JAN 25, 2016;
AL JAZEERA INTERNATIONAL reported today from Dr. Riak Machar, the opposition leader of the SPLM-IO, ‘that the peace agreement with the Kiir government to form a unity government in Juba has collapsed. Machar said the issue of the 28 states promulgated by Kiir has made any peace deal untenable.’

Machar accused Kiir of tripling the number of states and appointing his own governors in all the 28 states which is a clear violation of the peace agreement.

According to Al Jazeera, president Kiir only belatedly signed the peace agreement after succumbing to extreme international pressure even though he made it plainly clear that he wasn’t interested in the peace agreement.

Mr. Mogae, the ex-Botswana president overseeing the peace implementation, stated that ‘the creation of the 28 states by Kiir’s government has been destructive,’ and this has placed a hold on the peace.

It’s now wholly dependent on the international partners to find a way out on peace implementation.


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    The highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges council of Evils, are squarely responsible for the August 2015 peace agreement implementation collapsed because the unconstitutional creation of the pseudo 28 states-imposition, is a peace killer period. The indisputable patriot, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon can not and shall not permit the annexation of the patriots-63 tribes’ ancestry lands to the treacherous Jenges.
    Killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics-JCE inanely believe that the concrete bunkers they had secretly constructed in Jenges’ lands are impenetratable by the patriot forces , and the nuke weapons they’d recently illegally obtained from Russia and Isreal aren’t obtainable by the patriots. Total crap and selves-detrimental thinking!

    • Ww says:

      Mr. Gatdarwich,

      Do you really have a brain? this is stupidity at its highest level. You called a murderer “indisputable Patriot” Jesus must be rolling his eyes in heaven right now with your rubbish claims of Riek Machar.

      do you remember 1991? Do you remember 2013? You are in a fantasy world, the sooner you realize the reality you will save your primative brothers, the White army and those psuedo intellectuals like yourself who are supporting the evil phd holder with his thirst for the blood of his own people. Bashir will tell you that Reik is Dumbest human being ever created. He is using him to destroy South Sudan. Why did Reik joined the enemy and kill his people?

      You must accept the 28 states or reject your own state done. IF KIIR EVER REVERSE THE 28 STATES, HE IS DONE.

  2. upiu says:

    what’s next? of course, more blood letting. the ever blood thirsty leaders (destroyers) of our nation are at it again.

  3. Mapuor says:

    SPLA Oyeeee.A luta continua.Victory is certain.28 states is a popular demand and who is Dr Riek to reject it?.We are very ready to defeat his bandits who are currently hiding in swamps.

  4. Mr Jalluak says:

    peace was meant to be collapse by those who make forfeit from destruction of war. When they see SPLA-IG defeated, they brink Uganda army to protect their business. SPLM-IG breaks agreement as they want because they where told to do so. They do not have choice other wise they will leave them alone and SPLA-IO will catch them alive or dead.

  5. Eastern says:

    More war means more expenses to the international community (by way of humanitarian aides) yet they are quiet and do not prevail on the parties to the conflict to prevent them tipping the country into looming disaster!

  6. Deng Deng says:

    Kiir and Machar are very difficult personalities. They have taken all the South Sudanese people hostages and for a ride. Can the South Sudanese people think now out of box by proposing selection of new leaders who can think and move this young nation forward. Enough is enough now.

    • johnjerry says:

      Deng Deng don’t you remember that the SPLM/A is a vehicle without a reverse gear. Unless and until the Party SPLM/A,SPLM-IO and the SPLM-DC now something– is faced out of RSS nothing good will come out of South Sudan. A brand new party should emerge with new idearlogy for progress and development because the SPLM’s have failed us.Anything with the acronym SPLM in it is a failure although the SPLM negotiated CPA that has been hijacked by one tribe corrupted to the born.Who will trust leaders from Bhar EL Ghazal again. Abdalla Rasas ferried money in a coffin thanks God it was discovered and recovered in Mundri.Money is being stolen every other year from the president’s office where on Earth has the Office of the president become a Bank?.The junior staff in the Office of the president know well enough that money stored in the custody of the president is being misused why can’t they also help themselves to it if that did not fall under the eleventh commandment. Do anything,but you should not be caught.

  7. Kwacha says:

    Peace first then 28 states later! For the sake of peace and the entire suffering people of South Sudan, I beg Machar to come to Juba to participate in the formation of the interim government.

  8. cos says:

    where is the so called Plan “B” of Barack Obama?

  9. jok lual says:

    hey Gatdarwich what you talk about you forget your lord Taban Deng in Juba i think you lost control for your self like Riek macahr who go to museven in Uganda so no way brother go to your state if you have a state it is better than talking for no thing and change your word Jeing Council are not evils

    • Deng acholi says:

      Indeed, Gatdarwich is right, I will add that the jenge looters are rediculous and delusional in their thinking. Why ďo they think Sylvia kiir must listen to their barbaric, self centered and sick mind set and to act on their interest, forgetting that south sudan belongs to 64 tribes, but not just for Arian jenge. Hold on, it is about time when they will witness what is called an effective leadership. Almost everyone is sick and tired of the actions of jenge.

  10. Ben says:

    Hi Mr ww or whatever you call yourself you are very shadow mind crisis someone but you yourself you don’t even know what you are writing about you condemning Dr Riek being supported by Omar Bashir you forgetting your unthinker kiir who killed thousands nuer people help m7 you are so blind it is wasting my beautiful time to write to others opened mind in south Sudan to pray for peace come in the belove country used to not rhis one been destroyed by hopeless person who’s like bird without wings

  11. gang says:

    f…..JCE, Dinkas like talking of 1991.that incident was not done by Dr Machar. those who did the killing were the white army from LOU NUER community who are civilians like bor community. if bor were weak compared to their rival, then it cannot be something that Dr Machar can be blamed for.
    if bor are indeed men let them go and lock horn with LOU and avenge their love, instead of you barking in social media. Action speak louder than word.

  12. Hong Kong says:

    Don’t tell your stupidity after us you dinka, if you were really men who can manage to fight ,why you sold the resources of south Sudan to Uganda because they would fight us…….instead having a revenge by your own do you think your men or Hen???

  13. This stupid Government of Sakaran Kiir will ain’t go so far, I swear to God that Sakaran Kiir must go to give peace a chance…. How come you called South Sudan council of elders as Jieng council of elders if you are a good……. President of the country ……..

  14. Dinääy Gekä says:

    Let the fight continue as wished by Jiengë Cancer of Elders. We will kill them by any means.

    The True son of Lou Nuer

  15. Bob Jacobins says:

    Why can’t Kirr/Jenge group of thugs just stick to the terms of the agreement. By the way who the heck these group think they are in determining the fate of south Sudan.

  16. Gatdarwich says:

    Ww-Web warrior, Mapuor, & Jok,

    Your highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, killer NyanKiir, and the lunatics-fanatics, Jenges council of evils, are in some deep shit holes–because International Monetary Fund and the TROIKA nations, will not, and shall not loans $$$$ to your kleptocracy genocidal regime until your semi-illiterate, killer NyanKiir embrarassingly and humiliatingly revoked the 28 virtual states, and unconditionally implement the peace agreement based on 10 states period.
    We, the Patriots will not and shall not permits Dr. Riek set foot on Juba until the security arrangements and the 63 tribes’ lands annexation project to the treacherous Jenges’ lands—28 states imposition is fully solved.
    The August 2015 peace agreement, is not and shall never be like the 2002–SPLA-Torit and SSIM reunification agreement.
    No more rooms for manipulation and trickery tactics period

  17. Ngor Koryom says:

    Dear All:
    South Sudan in the hands of Kiir and Jeing council of looters will never take this country no where,
    What I believe two parties must resume fight for the better South Sudan and her citizens to be freed in the hands of looters and betrayals.

  18. I think the international world community may not allows the two warring parties to return to war and committed the same atrocities against the life of the civil population when our people are now seeing the light of peace in the corner due to be implemented soon since the two signatories are now on the peace process under IGAD monitoring to exactly put what they have inked in realities. Our people at this moment are not ready for war anymore, it is a time for peace to come for the displaced people to return to their houses and enjoy good life than to increase up the suffering of human’s life for no reason. Southerners have made a mistake for taking back their people to the square one.

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