Cessation of Hostility One Year On & Proliferation of Insecurity in South Sudan

Press Release:
Apart from being the top-ranked country in the world in terms of the Fragile State Index (Fund for Peace, 2014), and being classified as the most corrupt nation in the world (Transparency International, 2014), South Sudan is now a nation where no one wants to be, except for those who benefit from crises!

The FSI puts South Sudan second (score of 9.9 out of 10) to Afghanistan in terms of insecurity, and second (9.9 out of 10) to DR Congo in terms of human rights abuses and the rule of law. Together with Syria, Central African Republic and Somalia, it is a country with the highest number of refugees and IDPs!

Today marks exactly one year since the signing of the IGAD-brokered Cessation of Hostilities Agreement by the current warring factions in South Sudan. This commitment has proven a farce and a joke.

War has not only accelerated, but living conditions have continued to become unbearable even in government controlled areas, including Juba the capital city! Ethnically motivated killings and cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians have gone on with impunity.

In the past five days alone, murder of civilians and pillaging of villages close to Juba and in Magwi County were committed unabated. The culprits who committed mass arrests and torture of citizens, including school going teenagers in Loa and Nimule towns, have not been brought to book until today!

Even when two business persons in Nimule were assassinated in their houses at night, the government in Juba is un-alarmed! It is also possible that the reported killings by Mundari cattle herders of civilians barely 72 hours ago, will go away unpunished!

Those killed at their doorsteps in Juba town or dragged outside their house compounds and murdered, are just cases too many to list! Life is quickly becoming hopeless for citizens in South Sudan!

When a nation is plagued with such calamities, there is only one conclusion: it is gripped with serious leadership flops. Either its leaders have lost direction, or they pay no attention to the ‘sinking ship’.

After all, this is a country adjudged by governance experts of the Fund for Peace to score 10 out of 10 in being run by ‘Factionalized Elites.’ These are people addicted to looting of the national coffers.

We don’t have the luxury of space to enumerate all the excesses of these elites. What we care to point out here is that the Government in Juba is being allowed carte blanche to go on with plunging the country!

This is a government that has even the audacity to declare elections within six months, despite many dissenting voices and despite the biting reality that the environment is not conducive for any national elections!

When will the UN, the AU and other concerned bodies say, ‘we have seen enough of South Sudan and this must be put to a stop’?!!

Rally for Peace and Democracy (South Sudan)
The RPD Interim Secretariat
REF: RPD/PR-21/15
22 January 2015

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