Central Equatoria’s governor’s son defects to Machar’s SPLM-IO

Press Release: 15/APRIL/2015

Declaration of Joining the SPLM-In Opposition

I am hereby declaring my intention of joining the Peoples’ Movement, the SPLM-IO, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

The government has lost its legitimacy according to my opinion due to its inability to provide most of the basic services to the suffering citizens.

The high level of rampant insecurity, injustices and corruption are clear symptoms of a country that has lost leadership and direction.

I am therefore appealing to our citizens to rise up and join the people’s resistence, the SPLM-IO, which offers the only viable option for bringing the highly required fundamental changes and requirements in all sectors of our government.

Let’s join hands to save our Nation.

In these trying hours, South Sudan is at a risk of total collapse if the failed regime in Juba is not removed.

The collapsing economy and the lack of visionary leadership are fast leading the country into abyss.

The regime that has become morally bankrupt is using ethnic sentiments to cling to power. This will lead the country into total disintegration.

Just as countries can come into existence, they can also be lost through bad leadership.

Long live the people of South Sudan.
Long live the SPLM-IO.


(signed) Captain Joseph Clement Wani Konga


  1. Toria says:

    Congratulations Captain Joseph Clement Wani Konga, may God make you and the rest of our freedom fighters the dreams for better future to succeed, we are together in this and we WILL WIN.
    Long live freedom fighters
    Long live SPL-IO

  2. Joana Adams says:

    Well done young man! If this is true, we are very proud of you and the decision you have taken. Governor Wani has courageously defended the rights of Equatorians since 2005 and recently he has been vigorously speaking on behalf of Equatorians on the fundamental question of federalism which is the next political aspiration of Equatorians. This made him to clash with the president last year. Now we need brave young people like you all over Equatoria to rise up along with our brothers and sisters in the SPLM in opposition and REMNASA to give a final blow to this illegitimate government.

    May God bless you and protect you!


  3. Redivision says:

    If the country leadership has lost direction and vision to sail through treacherous waters of the high seas to safety, your family is a part and parcel of this mess. As the saying goes, your father’s deeds are not yours personally. But mistakes committed by the father always hunt the family to their last days on this planet. I’m not surprise for what you have done, because as the saying goes, that the son like the father and the father like the son. We are aware of the role father played by your father during liberation war and perhaps that would be continue by you. I’m sorry but that’s your choice.

  4. mindra says:

    Bravo Joseph,
    may the almighty God protect you and bless you abundantly upon your bold decision which is good.
    Gen Martin Kenyi,Losuba ,lado Gore and Joseph Konga wani,all of you will receive blessings from the equatorian,we are in support of you morally,economical and religiously.it is good to stand high and loud for your rights.
    may God protect you from sharp objects till the mission and vision is completed.
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi corridor EE,SS

  5. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Joseph,
    Sincerely speaking,you have jumped into a crocodile infested river and you will regret it for the rest of your life if you ever survive to live a second life.It’s needless to tell you that the SPLA-IO is a movement of thieves,looters,rapists,murders and destroyers.You will have to kill your way to survive.

    But apart from anything among your reasons,it’s insulting to any citizen of good conscience to hear you speak against corruption.You would have done so well if you had not pretended to be unknown.There are high cases of land disputes in Juba particularly in Tong piny neighbour and it’s you,your clan members including father and the rest of your business collaborators who are always the cause.The massive savage messed up illegal land grabbing drive in Juba you had championed against none equatorians has done so much damage in compromising the universal perception of federalism.Most unfortunately,as your father takes a false frontal place among sincere equatorians campaigning for federalism,the stigma of your illegal land grabbing drive has forced many none equatorian citizens,even those of good conscience,to believe that the federalism they are campaigning for is kokora.If you didn’t know,you should know now that the popular call for federalism in RSS has suffered a blow becouse of the corrupt behaviours by you and your likes.

    You should have opted to disappear peacefully to enjoy your spoils some where in a peaceful place on earth in stead of exposing your ugly naked self so shamefully to speak soiling the most sacred english vocabulary as,”save our nation”.According to you,”south sudan at risk of total collapse”,why are you fooling around and refusing to admit that you and your likes have helped it to collapse since long time ago?But as for the,”leadership”,if the money you have stolen from Juba is not sufficient enough for a living in your new environmental realities,I advise you to start to be a good boy.
    They say in the bible:knock and it shall be opened.Ask and it shall be given.You shall not covet your neigbour’s belongings.Never give a false testimony against your neighbour.Love your neighbour in much the same way as you love yourself.You shall live by the fruits of your efforts.And so on and on.

    So the savage arm twisting technics that you used against others in Juba in order to enrich yourself are what constitute sin in the eyes of God according to the bible.They will quickly drive you to the grave in a broad day light if you choose to never part with them.You need to rehabilitate yourself from being a disgraced sinner before running around with the vocabulary named,”leadership”,which meaning you neither practice nor know it by conviction!!!

  6. AGUMUT says:

    That is it,it is a result of Federalism. He didn’t join the SPLM-IO,but they have unite and kick him out to destroyed his future.

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