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The UN’S conversion into a prison management agency in South Sudan

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, AUG/18/2014, SSN;

The United Nations protection camps in the middle of government controlled areas in South Sudan are frankly speaking prisons of President Salva Kiir managed by the UN and funded by the western world tax payers.

I sit here and think: how on earth could a world body with the ability to master enough power from its member states to hold the feral leaders of South Sudan accountable have allowed itself to be reduced to prison warders and happily it goes along with it.

The initial decision of the UN in December 2013 to protect civilians by opening its gates wide is a commendable act and it must be praised. However, these camps should not have been allowed to morph into prisons holding totally innocent people who have not committed any crimes apart from being born members of certain targeted ethnicities.

While the UN is honoring its duty to protect the right to life, it has through the back door been pushed to violate other human rights of those it is protecting by acting as prison warders for the feral dictator of South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir must be laughing his head off for turning a world body into his own instrument of oppression.

Look at it, technically the UN in South Sudan is now complicit in the abuse of South Sudanese by its own naive acceptance to protect without immediately holding the criminals to account and letting itself become a violator of its own ideals of human rights.

For example, life in these UN protection camps as spoken about by the aid agencies can easily be classified as inhumane. Please see, ‘Horrific conditions in flooded UN camp’ and ‘South Sudan’s New War: abuses by government and opposition forces’

With all these violations going on, the super powers of the world are paying a blind eye.

Well, these may be only Africans suffering and given the perception that has clouded the literature and interaction of the developed world and the third world, the appalling conditions of the South Sudanese in the UN camps may not be seen as deserving attention to invoke the instruments relating to grave violations of human rights.

Obviously, the curse of oil and natural resources may have something to do with the unacknowledged abuse of South Sudanese by their dictator leaders.

IGAD is complicit in advancing and promoting the neglect of the rights of South Sudanese by pretending that it can solve the problems of South Sudan.

Their trumpeted slogan of “African solutions for African problems” is a vehicle for the world powers to hide behind from their global responsibility to stamp justice in South Sudan. A responsibility, some of these powers are happy to embrace when advancing their own interest, but not in the service of humanity as in the case of South Sudan.

The African solutions the IGAD pride itself on to say the least are product of malicious mind designed to protect the abusers. After all, IGAD membership has some of the worst dictators in Africa.

Logically, how can any reasonable person expect a club dominated by some vile dictators solve a problem created by one of them? This is like accusing a fox who has stolen and eaten chickens to a leader of skulk howling about Fox solutions to fox problems with expectation of a just solution.

Let us look at their African solutions for South Sudan. IGAD is convinced that if it can reconcile the various warring factions of the SPLM, South Sudan will return to peace. Please see, ‘The solution of South Sudan’s political problems lies in new blood’ and ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’

In spite of the fact that this position is not supported by any evidence, they plough on with it while the damage on the lives of the innocent in South Sudan goes on.

Now in Addis Ababa the warring parties with the blessing of IGAD are being allowed to negotiate themselves out of their grave crimes against humanity and return into power at the expense of the people (victims).

Really, if the over 20,000 people killed in Juba; the over 100,000 people in the UN Protection prison camps; the over 400,000 people pushed into refuge in neighbouring countries; and the over 1,300,000 people displaced internally was to happen in the other continents, would the powers that be not intervene decisively and swiftly to right the wrong?

When less than a 1000 people were killed in Bosnia, the world powers immediately intervened, saved lives and held the culprits to account.

Why is the world then not decisive to end the abuse of the South Sudanese people? Why are the powers that be pampering the feral leaders of South Sudan whose hands are dripping with blood of innocent people?

Why do the powers that be talk about ineffective sanctions and condoning the imprisonment of the innocent victims in those UN protection prison camps without a solution in sight?

The abuses in South Sudan should not only be localised for this may be the beginning of dictators around the world and specifically in Africa acquiring the tools of how to trash the instruments of human rights that took centuries to build.

Some may be gleefully rubbing their hands and thinking about how to abuse certain ethnicities that they abhor for whatever reasons or another.

The activities of dictators and non state actors in many parts of the world if allowed to go unchecked as it is being allowed in South Sudan in the long run may plunge the world into total chaos.

When world bodies are co-opted into the machine of abuse and terror like UN in South Sudan, something is seriously wrong with the mores of the global community embodied in this organisation. This poses a real challenge to the moral fabric of the world. Therefore, the UN and the world powers need to rethink their position on South Sudan.

Like late musician Michael Jackson sang in his famous song, ‘Man in mirror’. “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.”

It is time that the moral of the world is restored before feral leaders around the globe begin to trash the current structures in place for world peace. Thus, UN must stop shouldering the role of prison management in South Sudan by intervening appropriately and decisively.

The South Sudan conflict and the recommended process to address it challenge the moral of the world. If all the ideals that are at the core of human rights ideology intended for advancement of society built in the last 300 years are not to wear off then the world truly needs to do something radical to address it.

The structures for maintenance of world peace erected initially in 1920 and later on replaced by the United Nations after the Second World War risk being gradually destroyed by cynical actions of dictators and non state actors in different parts of the globe. For example, the case of South Sudan is a typical one.

The universality of humanity is now parcelled into relative geographical regions without emphasis on the rights of humanity as stipulated in the various instruments.

Under this arrangement it is easy for the powerful countries or the supposed guardians of the world to turn blind eyes to the grave crimes against humanity in faraway lands like South Sudan.

The new buzz words and phrases are “African solutions for African problems”. What this presupposes is that if Africans are massacring themselves, that remains their problem and the world needs not to intervene.

In South Sudan, a monster slaughters children, women and elderly in broad day light in their tenth of thousands and displaces over million people causing serious regional problem, unbelievably it stirs no moral outrage whatsoever in the conscience of the custodians of the world.

In relation to Africans, the question that has been asked for centuries remains truly valid today: has the life of an African any value? Are the decisions taken by the custodian of the world really not clouded by the beliefs of “them” and “us”, “civilised” and “savage” developed world and the third world?

Else why is the death of tenth of thousands of African people down played by the western media and not taken seriously as it should to draw the attention of the world?

IGAD has been a total failure and numerous calls for it to be discarded and replaced by eminent persons have been met with deaf ears. The shameful failure of IGAD is capped by the passing of its deadline on 10th August 2014 in relation to formation of interim government in South Sudan.

The United Nations Security Council’s recent visit to the region though understands the situation it still puts faith on the hopeless process. “The council has made it very clear that it is prepared to impose consequence if there continues to be spoilers, if there continues to be people carrying out gross violations of human rights.”

“We will not tolerate violations of cessation of hostility and people who spoil peace agreement. We have delivered that message here and will deliver it to Riek Machar.” Stressed Samantha Powers of UNSC. Please see, ‘South Sudanese president vows to form all inclusive cabinet, and ‘UN Security Council visit to South Sudan’ file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/08-14%2520UNSC%2520Press%2520Stakeout%2520Transcript.pdf

Samantha Powers is a well known committed advocate of human rights. Powers words should be taken seriously. However, her comments in Juba missed the point completely. The issue is not “if there continues to be people carrying out gross violations of human rights.”

The violations have already been committed en masse in December 2013 and they continue to be committed daily. For example, the imprisonment of over 100,000 innocent people in the UN Protection camps.

Does the subjection of these people to confinement due to terror from President Kiir’s government not constitute ongoing gross violation of human rights? If it is not then the people of South Sudan and I do not know what it is.

Uganda’s UPDF, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) of Darfur and SPLM North of the Sudan remain in the country actively participating in military operations against SPLM-IO. Why is the UN quiet about this violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement?

Why does it not demand the withdrawal of all foreign forces as stipulated in the agreement? Is this not a constant standing violation by South Sudan government and IGAD of the agreement? What more violation of the agreement does UNSC want?

Therefore, the time for “ifs” is long gone. It is time for compliance and action. It is time for consequences and accountability. It is this point that the UNSC has missed.

The entire SPLM leadership are responsible for the mayhem in South Sudan. They need to be dragged to court to account for their collective crimes against the people of South Sudan arising from gross negligence of their beloved party and the management of the country.

SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SPLM-G10 and their military chiefs should be facing honourable and respectable international judges and not pussyfoot with mediators intent on rewarding them for their crimes against the people of South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir by default is benefiting from the cultures that led to colonisation of Africa. He is getting away with mass murder because the South Sudanese Africans have been deemed to have no value.

No wonder President Kiir is able to convert UN into a prison management agency.

Ironically, the very regional body (IGAD) that is tasked to solve the problem of South Sudan is ignorant of its own position and responsibilities while promoting subtly laid down discriminatory approaches under nonsense like “African solutions for African problems.”

If the structures of the world are based on instruments whose foundation is anchored in universalism like globalisation, then the right slogan should be “global solutions for global problems.”

Under such a slogan, feral leaders like President Kiir would not get away with crimes of similar magnitude committed by Slobodan Milosevic, General Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic. After all, the entire world is supposed to be a global melting pot.
[Truth hurts but is also liberating]

Elhag Paul

UN Sec. Council should impose targeted sanctions on S. Sudanese leaders…Now!

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, AUG/16/2014, SSN;

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) knows by now that South Sudanese warring parties are not going to sign any peace agreement soon unless severe sanctions are imposed on prominent figures on both sides.

On January 23, the two parties signed Cessation of Hostilities agreement. This was violated within hours of its signing and soon after the parties started to trade accusations as to who violated it. Bizarrely, it’s always the other side that violates the agreement.

Then on May 9, the two leaders signed a Ceasefire Agreement and expressed commitment to end this war, calling it ‘senseless’. This agreement too was violated. And then in June the two leaders committed themselves to form a transitional government within 60 days. The deadline, which was August 10, passed without any hope of peace agreement in sight.

This is a clear indication that the warring parties neither care about the people of South Sudan nor do they have any respect for all the Nations and organizations mediating in Addis Ababa. Dr. Riek Machar and President Kiir are clearly taking IGAD and the whole world for fools!

As long as these leaders continue to break their promises as the people of South Sudan suffer without any consequences, they’ll never sign any peace agreement.

Besides, the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, sent to South Sudan United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay and Special Advisor on Genocide Prevention, Mr. Adama Dieng, in May of this year.

After coming back from South Sudan, Mr. Dieng presented before the United Nations Security Council the gruesomeness of the situation, the suffering of the people and how the world can’t afford to wait. Ms. Pillay expressed how little compassion and care both leaders showed towards the suffering of South Sudanese citizens.

And on August 12, 2014, the UNSC sent Mr. Mark Grant, the current president of the 15-member UNSC. Mr. Grant’s entourage included US ambassador to the UN, Ms. Samantha Power and Rwandan Ambassador to the UN, Mr. Eugene-Richard Gasana.

After talking to the two leaders, the delegation said that they were ‘disappointed’ by the two leaders as they showed little interest in signing the peace agreement and ending the suffering of South Sudanese people. It was very clear to the UN delegation that these two leaders are not interested in peace and their own people! It’s all about power and top jobs!
(Watch my video commentary on

So the two leaders are not to be trusted as they’ve broken their promises time and again; they’ve shown to the world and the UNSC that they don’t care about the people; and they have no interest in ending the war.

It just makes me wonder what other proofs UNSC needs to impose real, affecting sanctions on the two parties.

Should half the population of South Sudan die for UNSC to impose sanctions on the leaders? Is there something of a trust left between South Sudanese leaders and UNSC?

Unless UNSC imposes severe, effective sanctions now, the people of South Sudan will continue to suffer and die. The May sanctions USA imposed on Peter Gatdet Yak and Marial Chanuoong were a mere joke. They were a clear mockery of South Sudanese people.

In addition, EU Sanctions, in July, on Peter Gatdet and Santino Deng were the same: pure mockery. I believe they are pure mockery of the suffering South Sudanese civilians because they can never, ever change the dynamic of the war.

I hope the UNSC imposes effective sanctions unlike USA and EU. This is the time for UNSC to show practical care for the people of South Sudan. SANCTIONS NOW! SANCTIONS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese author and poet. His latest book is “South Sudan Ideologically.” For contact, visit

Like a leopard can’t change its spots, Machar can’t change

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, AUG/07/2014, SSN;

The layers of disguise worn by Dr Riek Machar from mid December 2013 are peeling off and the true Machar is gradually revealing his character through his own words. The saying that a leopard can not change its spots seems to be true in the case of Machar and the SPLM leaders.

Soon after escaping lynching by President Salva Kiir’s militia, Machar with others rightly set up a resistance to fight against the former’s regime of terror. Machar offered hope by embracing democracy and federalism. Until recently, Machar acted in line with his declarations and he has been greatly appreciated and commended.

However, Machar’s language has started to change after the IGAD meeting of 10th June 2014 which set out a time frame for achieving peace within 60 days. As of today, the clock as expected is ticking away and it is only remaining 3 days for the deadline.

Time is running out fast, realism dictates this frame work is unworkable and failure is awaiting the incompetent IGAD.

Now that Machar is seeing the prospects for peace, he is beginning to play real politik by jostling to achieve maximum gain for himself only. Out goes the democracy he has been singing and in comes his dictatorial approaches to things as always.

Intrinsically, there is nothing wrong for Machar to fight for his survival and his people, but he should have at least been honest to the other oppressed people of South Sudan. He should not have raised their hopes knowing very well that he has no intention to deliver.

Machar should never have presented himself as an alternative national leader who would care for all. It is here that anybody with good values and principles would have problems with his leadership.

This already does not bode well for the Nuer and the people of South Sudan.

Some readers may ask as to why am I raising doubts about Machar now? Any person who claims leadership must be scrutinized and any pretensions exposed for the public to make informed decisions of whether to support or not.

Machar is on record that he wants democracy and federalism in South Sudan. Again, Machar is on record the he wholeheartedly supports inclusivity in the Addis Ababa talks. So far so good.

Talking about democracy, federalism and inclusivity is one thing and acting proactively in promoting the process to yield a democracy and federal system is another. Unless the former (expressed ideals) is seen to be driven by the latter, then the whole process is a sham.

In my previous article, ‘President Kiir violates the May 2014 Addis Ababa agreement’, I referred to Noam Chomsky, the renowned American philosopher on the issue.

Here is what Chomsky said back in the 1960s: “A new society arises out of the actions that are taken to form it, and the institutions and ideology it develops are not independent of those actions. In fact they are heavily coloured by them, they are shaped by them in many ways. And one can expect that actions that are cynical and vicious, whatever their intent, will inevitably condition and deface the quality of the ends that are achieved.”

Machar’s actions in relation to democracy and inclusivity are cynical and vicious and this as highlighted by Chomsky are likely to “deface the quality” of any government led by him.

Simply put, Machar will likely lead a government not different from the current one of President Kiir where tribalism and injustice rule supreme.

Do not forget that Machar deputised President Kiir for 9 years in which he actually said nothing against the system and nothing in support of the people of South Sudan.

Let us face it and let us now look at why Machar’s actions are cynical and vicious. “Machar writes to UN Chief over stalled South Sudan peace process,” reports Sudan Tribune on 25th June 2014. Please also see, ‘South Sudanese rebels express readiness for direct negotiations with government’

In this report, Machar openly undermines the role of the stakeholders and subtly rubbishes them as unimportant. His arrogance matches President Kiir’s.

“It was unnecessary for the talks to adjourn. The two parties should have engaged in direct negotiations while the other stakeholders are reserved for consultation role. On our part we are ready for talks with the government to end the crisis,” James Dak, Machar’s spokesman asserted.

So all along Machar was talking about inclusivity while in fact he has been working behind the scene for exclusive talks between his group and the government.

What is shocking in this revelation is Machar’s honest perception of the stakeholders. He does not value them or even rate them as his equal. Machar only considers them as aides.
People who can be consulted.

“Stakeholders are reserved for consultation role” only. This speaks volumes.

When people talk of stakeholders and inclusivity, it is meant to address issues of marginalisation, disenfranchisement and equality. It is meant for the people to have a real say in what affects them so that they become owners of the end product.

It has not been meant for stakeholders to be “reserved for consultation role.” This derogatory phrase demonstrates the contempt SPLM/A as a whole has about the people of South Sudan.

For the SPLM groups inclusivity means the people of South Sudan can only be consulted for advice which they are at liberty to take or discard.

It is not about genuine participation, recognition and equality on the issues under discussion to solidify legitimacy of the whole peace process.

From this it is clear why the trio: SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO and IGAD worked hard to keep the stakeholders out of the whole process.

Their lip service on the issue is designed to squeeze the stakeholders out of the entire process so that it only remains an SPLM affair, the very party and people responsible for mass death, insecurity, refugee problems for the neighbouring countries and massive internal displacement of citizens.

As things stand, they have in fact succeeded because the stakeholders who matter and could voice the needs of the people are excluded.

For example, Mr Peter Sule and UDF party who abusively have been prevented by President Kiir not to travel to Addis Ababa although he was officially invited by IGAD. Although SPLM-IO boycotted the peace talks on the issue, in reality they were fighting for their own satellite groups.

Now the stakeholders have been squeezed out with the fate of the country left in the hands of the very people who have destroyed it. What chance has South Sudan got?

The question IGAD and the African Union must answer is: how can SPLM/A rescue what they have already decimated?

The SPLM has no idea how to manage the country. They have not had any programme of action since 2005. Both President Kiir and Dr Machar so far have not even articulated any idea of bringing the people of South Sudan together.

Then, how convincing is it for them to be the people tasked with security of South Sudan and the stabilization of the country and the region.

The IGAD process is becoming a real joke. No wonder, the despair with the incompetence of IGAD and the dishonesty of the warring groups is alienating the masses. The result now is product like the recent call for action in Equatoria. Please see

Unfortunately the current IGAD process has taken a negative turn with the people now convinced that in order for anybody to be heard they must wield some form of hard power rather than soft one.

Instead of IGAD being a solution, it is now an added problem. If any hope is to be restored for peaceful solution, then the international community need to respond to the suggestion in, ‘Time for actual solutions for South Sudan – replace IGAD with eminent persons at once’

Like a leopard can not change its spots, Machar can not change. He remains the same Machar that we have always known. He has once again squandered a golden opportunity for him to wash himself clean from his controversial past to emerge as a true leader in South Sudan.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul

Desperate Situation: The suffering people of South Sudan have been abandoned

By: Tongun Lo Loyuong, UK, AUG/04/2014, SSN;

With South Sudan edging closer to the predicted famine that is poised to affect a third of its population, and with the peace talks to end the devastating civil war exhibiting little urgency, it is not far-fetched to conclude that the international community has abandoned us.

The appeal for $1.8 billion, a funding threshold required to arrest the humanitarian situation and South Sudan’s rapid descent into famine is yet to be reached, as funding commitments made by several members of the donor community remain unfulfilled.

But I guess such reluctance from the donor community is predictable, as most members of the donor community have probably never experienced surviving on water lilies, or going to bed with an empty stomach growling for a mouthful.

In addition, the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan has now earned the label “man-made,” which means it could have been avoided. The implication, which has been publicly voiced by some, is that South Sudan’s political leadership is to blame for creating the humanitarian crisis and the conducive conditions for the impending famine.

It is common knowledge that the international community tends to respond to these kinds of crises after the fact, when graphic images of vultures waiting to feast on the corpse of a starving child begin to circulate in the media.

They tend to respond even more swiftly if the humanitarian crisis is a result of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and Tsunamis, just to mention but a few examples.
It is understandable, therefore, that there is an overall reluctance to clean up a humanitarian mess created by reckless leadership and greedy politicians in South Sudan, only that it is the hapless poor South Sudanese in remote rural areas who are bearing the brunt.

The politicians’ immediate family, relatives, stolen wealth and illegally accumulated assets are all stashed away in safe havens in the region, or abroad in the Middle East and the West.

Our political leaders, who hold the key to ending the suffering of our people, also seem to have forgotten where we all came from when it comes to suffering from hunger and starvation.

The government of South Sudan seems to not be bothered, as demonstrated by its recent squandering of a reported $1 billion in arms purchases from China.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian community appeals for funding that is not forthcoming to prevent an impending humanitarian catastrophe billed as the worst in our history.

The government remains preoccupied with counting the cost of war and committed to allocating funds for its continued execution, which further exacerbates the already dire humanitarian situation in South Sudan.

Amidst talk of the resumption of peace talks to deliberate the composition of an interim government, opposition parties and “civil society” groups are equally consumed with who gets what position in the interim arrangements and the “new political dispensation.”

This is at the expense of embarking on robust policy advocacy and channeling of collective efforts to mitigate the impending famine so as to, if partially, alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable South Sudanese women, children and the elderly in the conflict hotspots who are poised to be affected most when real starvation hits.

Since the violent outbreak in mid-December last year, the suffering South Sudanese poor have been treated to endless but hollow utterances of public condemnation after atrocities committed in the wake of every violation of the several agreements and re-commitments to agreements signed on cessation of hostilities in the past several months.

Threats of targeted sanctions, travel bans and asset freezes of the perpetrators of civilian atrocities and gross human rights abuses remain but threats, ineffective enough to scare even a dog.

The handful of targeted sanctions, travel bans and asset freezes that have been handed out by the Americans and the Europeans are toothless and have circumvented the godheads and lords of the civil war and the real peace spoilers of the peace process.

In short, the international community has not done enough. They know it. And unless regional and international efforts are redoubled to coerce the parties in the conflict into urgently signing a peace agreement or risk facing serious punitive measures and consequences, South Sudanese will continue to feel abandoned.

Tongun Lo Loyuong is a South Sudanese expert and researcher in international peace studies. He studied at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and is currently pursuing a PhD in the UK. Email: or leave a message on his blog:

SPLM: A Party that’s awaiting Horrible & Clumsy Political Burial!

By: Dengdit Ayok, JUBA, JUL/31/2014, SSN;

When the greatest soldiers of our nation launched the second glorious revolution for the emancipation of our people from the yoke of Khartoum’s slavery and marginalization in May 1983, which resulted into the inception of the SPLM/SPLA in July of the same year, the masses of this vicinity responded massively and joined the people’s liberation army, when the SPLM declared clear rational political objectives in its first manifesto.

Those objectives were very sound and had magical magnitude that attracted our people from every corner of our vast territory. The struggle for freedom and dignity continued long.

The war raged in the southern part of the country and reached the north partially. Peace was achieved before raging long there. We struggled for freedom, justice, equality and prosperity. We paid the ultimate price of the struggle. More than 2.5 million offered their precious lives as martyrs for liberty and independence.

When we hoisted our flag in July 2011, everybody jubilated in pride for the birth of our nation, but the SPLM wolves in sheep’s skin were planning to fail the nation and turn the developmental aspirations of our people into a nightmare.

The political differences that were postponed during the 2008 SPLM second national convention resurfaced in March 2013 and finally culminated into the current chaotic situation in the country last December. The result of those differences is now death of more than fifteen thousand and displacement of more than twenty thousand civilian population.

The result is the current game of feed dragging being played by the both sides of the conflict and on the mediators in achieving a lasting peace for the suffering people of South Sudan.

The result of this war is has put our country top on the list of the fragile states. The phrase ‘fragile states’ is a decent wording for ‘failed states’.

The parties to the conflict have clearly rejected giving up delivering hate speeches and war propaganda in order to give room for peace. The result of this now is that the nation is going to loss bigger number of its innocent sons and daughters than those it had lost in the last seven months of the strife.

The SPLM has failed to run itself and run the nation. Though Dr. Garang de Mabior was a great eye opener and a visionary African and world leader, his disciples who had been with him for more than 21 years, didn’t learn anything from his ideological unique political school.

They became like the 12 disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ who didn’t understood him though they had been with him for 3 years and half before his crucifixion, until they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Comparatively speaking, Jesus’ disciples were a little bit better then the SPLM and Garang’s boys, because Simon Peter had correctly answered Christ’s question: ‘who do you think the Son of Man is?’ on behalf the eleven.

They have drastically failed their party and divided it into SPLM-Juba, SPLM-HL (SPLM-historical leaders), SPLM-IO, SPLM-G11, SPLM-DECENTRALISATION, SPLM-FEDERALISM and before all these factions, SPLM-DC.

The worst part of the scenario is that they have failed the nation and plunged it into abyss and oven a terrible war! Acts of killings continues on day after day regardless of the apparent IGAD-led peace efforts to halt the war.

The SPLM has given credibility to Khartoum analysts’ views that had claimed that, “South Sudanese cannot rule themselves; they will divide themselves along tribal lines and butcher themselves as soon as they get the independence”. It should have proved them wrong.

Those who could have been the anointed Messiahs of South Sudan a source of blessing to their people have become a source of curse to them! This is a disturbing fact to many of them, but it must be said. It must be courageously said.

The only hope for the people of South Sudan is getting rid of this party called SPLM and sending it to the dustbin of history. It isn’t impossible. It is possible because the people of this nation have a power and they are the source of sovereignty. They have a giant power that can conquer a political party produces death than delivering services.

A party that has stolen the resources of the nation and now engaged in killing the nation with impunity must go to the dustbin of history.

A party that gives credibility to prophets of doom and enemies of the nation and prove them right, though they are wrong, and continue to kill its people on day after day; is approaching horrible and clumsy political burial!

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article represents the opinions of the writer.
Mr. Ayok lives in Juba and he is reachable at

Launching the people’s front to oppose the genocidal SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly in South Sudan!


“Last Wednesday, I made a well-attended rally in Juba in which I blasted both Kiir and Machar including IGAD.” Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule offered as he outlined his Blueprint for South Sudan. He was protesting the deliberate exclusion by Kiir, Machar and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Eastern Africa of the masses of South Sudan in effectively contributing towards a solution to the bloodbath instigated by Kiir and Machar’s dysfunctional and genocidal so-called Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) cum Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in all its variations!

The grassroots rallies Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule addresses in Juba serve multiple purposes including empowering the suffering masses of South Sudan to take control of the agenda for South Sudan. As a brilliant lawyer, he is fully aware that the masses of South Sudan have more constitutional authority than Kiir, Machar or their murderous SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly!

The rallies also serve the purpose of ushering in actual democracy in South Sudan where aspirants to the highest office in the land utilize persuasion, not gangland style murderous shoot-outs that are the conserve of a criminal organization such as the SPLM cum SPLA.

Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule is a principled and zealous advocate for the rule of law. He is also a fearless and articulate voice for the suffering masses of South Sudan – the only voice that is capable of conveying the true wishes of the masses of South Sudan without being intimidated by all of Kiir, Machar and their debased so-called liberation movement.

That is why the people’s front is demanding that his attendance at the Addis Ababa Peace Talks be a requirement for the talks to continue. Failure to include the people’s Lawyer and Politician in the Addis Ababa Peace Talks and continuing to stay silent about the barbaric manner in which the deranged faction of the SPLM oligopoly in government prevented him from boarding the Addis Ababa bound Ethiopian Airlines charter flight to the bogus peace talks will be viewed by the people’s front as confirmation that IGAD is colluding with the murderous oligopoly!

Politics: UDF chief blocked from traveling to Addis talks

Cheers for Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon & Boos for Salvatore Kiir Mayardit!

Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule wants the masses of South Sudan and not Kiir, Machar or their adulterated so-called liberation movement to map the way forward for South Sudan from the bloody crossroads their oligopoly has brought the country to!

After all, in the democracy the rampageous Titans and their cohorts are swanking back and forth, it is the masses of South Sudan who hold the constitutional “Trump Card” and not the regressed oligopoly that continues to exude its intentions to force itself on the masses of South Sudan under IGAD’s incompetent watch!

I am particularly referring to Kiir “leeching” onto his murderous presidency by abusing a plebiscite and calling it a so-called “democratic presidential election”, Machar promulgating a combating front as a democratic movement while disregarding the egalitarianism urged in “Riek Machar, adopt Nuer egalitarianism as your manifesto & watch your popularity skyrocket!” and IGAD showing shoddy signs of rewarding the SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly’s violence by turning over South Sudan back to the criminal organization in any of its variations.

Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule’s vision and Blueprint for getting South Sudan out of the lawless chaos the SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly is responsible for in the country is consistent with actual democracy which the masses of South Sudan are demanding forthwith.

A government of the people, by the people, for the people, not the murderous and crooked version being vaunted by the lurid Titans and their cohorts. The people’s front concurs with Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule and submits that the masses of South Sudan are the ones that should be at the helm, not Kiir, Machar or their besmirched and impugn-able so-called liberation movement!

IGAD must listen to the masses if it wants to redeem itself from the haphazard job it has done to date. The “glorified mobsters” of South Sudan who masquerade as so-called leaders are hell bent on exterminating anyone perceived as a threat to their “criminal cartel” that is why they are unfit to govern in this day and age of democracy and civilization!

The anarchists have made South Sudan into a diabolic country where organized crime is condoned and even encouraged by a sitting government that is why their debauchery must be stopped.

The Jieng’s vile plan to ethnically cleanse Equatoria

“My problems don’t seem to end at all” Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule had begun as he alerted the people’s front to a sinister plot by Kiir and his cronies, to exterminate the cream of the crop of South Sudan’s Equatoria region, starting with Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule himself.

According to a very ripe and tested South Sudan grapevine, Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule was already on Kiir’s Equatoria “hit list” even before the barbaric manner in which Kiir’s security operatives stopped him from attending the South Sudan peace talks in Addis Ababa and IGAD refused to protest the savagery.

Politics: UDF chief blocked from traveling to Addis talks

Cheers for Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon & Boos for Salvatore Kiir Mayardit!

However, his stern rebuke of Kiir, Machar and IGAD at a well-attended rally in Juba must have infuriated Kiir and his cronies so much that they quickly hurtled him to the top of the Equatoria “hit list” above the three Governors of Equatoria, namely Governor Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro of Western Equatoria State, Governor Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria State and Governor Louise Lobong of Eastern Equatoria State.

According to the ripe and well tested South Sudan grapevine, the quaternary of Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule, Governor Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro of Western Equatoria State, Governor Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria State and Governor Louise Lobong of Eastern Equatoria State were principals of Kiir’s secret plan to exterminate Equatorians because of their open declaration of support for a federal system of government that is being demanded by the masses of South Sudan and the influence they wield over the masses!

In the case of Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule, it is also his unwavering resolve to be a voice for the suffering masses of South Sudan, his undaunted stand against the SPLM cum SPLA bullies and his extraordinary ability to articulate a democratic federal system of government of the people, by the people, for the people which will be sculpted at the grassroots level.

Justice Peter Sule on a legal and grassroots solution for South Sudan

Justice Peter Sule on a legal & grassroots solution for South Sudan

Upon learning of Kiir’s Equatoria “hit list”, advocates from the people’s front felt compelled to actualize the “African spring”, an unprecedented social movement that will utilize people and brain power not “gun power” to change the tide in Africa, beginning with South Sudan!

They petitioned the United Nations Mission in South Sudan as representatives of the United Nations Security Council, to protect Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule and avert another Kiir initiated genocide immediately. Troika countries were included in the petition as prominent friends of South Sudan.

The time-honoured United Nations Security Council through its mission in South Sudan took the necessary steps to investigate the imminent crime. The world organization continues to gather evidence for an astronomical case against the genocidal SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly in South Sudan, a probe which in the people’s opinion invalidates the inclusion of the oligopoly in a caretaker government or government of national unity!

The immediate objective of the people’s front is to lend a voice to the suffering masses of South Sudan in all the 64 tribes of South Sudan who are being silenced by the armed and dangerous SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly.

A second objective is to advocate for the effective protection of innocent civilians from all the tribes of South Sudan against the callousness that brought about the current melee in South Sudan.

Law experts says S Sudan government has ‘no will, no capacity’ to investigate atrocities

Senior US official endorses law group’s recommendation

Who says that the suffering masses of South Sudan have to go along with the twisted version of democracy being forced on them by all of Kiir, Machar and their dysfunctional and genocidal so-called Sudan People’s Liberation Movement cum Sudan People’s Liberation Army?

Who says that the suffering masses of South Sudan cannot pursue a criminal case against the genocidal SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly in South Sudan themselves?

Who says that they need permission from a gang of murderous bullies masquerading as freedom fighters to hold their own synchronous discussions about what they want?

Who says that the suffering masses of South Sudan need permission from a dysfunctional Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Eastern Africa to appeal to the United Nations Security Council directly?

The masses of South Sudan have friends in high places and power which is being actualized with this launch. They can exercise their inherent right to a secure South Sudan by joining the people’s front and rallying the United Nations Security Council and the entire world behind them because they are the political bosses of South Sudan not Kiir, Machar or their genocidal oligopoly.

As South Africa’s revered global icon Nelson Mandela used to shout, Amandla (Power)! The oppressed people of South Africa would respond “Awethu” (to us)! The people’s front now borrows that same slogan by shouting “Power to the People”!

Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule has a larger than life vision for a very secure, law abiding, highly developed and peaceful South Sudan where the agenda is controlled and directed by the masses from the ground up, not a criminal oligopoly planning to continue looting the country and short changing the masses.

In his Blueprint for South Sudan, he has articulated a federal system of government that is well put together by the masses and not the misinterpreted, misrepresented and misappropriated version that is being used as an excuse to bully, threaten and murder Equatorians.

Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule has a program for the masses of South Sudan that will protect the interests of all including the warmongering Nuer and Dinka tribes. It is a program that will be owned by the masses not a bunch of offenders flaunting a depraved form of democracy.

The program includes federalism but not the barbaric and “psychotic” interpretation that is being used by Kiir and his cronies for threatening and slaying the masses of South Sudan.

The people’s front recognizes Machar’s redeemable qualities but it wishes to register profound disappointment in his failure to require that the masses of South Sudan and not his oligopoly map the way forward for the country beginning with a caretaker government and then a government of national unity.

It is a stand that would have guaranteed him a place in history that is currently being occupied by only Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s revered son. It might even have garnered Machar enough votes to win a properly constituted democratically elected presidency the way it did Nelson Mandela!

It would be the authentic democracy articulated by Equatoria’s gallant son Ladu Gore in “Solution oriented conversations with Lieutenant General Ladu Gore” which seems to have now been abandoned by his SPLM cum SPLA in opposition boss Machar. The one that the masses of South Sudan and the entire world would have celebrated Machar for if he had embraced the flat, non-hierarchical structure urged in “Riek Machar, adopt Nuer egalitarianism as your manifesto & watch your popularity skyrocket!” because that is what democracy looks like.

Solution oriented conversations with Lt-Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore

To Dr. Machar: Adopt Nuer egalitarianism as your manifesto & watch your popularity skyrocket!

As their Big Brother and Protector, the masses of South Sudan might have forgiven Machar for his role in the bloodbath that has made their lives a living hell on earth and even plea bargained on his behalf for the International Criminal Court to consider him wresting South Sudan from Kiir’s genocidal claws as mitigating circumstances in their impeding case against the SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly for crimes against humanity.

The suffering masses might have looked the other way the way Kenyans did when they gave Uhuru Kenyatta a nod by electing him as President of Kenya despite the dark cloud waffling over him because of the case against him by the International Criminal Court.

The Prosecutor v. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

The suffering masses of South Sudan might have seen the light at the end of a very dark and long tunnel at last. They might have successfully wished away the dark cloud that has hovered over present day South Sudan for decades and even centuries, extending back to the archaic days of the Ottoman Empire where present day South Sudan was a hub for the vile Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade!

As things stand now, IGAD might wheedle the genocidal SPLM oligopoly into a power sharing deal that rewards their genocide and ignores what the masses of South Sudan want or Machar could easily shoot and murder his way to the presidency of South Sudan but that will be a “power grab”, not the heroic mandate the masses of South Sudan might have given him if he had advocated for the exclusion of his oligopoly in all its variations in a caretaker government and government of national unity.

It would be far from the “knight in shining armour” grand entrance Machar would have made if he limited his initial role after the carnage his oligopoly set off in South Sudan to that of Big Brother and Protector of South Sudan’s masses from Kiir’s murderous bullies, criminal and uncouth private army!

Simply stated, barbaric so-called leaders who openly condone armed robbery even if it is a demented cultural practice have no business leading a civilized South Sudan or any country for that matter.

However, notwithstanding all of the above, Machar can still make an extraordinary “U Turn.” He can still avoid being accused of the same “dictatorial tendencies” he purports to be fighting in Kiir by effectively allying with the masses of South Sudan.

That means that the masses decide what needs to happen in South Sudan going forward and the SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly follows their lead because of the fact that in the democracy Machar is vocalizing, the masses of South Sudan have more constitutional authority than him, Kiir or their oligopoly.

Presidential guards accused of involvement in armed robberies in Juba

For all intents and purposes, South Sudan’s so-called liberation movement has substantially locked out the masses of South Sudan from the peace talks in Addis Ababa and IGAD is condoning their bullying by continuing to relegate the masses to the sidelines in the major decisions respecting a caretaker government and a government of national unity.

The SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly in South Sudan has guns to the heads of the masses of South Sudan which makes the IGAD led peace talks immoral at best. The oligopoly has locked their bosses, the masses of South Sudan out and it is forcing them to look in at gunpoint as they plot to divide their “spoils of war” and “stolen loot” with IGAD’s connivance.

The total and shameful disregard for what the masses of South Sudan want has necessitated the formation of the people’s front, a third front to the ruckus the reckless SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly has caused.

The front is being dubbed the people’s front because it is a “loose coalition” of people determined to challenge the SPLM cum SPLA monopoly and abuse in South Sudan. It is an advocacy group that will push for the masses of South Sudan to have substantial input into the country they want and not just go along with what a self centered genocidal oligopoly wants.

Other than speedy cessation of hostilities and an even speedier formation of a trustworthy non-genocidal and unquestionably impartial caretaker government, nothing is more important than dispelling the half-baked and ignorant inference that federalism in South Sudan demands stripping Jieng (Dinka) of their rights as citizens of South Sudan.

Kiir and his cronies have set South Sudan on fire and a mere debate about federalism has added fuel to flames that are rising so high it will require the entire global community to rally behind the masses of South Sudan in wresting the country from the claws of the violent and unreasonable SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly.

Kudos to Jacob K. Lupai and Elhag Paul for daring to provoke no holds barred discussions about the differences between the calls for federalism in South Sudan by Equatoria and Riek Machar (Jacob K. Lupai) and the callousness and dysfunction that has existed in the SPLM/A since its inception (Elhag Paul) because the people of South Sudan must have a full discussion about the good, the bad, the evil and the counterfeit as they relate to federalism for South Sudan and the good, the bad and the evil about a so-called liberation movement.

Difference between Equatoria & Riek Machar call for federalism in South Sudan

SPLM, a curse to South Sudan

The world community has commissioned IGAD to get the SPLM in government and SPLM in opposition or whatever the corrosive oligopoly calls itself to desist from committing genocide against the defenseless masses of South Sudan.

However that mandate is not a carte blanche to collude with the murderers by handing over the country back to them! It is not free rein to scheme with the so-called liberators of South Sudan so that the criminal gang can be re-imposed on the anguished masses of South Sudan. T

he oligopoly needs to be brought to book for crimes against humanity not rewarded by IGAD for violence and their homicidal culture.

The felonious oligopoly has a twisted understanding of the difference between freedom fighters, mercenaries and a criminal gang and its members need to decide which of the three their organization is because it cannot be all of the above simultaneously!

Actual freedom fighters do not expect to be paid or rewarded for their principled stand against injustice.

Mercenaries expect to be remunerated for their services but they understand that they cannot just help themselves to a country’s coffers or make hare-brained statements like “we are born to rule over you” and “we liberated you so we can do with you as we wish” without being “kicked in the arse”.

Criminals on the other hand understand that their dark “underworld” is constantly under surveillance and when they are caught, they are “kicked in the arse”.

If IGAD is unable to discern that the genocidal SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly operates by the rules of the military and it needs to be “commanded” to stop fighting and not negotiated with, the organization should consult with John Kerry who as a former military officer understood that the oligopoly would obey his orders as a superior and successfully “ordered” Kiir and Machar to sign a cessation of hostilities agreement between the two of them on May 9, 2014.

Otherwise IGAD should relinquish its role to the eminent persons proposed in the letter dated June 19, 2014 addressed to Mr Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America, the Rt. Honourable David Cameron MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Ms. Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway copied to Ms Kosazana Dalamini Zuma, President of African Union as well as the Chairman of IGAD asking for their urgent intervention in the South Sudan carnage.

Time for actual solutions for South Sudan: Replace IGAD with eminent persons at once!

Letter from Diaspora ambassadors dated June 19, 2014

As the purported IGAD led peace talks reopen after being shut down because of IGAD’s incompetence, the masses of South Sudan will be watching very closely while reserving the right to pursue legal action for negligence.

“Slapping together” a lousy so-called government of national unity that constitutes the genocidal SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly in any of its variations to meet a deadline after squandering time and refusing to listen to the wishes of the masses of South Sudan is aiding and abetting a crime against humanity! IGAD will have blood on its hands if it insists on “patching up” the genocidal SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly and handing over South Sudan to the criminal ring!

Treating South Sudan and its rich resources like proceeds of war and stolen goods to be divided among the SPLM cum SPLA criminals while the wishes of the victims of the crime who are the suffering masses of South Sudan are ignored by all of Kiir, Machar and IGAD is culpable.

If IGAD didn’t ignore the masses of South Sudan, it would discern that the most immediate item on their minds is to use all legal means possible to force Kiir to step down from his failed presidency so that a more competent and civilized leader or leaders recommended by the masses of South Sudan can take control of South Sudan immediately.

With the categorical failure of IGAD to restore peace in South Sudan, the buck must now be passed onto the United Nations Security Council notwithstanding resumption of the so-called peace talks.

What the world body does to stop Kiir from continuing to murder the masses of South Sudan so that a select group of his Dinka tribe and their foreign co-conspirators can continue to wreak havoc in South Sudan and plunder the country’s rich oil and mineral resources to their covetous hearts’ content will prove once and for all if the United Nations has the wherewithal to do what it was created to do, maintaining international peace and security and protecting civilians from being murdered in cold blood.

The suffering masses of South Sudan will prevail over the bloody guns and rise to become models for the rest of Africa. As President Barack Obama proclaimed during his presidential campaign, “Yes we can!”

Coming soon: Conversations with Lawyer and Politician Peter Sule about a Blueprint for South Sudan

Margaret Akulia is co-author of the sequel Idi Amin: Hero or Villain? His son Jaffar Amin and other people speak. She brings to the South Sudan dialogue a multidisciplinary professional background including but not limited to “grassroots activism”.

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The Jieng’s vile plan to ethnically cleanse Equatoria


When a liar is caught in the act, their first reaction is ‘denial.’ They would protest their innocence. If the case is pressed harder they will then begin to crack. At the end lies are always exposed because lying by its very nature has no foundation to sustain itself. Unlike truth which remains constant, solid and unassailable.

President Kiir and his advocates have resorted to denying their evil plan to ethnically cleanse Equatorians because they have been caught red-handed. They are now calling their evil plan ‘assassination rumours.’

But the question is: rumours by whom? If these are rumours, why has the government not come out publicly to dispel the story and set up an Inquiry?

Again if the evil plan to ethnically cleanse Equatorians was an ‘assassination rumour’ why did General Paul Molong Awan, the chief of the army specifically disarm the Equatorian members of the armed forces? Why did General Awan deploy Jieng militia under the cover of SPLA to all the three states of Greater Equatoria? What was the rational? Can somebody tell us please?

If people can learn from the contemporary conflict in the country, the South Sudanese would do well to remember that it was the attempted disarmament of the Nuer on 15th December 2013 that set the prelude to the Nuer ethnic cleansing.

If this was the case, could the act of disarming Equatorians in the armed forces itself be clear evidence that something fishy was afoot? SPLA is repeating the same pattern of behaviour towards the Equatorians now as they did towards the Nuer prior to 15th December 2013. Why this behaviour?

Equatorians should not buy the story of ‘assassination rumours.’ The evidence points to the existence of such a vile plan. Thus, Equatorians must not lower their guard and allow themselves to be taken by surprise in the future.

The Jieng are now reported to be angry because of these ‘assassination rumours.’ In addition, the Jieng leaders are vigorously complaining that they are being provoked by Equatoria’s call for federalism. Surely, something is not right here.

How can Equatoria’s demand for federalism amount to provocation? The Jieng need to explain this most bizarre and irrational assertion.

Why should a political right of the Equatorians enshrined in the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966 amount to provocation?

Part 1, Article 1 of the mentioned instrument grants all peoples including Equatorians the right to organise themselves in the way they like. Why is it a problem to the Jieng? Who are the Jieng to decide on Equatoria’s choice? Why do the Jieng feel free to bully people of other ethnicities?

It is important that all the people of South Sudan realise that we are all equal and nobody including the Jieng is better or above the others.

So, if the Jieng do not like federalism, they simply need to argue their case to win. If they win through argument that would be fair and square, but not to intimidate, bully and kill people as in Maridi in the mistaken believe that they will dissuade people from federalism.

Throwing tantrums like spoilt brats is juvenile and unacceptable.

Equatorians should not back down from their rightful demand for federalism. They are the first people to call for federalism in independent South Sudan in their conference held in Nyakouran in mid April 2011.

Equatorians consistently pioneered federalism in independent South Sudan and it would be a disaster for them not to follow it through regardless of what the Jieng do.

The importance of this is to assert the fact that all South Sudanese are equal and nobody must be allowed to intimidate others. South Sudanese fought to obtain this right from Khartoum. Therefore no South Sudanese must accept this kind of abuse.

This is a principle that people died for and it can not be conceded simply because somebody does not like it for no credible reason or anger.

Appeasing the Jieng will only feed into the stereotype that Equatorians are cowards and slaves, but it would set a precedent which psychologically will always make Equatorians insecure and undetermined.

Further, the Jieng are spreading rumours that Equatorians are preparing to attack and evict them from Equatoria. To back this wild unfounded allegation, General Paul Molong Awan has put the Jieng militia in SPLA uniform on standby supposedly to protect the Jieng.

This is the grandmother of all lies constructed by the Council of Jieng Elders. How could Equatorians attack the Jieng when they have no arms and their sons and daughters in the army are already disarmed.

The reality is that the placement of the Jieng militia on standby was supposed to carry out their vile plan of ethnic cleansing.

Killing other people is something that the Jieng leaders seem to routinely do without any thought of consequences. This is because the system (Dinkocracy) is blatantly Jieng-centred and totally irresponsive to Jieng crimes.

They think if they kill their supposed or perceived enemies their problems will go away. This is a bizarre state of mind.

Rational people always think in terms of cause and effect, this does not seem to be happening in South Sudan. Why is that?

For example, in mid December 2013, the Jieng set out to ethnically cleanse the Nuer without weighing the repercussions that would follow. As a result, the Nuer reacted with a lightening speed which scared the Jieng prompting them to hire UPDF (Uganda People Defence Force) for protection.

Until when will the UPDF be able to protect them? Do you see the irrational and pathological behaviour of President Kiir and his Council of Jieng Elders?

In relation to Equatoria, the Jieng have gotten comfortable with killing them. Dr John Garang using predatory tactics carefully and systematically eliminated prominent Equatorians to the extent that he decapitated the Equatorian body politic psychologically.

For example, early on at the inception of SPLM/SPLA, prominent Equatorians like Joseph Kabulo, Justin Keri etc were brutally murdered. Others like late Colonel Martin Kejivura were basically detained for years without charge and eventually murdered.

Those who joined the SPLM were brainwashed to accept being nobodies. The worst case scenario relates to the current Vice President James Wani Igga.

During Dr Garang’s era, Wani often on seeing Garang would grin widely and start singing Baba ja! Tindikili! Baba Ja! Tindikili inflating the ego of the ‘born to rule.’ Literally, Wani was (competing with Dr Garang’s children for recognition and attention) and this reduced him to the status of a puppet.

Under President Kiir now, Equatoria has a new bunch of grafted leaders to serve the interest of the Jieng. These so called leaders in their private hours are busy serving their masters (supposedly colleagues) with liquor.

One of them has been observed cleaning the shoes of President Kiir when liquor accidently spilled on it. The poor soul quickly jumped up and pulled his own handkerchief and started cleaning his master’s shoes akin to some scenes in slave dramas exhibiting ultimate subjugation. What a disgrace!

With the foregoing, how can the Jieng audaciously claim to be provoked or angered by the Equatorian call for federalism when they have all along been the perpetrators of atrocities and horrendous crimes against Equatorians.

If anybody would be angered it would rightly be the Equatorians as innocent victims of the system. For three decades the Jieng have been killing Equatorians with impunity. If they want to dispute this, let them come forward and the extensive list of their Equatorian victims can be published.

The latest of this Jieng killing spree are the two boys killed in Maridi a couple of weeks ago over the issue of federalism. The question that must be asked is: what gives the Jieng the right to kill others as they want without accountability?

It is therefore disturbing to find that Equatorians exercising their right of self expression in relation to their right to claim for federalism, angers the Council of Jieng Elders.

Why should the Equatorian call for it anger the Jieng? Let the Jieng tell the people of South Sudan why it is not good and not just resort to violence and abuse of power.

The Jieng must also know that the current centralised system of government they dearly love can also work against them when others are in power. Given what is going on, it is highly likely that they will lose power.

When that time comes they will regret their own foolery. With Uganda seriously re-assessing its intervention in South Sudan and with the rebellion gathering pace, the exit door is beckoning to President Kiir and the hopeless so called Council of Jieng Elders.

Whoever accedes to power will undo all that the Jieng are doing now including the dismantlement of the Dootku Beny with its leaders possibly heading to some form of courts to account for their crimes.

Paradoxically, this seems to be what the Jieng are asking for by their continued short sightedness.

Therefore, with or without federalism the Jieng are already losers in South Sudan because their behaviour repels others and coincidentally unites those others against them. The die is cast.

If there is any wisdom in the Jieng community, they should now be apologising to South Sudanese for their horrendous acts and making amends. This is not the time for them to think of committing more crimes as these amounts to grave irresponsibility on part of the Council of Jieng Elders.

Now, if the Council of Jieng Elders consisting of blood thirsty people like Salva Mathok, Albino Akol Akol, Paul Molong Awan, Aldo Ajo…. etc, are bent on implementing their vile plan of ethnic cleansing in Equatoria as evinced by the continuing disarmament of sons and daughters of Equatoria in the armed forces and the ceaseless threats from the likes of Salva Mathok, they need to know in advance that they will be doing Dr Riek Machar a favour.

Under the adage, ‘your enemy’s enemy is your friend’, the Equatorians will not need to be persuaded. They will automatically rebel and make alliance with whoever is out there and this will be the time that the Jieng will truly be brought to account for their crimes of the past three decades.

They must not think that they will get away with the murdering Equatorians if they refuse to accept a system by all for all, which would ensure justice for all as well.

In conclusion, Equatorians should not buy President Kiir’s denial of their vile plan against Equatorians because he and the Council of the Jieng Elders have not sufficiently provided convincing answers.

What they have done is to hide behind a lie and then shift more false blame that they are being provoked and angered. This is nonsense. They are the aggressors and they need to take responsibility for their obnoxious behaviour.

Further, their current actions and demands to silence Equatoria do not help anyone really nor do they assure any peaceful co-existence. Thus, Equatorians need to prepare for all eventualities in this chaotic South Sudan.

Equatorians must not collude with a system that does not help them nor does it help the Jieng or any other groups in South Sudan except the individuals in power.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul

To Bishops Lukudu & Santo: Please stop the desecration of the Catholic Church by Kiir & Igga


Whilst the nation profusely bleeds and people keep dying daily, the Holy Catholic Church in Juba seems to be in some spiritual and moral confusion by inexcusably perpetuating its insensitive policy of allowing the two habitual ‘sinners’ in the forms of president Kiir and his vice Wani Igga to continuously desecrate the Holy Catholic Church.

Every Sunday and on other holy occasions of the Catholic faith, since 2005 when they came to town, Kiir and Igga have been accorded the un-sanctified privilege to spew from the Holy pulpit what can only be classified as mendacious and un-Christian statements without any shame or compunction.

But more importantly, however, since the start of their war of genocide on December 15, 2013 when they embarked on the killing of innocent citizens which continues up to this moment, Kiir and Igga have obviously been accorded absolute impunity by our Kator Bishops to keep committing the sin of lying against the 8th Commandment, which clearly states: “THY SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR.”

Every Catholic and Christian, for that matter, has been taught since childhood by our priests and bishops that this particular Commandment absolutely forbids a Catholic or any Christian from ‘telling lies’ which is an abomination against the Lord and one’s own Christian faith.

Furthermore, the Eighth commandment forbids misrepresenting the truth in our relationship with others, doing otherwise means refusal by an individual to commit oneself to moral uprightness.

The opposite, sad to say, is what the poor parishioners are exposed to every Sunday from these two leaders’ regime of duplicity, dissimulation and hypocrisy.

Unfortunately, every Holy Sunday, right from the sacred pulpits of Kator’s St. Theresa Catholic Cathedral and at St. Joseph Catholic Parish Church, either President Kiir or his vice, Igga, has been needlessly accorded the privilege to annoyingly regurgitate lies upon lies that are then widely beamed across the world via SSTV.

Personally, as a Catholic from the cradle, baptized in that Church in Juba, and amongst the first generations of Catholic children educated at Kator Catholic parish, our Italian priest in the late 50′s steadfastly ensured that we never ‘lied’ or stole even a peanut at home (then our poor parents never had any money around).

In Psalms 120:2, it’s says, “Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.” Unfortunately, our two heroically popular bishops in Juba seemingly are failing to deliver and save the poor souls of those devout Church goers being lied to and deceived by Kiir and Igga every Sunday, Christmas and Easter in perpetuity.

Moreover, never in the world, not even at the Holy See at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, has any Pope ever allowed crimes-tainted, genocide perpetrators or morally questionable Catholic and non-Christian presidents, politicians or even princes, ever step into that most Holy pulpit to commit a sin against the Eighth or any Commandments.

The problem, my most dear Bishops, is that, sincerely speaking and after hearing the speeches of those of Kiir and Igga for years, these two are the poorest motivational speakers one can ever think of.

Seriously, there is nothing ever that is inspirational or spiritual in those church speeches ever delivered by either Kiir or Igga, a sincere assessment is that all their tirades at that holy pulpit are very despairing, annoying, irritating and in most cases belligerent.

Whilst most Juba kids who attend these speeches describe Kiir as mundane, boring, confused and rumbling a lot of gibberish not completely understood, a chronically pathological liar who on many occasions promised ‘heaven on earth,’ but only to break his promises and instead brought terror and death, a true Lucifer!

On the other hand, Igga is a national disappointment whose comical and clownish theatrics especially in the church are utterly incongruous, deprecating and embarrassing but above all, boring; even children in the audience only sneeringly laugh just to please him. What a disgrace!

The point, my dear bishops, is that you and the Holy Catholic Church cannot continue being oblivious of the underlying sensitivities and emotions of your devoted church goers, who, let’s be frank here, sacrifice so much just to go to church every Sunday so as to have their down-cast spirits uplifted in the uncertain future looming and the difficulties they confront daily in the country.

Every Sunday, both Kiir and Igga un-repentantly stand before the faithful promising to do so much but deliver nothing, while the people especially your devoted church-goers are starkly faced with harassment, insecurity, hunger and anxiety whether they and their families will wake up alive the next morning.

In all fairness to both your holiness, Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro and Bishop Santo, and with my utmost personal respect as an unwavering Catholic faithful, I wish to reiterate my utmost commendation of the great roles you played in saving the lives and souls of Juba Southern citizens during the long war.

Undoubtedly, as individuals and men of God, your Holiness have been exemplary and well-respected personalities across the country and history most certainly will laudably vindicate the great roles and sacrifices you both made in the country’s evolution to total independence.

But, however, in the nation’s current predicament, whereby the SPLM leadership of Kiir and Igga is allowing innocent lives to be needlessly eviscerated, where everyday living has become a life-or-death struggle, South Sudanese are certainly looking at you, my holy bishops, for salvation and divine intervention.

Surely, the Catholic Church is fully cognizant of the lies, the immorality and deviousness of the Kiir-Igga regime as visibly exemplified by the stubborn refusal and callous intransigence to concede to popular national and international appeal that they step aside and allow a transitional government be formed as resolution to the political and military stalemate.

On that fateful Sunday December 15th, 2013, before Kiir-Igga conspiratorially embarked on the genocide against fellow citizens, it must be recalled that His Grace, Archbishop Paulino Lukudu himself was at president Kiir’s side during the SPLM Convention, praying for reconciliation with him at the church and at Nyakuron.

But, what happened that very shameful night? Kiir and Igga, as pathological liars, whilst publicly assuring your Holiness Archbishop Paulino Lukudu and other bishops of their willingness to peacefully and consensually resolve the internal contradictions within the mis-ruling SPLM and mis-governing GOSS and follow the rule of law, they instead unleashed their killer tribal SPLA and thousands were instantly butchered that very night.

Kiir, obviously, was totally subsumed with tribal hatred of a particular people in Juba and that can’t be tolerated from a leader pretending to be a pious Catholic for that fact, a man freely accorded a privilege he never dreamt about, that of weekly addressing the faithful at St. Theresa Catholic Cathedral, Kator.

Critically, in the aftermath of the murderous SPLA campaign, the Catholic Church at Kator became a refugee camp for the victims of Kiir-Igga’s terror and once again, Archbishop Lukudu and Bishop Santo, you exhibited your true Catholic virtues in saving and placating those poor souls now refugees once again inside their own supposedly independent country.

Psalms 31:18, reads, “Let the lying lips be put to silence.” That, my dear Bishops, is what is now required from you, as representatives of God on the land known as South Sudan nation to speedily withdraw those ‘lying lips’ and terminate the misplaced privilege accorded these two presumed power-hungry leeches the use of the holy pulpit.

This is the gist of this article from a Catholic who considers himself a life-parishioner of Kator, that your holiness MUST stop those lying lips of Kiir and Igga misusing the church for their empty and irritating rhetoric, aka, lies.

Furthermore, Your Holiness, your close association with the Kiir-Igga leadership can be rightly or wrongly presumed that you have become inadvertently involved in the realm of the dirty politics of the nation by supporting and abetting this regime, and as such, must be prepared to expect some criticism.

Of direct relevance, your Holiness can’t replicate the moral ineptitude of Pope Pius XII who despite colluding with the Hilter’s Nazis in Germany in 1939, kept his silence while the Nazi persecuted even those Jews who had converted to Christianity.

In the face of the looting, failed leadership and killings across the country and especially in Juba today where fathers and mothers are shamefully forced to doing their toilet in bottles and cans in the bedroom at night in the presence of their children during the rampant insecurity, the Catholic Church cannot remain oblivious, or at worst, complicit in this criminality.

Whilst common people are barely scratching a living, Kiir and Igga are ostentatiously riding to Kator in expensive fleets of Mercedes limousines, their wives and children living in East Africa like princes and princesses driving nothing less than a Hummer or Porche car.

Destitution is rampant, thanks to failed government of Kiir-Igga, that generations of South Sudanese children are now inevitably condemned to life of misery in perpetuity.

If Jesus Christ ever came to Juba, certainly he would do us and the South Sudan nation the honor of driving these inept, corrupt and sinful leaders from Kator and St. Joseph, just as the Lord drove those exploitative tax-men from the ‘house of His Father.’

Rightly, as reportedly circulated, one of your Catholic priests one Sunday years ago declared how some of these leaders came to Church on Sundays directly from their concubines’ beds unashamedly ‘uncleansed’ and dare to stand up to lecture to the Sunday faithful about ‘morality?….. that was deservedly a bitter statement that sent Kiir into self-imposed exile from Kator for nearly one year.

Finally, quoting again from the Holy Bible, Proverbs 12:22, “Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.”

How can the Holy Catholic Church, your lordships, Lukudu and Santo, be a mouthpiece and platform of a regime bent on perpetuation of terror and disaster on your very parishioners?

Silently and unquestionably, the majority of those parishioners are quietly begging your Lordships, Lukudu and Santo, that your continuous propping of these two on the holy pulpits is a painful and unforgivable reminder of their aggravated agonies.

One thing is sure, my most holy bishops, is that these opportunistic and unpopular duo, Kiir and Igga have found a free avenue and are expeditiously exploiting it for their deadwood speeches.

I bet both your Holiness, that in reverse, if Kiir and Igga were the Bishops instead in your places, nobody would ever voluntarily enter their churches. Take my word!

Seriously, your Holiness, our Bishops, the question is, are these two, Kiir and Igga, really morally sanctified and exemplary, or even motivational and inspirational, to be accorded these holy pulpits to vomit their lies every Sunday, and the next, and the next….?

In conclusion, the Holy Scripture tells us in Proverbs 13:5, that “A righteous man hateth lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and cometh to shame.”

Don’t we all hate lying and lies, especially coming from so-called leaders?

I beg for Your Forgiveness and blessing. Amen

Riek & Kiir- Two sides of same coin: Failure, incompetence & tribonationalism

BY: Kuir ë Garang, ALBERTA, CANADA, JUL/22/2014, SSN;

Let’s not kid ourselves! South Sudan is a completely tribalized country. We can pretend that only a given section of the society is the problem but history will soon show that the sooner we acknowledge it and find a way to get rid of it or reduce it the better things will be for all of us.

President Kiir Mayardit has ushered in a culture of dirty nepotism and Jieeng-centeredness in his administration, an unfortunate tribonationalism. Regrettably, the leadership will pretend that the administration is not Jieeng-dominated.

Even when this kind of behavior and attitude is leading the country nowhere, senior officials still believe nothing is wrong with both the administration and the country as a whole.

If one section of the country isn’t safe in the same city the president lives in then you got to ask yourself: What’s wrong with these leaders?

Instead of devising ways aimed at bridging the tribal divide and possibly use it to bring long-term inter-tribal understanding, the senior officials either further inflame tribal tensions through their careless rhetoric or through lies that easily flash on their faces.

Not only have the officials succeeded in making South Sudan gain number one as the most fragile state, they’ve also brought the country to a new low.

The only head of state who was able to attend South Sudan’s third anniversary ‘celebrations’ was President Museveni of Uganda for obvious reasons. The president of Kenya, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the president of Sudan didn’t show up.

This is a clear indication of how bad the leadership has failed. But they still think everything is okay. Beats me!

And even worse, they still think there was a coup attempt when the world (even our neighbors) sees no evidence.

Non-Jieeng officials in Kiir’s government are either puppets or self-interest driven folks. If the likes of Dr. Riek Gai and Dr. Lomoro have any true sense of self and care for South Sudan, how come they allow South Sudan Television to be used for divisive politics by the President and people like Malaak Ayuen of SPLA?

Such educated people should advise the president regarding the value of different opinions.

Instead of using his TV show to instill discipline in SPLA soldiers and to show Nuer people that SPLA has a national face and intent, Malaak has politicized the show and uses a language that discourages Nuer from the government. How good is that to the president and the country?

Rebellion as I’ve always maintained, is bad for South Sudan and I’ll never endorse it come what may! However, Dr. Gai and Dr. Lomoro, being the boot-lickers they have become without any personal integrity left, should nonetheless let the president know that being criticized or being told that such and such a thing is wrong is not only good for the president, but also, for the nation; because it gives the president an avenue to evaluate his performance.

Riek Machar on the other hand is not doing any better. How can a leader rely exclusively on a unitribal fighting force?

Riek’s failures, leadership fantasies and dictatorial tendencies in 1991 are well-documented by Deborah Scroggins, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Adwok Nyaba…among others. This means that Riek needs to do more to be seen as a national leader.

His administration is overwhelmingly Nuer and his fighting army is made up of the same. I know some people will cite Dau Aturgong! Go ahead! Yet Riek is accusing President Kiir of being a tribal leader. Duh!

While Riek Machar didn’t start the current crisis, he’s not done any better than President Kiir.

Like President Kiir, he relies on his tribesmen and civilians have been killed in thousands under his leadership. I’ve not seen the national character of Riek Machar! He needs to translate his ‘democratic’ ideas into actions.

While Riek boasts of having supporters from other tribes in South Sudan, one has to realize that all these non-Nuer men are categorically ‘jobbists’, to use Dr. John’s term.

You’ll agree with me that all the men with Riek Machar are men who either lost their jobs or didn’t find any avenue to land well-paying jobs in Kiir’s government. Not a single one can boast of having quit Kiir’s government while still a minister or a senior official. This still brings their national character to question.

President Kiir is both a failure and a tribonationlist but citing that as a reason for joining an armed resistance when one’s primary reason for leaving is the the loss of jobs, isn’t honorable!

Besides, Riek knows that South Sudan is tribally divided; however, he’s not put down any clear modalities that would help bring about inter-tribal understanding. We don’t even know the official policy or political position of Riek Machar and his group.

There’s no document except constant and vacuous call for ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom.’

The same Riek now calling for democracy was the one who wanted to ban SPLM-DC of Lam Akol when he (Riek) was Vice President. You can also check the list of his employees when Riek Machar was VP and you’ll be convinced that Riek is as tribonatonalist as Kiir.

Both Riek and Kiir are killers, incompetent leaders, care only about remaining or ascending to power at the expense of South Sudanese civilians and they surround themselves with mostly their tribesmen.

These two leaders are a disgrace to South Sudan. I wish their consciences get awakened to give South Sudanese a chance for peace.

While Riek has a better case diplomatically speaking, he risks, again, becoming a greater failure if he doesn’t put tribal issues between Jieeng and Nuer into serious consideration. Imagining military victory is mere delusion.

Kuir ë Garang is the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically.’ For contact, visit

Public Opinion indicates support for Machar’s SPLM/A-in-Opposition


As an expert in South Sudanese and Sudan’s affairs, and someone who has worked in the Sudan for more than 30 years, and after interviewing so many South Sudanese citizens, community leaders, intellectuals, academia and political and civil society groups outside and inside south Sudan, the result of the interview indicated a very strong support for SPLM/A in opposition under Dr. Riek Machar.

An estimated 80 percent of south Sudanese said there was no coup, but there was a clear plan by the ruling clique under president Salva Kiir to assassinate opponents within the SPLM to keep themselves in power and that plan was premeditated a long time ago.

Private army were illegally trained, graduated and armed and paid by tax payers’ money, reshuffling of those who want reform within the SPLM party so that it became democratic immediately took place.

I have also interviewed a good number of members of Parliament, ministers, officials in state and county levels about their opinion on the current crisis. Majority of them said they are just taking their time; they don’t like the government but because they are being bribed with lots of money, they want to continue getting paid for a certain amount of time before they could join opposition under Dr. Riek Machar.

I could not publish their names for security reason and as requested by them. The first thing they ask me was assurance that I would keep their names secret. This is quite telling that those against the government are above the estimated 80 percent.

It appears to me that no one wants to be associated with the government but because money is being poured to bribe many to act as if they are with the government while at heart they are with SPLM/A in opposition.

“THE 1991 Bor Massacre”

I have come to understanding that majority of South Sudanese are not interested in hearing the incident of 1991 Bor massacre because they believe Juba is using it as a way of garnering support from South Sudanese and that is the only think they could think of to make Dr. Riek Machar look bad.

The world was surprised to see that the majority of south Sudanese including Dr. Garang’s family and officials from Bor in the area are not interested in hearing about the massacre as they consider it as past history.

Instead they accused and threatened to take legal action against those who are using the incident to score their political goal which according to public opinion will not succeed.

When we look at the history of the Sudanese people liberation movement since 1983, we notice lots of horrible things happened, rape, killing, looting, force marriage and so many unbearable acts. All these were against international law.

When Garang was interviewed about those horrible acts done by soldiers under him, he said whatever destruction that his soldiers have done is unacceptable but it is part of a war; that is the reason he reconciled with Dr. Riek in 2002 because he believes whatever happened in Bor was part of war and in war anything is possible.

I was in Western Equatoria in 1992 and Eastern Equatoria, Ikotos, 1993, I have witnessed soldiers from Nuer and other tribes being slaughtered in large numbers because they are suspected of being associated or supporters of Dr. Riek and Lam Akol group.

When South Sudanese leaders reconciled in 2002 and said in a document that we will never scratch old wounds but move forward. Just like the Bible says, if you make mistake and you reconcile with your brother, God will forgive you and your brother will not judge you on the past knowing that any human being is capable of making mistakes but should be judged on the present and not on the past.

Dr. Riek Machar according to international public opinion is now recognized as a legitimate leader of South Sudan and Salva Kiir is seen as a trouble-maker who just wants to stay in power and a promoter of tribalism, nepotism, corruption and you name them.

Dr. Riek is seen as someone who can bring democracy to the people of South Sudan; he is seen as someone who can uplift the lives of the suffering and bring them to the level of world stage through implementation of justice, democracy, equality, peace, development and prosperity.

People don’t see him as a Nuer but people see him as someone who can improve the lives of all including those with the president.

The main disagreement between Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir were:

*Dr. Riek wanted SPLM to be transformed into a democratic party: leaders should be elected and it should be a universally acceptable secret voting: President Salva Kiir was against and called for a show of hands which allows intimidation.

*Dr. Riek wants term limit in the constitution, a term limit allows you to stand for 2 terms and leave the chair to the new blood: President Salva Kiir is against and called it a red line.

*Dr. Riek calls for a democratic federal system so that services can be taken closer to the people but president Kiir is against because he is interested in keeping the power in the hands of one man:

*Dr. Riek was against removing elected governors and officials unless there are serious issues, Salva Kiir removed without consultation and called himself a democratically elected and yet remove democratically elected official.

In addition, the survey of the SPLM secretariats in South Sudan and abroad said SPLM under president Salva Kiir has lost vision and direction and those who try to correct it were intimidated or killed.

It is also worth mentioning that Pagan Amum, former secretary general of the SPLM was removed because he had requested for a meeting of the political bureau to be held to set the agenda for the convention as stipulated in the SPLM constitution and has requested for it more than 30 times but Salva did not respond to it.

Ann Itto tried few times, no one listens until December 2013 when Salva illegally by-passed the political bureau and went direct to convene the convention. The speech was very hostile.

The opening speech said there are people here who want to divide the party and are traitors. They have stabbed the movement in 1991.

Many south Sudanese told me, Is this the way a leader can talk? Given that SPLA have done horrible crimes and including Salva himself, all were forgiven by the various tribes for the sake of peace, why would anyone scratch old wounds.

Is South Sudan to be ruled by one person without challenge? These are some of the questions I got from angry south Sudanese who said they are preparing and mobilizing to join rebels should peace fail.

The strong impression I got from people is that, they want Salva Kiir to go in order for the country to be in peace. World opinion also indicates that Dr. Riek if peace fails will take over the country by military means.

My colleagues with the BBC who have been walking and driving with the government army in towns of Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and other areas told me, the government troops have very low morale, some are escaping to their states saying they have no reason to fight the rebels after understanding the cause of the conflict.

Lots of soldiers from Equatoria are saying why should we fight against rebels; they are calling for a federal state and that is what Equatorians wants. I talk to one General from Equatoria and he told me that; he is not motivated to fight because he feels that he is fighting against his interest; he is cutting the hand that feeds him.

Implying that Dr. Riek is calling for a federal system and Salva is against and as an Equatorian, he is for a federal state and he is defending those who are against his interest.

He told me, the rebels will take over easily if the peace fails and that he has sent a lot of soldiers back home as there is no reason to fight.

I ask why he is still with the government, he said he is getting big money though the government is tribal but he is waiting for his time.

In conclusion, I think the people of South Sudan should sit down and try to sort out things by themselves and come to a definite conclusion if they want to end the suffering.

Millions have been displaced, thousands have been killed and properties lost in massive numbers. Researchers like me feel bad. Though am South African, the war hurts me a lot because I am an African and I don’t want to see my fellow brothers and sisters killing each other.

As in South Sudan, we had undergone a very horrible moment due to apartheid and seeing people being killed, displaced… it’s jut unimaginable. I wish South Sudanese good luck. God bless.