Can tranquility be brought back to South Sudan by IGAD without UN?

BY: Yien Lam, RSS, MAR/26/2014, SSN;

Well, as the question needs thorough answer, mine is a big No. IGAD cannot and will never bring a tangible peace in South Sudan because some of its member states are deeply involved in South Sudan crises.

As a concerned citizen of this great Nation, I sincerely believe that peace will not yield any fruits because member states of this organization, Uganda in particular, are the one who hold Kiir’s horns to fail the peace miserably.

Without Uganda backing president Kiir, peace could have been achieved long ago. For that matter, I truthfully believe an IGAD in which Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is the member, cannot bring peace.

Uganda is preoccupied by interest in the country and the hatred of what would be a democratic system. For that reason, the Uganda leader sees it as the threat to his leadership.

That was why the cessation of hostility signed on January 23th of this year was violated by him and Kiir’s government repeatedly.

This is a pure and clandestine plan for them that the others know not about it. It was done so by that leader to ruin South Sudan on pretext of protecting the infrastructures of the country.

To prove that though, when the two violated the cessation of hostility that was signed on 23th of February this year, the IGAD did not do anything that could have ripple effect on cease fire because Uganda is a member of it that in fact, dictates most of its work.

This was what triggered the rebels to respond accordingly. They have seen IGAD of doing nothing in terms of keeping its commitment.

This is one of the reasons why the fighting still dragging on for nearly three months now.

When you look at this, how in the world peace could be achieved with Kiir’s government while Yoweri Museveni is already playing his game?

In other words, how can you deal with a snake without taking its venom out? Should that be possible?

To me, I honestly doubt the ability of that organization to produce the tangible result in terms of peace in the absence of the UN.

Likewise, IGAD should not be trusted in this matter because Uganda already has its boots on the ground taking the lead instead of fighting alongside with South Sudan army under the Great Lakes political ploy.

This is the very main factor that impedes the peace process because M7 has taken side and aided kiir with whatever his regime wants.

Would you not definitely question the integrity of this Organization that played the interest of some of its members?

IGAD member states are in fact the ones complicating the peace process in South Sudan if not jeopardizing it. Kiir has no power to neither refuse peace nor violate the cessation of hostility than what has been invested in him by the Yoweri maseveveni.

To be exact though, kiir does not have any Army of his own that he can count on rather than Museveni’s.

Realistically, Peace cannot be negotiated with an organization that lacks neutrality in my view. This would be like fighting a handcuffed individual.

Time for the truth to be revealed will come. This will only be a matter of time. Truth may be skinny. But will never die. Kiir and Yoweri Museveni of IGAD may do whatever they can in order to dictate the truth. But it will emerge at the end.

Moreover, Kiir and his mentor will not stop short of creating mendacity and defamation of anybody including UN as it has been the case in the news lately.

This is the new tool that they have got and will play whatever game they possibly find because they defy all world powers. What else should they be afraid of?

UN has no enemy in the world rather than South Sudan regime. It is always taking care of all lives around world equally. That is its work.

If I am not mistaken, this regime has been rehearsed badly outside its border that is why they falsify anything in order to make the world’s only best organization to look bad which will not happen.

However, The United Nations needs to be careful though. It should not allow its staff to be abused as such with no actions taken. This will not be good for its integrity in the world.

It must know that, all dictators are being deterred by the action. Without action as it seems to be the case in South Sudan crises, will only influence the abusers to do more in the days, months and years to come.

In contrary, UN must be the only mediator that could bring a viable peace in South Sudan because it has no interest of any kind whatsoever.

Its interest always is to save lives of human being which is not the case now in South Sudan since the cessation of hostility was signed.

If that is the reason or the meaning of the United Nations as I know, it will be good for the organization to speed its effort of resolving the South Sudan crisis than delegating its power to untrusted organization.

The toothless organization known as IGAD has been conquered by some of its leaders’ interest whose aim is for self-seeking rather than bringing peace in South Sudan.

For this purpose, I urge the international community to act as quickly as possible because IGAD has shown its colors as not only bias but also inactive organization whose member states have already interfered in the country affair.

Due to that, it cannot be trusted to bring peace in the Country. This is a very urgent message to the world’s body to act as soon as possible.

Otherwise, South Sudan will be football field for anybody.

Therefore, I urge UN to intervene sooner than later if it wants to save lives in South Sudan as it always does around world, it must step in for peace to be achieved in the country. Otherwise, peace will never be seen as long as it’s being led outside its border.



  1. Wutjikol says:

    Hello Mr. Yien,

    Well done brother! You have made your point very clear to all your readers on South Sudan Nation. IGAD is a mere club of dictators who have less regards for humanity. UN should in the first place be the only body to mediate peace in South Sudan. President Museveni of Uganda is a known killer and monoplator whose regards for human rights violations in the region are worst indeed. He had killed millions in Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Somalia and now in South Sudan. President Salva Kiir is not a person of his own. He is just a puppet being used by IGAD leaders for their own advantages.

    It is very unfortunate from the first time to entrust South Sudan under his leadership. The SPLM/A In Opposition will definitely pursue the war of liberation until they achieve their ultimate goal no matter how long it will take. I am sure Kiir will relinquish power very soon. Uganda can not afford to sustain such costly and deadly war for longer period. Please keep up with your good writings. Victory can be realized through different actions.

  2. Omang Rollo says:

    What are you complaining about?, The UNMISS is your shield and supplier of ammo, with your movement now gaining ground after the fall of Padiet, should you not just be celebrating the joining of your rebellion by Wani Tombe and his sons, plus some disgruntled pen men like Ramba and El Hug Paul on your side?

  3. Mumosh Rahman says:

    I disagree with you,it is just our nature to blame others for the crisis we caused ourselves. Machar and Pagan would have waited till 2015 if at all they want to get rid of Kiir and would have done it peacefully and democratically.Yoweri Museveni as a president of a neighbouring country has the responsibility to stop blood shed in South Sudan and his intervention should be appreciated instead of finger pointing at him and claiming he has interest in the south ,who doesn’t have interest anyway,?Uganda has interest in peaceful south the same way the south has interest in peaceful Uganda…if Igad can’t solve the south sudan crisis then even UN can’t solve.

    • Mumosh Rahman,

      What kind of blood shed is Yoweri Museveni ever stop in neighbouring countries? Museveni is known only for killing of innocent people in East Africa. You are actually naïve and foolish participant of South Sudan nation website. I do not know whether you are a South Sudanese or a Ugandan citizen. If you accepted to be Museveni figurehead or wife, then we the rest of South Sudan citizens do not want to be ruled like wives and children of your uncles Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir. Yoweri Museveni has been ruling Ugandan citizens like his own wives for several years and Uganda citizens give in their private bodies to serve Yoweri Museveni interest. We South Sudanese, we like to be ruled by lawful constitutions written fairly for the benefits and good of the nation and the constitutions must be approved by the parliament and must be ratified by the states legislatures. The constitutions should be written to serve the wellbeing of the nation and must be enforced amicably by legislatures of all states. Through constitutions no one should be above the law like Museveni and no one should be beneath the law. The laws should judge everyone in the country equally no matter whether a person is holding a higher or a lower position in the government, no matter whether a person is extremely poor or super rich, no matter whether an individual is disable or not disable. Lastly, there must be lawful constitutions particularly written to regulate the land that people should follow. One cannot just grasp the land because he or she is in a higher position.

    • bolabokdit says:

      Let add one thing., the old saying is that. When the going get tough the tough get going, so when the going get tough for militias rebels they look around for somebody to blame. With the government national army inflicting a lot of casualities on them this time around they will blame Uganda

  4. upiu says:

    Sorry, but UN has never and will never bring peace to any nation. They neither have the capacity nor record of brokering peace accords anywhere on earth. UN remains as a humanitarian crisis response organization that has no political capacity to broker political disputes.
    If we can’t solve our problems internally or as a region, then looking for outside continental intervention is an elusive dream. It has to be remembered that IGAD with the support of UN and other international bodies brought us CPA and the eventual birth of South Sudan nation. If anybody doesn’t trust IGAD’s impartiality, then the next step would be AU. Look not to the west, my friend. They couldn’t prevent Russian annexation of Crimea.

  5. Lokilachong says:

    Yien Lam,
    We south Sudanese are yearning for peace that elluded us for decades. The December 15, 2013 incident in Juba and the spark of war has degraded our country, leaders, and eroded any peace existence betwee our brothers and sisters in the country. Now we look at one another with suspicion either as foes or comrade simplely because our leadeship in Juba mismanaged the country. The Addis Ababad accord (1972) between Anyanay movement and the Sudan Goverment marked one of the longest ceasefire in the world. The realtively peace that was achieved then was broken in 1983, ten years when rebelion flared up again in south Sudan because of mismangement of south sudan.

    The Decemder incident (2013) marked also one of the shortest independent country in the world that has gone back to war, just after only two years (2011-2013). It is unfortunate that we slided too soon to war when the dust of indepent celebaration was not yet washed ashore. The world community helped us attain this independence, they made us withnessed peace even if we shaded so much blood for our liberation. Now who do you think will make us have peace, instead the community will capitalize on the weaknesses and ignorance of our leaders and loot our country to the bones just like what the Arabs deed in the past. For example, see how UN carrying powerful wepons in Rumbek to undisclosed location and to ananamouse recipients.

    That was done by the Arabs who viewed south Sudan as nothing else but the bread basket of the Middle East or a big agricultural scheme for the north. But now south Sudan is for southerners (Junubin), we are suppose to manage our own affairs and enjoy peace, but not ploting to get rid of one another or other tribes. Our leaders failed to do that and now we are in war again. However, to answer your question directly, can IGAD bring peace in south Sudan? The answer is NO and I can tell you why. Here you stated it correctly, “IGAD member states are in fact the ones complicating the peace process in South Sudan if not jeopardizing it. Kiir has no power to neither refuse peace nor violate the cessation of hostility than what has been invested in him by the Yoweri maseveveni”.

    Secondly, Our president is totally dependent of president M7 for advice and arms. If he was a man of peace, he should have released all the remaining detainees and kick off Uganda armies from south Sudan as demanded by the rebels and the people of south Sudan. Just like president Putin of Russia, president M7 is unpredictable. Ukrain is now in crisis because Cremea has been curbed off to Russia and EU and US A can do nothing about it. I am sure president M7 also wants piece of land from South Sudan and the evidence is clear, we have dispute about land already in Pajok (Acholi area), Nimule, Yei, Kajokeji, and many other places are being contested. President Salva Kiir, the IGAD community, and AU can do nothing about it, and M7 is on the march deep into south Sudan.

    The division of IGAD community on the issue of south Sudan poses big threat to our peace. The president of south Sudan also poses threat to our peace for refusing concession.The rebels have give much to pave way for peacem, and I am sure president Salva Kiir is the man that could restore peace, if he can only disregard the advices of his god father M7. Thsi is because peace will not come from Uganda, not even from the IGAD community, nor the UN but from our own people of south Sudan. That means we need to throw out those antique leaders (including Salva Kiir and Dr. Riach Machar), curbed out corruption and nepotism, and arrest tribal centiment that has polorized our beloved nation. It is only through instolling new, capable, and young leaders then peace will come to south Sudan.

  6. Ambago Ramba says:

    Dear Yien Lam

    You have rightly exposed the inability of IGAD to broker a peace truce between the fighting factions in south Sudan’s. However let us all accept our roles in the root causes of our own country’s demise. Its our collective lack of seriousness to stop the current leadership from dragging the entire country into what was clearly the wrong direction.

    I for one don’t see why IGAD, UN or Uganda should be seen to be the may culprits in today’s self destructive mission the south Sudanese people have chosen for a path to walk.

    There are people within south Sudan who are to be held responsible when they not only handed this country’s destiny to an incompetent leadership, but they also armed a vision-less individual with unlimited powers in a constitution that was shuffled through the poor masses’ throats.

    And since the agreement on cessation of hostilities hasn’t worked , the war seems to be working. all those involved in actively fighting the war will be the only ones to decide if they can go on forever. this of course includes museveni of Uganda and any other groups who are still turning the idea of whether to join in or not.

  7. yiel aguat says:

    South Sudan is bigger then Kiir and the others selves ambitious who does not stand on their own toes but get an advantages about the ongoing situation. Instead citing civil population my dear with lie, why don’t u just simply examine the temperature if it might goes well with you then good luck. Even if somebody pull out in parliamentarian house it does nothing with an assassination. Let me a sure you my dear why do you learn on how write things related to peace so that you get bless then bringing curse because of such poison tongue.

  8. This is nonsense call and unpatriotic wish, south Sudan was never liberated by the UN instead it was by more than two and half millions of lives lost in the long struggle of twenty one years, UN cannot take over south Sudan as some traitors the likes of you may assume, America had to pull out from Somalia when her soldiers were bitterly beaten by the Somalian people, it is equally the same, we can fight who ever thinks that it can take over south Sudan in a new form of modern colonization, be it UN or America or whatever force in the World, why UN could not takeover Sudan which is killing its people in a cycle of devastating wars in all corners, UN did not do that because President Elbashier have proven to be a tyrant leader that can inflict more casualties on the UN force if they try, we can do the same in South Sudan.

  9. Dear Yien Lam,

    What is your personal rationalize solution to bring about harmony and peace in South Sudan, if you have stated out that the IGAD has failed to engage on peaceful dialogue between the South Sudan govt and its SPLM- In Opposition , aka defected groups led by the Former VP of South Sudan, H.E , Dr. Riek Machar?

    The question is very ironical here, why? Because I understand the failure of the IGAD in a peace making, is not about those who hailed from the IGAD medaiting team members among them are few that support the South Sudan’s govt position. My friend, writing on things to heed the public with the big hoodwink, doesn’t make no sense than visualizing your own mistaken, especially when you are accussed twice then pretending yourselves as if you are always right.
    Believe me, or not? This nation called South Sudan, we all have to destroy or renovate it from the shanty.

    We can’t be liberalized when coming to solve our diversities instead we must be straight forth when a problem has happened among ourselves. Now that, I do disagree with those who are currently running after Dr. Riek Machar ,whose hands are thoroughly dipped in greasy bleed of Southern Sudanese, while he always like his problems to get solving whenever he is on run?

    Who knows for real whether his self-centrism is basically upon his personalizations. Leave alone you are Nuer, who are slashing out to support his rebellious. Yet he will be the same Dr. Riek Machar , who had failed his own community to host the so called 1991, as known Naser Faction to its destination!

    Let’s pray strongly for peace to sprout out among ourselves instead of expecting a peace -making from elsewhere?
    Monyluak Kur

  10. Kong Puok Tong - Finland says:

    Dear, brother. Yien Lam
    It’s very substantively structured contribtive analsis,those called mercenaries invited by criminal, Salva Kiir Midiidliel to pays them our oil revenues, turn his crimes as proxy war rid of continuing on fake rulling is unacceptable. Primitive, Salva and his allies will loose this game soon. The consistential ideas are first of all, we want him to stepsaside and his allies must be withdrew, then sessation and negotiation may stable.

    Hence. my advice to all you in wherever an external or internal that, to pay a necessary supports SPLM/ A in oppostion under command H. E Dr. Riek Machar Teny due politically, economically even pyhsically in order yield the war’s termology shorter. Thanks, keep it up, may God bless you ! ! !

  11. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Yien and All:

    I agree that neither IGAD nor UN is the solution to our problem. The solution is in us. Blaming outsiders for our shortcomings will never land us a lasting peace.

    Here is my suggestion:

    1). Let Kiir kicks Uganda out of South Sudan and begin on dialoguing with the rebel. In the event the dialogue does produce any fruitful result, let Kiir defeats the rebel without any outsider help or let the rebel defeats Kiir without any outsider. Sometime it is necessary for brothers to twist their army in order for them to live peacefully there after knowing that one of them is the winner. Winning with someone else help does not bring peace because as soon as your helper leaves you behind, your brother will start a fight with you again. So the problem is not solve unless if your friend does not leave you alone at any given point, which makes you dependent on him rather than being independent or standing on your own feet

    2). After the winner is known, it is easy for peace to come since the other party will not bother you again because you have defeated him or her.

    Before the winner takes his role, an independent team ought to be put in place to draft the constitution. The aim for forming this independent body is to avoid making the same mistake of giving too much power to the President. A term limit must also be included in the said constitution. This will give chance for anyone willing to aspire for the higher position including the loser. Also, a well integrated army that should be called South Sudan Army (SSA) should be put in place. No private army allows. Most importantly, this so call SPLM/A should be discarded for good. We are not Sudanese any longer; we are now south Sudanese… Period. If you want to be Sudanese, Omar El Bashir is there to welcome you to his home.

    • Bol Akuol says:


      I have totally agreed with your proposals regarding the current peace talks in Addis Ababa. President Kiir Mayardit should expel the UNMISS, NGOs and Ugandan troops from South Sudan and let the Dinka and Nuer fight their war of supremacy as they did it in 1991. In fact, the presence of UNMISS, Human Rights Watch and Ugandan troops has complicated the war and it is even prolonging the unattainable peace efforts in Addis Ababa. Let Nuer and Dinka settle their tribal and political differences through the Barrel of guns.

      These rival tribes had never respected the peaceful resolutions until either of them is defeated militarily in the front line. They did it alone in 1991 until Riek Machar and his White Army was defeated and expelled from South Sudan. The peace between Dinka and Nuer should be negotiated and settled by their traditional Chiefs and spiritual leaders. The IGAD, AU and UN are wasting their time attempting to reconcile the unreconcilable groups. Who reconciled Riek Machar and John Garang /Kiir Mayardit and/or Dinka and Nuer after their first split in 1991? In 2002, after eight years of War, Riek Machar returned to Dr. John Garang/Kiir Mayardit and Negotiated their tribal and political differences without the interference of AU, UN or IGAD. So Please give a war a chance in South Sudan.

  12. Alier Gai says:

    Mr. Lam,
    You should come up with the solution and we will be rooting for you by supporting that approach to peace initiative. Otherwise, these crooked theories implemented in writing will stay at your arm length without reaching the public good use. Take responsibility first before you ask someone to do so instead.

  13. Jay Johnson, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, and Kiir Mayardit

    Dear Cousins:

    I appreciate the fact that you are the masters of South Sudan central government. However, I regret that you are paying each Ugandan soldier a $US100 a week and on time while you are not paying South Sudan Army or SPLA if you will. I was wondering why you are not even paying the war veterans and soldiers disabled by the war. Do you think it is their fault that they are wounded? Or you believe that they could dodge bullets like spears? Nevertheless, I wonder why your Nuer cousins who were wounded in battle and fought along side with you in Unity state, Jongeli, and Malakal are being killed in hospital in Juba when they are brought to Juba for treatment. Not only those in hospital, but also those wounded Nuer soldiers who were released from hospital also are being killed unless they return to their units immediately upon their released from hospital. At the moment, all wounded Nuer soldiers from the government side who were released from hospital in Juba are in UNMISS in Juba because they are being killed by the government they serve.

  14. Dear Yien Lam:

    For your topic question in your article, your wrote.For me, NO. Both IGAD and UN,they do not bring a transquility in the ongoing fighting in the country in the South at all in front of God! Transquility will come when SPLM in the party,sort out the complaints inside the party because the fight had come from it! Otherwise there could not have been any fight at all!.

    The on the ongoing peace talk agreement between the rebels and the South Sudan government, in Ethiopia,is a waste of time and waste of resources!! Thank you! Back to you in the audience in the forum discussion board!

  15. Shamga says:

    Mr Yien Lam,
    Who has really failed is not IGAD, but rebels and government. Each of the two parties tries to force its decisions over the other, which in reality is not how to negotiate.
    The two sides fail to recognize that they have a lot of options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the government’s side does not need Riek, while the rebel side does not need Salva Kiir. If real peace has to be sustained for real the two have to go. But whenever there is a suggestion that both leaders have to go, there is always an objection from both parties that the other side’s leader is the problem and needs to be the one to leave. It seems none of the two accepts any disadvantages, all are only for advantages. This makes it looks like there are only two smart people in the whole country. The two sides seem to lack awareness of any other options and they are pursuing ineffective battlefield confrontation strategies.
    The two sides use forced-based strategies, assuming opponents will quickly submit to their demands, thereby providing a quick route to wins. However, this is a subjective tribal politics rather an objective national level politics, and for many of the misinformed members of the two communities fighting, it looks like they are being forced against their will which looks like admitting weakness if the proposal comes from the other side and they accept it. And they can use any means available to resist the use of that imposed peace proposal. This makes it difficult to predict how the two will respond to one’s peace-based initiatives. Therefore, though they appear to agree sometime, they will often try to build up their power so that they can retaliate or fight hard in the hope to reverse the decision at a later time.
    Resentment and retaliation is especially likely when warring sides are tribal and believe that the lost war of is going to make them lose the traditional pride and dignity. In this situation, the losing nuer continues to build up its own forcing power in hopes of challenging the winning dinka at the earliest possible opportunity. The result is likely to be a long-term intensification of the conflict, rather than resolution. This is not anything to blame the IGAD for my friend.

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