Can President Kiir Man Up Like President Nkurunziza This Time?

By: Simon Yel Yel, Juba, South Sudan, AUG/15/2016, SSN;

“No Nation has the right to make decisions for another nation; No people for another people,” Julius Kambarage Nyerere, from his ‘A Peaceful New Year’ speech given in Tanzania on 1 January 1968.

When patriotic South Sudanese look at the world, we see a swarm of threats and hatred. Threats that start from our region to the United States. Our neighboring countries including Uganda and Kenya are plausibly warming up for aggression against South Sudan any time at the behest of the United States.

There is no doubt that Washington and United Nations are extending their usual aggression on the pretext of promoting democracy, humanitarian assistance, human rights and protection of civilians as means of ousting independently-minded government of South Sudan.

Washington did it before to the leaders of countries which had refused to show deference to Washington such as Saddam of Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya and Assad of Syria.

What had happened on Friday night in the United Nations Security Council meeting is a rubber stamp of what IGAD countries framed in Ethiopia on 5th this month under the instruction of the United States.

Regrettably, our foreign policy makers have spectacularly failed to solve the arithmetic of diplomatic courtship equation of convincing just one permanent member of the UN Security Council to veto the United States sponsored proposal.

To the surprise of many people, our diplomats also failed to convince China. Many people couldn’t believe that China, the principal beneficiary of oil investment in South Sudan, has taken a neutral position and reservedly sat on fence folding its hands while its earphone is on listening to music.

Meanwhile Russia, the possible potential partner looks to be fatigued of always vetoing several United States sponsored proposals against South Sudan has decided to take a neutral position also.

The choice is now squarely up to the government to choose between rejecting the regional troops and face the arms embargo or accept the regional troops and there should be no arms embargo; in other words, it is a choice to choose between a rock and a hard place.

In fact, the IGAD countries have also a choice to choose whether to remain as a tool of the United States and bring their troops to invade South Sudan or follow the decision taken by the Sudan and Uganda governments not to be part of regional forces deployment in South Sudan.

If IGAD countries choose to be a tool, they will possibly taste the bitter reverberations in their countries and the region will experience the worst deadly civil war ever of massive scale and indeed the IGAD and East Africa Community will dichotomize.

It is an open secret that Washington is not run by idiots. But by the political elites who have consolidated their power and become accustomed to their status as the owners of the world. They act as they want; dividing the ruling elites of any country that they want to target and using money to bribe or buy the governments of neighboring countries of that targeted country; forcing unnecessary resolution on UNSC and handing over its execution to those neighboring countries to achieve the desired goal of the United states.

They build coalitions based on principle “if you are not with us, you are against us.” The self-speaking evidence is in Syria. The United States have used Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and others to fight Bashar Assad and now the United States wants to use Kenya and Ethiopia to fight Salva Kiir.

When it comes to Africa, our ruling elites don’t see what American ruling elites are doing. There is no Coalition or Organization in Africa that can protect its targeted member states. Lamentably, the ruling elites in Africa laxly decided to let Washington dip its hands into our affairs.

Burundi is the only country in Africa which said NO to the United States’ interference in its affairs. For the ruling elites in Burundi, to go from being a country that respects the sovereignty of another nation and negotiates on equal footing to one that decides destiny for another country is intolerable.

The ruling elites in Burundi have consolidated their power and they proved that they can’t be pushed by the United States and the United Nations whatsoever the case may be.

President Nkurunziza has bravely refused to be bullied by the UNSC and AU resolutions on sending troops to protect civilians. He tremendously proved to Washington and its puppets in Africa that he is the president, captain of Burundi and once rebel leader whose military mentality had not faded away.

He stood firm in rejecting the deployment of the regional troops and threatened to shoot them should they land in his country. Earlier this this month, he also rejected the UNSC resolution on sending 200 UN police to protect civilians. They are not bombed into oblivion and life is normal now in Burundi.

Contrast to our ruling elites in Juba, they failed to consolidate their power and they proved that they can easily be pushed back and forth by the United Nations and United States. Our ruling elites should leave off their current stance and try to ex-cogitate how the ruling elites in Burundi are handling their affairs.

In fact, after the President Bush left the White House, Kiir’s troubles immediately started but with pride and determination, he safely sailed the southern Sudan to the Republic of South Sudan in conditions of Washington interference to cause power wrangling in the SPLM party to oust him.

This interference is speculated to have been supercharged by the decision taken by the President Salva Kiir to continue with China as a contractor after the independence.

With the current unfolding state of affairs, Kiir must show the United Nations his military wit and prove to the world that he was once a rebel leader and President who can’t be aghast by war whatever magnitude it may be by rejecting the deployment of regional troops. Kiir must show firm stance on rejection of regional troops this time. Otherwise, he wouldn’t last for long.

Arguably, Kiir’s shifting stance on national and security issues is the loophole or ambiguity that many countries and the United Nations took for impuissance. If the phrase “The existence of UNMISS in the country is the first grave mistake” is an exaggeration, then the phrase “the usual unexpected shift of government’s stance on national and security issues nourishes the current state of affairs” reflects the current situation quite accurately in my opinion.

We are all aware that Obama wants to implement the Vision of New World Oder as he made it crystal clear on 24th March 2014 in Brussels when he addressed the EU leaders. He said “And for the international order that we have worked for generations to build. Ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs. That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.”

Unfortunately, our neighboring countries refused to see and comprehend this clear language of the Washington. Obama wants us to surrender our rights and hard-won sovereignty of South Sudan to the Washington to govern us. But over my dead body, as long as South Sudanese women continue to procreate and as long as there are youth like me, Gatkuoth, Lado, Kenyi, Omer, Poni, Nyaruech and Atong, we will fight the Americans and their puppets till the end of the world.

We are independent nation and we shall never relinquish our sovereignty to any nation even if it threatens or bombs us into oblivion.

It is very clear and apparent that the United States and United Nations have a long history of invading countries selling their aggressive wars to the people as “humanitarian intervention, protection of civilians or democracy operations”.

From Yugoslavia to Somalia, from Yemen to Libya, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Ivory Coast to Congo, and now in South Sudan, the United States and the United Nations have intervened under various false pretexts and the result is always the same, destroyed states, changed the regimes, killed the presidents by hanging or firing squad, arrested and jailed the presidents in the ICC, and massive casualties.

In other words, it is the implementation of the Washington “shoot-to-feed” program of looting resources. Washington invaded and destroyed Iraq, Libya and other countries purely because of the Oil they were bestowed with.

If African leaders don’t stand up to stop this budding American colonization and lust for other countries’ natural resources, such evil acts will never stop as long African leaders fear the United States as an undisputed hegemony.

One of the most obstinate about African leaders is that no matter how many countries the United States illegally invades, exploits, threatens, kills people, ousts the regimes or colonizes around the globe including Africa, they still cling to the delusion that the United States is a “ force for good” in the world and adore it.

African leaders must understand that that the serious threat to regional peace most certainly is not Nkurunziza, Salva Kiir nor Robert Mugabe but the United States sponsored aggressions through the United Nations targeting their countries.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling the joke that President Salva Kiir once said in 2014 in Rumbek. He said “during the liberation days when I was a commander of Tiger division, people used to fear me a lot. But now they don’t fear me again, I don’t know whether it is because I have hidden my claws of Tiger inside the paw or what? And if so, then I will remove out my claws.”

I think this is a right time for the President Salva Kiir to prove to the United States, United Nations and our neighboring countries that he once has claws of Tiger and still he has them.

For the President Salva Kiir to conveniently prove to the United States and United Nations and indeed to South Sudanese to know that he has claws of Tiger is only if he: speeds up the integration process of SPLM-IO into the National Army; makes sure that Riek Machar is six (6) feet down the ground in the shortest time possible; relocates the UNMISS 50 miles away from Juba; Never give in to deployment of regional troops; and organizes a nationwide massive youth recruitment into the SPLA.

President Salva Kiir must recall that we fought against Arabs for over four decades because of colonialism and South Sudan is not a donation from the UN or United States but a nation which cost 2.5 million lives to be a sovereign country. We shall never give a damn to whoever wants to colonize us, be a white man or black white-hearted man.

No nation has the right to make a decision for another nation. Can President Salva Kiir this time man up like President Nkurunziza and say NO TO REGIONAL TROOPS DEPLOYMENT ONCE AND FOR ALL?

Simon Yel Yel is the co-editor of the book of the President Salva Kiir’s speeches and essential writings published as “Salva Kiir Mayardit: The Joshua of South Sudan”. He can be reached at or 0955246235.


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Simon Yel Yel,
    While in the process of publishing your article, your leader, Kiir has now openly accepted the deployment of 4000 UN troops to Juba without conditions. You surely don’t know your leader very well enough and never trust him again, he can sell you and the South next time.
    Secondly, if you ever read the book “The Power of Creative Reasoning: The Ideas and Vision of John Garang,” by one of South Sudan’s intellectuals, Dr. Lual A. Deng, Ph.D. of Bor, now sadly relegated to one of the junior secretaries of the SPLM Secretariat in Juba, this is what he wrote in his famous book on Dr. John Garang, page 46, why your Kiir isn’t and can’t be the ‘supposed Joshua’ to take over from ‘Moses’ who is Garang.
    Dr. Lual wrote, I quote page 46: The development of the promised land is a different mission that requires a different leader, and we expect divine intervention in this regard……….. It’s therefore imperative for Joshua (Kiir) to give way to a developmental leader of the promised land.”
    Dr. Lual went further in the book to describe your Kiir’s lack of visionary leadership and his sclerotic management of your SPLM party. Please, take Dr. Lual’s advice, change the title of your book as Kiir is no Joshua!

    Finally, I seriously wonder who is that Joshua you are writing about. I always buy books written by South Sudanese but this one of yours won’t get a place in my library.

    • Simon Yel Yel says:

      Dear editor,

      You are right that I don’t know my president enough. He is unpredictable creature who doesn’t have a firm stance. No one knew he could talk like the way he talked in the parliament. I will wait and see shall come next. There is no doubt this mercurial government will be ousted by UN and the U.S very soon.

      Regarding the book, what Paanluel Wel, my co-editor and I did is compilation, edition, and transcription of Kiir’s speeches into two books. we didn’t author it. we only authored his bibliography.
      It is good for you to read these two books and compare what he said all this time along and what he has done now.

      We didn’t give him the name called ” Joshua”, this name was given to him by Bishop Joseph Maron of ECS in 2005 in Juba during the funeral prayers of the late Dr. John Garang.

  2. Gatdarwich says:

    Yel yel,

    Your traitorous Jenges’ kingdom is destined to be cremated soon–before you finishes composing the war songs. 200 American assassins are already in Juba–secretly surveying primary target locations–in case killer nyankiir’s and Malong’s militias wanted more war lessons–to permanently drills civilized human behaviors in them(the traitorous Jenges–Dinka). The deployment of the third party forces in south Sudan is non-negotiable–the indisputable Patriot, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon demanded it, and it’s being absolutely implemented in full in thy traitorous Jenges’ sorrow watch! As per China, it can’t possibly vetoed any UN resolution that is designed to punished the killers of her nationals–remember killer nyankiir’s militias killed two Chinese peace keepers in Juba at last month. Also, Malong’s militias killed four Russians couple years ago in South Sudan. So, in reality, Russia and China wanted justice for their citizens that you, the traitorous Dinka killed in cold-blood. In a nutshell, China and Russia have completely opted-out of your(Dinka’s) bribery and treacherous–manipulation list. Yel Yel, it’s evidently high time for you, the traitorous Jenges–cowards–Dinka to single-handedly carry your traitorous’s cross. Fight UN alone, if you miraculously got guts to manly confront-face your enemy in battlefield without seeking outside help–mercenaries–UPDF, SPLA-N, and Darfur Rebels behind you!
    Lastly, Yel Yel, how would you magically spread the current chaos in South Sudan to others–E-African Nations if you can’t even cleared Bor-Yei-Mundri-Juba roads of patriot forces? Yel Yel, you’re self-deceptively making the usual-typical Jenges’ non-backup empty noises period

  3. False Millionnaire says:

    I agree with u in much the same way as I agree with Dr Lual Deng.
    Mr Yel,
    To be sincere,none jieng elites like the editor are the ones who are responsable for the RSS’ tragedy. Begining from the evevts of 1991,every struggle for power is quickly transformed into a war against jieng masses wlthout any exception.
    By doing so,they have ended up creating the JCE mobilizing jieng masses under Kirr because that’s where there security is assured. That’s the very reason that has disarmed the majority of constructive jieng elites like Dr Lual and driven them into silence without meaning that there is anything akin to leadership in Kiir.
    It Will be very intriquing to many constructive jieng elites where do u really get the idea that compels u into projecting the failure Kiir as Joshu in succession of Garang.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Why the denial then? JCE is in existence to champion the Dinka agenda of “born to rule”, isn’t? Others from your fold continue to deny the existence of this shadowy group.

      Dr Machar is now out of the country and the whole thing of negotiation, implementation, etc is back to square one. Did Kiir with the backing of JCE play their cards wells?

  4. mading says:

    Gatdarwich, you nyagaats have sold South Sudan to bone, but there will be a day blood of our martyrs will ask nyagaats like you in our country.

  5. Toria says:

    Simon Yel Yel
    Hahahahaha, am sure you might be a little surprise to see me laughing. I just want to use two of your sentences that sounds like you might have just rose up from death or arrived from some alien space.
    “If IGAD countries choose to be a tool, they will possibly taste the bitter reverberations in their countries and the region will experience the worst deadly civil war ever of massive scale and indeed the IGAD and East Africa Community will dichotomize”.
    So now you are planning to invade East African nations? Isn’t this a laughing matter? Now you should know when other people say you Jenges are the most retarded humans alive. There is a proof.

    “We are independent nation and we shall never relinquish our sovereignty to any nation even if it threatens or bombs us into oblivion.”
    So now you are transferring the war from between Jenges vs Nuer, Jenge vs Equatorians, Jenge vs Murle, Jenge vs Fertits to Jenge vs the International Community? Wow, as much as I applaud your bravery and tough talk, but deep down you know you are just another bluffer with no substance behind.
    Also, Did you mean Independent Nation or you actually meant, Dependent Nation? Wasn’t it the USA that helped to guarantee the so-called “Independence” for SS? This is like the story of the “Lost Son” who ran away with his father’s wealth thinking he is tough only to end up eating with pigs. The only way you Jenges will survive is exactly what Kirr is doing, to surrender and obey the orders of the International Community. It’s to late, the whole world have seen the colors of Jenges, no one is on your side including Museveni has divorce you because the Petro-$$$$$$$ account has ran dried. Have you heard about the phrase “No money no honey”? Well, you are no more the petro-darling of (2005 to 2013). No body even cares about petrol anymore, it’s dirty and polluting the environment. So, very sorry to say suck up your own vomit.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Here u go again out of the mark.
    If u couldn’t distinguish the difference betwwen jieng political elites and jieng ordinary masses,then prepar yourself to fight them as one single block.
    It’s ignorance at it’s best to pin point on the JCE as evil becouse in’s a product of your creation.It constitutes a party to the same jieng block that u are intending to fight.U will kill it’s members in the battle fields in much the same way as u would kill any ordinary jieng within your reach.
    Any war on earth sir produces two out comes.U either win it or lose it.Better calculate very well becouse if your conduct is out of miscalculation in the context of your war against dinka,God will be too far away to hand u the victory on a silver plate from the sky.U have the cards to play with in your hands.There isn’t any need then to appear terrified by the fantom idea of,”born to rule”.

  7. info@southsudannation says:

    Excellent reply to Simon Yel Yel. If I may, I just want to reiterate the point that all empires one day have to fall.
    For instance, no one then thought that Field Marshal Idi Amin of Uganda will one day literally run away to exile in Saudi Arabia, absconding power, with his tail between his legs. Mengistu Haile Mariam was such a feared man that, again, no one thought he would run away like some coward. Where is Egypt’s Mubarak today, etc etc…..?

    Anyway, no matter what, the Kiir jieng dynasty will one day, sooner or later, be brought to its knees. The whole Western world, the very power that seriously and genuinely expedited our ‘so-called’ independence, is now thinking of how and when to get Kiir out of J1. What is sad is that our innocent people will unfortunately and unavoidably continue suffering until the D-Day arrives. Let Simon Yel Yel keep “yelling!” (No pun intended)

  8. If wishes were horses poor men would ride, so goes the saying. If the Naath people and The fence-sitting Equatorians are yearning for the US intervention to salvage them from Jieng “hegemony ” then they will wait for a very long time. The Americans fight and die for American interests. They will not fight for the backward and anarchist Nuer (Naath). The independence of South Sudan is not a gift from the American imperialists but won with dear blood and sacrifices of the Southern tribes. The Jieng sacrificed 2 million lives and suffered abduction and slavery from the colonial Arab regimes in Khartoum. No any other tribe has a common border with the Arabs except Jieng (Dinka). We are ready to offer another 2 million people to fight off neocolonalism. The Vietcongs defeated the Americans. We defeated the Arabs without the Nuer on our side. We can defend the hard won freedom from any marauding power.

    • Eastern says:

      Monyjor Abiyok Nak,

      SPLA did not defeat SAF. This is a fact that cannot be twins twisted to create history that appeals to the Dinka people; stop lying!

      The population of the Dinka, especially from Bahr el Ghazal was decimated by famine following scorch earth campaign waged by Murahleen and other Arab-stock tribes from northern Sudan. SPLA was fighting a war of attrition. For close to two decades, Juba, Malakal and Wau remained firmly in the hands of the jellaba with no change in sight. The jellaba strategically chose to concentrate their efforts around the aforementioned three cities leaving Dr Garang to wage his war of attrition through his field commanders while he globe-trotted canvassing for support.

      America chose to quit the war in Vietnam against the the Vietcongs on moral grounds. America did not want to appear in history as one country that nearly annihilated her adverse in recent times following the disaster in Hiroshima and Nagasaki following attacks by the Japaense on Pearl Habor.

      Stop the cheap rhetoric of outright military victory in any armed conflict today; any such victory will always be pyrrhic!

  9. mading says:

    Eastern Dinka where fighting a lonely fight, that is why the towns you were still being control by jellaba, during CPA.Because many Equatorians were calling themselves Congleses or Ugandans at that time. They did not want to fight, and Nuer militias were helping Arabs on the other side, got it ?

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