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South Sudan: A baby weaned always remains crying for sometimes!

BY: Chier Akueny Anyithiec, South Sudan, SEP/21/2014, SSN;

Weaning a child is not always an easy task; it takes a child sometimes trying by all means to make sure that the source of the breast milk is maintained. What do you understand by this? I mean Kenyan economist, Mr. Mwangi S. Kimenyi, is totally wrong and needs to come up and
support his decision of abusing the whole nation, South Sudan.

The decision taken by the republic of South Sudan is not completely stupid and folly as he put it but it is completely ideal decision. It is a part of the measures of liberating the economic setback of this country.

Here, I would wish to humbly disagree with Mr. Mwangi S. Kimenyi for comparing the current decree issued by South Sudan’s government with that of Uganda in the time of Dictator Idi Amin.

To make it clear, Sudan as a whole got independent from British in 1956. This is a very long time indeed and for sure, Southern Sudan region was part of greater competitive nation, called Sudan.

However, the region of Southern Sudan was part of great Sudan with its educated machines, although Southern Sudan region has never been put in picture for all these times; then the problem was because the Southerners were under the oppression of the Arab Muslims of Northern region who do not accept anything else important apart from something connected to Sharia law and Islam itself. So, we are not Muslim to be put in picture by Northerners.

South Sudan has never lacked educated people since the inception. This region has its educated intellectual ever since Sudan got independent from greater Britain in 1956; let me repeat it for you to understand better.

We had doctors, professors, Masters’ degree holders and degree holders compared to Northern region and indeed skilled personnel are of great abundance but due to the lack of free social and economic integration in the system of old Sudan let us down.

If not, there would be no Mr. Mwangi S. Kimenyi today criticizing great South Sudan only on economic issues without a response from at least 20 doctors/professor etc of economic, if not hundredths of them from South Sudan alone.

Mr. Mwangi, at least a degree holder would simply respond to you now not because there are no doctors, professors, economic practitioners or whatever education level you may need in South Sudan.

War does not mean people who fought for their right for long period of time could be termed uneducated. We are educated to the extent we can properly manage our own affairs. Although we have consultants/specialists or practitioners from abroad, yet we are the very people
to supervise and correct them inside our country’s affairs.

Yes, South Sudan must have consultants from abroad, mostly Israelites. Why not? We know very well that foreign consultants are important in every growing economy that is why America still has foreigner consultants to the date. But this is not what it means here.

Mr. Mwangi, you need to understand the term in economy called Human Capital of any country: Sir, Mwangi, I would beg you to allow me explain to you briefly the need for South Sudan to declare such a burning issue to you today.

To liberate our economy, it needs us take ahead the all economic sections evenly. And indeed to promote all economic sectors forwards then, we would not leave the so called human capital behind.

This does not mean Kenyans, Ugandans, Rwandans, Congolese and the rest of the world will do it to us directly but indirectly and South Sudanese will impart directly. I would give you a book not because I have intended to do so to you but your aggressive act of terming South Sudanese ‘stupid’ makes me do so.

To explain it better, I have to talk little bit on human capital. This is nothing less than a stock of competencies, knowledge, customs, social and personality attributes, including creativity, perceptive abilities, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce
economic value.

South Sudan wouldn’t produce proper economic value using only foreigners without owners’ involvement. It is a collective economic view of the human being acting within their own economies, which is an attempt to capture the social, genetic, cultural and psychological complexity as they interact in explicit and in economic dealings.

Many theories unambiguously connect investment in human capital development to education, and the role of human capital in economic development, productive growth, and innovation has frequently been showed as a justification for government to subside in the job skills
training and skill augmenting.

It does not mean that Mr. Kimenyi, would come from Kenya to do all these for us to develop skillfully better in South Sudan without South Sudanese fore runners.

Human capital is only an alternative to economic capital and symbolic capital. These critiques, and other debates, suggest that “human capital has no sufficient justification worldwide, and then majority of economists including Kenyan economists except you embrace it

I wish I meet old Modern Makerere University graduate, your former President, Mwai Kibaki to explain to you the importance of promoting human capital and ways of promoting to you.

It is a supposition in economic concepts, reflecting the context of the heavy industrial sector of the economy which could be producing much more than the tertiary sector was able to produce at the time in most countries. But to do this, you cannot chase out the citizens from
holding the main stem of it.

Dear Mwangi, we are here talking about the service sector consists of the “soft” parts of the economy activities where people offer their knowledge and time to improve productivity, performance, potential, and sustainability and possibly what we called affective labor. The
basic characteristic of this sector is the production of services instead of supplying me.

When we talk of services; they are known to be intangible goods include attention, advice, access, experience, and discussion. The production of information is generally also regarded as a service, but some economists now attribute to a fourth sector. We shall call not only you but also above mentioned old economist of Kenya, if you think we don’t have all these perceptions.

The tertiary sector of industry involves the provision of services to other businesses as well as final consumers. Services may involve the transport, distribution and sale of goods from producer to a consumer, as may happen in wholesaling and retailing, or may involve the
provision of a service, such as in pest control or entertainment.

South Sudan welcomes investors but not workers as you put it.

Secondly, you cannot exclude us from acting within our economy. South Sudan authority promotes all necessary backgrounds and atmosphere to attract investors to the country and contribute in the development.

Can you develop South Sudan without me? I don’t think you are really an economist that takes principles and theories of economic apparatus. Kenyan economic went and grew fast because the citizens themselves are the playing characters.

Would you simply explain to South Sudanese where Kenya got their skilled human resources initially in the history of your independent?

In modern characteristic of even economic promotion, we term balanced growth as the goal to equal growth of both aggregate human capabilities and physical assets that produce goods and services.

This simply means, when we continue employing foreigners leaving our talented graduates, then we stand on a ground that we are only promoting income of those foreign countries. Mr. Hon. Minister Ngor Kolong (the minister of labour) and I see the possibility of our country remaining incapable for rest of the century.

How do you need South Sudan to help you and how far do you need South Sudan to include you in developmental affairs of South Sudan? I think you cannot be my manager in Home and Away industry, when you and I are holding the same degrees and have the same skills.

If not so, then you mean we do not know what we mean to do!

I don’t think you could be in a position to criticize the decision taken by the South Sudanese concerning authority to improve the welfare and well-being of the citizens.

Mr. Mwangi, does it mean Kenyan professionals can drive, paid better, work in our industries,
hotels, sweeping and even working as office managers while our graduates and professionals should remain roaming without jobs?

If you may not know the difference, l would bother little bit explain to you the different between Ngor Kolong and Dictator Idi Amin’s expulsion of foreigners. President Idi Amin expulsed the traders and investors from the country, while Minister, Ngor Kolong only want for workers who hold citizens positions to leave and give the chance to the nationals wandering all over looking for jobs.

It does not mean when Mr. Mwangi comes as an investor for instance he has to bring all the workers along with him from the country of origin. Is this what you mean sir economist?

I studied in Uganda; I once went and entered a certain hotel called Panda Junub. The hotel
industry was surely for a South Sudanese; initially, I was not thinking that hotel belonged to South Sudanese investor because all the workers including finance, cashier, waiter/tress including cooks etc apart from managing director were all Ugandans. Why did that hotel
employ Ugandans instead of South Sudan?

I would simply invite Mr. Kimenyi if the concerned authority may not think of inviting him to visit Juba and the rest of our cities/towns to research and compare them with the rest of the countries including Kenya; if it is indeed the ways you need South Sudan to promote the
social economic stability of South Sudanese.

You cannot promote economic security without first promoting the common well-being of the citizens. I would not feel happy if I enter a hotel and a foreign lady or young man serves me when our young ladies/men are roaming aimlessly along the street.

We need to remove the ideology that South Sudanese don’t want to work! If we do not want to work and war is a heavier work that any other human being may feel tired; how did we fight for our freedom for 22 years leave alone 40 years if we include the genesis of the struggle
of Southern Sudanese region?

South Sudan needs to wean the child but still we should know very well that the child weaned remains crying until he/she adapted to the dry situations.

Writer: Chier Akueny Anyithiec,
South Sudan and can be reached by

Why Foreigners must go to pave for Employment of South Sudanese Nationals.

BY: KENYI ALEX KENYI, South Sudanese Economist, SEP/19/2014, SSN;

Time has come for the young baby to walk. Raise left leg or right and fall, but get up and continue. As one of philosophers noted; “There is nothing more powerful than an Idea whose time has come.”

If Ngor Kulang Ngor is to wait for the labor bill to be passed into law first, it would be too late to begin the economic repair of South Sudan. All babies cry trans-night the first day they are removed from the breast feeding but, gradually they accept the reality and changes and then life goes on. We cannot be good neighbors if our decisions do not affect East African Community or other neighbors.

Although they bring in a lot of expertise indeed; it is time to say thank you. This will ultimately give us Economic bargaining power once they feel hardship of us not being in the Community.

South Sudanese know all their problems; and the solutions as well. When Hon. James Wani Igga was sworn in as South Sudan’s VP, he said: unemployment by itself is insecurity. Therefore, by implementing the circular 007/2014 many economic problems will be solved; we would solve economic insecurity (unemployment), Tax margin would increase tremendously, Human resources development will have meaning; and Reduce capital outflow.

Most NGOS if not all do not pay Personal Income tax PIT to the government on grounds that the foreign employees are expats. Many NGOS do not have the names of their foreign employees on payroll as they are paid from Head Quarters HQ and the government do not know this or; has no basis for asking the remittance of PIT.

So as Daily Nation a Kenyan Newspaper puts, Kenyans employed in south Sudan to be 13,000. Assuming we go ahead and implement the circular; we would employ 13,000 South Sudanese whose can pay PIT not least then 15,000,000 SSP to our government. This will reduce capital outflow and hence we can lay the foundation for building our economy.

In capacity building and Human resources development, we can now acquire the skills and competencies that the Country need from us.

Most NGOS do not have South Sudanese at managerial positions that makes up the Senior Management Team SMT the supreme decision making body. When training opportunity arises they send the managers to represent the NGO.

This means they will never attain the so called capacity building of nationals forever instead they build their own. Most expats come with the same qualifications like South Sudanese. So they get trained by or make us do a donkey work for them.

But, the Ministry of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development should watch out, the foreigners are having a sleepless night because of the circular. They are the decision making body in all NGOS, and other institutions, can think of the following methods;

1. Misinterpret the circular. All over East Africa where the order is felt the hardest; the news headings read; “South Sudan government has ordered all foreigners out” or “All foreigners are expelled from South Sudan”.

This is deliberately to cause public resentment so that South Sudanese living in East African Countries EAC can be threatened and call off the Circular. However, even there is no single South Sudanese working EAC. The EAC are worse than us when it comes to protecting jobs.

Rwandan Immigration Stamp reads, “Employment Prohibited”. Economically, should the EAC go for beg my neighbor policy; (Copy and Paste of other Countries Policy). The EAC will face worst economic collapse of the 21st Century. When the foreign Minister denied there was no order evicting foreign workers; they quickly wrote an article with this title; “Foreign workers in South Sudan can stay after all: Kiir rescinds Order.”

2. Using complicated job titles to remain working in South Sudan. There is need for Labor Office to see the Job description of the person before issuing the work permit. For example, the cook will be called Guest House Manager; Cleaner is called Sanitation specialist or sanitation engineer…

In accounting section a Cashier is given a job tittle of Finance Administrator; Finance Controller, Accountant will be called Finance Manager; Finance Director, Finance Associate or Finance Specialist… And therefore, the job titles above are unaffected by the circular.

But the implementers for the circular should generalize job titles to be advertised as; Managerial, Officer Level, Assistants, Coordinators and Administrators… Otherwise they can still remain working on ground that the position is not affected by the circular.

3. East African Understanding Method. EAUM here they will resort to bribe those will follow up. I wish people eat that money as it is ours and tell them kindly by force, it is a government policy.

4. The last of all but most dangerous is the forging of nationality Identification documents. You will see endless queue of South Sudanese converts who will give all reasons to justify their nationality. But that is just a lust for our resources.

In conclusion, “it is better to try and fail then failing to try”. Every Economy takes a decision to correct, sharpen and repair its economy. Any economic stage is guided through economic policies that are correct at the time.

That is Amin Dada of Uganda one day woke up and said; all Asians out. All economy protect the interest of its people why not South Sudan Government?

Kenyi Alex Kenyi,
The Author is an Economist. You can reach him

Root causes of the problems facing Lakes State and their solutions

BY: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, South Sudan, SEP/16?2014, SSN;

WHY? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM OF LAKES STATE: CAN WE GET A LONG TERM SOLUTION? Lakes State is one of the ten States in South Sudan occupied by over ninety percent of Dinka people of the Republic of South Sudan. Besides, it is one of the historical States in South Sudan believed by all South Sudanese to be the origin, centre and basis of the revolution that gave birth to the SPLM/A that later fought for the right to self-determination of all South Sudanese that led to the independence of South Sudan.

In addition, the people of Lakes State were the first to spearhead revolutionary war against the North and, which made them to be known for their patriotism as black African people.

Nevertheless, after the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement, they turned out to be the worst and trouble makers in the whole of South Sudan and their problems have dominated discussions in every corner of the country, which is unusual of Lakes State.

What has been happening in Lakes State invites a fundamental question and the question is: what is or what went wrong? Why? What is the problem of Lakes State?

It appears that the Biblical saying of “the last will be the first and first will be the last” is finding its fulfillment in Lakes State?

In this Article, I will explain the origin of Lakes State crises, problems of Lakes State and their root causes and after that I will endavour to explain solutions that I see appropriate to end the current security impasse, deadlock and unending conflicts.

To begin with, the problems of Lakes State are not girls, guns, people, politicians nor cows as many view them. However, the problems of Lakes State are deep-rooted problems and Girls, guns, people, politicians and cows are just facilitating factors that fuel and make such problems resurface.

In my understanding and analysis, the root causes of problems and tensions in Lakes State among civilians are economic, social and political and the failure by politicians to address these issues or to agree over comprehensive solutions to the problems caused by these issues or on how to end the conflict in tackling these issues in Lakes State.

As pointed out in the above paragraph, lack of agreement and self-interests by politicians involved in getting solution to Lakes State problems has worsened the situations.

As long as politicians of Lakes State are not ready to come to consensus over what should be formidable solutions to end Lakes State crises the sufferings of the people in Lakes State will never end.

The political indifference caused by self-interests as exhibited by Lakes State politicians is one of the stumbling blocks to finding a comprehensive approach to problems there.

In addition, it has been the source of problems, tensions and eventual conflicts in Lakes State. I came to this conclusion after attending the recent conference held at Nyakuron Cultural Centre over Lakes State crises.

In that Conference organized by Jieng Community Leaders Council, I came to the realization that politicians have contributed to the sufferings of the people of Lakes State.

This is because I attended the conference with the hope that politicians were going to put their differences aside and get a common position on how to end the conflict in Lakes State.

However, instead of sitting down as people who were united by one problem in order to try to find a lasting solution to crises in Lakes State, politicians started arguing over irrelevant things like who should the best to bring the lasting solution to Lakes State.

Self-interests of politicians again overshadowed the conference as they were locked in which approach should be taken to address Lakes State crises.

As one politician proposed beautiful and long solutions to Lakes State problems, which I totally agree with on one hand, another politician terribly opposed such solutions by offering short term solutions like the removable of Matur from Lakes State and disarmament of civilians.

In fact, politicians of Lakes State on that day ended up with endless debates over the approaches without going to the core of the matter; which is the root cause of Lakes State and how best to solve them.

Therefore, in that conference, the first day was wasted on meaningless arguments and counter arguments over the approaches.

In situation that presents people with challenges like the issue of Lakes State, people are prone to not finding a solution when they are trapped in the cocoons of their personal interest.

Beyond such a scenario involving deadlocks and impasses, the ultimate victims are often people trapped in a crisis, which people are attempting to find a solution.

However, where there is no personal interest and the people are only out to find a solution, it is easy to find such a solution sought for and the disagreement is not bound to arise. In fact, there are many approaches that have been put forward to get a solution to any problem.


1- A problem-solving approach. This approach focuses on solving one security or justice problem (such as violent crime, prison overcrowding or court backlogs) as an entry point from which to mobilise system-wide engagement. This sort of approach put forward by some politicians in that conference.

2- An institutional approach. This is where there are existing pro-reform initiatives at an institutional level that can be supported (such as a government-initiated review of the prison or police service). Linkages to other institutions can then develop over time.

3- A phased approach to post-conflict situations focusing on understanding and, where possible, integrating stabilization — “securing the peace” — and development-oriented objectives. This approach is suitable to be adopted after conflict with an attempt to find a lasting peace.

4- Finally, a comprehensive approach. This type of approach is important. It includes reviewing the effectiveness and accountability of the whole security and justice system in order to build linkages across it and although rarely available at the outset, a comprehensive approach would be the eventual goal of either of the approaches outlined above. In fact, Lakes State problems need this type of approach although majority of the politicians in Lakes State favour the first approach.

As I have stated somewhere above, the Conference at Nyakuron Centre has educated me on one fact that unless the politicians of Lakes State are left out in the search for finding lasting solutions to Lakes State crises, Lakes State will be under fire indefinitely.

In that Conference, what was happening was just an argument over approaches not a solution to Lakes State problems as I initially had hoped for.

In other words, they have a blind love for the people of Lakes State to the extent of not knowing what the people of Lakes State wants for the moment.

In reality, the precious commodity that people of Lakes State want at the moment is security, medicines, good roads and schools. These things can only be achieved if comprehensive approach is adopted not only targeted General Matur, which many politicians think to be a solution.

The reason why some of us blame some politicians of Lakes State is not that they are solely the cause of Lakes State problems but they have never been sincere to their people since the signing of the CPA.

They have been deceiving people of Lakes State that they represent them but in fact they represent their own personal interests and ambitions.

This is why they are not ready to save lives of the people in the State by agreeing on approaches to find Lakes State problems.

The politicians of Lakes State like any other person in South Sudan have misunderstood what people of Lakes State want.

There had been fictitious thinking that people of Lakes State need force in order to observe law and order, which proves to be fruitless on the contrary given current political arena.

The current political crises as indicated by unending brutal and merciless killings of innocent civilians and individuals that are caught up in skirmishes has underlined the fact the use of force remained a laughing and not a solution to the problems of Lakes State.

In short, it is superfluous and shallow way of solving human-made phenomenon.

As many proposed who have misunderstood the problems of Lakes State have been proposing, what the people of Lakes State need is not change of the governor only but the rule of law, justice, respect for their human rights, right to property and elimination of culture of impunity.

The culture of impunity embedded in the way of thinking by many in Lakes State needs to be eliminated through force and psychological demoralization.

The way politicians argue when it comes to the issue of Lakes State crisis indicates that they had not understood the problems of Lakes State.

The problems of Lakes State are rooted in history and have nothing to do with any governor.

If the lasting solution were to be found, there is a need for comprehensive approach by finding an entry point and then try to address all underlying tensions that act as a flashing point of conflicts among the people in the State.

The entry point might be to remove the current governor, which should not be a source of disagreement because it is not the final solution to the problems of Lakes State.

This is because the current governor is not the cause of the problems of Lakes State rather he is just a facilitating factor of the problems, which were already there.

Why some of us blame and consider current governor to be a facilitating factor is due to his failure to observe or protect tenets of democracy such as rule of law, justice, respect for human rights and right to property as stated above.

The failure to observe tenets of democracy as pointed out in the foregoing sentence has contributed and fueled tensions as citizens reversed to the primordial law and the principle of jungle law of survival of the fittest.

This is the core and the facilitating of Lakes State problems.

The failure of the current Care-taker governor to observe the rule of law and force people to do the same has opened a Pandora Box of the underlying tensions, which sparks off conflicts among different clans in Lakes State.

As things stand now, there is a need for much work to be done in order to achieve lasting peace in Lakes State.

For instance, in the past things were not worst as witnessed today in Lakes State because authorities did observe some of the above elements of democracy.

Nevertheless, the previous leaders did not also do much to understand the underlying problems that cause tensions among the citizens of Lakes State and this is why the current Care-taker governor should not be solely blamed for the problems facing Lakes State currently.

As stated somewhere in this article that the problems of Lakes State are deep rooted in history, it is now important to trace the root causes of the current conflicts in Lakes State.

One of the major causes of conflicts in Lakes State is the way cows are understood.

Cows are understood to be outside personal property and therefore, they are considered to be more important than human lives, which own them in Lakes State.

Yet in Dinka culture, it is an abominable to kill human beings but the current culture of impunity that has been developed by cattle keepers has changed Dinka Culture of respect for human lives.

Currently among cattle keepers, killing a person to get a cow is not a crime but instead it is encouraged. This kind of understanding comes in the way people have understood and depended on cows.

People who keep cows see them to be everything and the more cows one has the more important one is, hence diminished criminal responsibility attached to cows as property.

Contrarily, cows are worshiped like gods and are at the same level with human beings or even more important than human beings.

Hence, the root of the current conflicts in Lakes State has its origin in the nature and the way cows are kept, understood and viewed by cattle keepers.

The people of Lakes State were allowed in the first place to keep cows without checks and balances from Northern Government.

Lack of accountability in cattle keeping has been the root cause of the conflicts among the people of Lakes State since terrible crimes were committed with impunity.

In fact, the people of Lakes State used to fight among themselves because of cows even before the starting of the SPLM/A in 1983.

Nonetheless despite the fact that conflicts existed in Lakes State Communities, the regimes from the North of Sudan were not interested in bringing lasting peace not only among the people of Lakes State but also throughout Dinka Communities.

The example conflicts fought between Agaar and Gok before the SPLM/A started were clashes in Keerwith and Amook. In those two conflicts many people were killed on both sides but much was not done to bring lasting peace.

In addition, there used to be some conflicts among Agaar and Gok themselves.

In addition, Northern Regimes did not devise a long term planning to bring social transformation through educating them. One of the major reasons was that Arabs were not ready to educate people who would know that they were being oppressed and rose against them.

However, when the SPLM/A started war against the North, the war against the North became a unifying factor and as a result, Dinka people forgot enmity among themselves as they became preoccupied with the civil wars.

Nonetheless, when the CPA was signed, the people of Lakes State for instance remembered their past conflicts and found that injustices were committed against each but not addressed. As a result, they started their old conflicts.

Nevertheless, the failure by the government of Lakes State to address the first conflicts in comprehensive manner became the major cause of the current recurrent conflicts in Lakes State.

Thus, the problems of Lakes State cannot be said to be from any of the governors but their failure to find the root causes of the conflicts in Lakes State and if possible tried to bring reconciliation and lasting peace among the people of Lakes State.

Moreover, Riek Machar became a facilitating factor because his first rebellion trained cattle keepers on how to use guns in killing each other.

Therefore, as explained in the foregoing paragraphs, the problems of Lakes State are not girls, cows, guns or Riek Machar as many have been pointing out but lack of understanding of the root causes of the problems of Lakes State by State Authorities.

In order to bring lasting solution to Lakes State now, there is a need to understand historical root of the problems.

Otherwise, what the people of Lakes State need most at present is security. As it has been clear pointed by some writers, security is fundamental to people’s livelihoods in the following ways:

It helps in reducing poverty, which leads to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. This is because security relates to personal and state safety; it contributes access to social services and political processes.

Security is therefore a core government responsibility, necessary for economic and social development and vital for the protection of human rights.

The reason why security is important in any country is because it matters to the poor and other vulnerable groups, especially women and children, because bad policing, weak justice and penal systems and corrupt militaries mean that they suffer disproportionately from crime, insecurity and fear.

Without security, the poor and other vulnerable groups are consequently less likely to be able to access government services, invest in improving their own futures and escape from poverty.

It thus by implication means that security and development are related. However, the concept of interdependence between the two has been misunderstood in Lakes State. This is because the authorities in Lakes State understand security to mean controlling physical fighting, which is not true.

In reality, security is connected to development, which means that in order to ensure security, roads must be built, professional organized forces must be trained, hospitals and schools must be built and above all accountability must be ensured.

In fact, what’s needed most in Lakes State is Accountability in all sectors. As the accountability has been explained, it derives from the fact that no society can claim to be free or democratic without strict adherence to the rule of law.

In actual sense, in Lakes State there are massive atrocities and crimes that have been so devastating that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored and left unaccounted for.

The major root cause of Lakes State is the violation of ordinary citizens’ right to life without accountability.

Many people have been killed in Lakes State but the authorities and judiciary do not do justice to be seen by all people.

Instead, the authorities are accused of being implicit in helping criminals to escape justice or loot other people’s cows without accountability.

Such lack of transparency and accountability from government officials and individuals cause different people in Lakes State to take laws into their own hands. Hence, explains what constitutes the fundamental problems of Lakes State.

However, given the limits to the law and prosecution in Lakes State, and although criminal justice is important, additional activities are needed that focus on documenting the truth about the past, which means that there is a need for comprehensive approach to end the problems of Lakes State once and for all.

It implies that in order to document the truth about the past in Lakes State, there is a need for some correct approach to be adopted in order to achieve reconciliation and lasting peace among the people of Lakes State affected by insecurity and violent crimes.

As explained above in the four approaches, it is important to adopt comprehensive approach in order to bring security and justice reforms, which are important in order to make the system accountable.

In truth, there is a need to carry security and justice system reforms in Lakes State. The security and justice system is defined by the OECD-DAC [OECD stands for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and DAC stands for Development Assistance Committee of the OECD]as including all those institutions, groups, organisations and individuals — both state and non-state — that have a stake in security and justice provision.

In Lakes State, the security system includes:

• Core security actors: armed forces; police service; gendarmeries; paramilitary forces; governor guards; intelligence and security services (both military and civilian); border guards; customs authorities; and reserve or local security units (civil defence forces, national guards, militias).
• Management and oversight bodies: the executive, national security advisory bodies, legislative and legislative select committees; ministries of defence, internal affairs, foreign affairs; customary and traditional authorities; financial management bodies (finance ministries, budget officers, financial audit and planning units); and civil society organisations (civilian review boards and public complaints commissions).
• Justice and the rule of law: judiciary and justice ministries; prisons; criminal investigation and prosecution services; human rights commissions and ombudsmen; and customary and traditional justice systems.
• Non-statutory security forces: liberation armies, guerrilla armies, private security companies, political party militias.

The security system can further be seen as being made up of smaller sub-systems, such as the following examples:

• Criminal justice system (police services, judiciary, prosecution service, lawyers, probation workers, oversight institutions, community justice providers).

Intelligence system (police, intelligence collection agencies, strategic analysis organisations, military, oversight institutions).

State security system (police services, security and intelligence services, military, border guards, oversight institutions).

As seen in explanation of what constitutes justice and security institutions, the two should play an important role in the management of conflicts within any society.

However as seen in Lakes State, abusive and unaccountable security forces and discriminatory justice institutions contributes to violent conflict.

In order to avoid security forces turning into repressive force, the priority must be given to security and justice reforms as a means for conflict prevention, peace building and development.

However, ‘given the sensitive role of the security system in society, there is a risk that if programs concerning security reforms are not carefully targeted they could inadvertently exacerbate tensions’.

For example, increasing the operational capacity of law enforcement agencies without improving their governance could fuel repression as seen in Lakes State with the governor who uses state apparatus to oppress citizens of Lakes with impunity.

In Lakes State, targeting programs in one part of the state in a divided society could reinforce clan divisions and the marginalization of disadvantaged groups, which highlights the importance of taking a conflict-sensitive approach.

As it has been observed as SSR programmes are often in countries affected by or at risk of violent conflict, it is important to understand the conflict dynamics and root causes as well as the perspectives of relevant stakeholders in order to develop programmes of support effectively.

SSR programmes that integrate a conflict-sensitive approach can help support peace building and mitigate tensions by, for example, increasing the access to justice of marginalized groups or enhancing trust between the police and local communities.

In order to ensure reform needed, a supportive political environment needs to be fostered in Lakes State, and early investments made in appropriate analysis. In the past, programmes were based on ‘inadequate assessment and have often have been too technical in nature’. This is because the system has never been accountable to the people of Lakes State.

As a result, when system messes up and people react negatively against the system as they often do, they are ones being blamed of causing problems in Lakes State because there is no transparency and accountability in the system.

To build the system, which is accountable to the people of Lakes State, ‘a balance must be struck between support to provide quick wins and confidence-building measures on the one hand, and taking time to understand each particular context with appropriate analysis and assessment on the other’.

Central Government in Juba should engage in SSR with three major overarching objectives: “ i) the improvement of basic security and justice service delivery; ii) the establishment of an effective governance, oversight and accountability system; and iii) the development of local leadership and ownership of a reform process to review the capacity and technical needs of the security system”.

In summary, in order to achieve lasting peace in Lakes State, what is needed to be done inter alia include:

Removal of the current governor as an entry point not the solution as many expects and thinks of. Then, after the removal of the Care-taker government, the Interim Government should be set up whose its roles are to write law governing the state, to set up the Truth telling, Reconciliation and Peace Commission to investigate and address the underlying issues that often cause the conflict; to carry out statewide consultation to get the views of the people of Lakes State on what should be done to end conflicts among themselves; to set up Reparation Committee that deals with the compensation of victims of the violent crimes; Disarmament programmes should also be carried out but it must be friendly to the people in order to ensure their safety by government providing protection against external aggression.

Besides, Gelweng should be trained with the objective of turning it into conventional community policing unit. The training will help them to have knowledge on the law of war, and the rule of game, which they lack today.

The prisons reform should be carried out with the aim of training prisoners to become productive individuals and at the same time making them obedient citizens who obey laws of South Sudan.

In addition, system of compulsory primary education should be consolidated so that no child is allowed to remain without schooling, which will help in reforming citizens of Lakes State in future.

In addition, the statewide conference should be held as a means of carrying out reconciliation meeting and then after that they are guarded in writing their own laws governing their relationship among themselves and other states and with the government of Lakes State.

Finally, the law to be written should emphasize the issues of girls and revenge killings. “Apuk” (Apuk means compensation given for a person killed ) should be abolished in order to ensure individual criminal responsibility while maintaining common law principle of negligence to ensure that victims have some compensation from the culprits in case of negligent killings.

The author can be reached through:; +211955321044

Daidit-e-maa & Amer Mayen hyperventilated & fallacious writings against Bor County shouldn’t go unchallenged

By: Wunchir Atong, South Sudan Mission in UK, SEP/13/2014, SSN;

As custodian of this great and esteemed people of GREATER BOR (Bor Twi and Duken), I have always thought washing our dirty linen in public is the least thing we can do. Unfortunately, and to my utmost mortification, my TWI people aren’t thinking or mindful about this great trepidation.

The recent intolerable nincompoop and slurred articles written by the above mentioned duos and previous convoluted and unabated avalanche of attacks by the so-called ‘TWI EAST COMMUNITY’ in the United States against Bor county finally broke the camel’s back. There seems to be no constructive condemnation coming out from Twi East community; therefore, it is likely the appraised writers are presenting the stand of Twi East community.

Given Bor county integrity and dignity were and still being attacked relentlessly it is time to expose Twi East what it truly is. In this paper, TWI EAST is renamed as ‘TWIKENUER’ as that’s the trajectory the community inclines to.

TWIKENUER needs to be demystified to their last smidgen and I will do this! Plug on your seat belt TWI-KE-MAA, it is going to be some long, rough and nasty ride.

First thing first, Bor county had no other problem (s) with Riek Machar and his unruly Nuer people apart from what Riek did to Dr John, and South Sudanese Movement in ’91. When Riek rebelled and waged war on the SPLM/A for 11 years, a war he was mandated by NCP, Khartoum based organisation to kill Dr John.

Riek wanted to kill Nyandeng (Garang’s wife) famously known as ‘NYANDHOM’ in early sixties, he wanted to kill Mabior, Chol, Atong and Gak (Garang’s kids). He wanted to kill South Sudanese aspiration.

As people of Bor county we stood with Dr John through thick and thin. With the rest of other Jieng Communities, we fought Riek’s insurgency with all our might until Dr John survived being run over and possibly beheaded by Riek’s tribal militiamen.

Comrade Salva, Peter Wal Athiu, Lazarus Kuol Manyang, Malong Awan, Garang Mabil and many other Jieng generals didn’t allow Riek to take leadership by force. Instead, Riek was defeated and had to surrender back to Dr John in 2002 in absolute shame! Bor county did not hate TWIKENUER, it should not have fought this war.

Dr John escaped in Bor 1983.
Fast forward, at the time Dr John made coup to Jaffer Muhammed Numeri, he was first sheltered in Bor county. The county welcomed him by slaughtering a white bull for him and those of 104 and 105 battalions soldiers at Makuac Payam.

Had there been hatred sung by TWIKENUER, this reception should not have happened. As Dr John was munching on (RIING MABIOR-ACHOT) ‘white bull’s meat’, Bor county’s sons in the person of Alier Mangardit from Kolnyang Payam, Garang Ngang Abui from Kolnyang Payam, Manyang Agook Aliet from Makuac Payam and Aguek Aguto from Makuac Payam were busy fighting the enemy at the outskirt of Bortown from catching up with Dr John.

At last, the defending soldiers were defeated. Jallaba was all over Bor county Payams looking for Dr John and his escapees. No one including children said anything about their whereabouts. This showed an enormous love the county had towards Garang Mabior Atem de Aruei.

He was housed convivially and facilitated by us (this author included) to the border of Ethiopia and massive mobilisation kicked in. The recruit resulted in Koriom battalion which was almost composed of Bor county people.

This battalion gave Garang an upper hand for destroying 10,000 troops of Jallaba at the battle of Panwel Abiryai, adjacent Kolonyang Payam under selfless and fearless commander Makoor Lual from Jale Payam.

The destruction of these troops shook Jaffer Numeri and the INF regime in Khartoum. The showdown depicted really well that Dr John wasn’t a factor to be ignored. Bor county was never against TWIKENUER or Dr John in particular. In fact, first rebellion towards Dr John was waged by Twi member.

First rebellion against Dr John was done by his TWIKENUER!
As Dr John consolidated and nursed his wounds after mysterious absconding from Bortown, first rebellion against him was struck by none other than the TWIKENUER where Garang hails. The man who went against Dr John’s leadership was Akuot Atem Mayen from Twi.

Akuot in collaborative Nyagatism with Nuer incapacitated the premise that Dr John become leader of the forthcoming guerrilla Movement. Akuot protested and those of Abdhala Chuol amongst many others joined his rebellion and eventually took arms against Dr John and those supporting Dr John.

Akuot’s rebellion waylaid and killed many potential SPLM/A recruits in Nuerland on the way to Bonga or Bilpam training camps inside Ethiopia.

Akuot who initiated this mischievous act was never from Bor county but a TWI against other TWI. Fortunately, a fight over leadership followed and disgraceful stories ensued in Akuot’s camp. Akuot was eventually killed.

He passed on a shameful death, mind you. He was tethered at a tree like a he-goat and those of Abdhala Chuol, Gatwech Wiyual, Ghai Tut, Koang Biel and many other NUER gathered around him. Before they slaughtered Akuot, his names were ritually spelt until he peed at himself, and finally poo-ed or defecated for that matter. Is this what TWIKENUER wants?

Is this what NUER is better than Jieng for? Before you all know, Akuot’s episode is what will happen to Mabior Garang (John Garang’s son) very soon.

For those online, you must have heard/read what Koang Lul Ruai, the SPLM-IO spokesperson said about Mabior couple of weeks ago or so. That, and I paraphrase, ‘days are gone when dictator (Dr John) and his two boys (Mabior and Chol) were killing and running peoples’ movement like theirs,’ he went on to say, Garang and his sons’ behaviour couldn’t be tolerated in Riek’s rebellion.’

This is a true revelation of what awaits that Cartoon-like-boy. What was done to his uncle Akuot Atem until he defecated will be done at him anytime Riek wants.

TWIKENUER rebelled too in the church.
Though it will be a discussion for another day it’s worth going briefly over it. TWIKENUER rebellion was even taken to the church when Rev. Peter Bol Arok, Rev Garang Thil and many TWIKENUER young men/women who were groomed and brought up by the most revered and charismatic leader HIS Lordship Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth all rebelled against Him. One would never comprehend how Twi thinks!

Bor county and her ultimate service to the SPLM/A from the inception to this day is ineffable.

We, the Bor county had been linchpin of Garang’s regime even at the time our fathers, uncles and brothers were falsely targeted and killed for fear of unknown.

Late Martin Majer Gai, a son of a paramount chief in Anyidi Payam, was killed for being analytical and objective. Martin was brought up in a house and family where things are orderly done. His brotherly suggestion that Koriom battalion waited Muor-Muor and other recruits for a better mix and representative took his dear life.

As this generation is good at fabricating lies, it is of significant importance that records are set straight.

Justice Martin would have been a last man to rebel against Dr John, and Dr John being an absolute TWI, he was thinking just like other TWI. Garang felt inferior despite the ultimate support he enjoyed. Martin’s differed opinion was viewed a threat regardless of his oversight intelligence and impartiality.

Like I mentioned, Martin grew up in a hut where laws that governed Juor-Piol and Anyidi Payam at large were enacted. He was never thirsty of the leadership but because Dr John never tested leading people, he thought his new found leadership was being eyed.

This is a fact, because if we go to Awulian of TWIKENUER section where Dr John hails Biar Abit’s family are Awulian rulers. This means if the SPLM/A leadership were to be determined by such social order, where on earth will Mabior Atem’s son take leadership in presence of Abit’s family?

Dr John’s family was incongruent with Martin’s family and as such, son of a chief was shamelessly slain in cold blood and Bor county army officers were falsely identified as rebels when they weren’t.

Bor county officers were all collected in their respective stations and jailed. While in detention, they were mercilessly beaten each morning and evening for about eight months until two officers passed on. The dead were Akuak Kudum from Baidit payam and Majok Nyieth from jalle payam.

As the torturing persistently went on, a lot of them sustained internal and external injuries for example, officer Agaany Aguto’s knee-cup broke at the time he fell down in the neck-breaking chase and lots of other officers are now disabled or dying because of the injuries inflicted in them.

When this happened, Bor county people nearly took law into their own hands but our elders cautioned that, if this had to happen, Southerners will never achieve their aspiration and Riek will win over Dr John.

Altruistically, uncles who sustained injuries were the very people against a plan to retaliate the dead and their injuries. As Bor county is excellent at analysing and digesting things, the youth eventually listened to elders and resorted to bringing Dr John to book after South and North war.

Fortunately, he is nowhere to be found. God solved the problem!!

As lies are being manufactured by TWIKENUER in the person of Amer and Daidit Maa that Bor county rebelled in the past, it is simply untrue. Also, officer Akem Aluong Kaang did not join Riek’s rebellion in 1991. The same is true to Justice Dengtiel Ayuen. Like Telar Riing Deng, they got trapped in Nuerland.

Akem Aluong was commissioned to Riek’s zone by Dr John and therefore got caught up by the infamous split in Nuerland. They didn’t rebel and calling them rebels is about being naïve and unfamiliar about ’91 rebellion history.

Familiarise yourself with books, consult with SPLM/A veterans before you write. It is despicable wasting time writing for things you are oblivious about and more often than not, such writer/s become a loony imprudent.

It is worth noting, Dengtiel Ayuen Kur was targeted by those who killed Justice Martin Majer. As this became clearer, he chose to keep low profile and away from the killers as he was in the top list of ‘wanted individuals from Bor county’. If in doubt ask Salva Kiir, Dengtiel and those mentioned above weren’t rebels.

For sake of records, let me underscore Akem’s case. Officer Akem was a commander of a contingent of Adiit battalion which was based in Eastern Upper Nile. With the rebellion taking a toll on non-NUER soldiers, Akem planned to outwit Riek and save his about 1000 to 1200 soldiers.

He did not want a confrontation with Riek’s forces as he was in the Nuer heartland. He planned a safe exit towards Ethiopia and then Murle land without a fight. The plan didn’t succeed.

Akem made the plan known to his solders, but regrettably, a junior soldier (Name withheld) from Ngok section who was part of Akem’s soldiers was reported to have leaked the whole plan to Riek group. Suspicions were running high and Akem was summoned by Riek the following day.

Having planned no confrontation, he went with only 4 bodyguards to look harmless. On arriving to Dr Riek’s base, he was brutally attacked by Nuer officers and hacked to death in the presence of Dr. Riek, Dr Lam, Dr Adwok and all seniors’ members in the base.

This was an act of sheer savagery on a respected SPLA commander. If still in doubt consult with Dr Adwok, or read his books about Riek acrimonious crime.

Akem and Justice Dengtiel were never rebels like Majak, Nyandhom and her cartoon-like boy (Mabior) who together staged a posthumously coup against the dead Dr John.

Besides, calling general Malual Ayom Dor as good-for-nothing is off-putting and factually misplaced. This is a general who sacrificed himself to go defend Greater Bor (Bor Twi and Duken) when civilians were displaced and killed in Bortown.

In the meeting chaired by Kiir, gen. Hoth and gen. Kuol Manyang with all Greater Bor generals, Malual Ayom, late Abraham Joongroor, Kuol Malith and Mabior Lual Machar volunteered to go and fight Riek and Nyandhom insurgents. General Malual now is in charge of operation in Jonglei and this was out of his will. He was never assigned there.

‘Good-for-nothing’ is when those of general Bior Ajang and many other TWIKENUER generals cowardly masqueraded ranks they can’t deliver in.

Bor county supports Republic of South Sudan (RSS) constitution, if this is synonymous to Kiir’s government so be it!!

Like Bor county stood with Dr John’s movement, the county stood again with Kiir’s government. Bor county thinks it is inconceivable to forcefully dethrone general Kiir unconstitutionally.

This county thinks if Kiir becomes of no use, he should then be voted out in the next elections (2015). It doesn’t need the army taking or setting ablaze our infrastructures and dropping off our civilians from their villages.

If this is what it takes to call my county ‘BORKAZAL’ for standing with a constitutional government and not calling it ‘BORTWI’ at the time of Dr John, then this qualifies the idiocy and foolery widely claimed to have possessed TWIKENUER.

If anything, then TWIKENUER owes Jieng communities an apology for conspiring with Jieng’s enemy at the expense of Jieng. In Nyandhom’s rebellion, all Jieng communities were targeted with exception of TWIKENUER communities where Nyandhom hails.

Isn’t this shameful for a community that thinks it is a Jieng by ethnicity?

TWIKENUER villages were left untouched by marauding White Army. This in itself is telling. TWIKENUER who were killed were those in the army and in Bortown. But it should be made clear to general audience that TWIKENUER were circulating an information stating their residents left Bortown to their villages in Twi as soon as possible, so those killed were disobeyers and ignorant.

This top-secret was leaked in Bortown three days before war erupted in Juba in December 2013. This could be another lead in piecing together whether there was a coup or not.

So what do TWIKENUER really want? Yesterday TWIKENUER forged unclear relationship with TWI-KE-MIYARDIT and now is TWIKENUER. What happens to the re-union that was to happen between TWIEAST and TWIWEST?

Daidit maa and Amer need be told there is nothing to be jealous about TWIKENUER. There is nothing with Majak to be jealous about. He was Kiir’s houseboy yesterday, and he remains a houseboy to this day. Shouldn’t it be mistaken that PhD changes people? NO, it doesn’t.

Once a houseboy is always a houseboy, and once a demon worshipper remains a demon worshipper. There’s totally nothing to be jealous about TWIKENUER. In fact, it was goodwill of Bor county members that Majak made it out safely without being “hung by the neck until he dies” and these TWIKENUER aren’t giving credit where it’s due.

Bor county saved the traitors. I will take you through how Majak and his other three traitors survived. The conspirators would have perished if Bor county wanted!!

First, Kuol Manyang as defense minister and an influential post-military general in Kiir’s government would have done the unthinkable if Bor county had the virulent hatred TWIKENUER littered the Worldwide Net with.

Second, Justice Makuei Lueth talks the talk and he had never walked the TALK. Had he walked his talk, this Majak TWIKENUER talked earth and heaven would have been a decomposed by now.

+Third, General Mach Paul Kuol was able to let go his post to save Majak and his other comrades from being beheaded by the RSS government. Had he had this ‘TIEL’ (hatred) TWIKENUER accused Bor county with, this Majak house boy would have been a history.

Bear in mind general Mac Paul Kuol is an immediate cousin to Late Justice Martin Majer. Had he had hatred that TWIKENUER are making online community to believe that Bor county hates and despises Twi, he would have lied in the court and Majak, Pagan, Oyai and Lol would have been slaughtered like chicken and Twi or TWIKENUER would have done nothing. And, I mean nothing!!

If TWIKENUER community loves Majak really, you would have glorified, espoused and worshiped these three men (Kuol, Makuei and Mac). TWIKENUER would have known Bor county is never an enemy. When are you TWIKENUER backing off from this sheer ungratefulness?

Sit back and think of these three gentlemen and how they are holding the sword-of-death and that of life. Thank God they haven’t resorted to this cheap talk of TWI and BOR. Thank God they have shown rare leadership that is never found in TWIKENUER!!

Without slight of compunction TWIKENUER go around dragging Duk county into their shameful political prostitution while great people of Duk could be commended for not trading off their JIENGSIM to Nuer.

The county stood tall in all odds. While this is the case, it is in Bor county interest, that Duk distances itself from this TWIKENUER lunacy. This means Duk county needs to begin speaking for herself.

Duk can’t allow to be misrepresented, or is Malok Aleng’s orotundity coming true? That Duk county is yet to bear a leader who will represent her! Until Duk county can’t allow clueless TWIKENUER speak on her behalf, otherwise Bor county and other Jieng communities will validate Malokdit’s words.

Back to Amer, I learnt she got disowned by a Bor county’s groom after series of exhaustion and therefore she is a furious tigress. Well, Amer should have known ‘a runaway groom’ isn’t Bor county.

Farting an “obnoxious fart” if have to borrow your words into your own relationship and attacking the county of a fellow victim is reckless thing. With such behaviour, it is likely predictable that you will continue to pimp until you will lose counting of passing-by men.

Apologise and you will save your plunging girl-child in you. Those cheering you up are doing you too much of un-repairable damage. You’re already a patient suffering from psychotic and neurotic disorders, and you have yourself to blame.

The thing is, accept the reality that the groom has taken off at a long stride and move forward, you could be poignant as you are but he is gone. Go shopping for next victim!!

Unlike weakling Daidit Maa, Amer deserves appreciation for not concealing herself. This is what an accountability is about. Daidit Maa is a coward who attacks under a ghost name; this is a typical character of MUONY-TWIKENUER. They are faint-hearted.

In recap, Bor county is still Bor county. It can and will never be called Borkazal. It is defamatory for a county Dr John could count on during his unpredictable years. Dr John kept close to himself those of general Peter Wal Athiu, Kuol Manyang, Jok Riak, Jok Reng, Majok Mac and many other fearless generals for reason, and this is, they will never rebel.

Who in TWIKENUER would Dr John trust apart from Chol Lual, Jok Riak, Kuol Manyang, Wal Athiu and Majok Mac (RIP) to defend him both from Riek Machar and NCP?

Tell me who would have protected Dr John from TWIKENUER apart from the aforementioned generals? Bor county saved Dr John in ’91 and will continue to protect general Kiir until his constitutional term is over.

Wunchir Atong is on RSS government mission to United Kingdom, he can be reached at

Is frequent removal of governors in Lakes State a misguided policy?

By: John Bith Aliap – Australia, SEP/07/2014, SSN;

There’s a say that says – “whoever digs a pit in the dark for his brother or sister – finds it difficult to avoid falling first into the same pits when surprised suddenly” Are the Lakes State’s politicians digging their own pits which they won’t avoid falling into in the future?

The above quote seems to go well with how the Lakes State’s politicians – particularly those based in Juba conduct their politics. Brother – enemy concept is what defines them. Hatred against each other is in their DNAs – and if this isn’t thrown away – it will continue to be their major source of impediment – especially in politics.

The behaviours of Lakes State’s politicians have made the State – once regarded as an angel by many to become a death trap. Lakes State has been a scene of sectional conflicts – and the politicians in question often think that outside intervention could always bring the needed solution to their man – made crisis.

In their thinking – the state’s leadership cannot handle the situation without external forces (presidency & national parliament) – and if these forces do nothing – the situation could go off rail. In most cases – the causes of conflict among political elites in Lakes State are countless – but Lakes State’s youth should amount series advocacy to educate those “good – for – nothing” politicians to learn how to solve their own issues without shopping around for help.

In my view – “unity” – not “disunity” could built a sense of responsibility in ourselves – and if the state’s politicians who are supposed to solve the problems affecting their people keep knocking on foreign doors for help as it’s currently the case in Juba – this implies that our political leadership cannot handle the situation in its own which to me is a blatant lie – but in an environment where gossiping – hatred – sectionalism – corruption – nepotism – greed and self interest among others become daily norms – could anyone expect peace – love and unity? You may however have a differing answer to this question – but to me – it’s absolutely no.

In the wee hours of 26th August 2013 – a report entitled –“Lakes State caretaker governor voted out by the national parliament” – written by a self proclaimed journalist – Manyang Mayom – called on the president of the land – Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit to unseat the current caretaker governor of Lakes State Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol following allegations that the later failed to curb the violence in the state.

Dhuol’s removal drive came to light after the disgruntle semi – politicians from Lakes State in Juba successfully lobbied the national parliament to move the motion of no – confidence vote – which authorises the president to look into the insecurity issue in Lakes State with the view to get rid of governor.

Following these allegations cooked in the kitchen of Lakes State’s disgruntle politicians – the national parliament didn’t hesitate to unleash its anger on Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol for the reason [s] best known to them and their cronies.

During the parliamentary debate – Jadhallah Augustino – Deputy Minister for Interior described Lakes State’s insecurity as a “cancer” – urging the lawmakers to approve Dhuol’s removal.

Mabuto Mamur Mete – Minister for National Security also joined the podium – dubbing insecurity in the state as a lack of unity within state’s leadership – noting that a culture of revenge has taken root as more unauthorised arms fell into the hands of pastoralist youth – resulting to breakdown of law and order – but to Matur Makuer Gol – the author of no –confidence motion according to the report – swiftly urged Kiir to issue presidential degree to remove Dhuol from state’s power.

To him – Dhuol’s removal would be in the best interest of both state and national security – suggesting that in order to realise security stability in Lakes State – the change in the state’s leadership should be an option as called for by state’s citizens.

Not only these folks – Dhieu Matuet – Chairman of Lakes State Caucus in the national parliament – further threw his tongue in high gear – telling his honourable mates to immediately approve Dhuol’s ousting so that a conducive atmosphere is created to solve all security – related issues in the state. Magok Rundial – Parliamentary Speaker accepted the motion – urging the president Salva Kiir Mayardit to issue a degree for Dhuol’s removal.

However – although insecurity is widespread across the country – the honourable members of parliament seem to be keeping their heads in the sand that frequent ousting of governors in Lakes State could improve security situation – but is this approach not a misguided policy? This question is what now hangs on our lips – but three governors: John Lat – Daniel Awet Akot and Chol Tong Mayay have already been removed and security situation in the state hasn’t improved as expected.

People wonder as to what prevents these politicians from seeing the writing on the wall. The frequent removal of governors is unworkable – and those wanting to bring change in the state should explore other options.

The honourable members who ranted for Dhuol’s down fall should feel sorry for themselves because what they called for – “Dhuol’s removal” is worthless which shouldn’t worry anyone. How could they squarely fault Matur Chut Dhuol for insecurity which is not by definition his individual’s making?

If you closely look at the above statements – dripping out from honourables’ mouths – you could see that the honourables have one thing in common: Removal of caretaker governor if done – would improve security situation in Lakes State. Are the honourable members of parliament realistic in their call for governor’s removal?

These people should clearly be told that their frequent desire to have governors removed in Lakes State is a misguided policy – which can’t bring any realistic change in the state. It’s rather sinking down the state.

The rampant insecurity in Lakes State isn’t Dhuol’s making as the honourable members of parliament would want us to believe. The nature of insecurity – insecurity dynamics and causes of insecurity in Lakes State shouldn’t rest on one individual’s neck as it’s currently the case in Dhuol’s context.

Since the inception of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) – Lakes State has been the flash point of inter – and – intra communal conflicts – starting from the era of John Lat – Daniel Awet Akot – Chol Tong and now Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol.

People should know that insecurity in Lakes State isn’t a new thing. It’s been there as far as we know – and its main sources often stem out from political – economic and socio – cultural factors – and some of these factors could be beyond individual’s capacity.

The politicians in Juba should acknowledge what these men [John Lat – Daniel Awet Akot – Chol Tong & Matur Chut Dhuol] have done in Lakes State. Their work is laudable – and it’s their moral duty to give them their due credit – but call to remove the caretaker governor Matur Chut Dhuol – based on the alleged insecurity claims – doesn’t stand the test of honesty and transparency.

If insecurity could unseat the governors – then Kiir would end up dismissing all the governors of ten states. However – what we know though in Lakes State’s case is that – Juba which now serves as the shopping mall for power – is jam-packed with Lakes State’s politicians who know nothing else apart from worshiping their big tummies and cultivation of division and hatred among their own people.

Insecurity is everywhere in South Sudan and if anyone salivates for Dhuol’s remove because of insecurity – then that person would need to urgently see psychiatric doctors.

Death has now becomes people’s best friend in South Sudan and opponents of Dhuol’s administration should disclose to the public – the motives behind their unwarranted call for his down fall.

To waste no time – call for Dhuol’s ousting is politically motivated – and i would like to tell everyone that nobody will ever be good governor to people of Lakes State – particularly Agaar community. Whoever is coming to be the next governor – would face the same criticism from the same group – even if he/she is doing right things similar to what Matur Chut is doing as we speak in terms of security and development. Those who enjoy his removal would soon regret in the nearest future. His removal is not of his own – but it would affect the entire State in many ways.

Dhuol’s oppenents think that he’s an obstacle to peace in Lakes State – but the people of Lakes State don’t really know that they are problem to themselves. They’ve allowed themselves to become prisoners of their own attitudes.

Matur Chut can go today – but peace won’t prevail if people don’t change their attitudes of unforgiveness – revenge – gossiping – sectionalism – corruption and hatred among others – and see themselves as brothers and sisters from one boma, one county, one state and one country and work together in nation building to change their circumstances.

What these politicians do not know yet is that their frequent calls for governors’ removal are killing all hopes in the state – their hunt for governorship has been a source of failures in Lakes state and they’re now seen as people chasing the ghosts and they’ll soon realise that they’ve done a great mistake by assaulting people’s interest.

Matur Chut isn’t just a governor per see. He doubles as a commander of Lakes State’s security forces/governor. He’s an artery of Lakes state – particularly at this critical time when Riek Machar’s rebels are just at the corner in Unity State.

Appointing someone with non – military background would be more catastrophic to the people of Lakes state. Removal of Matur Chut amounts to granting Machar’s rebels opportunity to destabilise the state. This shouldn’t happen because of few greedy individuals who are addicted to power.

Allowing these forks to grab state’s governorship post is more catastrophic than allowing caretaker governor Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol to cling onto power until security situation improves and election conducted.

There’s no any way Dhuol could relinquish state’s power to egocentric individuals who are acting against people’s interest. This won’t happen. The Juba –based politicians – who are now crying loud for Dhuol’s removal have a decade from now on to prove them that they really love the people of Lakes State.

Unfortunately, these forks are now doing more harms to show the people of Lakes State how much they hate them – by calling for the ousting of the governor which could potentially leave security vacum in the state already struggling to maintain law and order.

Matur Chut should remain governor of Lakes State for a while and whoever doesn’t want him in power should throw him/her self into the sea.

What we’re seeing is that – talks of governor’s removal in the few coming days will be thing of the past – but the Juba – based politicians – particularly those who hail from the Agaar community are yet to recover from their political cancer and excessive hatred against each other.

They must first receive some sort of mutation – and when the process succeeds – this is where they might again think of state’s leadership. These politicians do not love people of Lakes State at large and their freedom.

I would love honourable members – now banging their chests that they’re capable to lead the Lakes State’s government amid insecurity to answer this question. If Matur Chut indeed steps down from the state’s power – who’ll replace him? You? God forbids!

I’m sure all of you would simultaneously be making your way to that single post – and this is where the Lakes State’s problem lies. You’ve to accept that one person can lead at a time.

The trust of people of Lakes State is with Matur Chut Dhuol – and i don’t think that you can give your child’s milk to repentant thief to take it home!

Why you’re so desperate to get governorship – while you’re already serving in the national parliament is pretty simple: To loot with impunity!

But you’re however advised to think well and support Dhuol’s government if you’ve interest of Lakes State as your priority.

Matur Chut is an icon of hope to people of Lakes State and they’re all looking up to him to bring them that wanted liberty, security and quality of life which they’ve seen for so long.

Matur Chut – to people of Lakes State is the best servant they have now on the ground – and this means that they don’t have any obligation to deny him serving them because of the corrupt political system people have been dancing with around. Dhuol is the only one who will continue to lead the people of Lakes State with good heart.

Those calling on him to relinquish the power should stop and leave the guy alone! Matur Chut has shown to the people of Lakes State and South Sudanese at large that he’s a typical leader who can serve everyone equally regardless of where they come from and this can be seen in the followings:

First, during Machar’s Juba revolt, the rebelling forces – commanded by Tanganya – a Nuer warlord, penetrated Lakes State’s territory through Awerial County with intention to capture it and make it their launching pad to attack Juba and other surrounding areas. With looted items from Juba – the rebels ended up fleeing for their dear lives – leaving everything behind after Matur Chut mounted counter offensive against them when he temporarily relocated his office to war zones of Greater Yirol counties including: Yirol West – Awerial and Yirol East.

Second, when his elder brother Paramount Chief – Aperer Chut Dhuol was assassinated by Maker Mabor’s son – allegedly for his father’s death who was killed by Aperer’s son – a case that dates back in 2002 – Matur Chut didn’t speak the language of revenge – but he instead called for calm and restrained his own family and clansmen not to take the law into their own hands. He clearly told them that the assignation of his brother is an individual’s crime and authorities would do their best to apprehend the person who committed the crime.

Third, when his daughter – Along Matur Chut Dhuol inadvertently killed a pregnant woman – allegedly that a deceased woman had allowed her goats to roam her farm – Matur Chut saw the case as an individual crime and asked the law enforcement agencies to take charge and his daughter remains behind bars as i write this article. Is this not fairness? How do you define fairness and transparency in your own world?

Fourth, as insecurity tops the list of issues facing the people of Lakes State – Matur Chut has rolled out a massive disbarment campaign and 560 Kalashnikov rifles have already been collected in Rumbek East County and about 20 heavy machine guns have also been collected in Rumbek Centre. This step is laudable!

Fifth, unlike other governors who served before him – Matur Chut made a significant difference in term of development. He has constructed General Secretariat Office and renovated the old office – where the other three governors served in uncaringly.

Don’t give up yet. He has also constructed fence around freedom square – and everybody including those who are now yearning for his down fall are harvesting its fruit – and this calls into question that – if this man could achieve enormously like this in a short period of time – what would he do to the people of Lakes State if he’s given more chance and support? I sincerely urge Lakes State’s politicians to put their people above politics.

Matur Chut has set an example of good leadership beyond anybody’s doubt – and there’s no any other time than now for Lakes State’s politicians to roll back their sleeves and throw the needed support behind their state’s government.

Lakes State’s insecurity requires everyone’s effort – and to reduce it – the state and national governments are instantly required to undertake the following measures:

I. The national government should reject the recent vote of no – confidence passed by the National Parliament against the caretaker governor Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol. This would allow him to complete his measure task of security provision.

II. The national government should immediately ask all the Lakes State’s members of parliament – currently serving in the national parliament in Juba – to go back to their respective electorates. This would give them opportunity to initiate peace building initiatives with people who elected them to the parliament. Their continual stay in Juba – while their people are butchering themselves is a measure contributing factor to the crisis raging in the state.

III. The national government should send in the national army to seal off the Unity State – Lakes State border and conduct a comprehensive disbarment campaign in all eight counties of Lakes State including state’s capital Rumbek – but this disbarment campaign must be locally driven that aspires voluntarism. It should not generate further insecurity through the use of force which the national army is accustomed to.

IV. State and the national governments to set up Independent Court – headed by professional judges drawn from other parts of South Sudan to speed up unresolved murder cases and bring to justice individuals responsible for those murders.

V. The national government under the Interior Ministry to review the state’s police – because Lakes State’s police in its current sharp is highly disorganised with elderly and women topping the list. This makes the force unable to respond to security challenges. Reviewing it – as well as providing the needed equipment such as radios and cars would make it a formidable force that can respond to security challenges when needed.

VI. The state’s government together with Lakes State’s members of parliament serving in the national parliament in Juba – church leaders and civil society organisations to conduct state – wide reconciliation. This needs to be done as urgently as possible to allow the feuding communities to embrace peace – love and unity and denounce the current entrenched culture of revenge killing and hatred.

But now with vote of no–confidence bill sitting on his desk – Kiir is caught between a hard rock and a hard place. If he removes the governor Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol to reinforce the behaviour of Juba – based politicians – “frequent removal of Lakes State’s governors” – many people in the State including this author would be angered by such decision – and if he dumps the vote of no – confidence bill into the rubbish bin – he would then likely be in trouble with those greedy politicians – but I would advise Kiir that being at odd with few greedy politicians is more better than being in trouble with the entire state’s population.

John Bith Aliap holds two Bachelor degrees in Social Work & Social Planning. He can be reached at

What more Evidence & Atrocities does Pres. Kiir require to sack gov. Matur Chut?

BY: Juma Mabor Marial, SOUTH SUDAN, SEP/04/2014, SSN;

Three months ago, I wrote a three series article entitled “The genesis and phenomenon of intra-clans conflicts and revenge attacks in Lakes state.” In these series, I had given account of root causes of revenge attacks and how each and every governor including the incumbent governor of Lakes state mishandled the situation, hence leading to the deteriorating and unlawful situation the state has found itself in today.

In that article, I had proposed recommendations which I had hoped the President would find prudent to apply and contain insecurity in Lakes state, months have passed by and security situation in Lakes state has worsened. My conclusions then befitted that it is either my calls like many other calls for stability to return to lakes state from many other citizens of lakes state have not reached the president, or he must have read my concerns and felt that they are not worth noticing or even still, he might have seen the substance in what I was trying to draw his attention to but again wonders of who I am to give such recommendations.

Whatever that might have been the opinion of the president, the fact now is that the situation in Lakes state with regard to insecurity has worsened.

The president’s visit to lakes state soon after the 3rd independence anniversary celebrations was a step in the right direction and as part of his peace message to the people of lakes state at Freedom square, he told them that he is going back to Juba and wouldn’t want to hear of any reports of killings.

Two weeks later, a paramount chief was killed, and as a result of this brutal assassination, 18 women were raped including an old woman who succumbed to shame, agony, bitterness and dies, another 12 year old girl was also raped and died, a young woman who was expecting a baby was raped and she lost her pregnancy. Houses were vandalized and private properties were looted in Malek-agok and other surrounding neighborhoods.

All these heinous crimes were carried out and successfully implemented with impunity and as we talk, no single culprit has been apprehended to answer for such crimes.

Before the end of the same calendar month, a daughter of the governor (Matur Chut) attacked an innocent pregnant woman and as the woman was rushed to hospital with hopes to resuscitate and save her life, she unfortunately dies with twins, meaning that the governor’s daughter killed three people at once.

Coincidentally, when one put the month in review in terms of security situation in Lakes state, you would find out without much struggle that, the people of lakes state are so shocked that the insecurity they have been informing the central government about has now reached it worse with the assassination of the paramount chief Apareer Chut who happens to be the elder brother of the governor (may his soul rest in eternal peace) and the brutal killing of an innocent pregnant woman and her unborn children planned and executed by governor’s own daughter (may the law takes its course).

It is also almost two weeks now since the national legislatively assembly debated the security situation of Lakes state and unanimously adopted a resolution to remove Matur Chut as first step towards bringing back peace and stability to the people of lakes state.

The ministers of National security, Interior and Defense agreed with the legislators that Matur Chut is part and partial of insecurity in Lakes state and therefore more of a problem than a solution by himself. It is through these deliberations that the Minister of National security Obutu Mamur Mete took it upon himself and declared that Matur Chut must go in the interest of national security and as demanded by the citizens of the state.

Matur Chut in his defence has made hysterical efforts to counter this resolution by calling the members of the national legislative assembly thieves and stupid people who do not comprehend that the issue of insecurity is not only about lakes state but the whole country.

He even went to the extent of lamenting that if there is any governor who should be sacked because of insecurity, it should be Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria state because thousands of people lost their lives in the 15th December, 2013 crisis.

Not only this, Matur also ordered his public service ministry to get to all the ministries in the state and record the names of all the employees and ordered them to go on demonstrations with the message of rejecting the resolution of the legislators removing him from the office, school children were also forced to attend the demonstrations such that they would tell the nation Matur is the best governor and the decision by the national legislative assembly to sack him were just but crazy ideas by those in Juba.

The demonstrations didn’t take place in freedom square as initially planned because most of the employees refused to turn up but the news that the governor had ordered that any government employee that does not attend the demonstrations would forfeit their August salaries coerced some to turn up at the government Secretariat and this is where Chut succeeded in his claims for support by state citizens for him to remain in power.

He then before these threatened employees and vulnerable school children gathered courage to insult left, right and center all lakes state members of parliament and intellectuals for masterminding the resolutions to remove him.

Under normal circumstances, politicians with few people who support them are expected to fight back when their positions are attacked and threatened.

However, the unique aspect about this particular situation is that, the people of Lakes state in all their walks of life do not want Matur Chut as governor and this is manifested in the continuous calls to remove him from office and it eventual culmination in the national legislative assembly approving the same.

Attempts by Chut to order for demonstrations in his favor or even blame lakes state members of parliament and intellectuals for having political motives and witch haunting him out of his office do not give any meaningful message rather than perpetuating his jungle commandeering rules of intimidating people to do what is not in their interest.

After all, Lakes state members of parliament at the national legislative assembly are the official representatives of the people and there is no any other better role they could play than safeguarding the lives and interest of their electorates.

Some few descending voices on the need to remove Matur from governorship have alluded to the fact that, removing the governors in lakes state is not the solution to its insecurity. Yes, this is a logical argument and any reasonable person would agree with it from face value as so many governors have been removed because of insecurity in lakes state but no long lasting peace has been achieved.

However, looking at it critically and objectively, one would agree that, unlike the other governors who were before him and those expected to come after him, Matur is not the best leader to be a governor in any state leave alone lakes state, why, whereas, the previous governors tries with the few number of law enforcers and meager resources to apprehend criminals.

Matur Chut has declared the state of lawlessness in the state by telling people that “ your legs are your police and Texture, (the police patrol vehicle)”, meaning therefore that you have to be strong to survive in lakes state and that, if you are attacked, you must run as fast as possible since no police will come to your rescue.

This could also explain his reluctance to ask for reinforcement from the minister of defense as stated in parliament by Kuol Manyang Juuk. Not only this, the second reason why Matur is not the best governor for any state is because he has never seen a classroom and even get the responsibility of controlling a class of 45 students as a monitor.

This is why one of the legislators was quoted as saying that; “Matur is a man who cannot rule a Payam leave alone, a state”. I know some of Matur’s supporters and beneficiaries are already cursing me and that legislator for bringing this bitter fact forward but I believe that with the way Matur is responding and insulting everyone even dogs that barks (although of course for a reason) when his convoy passes shows that, this man has no control over his emotions and this certainly cannot be a leader to anybody leave alone a state.

Dr. John Garang once said and I quote “an eye for an eye will make all of us blind”, Matur taking on and insulting everyone that has an opinion contrary to how he is running the affairs of the state and particularly insecurity will not help the situation. Two wrongs do not definitely make right.

In conclusion, enough lives have been lost in lakes state, enormous suffering and anguish has been experienced by families and relatives of the deceases, consistent injustices are the order of the day, shame and embarrassments are slapped across the faces of citizens of lakes state every day, intellectuals, chiefs, civil society organizations, politicians, religious leaders have all called for the leadership of this country to pay undivided attention to the situation of Lakes state and just like every day, no tangible action is forthcoming.

I know and everybody understands that the president could in this particular point in time be thinking that even with the resolution by the national legislative assembly to remove Matur Chut from governorship in lakes state, the priority now is not the removable of any governor but stopping the crisis and rebellion that has engulfed the country.

The situation of Lakes state may according to the president, be handled later as these people are just crazy people who are killing themselves for no apparent reason, this could be true because Lakes state problem is a man-made self-destruction and instigated problem but again.

Let’s assume that the situation remain the same for the next few months, what do you envisage would be the consequence because today in lakes state, a day can barely pass by without two, three, five, ten people dying not by natural causes but by revenge and criminal activities. This has become a norm and any citizen of lakes state is very much alive to this fact.

Secondly, the situation may escalate into something more than revenge killings and street robberies because, if for instance, today in lakes state, civilians are more armed than the government and they can as well carry machines guns while some of them have designated themselves with the title of ‘governor’ without any constitutional authority to be called so, then, what would happen if these armed civilians decided that they are well-off being themselves and not under no-body. That should be a food for thought to all of us…

Finally, I wish to request and inform the president that, Lakes state is now under two people and that is HIM and GOD because, the legislators have done their parts, intellectuals have raised their concerns, the church has prayed, civil society has condemned the atrocities committed, countless number of people have died, the children have been orphaned and women widowed, everybody except the PRESIDENT and GOD have decided that Matur Chut must go and a new page be opened to address the plight of the people of lakes state.

So please, Mr. President, listen to the concerns of your people and let this man go and serve you in other capacities. The evidences for atrocities committed in lakes state are too overwhelming for you to waste any more time.

The sovereignty of the people is what you’re sworn to protect and here they are; the people of lakes state through their national parliament have spoken and said without fear or contradiction that “Matur Chut must go”. May God save the people of Lakes State?

Juma Mabor Marial is a concern citizen of Lakes state and reachable at:

Western Bhar El Ghazal in South Sudan: Current Brutality

BY: N. Bringi, Canada, AUG/29/2014, SSN;

All that is happening in Western Bhar El Ghazal State now is major harassment, intimidation and arrests. It is not a surprise and I am sure there is more to arise in the next few days.

Since the time the Governor of Western Bhar El Ghazal received a copy of the memorandum submitted by the people of Western Bhar El Ghazal to the IGAD committee who came to investigate the December 15, 2013 incident, his reaction assumes that there is more conflict to come.

The people of Western Bhar El Ghazal request the implementation of the Federal System. As for the Governor of Western Bhar El Ghazal, calling for a federal system is a lethal crime, whoever calls for it will face capital punishment.

Rezik commented previously to the media stating that the people of Western Bhar El Ghazal are for the present governing system, the central system; he has turned to be a liar based on the general consensus of people of Western Bhar El Ghazal. The people are for federalism; his latter statement was of his own personal view.

The second memo is regarding the transfer of the Capital of South Sudan to Wau. People of Western Bhar El Ghazal categorically reject the proposal because there was no consultation; the idea was food put into the mouth of Rezik by Pres. Salva Kiir to vomit to the media, a pretext to keep the Equatorians quiet from asking for the removal of the capital from Juba.

Salva Kiir, take the capital to Riamchel or Gorgrial, Awiel or Rumbek.

Now Salva Kiir and his security organs have alleviated the threat to people of Wau to a lethal level. The order of arrest has been on those who are accused to be pro-Riak Machar.

In this case if any one of them is found guilty, they can be sentenced to death; they had fabricated the same punishment to the Faragalla people in 2012.

Dead bodies were brought in sacks in the middle of the night from the inter-tribal conflict in Chewabet and disposed in Faragalla. They then accused the people of Faragalla of murdering people of the Dinka ethnic group.

Not only that, but the coup plot of December 15, 2013 has been created in order to eliminate some of the SPLM party members after disagreement in the party conference regarding who should be the nominee of the SPLM party in the 2015 election.

The government of Kiir depends completely on lying, fabrication and threat to others.

Salva Kiir and his shoe-lickers believe they are powerful by killing innocent South Sudanese brothers and sisters. This is an expanding civil war in South Sudan where women and children have been targeted, men have been recruited to fight for a cause they cannot seem to verbalize yet internalize.

For some of us who have read history, there are a few questions I would like to ask:
Where is the Roman Empire today?
Where is Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania today?
Where is Muammar Al Gaddafi of Libya today?
Where is Saddam Hussein today?

If you enjoy torturing, harassing and killing your people, your day will come sooner than later, this is what all dictators on the planet should understand.

You are not immune to what you are doing to others, what goes around, comes around.

Nicola Bringi, CANADA

Petition to President: Crimes of First degree in Thuyic, Lakes State


AUG/14/2014, SSN;


In tears, we write to Your Excellency, so that you may come to our aid!

What has gone wrong in Thuyic Community’s villages and its surroundings?

On the faces of Maleng-agok’s thousands displaced persons (crowded into Rumbek town inner courts and bushes of Ror-nhom), one discerns physical hunger, sadness and deep-seated fear.

On behalf of Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam, we, the undersigned youth members and representives do hereby make to send our condolence message to bereaved family members of Chut Dhuol Mathiang and Joknyang Sub-clan in Athoi of Aliemtooc one, and on this same token, we also author to denounce the uncalled for action by our brother and son of late Chief Maker Mabor Riak, who without any knowledge of his own brothers and Thuyic as a community did this trivial act of revenge on late Paramount Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol on the night of 5th August 2014. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE!

We want to make it crystal clear to all Gony community members in Lakes state, South Sudan, and outside that this revenge killing of late Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol has no approval of Thuyic Community, and even within the family of late Chief Maker Mabor Riak, who if he were to live again, he won’t too have endorsed of this retribution, and this was manifested on the morning of 7th August 2014, when Gony, and their allies matched onto Thuyic Community’s villages of Akukuel, Maleng-Agok, Makuac, Panbar-kou, Gorok, Malual, Bilieng-mei, Ayen-Paciec, Malith, and Makuaar massively armed with 23 PKM automatic weapons and hundreds of AK 47 rifles.

As we probe the incident and embark on getting the culprit (s) to account, we were dumb-founded and appalled by acts of rapes, looting of housing properties including food plates and anything of family food that Gony youths and their allies lay their hands on.

Genesis of the matter that transpired to today’s retribution killing–for knowledge of far readers beyond our borders, and other South Sudanese.

Cattle youth leader of Thuyic Community called Bec Dong Manguen was first murdered in cold blood by the cattle youth that hailed from late Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol. Information leaked out that it was today’s late chief Aparer Chut Dhuol that masterminded the killing. The present Governor was too accused of having made an assurance of his military rank, when his today’s late brother elder son questioned their plan and informed them that he will be the next target once the Thuyic cattle youth leader is slain. Indeed, on September 17th 2001, Bec Dong Manguen was round up and killed.

The relatives of late Bec Dong Manguen did not react immediately, appeased by the assurance of the then authorities when the current MP of Eastern Rumbeck County was the Commissioner and the current Governor as an area commander.

From 17th Sept. 2001 – 3rd August 2002, nothing was done for the blood of the decease, and culprits supposed to be for arrest in Rumbeck prison were able to roam Rumbeck town and dance with their peers. This annoyed the relatives of late Bec Dong of Thuyic, and they retaliated on 4th August 2002 with killing of Jafar Aparer Chut Dhuol.

The present General Inspector of Police, who was then a senior commander of SPLA, was dispatched to settle the problem in Sept. 2002. All the murders from both sides were sentenced to fire squad. That concluded that period. The situation was again detonated by Gony member of the section whose brother was got killed in the battle by avenging on Tur-agau Makoi Ayuek April 2008 from Thuyic. That incident again triggered another wave of violence till October 2012 when the two communities again reached Peace. Again on 5th Aug. 2014, late Chief Maker Mabor Riak’s son retaliated on Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol when Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol is a Governor. Can anything tangible come out! You are the judge!

For the past eleven years of this repeated conflict between Thuyic and Gony sections of Athoi, there was no one time that Thuyic would act as this, and run to hide.

We deplore the mentality and essence of the rape: The most injurious act

But, Mr. President, we compose this petition, for we are very much saddened and bewildered by the following atrocities committed in Thuyic Community’s villages of Maleng-agok Payam against our most innocent women and girls.

1. On the night of 6th and 7th August 2014, a shameful looting of goats, sheep, mattresses, bed-sheets (any housing property), and went on rampage to shattering of wooden beds happened in Akukuel, Maleng-agok, Panbar-kou, Makuac, and Gorok villages.

2. All milking cattle at homes for children were raided and taken away.

3. And on the nights of 6th and 7th August 2014, the unthinkable was done – the raping of eleven women and two girls (confirmed cases) – many currently admitted in Salva Kiir Mayardit Women Hospital in Rumbek Town. Their names are withheld for confidentiality.

4. On the same day of 7th August 2014, two schools of Maleng-agok community of Gorok and Panbar-kou Girls Primary school, built with donations of Italian Government, and European Union has been vandalized with all its all 1,120 teaching text books, exercises, chairs, tables, cooking utensils, and one tailoring machine, all looted or tore into pieces.

5. On the night of 10th August 2014, the joint forces, which were for disarmament process meant for Lakes state, were ordered to search for the culprits, however, they ended up torturing and beat up all women in Ror-nhom villages of Ayen-Paciec, Malith, Makuaar and nearby areas.

6. All Thuyic cattle have been driven off from their villages and cattle camps to Aduel, Eastern Rumbek County Headquarters’, and even those residents, who are in Atiaba Payam area of Pan-Ater Malek! The argument of this action is said to be a means of bringing to books the culprit(s). The old, (men & women) children dependent on these cattle are exposed to all sorts of hazardous cold, malaria, & starvation from rains & mosquitoes. No relatives to take of them for fear of risks of physical torture and rape.

7. On 13th August 2014, the other remaining cattle of Thuyic have been driven to Lang-cok Military barrack. Lang-cok has been known as one notorious military prison in Lakes state during 2012 – 2013. It was said that it has been closed down. Here comes again its revival as collection point of Thuyic cattle wealth. Isn’t it that this is the most painful form of punishment that has been done to Thuyic Community with raping of their women? Why would Governor of Lakes think that taking all cattle of Thuyic is the best idea? Isn’t it the same looting and destruction of property done in their villages by his Gony cattle youth continuing? Does this action conform to which law of our land? Remember, we are in an independent nation of South Sudan where laws are paramount in whichever situation or circumstances!

We want these culprits, who raped our ladies arrested and whose names are identified as:

1. Sebit Mapuor Chut Dhuol Mathiang
2. Chol Maper Chol Riak

From the victims’ mouths, they have identified Sebit Mapuor Chut Dhuol Mathiang, and his group, who gang-raped the two lactating women of Makur Adoldit in Makuac village of Maleng-agok Payam, and Chol Maper Chol Riak with his group to have gang-raped the two young girls.

They are days of sadness (Thuyic Community’s ladies raped), and that a cohesion of harmony that had existed for thousands of years has been finally broken, and at its thinnest stretch.

Thuyic, a community under siege!

The few women are either in hiding in the bushes of their villages being constantly terrorized at dust in their homes or they are in total dislodge from their homes. This situation has caused a serious panic, which is wide spread from both sides – that women raping is as a tool to fizzed off the other side so that they accept battle. It was meant as a thing for Thuyic youths to test of their manhood. But, maintained their stand for peace of 2012.

Governor’s efforts could be futile:

While it is an integral duty of the leadership of the Governor of Lakes State, Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol, and his entire government, the general situation seems highly tense with security void to control any further ignition from the side of the bereaved family or both. The signs we are witnessing are dare and very volatile for any meaningful restrains. We thus far, request your Excellency for an urgent high-level committee in composition of Justice Ministry, Human Rights commission, National Security Service, military committee, national assembly and Council of States to come and verify for themselves of what had happened, and to recommend more meaningful measures and of whose overall implementation would be from this composition so that situation is rescued or else a time bomb is on trigger any day or any hour from August 2014 and onwards.

Disarmament is as a mask of the reality and resources accumulation in Lakes state.

Lakes state has been a scene of hundreds of thousands of communal conflicts. The reality is the bad leaderships whose main goal is resources accumulation. Disarmament has been done here for more than ten (10) times, however, guns remain in the hands of civilians. No one has ever asked WHY? The answer is simple, a business and project of those within and out. This disarmament is very uneven in Aliemtooc with Gony cattle youths never touched or even asked to surrender their guns especially during this time of Gen. Matur in leadership! The Security Service can tell you Mr. President of this reality, and that they remain untouchable.

Culprits remaining at large!

It is becoming a culture in Lakes state that culprits remain at large and authorities aren’t able to apprehend them. The Rup Vs Kuei conflict. The most recent incident of the same nature is that of 1st Lt. Mayen Muorwel Abergut Reech (wildlife soldier).
We need the rape culprits round up and captured for questioning by the court of law.

We call on (Nyar-acoot) Dok Machuei Mabor (Maker Mabor Riak) to Surrender to authorities of Lakes state.

We too call upon late Chief Maker Mabor’s son to surrender himself to Lakes state authorities. It wasn’t just half made decision of retribution without consequences. As a man, there is always a climax of any choice to make of the deed. Here comes a revenge of your late father, whose killers had made a choice of their action then. There is nothing to hide about. Be brave enough to yield in and accept the consequence of the undertaking.

Here began our nightmare!

When Police arrogant is seen in admitting only two cases of rape and ignoring others – Radio Miraya interview of 13/08/2014.

With nothing working out in Lakes state, Police inability has been one big setback in point in tackling communal disputes; that the Governor himself did try to stop their payments for two months starting February – May 2014 contending that, they were being paid for the job undone. Lakes State Commissioner of Police portrayed this attitude of no-job-done-by-the-police on 13th August 2014 in an interview with radio Miraya FM 101, when he said that there were only two cases brought to their attention, and nothing of those 12/13 cases that he has any knowledge. Yes, they have no idea because police is not abreast with troubles at hand in Lakes state! Isn’t this denial of real matters that Lakes state will not make any inch of stability? I am afraid that a nation with corrupt and dishonest police is doom to fail, unless a miracle happens to change the mentality and way of doing national concerns.

Call for an urgent Humanitarian assistance by UN agencies for affected people of Maleng-agok Payam:

Having been made homeless, forsaken and vulnerable during such heavy rains with every property either looted or destroyed, we call upon all UN agencies, International Organizations, and Community Base Organization to come to the aid of this community. Their entire livelihoods have been vandalized including clothing.

Our recommendations and ways forward to mitigate the looming situation

1. There is need for an urgent dispatch of high delegation to come and assess atrocities committed and what could be done to get the culprits of either act who revenge on late Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol.
2. That the rapists be apprehended at the quickest possible time to close the wide-open gap so that victims’ relatives’ annoyance be quelled timely.
3. There should be standing order for return of all looted cattle, goats, sheep and all housing properties.
4. And that all cattle taken from Thuyic Community’s camps and villages be returned to their owners till the committees recommend any possible compensation and any other measures as required.
5. Disarmament should be done by SPLA with direct command from Juba for it to be of any meaningful result or meet the intent.

We stand for peace, justice, unity, reconciliation and prosperity in Eastern Rumbek County, Lakes State and South Sudan at large.

May God bless Lakes state people for change of heart to forgive each other and bless South Sudan for peaceful co-existence and tolerance?

Signed on behalf of Thuyic Community Leadership – Youth Wing by:

1. Mabior W. Makuek Dut.
2. Mary Ayen Chol
3. Jonah Marier Mabeny

For contacts please don’t hesitate to write or call:

Mabior W. Makuek Dut at: / 0955263607/0977919696

US Secretary of State John Kerry called President Kiir a ‘militant’

By: J. Nguen, CANADA, AUG/10/2014, SSN;

In Washington DC, it was reported that it was business as usual in President Kiir’s camp after the US–African leaders Summit was concluded. Funny though, contrary to the well celebrated and published summit, the world is still laughing and making fun of President Salva Kiir’s naivety.

In the eyes of roaring international audience and flushing cameras, United States Sec. of States, John Kerry, called President Kiir a “militant” and he did noticed. Kerry has hyperbolically referred to shuttering cameras as “machine guns.”

United States was the host country, but its behavior reflects no formidable host. It remained complicit and ignorant as usual considering its stand and policy toward Africa and the so-called developing nations. The gruesomeness of this dynamic played out when Africa’s heads of States arrived in Washington DC for the US–Africa leaders’ summit.

For example, during Kiir’s photo ops with Sec. Kerry, Pres. Kiir was insulted and disgracefully treated with disrespect by the host nation. This is not the first time President Kiir’s administration suffered abuse in the US. In 2013, Kiir’s top officials were ill-treated and harassed as well.

For instance, Vice President, James Wani Igga and Foreign Minister, Marial Bil were stripped naked at the point of entry to the US on their en route officially to the United Nations even though, they had their diplomatic passports. Both were treated like thieves and criminals in New York.

As the saying goes, when you‘re naïve in politics, you will be made fun of and become a laughing stock at best. In Washington DC, Pres. Kiir was made fun of, abused and dehumanized like a war criminal.

In this respect, I believe Sec. Kerry has fed on the South Sudanese outcries considering Juba Nuer massacre on December 15th, 2013, where Kiir owned the blame.

Some may say Sec. Kerry made undiplomatic remark toward the President. However, the question is whether Mr. President knows that he was called a “militant” indirectly or not.

Precisely, this to say that President Kiir is not accustomed to any other sounds but machine gun, and this is perfectly true regarding his military career as a war general, while much greener to political twigs and turns.

In this regard, Sec. Kerry was reported to have stated that cameras’ shuttering sounded like machine guns when journalists were busy taking photos of a man who has butchered his own citizens. Kerry remarked that “this is like machine guns, isn’t it?” Naively so, Pres. Kiir responded “yes, they sound like machine guns.”

Yet, little does the President know that he was just being made fun of and called “militant” by his host. It was true that Kerry was referring to the troubled South Sudan of which Kiir owned the blame. South Sudan was rocked by machine guns since 2013 to the present.

Pres. Kiir squarely owned the responsibility. Therefore, Sec. Kerry was right. President Kiir acted out like a militant.

To put Kerry’s remark in context and honest perspective, Pres. Kiir has trained private tribal militias from his tribe. And on the 15th of December, 2013, Pres. Kiir was alleged to have instructed these militias to carry out one of the worse 21st century genocide ever. More than 10, 000 innocent Nuer civilians, women, elderly and children were massacred in Juba, South Sudan alone, based on their ethnicity.

Besides, not only did Pres. Kiir suffer insult in Washington DC from John Kerry, the President was also shamed by thousands of South Sudanese who took to the streets across United States and Canada.

On the 6th of August 2014, more than 6 thousand strong South Sudanese demonstrated across North America. From Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto in Canada and throughout the US and with more emphasis in the Washington DC, where the summit was being held, South Sudanese called on Kiir to resign to give peace a chance and stop bloodshed.

Elsewhere, protesters gathered in front of governmental buildings, but in Washington DC, they converged on the Freedom Square condemning President Obama for inviting a “ruthless killer.” The Protesters questioned President Obama’s administration intention and accused it of “flip-flopping” on South Sudan crisis.

SPLM opposition Diplomats in Washington DC
On August 2nd, 2014, top notch SPLM diplomats under Dr. Riek Machar Teny also arrived in Washington DC for the same purpose, the Summit. Thereafter, the diplomats will remain in US to enlighten the American public and President Obama’s administration about the nature of conflict in South Sudan and what really happened on the 15th of December 2013 in Juba which led to current crisis. The team will also further presents the SPLM’s position on the way forward to arrest the conflict.

The team was led by the former South Sudan ambassador to United States, Hon. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth. Hon. Gatkuoth painted a different picture of President Kiir and labelled him untrustworthy president and who “is looking out to the East, precisely to China.” An act Gatkuoth called a “hopeless betrayal” to the United States of America and friends of South Sudan, who had helped the world’s newest nation to gain its independence.

Gatkuoth mentioned that “Without Americans’ supports, South Sudan would have not gained its independence.” But, “as we speak, Kiir just bought weapons and got money from China.” Mr. Gatkuoth also accused unknown nations of hidden interests.

For Pres. Kiir’s presence in Washington DC, Ambassador Gatkuoth told the gathering of more than 3600 strong South Sudanese on August 6th that, “you should not be worried about the dictator’s presence in the land of freedom and the home of the brave.” “Washington DC is not Salva Kiir’s world, it’s our world.”

That being said the former Ambassador Gatkuoth is well versed with the Washington DC’s politics. He well fits in Washington than anyone else of his caliber.

Besides, Mr. Gatkuoth’s message to the world was clear and precise. He lamented, “For South Sudan to heal – for South Sudan to reconcile – for South Sudan to develop again, you cannot have Salva leading it.”

This is a resounding position and it has been echoed by many voices in South Sudan and across the globe. Many voices have stated that Salva Kiir has “murdered innocent civilians based on their ethnicity and therefore he has lost legitimacy to govern.”

Interestingly, it’s politics, who could have predicted that Kerry would have called President Kiir a hopeless militant. Well, hate it or love it, it’s what it is.

J. Nguen is a South Sudanese living in Canada. He can be reached at

LATEST: More arrests in Wau linked to Capital transfer

BY: Nicola Bringi, CANADA, AUG/25/2014, SSN;

As the tweet of the morning on Friday, August 22nd began in Wau, the climate and environment came to be scary, the weather seemed to be gloomy, and the living situation became fearful due to national security spreading across the city looking for some individuals. People and vehicles that looked “suspicious” were stopped; offices, homes and villages were searched as the officials were seeking particular individuals.

At the end of the day, the security had spread around all the villages near Wau. People learned by then that the following people had been arrested:
1- Father Justin Wanawilla,
2- George Livio Bahara,
3- Sebit Baptis and
4- Ashab Khamis Fahal.
5- Another person, still unidentified.

Still, we do not know what the motives behind the arrests are; however, by the end of the day only Sebit Baptis was investigated and released in Wau. As we always say, when September comes to December the government of South Sudan as well as Western Bahr Al Gazal will suffer from a type of hysteria.

It has become common to see people of South Sudan spend their Christmas and the new year in mourning instead of happiness. This is the new episode of 2014 and we do not know how it will end. We will continue to update you as things continue to unfold.

Unconfirmed reports state that all the prevailing insecurity in Wau pertains to the proposed move by the government of governor Rizik Zacharia to have the Capital of the national government transferred from Juba to Wau, a move popularly and strongly opposed by citizens of Western Bahr el Ghazel state.
Why the Transfer of the Capital Juba to Wau: No to new slavery & domination

BY: Vanivongo, WAU, AUG/05/2014, SSN;

Poverty has obviously made a lot of our brothers and sisters to sell their will at a cheap price. They are not any freer in their thoughts and behaviors. They can not reveal their true will. With these constraints, inhibitions and phobia, they have become slaves, and have victimized themselves and their children, and this will continue to reflect negatively on their grand, grand children.

The dangerous part of it is talking on behalf of people without delegation and grabbing the properties of the poor under blatant power abuse they are exhibiting.

Therefore, the recent unilateral suggestion of the transfer of the capital of the Republic of South Sudan from Juba to Wau, in Western Bahr el Ghazel State (WBGS) by the Governor Rizik Zecheria does not represent the will of the people of Wau who own the original ownership of the land.

He, Gov. Rizik, unfortunately, is not from Wau himself, he hails from Raga. Moreover, the so-called Chair person of the civil society of WBGS, who presented the speech during the fabricated demonstration, is himself a stranger and therefore has no right to talk on the issue without the consent of the indigenous people.

Imposing innocent children of the Schools in Wau to go on demonstration allegedly in support of the transfer without their consent is an abuse of the rights and the children themselves, and it is seriously a crime against their rights.

Human Rights Agencies, please, you need to look into it.

Furthermore, threatening Government officials to participate in the demonstration against their will, and also additionally, threatening them with either facing cuts of salaries or suspension from the work, have nothing to do with the public service regulation.

This is an abuse of power and new practice of slavery.

Moreover, imposing things on people and grabbing the properties of the poor under various forms of force is another new form of domination the governor is unashamedly exploiting.

Buying the will of the weak and forcing children and unprotected citizen to express what is not in their heart is another new form of slavery and a crime against human dignity.

The issue is not the transfer of the capital to Wau, but the intention behind. People of Wau totally believe that there are bad intentions behind the evil motives of their neighbors. END