Causes of Current War: Tribal Politics & Idea of Leadership in South Sudanese Society

BY: MALITH KUR, LONDON, Canada, NOV/14/2014, SSN;

The current state of affairs in South Sudan hasn’t come as a surprise, but it’s a manifestation of the ugly face of the political class in our nation. It’s shown that the idea of leadership in South Sudanese society is the antithesis of political leadership in other nations. It’s out of this conception of leadership that South Sudan has faced this crisis before its third independence anniversary.

What follows identifies the causes of this unfortunate crisis. It also proposes possible steps forward to re-establish peace in South Sudan.

Tribal Politics:
The reason the country is facing this situation is that South Sudanese politicians, and most of us for that matter, define leadership in terms of tribal and regional affiliations. We do not have a national agenda when it comes to politics in the country.

What we have is a glorification of some politicians, which is what most of us take seriously. A politician’s achievement doesn’t matter in South Sudanese politics; what matters is where in the country a politician comes from.

If we take John Garang as our example, we see that he is popular now because he is dead; otherwise, he isn’t a popular leader, given his regional or tribal backgrounds.

Although his political strategies had paved the way for our independence, his contribution would have been irrelevant if he were alive and led the country today.

Throughout the years of the struggle, his leadership was considered as a continuation of Dinka domination, but no one wanted to speak about the number of Dinkas who died fighting for South Sudan’s independence.

In historical reality, however, the so-called Dinka domination remains a political myth if one takes a brief tour of South Sudan’s recent history.

History of Political Leadership in South Sudan
It’s true that tribal political orientation is at the heart of the current crisis. However, this crisis has its roots in the history of political leadership in South Sudan. This history does not go beyond 1955 because South Sudan did not have formal governmental structures then.

Formal leadership began, for instance, when Equatorians led the Anyanya I Movement in Torit in 1955. Nonetheless, when the Addis Ababa Agreement brought peace, Jaafar Numeri appointed Abel Alier to lead the subsequent, tenuous self-rule administration in the then Southern Sudan beginning in 1972-78.

For political reasons, Numeri dismissed Abel Alier and appointed Joseph Lagu, former leader of Anyanya I, in his place in 1978. Alier came back few years later, but he was removed again by presidential degree.

When Alier and Lagu were gone, Joseph James Tambura assumed the leadership in the South.

Following these political changes, the Addis Ababa Agreement was dissolved, and the re-division of the South into three regions occurred under Tambura’s watch in 1982 before the second civil war began in 1983.

When the second civil war started, John Garang emerged as the leader of the SPLM until his demise in 2005. After the death of John Garang, Salva Kiir assumed the leadership of the SPLM. Kiir’s ascension to power followed the hierarchical design of the SPLM leadership.

Now, if you look at this historical sketch of governance in South Sudan since Anyanya I, the communities out of which top leaders emerged are Madi among the Bari speaking groups, Azande, and Dinka.

The historical truth here is that none of these communities made any efforts to help those politicians come to power. Why is this important to mention? It is important because this is where the root causes of the current crisis lie.

Causes of this war
First, no member of Nuer ethnic group has ever taken top position in South Sudan. Therefore, some members of the Nuer community want this to happen now.

The demand for Riek Machar to become South Sudanese president is the real cause of the war, which has nothing to do with the democratization of the SPLM as a political party. The myth of Dinka domination has strengthened this resolve.

Consequently, South Sudanese, who lost their lives in Juba in December 2013, cannot be the cause of this war because most of the dead were soldiers taking part in active combat with the security forces.

Second, one-party dictatorship has developed in South Sudan. SPLM in South Sudan has become like the ANC in South Africa. A politician in South Africa must first become the leader of ANC before dreaming of leading the country. The SPLM has assumed this character.

For this reason, every politician in South wants some association with the SPLM. We now have the SPLM-DC, the SPLM-in-Opposition, the SPLM leaders, and who knows some other funny names of the SPLM may come up later. The role of the SPLM as a source of power is another major cause of the current war in South Sudan.

Third, the other causes of the war are political impunity, corruption, and weak state institutions. These factors are playing a major part in the current crisis. The weak institutions of governance in South Sudan provide fertile grounds for political violence.

None of the politicians leading the current uprising or those who are protecting the regime expect responsibility for their actions. No one will hold them accountable for anything.

Fourth, proxy warfare did not end with the independence of South Sudan. Sudan’s territorial ambitions in relation to disputed areas remain a catalyst of instability in South Sudan.

People who rebel in South Sudan, for whatever reason, will have no shortage of arms coming to them from Sudan. Unstable South Sudan allows Sudan to keep Abyei and Panthou (Heglig, to the Sudan. Ed.).

As long as the political class in South Sudan places its interest in power over the future of the country and the welfare of its citizens, this war will not end.

Fifth, South Sudan has ten states with a population of approximately 12 million people, which means that each state could have an average of 1.2 million inhabitants. However, we are asking for more while we know that the country relies on oil revenues.

This demand has raised a number of questions. What economic energy will those small states have? Where the money is going to come from to fund those states? These are not new questions.

South Sudanese who opposed the decentralization policies of 1980s raised them. They asked these questions because what South Sudan needed then, and still needs now are not more divisions but development. South Sudan needs a way out of this mess.

The Way forward
South Sudan needs unconditional peace now, not tomorrow, and the search for peace must be a people-driven exercise. The people of South Sudan must be the first stakeholders in the decision-making process when it comes to the settlement of the current crisis.

The parties to the conflict who are negotiating in Addis Ababa are not interested in peace, but war to gain power or maintain it. In the end, those who will continue to suffer are South Sudanese, who have nothing to gain in this senseless destruction.

Furthermore, what we can do, as responsible citizens, to avoid unnecessary political troubles is to leave political ambitions in the hands of politicians. Individual political leadership is not a tribal responsibility. Politicians are responsible for their political programmes.

As we search for peace, we need to avoid for two reasons the impression that there is a war between Dinka and Nuer:

First, South Sudan does not belong to Dinka and Nuer. It is a community of different ethnic groups bound to live together in peace and prosperity.

Second, Dinka and Nuer as communities are not responsible for political differences in the government. But if some members of the Nuer community want to fight against the government of South Sudan, that would be their choice that has nothing to do with all Nuers because all South Sudanese are in that government.

Most of the time we blame the political class inside South Sudan, but the Diaspora South Sudanese community needs to avoid incitement of violence. People inside South Sudan do not want war, but the people who are recruiting children to fight on their behalf, children who are supposed to be in school, rely on Diaspora’s political support.

South Sudanese Diaspora communities have become reliable constituents for the opposition forces inside the country. They have become their gateway to promote their destructive cause, but what South Sudan needs is a peaceful change, which promotes co-existence instead of division and killing.

In our collective search for meaningful political change, we need to understand that change is a process. It takes time to build democratic institutions and establish fair political practices. Violent opposition is not a political change but destruction.

In this context, South Sudan needs to discourage the creation of ethnically motivated federal system. It has the potential to cause more problems than solving the ones we already have.

Federalism in South Sudan is not the prerogative of those who are engaged in a power struggle; it is the prerogative of South Sudanese and their elected representatives.

South Sudanese do not need to be told how to be ruled; they must tell the politicians how they should be ruled.

South Sudanese are the principal stakeholders in the debate about federalism. A federal system South Sudanese have sanctioned provides the central government and the state governments with certain responsibilities to manage the affairs of the country within the boundaries of national laws that promote South Sudanese nationalism that transcends ethnicity.

South Sudan as a society should take these steps as part of comprehensive political reforms, constitutional review, and national reconciliatory process, which must lay the foundation for social reconstruction of South Sudanese society.

By Malith Kur (
London, Canada


  1. LONG says:


    Your article is nothing sort of justifying the Dinka dominated misrule with a number of false historical facts.

    Firstly, Lagu is a Ma’di and Ma’dis are not part of Bari nation. They are kins to Muru, Lugbgara and Keliko.

    You said and I quote “Consequently, South Sudanese, who lost their lives in Juba in December 2013, cannot be the cause of this war because most of the dead were soldiers taking part in active combat with the security forces” What Rubbish!! I was there, I show trucks loaded with students, kids and women including two unarmed Nuers shot by plain cloth Dinka men as Uniform men watched. Most of the armed Nuers who participated escaped to UNMIS and many more evidence will surface with time. Get your facts right before bubbling nonsense here.

    You should write that Abel Alier was an ally for Jalaba when our people were fighting Khartoum Government. He is the key architect of Dinka Domination from his time as head of South Sudan to date. His rule was was characterized by assassination in Juba, monopoly of public service and many more evils that is why the Equatorians asked for “Kokora” – wondering why Dinka are so opposed to Federalism(Kokora).

    Equatorian elites know that Garang was motivated by at least 4 issues 1. The Kokora, 2. Threat from Murle 3. the persistent Floods in Jonglei 4. the quest for leadership. Kokora and Flood made Equatoria the real target(enemy) number one. Reason of Dinka Bor settling in many parts of Equatoria, continuous oppression of our pple.

    Yes, the Nuer like any other group in the world have their right to ask for change although it may not be necessarily Riak.

    You said the people must owe the leadership and ask for accountability, which people? are you not part of the people? but I can see you supporting evil your self.

    The governemnt of south Sudan is not for all. Its Dinka + their bribed puppets period

    Otherwise how do you explain recruitment and training of private army if not for sinister motives for holding on to power indefinitely.

    • Malith Kur says:

      My Friend,
      Dinkaphobia is the only thing that motivates people like you. Stories have been made up to promote the narrative of rebellion that stands no ground. I am not going to respond to all pieces of garbage that you’ve thrown around here but to two things: First, there isn’t any Dinka that opposes federalism. Whoever preached that nonsense to you will have to explain it to you. Second, it is obnoxious to equate kokora with federalism. This is stupid. There isn’t federal system anywhere in the world that divides citizens on tribal basis. Kokora stands for the destruction of South Sudanese national identity. South Sudanese are not going to leave the fate of the country in the hands of tribal ideologues like you. What South Sudan needs are democratic consensus and political pluralism.

      • Mr. Malith, the truth is that Dinga are dominating and that is fact. secondly you are saying no Dinga rejects federalism. Are u sure even Kirr tried to reject it during the independence speech leave alone the so call youth of greater Bahar-el-Ghajal. Don deceive yourself coz Equtorians and Nuers plus other tribes are aware that Dingas are the real enemies for the unity of this country. But one day u will leave to regret

    • Bol says:

      Dear LONG,
      “I was there” ……”Most of the armed Nuer who participated escaped to UNMIS “… This is an eye witness account of: –
      a) Nuer participation in what happened, and
      b) Rebel Military presences in UNMIS after losing the battle!
      After all, President Kiir was telling the truth when he said “There are rebels inside UNMIS”… Thanks Mr LONG

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        I want to think that you are mature enough to discern truth from falsity. If so, do you find any logic in your comment and that of LONG? Are you suggesting that the over 40,000 Nuer civilians taking refuge inside UNMISS site are all member of Kiir’s Presidential Guards? Sir, there is no single soldier inside that UNMISS camp in Juba. All the Presidential guards who mutinied in Juba left together with Dr. Machar to JONGLEI and UPPer Nile States. How do you think Dr. Machar went to Nasir? 86% percent of those inside Juba’s UNMISS site are women and children. 14% of them are students who were studying in Juba university and elderly men. That is the gospel truth. Kiir can keep lying to the world but the truth will come out in the end.

        • Bol says:

          Thanks for your comment, but I think your advice should have been directed to LONG. He or she claimed to have witnessed Nuer in uniform taking refuge in UNMISS sites. Proving him or her wrong, would by necessity, discredit my source, and stop other people from using it. Understandably, you decided to leave “The Root Cause” and tackled the symptom …because antagonising an ally in this critical moment is a “Political Suicide”. Your advice, my dear could work in calming down anger muscles in your ally faces, gives them the false impression of your ability to overlook their little mistakes, but it didn’t make feel immature as the logic behind it, is wholly twisted. Please be matuer enogh to re-direct this important advice to LONG.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          Please stop lying and admit the truth. Your food lovers ran to the UNMISS in Juba and Bor when they were defeated in the Military Barracks in Juba and also in the front line in Bor. You did not see the Rebels uniforms at fence of the Bor UNMISS Camp when the Hon.Michael Makuei Lueth was denied the entrance at the UNMISS. Paul Dak, Please stop lying and go back to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada or just shut up and enjoy the money which your Brother James Dak looted with Riek Machar before they rebelled against president Kiir Mayardit. You have been saying early this year that Kiir must go. Why are coming back under the same leadership of president Kiir Mayardit?

          Now that you admitted of having 40.000 Nuers living in the UNMISS camp in Juba and 20 or 30.000 are killed by the Dinka soldiers in December. If this estimation is accurate, How those people lived in Juba? Before they war, you were accusing the Dinkas of land grabbing, Were Nuer not grabing the Bari lands since there was a huge population of the Nuer ethnicity in Juba. Perhaps, they (Nuer) were grabbing the Bari land at the gun point, disguising themselves as Dinkas. If you don’t come out of the UNMISS camp sooner or later, the mighty Muonyjang would return your land to its rightful owners, the Bari.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Bol Akuol:

            Please listen to yourself first so I can debate well you with you. Fabricating lies are not the proper way to move forward or debating for that matter. They said, if you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it. Under rule of laws, the real laws, not the decree laws of Salva Kiir, you wouldn’t sign what you wrote. Go evaluate yourself and come back to me when your head is clear.

      • Bol,

        You are appreciating nothing. Read “LONG” sentence again there is a mistake there. Long wrote “Most of the armed Nuers who participated escaped to UNMIS and many more evidence will surface with time. Get your facts right before bubbling nonsense here” by mistake. LONG wrote “Most” by mistake. In reality he means “NONE of the armed Nuers who participated escaped to UNMIS and many more evidence will surface with time. Get your facts right before bubbling nonsense here”. To me the person who is “bubbling nonsense” is Malith Kur the writer of the article. Please read again between the lines you will be able to identify what LONG wrote was a mistake. The sentence does not make any sense with the “MOST”, but it make more sense when replace “most” with the “NONE”.

        • Bol says:

          This comment was directed to GL and I believe is alive and knows how to respond. If LONG has made a mistake he is the to correct it. It appears to me that you are looking for some overtime work, but I am sorry I don’t have one.

  2. monychol says:

    Malith, all that you narrated could be root causes of the current war in South Sudan.But they were lingering issues that could have not precipitated the violent at that point in time.What really precipitated the war was the urge and desires among the 2004 Yei coup plotters to finish their unfinished coup business.The gang that converged in Kiir’s compound in Yei in 2004 had an agreed agenda that came to be known as the Yei conspiracy that resulted in the destruction of the SPLM/SPLA as organisations and institutions by Kiir.The Yei coup plotters such as Kiir, Aleu, Makuei, Igga, Kuol and Malong just waited eagerly for independence to complete their business and Riek Machar was just used as a trump card as a black sheep among discontented group that was against Yei coup.

    • Malith Kur says:

      My Friend,
      You sound like an insider. Insiders of the SPLM are responsible for the current destruction. All of you are trying a shortcut to assume the SPLM leadership. The first insiders who began this endless, violent power struggle include Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Arok Thon, Karbino Kuanyin, and the like.
      When Riek and Lam left the SPLM, they formed their movements and made every attempt to destroy the SPLM. However, where are they now? They came back to John Garang, whom they had rebelled against. They are all but a bunch of failures.
      If the people you’ve mentioned worked for the destruction of the SPLM, I think Riek would have gotten nothing to fight for now. How could people who went to Khartoum and formed alliance with the enemy, the tactic they are still using now, serve the interest of South Sudanese?
      If Kiir and other people you’ve mentioned formed a gang in Yei in 2004, they would be given credit for not shedding the blood of South Sudanese. They have no comparison with Riek, who always seeks the destruction of South Sudan.

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      You are so Naive, Brother. Nobody plotted a coup against your hometown Boy, late Dr. John Garang in Yei in 2004. It was Garang himself who attempted to replace Kiir Mayardit with Nhial Deng Nhial and that move angered Kiir and his supporters. Why would the Dinka of Bhar El Ghazal plot a coup against late John Garang while they were the ones supporting and keeping Garang in the leadership of the SPLM/A. Please stop making lies and be a slave of Riek Machar.

      • monychol says:

        Malith& Bol, if you are denying that there was a coup plot in Yei in 2004, then its proved that you are they ones who plotted and saved that coup for future execution.Secondly, it shows that you are utterly dishonest, crooked and thievery people and truely shear dishonesty permeates your flesh, bones to the core of your DNAs.
        That was a real coup where it not the wise leadership of Dr.John Garang to called the famous Rumbek meeting.If I’m lying as you both eroneously asserted, read the minutes of Rumbek meeting.Riek Nasir defection did not come to Garang’ attention, he could had called an urgent meeting or arrest him like your uncle Martin Majier Gai.
        If there was coup plotted by Riek in Juba alot of think could had been done and even arrest him.Why didn’t your Kuol and Makuei arrest him?
        We knows that the entire thing was your coup and you wanted to pit the Dinkas in Bhar el Ghazel against the Nuer tribe and you pretense to be loyalt to them while you have sprayed them with poison.You Buors have contaminated the image and name of Bhar el Ghazel and they have realised now that you are not their true friends.But conspirators who set them up against the rests of the nation.A true friend is the one who helps by tellung you the othe side not the one who drive you into deep problem for financial benefits and little animosties.
        Buors, your animosities are many because of your dishonesty, crookedness and thieving acts and attitudes.First, let peace come and all of us return to Jonglei and the region of Upper Nile.That is when you will know that what you have done is noticed by all communities.

        • Malith Kur says:

          You’ve run out of ideas. You’ve no argument to make.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          Believe it or not, you will change to Monymabior when the peace return to South Sudan. You the Cowards and betrayers of Twic East, the entire Muonyjang has known you like a bullet and that is the end of your political leadership. You should tell your Mother Nyadeng Chol Atem and Dr. Majak D’Agoot that their political future is over and that they should resort into the tribal Chiefs. Who would bring them up politically if the entire Muonyjang is not behind.

          Your hometown Boy late John Garang murdered Benjamin Bol Akok from Dinka Malual, Martin Majier Gai from Bor, Kuanyin Bol and Bol Ayulnhom Kuol from Twic West and vice versa . After all he was forgiven for the sake of liberation. If the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal and Bor was angered and wanted to revenge, we would have slaughtered late Dr. John Garang, the killer in your presence and exiled the rest of Twic East. Garang knew it very well and that is why he backed down and asked for the Rumbek conference. What would John Garang and his Twic East Cowards do without the gallant soldiers of Bor and Bhar El Ghazal?

          • monychol says:

            Bol Kuol, all our problems on the East bank of the river nile shall be solved on the east side of the river nile.We will meet witb Bhar el ghazelians in Juba through representation.Our neighbors and us shall tackle you in our greater upper nile.Will you migrate to Bhar el ghazel?
            Kuol Manyang will be your last governor in history I can assure you.You are betraying your close brothers and neighbors for money because Bhar el ghazel hold the national coffer.Mmmm, what slaves ! Bhar el ghazel will not come to greater upper nile issues once peace is signed.Unless you will leave your county, you will live in desperation forever.Bhar el ghazel has its own internal problems that it cannot solve let alone coming to the east side of the river.Look at Lake state and Warrap to Abyei.Folks, you will be really sorry.Unless you will go to Bhar el ghazel to be picking their leftover food, you will surrender and be hiding behind us.It is we who are your saviors.Even if you are always malicious, jealous, envious and bitter you will surrender to us on our east side of the nile.Believe me you.

          • monychol says:

            Malith&Bol, it is obvious to me and the rests that you are trying to put tribal loyalty over national loyalty.I would utterly disagree with you both and I stand with many Bhar el Ghazelians to whom you are trying to buy loyalty.They knows that your actions and attitudes defeats the very cause that you are trying to pander to and I can assure you that they have already ran away from that you tribal patriotism.
            You are alone and you are left alone.Bhar el Ghazelians knows that you have done alot of damages to their leadership.

    • Southdan says:

      Maleith, your name appears like you are from Dinka (Bor).your article is nothing, but to me your are intolerance creature. You are a lier.if you think those politions such as Able Alert, Josehp Lagu, and James Tumura were not assisted asceding to power. Briefly, I would say, Able Aleir got helped by Nimeri 1972 he made a successful coup and over thrown Joseph Lagu. Sorry there are more to come.

      • Southdan says:

        Malieth, your name tells me you are from Dinka (Bor) Jackal: you are intolerant creature, as i have read your article it is maliciously ful of nonsense. you think your malic speech against Nuer people and Doctor Reik Machar would make your Dinka Bor clan rule South Sudan for ever. you are a lier since you stated in your article thoses politions such as Able Alier, Joeshp Lagu and James Tumbura were not helped ascending to power; to mentioned berifly, Able Alier was busy opposing Anyanya I one leardes such as Josehp Lagu beacuse He was a non Dinka finaly he convinced president Gafer El Nimeri and made him president of higher exacetive of South Sudan 1972. Also Josehp Lagu had been helped by president Gafer Nimeri when he realized Dinka Bor negative reams of being born to rule.James Tumbura was also assisted by president Gafer Nimeiri to assume power when president Gafr Nimeiri realized Dinka deceptions monoplization power in South Sudan. Mr Maleith i want to tell you that the current war was cause by Dinka Bor. president Kiir is an inocent man, he was pushed forward by Dinka Bor to kill Nuers by so called (court!, see Able Aleir Book, Too Many agreement Dihonest) a revenged that came the way back during 1983 when Nuer leaders opposed John Garng’s dicatership idealoy of libreated Sudan as whole. Mr. Malieth i know you wrote this article try to preach Dinka Bor intolerent idealogy toward the others, my question why do you occupy Madi Land, why did Bor’s Kiir disoriented mind Kill Nuers In Juba 12/15/20015.

        • Malith Kur says:

          I’m afraid you’re making assumptions that don’t stand any scrutiny. These assumptions won’t help your cause if you’ve one.

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        Excuse me, Do you address me as Dinka Bor? What make you think that I’m a Dinka Bor? Is it the name or the style of my talk?. Please be informed that I’m not a Dinka Bor and I have never ever been to Jonglei in my life. I don’t mind identifying myself with the Dinka Bor as they are not betrayers like your section of Dinka.

        I’m a Muonyjang and I believe you know where the Muonyjang is located in South Sudan. Thank God I’m not a Twi East, the greediest, cowards and traitors who have no faith in the leadership of other people. Honestly, I’m too embarrassing and ashamed to call you Dinka. Please leave the Dinka Bor alone and address me as me, the son of a true Muonyjang. I don’t know much about Malith Kur, however he doesn’t sound like somebody from your part of the Dinka. Perhaps, he is Dinka Bor or Muonyjang like myself. He is indeed a gentleman and future leader of our Country.

  3. AGUMUT says:

    I had toldthe close person before he became Minister Of Defence that there is something going on ,but he didn’t care because he thought SPLM was the MESSIAIH,but later that SPLM crony killed all of them in a PLANE CRASHED.

  4. Jake says:

    Even before I read the author ‘s name, I had concluded he or she must be a Dinka. Your article even though you try to come out as a non bias author. You do come out as an excuse maker for your failed leader ship of South sudan. As long as people like you are in existence south sudan, as nation will be forever in chaos. People such as yourself and likes seem to fear the implementation of federalism as it would empower other communities in south Sudan and your tribe will loose it dominance of South sudan political arena. To be more precise your tribe will loose it’s privileges of looting south sudan resources. Either way whether you like it or not federalism will be implemented, because when we were united as the same people under a centralized system. Your tribal King Kiir abused the power bestowed upon him by the very people. He used his power to promote Tribalism, Nepotism, Corruption, oppression of other ethnicities that weren’t Dinka. What did you and your intellectual elites do? Nothing. You couldn’t even advise him against abuse of power and the Mass ethnic Cleansing he orchestrated. Now that we have said enough is enough, people like you who can see its repercussions on your region, fear federalism.

    • AGUMUT says:

      Stop abusing Dinka for no reason.The problem in the South has nothing to do with all Dinka,Dinka had suffered the most at the time of STRUGGLED. You should blamed greediest politicians in Juba including Equatorians.

      • LONG says:

        You are an idiot who fail to know that paradoxically the Dinka Government hurts Dink more than any other tribe.The families of the Jieng are in camps, the nig Men have their families out of S. Sudan. Where is your pride????

    • j son of man says:

      sincerely, Christ will be the one to solve your problems probably by resetting your minds i do not know. If u can not see the sense 4rm Malith’s article then u must be the most ridiculous south sudanese i have ever met, u need to comprehend something be4 u comment my friend. What south sudanese should understand is that the system of gov’t is not the one that causes our problems. Our problem is that we lack leaders who can take us to where we want.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      You are right. Sophistry directed at the maintenance of the status quo will not convince anyone. By and by, the world must now know who is against peace. Media repudiation of agreed issues at the table as GOSS officials are doing is actually a breaking of the rule of negotiations. The world should just arm the SPLM-IO and topple the genocidal government in Juba. Continuing with Addis is a total waste of time, resources and lives.Could the West have treated Hitler as they are dancing around the Butcher of Juba? The blood of the innocent Nuer (some as young as 6 months old) are crying out for justice. It is time to act.

      • Mayomdit says:


        you are using Nuer only to change Regime in Juba while rest of tribes in are not interest to joint War.those whom with Riek Machar are job seeking.this wil not helps to change the system in Juba.


    I would like to inform you that the war which led to South Sudan independence was started in 1975 in Akobo, not in 1983. The war for struggle continue until John Garang hijacked the leadership of the movement in May 1983 from the separatists. John Garang and Keribino Kuanyin joined the movement which was already erected and was functioning. In August 1983, John Garang attacked Anyanya2 in both Iteng and Bilpam with the help of Ethiopian military so he can lead the movement. In 1984, John Garang murdered the Nuer-GaJaak communities in thousands, burned their houses, and looted their cattle and brought those cattle to Iteng for SPLA soldiers to eat them.

    John Garang and Keribino banned journalists from going to Nuer-Gajaak villages to take photos while the massacred was going on for months. Because Dinka are so arrogant and power hungry, they changed the history of the movement from 1975 to May 15, 1983 the year they joined the functional movement and snatched its leadership by force. All the Anyanya2 politicians seemed to be Nuer or Shilluk were all arrested in Addis Ababa and Killed including Bol Kur the deputy chairman of Anyany2. In 1986, another massacred was instigated on Lou-Nuer. Their villages included silos for keeping maize and sorghum were burned and cattle were looted.

    In 2010, when Dr. Lam Akol expressed his interest in running against Kiir for presidency position, he was ban from campaigning. While resided in the hotel in Juba, Dr. Lam Akol was frequently attacked by security guards in his hotel in Juba. Sequently, Dr. Akol fled North to Shilluk Kingdom for his safety. Still Salva sent troops and attacked Lam Akol in Tonga. In that attack, one of the Shilluk chief was arrested tied up, tossed in the car and burned inside the car alive. As a result, Dr. Lam Akol fled furthest up to Khartoum for his own safety.

    In 2013, when Dr. Machar expressed his interest to run for election in 2015, over 30,000 Nuer were massacred in Juba which led to the current war. Is it a crime to be a candidate for presidency? You see your community in general has big desire to lead South Sudanese forever, but you frequently abused your leadership year and year. All the tribal wars which have been taking place in South Sudan since the beginning of movement in 1975 up to today, Dinka top leaders instigated them. Devil Dinka who pretend to be peace lovers like you do not see how dangerous the president is to the citizens of South Sudan and never condemned him for his indulged for ethnic cleansing. You all together are evil and dangerous people in South Sudan territory.

    • Malith Kur says:

      My Friend,
      I know that story. Some individuals rebelled at Akobo in 1975, but the act of rebellion alone does not make anybody a hero. Most of them became armed robbers, who had nothing to do with the struggle of South Sudanese for freedom.
      On the question of leadership,South Sudan is only three years old as a nation, where did you get your impression that Dinkas want to rule South Sudan forever? And where is the Dinka rule that you are talking about? I guess, assumptions will not help your cause.

      • Malith,

        You stated that “Some individuals rebelled at Akobo in 1975, but the act of rebellion alone does not make anybody a hero. Most of them became armed robbers, who had nothing to do with the struggle of South Sudanese for freedom”. Your argument translated that all South Sudanese who took up arms against Sudan government are arm robbers unless they are Dinka. To be honest with you, Dinka never fight for freedom and independent of South Sudan since in 1947. They often fight for leaderships nothing else. If they cannot lead, they would destroy the Unity of South Sudanese. Deng Nhial did it to Liberal Party in 1954, Abil Alier did it to Joseph Lagu, Salva cancelled national reconciliation that was formed by Dr. Machar simply because it was not Dinka who formed and led it. You see, you and Salva are good for nothing, but perfect for hell.

      • Southdan says:

        Malieth, you should know the following: i acknowledged you are one of southern educated, but you using your education to steal from uneducated plagiarizing or taking ideologies from others. i hope you know APA Rules American psychological Association regulations, upon the examination student could simply get zero if he/she pretenses a paper with out citations from a certain sources. To me, you believes in cush that why you pretend to be an hero. HaaaH- Haah lol. Remember, Akobo rebellion in 1975 was orchestrated by your Able Alier of Bor clan, who did not want Nuer to have higher rang in Sudanese Army, because, he was the one brought Anyanya one in, same thing. He repeated, the History. The current nonsense war was a result of so call court revenge(see Able Alier Book Too many agreement dishonest) it was result when the Nuer opposed John Garang dictatorship cowardice ideology of liberating of liberate the whole Sudan. Malieth, i’m totally disagreed first you are not a discoverer, same you are a litigiousness. so why do you kill people of south Sudan with ideology which not belongs to you. See Ashok Cuch and Genghis khan.

  6. Malith Kur says:

    Dear Friend,
    The randomness of what you’re trying to say suggests that you don’t even understand what South Sudan looks like. And you don’t have a clue about the federal system you want .to champion. After all, no one in South Sudan has ever said that federalism is bad. South Sudanese would like to build the federal system they want, a federal system that would help people like you come out of their narrow tribal ideology.

    You should know that you don’t stand a chance of imposing your reckless views on others. Democratic consensus and political pluralism are what South Sudan needs to reconstruct its social identity.

    • j son of man says:

      To all those against Dinkas, so when will you join riak and fight Dinkas other than making unnecessary complaints on the media. There is nothing that can Dinkas 4rm ruling you guys even God is aware of that b’se he gave them power to rule, nuers are supposed to be soldiers not rulers and equatorians i don’t know what he gave them.

  7. Okuc says:

    Peace will not prevail in South Sudan as people like you continue to cover up the massacre of Nuer in Juba on 15th December 2013.You have to admit and accept the fact that there was not a coup attempt on 15th December 2014 as alleged by Kirr and his supporters but, it was a deliberate act on his part to silence his critics in person of Dr Machar and his company who have declared their intentions to challenge Kirr for the leadership of SPLM.
    It is true the event of 15th December 2013 is a trigger of much deep causes of mismanagement of government by SPLM since the ascendancy of the latter to helm of government in 2005.
    The second point is that Dinka died in big numbers during struggle and therefore they have right or entitled to assume the leadership of the country as if the rest of South Sudanese were spectators waiting for Dinka to come and liberate them from Northern Sudanese.This is what implied by you.” Throughout the years of the struggle, his leadership was considered as a continuation of Dinka domination, but no one wanted to speak about the numbers of Dinkas who died
    fighting for the South Sudan’s independence”.
    This type of assertion that Dinka were only tribe that liberated South Sudan is a mockery of intelligence of the rest of South Sudanese and much worst dishonesty of the facts of struggle by various South Sudanese to emancipate themselves from Northern South Sudanese.
    The June declaration in 1983 by President Numeri to dismantle the Regional government of South Sudan and subsequent mutiny in Bor by battalion 101 and 102 which were led by Keribino Kuayin, was a catalyst in the influx of Dinka to join the movement whose foundation was already established by late Bol Kur and his colleague who rebelled against Anyanya integration in 1975. In conclusion, Dinka did join in big numbers after they realised that there was no power left in states government created after abrogation of Addis Abba agreement of 1972.

  8. simon peter says:

    this is the same language Majak Agot, was claiming that the root causes was dated back from 1983, and many more negative reasons has been added, the fact is leadership will finished many Dinka, they always benefit from lying. Garang was lying”I need new Sudan,” which is not the cause, Salva lying again that there was coup, which is not, now you lying to us that the problem is not the regime the weak constitution, who let them to be weak? this damn policy must be changes. Garang was first,follow by Keribino Kuanyin, then Rock thon, and him the primitive one Salva, when Garang dead Salva told the South Sudanese I will follow the foot step of Garang, another question who train theirs own tribe to committed genocide in Juba,??? those things your claiming are all the same non sense that has been claim by all Dinka, let me tell you peace will not come If, we didn’t dissolved that Dinka failed us from 1947 Juba conferences, and all foreigners will not take one hundred years, in South Sudan, they will leave a matter of times. that damn policy must be dismantle otherwise the war will take us many years.

  9. mankinmanner says:

    it is obvious some dogs the like of malith want to lecture to ssudanese nonsense egos about jieng history past it seem you are most backward bitch of individual dinkas let me tell you this brother according to our principle we will shape the ssudan in federal system way where every regions will have it lion share not the way thedinka like to lot ssudan resources in daylight your dream is over your impotent primitve sultant will not save days for you your childrens future your monyjang kingdom is falling apart you make ssudan the planet apes with your own images where everyones of you take what take according your law of jungle rule what did you achieve in last eight years of rein in the prisedency nothing the like of kiir malong aleu stupid makuei tellar will deliver only food to their oversizefamily at the expensive of country

  10. Samuel Adut says:

    Worse tribe in South Sudan is non other than Nuer.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      If fighting for your right make you worse, we have accepted to be the worse tribe in South Sudan.

      • Malith Kur says:

        Gat Charwearbol,
        What rights are you fighting for? You’ve transferred to Gambella the governments of three states of Upper Nile, Unity, and Jonglei, which you were running. You did this because you want the Ŋundɛŋ’s anointed prophet to become president.This is crazy.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Malith Kur,

          If you are not well-verse with what happened or what caused this crisis, you need to ask so you can be told and enlighten. Preconceived notions of what took place is fictional. Find out for yourself the real cause. This war has nothing to do with Ngundeng — live with your Ngundengphobia!

          • Malith Kur says:

            Do you want me to buy your nonsense that 30,000 Nuers were killed in Juba as a cause of this war? No, I won’t buy that. It is a total garbage. I’ve already sated the causes of this stupid war.
            I respect Ngundeng although I don’t believe that his prophecies bear any spiritual or political merit. By all accounts, his story is ours, which has nothing to do with some mad people looking for power through the back door.

        • Kulang says:

          You just wait I believe when this war reaches it’s eventual conclusion real unprecedented change will come to South Sudan and people like you will get on there knees to thank Nuer who courageously shouldered this huge burden single handily against overwhelming odds.

    • Mr. Samuel Adut

      You call Nuer worse tribe in South Sudan because we said no not only to the full time drunkard dictator in Juba, but also to the dictator in Kampala as well right? Anyway, the South Sudan in which Nuer is apart of will never be ruled by a dictator in our watch. Nuer are not naïve, passive, bystanders, sluggish, and inert South Sudanese citizens. However, Nuer are active and patriot South Sudanese who are willing to give up their own lives in order to safe other people’s lives. Nuer will never allow and accept colonization and re-colonization take root in South Sudan.

  11. Mayomdit says:

    Dear Malith,
    We are tired of Tribal politic,that is why we do not want to replace Kiir by Riek Machar,it become Nuer domination SPLM again.we are looking good leader in other Region

    • Malith Kur says:

      You’re right. This is what South Sudan needs. Democracy is not about ethnic majority or ethnic minority, it is about democratic values. Democratic values are invested in people who exhibit leadership skills beyond their tribal lines. Dinkaphobia has infected the minds of some tribal ideologues to point they don’t realize that Dinkas don’t follow particular political party. They are members of every political party that has ever existed in South Sudan.

      So, what I don’t understand is that why is Kiir an important Dinka while people like Dau Atuorjang are not? What Dinka is Riek fighting against? This is all but ridiculous.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      That’s an exceptional comment. Malith with his tribalistic view can remain in his cocoon. The rest of us who understand the important of sovereign nation, we will stand with the truth. Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar need to step aside and let us elect someone who has vision of uplifting this nation out of this tribal mess. So far, Dr. Machar has accepted to step aside and wait for election to run as his constitutional right, but Malith God’s father, Salva Kiir has no balls to understand that people of South Sudan do not want him any longer. He is officially a liability.

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        Riek Machar should step aside as his ambitions of becoming a president of South Sudan is fading away. What sovereign nation are talking about when your food lovers could provoke the war and looted their own Cities, Counties and Booms or villages. Is it a liberation or destruction? Do you know that Kiir and Wani never looted their regions or States, however they send their hometown soldiers to prevent you from looting and destroying your own region and States. What is wrong with your thinking Nuer?

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Malith:

    You deserve appreciation for your article.That is to say:to promote dialogue,it’s good to write an article with some ideas as yours.But one phrase has betrayed much of your good work.That’s the impression I get.But I leave others to show their impression.The way I see it,to advise responsible citizens to,”leave political ambitions in the hands of politicians”,as a way of avoiding political troubles is naive n irresponsible.What political ambitions do you think RSS politicians have?Corruption,nepoticim,tribalism n illicit wealth gaining:if you ever viewed such terms as vices n never virtuous,you would have understood already that they are the basis for RSS politicians’ political ambitions n therefore you could never have found it resonable to stigmatize your great intellectual image.

    RSS n it’s society are in their darkest hour deep in the bottom of destruction.Only God knows if there would be any possible path to exit.All the politicians are thieves from the top to the last man.From SPLM/SPLA-JUba elite to those of the SPL-IO n the G-11.From their domestic servants,families,business collaborators n village chiefs who have become their rural represntatives.Every thing they do is for power n money n never for pride or honor of universal human principles.The majority of them come from the jungle out of the long wretched years of struggle for the independence.They are not professionals in any capacity n the most advanced order of the world is a fantom their eye sights are too blind to see.Coming to town,the most under exploited oil reserve revenues for the country fell right to their hands.The rest of the story we all know.They stole everything to the last pound without doing anything visible to the country n the society.But as this was not enough,they divided themselves into camps rivaling for the conquest of power which exploted as testified by the events of 15 December 2014 n the grave situation RSS is in today.The gravity of the curse upon RSS n it’s society is such that even formerly well respected intellectuals n scholars have long joined the ranks of the thieves.The milk to be stolen from the dying cow named RSS is just too good n the educated elite in the ranks seem to be too happy to have had their intellectuals’ nature déeducated.Many promising professionals n intellectuals in diaspora could be candidates to the ranks.I hope you would not be one.A few rare honest citizens who could be still around could find it very difficult to recognize themselves as belonging to our society.Much of our society is defective n the defective components are the corrupt political elite to home you advise the citizens to leave political ambitions in their hands.

    For our political elite,the end to conquer power n money justifies the means that must be sacrificed to get there.Mobilizing one’s tribesmen,assassination of probable political rivals,filling state functions with unqualified friends,relatives n business collaborators,they could go any length without shame.The war they have provoked has produced the lose of thousands of lives,displaced many others n brought the majority of our citizens to severe conditions of poverty.They are negotiating peace deal now in Addis.But I believe you are intelligent enough to understand that every one of them has intention to want to obtain a position of power that would give him access to money.I hope I have explained enough why I criticize your position.

    What should be done?Our country n the society are on the cross roads n constructive forces from within our society of the 64 tribes must rise up for salvation.We are not the most unlucky citizens in the world.We have more than enough valuable human n natural resources to succeed.We need peace among our citizens,we need development for our country n the society.Such projects as education,health care n infrastructure are the back bone of any viable state on earth.So are they for our country.But it’s not the corrupt political elite that we are having that would ever put them to being.

  13. Yiey W. Teny says:

    you have mentioned that, the Diaspora are inciting violence which is opposite to what you have mentioned. You said, people who were killed in Dec 2013, were killed in combat, even children and elderly people who were killed in Juba were in combat? That is a fallacy. In fact, your uncles in power dont want change to come to South Sudan. If it was not a war between Dinka and Nuer, why Dinka malual weren’t killed, when Madut Biar was one of the accusers? Why Barians weren’t killed when Lado was also among the game changers? Why twic members werent killed when Dr. Majak was accused too of a coup? The list can go on. However, South Sudan doesnt belong to Nuer and Dinka alone that is a very good point you have put across. Dr. Machar was planning to contest for a party chairmanship if given a chance by the members of the party not by the Nuer Community, the same thing to Mama Nyadeng, likewise to former Secretary of the party Pagan Okech. It was not a sin to aim for a party chairmanship, but it is members constitutional right to contest for leadership.

    You my brothers Dinka should also take this out of your mind that, whenever a Dinka leadership is challenged, you term the challengers traitors, Nyagat, tribalists. If President Kiir, have no hidden agenda a lot of innocent Nuer would have not been perished. If he is for a prosperous South Sudan, he would have resigned the next day since his troops have done more harm than good to his leadership.But he couldn’t because those innocent people were killed under his orders. Example, he is claiming ever today that, the IDPS still have guns even when they to UNIMMIS to save their dear lives. Dr. Machar, wants to be a leader of that country yes, but he wants that by political process not by fighting. Peace will only come if our brothers Dinka admit it that, they have killed Nuer and they have to explain why they were killing innocent people. If they don’t, we will be at peace but it will not be a real peace.It will be real when intellectuals Dinka come out and start criticising the current leadership, if that is not the case, those people who are keeping quite when they know better than the loudest ones are party to offence.

    • Bol says:

      You’re a person with good ideas, not a noise-maker. President Kiir should have resigned or forced to, because he failed to protect the lives of innocent RSS citizens, regardless of who they were…..Things got complicate when the relatives of the victims became mass murders too….. “Root Cause” of “who did what” is now lost in the dust of the battle field….Is there any way we “The Living” can get out of this “Vicious Circle”? Nation Building has never been a “Walk in the Park” ……Ours is much more difficult as the grip of Tribalism, Illiteracy, and Object Poverty is insurmountable.

  14. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Here is What late Justin Yac said, “Prophetic Ngundeng thak made of clay, we Dinka shall stumble and crashing it to be ashes, if the Nuer tended to believe what the prophet Ngundeng said long time ago to get the leftover from Ngundeng thak”. Is this South Sudan that we all want it to be?

    • AGUMUT says:

      Sorry,but you are like dangerous crazy Terrorist or Phones players.

      • Yiey W. Teny says:


        Truth hurts but it liberates when it is expressed. I might be like “dangerous crazy terrorist or phones players” in your point of view but it is true that all the mentioned above have been done by the current government. If we want to live in a free just South Sudan, we have to tell the truth otherwise we will always be enemies.

  15. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Malith,

    Facts distortion can’t render your article any place in the pool of intellectual arena. No matter how hard you can try to conceal your tribalistic view, the intellectual community will be able to read all of it between the lines.

    For your information, everybody including your western allies knows that Nuers were targeted ethnically in Juba. Something you try to hide in your in article. Because you tried to hide this known fact, you betrayed all the good points you scored in your article. Those in the know and read your article are now just shaking their heads in disbelief how a known fact can be denied by such people of your caliber.

    Anyway, there is no shame in defending your tribesman criminality. Just do it openly without hurting your intellectual space. This way, next time you show up in the house of intellectuals, you will be taken seriously. Salva Kiir is the cause of our people suffering. Nobody is blaming the entire Dinka community for Salva Kiir’s stupidity. But if you are backing him up, it gives other reasons to generalize Dinka community because you become a participant in one man’s criminal intent and its execution.

  16. Thudan says:

    We can promote peace in South Sudan. All we should do is to find a right mediator.Let’s share peace process at

  17. arabbmoi says:

    Dinka are the most arrogant creatures criminals in south Sudan. Let them be leaders for longtime, it will be a recipe of war, humiliation, land grabbing and looting properties. Koul Juuk manyang who slapped a bishop in Torit now heads criminal Dinka Juba. The man is blood thirsty Dinka.

  18. tab chuol says:

    you are looking for a position in Juba government, most of your points were baseless and you spent your time writing nothing

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