Can Western Bahr el Ghazal State Emerge from its Political Crisis?

BY: Elias Uchalla, RSS, NOV/03/2013, SSN;

The Governor of Western Bahr El Ghazal State, Rizik Zakaria Hassan, lately has been talking about according pardon to all sons and daughters of the state who he believes were behind the Wau December 2012 crisis, where peaceful demonstrators were shot to death in broad daylight followed by internal tensions.

On two occasions recently, one at Juba University and the other at Chief Amabile Ucin’s house in Wau, the governor said he pardoned all those who wronged him and asked those who fled home to return.

One wonders what is going on. The act of pardoning in itself is an act between two parties, the aggrieved and their aggressor. It is the aggrieved to pardon the aggressor.

To put this straight the question we need to ask is, who was the aggrieved and who was the aggressor? Those who left the state back then were people exercising their democratic rights and the governor turned to crush them with an iron fist which resulted in deaths.

Feeling threatened thereafter, they fled and many others had their lives disrupted.

As the aggressor the governor cannot pardon any one. It is the governor who needs to seek forgiveness and be pardoned by a number of people some of who are listed below:-

1. The relatives of those who lost their lives
2. Those who are still in jail
3. Those who were coerced and harassed
4. Those who lost their jobs
5. Those who fled the state
6. The communities he turned enemies against each other
7. Those who lost their properties
8. The girl who refused to marry him. (She was brutally beaten and her hair uprooted, by security forces who came home to arrest her brother).

The second question is, can you ask for pardon if you are still abusing people? The Bible says ‘repent and your sins will be forgiven (Act 3:13).’ This means acknowledge your mistakes and turn away from them.

The governor is asking for pardon while there are still people in jail. He celebrated the death penalty sentence, passed on some innocent civilians by inviting the judges for dinner to his house.

He is still sacking people from their positions regarding them as opposed to him. He is still marginalizing citizens, for instance, in the absence of the Speaker of the Assembly, who is abroad for treatment, it the constitutional right of the Deputy Speaker to represent him until his return.

However, due to the fact that the deputy is Hon. Ukungere, the governor preferred to appoint Hon. Paulino Pinyi, a member, as a speaker temporarily until the arrival of Hon. Mayar Achor.

Govenor Rizik is still pointing fingers at others as those who triggered the problem. Is he someone who has repented and deserves forgiveness?

Pardon, as a word was not in the governor’s vocabulary during the escalation of the situation back in December. He refused all initiatives made for peace; whether by the religious leaders, women groups, or other community members to calm the situation.

All he wanted was to create an environment where people get killed and he was not satisfied by the number of casualties to this point.

From what we have seen in Wau, Governor Rizik is a devil. He is actually equal to Belzabul because he uses deception to trap people into committing mistakes.

The people of Wau will remember that Anthony Sokone and Sebit Arkangelo were called to a meeting back then in December 2012 and since that day they never saw the sun, and are still in jail now. This is the devil’s way of doing things.

Learn from your history and do not forget because as George Santayana said, “Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.”

Recently when the governor dissolved the cabinet and in the process of forming a new one, a government aide spoke to Sudan Tribune that the governor knows some ministers did not support him during the crisis and those are the ones who will not be included in the new cabinet.

Can this governor be honest for once? Just think of that, this is another way to deceive people. He always lures his colleagues to support his deceit and then dumps them. Here are some examples:

Morris Yel: who previously served as Director General in Warap State before moving to the Western Bahr el Ghazal State government, was the official go between for the governor and Juba administration during the escalation of violence, and he got all the support Rizik wants.

All meetings regarding the violence were held at his Africana Hotel. He funded his brother Tito to transport the youth from the Greater Bahr el Ghazal states to attack residents of Wau on the 19th of December.

Rizik Dominic: He was the spokesperson of the government and it was his words on Miraya FM inciting communities to create acts of genocide against each other that flared the violence of the 19th of December, where more people were killed and houses burnt down.

Juliet Raphael: Was completely silent and absent; but we understand she was sick and needed Rizik’s money desperately to undergo treatment.

Rughaya Madut: Was preaching that the youth in the demonstration were armed.

Michael Geba: Was deceived to quit his job in UNMISS to become the first mayor of Wau Town. Only when he was about to sit again on the chair, Rizik pulled away the chair and he fell on the ground instead.

The governor deceived these people into making mistakes just like the devil tried to deceive Jesus by tempting him in the desert ( Mat. 4:1-1). The difference is that these people failed the test due to greed and ambition.

The most important questions to ask is what is all this pardon about?

1. Could the governor be wounded on his back by a more powerful person and since he cannot see the wound he wants someone to tend to it?

2. Has he realized that his lies can no longer be covered?

3. Is he trying to rally people behind him as he is thinking of running for elections?

4. Or is it the fact that the President found out that he too was deceived by Rizik’s action that has put him on odds with the people of the state?

Beware of any sweet words by the governor. Those who want to embrace this pardon and shake hands with the governor will be “Shaking hands with the Devil.”

By: Elias Uchalla


  1. I agree with you, bro Elias 100%, I knew this man for almost 6 years. He is not a leader and doesn’t know politics, he has brought down our great Wau Nar, Nour wa Wau ma yi Noum. Honestly Comrade Mark Nyipouch is Far better than this joker. this is the fault of Comrade Wol Akech and his bro Wol Dhel, those were the guys said to have been lobbying the president to accept and recommend Rizik for the position of Governor. Salva Kiir is a very wise man, he rejected those requests for many times but I do’n’t what I happened eventually.
    Rizik is very deceitful, he turned the attention of public and specially the president during the December unrest that it was a fight between Dinka and Fertit, that Fertit don’t want Dinka in Wau and he used Morsi Yel to lobby support from Juba

    . if it is not a joke, how come moris became a minister and subsequently adeputy governor in Western Bahr el Ghazal?, he is from Warrap State, Rizik will have to pay for this.

  2. WauSon says:

    You are absolutely right comrade Elias. Rizik Zacharia Hassan is a liar, thief, murderer, and many other bad things a human being can think of. He thought, like the way he convinced those of Livio Bahara Ngelego, Michael Geba Ukello, Elia Kamilo Dimo and Angelo Taban Biajo among others, he would win more people. But the answer is NO, YOU WON’T SUCCEED.

  3. just I want to know about family over their let me know.

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