LATEST Breaking News: Uganda Army invades and occupies Yei River State, South Sudan

AUG/29/2018, SSN;

Highly reliable sources from the ground have reported that a heavy deployment of Uganda Soldiers UPDF has illegally entered and invaded South Sudan Yei River State Counties, these are:
1)- Bamure of Kajokeji County
2)- Jalle Border of Kajokeji County, and
3)- Kaya Town of Morobu County.

This information comes directly from opposition forces on the ground as the situation develops, especially as this is an omnious military action aimed to preempt resumption of war between Yoweri Museveni’s ally, Kiir and the rebel forces fighting the Kiir army.

Museveni has been the only chief supporter of the South Sudanese president Kiir and has always aggresively responded by illegally entering South Sudan to rescue Kiir from any rebel military advances in the on-going ‘civil war’ in the country.

Rebel opposition forces and intelligence on the ground have also corroborated this latest development of Ugandan troops already having entered South Sudan and have called on all the opposition forces to be fully alert on the ground.

Furthermore, the opposition rebel forces categorically reject the presence and illegal deployments of foreign troops if there is a chance for real success of the on-going peace talks in Khartoum.

The rebel opposition wishes to inform the IGAD mediators of this omnious development and their absolute rejection of any deployments of foreign troops and illegal entry of military conveys of Ugandan or any other country’s troops inside South Sudan Towns.

The rebel forces on the ground are therefore appealing to their leaders in the on-going Khartoum so-called peace talks to seriously take this information and immediate action is urgently needed to prevent any aggression happening to our Soldiers.

Meanwhile, South Sudan rebel SPLM/O-in-Opposition chief, Riek Machar, along with the SSOA (South Sudan Opposition Alliance) on Tuesday refused to sign a final peace deal with the government that aims to end a brutal civil war, a Sudanese mediator said.

“The main South Sudanese opposition groups, including the SPLM-IO (Machar faction), refused to sign the final document demanding that their reservations be guaranteed in it,” Sudanese Foreign Minister Al-Dierdiry Ahmed told reporters.

The warring South Sudanese parties have held weeks of talks in Khartoum in search of a comprehensive peace deal to end the conflict in the world’s youngest country that has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions since it erupted in December 2013.

    Khartoum Peace Agreement will make South Sudan a colony of Uganda and Arab North Sudan:

Furthermore, the famous Ugandan Prof. Mahamoud Mamdani speaking lately in Kampala has asserted the recent agreement in Khartoum is “not a South Sudanese peave agreement. It is an agreement between Sudan and Uganda.”

That if this agreement holds, Prof. Mamdani asserts, it will make South Sudan an informal protectorate of Uganda and the Sudan north, indefinitely.

What is in South Sudan is an army of Generals and not a national army. That South Sudan has no national government.

He is saying South Sudanese should look for their own peace agreement. That there is no peace agreement right now.

North Sudan wants to be rehabilitated by the USA through their Khartoum agreement. And that Bashir’s spy chief, Salah Gosh, is in contact with the Americans.

Uganda wants to recoup its financial losses and to avoid further economic losses.
(Reliable and independent sources)


  1. mading says:

    Editor. If that is true, then where are you internet warriors ? Get out of the internet go meet Uganda invading forces. ADDITON to that this so called professor Mahamuod Mamdani should mind his country business , this guy has hidden agenda toward South Sudan. He always have negative thing to say about our country. South Sudanese want peace, and that is what Sudan is doing by helping our politicians to make peace. Maybe this man want to see a white man negotiating peace .

    • info@southsudannation says:

      For your info, Prof. Mamdani is a Ugandan (non-white) who’s well informed about South Sudan since the 60’s first Anya Nya war and as such, he’s therefore very much qualified to be critical of these developments.
      For your info also, Pagan Amum is now condemning Deng Alor’s traitorous signing of the Khartoum deal. Why is Deng Alor not listening to his leader, Pagan…?
      My heart stops beating when I smell such typical jieng conspiracy. Now the SPLM Former detainees are fracturing.
      Where is the country going…..shall we ever be a solidly cohesive nation? I wonder!!!!!!!

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    Please don’t post my last comment just ignore it. Thanks!

  3. Bismark says:


    Indeed All South Sudanese want peace but peace that serves the interest of all the citizens of the country and not only one ethnic entity.

  4. mading says:

    Editor. I did see you responding to the Uganda sending troops to South Sudan. Also it is your anti Muonyjaang behaviors that is why you are blaming Deng Alor for signing peace on behave of FPDs. Thomas cirillo general and Peter Gadet signed peace with government with out approvable from other members of their organizations, and you did not single them out, but only Deng Alor who happened to be Dinka.

    • Mor-Amook says:

      You guys are sick of Muonyjang, but when it is war like the 21 yrs of liberation, you ran to neighboring countries and left them to die in numbers.

  5. mading says:

    Editor. Your rebels web now opted for blocking my posts, because I always point out truths about your rebels liars ? Fine there are other webs that I can still write on. Nice work human rights rebels.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      There isn’t any discrimination or apartheid in the publication of comments or articles, and furthermore, you specially have been our ‘favorite son’ in the publication of your hundreds of comments.
      In comparation to other South Sudanese websites still surviving on the web, the stands out as the most diversified and longest survivor, even without any financial welfare from any source or sources.
      Take courage, don’t be a quitter or internet ‘Nyagat.’

  6. francis says:

    Pres. Museveni,
    U should open your eyes wider coz ur cases have gone beyond supporting one side.
    Y don’t u instead unite them than waging war supporting one party. Remember that our border is Pakwach town, wait n see!!!!

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