Brig.-General Camillo O. Aleardo Paul, In-charge of SPLA Logistics Support, resigns from Kiir’s army

Another top-ranking SPLA Headquarters general, Brigadier-General Camillo Otwari Aleardo, the person in-charge of Logistic Support Brigade, SPLA Bilpham has resigned citing corruption and tribal monopoly under Chief of General Staff Paul Malong Awan and his boss President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Brig-General Camillo Aleardo gave the following reasons for his resignation:
—Mismanagement of public funds to equip and serve only your Dinka ethnicity,
—Promotions of your own people depending on the extent of loyalty to individuals, no merit or qualification;
—Gross violations of the operating laws (SPLA Act 2009) and the national constitution;
—Avoiding the ethics of professionalism,
—Defamation of the SPLA through malpractices such as use of army uniform to commit robbery, theft and rape which are not punishable according to you.

These are many of the disheartening reasons facing the nation at large and shall be dealt with through resignation and stepping up the effort of being vocal about them.

Brig. General Aleardo concluded his remark that, “I am an eye witness, I am sure it is a high time to disclose your tribal intentions and unmasked your corruption. As for me enough is enough, it is up to the people of South Sudan to either be silent or have their say on your regime. As I present my resignation, I am honoured not to be a part of this fascist system ever in the history of the people of South Sudan” he concluded.

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