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Wau State Governor-in-Opposition calls for resistance against Kiir’s terror

My dear Great people of Western Bahar Ghazal, allow me, please, to wish you all my heartfelt revolutionary greetings.

On many several occasions in the history of the Western Bahar Ghazal region, the existence of our people was threatened by the enemy of peace. As an example, in 1986, while the former Western Bahar Ghazal State WBGS Governor, Dr. Lawrence Wol Wol, was in power, the so-called Dinka Community had planned what could be termed as Dinka Dominance Policies in the area.

It was intended for dominating the public positions and the resources of the state, in which Dinka militia killed, looted and burnt houses, including the attack on Taban village in March 17, 1986, where the Dinka militia killed five persons, looted properties, and burnt 15 houses.

Today, the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) emerged as a new driver to the Dinka domination policy, funded by president Salva Kiir Mayardit, and enforced by some traitors, for example Brigadier Rizik Zachariah Hassan, the former WBGS governor.

During his term, governor Rizik tried to silence the voices of the Western Bahar Ghazal people by shooting to death on the peaceful protesters on December 8, 2012 and December 9, 2012.

Fortunately, the people of Western Bahar Ghazal protect themselves always and come together if subjected to any type of threats.

While it is still unclear which way the new government in Wau will rule, one thing is clear, that Salva Kiir’s aggressive standing in the Western Bahar El Ghazal region has terrorized innocent civilians.

Today the unity among the people of Western Bahar Ghazal has become solid, and they are more organized politically and militarily, hence capable of defending themselves professionally as never before.

We, the government of Wau Federal State in Opposition, would like to assure our citizens that this time around we will retaliate, if our people’s dear lives are put under threat, their safety is in jeopardy or their security is undermined.

We call upon our people, to be proactive and raise up their voices.

We call upon our intellectuals to enlighten our civilians concerning the potential threats coming from the new administration in Wau.

Moreover, we call upon our people to support our freedom fighters, to enable them prepare more professionally to protect and defend our innocent civilians back home.

May God protect and bless you all.

Hon. Dominic Ukelo
Governor of Wau Federal State in Opposition
September 20, 2017

Position Statement of Diaspora Aweil Communities on Gen. Paul Malong’s Detention

Dear Mr. President;

We the undersigned, on behalf of our respective communities in Diaspora, extend to you our warmest
greetings and best wishes as you endeavor to propel our country forward, endeavoring to achieve the
ideals indelibly etched on South Sudan’s Coat of Arms.

We have been reflecting lately, Mr. President, on the unflattering situation of Gen. Paul Malong in Juba. It is with this solemn issue in mind that we write to convey to you, the concerns of Greater Mading Aweil Communities in Diaspora.

Mr. President, Mading Aweil community in Diaspora is quite troubled by the health and welfare of General Paul Malong Awan. This disquiet is confounded by recent refusal to allow him to attend to his daughter’s burial, following the tragic incident in Kenya.

With one daughter deceased and another critically burned, he should have been allowed to visit the family but authorities in Juba chose the opposite.

We are pleading with you, Mr. President, to release Gen. Malong Awan from his current house arrest to attend to his fatherly obligations, including providing a decent funeral to his daughter. It is a travesty of justice that he should continue to be under house arrest uncharged, even at a time when he is asking for a permission to attend
to his deceased child’s burial, leave alone his medical needs.

Think about it, Mr. President. Not long ago, Gen. Malong defended the Constitution of the Republic and he risked it to save the country from “enemies of state.” Now that he is not holding a public office, should he not deserve better than his current post-relieve treatment?

As for the fear of unknown, we do not believe that he poses any threat to the peace and security of our nation more than the current rebellion.

If you have lost trust in Gen. Malong, then we suggest you swap his current personal bodyguards with soldiers you
trust more and allow him to travel home.

In a country that aspires to be democratic, it makes no sense to hold someone without charges past three days. Of course, it is totally unacceptable that some people in the Community have felt the compulsion to ventilate on social media regarding this issue.

We recognize that some of these remarks may have been a little too harsh.

As leaders of Mading Aweil in Diaspora, we thus apologize on their behalf unequivocally and unreservedly to Your Excellency, the President. Such comments or attendant divisive undertones have no place in our society.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that it is the will of the majority in Aweil Community in Diaspora that unlawful detention is deleterious and not allowing Gen. Malong to attend the funeral of his deceased daughter is equally unconscionable.

While we respectfully await your prompt response, please accept, Mr. President, the assurances of our
highest consideration.

Yours Sincerely;

Mr. Simon H. Angok
President, Aweil Community in Australia 13th / 09/ 2017
Mr. Atileo A. Deng
13th President, Aweil Community in Canada / 09/ b2017
Mr. Adim M. Puot
President, Aweil Community in USA 13th / 09 / 2017

Date: Wednesday 13th September 2017

Pres. Kiir continue to suffocate standards of his own Ceasefire: PR

AUG/31/2017; Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro

On the 22nd of May 2017, in Juba, President Salva Kiir inaugurated an exclusive national dialogue and announced a unilateral ceasefire. SSNMC agree in principle the need for South Sudan national dialogue so as to help heal the wounds in our hearts and in our society and bring sustainable peace so badly needed by the people of South Sudan.

However, SSNMC doubt whether President Kiir is doing this in good faith or it is a political spin to confuse South Sudanese, regional and international bodies to maintain his grip on power. The later is proving to be true.

First, lets talk about the unilateral ceasefire. Salva Kiir continues to call on all opposition groups to renounce violence, put their arms down and return to Juba for his so-called implementation of Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS); while at the same time continues to asphyxiate standards of his own unilateral ceasefire.

If the opposition groups had accepted the phony call of Salva Kiir to put down their guns and walk to Juba for the national dialogue, what would have happened to them in the many areas that Salva Kiir has launched unprovoked military attacks (Maiwut, Pagak, Yei, Maridi, Raja, to mentioned but a few)?

This would have amounted to total annihilation of the oppositions similar to what he attempted in July 2017 when SPLM-IO came in good faith to implement the ARCSS, and later were attacked and chased out of Juba. Is he immune from his own unilateral ceasefire?

Why should he not lead by example by denouncing violence himself? Salva Kiir can fool people most of the time but not all the time.

The current forged First Vice President is by his own or being used to destroy the Nuer people and other ethnic groups. He is unhappy with the IGAD’s prospect of ARCSS “revitalization”, supported by Troika’s view that the current TGoNU is “absolute”.

Therefore, the continuous claims by the fake TGoNU of full implementation of ARCSS is an absolute fib designed by its architects to confuse, delay or derail the peace process and in order to create an impression in minds of IGAD, AU, UN and others that things are okay. IGAD and the International bodies should know very well that things are not right in South Sudan.

They equally know that the self-proclaimed national dialogue is exclusive, not transparent and is conducted in an atmosphere of intimidation such that no one can freely express their views without being apprehended or persecuted.

For example, on 20th of August 2017, Radio Tamazuj reported that a Journalist by name Mr. Peter Moi Julius was kidnapped and killed at Gudele residential area in Juba on the night of the 19th August 2017.

This brings the magnitude of media oppression, lack of freedom of expression and killing of journalists in South Sudan to 58 so far.

IGAD and the entire international bodies are fully aware that the Government of South Sudan has abrogated several agreements including its own unilateral ceasefire.

They know that the current TGoNU is “absolute”. They know that South Sudan is a hostage to tribal elites called the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). They know that President Kiir is implementing his “16 reservations” on ARCSS instead of implementing ARCSS in letter and spirit.

They should know that South Sudan is importing weapons from Russia as reported by African Press on 30th August 2017.

The people of South Sudan are suffering, but according to the actions of President Kiir, they deserve nothing other than to die. SSNMC would like to assert that things are not Okay at all in South Sudan.

Majority of South Sudanese intellectuals are predicting that South Sudan is heading to a very protracted conflict if the IGAD, AU, UN, Troika and others do not act quick enough to avert this catastrophe.

Second, lets thrash out the national dialogue. Human rights organizations have repeatedly reported about abuses across the country. They have indicated that there is no freedom of expression and association for people to air out their views without fear of being persecuted.

As we write, there are attacks launched by the same government in various areas, and lawmakers in Lakes State are arbitrarily detained for simply expressing their views on the national dialogue.

Hence, there are clear indications that anyone who freely express contrary views on issues
causing conflict in South Sudan are targeted, apprehended and/or killed. SSNMC maintains that for national dialogue to be successful, the mandate should emerge from a consensus among the stakeholders to ensure that all participants, even those on the fringes, agree to the mandate.

It is our conviction that before the national dialogue would take place, all must agree to lay down their arms; government to lift the ongoing state of emergency; release all political detainees and open corridors for humanitarian assistance as pre-requisite for national

This will create conducive atmosphere for people to gather and express themselves on national issues without victimization.

In conclusion, the international bodies and human rights groups should watch what is happening in South Sudan with care, especially the recent war in Maiwut and Pagak. The JCE has paralyzed the South Sudanese society.

For example, the case of JCE who are using the forged First Vice President to destroy his own Nuer Community and others for personal gains. In essence when a tribal elite group motivates another tribal elite groups to fight its own people is tantamount to genocide.

The perpetrators call this “counterinsurgency” plan. They loot South Sudanese resources and use it against the South Sudanese and to keep their grip on power. They loan money to stockpile weapons, including chemical weapons, to destroy their own people instead of feeding them.

For example, the African Press report cited above that South Sudan is importing weapons from Russia. If the reports from Pagak are to be believed then, this could be an opportunity for IGAD, AU, UN, Troika and others to investigate the weapons captured by the SPLM/A-IO in Pagak from the genocide orchestrated by the JCE and carried out by Taban Deng Gai on his own Nuer people.

There are anecdotal evidence that Taban Deng Gai is flying with money, bribing South Sudanese and Non-South Sudanese to carry out his brutal agenda to maintain his forged position of First Vice President at the expense of the innocent folks of South Sudan.

His desperate attempt to maintain grip on power has forced him to resort to kidnapping Refugees in East Africa to be deported to Juba to prove his loyalty to President Kiir and the JCE.

SSNMC solely agree with US Senators Bob Corker and Christopher A. Coons’ letter to the US Secretary of the Treasury, the Hon. Steven Mnuchin, on August 1, 2017 to “cut off the free flow of resources to political and military elites” in South Sudan, which makes them to “enrich themselves and fuel violence.”

The dimensions of conflict in South Sudan are becoming complex day-by-day. It is paramount to act now than to let things go out of hand. Such move will precipitate peace and stop South Sudanese tribal elites from enriching themselves while maintaining their grip on power at the expense of the suffering folks of South Sudan.

August 31, 2017
Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro,
South Sudan National Movement for Change, SSNMC
Phone: +61 474 047 016

Kiir Govt. admits Killing US Journalist, Christopher Allen


South Sudan army admitted killing the US journalist while in combat with rebels in Kaya town near the border with Uganda.

The 26-year-old Christopher Allen was killed in the fight in Central Equatoria on Saturday.

The army spokesman, Brigadier General Lul Ruai, said the clashes claimed five lives from both sides, including the American citizen.

“On the side of the rebels, we counted two dead bodies plus the white man, while two died on government side plus four wounded,” the Juba-based army official is quoted saying by the local daily the Juba Monitor.

Was airlifted

Brig Ruai said the foreign journalist, who was later confirmed by the US State Department as an American citizen, was embedded with the rebels to cover the clashes.

He added that the body of the American was airlifted to Juba Military Hospital to establish further details about the American and how he got to South Sudan.

“The impression we are getting is that he was embedded with the rebels that came to attack Kaya. How he got to Kaya, how he contacted the rebels, is something that we have no ideas about,” Brig Ruai said.

“We can confirm that US citizen Christopher Allen died in South Sudan on August 26, 2017 while working as a journalist.”

War-torn country

International advocacy group Human Rights Watch criticised the killing of the American, saying it was a violation of the international humanitarian law.

The agency urged the leaders of the war-torn country to condemn the killing and hold the perpetrators to account.

South Sudan’s media environment has remained precarious since the attainment of independence in 2011.

Mr Allen’s killing has brought the number of journalists who have died of gunshot wounds in South Sudan to 11 since 2012.

Collo Community to Pres. Kiir: Return grabbed Collo land without dialogue or negotiation

Collo Community Council: AUG/07/2017;

Collo Community Council would like to inform all Collo people residing in Sudan and those concerned about Collo land problems everywhere that the council met a group coming from the government of South Sudan on Monday 24 July 2017 in Khartoum.

The group which actually requested to meet the Council is part of the so-called national dialogue committee that was formed by President Salva Kiir some time back. The group said the meeting with the Council was part of its program of contacting influential persons, groups and organizations which it thinks could help in making peace return to South Sudan.

The Council thanked the group for its initiative to meet. But the Council said clearly that its members and the Collo people they are representing have nothing to do with Kiir’s dialogue. The council’s prime concern is the land that has been grabbed. That land grabbing process started with the presidential decree establishing the Dinka Padang’s Pijo County on Collo land of Athidhyang and Obay.

The appeal and the complaint raised by the late James Ogilo Agor and Samson Oyay Awin were ignored by President Salva Kiir whom the two gentlemen met in person. Instead President Kiir, on the advice of the Jieng Council, went further to grab Malakal and areas along the Sobat River and those falling east of the White Nile. The creation of 28 states that grabbed a very large Collo land was effected through a decree not dialogue.

The Council, therefore, stressed that since our land was grabbed via a decree its return should follow the same process – a decree. Collo has been forced into war and many of them are currently displaced in UN camps inside South Sudan or have crossed the borders to refugee camps in neighboring countries. The national dialogue members who want to go to Collo villages will not find anyone to talk to.

The point that the Council clearly stated to the committee from Juba was the following:
“If President Salva Kiir really wants peace with Collo, let him decree the return of all Collo lands that were grabbed and given to Dinka Padang. This process does not need dialogue or negotiation.”

Samson Oyay Awin
Collo Community Council Khartoum
Press Release
Thursday 27 July 2017

Dr. Lam’s NDM ambushes gov’t forces in Eastern Equatoria


On the 17th instant, the gallant forces of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) laid a deliberate ambush on an enemy convoy moving to attack their positions. The ambush occurred on the Torit-Hillieu road, Eastern Equatoria.

One enemy car was completely destroyed.

In a related development, the overall commander of the NDM forces in the area, CDR Okongo God Comman, received into the ranks of the NDM seven soldiers who defected from the enemy, two of them from the CID.

The names of the seven (7) are:
1. Moses Okulo (CID)
2. Gatluak Kuong (CID)
3. Sgt. James Oting
4. Lcpl. James Odong
5. Pvt. Ukelo Justin
6. Pvt. James Oboya
7. Pvt. Santino Allajabo

The Chairman of the NDM congratulated the new members for their patriotic decision to choose the broad front as a mean for waging a revolutionary struggle in order to free the people of South Sudan from the dictatorial and ethnocentric regime of Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders.

The Chairman assured the new members that the struggle to uproot corruption, injustice and tribalism is not easy but with our determination and adoption of the correct means and methods of the struggle, the people of South Sudan shall surely triumph.

19th July, 2017
Press Release
Long live the struggle of our people
Long live South Sudan
A luta continua

Ambassador; Emmanuel Aban
For/ the Spokesman
National Democratic Movement (NDM)

NDM Statement of the 6th Anniversary of South Sudan Independence

9th July, 2017
The 6th Anniversary of Independence

On the 9th July 2011, precisely six years ago the world witnessed the birth of the Republic of South Sudan and welcomed it with tremendous Jubilation amid enormous hopes and expectations by its patriotic citizens, and friends worldwide. The realization of the independence through peaceful conduct of referendum was a collective harvest and efforts made by its people. It demonstrated that with unity of purpose this great nation can conquer mountains of adversities with feverish determination and zeal.

The independence represented a golden opportunity for the people of South Sudan to co- exist peacefully, and to determine their political, social and economic destiny in a stable federal democratic state. It was regarded as the final logical conclusion to one of the longest wars of independence in the African continent. A permanent divorce from the turbulent past that was characterized by violence; gross human rights violations; corruption, impunity and dictatorship.

However, as the nation marks the 6th Anniversary of its independence, a destructive civil war is raging; the economy in ruins, social fabric destroyed, and the country is on the verge of disintegration with no glimpse of hope on the horizon. The Ethno-centric and Kelptocratic regime of Kiir and the ruling SPLM party with its varying acronyms are responsible for the economic, social and political ills confronting South Sudan which resulted from bad-governance, mismanagement of resources and epidemic corruption.

Today rather than celebrating the Independence Day with great festivity and euphoria that it deserves, the people’s conscious and moral righteousness couldn’t entertain such thoughts while knowing that across the country, on the hills, mountains, rivers an forest many of our people are starving and dying in millions and are seeking refuge inside the United Nations protection of Civilians sites (POCs) or in the neighboring countries.

President Kiir and its SPLM political and military elites failed to provide leadership and to establish democratic governance that is a prerequisite for the construction of a viable democratically stable and prosperous nascent state. Bad, inept and uncharismatic leadership in the country coupled with internal contradictions within the SPLM led to unnecessary political bickering plunging the country into violence and catastrophic civil war since 2013.

The signing of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS) in August 2015 represented a rare opportunity to salvage the country from the eventual collapse and provided hope and optimism to the civil population for durable peace and building of a prosperous economy which was destroyed by the civil war. Unfortunately, President Kiir was never interested in implementing the August signed Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS). He immediately embarked on a scheme to derail and frustrate the implementation of the Agreement by issuing decrees that were in contravention of the letter and spirit of the ARCISS, culminating in a military confrontation with his main partner to the August Agreement resulting in the collapse and the clinical death of the Peace Agreement. Since then the war has spread all over the country; a natural reaction to the tyrannical and dictatorial regime of Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders.

The humanitarian situation in South Sudan is dire aggravated by the fact that the government is using food as a weapon and wide spread famine is looming across the county.. Economy is on the verge of collapse as the inflation in South Sudan has reached 900% rendering the currency worthless. Furthermore, the civil servants and soldiers are going without salaries for months, our diplomats are barely surviving and many embassies are facing imminent closure due to lack of rent payments. The state of affairs in the country is deeply troubling in light of soaring cost of living, steady decline in the education and health sector, a staggering number of unemployed youth, rise in crime and violence in Juba and all over the country. While the few corrupt tribal elites continue getting richer at the expense of the destitute majority population, and spending monies on purchasing weapons, women, orphans and the elderly are without food, medicine and shelter. South Sudan now ranks the first in the Fragile State index. The ruling minority clique in Juba and their shady business associates have built a strong kleptocratic system through which money is embezzled, laundered and siphoned out of the country into foreign bank accounts.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) would like to make it crystal clear that the myriads of challenges confronting our country, South Sudan can’t be resolved through military victories as the dictatorial government in Juba assumes, but rather through a people-centred negotiated peace agreement. Any envisaged peace talks must be inclusive in its nature and scope with wider participation of all stakeholders and address the root causes of the conflict. Presently the August Agreement of the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan has totally collapsed and hence the need for a new political process to stop the unnecessary bleeding, forced displacement, hunger and gross human rights violations becomes exceedingly urgent. Your movement will strive and hand in hand with other like- minded opposition groups to restore the dignity and pride of our country by utilizing all the necessary revolutionary tools at its disposal. On this auspicious occasion, we wish our people well hoping that next year will find our country enjoying genuine peace and stability.

Long live the struggle of our people

Long live South Sudan A luta continua

Amb. Emmanuel Aban For/ the Spokesman
The National Democratic Movement (NDM) Email:

Equatoria Community Leaders in Diaspora Condemn the Threats against Equatorians Working with International NGOs in Bor


The Equatorian Community in Diaspora condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the threats by the Dinka Bor youth against Equatorian South Sudanese working with non-governmental and international humanitarian organisations in Bor.

In a letter dated 28th June 2017, allegedly from the Bor Community Youth Association, a threat against Equatorians living and working with NGOs in Jonglei State was issued with a 72 hours (3 days) ultimatum.

The letter, addressed to UN OCHA (through ‘state RRC office’), demanded that all the NGOs and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) evacuate their Equatorian staff from Bor. This was followed by a second letter dated 3rd July 2017, warning of imminent danger of attack against Equatorians in Bor.

Unconfirmed reports on the same day (3 July 2017) indicated that the first casualty had happened, involving Equatorian staff working for ICRC and that UNMISS has commenced collection of Equatorians into UNMISS compound.

This sinister warning, crude though it is, should not be taken as an idle threat, and should be summarily condemned by the International Community and the government of South Sudan held accountable for anything that happens to the targeted staff.

We hold the government of South Sudan responsible for this violation of basic human rights for allowing this threat to materialise.

It suggests that, at best, the government is unable and/or unwilling to act to prevent this threat from occurring, and to arrest those propagating this threat and hate incitements against South Sudanese citizens who are delivering vital and life-saving services and aid to the very people threatening to kill them.

However, at worst, we cannot discount that both the government in Juba and the state government in Bor are tacitly supportive of the uncouth actions of the Bor youth. The government’s record (through the tribal army and allied militia) on targeting and murdering non-Dinka ethnic groups in South Sudan speaks for itself.

We welcome the statement from the Jonglei State Government condemning the letter by Bor Youth. However, it has not gone far enough and failed to take action to arrest those behind the threat letter.

It is well-known that the recruitment practices of these NGOs and CBOs are generally transparent and meritocratic. The Equatorians currently working in Bor have been selected for the job based on merit.

They are there to help the people of Bor, and have no intention of occupying the land or bullying the people of Bor, unlike what the government is encouraging the Dinka militia to do in Equatoria – using state resources and power.

The hostility towards these innocent Equatorian humanitarian staff working with NGOs in Bor amounts to rejection of the work of all the international NGOs currently operating in Bor.

We urge these NGOs and CBOs to suspend their operations if the government is unable to provide security for their staff.

These actions and behaviour are not without precedent. The recent arming and encouragement of the Bor youth (by elements in the government) to go and attack other ethnic groups, notably the Murle in and around Pibor and the Mundari, are still fresh in people’s minds.

This orchestration of violence and destruction in Equatoria by rogue elements of Dinka Bor community in the SPLA and government is well-documented.

Having been welcomed and accommodated in Equatoria as fellow compatriots following their displacement by the government in Khartoum during the long war of liberation, these rogue elements in the community proceeded to forcefully occupy/expropriate land and bully and murder the locals – all this with the full support of high ranking members in the SPLM/A.

They have continued to abuse and kill the indigenous people of Equatoria to this day, with full military support from the tribalized SPLA and allied militia.

In summary, they have caused untold suffering on the people of Equatoria, including displacement and forcible expulsion into foreign lands. This government policy of forced occupation of land in Equatoria, and indeed other parts of South Sudan, guarantees perpetual conflict and enmity between the Dinka and Equatorians, and indeed all the ethnic groups in the country.

No amount of reconciliation or national dialogue will resolve this problem and bring permanent peace until the situation is reversed.

Implications and the Way Forward

It is unacceptable that South Sudanese citizens who are providing life-saving aid and services, at great personal risk and sacrifice, are threatened in this way by the very community they are trying to serve. It is also apparent that the actions of the Bor youth are condoned and/or approved by the state government and, by extension, central government in Juba.
1. We therefore request UNMISS to provide robust security to all Equatorian staff working with NGOs in Bor and other areas of South Sudan, and transport them back to Equatoria immediately if necessary.
2. We also request that these NGOs suspend all their operations until the government takes action against the group that issued this letter and guarantees the safety of all their staff, irrespective of origin or ethnicity.

By Equatorian Leaders in the Diaspora
Date: 5th June 2017

Mr. Federico Vuni, Chair, Equatoria Community Organisation in the UK
On behalf of Equatoria Community Leaders in Diaspora; Email:

Kiir’s Army attack Lam’s NDM Forces at Gongbar, near Renk


The ethnocentric and dictatorial forces of Juba regime today at 6:17 A.M. 5th July, 2017 mounted unprovoked attack on the position of the National Democratic Forces at and around Gongbar northeast of Renk.

Our gallant forces defended themselves and fought bravely giving the enemy a bloody nose. The enemy attacked using four (4) cars supported by heavy artillery.

In the battle the National Democratic Forces inflicted casualties on the enemy, destroying one car and pushed them back to where they came from.

This cowardice attack on our position comes barley few weeks since the announcement of ceasefire by the inept and dictatorial regime in Juba which is pretending to be implementing the so-called National Dialogue.

The attack has exposed the plentimento behind Kiir’s intentions. The regime in Juba is deceiving the region and the international community that it is pursuing peaceful means to bring to an end the raging civil war, while in reality it has decided to use military and brutal force against its people.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) would like to seize this opportunity to assure the people of South Sudan that your movement is strong, vigilant and well placed to achieve the final blow against the forces of dictatorship and tyranny.

Honor and glory to our martyrs and their sacrifices shall not go in

Long live the struggle of our People
Long live South Sudan
A luta continua
Amb. Emmanuel Aban
For/ the Spokesman,
The National Democratic Movement (NDM)

Wau Federal State-IO dismisses Kiir’s isolation of Dr. Machar

Statement by Government of Wau Federal State-IO

JUN/17/2017; The Government of Wau Federal State in Opposition would like to dismiss the attempted moves, by the Government of Salva Kiir Mayardit, to isolate the SPLM-IO Chairman, Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhorgan, and to deny the leadership of SPLM-IO to participate in the process of searching for lasting peace in the Republic of South Sudan.

We would rather welcome the position of IGAD head of the states, in their communiqué of the 31st Extra-Ordinary Summit on South Sudan, in which the IGAD head of the states illustrated on important of convening high level of Revitalization Forum of ARCSS including estranged groups to the agreement.

The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition and its citizen are united behind the leadership of SPLM-IO, under Command of Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhorgan

We, in Wau Federa State, are fully in support of SPLM-IO Chairman, Dr Riek Machar Teny, to represent us in any peace process with regime in Juba.

We would like to re-assure our position of no peace in the South Sudan without Dr Riek Machar Teny, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A-IO.

Hon. Dominic Ukelo

Governor of Wau Federal State in Opposition