Bul Community in Diaspora condemns killing of Sgt. Banyjiath by interior minister


Press Release, Bul Community in Diaspora, APR/12/2013, SSN;

To: Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan.

We, Bul Community members in Diaspora hereby want to let you all know how we feel about the recent murder of our beloved son and brother Banyjiath, who was allegedly killed inside the residence of the Republic of South Sudan’s Deputy Minister of Interior, on Thursday, March 28th, 2013. Please accept this letter of condemnation with regards to the manslaughter incident orchestrated by the Republic of South Sudan’s Deputy Ministry of Interior in Juba. By the virtue of being citizens of South Sudan, Bul Community in Diaspora is writing to express its strongest condemnation about this incident 2013, regarding the death of Sgt. Banyjiath Mathoat who left his house for shopping in the nearby shopping center to buy airtime card for his family.

Without any doubt and in a correlation with the victim’s family, the Sergeant must have been on his way home, but he didn’t make it home safely because Mr. Salva Mathok Gengdit and his team had allegedly launched an attack on the Sergeant and captured him, tortured him, slaughtered him, and dumped his body into a sewage drainage nearby Mr. Mathok Gengdit’s homestead compound at the Tongpiny Residential area. (Photo attached of body in drainage)

Based on the facts from the ground searches conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the eye witnesses, and the victim’s relatives, clear evidence were found that proves the Sergeant’s body who’d disappeared for more than three days since March 28 until Saturday, March 30th when his body was found in the sewage drainage nearby the Deputy Minister of Interior residential house.

Bul Community members in Diaspora want to let you know that the identified late victim is a son and a citizen of Mayom County who resided in Juba serving his Country as traffic police in the government of South Sudan’s Department of Traffic Police under the Ministry of Interior.

Therefore, we believe that his rights and the service he had been providing to the Republic of South Sudan government as a traffic police should be valued; because he was a dedicated citizen who committed himself to protect his people as well as the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan.

Recalling his performances based on our understanding, Sergeant Mathoat had served in the South Sudan’s armed forces fighting for the South Sudanese freedom and in the end a serial killer and a Minister within your government took his life and slaughtered him like an animal for no apparent reasons and no clear evidence found against the Sergeant.

How would each one of you feel if such a tragic death happens to your own soldiers without any reason and no evidence?

Furthermore, it came to our attention that the Deputy Interior Minister has been hunting and launching serial killings against Mayom County citizens in Juba and elsewhere for many years and your government has never convicted him or counted him liable for his actions.

Moreover, if such horrible activities have been noticed in the Ministry of Interior for years, it means that the South Sudan government is in favor of his behavioral matters.

To keep you updated and make the statement clear, Bul Community in Diaspora would like to assure you that our community is not contented and completely condemn such a brutal action and human rights violation to the highest terms. Our community cannot just watch our people being murdered by those serial killers; no more on our watch.

Enough is enough; we have to end all those types of manners set forth by the Republic of South Sudan’s Deputy Minister of Interior; who has been launching manslaughter against Mayom County citizens for many years. Justice must be done, and the time to do it is now.

This Deputy Minister of Interior, he must be relieved from his public post and apprehended to face justice based on his killing actions and the criminal acts he has committed against his fellow citizens without accountability.

In addition to that, if the South Sudan government is unable to take actions or press charges against the Deputy Minister of Interior, Bul Community will set a zero tolerance and take action against the targeted serial killer to resolve the case and the mission will be accomplished.

In conclusion, We want to let you all know that Mayom County citizens are like any other South Sudanese citizens who deserve the right to live. Our community counts on you and your leadership to make our country a better place for our citizens and veterans to live in peace.

As every citizen deserves the fundamental right to live and be protected by the law of the land, we believed that Sgt. Mathoat’s life deserves the same rights of protection as well as his service as a traffic police who protect the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan in Juba and elsewhere.

Regardless of the facts, Bul Community in Diaspora demand that Sgt. Mathoat and the Mayom County citizens’ rights must be immediately upheld according to the law and according to the principles of simple human dignity; respected by both South Sudan government and the international law.

Violation of the rights of Mayom County citizens in Juba and elsewhere, where they look for equal rights, justice, peace and liberty are a contravention of the international law and should be dealt with accordingly.

Note:: To pre-empt reservations as to why the deputy minister of interior is a major suspect in this hideous crime, one should challenge his/her right conscience on how the minister’s home becomes death execution chamber in the first place in absence of his daring consent if at all?

With this very fact, even the towering legal experts on earth would sweat blood to justify Mr. Gengdit’s innocence, and so do South Sudanese community in general and Bul Community in particular.

In defiance, should the government of South Sudan as well as the legal system go numb, Bul community is here daring to say that the wisdom of such inaction would not only exacerbate the existing inter-community conflicts in South Sudan but the functional systems in the land would be deemed worthless since no reasonable citizen can obey an unjust system at all cause.

Take it or leave it, mishandling this case entails far reaching consequences with adverse effects on communal peace as well as political harmony and alignment.

Yours Sincerely,
Signed by: Bul Community Association Leadership in Diaspora

If anyone has a question please contact us bulcommunity@yahoo.com or visit us on www.bulcommunity.com

CC: H.E. Dr. RiakMacharTenyDhurgon, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan.
CC: Hon. John Kong Nyuon, Minister of National Defence and Veteran Affairs
CC: Hon. Justice Chan Reec Madut, Chief of Supreme Court
CC: Hon. John Luk Joak, Minister of Justice
CC: Hon. Alison Manani Magaya, Minister of Interior
CC: Hon. Oyay Deng Ajak, Minister of National Security


  1. Dear Sons and Daughters of Bul Nuer Community:
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the death of your beloved son and the hero and true servant of the South Sudanese people. Please know that the horrible death of your beloved son, Sgt. Banyjiath Mathoat, has profoundly touched my heart and I regret to learn that the Deputy Minister of Interior, General Salva Mathok Gengdit is alleged in his death. In fact, the loss of Late Sgt. Mathoat’s life is extremely disheartening and it is not only the loss for the Bul Nuer Community,yet it is also the great loss for all the Citizens of South Sudan. Therefore I personally advise you to be strong and patient because the people of South Sudan are grieving the loss of your beloved son with you.

    Please rest assured that nobody is above or beyond the law. The justice for your loved ones and others will be served sooner or later. If the Deputy Minister of Interior, General Salva Mathong Gengdit is rightfully indicted and convicted for this horrible crime in the Court of law, he will be severely punished regardless of his Ministerial position or Military Rank in the Police/SPLA.

    Those thugs are finishing the decent people and servants to our Country and they should be held responsible for their stupid and horrible crimes. Dr. Riek Machar had done that kind of horrible killing in the past. He killed the innocent Dinka Civilians and the SPLA Officers in cold blood during his insanity Coup against Late Dr. John Garang in 1991 and he is now walking freely and ruling the orphans and relatives of his victims instead of being hung or locked up in Jail for his stupid crime.

    Now General Salva Mathok Gengdit is killing innocent Nuer people in Juba and perhaps he will again walk away freely from this murder like his Boss Dr. Riek Machar. They looted our money and now they are killing our good Citizens in cold blood. If those thugs think they are above the law in South Sudan due to their current positions in the government, then we will deal with them in the Customary Law of Nuer and Dinka when they leave their positions in the government. We will definitely catch up with them either in the Bar or on the streets and the justice for our loved ones will be served there.

    Is there any sufficient evidence to indict General Salva Mathok Gengdit on the murder of late Sgt.Banyjiath Mathoat? or Is it because his Body was found in the sewage adjacent to General Salva Mathok Gengdit’s house in Juba? What was the motive for the killing should there is an evidence?

  2. knockme Dwon says:

    My sincere condolences to the family of the late brother. This must be taken with a serious concern to all the citizens of this great nation that if we don`t unite despite tribe and region and confront this government and call for a unilateral change it will end up with tragic and outrageous results to the beloved people of this great nation and some innocent people will remain to be long time victims without knowing why do there have to be treated this way in some decades to come. Because the world goes in a vicious circle, today can be your turn and tommorrow can be for others.

  3. Garang! what brought Riek Machar here, while the question in focus is Salva Mathok? Bor, Bor, Bor, Bor Bor and Bor massacre, that you always say, don`t you know where the White Army is? The white Army which killed your people in Bor. Gaajak were killed by the Garang de mabior and no body talk about it now. So, if you don”t do that just keep quiet, otherwise you all those alive now will follow the suit. Understood?

    • Dear Bol Tut Nyabeb:

      Dr. Riek Machar was brought in because he is a killer just like General Salva Mathok Gengdit. Please know that the White Army is a Nyagat and nowhere to be found in the South otherwise the Red Army would kick their Butts.The people you claimed to have been Killed by Late Dr. John Garang in Gaajak were Nyagats who ambushed and killed the SPLA soldiers. If Dr.John Garang was in the state of insanity like Dr. Riek Machar, the Red Army would have killed or expelled Nyagats from South Sudan.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Human life is precious no matter the tribe, country, and continent the person is. Gaajak people are as good as Dinka Boor. We all must condemn the heinous act done unbiasedly. Dr. Riek Machar should be condemned for what happened under his leadership as well as Dr. John Garang. There is common thread to these two crimes.

        One human life cannot be valuable while the other be looked down as useless.

      • GatCharwearBol says:

        Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
        Although you have made a very good point, you seem to be using selective justice. Gaajak are people like Bor and they deserve to be accorded the same treatment like every other citizens. Selective justice system will cripple our justice system very quick.

        Rule of law must be enforced across the aisles. It cannot just service one side of the aisles and segregate the other side. That is not what we fought for.

        The way Dr. John Garang dealt with Gaajak was unreasonable. Civilians cannot be attacked like attacking a military base, it was a crime against humanity at best. Different approach could have been used instead. Thus, whatever happens in the past is part of liberation struggle and it is the reason why many Nuer do not bring that issue of Gaajak up every second.

        But for right, it would be in our best interest to forget the past and focus on the future. We must be future oriented than looking backward on what had taken place in the past. It is not helping us and we are reopening the old wound. it is time to let those wounds heal.
        Both acts should have been condemned alike rather than being selective if we are to move forward as one country under one ruler.

        • Dan says:

          Brother, i hope that one we will stop comparing things that are not related. No one denies that the Gaajak Nuer have suffered as a result of confrontation with the SPLA. I refer to it as a confrontation because they were not innocent victims of aggression. They initiated the violence by killing the recruits on the way to military training camps. They also killed innocent SplA soldiers and steal their guns. Have a look at a youtube video when commander William Nyuon was trying to encourage them to peacefully return the stolen weapons. Also the spla did not have intention to commit genocide in Gaajaak area. They were only defending themselves.

          Now tell me what the innocent civilians in what was Bor county did to Nuer forces under Riek Machar to warrant their killings, abduction of women and children and looting of their cattle? I agree with you that there is a need for healing, but not by comparing the two incidents.

        • Dear GatCharwearBol:

          I hope you know where I stand when it comes to the killing or massacre of innocent Civilians. I don’t condone any killing that involves a Civilian or unarmed individual. However, if a Civilian or any individual is armed and attempted to kill a soldier, he/she deserves to be treated in the same way.They should be killed for self defense. Please accept my personal apology If there were no armed elements among the precious people of Gaajak who were innocently killed in that time. If the people who were attacked and killed in Gaajak were all civilians, then Dr. John Garang was deadly wrong for allowing such a killing to take place.

          In fact, I was not in the vicinity of Gaajak when the incident occurred. However I was informed that the so called Nuer’s White Army (Nyagats) were ambushing and attacking Jieng soldiers in Gaajak and pretended to be civilians. I’m a bit bewildered about this incident and I wonder Why Dr. John Garang allowed the Gaajak Killing when he was the one who prevented Jieng Retaliation against Naath people over the Massacre of Bor in 1992? It was Dr. John Garang and General Salva Kiir Mayardit who stopped Jieng and particularly the gallant sons and daughters of Bor who wanted to revenge for their love ones.. It was Him(Dr. John Garang) who spared the lives of Nuer Civilians when Dr. Riek Machar and his armed Nyagats massacred Civilians in Bor and fled to Khartoum for their own protection. I wonder, Why did that lunatic Dr. Riek Machar kill the Mother and Father of Dr. John Garang in Bor and fled to Khartoum for his own life and left his own Mother and Father under the protection of a grieving orphan, Dr.John Garang?

      • South Mole says:

        The red army is nothing more but refugees who spent all their time in Kakuma. If you think they can face the white army, think again Garang the tribalist!

  4. Kuot Ngor says:

    My condolence to the family of the late, Bul Community in Diaspora, Unity State and entire Bul Community in South Sudan. This is tragic to lose life like that, but one thing I wanted to clear here is that life in Juba has become cheap and taken easily. There are thieves in streets abducting and burglarizing homes and killing innocent lives for no reason. Our problems are no money and we need to look for solution and to instigate the situation. We have future to focus on. Our nation will be the best after South Africa if we really focus.

    Now going back to the incident, I was told by a close relative to minister Gen. Mathok, that the incident happened in Tongpiny area where private house of Gen. Mathok is, a block away not even close to the house, in that house was one bodyguard, sleeping not even aware of what was going on in the street. Mathok was in his Amaart house, the government residence. When I was in Juba I had a visit with Gen. Mathok, and he was determined to fight crime and not condone it. I am not defending him, but the fact must be told, because the hate in South Sudan is on its peak and people are framing themselves. As people who went through a lot, we should preach peace and fight crime. Not to instigate conflict which will not benefit anyone. I will be praying for peace and speak about peace and condemn any crime against humanity. God bless.

  5. simon peter says:

    Such a Dinka with Nuer name Gatkuoth, u have too much hatred against Dr. Machar who rescued us from terrorist organisation called SPLA. It was Garang`s force which invaded the civilian Nuer in their villages, when Nuer revenged. now u are making too much noise that nuer are killers. How many Nuer officers have been murdered by Dinka forces? what connects these murders with Machar? your peoples make us feel ashamed in the eyes of the world, they are thieves corrupted, who never learn from theirs mistakes, Your peoples destroyed our beloved country with bad activities. No bodies will rescue us, only Riek will do the job.

    • Deng says:

      Did the Bul Community in diaspora produced a graphic evidence of this young man being murdered by and within the minister’s premises? Me as Deng, I need an evidence and I will condemn to death if I can whoever is responsible for the killing of this intelligent handsome young man. Instead of an impulsive finger pointing, we better push for the probe, I mean legal and an impartial investigation if any, which I doubt it exists in our country.

    • Dear Simon Peter:

      Please don’t be hopeful and excited about the Prophet Riek Machar’s presidency in 2015. Nothing good will come out from his government except more killing among the Nuer people.. Here is what will occur: The Prophet Riek will fire all the Dinkas and Equatorians and replace them with Nuers and then the power struggle will begin in Juba between Lou Nuer and Western Nuer/Bul Nuer and president Riek will flee to Khartoum to ally himself with President Omar Al Bashir to wipe out all the Lou Nuer intellectuals.

      The Prophet Ngundeng had cursed the Naath people due to their defiance and stupidity. He cut the tongue of a Bull into small pieces and told the Naath people that since you rejected me, your tongue will never bring peace and unity among you and that you would always stay in disagreement. Don’t you know that you are a cursed nation? What kind of leadership will Nuer bring in 2015 if the Justice Minister and Anti-Corruption chief, John Lok and John Gatwech can not catch Kiir’s Cousins and the 75 thieves in Juba?

  6. Dan says:

    Very sad but i will not point a finger yet. May his relatives find strength to take them through this tragedy.

  7. Simon Peter, what about you telling the truth on why Nuers were attacked in their villages! What were they doing in the first place? Don’t you know that Nuers were looting from those who were going to Bilpam by killing them and they were also doing the same thing on their way when they were returning from Bonga? Anyway, the one going by those names of Dinka, Equatoria and Nuer names such as Lukudu, Gatkuoth Garang is making people curious on his status. Where and how you got those names?

    • simon peter says:

      Yes, Makuach, we don’t loot, they were doing self defense. When Dinka come to our village, they don’t act like a guest, they always go around to steal and bullying civilians. It is not new to us since we were in Itang, you guys were looters. Even if Salva gave them 10 billions, still you are cheaters, no changes.

  8. Ager says:

    I have heard that some from the minister’s family were arrested and still in jail in relation to this very topic. Since you have a direct communication with people close to Mathok or Mathok himself, you might need to ask those communicating with you why that is the case if indeed they are telling you the truth.


  9. My condolence to the family of late Banyjioth, Bul Community in Diaspora, Unity State and entire Bul Community in South Sudan, whose death occurred this month in the house of the interior minister Salva Mathok. My dear people, it is not the first time to see such a random killing. It is the old scenario which has been used for so many years by Dinka regime in order to finish those tribes that they termed as hostile toward their leadership.

    Please rest assured that nobody is above or beyond the law. The justice for your loved ones and others will be served sooner or later. If the Deputy Minister of Interior, General Salva Mathong Gengdit is rightfully indicted and convicted for this horrible crime in the Court of law, But because the rule of law is not respected in the Dinka regime, time will come for that regime to come to an end and this is where justice and the rule of law will be fully applied against those criminals, murderers, thieves and greedy people who will never be satisfied on this planet.

    Those who are killing people in Juba are Dinka particularly the Dinka of Bahr El Gazhel and Warrap in particular to which Salva Mathok belongs. My dear people, we have seen and witnessed all the crimes committed by those Dinka regime on the killing of our innocent people, misuse of our public money, counterfeiting of our money as we have seen in our national TV in which most those involved in these counterfeiting are always from Dinka. What do we expect from these people if they are the ones doing those crimes while the leadership is from their house?

    Recently, millions of dollars have been stolen from the office of the president despite the tight security within and around the office of the president. The question is why this huge amount was kept in the office and not in bank? Did the thief come from outside or from within? If it was from outside, how did he/she know that there is money there? Where were those of protection unit, the CID unit and the national security organ? Were they not aware of those thieves? Therefore the following were the three Dinkas in which President Kiir ordered to be investigated within 30 days? In the order, the president directed the committee to investigate his office’s top administrators. These include the chief administrator, Mayen Wol Jok, executive director in the office of the president, Yel Lual Kur as well as the controller of accounts, Nhomout Agoth Cithiik.

    The question is, if the investigation committee finds out that the money were stolen by those Dinka officials who have been stealing our public money since 2005 starting from the most infamous thieves like Arthur Akuen Chol, Kuol Athian and others. Will justice be applied to those thieves? I don’t think so since the stealing which is known as (ran nganyin) in Dinka language is not a crime, there will never be accountability because it’s part of their culture to steal.

    My messages to Justice John Gatwech is that if we will not uproot this culture from its roots, south Sudan as a nation will never see any development and equal distribution of resources among South Sudanese.

    Otherwise Federalism is to be applied in order to avoid imbalance.

  10. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    I am sorry to learn the death of Mathoat. May the good Lord rest his soul in peace and hearten your relations. To the sarcastic, the fellow who is using three un-matching names notably; Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, that there will be a time when you will be known the person you are hiding, so to speak. For almost everything you say in the media seems to me sarcastic because you refuse may be intentionally or the reverse to reason straightforwardly. you rather sound learned, though not educated. Because if educated, why hiding? free yourself from yourself bondage.

  11. Peter Madual says:

    I wish to express my sincere condolences to Methoat family. May our savior Jesus Christ rest with his soul.
    The so called Lukudu Garnag shouldn’t forget that he and Bor Dinka are still at the mercy of a proud and brave Naath white Army warrior.

  12. Andrew Jienge says:

    What a nation? What did he do to deserve this? Where is the law? Where is the moral to preserve human life? So this is the kind of nation that we were after? Shocking…..

  13. Dau-network says:

    My condolences to the family. Which system of the government do we want in 2015. Anyway I’m far away from tribalism but the facts remain to be said. If Dr Riek machar become a president, how will the world look at our country with that record? Will it be a democratic system or military, because in democracy around the world need Mrs/Mr/miss to CLEAN.

    Come to tribes, the minister for justice is Nuer but failed to prosecute any culprits. Anti-corruption commission chair is from Nuer but failed to bring corrupted officials to book. What system will be use by Nuer that’s different from now?????

    I like clean-handed people to come up from any tribes rather than Kiir, Dr Riek and Dr Lam.
    Where are Eq……ns who can do development better but no defense !

  14. My condolence to the family of Banyjiath Mathoat. I don’t like such thing to happen to anyone among us as South Sudanese. My advice to those with political purposes, don’t mix the death with your stupidity of segregation of tribes.

  15. Alek Ajang says:

    Breaking News: the results came out tonight in Juba, Salva Mathuok is confirmed for the murdered 15 people inside his compound an according to his two bodyguards who were arrested last Month. Let us wait for the judges, what they are going to say to the Public tomorrow. Another breaking news, Salva Mathok has disappeared in Juba, may be he left for his State.

  16. Bor Massacre! What a nice song! Did you know that Bor massacre was a response to Bor mishandling of Riak’s Defection? To me it was a revenge against what SPLA Did to Riak’s Faction. How Many Nuers were massacred? And all you sing is Bor Masaacre! Bor Massacre! Do not be like Tutsi of Rwanda who having faced with tribal conflict, quickly renamed it as Hutu Massacre of Tutsi while the real truth is there was a large scale tribal conflict in which war does not select and both tribes died. I hope this song will not be included in South Sudan Syllabus; otherwise this will be GURTONG.

    Ok! Dinkas are becoming first class citizens in South Sudan. So hurting them sounds more than them hurting other tribes.
    That is why when Gier Choung Aloung first introduced the firing squad to discipline soldiers he quickly realised that those fired in firing squads in western equatoria during the liberation days were mainly Dinkas; He instantly abolished the firing squad.

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