BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Adds South Sudanese Oil Entities to Department of Commerce Entity List

Press Statement, Heather Nauert, Department Spokesperson, Washington, DC, March 21, 2018;

Today, the United States is taking action against these fifteen South Sudanese oil-related entities (published below) whose revenues have contributed to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan.

This action reflects the U.S. commitment to doing all it can to protect the innocent people of South Sudan.

By placing these entities on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Entity List, the United States will impose a license requirement on all exports, re-exports, and transfers of any U.S.-origin items to those entities.

The names of these 15 specific entities below published by the Federal Register of the US Bureau of Industry and Security, Commerce included the following to a sanction list:–

1- Ascom Sudd Operating Company;
2- Dar Petroleum Operating Company;
3- Dietsmann Nile;
4- Greater Pioneer Operating Co.Ltd;
5- Juba Petrotech Technical Services Ltd;
6- Nile Delta Petroleum Company;
7- Nile Drilling and Services Company;
8- Nile Petroleum Corporation;
9- Nyakek and Sons;
10- Oranto Petroleum;
11- Safinat Group;
12- SIPET Engineering and Consultancy Services;
13- South Sudan Ministry of Mining;
14- South Sudan Ministry of Petroleum, and,
15- Sudd Petroleum Operating Co.

Technical questions regarding the details of today’s action should be addressed to the Department of Commerce.

The listed entities are a source of substantial revenue for the Pres. Salva Kiir’s Government of South Sudan.

Unfortunately, the South Sudanese Government, and corrupt official actors, use this revenue to purchase weapons and fund irregular militias that undermine the peace, security, and stability of South Sudan rather than support the welfare and current emergency food needs of the South Sudanese people.

We call on the region and broader international community to join us in limiting the financial flows that fuel the continuing violence in the country.

The Kiir’s Government of South Sudan can do better.

The United States expects it, as well as the armed opposition, to fulfill their commitments to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and to their own people to cease hostilities, allow unimpeded humanitarian access, and pursue a negotiated peace in good faith.

As the largest donor of aid to South Sudan, the United States is proud to uphold humanitarian values and deliver vital assistance.

The Government of South Sudan must not squander that generosity and should take concrete steps to provide for the vast needs of the South Sudanese people.

Today’s actions are part of our ongoing effort to hold to account those who foment violence, commit human rights violations, obstruct the peace process, or engage in illicit financial activities against the interest of the South Sudanese people.

We remain prepared to take additional actions, including sanctioning those who threaten the peace and security of South Sudan.

    Why is today’s announcement noteworthy?

The Entity List is a list maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce for broader export controls. It does not freeze assets but requires U.S. as well as foreign exporters re-exporting U.S.-origin goods and technology to get a license from the Commerce Department. This means that even non-U.S. companies with U.S.-origin parts or technology in their oilfield equipment would need to apply for a license, which is unlikely to be granted because there is a presumption of denial for all applications.

In their due diligence, banks and others in the private sector often include listed entities in the same filters as the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List. There is usually a flag that distinguishes the meaning of the Entity List and indicating that it means a license is needed rather than being a no-go; however, it clearly warns the user that these are high risk companies and ministries.

South Sudan is now the African country with the most number of entities on the Commerce Department’s Entity List, and the only African country with government ministries included.

    Joshua White, Director of Policy and Analysis at The Sentry, said:

“Today’s announcement by the Commerce Department is only the latest action taken by the United States, European Union, Canada, and Australia to hold the Government of South Sudan accountable for its violent kleptocracy, which fuels the conflict in which millions of its people have suffered.
The corrupt elites of South Sudan only have to look to the cases of Iran and North Korea to understand the financial consequences that this strategy of pressure can have on those who commit human rights abuses, their supporters and broader networks.”

    Brad Brooks-Rubin, Managing Director at The Sentry and the Enough Project, said:

“Today’s action by the Commerce Department is an important use of non-sanctions measures to build pressure for peace in South Sudan. With these new requirements, South Sudanese entities will be forced to show that their work will benefit the country rather than provide funding to militias or line the pockets of corrupt leaders.
The private sector, including both the extractives and financial sectors, should follow these measures carefully and ensure that they are not facilitating further conflict and corruption in South Sudan.”

    Brian Adeba, Deputy Director of Policy at the Enough Project, said:

“This move is an important step in the search for peace in South Sudan. As the next round of the South Sudan peace talks approaches, it is important for the United States and its partners to continue to build leverage by increasing these types of pressures to target as wide a network as possible to ensure that the parties to the conflict change their calculations in favor of peace.” END


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Very commendable move by Trump’s administration. To hell with Killer Nyan Kiir and kinsmen.

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    Madaing, False Maia, and Mor- Amok,
    Let me quote what I said about Jaang Kingdom. “Is kingdom of Dinka about to collapse?” Underestimating the power of Nuer people, the Dinka president and the Dinka council of elders didn’t hesitate to commit genocide against Nuer civilians. Now my dreams are coming true. Things turned upside down. The scenario of massacred defenceless Naath turned out to be a far-fetched.

  3. The Jienges Kingdom begins to rumble. The pointing finger said your unfit Mr. Kiir, Ateny Wek Ateny and Jieng or JCE.

  4. Loberito says:

    The action that the United States is taking “Against fifteen South Sudanese oil-related entities whose revenues have contributed to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan” is a great step towards peace in South Sudan. The South Sudanese leaders who are leading the Country are holding the South Sudanese’s populations as their hostage. The South Sudanese leaders are too greedy and become heartless to feel a pain and agony that the South Sudanese children and their families are going through in their daily lives. The South Sudanese people do not deserve such suffering!

  5. Mading says:

    Do not celebrate that decision rebels, it will not bring you to Juba tomorrow.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Who is Trump? and what is America? America is not God. You are celebrating what you don’t know. They are not helping you, they are pursuing their interest not fulfill. What is your blood relation? It is unfortunately, some of you do not understand world politics! If suppose today, Kiir shift foreign policy to west to allow them to use resources in south sudan, you will be rotten eggs in the bush.

      If it is human rights as they claim, do you know how brutal Israelis keep killing Palestinian? The Russian and Americas are fighting proxy war in Syria and thousands of civilians are being killed everyday and nothing is done. In Yemen, the Saudi led coalition is bombing indiscriminately killing civilians but Americas is silence.

      In 2003 when they invaded Iraq on pretext that former president Saddam Hussien had chemical weapons. Did they display or prove to the world those weapons after killing Saddam? the answer is No, there were no weapons, but they fooled people like you by then to support war. Now, they are dividing Iraq into 3 countries, and I think you don’t know that.

      When they topple Gadaffi in 2011, is Libya now better then Gadaffi era? It is No! the ordinary Libyans are regretting because there is no stability, no center government, no army or parliament, Libya is in mess. The west is now scooping Libyan oil and they are not solving Libyan problem. What do you have in common with US to celebrate? What they are doing now, they want to cause more chaos in South Sudan, so that more humanitarian aids for the benefits of their agribusiness farmers continue buying bags of sorghum of more than 2 decades from US warehouses. South Sudan is not exceptional, I personally knew that we are going to fall into this pit after independent if we don’t fulfill their interest.

      Please read the following books to understand US and the world

      1. Confession of Economics Hit Men – author: John Perkins
      2. Capitalism a structural genocide – author: Garry Leech

      If you are nationalist, get these books, read them and you will realize what they are up to. Our problem is not current fighting, it is a pretext, but why south Sudan administration is close to US economics and military rivalries such as Russia and China, believe it or not.

    • loberito says:


      It is worthy to celebrate if that decision will bring peace in South Sudan or not. Because the current suffering in South Sudan doesn’t recognize whether one is a rebel, a Nuer, a Dinka or Lotuho so those who are suffering are looking for any support.

      For our populations that are suffering in South Sudan, when they hear that “The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Entity Listed 15 entities and will impose a license requirement on all exports, re-exports, and transfers of any U.S.-origin items to those entities, this raises hope for our people. The actions shows that someone at least listens to their sufferings.

  6. BILL KUC H says:

    For you all novice rebel supporters,
    That is nothing to celebrate because Nuer are not going to get some benefits of all those moves. The Enough Project doing it for their own benefits. But that would not do good to them either. The state department is doing its interest as usual. How is it going to be beneficial to rebel or Nuer tribe in general. And guess what? Whatever may comes whether is tremendous or petrified, we are going to share its outcomes equally regardless of tribe. So, is that something to celebrate? Do you know how many more things Nuer people celebrated and yet those never come true. Did you hear anything about Dinka moving out of South Sudan for good? If so, then that is what you should be celebrating!

  7. Lokosang says:

    American support to the current dictatorial regime in Juba has caused too much suffering to the innocent civilians in South Sudan. Though such decision comes at a late time, never the less it is welcome by all the suffering people of our country. This will force the regime to thing positive other wise situation may not be the same.

    • Mor-amook says:


      Kindly interrelate things. For example, Sudan under current president Bashir had been on sanctions from 1997 to-date, what was effect to him? Did Bashir leave power because he was sanctioned? America exploit situation, use different pressures to try to reduce sovereignty of a country to influence and manipulate its economic and political policies towards American interests. Remember Trump said in his campaign,” America first.” what does that mean to you? My brother, the countries in Latin America are still suffering like us, for example, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama……etc Read the books above to understand more. You will hate America to death.

      Do you know why they pressurized Bashir to accept referendum and results of referendum? Not because of human right committed by Sudanese government on South Sudanese, not because we suffered immensely for 21 years, and not because we are Christian and those are Arabs/Muslim. They wanted South to break away in order to get chance to govern it in a shadow, use resources and put South Sudan into their baskets of countries loyal to them.

      Yes, my brother, I also share the same suffering of our people inside and outside the country. The only way out, could be if our leaders from opposition and government surprise the world to make huge compromise to come to an agreement and sign it like what Kenyan leaders, the president and Raila did. Otherwise, other than that we will still go down deep into hole. Please mark my words, what America is doing now is not going to benefit a single tribe and marginalized others as you are all wishing for. We will still share suffering equally. They don’t care who is who in the country! It’s America first!!!!

  8. Samuel Atabi says:

    This is a commendable step towards rebooting of the country. It will give a second chance to people of South Sudan to start afresh. But some people have had their chance at uniting and developing the nation and have blown it. No second chance to them!

  9. mading says:

    Deng Handbol, Gatdarwich, and Angelina Riek. You will be waiting to go to Juba as liberators for the rest of your lives. There is no Mounyjaang kingdom that is coming down crumbling in our country as i told you in the past that we do not have kingdom in the first place, what is in Juba is the government of the South Sudan for your information, you Nuer can not and will not take something a way from Jieng by force in our villages as you know it.

  10. Hoiloom says:

    JCE cheerleaders,

    You will complain, chest-pumping and write all kinds of theories against the US government but one thing remains; the JCE Kingdom is slowly but surely crumbling. It would be very interesting if your Kingdom makes it past year 2018.


  11. Mor-amook says:

    Hahahaha Deng Handbol,
    Those are not theories my dear, those are facts happening around the world. Kindly accept that you don’t know them, your mind is only occupied of the word jieng no matter what is happening and what will happen. I know you will never ever understand or listen to anything else other than what will finish jieng on earth. Because you are short sighted and only looking at zero distance. There is no reason to deny what Trump said in his campaign and keep saying, America First! Is that a theory?

    For your information, sanctions cannot bring rebels to Juba matching because government has collapsed and the whole cabinet gone home. Tell me which country sanctioned and the government collapse? It is an imaginable! Again, America is not the world, and the sanctions are American base sanctions not UN. Nevertheless, even if it was UN, how long the UN led by US imposed toughest sanctioned on North Korea? Did that country collapse? The country survive through its friends and allies and the same thing will be for South Sudan.

    Unless we understand ourselves as south Sudanese to make peace on our own. But, if you refuse to sign peace because you are waiting country to collapse to come and take it over, believe me or not you will still hear the same government by 31st December 2018 and beyond.

    • Eastern says:


      I love your naivety. When you try to underrate the current sanction regime against the kleptocracy in Juba as Americans, which to you is of lesser virulent, then be my guest!

      Comparing South Sudan, just because it is a country, to North Korea or Syria is clearly puerile: it’s a keen to a grade 2 level child comparing oranges and mangoes. South Sudan run by the tribal regime in 2018 in the 21st century is not comparable to the Sudan under the islamist regime in the 1990s!

      There’s no giving of conditions, I quote…”Unless we understand ourselves as South Sudanese……” Unquote. Whether or not the tribal regime in Juba weathers the storm past December 31, 2018, is not the yardstick for measuring the need for change in the country.

      Just watch this space for the impact of the latest sanction on 15 regime vendors. It appears you believe in God and since America is not one, pray hard that those 15 vendors will weather the brewing storm and the regime will survive since North Korea did anyway!

      • Deng Monymor says:


        On March 26, 2018, Shanghai Stock Exchange opened with the market trading oil with Yuan. What does this mean? It means that your lords, The America and her other 1884-5 Berlin Conference on South Sudan (Troika) are on their way to doom because its power, the Petrodollar is dying out. They just sanctioned South Sudan’s oil companies as a threat not to join Shanghai Stock Exchange trading, not to help you with your assumed peace for South Sudan. I thought you are that intelligent as regard to how world functions, but as always, another Equatorian with potential of intellectual ability without analytical thinking and discernment.

        As with comparison problem, the world has learned from what happened to Libya and Iraq because these countries were destroyed not because they were dictatorial countries but they wanted to get rid of dollar. Now, it is China, Iran, and Russia who are doing it. Can America and her allies going to destroy these countries? Hell no! Iran already banned US dollar in its stock exchange early this month. So don’t be surprised that your celebration is going to be a nightmare soon.

        Cousin Deng Hanbol,
        “Jaang Kingdom” is not going anywhere; it only needs Naath Kingdom to stop acting nuerly in order to build our nation for benefit of our wellbeing for us all.

        • Eastern says:

          Deng Monymor,

          I am not an intellectual, excuse me! The aura of being chauffeured in a 4 wheel drive SUV clothed in three-piece suite and speaking SOME English language has created some false sense of being an intellectual here in Juba. I don’t want to belong there!

          United States after the World War 2 emerged as a super power. There was no other country which was in better position and due to various reasons such as United States being the largest consumer of resources and its currency being stable on long term resulted to the situation. Not only crude oil,other commodities are also traded in dollars.

          Iran wants to continue with its controversial nuclear programme which is contested by the West, meaning, there would be instability and insecurity in that country in the nearest future. China is the Jinx for you to figure out. Most US companies are manufacturing in China.

          Now why a primitive country with over 90% of its population vulnerable to shocks like famine when the Nile River with its 1,048 m3/s for 365 a year couldn’t afford the inhabitants the opportunity to produce their own food let alone importing Iranian tractors which lie idle and Chinese rifles which kill a South Sudanese per second and the rice supplied by these new friends ends up to feed ever growing harem of your super intellectuals here in Juba!

          • Deng Monymor says:


            The power of American dollar didn’t emerge after your so-called world war 2 ( which was nothing but European war of greed); its power came into existing when Henry Kissinger convinced Saudi Arabia and other crude oil trading countries to agree into selling their Crude oil in US dollar in 1971, hence, the birth of Petrodollar. It was there America began to act like a thug among civilized nations, changing other governments at will, creating coups, and ultimately hanging other leaders. This was how it began and this is how it is going to end. You might still worship them, but the world has formed their opinions about them already. Good luck for being a good servant/follower of a dying Roman Empire.
            I didn’t say I assumed you are an intellectual because of “SOME English language.” This is where our problem of understanding things start. No wonder why you think how you think.

            Just to give your brain something to chew for the day, every nation that starts with problem never remains constant in its situation. Remember, your lord country, America, was a slave owning country where blacks were bred for the market of slavery. If they become your glorious “Kingdom of Heaven” today, what will prevent South Sudan to be her own in the world? You see, everything begins with how you look at yourself, and We brave South Sudanese of all backgrounds see ourselves brightly despite what we are going through, except few in Equatoria among whom you are a high priest of low self-esteem when it comes to national struggle.
            Read President Xi Jinping’s speech to 19th Congress party and see how they see themselves after they emerged from Mo Zedong era.

          • Eastern says:

            Deng Monymor,

            I did not know that I was debating with a moron! Who was Henry Alfred Kissinger then?

            I hate freely educating people online. I am who I am because I paid fees!

            There’s nothing for me to read and gain from any Oriental historical epoch; not even speeches from Chairman Mao or your chief priest Xi. I do a lot of high level business with the Chinese BUT, I don’t think the Oriental culture is where a viable South Sudan should be headed!

            Don’t even try to blame anybody for slavery. Dinka sold fellow dinkas as slaves as recent as two decades ago.

            Please get in touch with Simon Deng in the US on this subject.

  12. Mr. Son of Amok Jeing JCE are going out soon. Prepare to head and govern yourselves in your region or Luaks states where your most belong to. Equatoria region should govern themselves. what you wrote are a rubbish Jeing arrogrant rot to the core. As Mr. Innu Portrait himself of starting this current tribalist war against Nuer and Equatorians which let Dinka people being hated because of some Jeinges action. Mr. Innu should not be allowed to lead Jeing republic. We welcome sanctions of all kind to send Innu home because he is a bad man.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Eastern, Moii and the likes,
      It is clear that your objective is to install tribal government in Juba. In that way, you will never govern South Sudan. The jieng will also disrespect your wishing tribal government. They will not listen to your tribal government even if your God, the America brings you to Juba. You will not enjoy looting resources which is your core of struggle.

      If we don’t solve our own problem through discussion and agreement, you will not enjoy your dream, and the American will not care.
      Did America solve Libyan problem as we speak? You cannot remove someone by force and dream of stability!

      • Eastern says:


        I am not that naive to advocate for a tribal government. Kiir’s regime will be the LAST tribal regime in South Sudan. Kiir has even gone beyond the tribe down to clans/sections within his Gogrial enclave.

        Just as you argue and I quote “You cannot remove someone by force and dream of stability” end of quote, YOU CANNOT IMPOSE SOMEONE BY FORCE AND DREAM OF STABILITY. The Dinka people are struggling to impose Kiir on South Sudanese to the very detriment of the tribe. Stop the fallacy that dinkaland is in total peace.

  13. mading says:

    Mor- amook. People like Eastern, Arabbmoi have been praying for outsiders to put ” Jieng “government out of power for many years. You remember when British government said something about sending troops to our country in the past, Toria and many other rebels started celebrating until nothing showed up, now they jumped on this sanction again.

  14. Mr Mur Amok. It will be country and a country a fairs. Jeing should be living thei rown Jeinges country so they should not distabiling somone country. I meant Dinka are bad people where you pretent be a good Dinka or not everyone says Dinka are bad people in South Sudan. every where Dinka people go they are having bad having badly. the world now know them.

  15. David Lokosang says:

    Mor- ammok, Bill Kuch and Mading,
    it has become crystal clear that you are supporting the current failed regime because of the benefits that you receive from those corrupt people. There is nothing what soever indicates that the regime is implementing SPLM vision and programme that would make you to defend it.

    Some of us have devoted ourselves to the SPLM vision but we come into conclusion that SPLM has been hijacked by reactionary, tribal, corrupted, and vision less politicians under the failed leadership of Kiir. People of South Sudan including the Dinka are not benefiting from the current regime except people like Mor- ammok, Bill Kuch and Mading.

    The vision of taking towns to people does not means divide the country into tribal enclaves but provide services such as roads, electricity, clean water, schools, hospitals to the locals in their payams, counties and Bomas which the regime failed to deliver.Innocent people are being killed by regime security organs and so forth. The only way to rescue the situation is the regime change.

  16. Arabbmoi you are an idiot with your tribalism mindset.each tribe in South Sudan is important and there is no way you are going to eliminate Dinka from the face of Earth if that is your dream.also you should know that South Susan have no border with America of which we are not posing any threat to America national security it is a mere lie from your right hand man.bear in your mind that America is Country on earth like South Sudan not God. he must mine her own business.God created us and if you think you were created by Donald trumph that is you and continue praise him to recreate you one more.

  17. mading says:

    David Lokosang. Not at all I am not supporting government, I want peaceful hand over of power from Kiir to next leader through election, not by violent. Benefiting from this government, not even one pound, I never get it from the government. All I need is the real democracy in our country that is all. I was part of the SPLA during liberation, but when peace came the betrayers of SPLM during the war turned it lovers over night, and those like me were kicked over the curve, but I am still for my country.

  18. Mr. Toney Toney Matot. I must correct you. I did not say we should eliminate Jeing, but let them go and live in their own states where they are free to do whatever sweet Jeing tradition instead of baring their way. We learned that Dinka have no peace of mind to live together. I must borrow the word from Joseph Bakossoro said where Dinka people go they cause havocs. Indeed they do without beating the bush. For example Jeing republic is killing Nuer and Equatorian people now as we are crying to bring peace. Some of us will never change people mind about how Dinka are. Please, turn the word idiot to yourself as your an Idiot jeing man who is violently causes a fight witih no reason at all.

  19. Our motto you Equatorian, Jeing and Nuer as well as others should be Kokora three regions Governed by their sons or daughters.
    We should seek an advise from Somaliland.which is progressing now without being known internationally as a country, Those who can govern well will be given credit to lead their regions,but those who could not should annex themselves to near by countries to help them. I pray Equatoria region would do well, but I doubt others that I do not mention.

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