BREAKING NEWS: Kenyan & South Sudanese activists demand action against beneficiaries of SS War

From Radio Tamazuj & Other sources, OCT/12/2018, SSN;

Latest Development, OCT/15/2018, Nairobi, Kenya: South Sudan politician Paul Malong denies he embezzled millions of dollars in war-torn country. South Sudan politician Gen. Paul Malong has said anything he did that links him to the situation in South Sudan was under instructions from the administration. Speaking during an interview at a local TV station on Sunday night, ‘King Paul’, denied looting South Sudan coffers and stashing the cash in Kenya. Malong said he should not be fully blamed for the situation in South Sudan. “If the crimes committed occurred while I was Chief of Staff, it was because I was under instructions from the Commander in Chief, that’s president Kiir.”
Malong said he has no money hidden in foreign accounts, daring all those making such claims to name the countries and the banks. “I am not a rich man. I am just a family man taking care of myself and my family.” Before he fell out with President Salva Kiir, King Paul was slated as the next in line. Serving as the chief of general staff, Malong wielded power, a fact believed to have placed him at a powerful position to amass his wealth.
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Hundreds of Kenyan and South Sudanese nationals on Thursday. October 11/2018, staged a peaceful protest in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, requesting the Kenyan government to freeze assets of South Sudanese leaders profiting from the conflict and to sanction Kenyan banks facilitating the looting of funds.

This is the first time ever that any of the neighboring countries, specifically Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, which are involved with the current national war and leaders in South Sudan, that such a public demonstration has been allowed.

The protest follows the public airing of a documentary, ‘The Profiteers’ which depicts key individuals and institutions in South Sudan and neighbouring Kenya and Uganda that are benefiting from the conflict in South Sudan while south Sudanese continue to bear the brunt of the war.

According to the report, a few South Sudanese leaders, including President Salva Kiir, his nemesis, Riek Machar, former Army Chief of Staff, Paul Malong, have been named to have stashed away huge sums of money in Kenyan banks. This prompted a peaceful protest by Kenyan civil society organisations.

Boniface Mwangi, a renowned Kenyan socio-political rights activist and organiser of the protest told Radio Tamazuj that they delivered petitions to the Kenyan parliament and ministry of foreign affairs demanding action against named individuals and institutions.

“We are protesting against Paul Malong and Salva Kiir and other generals stealing money from South Sudan and using Kenyan banks to launder the money. So the money doesn’t come from clean sources. They are looting the country and bringing the money to Kenya and Uganda, buying very palatial homes, living very lavish lifestyles as ordinary south Sudanese citizens die,” he said.

Mwangi added, “We are asking our Kenyan government to freeze their assets and evacuate the money back to South Sudan. We must stop the banks that are involved in money laundering and looting South Sudan because as long as they can loot, the war will never stop, as long as they benefit from the conflict and the civil war, South Sudanese will continue to suffer as these ‘leaders’ live a good life in Kenya.”

The activist further said the documentary provided evidence of actual bank transactions and ownership of high-end properties in Kenya and Uganda.

“We understand how much money they earn as monthly salaries and you can see there is a stark difference between the two. They earn very little but live like they earn a billion dollars. So you can see clearly there is illegally acquired wealth,” he added.

Mwangi also said as much as South Sudanese are suffering the consequences of the war, Kenya is bearing its own share of negative effects.

“It is illegally acquired money, and it’s not only destroying South Sudan, it’s destroying this country as a financial hub and making it a center for criminal activities. And some of those people who are stealing money are under UN Security Council sanctions list, so Kenyan banks should not be trading with war criminals,” he said.

South Sudanese living in Nairobi spearheaded by the Ana Taban Initiative, a group of South Sudanese youth advocating for peace also joined in the protests as well as other South Sudanese civil society organisations based in Nairobi.

Ana Taban initiative coordinator, Manasseh Mathiang urged South Sudanese to seize the opportunity and speak against vices happening in the country.

“South Sudan is our country. Until the time when we decide to stand up for our rights, stand up for what we believe in we will never fix this country. And if a few individuals are enjoying from our blood we need that to stop. We need to love our country enough to stand when the time is right for us to stand,” he encouraged the protesters.

Mathiang said the protest in Nairobi is part of a series of peaceful protests that will take place across the region denouncing the beneficiaries of the South Sudan conflict.

As Socrates once said, “All Wars Are About Money,” indeed, as exposed by many activists, the leaders of South Sudan, specifically, President Salva Kiir and family, former vice-president-now rebel leader-soon-to-be-again vice president, Dr. Riek Machar, are allegedly ‘US Dollar billionaires,” blood money looted from the poor and suffering citizens.

A video exhibited by the Protest Organizers shows the son of ex-chief of staff, Paul Malong, rolling on millions of US dollar bills and boasting as ‘the youngest African BILLIONAIRE,’ blood monies allegedly stolen by his father, former chief of staff-turned-rebel, Gen. Paul Malong, who’s himself reputedly a billionaire.

Whilst Gen. Malong is one of those sanctioned, he still freely flies in and out of Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Sudan without any of these countries arresting him.

Interestingly, it was also revealed how the Machar’s SPLM/O-IO that is supposedly fighting the Kiir regime is deeply involved in stealing natural resources in South Sudan. The so-called SPLM/O-IO Governor Matata of the border state of Yei, is deeply involved in illegally cutting rare and expensive wood and looting other resources from South Sudan and smuggling these through Uganda to international dealers.

Very rare and expensive wood is being stolen by these rebel groups. This is a rich man’s war at the expense of the poor South Sudanese blood.

This is a critical moment for all citizens to join those activists in Kenya and to speak out forcefully about the dubious and criminal collusion between the criminals/leaders in South South Sudan and their co-conspirators in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, not to forget our former rulers, Arab North Sudan.

Most poignantly, the famed Ugandan professor Mahmood Mamdani declared that the recently signed peace agreement between Kiir and Machar and Opposition groups, that, “South Sudan is on its way to becoming an informal protectorate of Sudan and Uganda. By formally acknowledging them as ‘guarantors,’ the agreement recognizes their strategic role in determining the future of South Sudan: Ugandan troops are physically present to support Kiir’s faction, and Sudan provides critical support to opposition groups, including those led by Machar.”

Prof. Mamdani strenuously believes that the peace deal signed on September 12 is an agreement between Presidents Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda — who are the guarantors of the agreement.

The agreement, he argues, recognizes their strategic role in determining the future of South Sudan: Ugandan troops are physically present to support Kiir’s faction, and Arab Sudan provides critical support to opposition groups, including those led by Machar,”

Further, “Uganda is hoping to play a leading role in training the South Sudan army under the military co-operation, while Sudan has leverage to resuscitate the oil sector and provide troops to protect the installations. South Sudan is also Sudan’s biggest market in the region.”

Sadly, an estimated 400,000 South Sudan have been killed since the outbreak of the Dinka Kiir versus Nuer Machar precipitated ‘civil war’ from 2013 to 2016, and now in 2018, there are two and half million South Sudanese refugees in these neighboring countries. END


  1. Tyson says:

    Sad enough
    Thanks Prof. This is what we analysed from the beginning.
    There is no peace in South Sudan until these criminals inside and outside South Sudan are arrested, persecuted and jailed. South Sudanese should not fool themselves of the so called: Bashir-Kiir-Museveni-Riek MoU for looting South Sudan and killing its people as peace agreement. This is the worst peace document in the 21st Century.

    • Mor-Amook says:

      Tyson, even criminals who killed unarmed civilians on roads in the name of MTN should also face law.
      Remember, law has no exception, no minor and no big crimes. Even killing one person is a crime, such people should also face law. Yes, Kiir and Riak must answer some questions, likewise other independent rebel leaders e.g. Gen. Cirillo, Gadet, Oliny….etc should also be brought to book.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Even with the indisputable preponderance of such evidence known by the whole world, how can you try to minimize them, instead trying cynically to pose some comparison to some small crimes allegedly committed by the Cirillo’s, Gadet’s and Oling’s?
        Believe me, the crimes already committed by Kiir and his clique are punishable by immediate FIRING SQUAD. That would also allow the Holy Catholic Church not give his soul any prayers or mercy but send it to Hell.
        Today, languishing in Kiir’s death prison are young jiengs like you such as the Cambridge student, Peter Ajak, and the so-called young tycoon, Kerbino Wol (where and how did he get all the millions?).
        Now, Kiir and Akol Kur don’t care what you are, jieng or nuer, they will kill anybody.
        Let’s all unite to get rid of the elephant in our way, first and foremost.

        • Mor-Amook says:

          Editor, shame on you!!! Do you mean that some small crimes committed by those of Cirillo, Gadet, Oliny are minor and should not be considered or mentioned? Is it because they are your supporters? or Is it because they have killed unwanted civilians in South Sudan who deserve to be killed? Are you saying that, it’s only Kiir and Riak to face law and people don’t talk or check others?

          Just one example, in 2016 unarmed innocent civilians including women and children up to 2 months old baby travelling from Juba to Yei were inhumanly murdered on the road by forces allied to you (cirillo) because they were belong to unwanted tribe. The world condemned that incidents and you were so excited and shared video clips of that cowardice incident on Facebook. I have downloaded and saved it in my phone. Can those lives be left unaccounted for because Kiir has committed the biggest crimes? My dear loss of live is painful even one person.

          For us to come together, you must understand to present yourself as nationalist for all tribes, not to rally behind leaders affiliated to your tribe. Anybody accused is treated as innocent until proven guilty by the court. You are not a judge. So, at this point, Kiir, Riak, Cillio, Oliny, Gadet and the rest are accused of crimes. But until then, court will decide who is guilty. If you want to become a defense lawyer of Cirillo, please wait.

        • Taban Alimasi says:

          I think you don’t have the right to judge and sentence someone without proven guilty. In the court of law everyone is innocent until proven guilty, it is true that under the leadership of President Kiir many innocent civilians were killed particularly in 2013. He can be considered a suspect but not immediately for firing squad, I know some of us in the forum are supporters of particular opposition group or government, but I am free citizen wanting the best for South Sudan regardless the ethnicity.
          Brother Mor-Amook, you seem to have problem with General Thomas, I am not sure, are you judging him on his policies or because he is against the government you support. I believer Thomas is like any opposition wanting governance reform, where civil servant would receive salaries and anyone who break law would be whole accountable, is that make him a target. Off course all politician presents appealing statement when out of government, but went they get to government everything stays the same. The current group had fought for more than 20 years against inequality and oppression from Khartoum government, but now they are worse than Khartoum government oppressing the same people they had fought for.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Taban Alimasi,
            Thanks for your point of view, as it’s one in many choices we have on how to deal with our situation in South Sudan.
            The message implied and you’d have saliently discerned it, is that those of Kiir and others in our country most probably would deserve a ‘court-martial’ trial, and as anybody knows, the commonest sentence could and would be a death sentence for crimes against humanity and genocide.
            Read the latest addendum on how Malong has publicly admitted that he took direct messages from kiir himself to kill all those people in Juba.
            Court-martial trial for those ‘accused’ killers, like president Kiir, Malong et al, would certainly end in a death sentence, and since these people are military men, a firing squad would be the prevailing sentence.
            Where do you want to incarcerate those ‘killers’ of our innocent people? Not the Hilton hotel, please!!!!!!

      • Eastern says:


        Please if you can, ask Makuei to remain calm! Those you claim have killed unarmed civilians, if you know them, have not watered down the setting up of the much-hyped Hybrid Court for South Sudan.

        Preserve your evidence until it is ready to be tendered in a competent court. Gen. Cirillo et al have not raised a finger against the establishment of the court, why are you folks in Juba feeling jittery..?!
        If locking Kiir, Machar, Gatdet et al will change or improve the Dinka/non-Dinka relationship and foster national unity in South Sudan, so be it!

      • Tyson says:


        Forget fooling yourself….
        Your Jieng kraal camp government is limping because it is heavily swollen with blood of innocent people. The blood of the innocent continues to cry to God for MERCY, while at the same time seeking God’s pardon to forgive you the Jieng; because you don’t know what your are doing.
        Kiir and JCE led government is the worst in the African continent. You have gone down the lane of history as the most brutal, criminal, corrupt, looting club and blood-sucking government.

  2. Taban Alimasi says:

    Fellow citizens, don’t worry these people’s days are number. They may have pinched public money, but because most of them are not financially literate, the stolen money would go to drain not invested. Have you ever seen South Sudanese career politician rich after politic, it has never happened and will never happened. One of the reasons they want to stay for ever, is to maintain the riches through public fund. Once removed from power, the money would run out quickly, as they are financially illiterate and even some had never finished primary school. Event those who went to university are behaving like those had never set in a classroom. I do understand citizens are frustrated that, public fund disappearing into individual pockets. Remember don’t believe those in opposition would be different from those currently in chair. Currently they are quick in pointing the mistakes of those in power, but when they get to power, things will never change, it may be even worse as they would be fresh. Never believe those shouting in loud voices about corruption particularly when they are politician, for example most these oppositions leaders had been in government and never had mentioned corruption or fight while in government. After their dismissal, they became advocates for justices and anti-corruption. However, whether they like or not, their days are number and good days are on horizon.

  3. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,
    At least, you present yourself as moderate Equatorian who understands problem from the angle of 21st century not like the so-called Tyson and the likes. look at the way you reply to Editor, is reasonable. If you are intellectual, you don’t jump to conclusion, saying, it should be firing squards. What a childish wishes. My problem is my English, Unfortunately, I am not an English man like Tyson, Editor and the rest,

    English is my second or even third language. My Dear brother Taban, I don’t have problem with Cirillo or any rebel leader in particular or a particular tribe in South Sudan. I am pretty sure another competent south Sudanese not from Jieng will come to power in future, and I don’t know if the government will be called by the name of that tribe as usually done by brothers in this website.

    For instance, if it is Riak, will other tribes called it the Nuer government? if it’s Cirillo, can it be called Bari government of South Sudan…..etc, and it would be ok. Museveni, Uhuru, Bashir ..etc have tribes, and I don’t know if governments in those countries are called by the tribes of the presidents?. Calling government on tribal line is a cheap politics of those who do not have ideas to convince nation, but to just incite ethnicity to get support from other tribes, because we see ourselves as tribes and we hatred ourselves.. Belonging to a certain tribe is not a crime or a problem. Our problems are the actions in public places. I am neither a supporter of the government nor working for the government and I am not in Juba and I don’t even want to be in Juba. I am have been in private sector since 2005 doing my own business.

    My problem is my respond, if we want to hold our leaders to account, we should generalize them to show neutrality, but not to appear targeting one or two persons and defend others..Thus, anybody suspected or accused to have committed a crime should be left to defend himself in court. However, some people like Tyson who are clever always turn nervous and aggressive if people like Cillrio are added to the list of suspects. Why? This indicates biasness. To me, the innocent politicians are the oppositions in parliament in Juba and maybe FDs who have not taken up arms.

    So, Taban understand me please! You sound minded and moderate, somehow different from idiots in this website.

    • Eastern says:


      Time for moderates and sober minds is long gone! When SPLA came out of the bush, the sense of self-entitlement was overflowing from its members, some of whom were barely knowledgeable in state governance.

      From the onset in 2005, governance business in Southern Sudan then and South Sudan before the Armageddon in December 2013, was the preserve of the Dinka and the Nuer people, the other nationalities were pushed to the peripheries or under the dinning table, so to say literally.

      No single nationalist from either of the aforementioned tribes raised a finger about this discrimination in running the affairs of the state.

      Anybody talking about tribalism in Southern Sudan then and South Sudan now was seen as an enemy. Dr. Barnabas Benjamin Marial was the champion of this view!

      UhuRuto government in Kenya is an alliance between the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin, the rest of the Kenyan nationalities are also at the peripheries. Why the Kenyan government is not called a Kikuyu government is because of your limited knowledge of what goes there!

      You know nothing about the tribalism in Uganda nor the patronage of Museveni in using the state coffers to rent support.

      Kiir just did a bit of that recently in his rubber stamp parliament in Juba!

      Whoever is in Juba and is still referring to themselves as “opposition” better tell all and sundry what are they opposing. If by Ahmed Deng Alor going to Juba behind Pagan Amum means opposition, then be my guest!

      When you come to a public forum of this nature, arm yourself with the requisite information for you to sound relevant and be brief. You have the noble choice of opting out from this forum instead of name-calling.

      • Taban Alimasi says:

        You write like someone who had spent some time in a classroom, however, your education has not translated in to your reasoning. For sure, governance in South Sudan had never been to the expected standard and the blame should go to the ruling party the SPLM, not to any ethnicity.
        It’s true, some members of the two tribes, Dinka and Nuer, have attitudes of domination and always fighting for the high seat or leadership since 1991, but this does not mean all members of these tribes should be victimised because of the wrong leaders from their tribe.
        You mentioned since 2005, tribal attitude displayed by these two tribes, including nepotism, went unopposed or not criticized, to some extent you are right, however, your approach would make it difficult for individual from these tribes to oppose their members, as you already victimised them all.
        During the days of liberation, Khartoum government considered all southerners rebels, whether we were supporters of SPLA or not we were rebel in the eyes of Khartoum many people got killed because they were southerners not because they were proved to be SPLA and as citizen, no one was happy about that.
        I wonder how would you feel, Eastern, if you are imprisoned with your brother for a crime he committed, are you not going to defend yourself as an innocent person?
        Politics should be a contest of ideas and ideology, not tribalism, because war of tribalism will never end and no one would whine.

        • Eastern says:

          Taban Alimasi,

          For crying out loud, please take your education to the cattle camp if you can!

          SPLA is not your regular army and SPLM is not a political party for you to daydream about doing politics of ideas, ideals and ideology. SPLM is a dangerous club of greedy yet deadly folks hell-bent on sucking South Sudan dry. The sooner you wake up from you slumber, the better!

          You are wrong to say that Khartoum view all southern Sudanese as SPLA. You simply don’t know what you want to appear a champion at. Do you know how many SPLM bloodsuckers are in Juba as senior apparactchiks?
          These people you want to do soft politics realpolitik with don’t understand different ideas from what they have formed. They don’t entertain different ideologies from what has been inculcated in them during their formative years in the cattle camp.

          Here I quote you “I wonder how would you feel, Eastern, if you are imprisoned with your brother for a crime he committed, are you not going to defend yourself as an innocent person?”
          Please don’t waste my time by indulging in this jejune comparison!

    • John Obalim says:

      Mr. Mor Amook,
      I wonder up to your age and wearing Neck Tie, you meant you don’t know the reason why people called South Sudan government ( Dinka government ) ? I am sure you know, but you are pretending.

      Tell me !! where are the 4Billions Aids given by America from 2005 to 2013????? Have they settled with the Dinka and Nuer villages in their localities? If you would say yes , why Dinka and Nuer people still begging for food from international Aids? the live styles of locals especially Dinka roaming in Equatorian Land disturbalising farmers from their agricultural practices – its not fare bro.

      Look at the structure of South Sudan government its full of Dinka and Nuer completely starts from the top to the bottom matches their characters . Equatorian towns has been occupied by Dinka and with their chieves.
      Who is the Commander of army in Kaji-jeji ? Yei, Yambio, Torit ,Juba, Nimule, Kapoeta, Chukdum, Terkeka, Parjok, Lobone, and the rest all over Equatoria?
      In Juba every departments e.g. Defence, Finance , Revenue Air Force, Judiciaries and Police have been dominated by mainly Jiengs follow by Nuer and why? can you explain for South Sudanese?

      The government belongs to Dinka and Nuer but still there’s no development in Dinka – land and Nuer.

      Remember especially message to the embezzlers : Don’t take our money outside South Sudan. Do developments in good ways , don’t over crowd in Juba, develop each towns in South Sudan. African embezzlers always think they are smarter reference to Former president of ”Mobutu Se Se Seko” banked money in Switzerland and Belgium, after his reigns ended the money was taken away by the European countries and Mobutu became confused and fall dead.
      Dinka and Nuer officials who are embezzling in South Sudan will fall in the same Trap like Mobutu SeSeSeko.

      How do we make our country save? We needs Education , Roads, Clean Water, Health care and good Governance.
      Dinka and Nuer have been in power from 2005 – 2013 to their second fight, have they done one of the above? They had a dreams to have new city ( Ramshell ) what happen? The Main Road from Nimule to Juba was build by American.
      Which Tarmac Road nor Gravel Road build by Dinka and Nuer from 2005 – 2018 ? They claimed to build roads in Juba Village but they have messed up , No water ways or tunnels build. When it rains Juba village overflows and water carries people away sometime even drown people to dead.

      Its 13years from 2005 still Jiengs can’t build road in their own villages? The reason I call Juba a village is because there’s no Letter Boxes in the house hold , neither Rubbish bins supplied to house hold and servant misses their salaries 6months sometimes a year. Then Dinka Neur government always begging money from US until US said No for now and they the Jieng are unhappy why US refused to pour money. US have right to refuse, they brought peace from Khartoum to your door step ( South Sudan ) and gave you 4Billions then you misused never build even single gravel Road in Jiengs villages. Your local people continue leads stone age life , What did you do with that 4Billions? did you used on Polygamous Marriage ? The only man in Dinka who married one wife was Dr. John Garang and he predicted Dinka will mess up with the governance in South Sudan.

      Dinka and Nuer should stop asking money from US, China , and Malaysia. Do not encourage tribalism , Nepotistic and Corrupt government ,
      Who will believe Dinka and Nuer can make good government? My predictions ; South Sudan will be divided into several countries due to bad mistreatments to other ethnics

  4. Holo Kor says:

    I am just writing to say that, whenever I read responses from such people- and these are particularly Mor-Amook, False millionaire and others, however I don’t read them and this is because they’re hopeless; and first of all, they’re such typical Dinkas.

    These days and age, my life as a South Sudanese, doesn’t really look the same and thanks to the Jieng for ruining it! And the other day, I watched an interview with Paul Malong on the Citizen TV [a Kenyan TV] interviewed by the journalist, Jeff Koinange, and that was really embarrassing moment for everybody to be the South Sudanese.
    And especially when Malong and his son, Laurence are denying everything, and including their relationship and above all, Laurence was really making South Sudan to be nothing, but a country that’s run by the fools and the laughing stock of the world.
    And again, thanks to Mr. Laurence, Malong, Mor-Amook and all Jieng people for making all South Sudanese judged by their culture, norms and the bad behaviors and now, we’re nothing but the laughing stock of the world.

    Furthermore, thank to you Jieng. Good luck for trying!!! Anyway, after all, we’re not the same people that once used to be. Disgusting- you people for ruining our repetition.

    But here is you trying to educate us about you, my friend, it is too late and too little for you to convince us and the world about the Jieng characters.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Holo Kor,
      Be ready for the tsunami shock. This illiterate and thief, Paul Malong, is reportedly the next in line should president Kiir die today, according to the jieng political calculus.
      The so-called jieng council of ‘elders’ have Malong first in the line of succession because they think that Malong’s brutality would be effective in defeating the Nuer-Machar rebellion and also in subduing the Equatorians, Chollo and others.
      That explains why today we see the Kenyan, Ugandan and Arab Sudanese presidents offering the politically naive Malong unfettered access into and through their respective countries.
      Also, Malong’s stupidity and illiteracy are assets being exploited by these countries as also his stolen money is safe for now.
      This reminds one of how the same countries jumped into the support of the illiterate Idi Amin of Uganda in 1971, when these same countries cajoled him to overthrow president Obote.
      Amin was cynically used, exploited and finally deposed by the same.
      Today, Malong and family move easily between the three countries and his stolen money is, for the time being, safe in these countries.

      • Holo Kor says:

        Dear Editor, thank you for your response. Sincerely speaking South Sudan that we knew of, have been, and it’s for a very long time, has been given to the dogs. I know and remember it, and was just like yesterday is that, when the SPLA arrived in my small town and, this is in 1985-1986, there was something which was not right about these people. And it has given me the good reason and the purpose to stay away from joining the movement and so far, the hidden motives behind these people, and it was the obvious and I made the right decision.

        I have the colleagues and friends, closest relatives who join them in the war, and you know what? Many of them didn’t make it back home and as they were taken as far away from the region and from home. That was disgusting and it is still disgusting and that is how bad the SPLA was and were. So far, these people and with their plan(s), they will one day die slowly but it will be too late, anyway. But for sure they’ll go!!! And when that time comes, one will say to hell with them!

  5. Mading says:

    Now Jieng government is limping, its days are no longer numbered? Keep your internet war, internet warriors.
    TO Editor, that is what I have been saying all along that the only people who are keeping Kiir in power are you people who are playing with tribal politics.
    If all South Sudanese would have united against bad leaders in Juba without allowing them to play tribal politics among South Sudanese, things may be different now.
    Tell me Ajieng who can walk to MtN or ILLEGAL GOODS hunters camp.

  6. mading says:

    Holo Kor.
    Go away, you are a sorry loser, let peace come to our people!

  7. Holo Kor says:

    Seriously another Jieng is Mading and who has audacity to tell me to go away. And you have to see now, these are the characters of the people and the Jieng that I’ve been referring to; and having been talking about all the time; Mading, your clouded culture and the twisted image of yours and the Jieng is non-of my business. Whether you like to reform or not, that is strictly up to you, but the problems with you Jieng is, you do not respect the other people’s space, but you’re only naughty, disobedient and wayward lots of people, and you are not asking for taming, but only fight all that…you are proud of.

    Anyway, and by the way, please give me my spare time and the space and thank you very much for your understanding.

  8. False Millionnaire says:

    Kolo kor or Kokora King,
    You are a big loser. You were late-comers to join Nuer when they were at the height of military strength. That adds to the events of J1 in which it was a miracle that Dr Riek didn’t lose his life.
    The mindset of narrowness that guides your politics has put you in the depth of the grave. So take the bitter fact that you will never rise to be anything in RSS political landscape.
    On the other hand if u could be impartial, jieng are fighting Kiir with many of them languishing in the security Blue house.
    But the problem is, the majority have chosen to be side watchers because your choice to set up road blocks to screen off unarmed jieng and murder them coldly is not less evil that what those of Kiir do.
    If the line could be defined as you suggest to mean jieng masses against your race, have the courage to accept the bitter fact that you will not exist for one single day.
    Enjoy going merry for now as the hour has not come. Also observe your fellow MTN apologists like the editor, Alhag Paul and Dr Kwajok who had predicted jieng’s doom and who are now sitting to reflecting over whisky as what new fantasy they should write again to that effect.

  9. J. Malooma says:

    It was very disappointing to see a 30 yrs old man from SS where 95% of its population live under extreme poverty lines swimming in money(In reference to Malong’s son-Editor).
    By the way, on what purpose and motivation did this man doing this for? As I have said several times that there is no justice and moral values in Jeing culture, and you can proved me with this that anything can happen. This man’s behavior represents the overriding sense of moral urgency in Jeing community in particular and SS’ society in general.
    The Kenyan government and people will earn our respect if they can freeze their assets and deny this particular man the right to live among them.
    Believe it or not, this mysterious individual will corrupt and contaminate every living person that he interacted with.

  10. J. Malooma says:

    Thank Editor.

    False Millionaire, I hope this is not you the “swimmer in money”, the Malong mysterious son as your false name suggested! If that is you, then, your days are numbered.
    Just a reminder, the military and political revolutionary movements led by reformists against the jeing misrule have reached a critical peak.

    Again, your eliminating campaigns against Riek Machar and allies has been neutralized. Remember, before the assassination attempt of Dr Riek in J1, Malong and his associates took oath before their gods and Kirr-jce and concluded that, Riek Machar will never become the President of the ROSS, “only over their dead bodies”.
    So, where are they now? “……… it was a miracle that Dr Riek didn’t loose his life” in J1 dog’s fight! You see! You should be ashamed by now. Why wanted to kill someone whose intention is to invest his knowledge in creating a fairer, and more egalitarian society in which every living citizen will have a “fair go”?
    Mr FM and likes, why don’t you just call it a quit and go home? You have been occupied and vandalized the beautiful land of the God fearing people of Equatoria; you massacred Nuer people in the nation’s capital and palace (J1), in government institutions such as police stations…etc; does it make you victorious or cowards, hateful and losers in the eyes of the world?

  11. mading says:

    May want to wake up mad man J. Malooma from deep sleep. South Sudanese peace train has gone very far!

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