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Brig.-General Camillo O. Aleardo Paul, In-charge of SPLA Logistics Support, resigns from Kiir’s army

Another top-ranking SPLA Headquarters general, Brigadier-General Camillo Otwari Aleardo, the person in-charge of Logistic Support Brigade, SPLA Bilpham has resigned citing corruption and tribal monopoly under Chief of General Staff Paul Malong Awan and his boss President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Brig-General Camillo Aleardo gave the following reasons for his resignation:
—Mismanagement of public funds to equip and serve only your Dinka ethnicity,
—Promotions of your own people depending on the extent of loyalty to individuals, no merit or qualification;
—Gross violations of the operating laws (SPLA Act 2009) and the national constitution;
—Avoiding the ethics of professionalism,
—Defamation of the SPLA through malpractices such as use of army uniform to commit robbery, theft and rape which are not punishable according to you.

These are many of the disheartening reasons facing the nation at large and shall be dealt with through resignation and stepping up the effort of being vocal about them.

Brig. General Aleardo concluded his remark that, “I am an eye witness, I am sure it is a high time to disclose your tribal intentions and unmasked your corruption. As for me enough is enough, it is up to the people of South Sudan to either be silent or have their say on your regime. As I present my resignation, I am honoured not to be a part of this fascist system ever in the history of the people of South Sudan” he concluded.

LATEST: Kiir’s Tribal Army badly beaten after they destroyed Gen. Thomas Cirillo’ farm outside Yei

On Tuesday 14th February 2017 at around 09:17 AM, the gallant SPLA-IO forces in Division 2A and 2B of Sector Eight (8) under the overall command of Lt. Gen. John Kenyi Lo-Buron ambushed and repulsed an organized attack by Kiir’s tribal and ruthless regime militia at Alikate area located about 2 ½ Miles away from Kaya, a strategic town at the border of South Sudan with Uganda.

In the process, the SPLA-IO gallant forces killed ten genocidal regime militiamen, wounded dozens of them and totally destroyed one military land cruiser pick up mounted with 12.7 and captured a good deal of ammunition.

This incident occurred when the ruthless and genocidal regime militia attempted to penetrate SPLA-IO position at the area with a routine target of intruding the villages to terrorize civilians, loot property, gang-rape girls and women and devastate huts and livelihoods of the civil population.

Likewise, on the 13th February 2017 at around 3:00 PM, SPLA-IO forces of Division 2B, Sector 8 under the command of Lt. Gen. Kenyi Lo-Buron ambushed and killed dozens of Kiir’s brutal and murderous militia at Kagelu as they were on their way back to Yei town from a mission to Goja, a couple of miles away from Yei town where they utterly destroyed the farm of Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo and the whole of its vicinity in protest of his commendable resignation from the Dinka polluted SPLA.

SPLA-IO gallant forces in the area hereby seriously warn Kiir’s anti-civilian militia from mounting any further attack on its bases, or else it will be forced to fight back on defense and advance from all directions to capture all towns in the area and beyond.


Wayi Godwill Edward,
Military Spokesperson,
SPLA-I.O 2nd GHQs, Equatoria Region.

The South Sudan Army (SPLA) Offensive in the Shilluk Kingdom amounts to War Crimes & Crimes against Humanity

Petition from Concerned Members of Chollo Community in the Diaspora

February 13, 2017

Mr. António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General

We the undersigned concerned members of the Shilluk (Chollo) community in the Diaspora strongly condemn the Government of South Sudan for its deliberate attacks on civilians, hospitals and clinics, and camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Wau Shilluk, Kodok and Kuek of Upper Nile State in South Sudan.

In these recent attacks, the government of South Sudan and its foreign mercenary fighters occupied these towns, and deliberately targeted Chollo civilians and executed many simply because of their ethnicity.

We strongly condemn these wanton killings of innocent civilians whether they are taking place in the Chollo Kingdom or anywhere in South Sudan.

These ethnically-motivated killings by the Government of South Sudan has forced thousands of Chollo civilians to flee their homes in Wau Shilluk, Lelo, Detang, Bukieny, Pamath Owachi, Tonga, Panyikang, Kodok and Kuek.

The South Sudan tribal army (SPLA) along with its hired mercenaries has engaged in activities which have, at the very least, been bordering on genocide of a magnitude comparable to Rwanda and Srebrenica.

They have committed widespread ethnic cleansing of Chollo civilians and burned down their villages by perpetrating a deliberate and indiscriminate aerial bombardment of civilians, hospitals, clinics and camps inhabited by IDPs.

These actions are barbarous violations of International Humanitarian Law and are being carried out against the backdrop of stark warnings by numerous organizations, including the UN, of a looming genocide.

We therefore strongly urge the International Community to intervene immediately by launching an investigation and holding the government of South Sudan and its foreign military allies in this war accountable for their continuous mass atrocities committed in Shilluk land against innocent civilians.

We would like to appeal to humanitarian relief agencies to provide urgent medical aid to those innocent Chollo civilians all across the Shilluk Kingdom of Upper Nile states, who are in desperate need of humanitarian aid especially in and around the town of Kodhok.

Our sources have confirmed that Kodhok, which shelters thousands of IDPs was the latest target of Juba’s continuous indiscriminate shelling and aerial bombardment.

Humanitarian organizations are being prevented from reaching helpless and defenceless civilian populations so that they can provide much needed food and medicine.

Thousands of men, women and children are being murdered daily. And when they’re not being murdered, they are starving to death. The conditions of Chollo civilians who were forced out of different areas as a result of Juba’s scorched-earth campaign are horrible.

We are calling upon the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to condemn this criminal act by the Government of South Sudan and to stop the targeting of civilians and allow them to have access to humanitarian reliefs.

We urge the UN and the Human Rights Council to investigate this matter and to record all violations of International Human Rights Law, crimes against humanity, and war crimes committed by the South Sudan Government against Chollo civilians in Upper Nile State to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable.

The UNSC should impose targeted sanctions on South Sudanese officials who are involved in the war crimes and other gross crimes. South Sudan Government’s shelling and aerial bombardments of Chollo civilians using barrel bombs are crimes against humanity.

We, the Concerned members of the Chollo Community in the Diaspora appeal to IGAD, AU, US, UK, NORWAY, European Union and the international community at large to exert high-level political pressure on the South Sudanese government to force it to permanently stop the violence and bring peace to the region. We respectfully call upon the UN Security Council and the international community to do the following:

1. Condemn the crimes against humanity committed by the Government of South Sudan and its mercenaries who are bombing innocent Chollo civilians in Upper Nile State.

2. Provide protection and humanitarian aid for those civilians who are displaced and wounded.

3. Establish a no-fly zone in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan to prevent indiscriminate shelling and bombing of civilians in the Chollo Kingdom.

4. Bring to justice those perpetrators responsible for the deliberate killing and targeting of civilians.

5. Support efforts to bring about conflict resolution and peaceful settlement of the ongoing conflict and firmly enforce the outcome for an enduring peace in South Sudan.

Thank you for hearing us out.

Yours Sincerely,

Signed by Concerned Members of Chollo Community in the Diaspora

1. George Akuey-USA
2. Peter Karol-USA
3. Jwothab Othow-USA
4. John Ojur Dennis – Malaysia
5. Paul Achot – UK
6. Paulo Kwajakwan – Australia
7. Shan Aba Nyakwol-USA
8. Omai Othow Dewin-USA
9. Yusus Ayuol Nawi-USA
10. Vivian Nyidhok- UK
11. Lucia Peter –USA
12. Chayo Nyawello- Canada
13. Aban Obwony-USA
14. Suzan Achol Joseph – UK
15. Ayul Michael – UK
16. Samuel Nyikang Adwok – Spain
17. Jeibeni Nyajwok- Canada
18. Catharine Yomon-USA
19. Kimàjowk Patrick Chol- Canada
20. Sabino Diok-Canada
21. William Lual-Canada
22. Kristina Peter Pagan- Canada
23. Phillip Deng – Canada
24. Ana James Aban-Canada
25. Domanic Ding-Canada
26. Linda Akoj-Canada
27. Micheal Dak- Canada
28. Samuel Otong-Canada
29. Cecilia Adong-Canada
30. Gano Laa-Canada
31. Konyajwok James-Canada
32. Nasir George-Canada
33. Simon Pagan Ajak-Sweden
34. Yoanes Nyago KaralAkol- Finland
35. Nyikang Akij Nejok-Denmark

South Sudan President Kiir to seek another term in office!


President Kiir challenged his opponents, including rebel leader Riek Machar, to prepare for the elections and called upon armed groups to stop the war and return home to participate in the democratic exercises.

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has announced that he will seek a new term in next year’s election.

The president made the announcement in Yei River State on Tuesday, as he disclosed that South Sudanese would go to the poll after the end of the current interim period.

The poll, said the president, would determine the future of the troubled nation as the people would make a free choice.

President Kiir challenged his opponents, including rebel leader Riek Machar, to prepare for the elections and called upon armed groups to stop the war and return home to participate in the democratic exercises.

“We must stop war now and prepare for 2018 elections in time,” President Kiir told the chanting crowd.

President Kiir has had a tumultuous reign stretching over 10 years, after rising to the helm in 2005 following the death of Dr John Garang.

He became an elected president in July 2011 after South Sudanese voted overwhelmingly in favour of independence from Sudan.

A major fallout between him and his deputy, Dr Machar, first occurred in 2013 sparking a war that mostly took the character of an ethnic Dinka versus Nuer conflict.

President Kiir is a Dinka while Dr Machar belongs to the Nuer community.

The president had accused Dr Machar and his 10 affiliates of attempting a coup d’état.

Dr Machar denied the allegations and fled, calling for President Kiir to resign.

Months of negotiations under the regional Igad bloc, saw the two protagonists sign a peace agreement in late August 2015.

The deal saw Dr Machar resume his number two position, only for the two to fallout again in July 2016, opening another round of conflict.

SPLA-IO Equatoria Region Forces repulse Kiir’s Genocidal Mathiang Anyoor militia in Yei County

Date: 04/02/2017, PRESS RELEASE;

Yesterday on Friday 3rd February 2017 at 7:35 am, the SPLA-IO position at Ombasi in Yei River County came under intense provocative attack by Kiir’s atrocious militia.

Responding in defense, the SPLA-I.O gallant forces of Divisions 2A and 2B of Sector Eight (8) under the command of Lt. Gen. John Kenyi Lo-Buron overpowered and repulsed the genocidal Mathiang Anyoor militia, and eventually captured the whole of Ombasi.

Now the SPLA-I.O heroic forces are in full control of Ombasi and all of its surrounding territories.

Thirty Two (32) dead bodies of the regime militiamen were found at the battle scene following the deadly fight.

Some of them are scattered into the forests while others ran and are being pursued towards Yei Town by the gallant SPLA-I.O forces.

Seven (07) PKMs, Thirty Five (35) AK-47, Three (03) RPGs and a good number of ammunitions in good condition were captured by the SPLA-I.O victor forces after the combat.


Wayi Godwill Edward,
SPLA-I.O Spokesperson of the 2nd GHQs, Equatoria Region.
Tel: +211 956 096 988

SPLA-IO defeats attack by combined SPLM-North and JEM mercenaries in Upper Nile

Date: 04/01/2017; Press release

At around 8:00 am Thursday, February 02, 2017, the brutal and ruthless Juba regime allowed and sneaked into South Sudan from Angathna base in Blue Nile a 70-vehicle convoy of four battalions of heavily armed Sudanese rebels of the SPLM-North (SPLM-N) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) to attack and retake Mustakbal, Wadekona and Detang which the gallant SPLA-IO forces had taken full control of after defeating a combination of Juba regime solders and other Sudanese rebels late last month.

The fighting that followed between them and the gallant SPLA-IO forces left so many dead bodies and forty three (43) PKM and 300 AK-47 were captured. This devastating and catastrophic defeat of the Juba regime soldiers and mercenaries by the gallant SPLA-IO forces forced the remaining JEM and SPLM-N elements to Makal (Malakal), Renk and Palouch.

At around 8:00am this morning Friday February 03, 2017, the Juba regime Sudanese mercenaries once again attacked SPLA-IO positions at Detang. The gallant SPLA-IO forces repulsed the attack and pursued the Juba regime aggression to Lelo.

Also the Egyptian air force was dropping more than nine (9) bombs and explosions on the gallant SPLA-IO positions in and around Kaka today.

In addition, the gallant SPLA-IO forces encountered yesterday Thursday February 02, 2017 another Juba regime aggression in Booth and Mayom road, Unity State (US).

In the fighting at Ataam, the gallant SPLA-IO of the Special Division captured one Juba regime soldier alive and he is being held as Prisoner of War at the SPLA-IO Special Division Ataam Headquarters.

In that of Mayom road, the gallant SPLA-IO forces captured eight (8) regime soldiers alive and four (4) Juba regime military vehicles were destroyed.

The continuous involvement of the Sudanese rebels and the escalation of the Egyptian participation in the ongoing war in South Sudan are clear indications to the people of South Sudan, the African Union (AU), the United Nations (UN) and the international community that the Juba regime is provoking the region and tilting South Sudan for a regional war.

By Col. William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO

Kiir’s tribal militia and allied foreign mercenaries commit atrocities in Yei and Kajokeji


In the morning of the 22nd January 2017, Kiir’s tribal and ruthless militias and their allied foreign mercenaries moved out from their barracks in Yei town and attacked the SPLA-I.O positions at Jansuk and Minyori areas about 3 Miles Yei-Maridi road.

Similarly, in Kajokeji County of Yei River State the ruthless regime militias attempted to attack the valiant SPLA-I.O base at Mondikolo just a couple of miles from Mere Town.

In response, the SPLA-I.O gallant forces of Division 2B, Sector 8 under the overall command of Lt. Gen. John Kenyi Lo-Buron ambushed, repulsed and pursued them back to the towns with heavy losses.

9 lifeless bodies of Mathiang Anyoor militias were found laid down after the battle around Yei Town and 6 in Kajokeji. A number of AK-47, 4 RPG-7 and 5 PKMs were captured by the gallant SPLA-I.O forces in these triumphs.

Frustrated with the defeats, Kiir’s disgruntled, genocidal and ruthless elements carried out a scale of atrocities against the civil population. They killed 05 civilians in Yei and 06 in Kajokeji after losing the fierce combats.

Additional atrocities committed by them were ill treatment of civilians, setting ablaze their huts, plundering of property and carrying out of mass systematic rape of women and girls. They further burnt into ashes Lutaya Pastoral Center of the Catholic Diocese of Yei and all of its vicinities.

As usual, on the 27th and 28th January 2017, the SPLA-IG tribal and ruthless militias moved out to continue with their outrageous activities to terrorize, pillage and wipe out civilians and their property at Jansuk area located 2 miles away from Yei Town and Mukaya area in Lainya.

They slaughtered dozens of civilians in cold blood, arrested some youth, raped women and girls, while others had to desert their homes during this atrocious move.

Kiir’s mafia militias went back to the town with goats, chicken and other valuable belongings of the victimized civilians.

It is obvious that these systematized monstrous and ailing actions are predetermined by the oppressive and criminal regime of the JCE against other ethnic identities for the ongoing popular resistance to their pseudo rule that has displayed no respect to the people of the country.

By Wayi Godwill Edward,
Spokesperson of the SPLA-I.O 2nd GHQs: Equatoria Region.

PDM: Position paper on the status of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan

Executive summary: JAN/28/2017;

The signing of the peace Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCRSS) in 2015 sparked cautious hope for a road to peace and putting back on track the state building process. However, two scenarios would determine the relevance of the agreement. The scenario for the best outcome meant some degree of political will and trust would move the implementation of the peace agreement forward, some milestones are reached with signs of economic upturn and reduced levels of fighting in parts of the country.

The scenario for the worst outcome means continued intransigence and a lack of political will illustrated by a collapse of the implementation process, resumed violent conflict throughout the country, increased poverty, human rights abuses, further economic deterioration, and the collapse of the formal market economy.

This policy brief looks beyond the relevance of the agreement and examines its legality. The brief points to the importance of the process given that a law-making system is legitimate when a prima facie duty of obedience exists either:
—(a) if there is actual unanimous consent to the jurisdiction of the lawmaker or, in the absence of consent, —–(b) if laws are made by procedures which assure that they are not unjust. The arguments put forward illuminate the status of the agreement and the legal implications of allowing ARCSS to collapse.

The grave consequences of which bear highly significant risks to long term stability and peace in the region for not doing things right, when the lessons and rules of the game aren’t heeded anymore by those who mediated the 9th January 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA,) between the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement and the Sudanese Government least TROIKA (United States of America, United Kingdom and Norway) and IGAD partners. IGAD is the Inter Governmental Authority on Development and its member States include: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda.

The implications of the collapsed Agreement:

The following are the legal implications of the collapse of the Peace Agreement:

a) In the absence of a valid and subsisting Agreement, the Government of South Sudan has no legal basis to function as a government. Thus, the decisions and actions of the Government of South Sudan now have no legal backing and thus null and void.

b) In the absence of a valid and subsisting Agreement, oversight institutions established by the Agreement such as JMEC and CTSAMM have no legal basis to operate. The decisions and actions of these oversight institutions, lacking legal backing, are, therefore, of no effect at all. Since these oversight institutions have nothing to oversee or monitor, their continued existence is not only illegal but also a waste of resources.

c) In the absence of a valid and subsisting Agreement, South Sudan is back to full-scale war. It is either that the Agreement be resuscitated, reviewed, revised or a new agreement be negotiated to bring the war to an immediate end.

d) The international community (UNSC, TROIKA) works with the African Union for restoration of a political order and legitimacy in which a revised, more inclusive and people-centric agreement would be implemented under AU and UNSC oversight institutions together with a mandate to enforce compliance.

e) IGAD to play a supporting role to AU and UNSC lead for restoration of legitimacy and doing things right by not changing the rules of the game that led to collapse of the Agreement in the first place.

ABOUT PDM: The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) is a popular grassroots Movement formed by concerned South Sudanese in the country and the Diaspora; in response to the political crisis and fast deteriorating economic, humanitarian and security situation in the Republic of South Sudan. It seeks to offer the way forward amid heightened ethnic polarisation and devastating conflict in the country, encouraged and abated primarily by President Salva Kiir’s divisive Government policy, incompetent, oppressive and corrupt leadership.

NDM welcomes UN Security Council statement on deteriorating security situation

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) welcomes the statement made on 23rd January 2017, by H.E. Mr. Olof Skoog [Permanent Representative of Sweden to the United Nations] and the President of the Security Council for the month of January, on the situation in the Republic of South Sudan.

The Movement shares sentiments and concerns expressed by the Council members pertaining to the rapid deteriorating security situation in the country.

Since the unilateral abrogation of the August 2015 Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS)in July 2016 by the Juba regime, President Kiir ethnocentric and kleptocratic government has chosen war instead of the implementation of the agreement.

The escalation of fighting particularly in Greater Equatoria and the recent Presidential Decree creating additional states from 28 to 32 are all indicative of Kiir’s determination to plunge the country further into abyss of war and

South Sudan is on the verge of collapse, disintegration on ethnic’s lines and under real threat of genocide under Kiir’s regime considering raising hate speeches characterizing the political temperature in the nascent nation.

Kiir is running away with all the violations of ARCISS and its eventual abrogation as the IGAD countries abandoned
impartiality and sided with him. The region and the international community must stand with the people of South Sudan at this critical juncture and save the country from imminent genocide.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) also welcomes calls by the United Nations Security Council for the urgent deployment of the Regional Protection Force (RPF) to South Sudan.

The deployment of the Regional Protection Forces as mandated by Resolution 2304 (2016) with the intention of creating enabling environment for the implementation of the Peace Agreement and providing a conducive atmosphere for political discourse, is a step towards stability but not holistic in addressing prodigious Himalayan task of ending war and culture of impunity in South Sudan.

Resolution 2304 (2016) further elucidated that in case of political or operationalizing of the Regional
Protection Force or obstruction to UNMISS mandate, the United Nations Security Council should appropriately consider measures including arms embargo.

However, the regime in Juba, in a well calculated move, first rejected it outright, procrastinated and finally froze the matter as the proponents of the proposal stood impotent.

Given the recent negative political rhetoric by President Kiir concerning some aspects of Resolution 2304 (2016)
mandate of the Regional Protection Force regarding the protection of Juba International Airport, the Movement calls upon the United Nations Security Council to consider the option of arms embargo on the government of South Sudan.

This will transmit strong unequivocal message to the government that enough is enough and that the international
community will no longer tolerate its intransigent and sherry picking.

The National Democratic Movements (NDM) strongly welcomes the United Nations Security Council calls for the expedition of the Hybrid Court.

This timely call is complementary and mutual reinforcing to the September 2015, meeting held at the level of head of states and government which authorized the Chairperson of the AUC, to take all necessary steps towards the establishment of the HCC, including providing broad guidelines relating to the location of the HCC, its infrastructure, funding and enforcement mechanisms, the applicable jurisprudence, the number and composition of judges, privileges and immunities of Court personnel and any other related matters.

Time is of essence for the credibility of the envisaged HCC due process, because justice delayed is justice denied.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) is cognizant and welcomes calls by the United Nations Security Council for the re-invigoration of the abrogated August 2015, Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS).

The ARCISS has totally collapsed since July 2016, and the government we have today in Juba is that of SPLM-in government and its own created surrogate in the name of SPLM-in opposition.

The way forward in addressing the economic, political and social ills in the Republic of South Sudan is to convene a national dialogue conference, that is different from the current monologue pursued by the regime in Juba.

The dialogue must be inclusive in bringing all the stakeholders in the country, not just those carrying arms, in a round table.

The envisaged dialogue should aim at addressing the root causes of the problem and avoid rewarding those who ignited the war and perpetuated it.

Finally, the dialogue must take place in a neutral territory and facilitated by a neutral organization/country or
individual(s), not quarters that have not been seen to be impartial during the implementation of ARCISS.

Long live the struggle of our People
Long live South Sudan
A luta continua

24th January, 2017
Press Statement
Amb. Emmanuel Aban
For/ the Spokesman,
The National Democratic Movement (NDM)

National Democratic Movement (NDM) condemns creation of more states by Kiir

Press Statement:
The National Democratic Movement (NDM) strongly condemns the Presidential Decree issued by President Salva Kiir Mayardit on the 14th instant creating additional states in the Republic of South Sudan, bringing the total number to 32.

The decision by Kiir at this penurious time in the history of our nation, where the economy is on the verge of collapse and social fabric tattered by the SPLM man-made civil war, will further accelerate the disintegration of South Sudan on ethnic lines and provide fertile ground for the escalation of conflict in the nascent nation with serious ramifications, including the imminent commission of genocide by the government.

Salva Kiir has been using the proliferation of States as a tool in his divide-and-rule politics. It is meant to divide the armed Opposition by luring in some week-kneed elements within it.

The areas that received new states are the Nuer, Chollo and Western Equatoria territories where the armed struggle is more intense. A few of them bought the bait and sold their souls but the problem will persist as long as the root causes remain unaddressed.

The creation of more states means more poverty to our people and adds more pockets to loot the resources of South Sudan.

Like the previous decree dividing the country into 28 States, this one is a poignant violation of the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan signed in August 2015.

IGAD had in its Communique of the 55th Extra-Ordinary Session of the IGAD Council of Ministers, January 30-31, 2016, in Addis Ababa directed the government of South Sudan to suspend further actions on the implementation and operationalization of new states until the issue is resolved through an inclusive National Boundary Commission.

This IGAD decision was unanimously endorsed by the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) in its meeting on the 2nd of February 2016.

Kiir has disregarded this decision by IGAD and is arrogantly implementing his own version of the ARCSS, and creating political and social unrest in the Republic of South Sudan. JMEC is morally and politically bound this time to stand up to be counted.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) calls upon IGAD and the United Nations Security Council to condemn this unconstitutional and callous Presidential Decree by Kiir and to urge the government of South Sudan to rescind it and genuinely commit itself to achieving peace and stability in the country.

The ethnocentric, corrupt and kleptocratic regime of Kiir has shown poor leadership and lack of sensitivity towards our suffering masses.

The leaders of this government are completely detached from the suffering of the South Sudanese people. Only a popular revolution would put the country back to the correct track. It must be rebooted to be re-programmed.

Long live the struggle of our people
Long live South Sudan
Aluta continua

16th January, 2017
Ambassador; Emmanuel Aban
For/ the Spokesman National Democratic Movement (NDM)