Breaking the Silence on Crime of Stealing South Sudan Resources to build Uganda

BY: Juol Nhomngek Daniel, Uganda, AUG/27/2015, SSN;

Editor, Allow me to express my indignant, resentful and sad experience of what I have found out in Kampala, Uganda, concerning South Sudanese politicians. South Sudanese politicians unknowingly have subjected the nation to mercy killings by stealing the meager resources for their own selfish use.

As a matter of fact, it is sad to find out that South Sudanese politicians (both in the bush fighting against the government and currently in the government) are not patriotic since they do not love South Sudan as they love themselves.

The politicians of South Sudan are syndicates of miscreant gangs that have robbed the nation and her citizens of scarce resources for their own benefits.

This statement is proved by the fact that almost all big fish in South Sudanese political arena have built for themselves houses in Uganda that even the President of the Republic of Uganda do not possess.

Therefore, the questions are: where did they get the money to build such wonderful mansions? Were they not built with the money that was stolen from South Sudan?

Ask any ordinary South Sudanese citizens both within the country and outside it and they will bluntly reply by telling you that such houses are products of the stolen billions of dollars since 2005 to date.

In fact, the answer to the questions above is consistent with the hypothesis that three quarters of the houses found in Kampala and other places in Uganda and other countries in Africa and even outside Africa were or are built with the South Sudanese money.

The above assertion is supported by the fact that instead of building a nation with the monies from oil and others that poured into the country before and after the independence, these monies were and are still being diverted for personal use, and hence, leaving the country in tatters.

The nation has been left in tatters because of the fact that there are no good roads, hospitals and schools currently. Moreover, the politicians deliberately started the war over limited resources and power.

In fact, if one happens to go to the houses of any of the big politicians in Uganda here or inside South Sudan, it is not surprising to get not less than five expensive cars and modern style of buildings. Yet in rural areas, citizens are wallowing in the valley of abject poverty.

It is sad reality that citizens of South Sudan are still dying of curable and preventable diseases, while women are still being subjected to medieval and archaic treatment by patriarchal politicians and citizens who are unregulated by unwilling authorities or politicians to impose and enforce the law.

The reason for the politicians not desiring to enforce the law or maintain law and order stems from the truth that if citizens are protected by law, they will wake up to fight for their rights, which will create imbalance that will result into authorities or politicians losing out. Thus, it is logical to let the sleeping dog lie.

Of course, I do not blame these inhuman politicians of South Sudanese because they were never educated to know value of education, which connects to the knowledge of respecting the value of humanity.

Truly educated persons are not ones who get first class but ones who know the value of education. Hence, I do not blame South Sudanese politicians since they do not know what they are doing.

Rather, the blame lies on the government of Uganda and governments in other countries that allow South Sudanese politicians to steal money with impunity in order to build for themselves houses as seen in Kampala (Munyonyo and Muyenga) while leaving the country in degradation and deterioration.

All nations in which South Sudanese politicians and private individuals have houses should audit these politicians and individuals from South Sudan to save South Sudanese from the jaws of poverty caused by corruption and misgovernment.

In summary, it is important for me (as law student taught in Makerere University) to play my role as patriotic citizen to break the silence over dangerous and deadly corruption that has engulfed South Sudan.

Corruption contributed to the occurrence of the current war in South Sudan, which is the result of individual personalization of politics and resources, which in turn resulted into the disregard of the rule of law.

Unless the rule of law is observed and corruption as we see in form of the South Sudanese houses in Uganda is minimized or eliminated (which is impossible), the stability will never prevail in South Sudan.

It is important, therefore, to conclude that as the United Nations declared corruption as a crime against humanity, the corruption in South Sudan should be declared in the following words: STEALING RESOURCES OF SOUTH SUDANESE TO BUILD UGANDA WITH THEM IS A CRIME AGAINST SOUTH SUDANESE as human beings. Corruption is foreign to South Sudanese and what is foreign to them is inhuman.

By Juol Nhomngek Daniel, Former Law Student in Makerere University and South Sudanese Citizen residing in Kampala Uganda. He can be reached Via:; +256783579256


  1. Easy Money says:

    The Clock is ticking for South Sudanese to openly identify these culprits who stole our natural resources for their own comfort. Time is approaching to expose them and the international police should,with the help of South Sudan citizens as well as the Government where these properties are located, start to document and provide pictures, names of the owners immediately. Investigation and arrest of the thieves must follow -up. It should be made clear,that existing properties abroad, can never be hidden,even if they were sold to a third or fourth party can be easily traced. The next project can be traced in the country of origin south Sudan. There are plenty of privately owned properties everywhere in Juba and other state capitals ready for audit. These are easy properties to locate, other than hidden cash abroad. Still can be found if the people of South Sudan file a complaint to the international courts. Well done Mr Jul Daniel for the pictures of one of these properties with a swimming pool. It is unbelievable a South Sudanese can steal from a country as poor as South Sudan. Please act now.

  2. Eli says:

    Thank you for bringing this up, all these are illegally stolen state properties and they will be seized and returned to the people of South Sudan when the hybrid tribunal court converge in court for war crimes cases to be established in the near future. (I suggest all these properties be sold in public auctions and the monies be brought back onto national treasury to help the poor people of S. Sudan). There are so many of these kinds of buildings and assets in foreign nations built by stolen wealth of our nation, Yes you are right that some of these nations should have investigated the sources of these money but some of these countries like Uganda are already corrupt and we all know that no thief will catch another thief, fortunate enough patriots like yourself are out there keeping eyes on these corrupt people, please keep up the wonderful reports and deeds and one day your name shall be honoured as public protector. I wonder how do they sleep in houses built by blood money, but the tides are turning and soon all hidden plans will be uncovered for justice to prevail.
    ALL the South Sudanese people deserve justice, peace, freedom and the pursuits of true happiness and liberty to live as they please.
    Eli Wani

  3. Juol Nhomngek,

    Over the years, I protested when Ugandan called us that “south Sudanese are stupid people.” Although the essence of the offense is not true, but the reality is that we in south Sudan are illiterate and majority of our people are uneducated. It is good that you can now attest to what you have seen in Uganda. But south Sudanese villas skyrocketing not only Uganda, but Europe, America, Australia, and various African countries not mentioning our neighbors Kenya and Ethiopia. Why could a south Sudanese built a mansion in Uganda or Kenya while people in Juba have no clean water, no school, no road, no car etc. South Sudanese cannot built apartment in Juba, but they prefer to rent foreigners dirty cubicals everywhere in the country. Instead of building apartments in south Torit, Wau, Malakal, Wau or Rumbek , they prefer to rent foreign buildings. What t is this? Not only that even many of our offices, business, schools are run by foreigners. Instead of enrolling our children in those schools we have in our country, we send them to Uganda and Kenya even to primary schools. It really sadden me when I see our leaders fighting for power, even illiterate generals wants to be president. What do they do with the presidency of the country? The blame may not only be lay on lack of education but educated people also doing worst thing. See, the only paved road we have is Juba-Nimule road which is American gift to south Sudan, but we cannot even maintain it. What is really wrong with south Sudanese?

  4. AGUMUT says:

    Thank you for bringing that up,but corruption was existed from beginning among officials in South Sudan. I am afraid those corrupt officials will never ever go back again and i am afraid again that government in Juba have to be very wise not to cancel their Passports,otherwise money in International banks abroad are gone case. International Banks are going to take those money if those corrupt officials have no Valid Documents to withdraw money.Their buildings are easy to be sell Off,but what about money in the Banks!

  5. Charles says:

    Dear Juol
    It is we who allow ourselves to be robbed this way, because we, the populace, are not vigilent. We try and protect these theives instead of exposing them. I know as a lawyer, you are very careful not to name names, and that is our problem. We are not courageous enough to say the obvious. If we started naming names the rest of the theives will start papying attention.
    I am informed that one particular minister in our government is building a whole mini-estate near Kyambogo. Everyone appears to know who he/she is but no one is brave enough to mention the person by name. It is time such people are named and shame the devil. There must be some legal ways to make such information public without fear of a libel suit. Such properties cannot be hidden. There are records that can be used to back up the exposures. But if we just keep claiming that these theives are out there, it is not helpful, and besides, the claim can be dismissed out of hand. The way to stop those criminals is to expose them.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Oyet,
    Thanks for your great dispatch.
    But it’s my impression that the actors behind the compromise agreement seem to have understood,”what’s really wrong with south sudanese”, as u correctly assert.
    If the agreement in question may not fall victim to unexpected surprises,it seems to have been made to start the foundation of RSS good governance from ground zero.
    I see in my immagination those of Dr Riak,Kiir,Pagan and the rest of their fellow corrupt SPLM/A elites relgated to the bin of history.
    The vacuum would be there for RSS constructive masses among whom could be u and many others to fill.
    The tragedy would be coming in only to reinstitute the malicious SPLM/A elites’ evil manners rather than correcting them for a better RSS!!!

  7. IJSONOFMAN says:

    So why not mention those thieves other than beating around the bush

  8. Sossa patriot says:


    while you rightly highlight this looting of resource, you seem to absolve the politicians in the same breath. South Sudanese need to learn to take responsibility for their actions, welfare and destiny. Why don’t you want to blame the politicians who are responsible for the looting but instead blame foreign governments for ‘allowing them to loot’? This is perverse!

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Sossa patriot,
      Thanks for your observation. I am not trying or tending to condone impunity but I am trying to point out the fact that foreign governments are also partly to blame for being complicit in crime of stealing resources from South Sudan to their countries. Why should I not blame them? The same foreign governments instead of exposing those who are genuinely corrupt and not fit to govern the country, they are siding with one group or the other and the ultimate victims are ordinary South Sudanese. According to the UN declaration against corruption or economic crime all states have responsibility to fight corruption. As I have pointed out in the foregoing paragraph concerning the responsibility of all the states to fight corruption by implementing Anti-Corruption Policies, the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which is a multilateral convention negotiated by members of the United Nations. It is also the first global legally binding international anti-corruption instrument. In its 71 Articles divided into 8 Chapters, UNCAC requires that States Parties implement several anti-corruption measures which may affect their laws, institutions and practices. These measures aim at preventing corruption, including domestic and foreign bribery, embezzlement, trading in influence and money laundering. Furthermore, the UNCAC is intended to strengthen international law enforcement and judicial cooperation, providing effective legal mechanisms for asset recovery, technical assistance and information exchange, and mechanisms for implementation of the Convention, including the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (CoSP). Hence, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) promotes the convention and its implementation. Thus, I am legitimately using my knowledge as lawyer to apportion blame and responsibility because those politicians who steal money or resources from South Sudan steal such money in collaboration with foreign governments or acquiescence with such governments, so there is a need to point them out and also tell them that they have responsibility to protect interests of South Sudanese as citizens of the UN. Otherwise, thanks for your comment because you have a right to make comment as you think fit so that you be made to understand the reason why I jointly blame the government of South Sudan and foreign governments.

  9. Goldit Akwot says:

    it is really very painful for any South Sudanese citizens especially the conscientious and patriotic,well, the looters and thieves of the devil organization so call SPLM/A started looting our public resources since 2005 when they to power by comprehensive peace agreement, they stolen publicly in the day time ,but misfortune no one among South Sudanese citizens excepted few took the courage to criticize this sinister leadership at the same times they been sideline as Khartoum agents merely because of disclosing untold secrets of the ruling evil party (Sudan distraction movement )
    ,so we don’t get surprise ,because we the citizens of the republic of South Sudan whose gives their country to the SPLM leadership to make it like charity association ,we are the one gives ourselves to be hostages to the SPLM ,therefore we have no options to reject or to avoid them because we gives South Sudan to the SPLM looters by indefinite contract so the issues of killing , looting public funds and accountability of perpetrators is not going to stop if the current leadership still holding the seat power in Juba.

    stay blessed

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