Calling Govt forces to stop Violation of cease-fire & crimes against innocent civilians in the Villages around Wau: SPLA-IO, Wau

Maj.Gen/Ashhab K. Fahal Ukanda
Commander SPLA/ IO Wau Devision
Loyal To Dr Riek Machar Teny 9th Jun 2016

Calling Government forces to stop Violation of cease-fire and crimes against innocent civilian in the Villages around Wau.

Wau villages are under burning, looting, rapping and killing by the Government forces in an attempt to draw the country back to war.

It is very unfortunately at this very important moment, when the South Sudanese are preparing to receive the peace, that, the Government forces ( Matiang Anyor) since 4th Jun2016 until today, are conducting wide campaign of violation in the villages around Wau under supervision of General Malong Awan.

Big numbers of the government forces are deployed in the areas around Wau, Civilian in the villages of Ngomgba, Momoi, Natabu, Brinji and others, are made to evacuate their home under gun shooting and bombardment.

Over two hundred fifty houses were looted and burned, rapping are taking place and killings are randomly committed, almost eight person dead. Properties are taken in the cars in daylight. Civilians are watching helpless.

The commander of Division (5) believed to have no power over those forces. The situation seems like absence of rule of law. But in the real sense, it is purposely made by the Government in order to provoke our forces react and draw the whole country back to the war.

With the witness of the international community, our forces are calm at their bases monitoring the violation, respecting the cease-fire and giving peace a chance to prevail in the country.

So at this historical Junction, we call upon the Government to go back to its sense and fulfill its commitment to the peace and withdraw their forces from the villages and avoid harming civilians.

We call Upon International community, all the agencies to intervene and especially (CTSAMM) Cease-fire and Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring Mechanism which is meant with this task, to carry out its mission upon this clear violation as provided in the recent peace agreement.

Immediate investigations are to be carried out in the villages mentioned, and those held responsible are to be brought for accountability.

Urgent assessment is to be conducted in the villages targeted, humanitarian assistance be provided to the civilian affected and necessary arrangement be made for their resettlement.

We confirmed our full commitment to the implementation of the peace agreement under our Chairman and commander in chief Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

There is no any room for the spirit of provocation that aims to the destruction of this nation and the suffering of its people.

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  1. wau nar says:

    we in the federal democratic front are supporting the above article ( and we are ready for the usual cooperation. wau office political wing

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