her skin?

  45. Joe. Lo kadi says:

    Dear Elhag,

    Your writings are always educative. Educative because it is capable of generating debates. Of course when people debate on an issue there is always behavioural change. You believe me or not, some of us who have this kind of behaviours you described in your article will begin to change no matter how much resistant they appear to be put in their comments.
    It is my hope they will be agents of change to those who have no access to this website.

  46. manbai says:

    Paul Elhaga or whatever+-

    Remember this saying when you point one finger against someone your four fingers point back to you, now I got a simple question to you dude. Can you tell me who is the worse here? just keep barking 24/7 against Dinka but the later will never never ever pay attention nor bother by your rubbish nonsense because you and your likes are historically known to be cowards and half men who hide in a Tukul when the real men are fighting the enemy.

  47. Mack says:

    What a deceptive article! Congratulations Mr. Noble Lair!

  48. Mack says:

    The so-called ‘Daughter of Equatoria’ is a shame to all honorable and beautiful ladies and girls of Equatoria. Her hatred against Dinka has made her to believe she represents the whole Equatorian ladies while she’s only ……going materially as demonstrated by her comments here.

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