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David (Boswell) versus Dr. Goliath (Benjamin): A valuable Lesson

By Fanwell L. Edward, GHANA

AUG. 23/2012, SSN; I have believed all along that it was only a matter of time before the Read more →

South Sudanese: Things are looking up

BY: Isaiah Abraham, JUBA

AUG. 10/2012, SSN; I have slowly developed fears that our beloved country will ‘die’ if we don’t stop the inferiority, clannish and parochial politics among our society. We have talents, highly educated personalities and strong people, but we lack achievers, and self-motivated leaders. His Excellency the Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny shoes is what am driving you at. You may agree or not, but the man is the right man in our situation. Garang then was one, may his soul rest in eternal peace! Read more →

Pres. Kiir apologizes to Pres. Obama for LYING: When will he apologize to people of South for the many other lies?

What a national embarrassment when the president admits to habitual lying even to important world leaders who are great supporters of his regime that is admittedly corruption-ridden and a human rights abuser of its own citizens. Perhaps it’s time for Kiir to apologize to the people of the South Sudan Nation?