BREAKING NEWS: Bari Rejaf Land Grabbed by Dinka recovered after serious intervention by Lt.Gen. Thomas Cirillo

Juba, MAR/12/2016, SSN;

In a first ever reaction, a joint military command from the Republican Guards known as Tiger Division, under General Marial Chanuong together with the body guards of General Thomas Cirillo have forcefully recovered land previously and illegally grabbed by Dinka Bor and Dinka Padang communities in BUDUGE Village in Rejaf East, Juba, home to General Thomas Cirillo himself, according to The Dawn Newspaper of Juba published today, Saturday, March 12, 2016.

According to the published article, General Chanuong, who himself inspected the site on Friday and has ordered the arrest of the ring leaders from the Dinka Bor and Padang Dinka communities respectively for their irresponsible influence that caused the conflict between the Bari natives and the illegal Dinka land grabbers.

Reliable sources from Juba indicate that the problem started after General Thomas Cirillo, a highly renowned fighter during the liberation war, and a Bari native himself of the land grabbed by those two Dinka communities, and who happens to be the SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff, reportedly called an emergency meeting of the top SPLA generals at Bilpham, the Army headquarters, and severely warned them that he was ‘going back to fight for the land grabbed, and that he would remove his military uniform and all the medals and other brass’ from his uniform, and that he would be ready to ‘die in his land.’

It’s reported that both those of Gen. Paul Malong, the Chief of Staff and Gen. Marial, in shocking disbelief, begged and told Gen. Thomas that “we heard what you said but we’ll not agree with your dying.”

Incidentally, the land grabbed by the Dinka Bor and Dinka Padang is the actual village home of the larger family of General Thomas Cirillo and it is the same place where he, Gen. Thomas currently resides. Gen. Thomas is the younger brother to Gen. Peter Cirillo, himself a legendary veteran of the first Anya-Nya war.

The alleged Dinka Bor and Padang land grabbers had completely ignored General Thomas Cirillo’s presence and residence in the Buduge, Rejaf Tokiman East village, which lies on the Eastern bank of the Nile river from Juba.

According to the Dawn Newspaper of Juba, whose Editor-in-Chief is Mr. Emmanuel MonyChol Akop, General Chanuong has appealed to the ring leaders still at large to surrender themselves before they are forcefully hunted down. If you want land, he appealed to them, it is better to cooperate with the natives and follow the right system so that your situation is understood and land is given to you.

The Dawn Newspaper reports that General Chanuong acknowledged that “land has more than economic value to its owners,” pointing out land is a source of livelihood, wealth, social peace, and in some cases holds a ceremonial and cultural value.

Meanwhile, General Thomas Cirillo vowed to rally behind his Bari community and not to compromise with those illegal settlers and occupants or people who use force to grab other people’s land for themselves. Gen. Thomas said this is very bad and provocative, as there have been serious clashes between the land grabbers and the natives few days ago.

According to the newspaper, first of all, even the Padang and the Bor Dinka themselves are in tension among themselves and also with the Bari land owners.

“I told my guards to be watchful and open fire in self-defense if they touch you,” according to The Dawn, “because some people will manipulate the situation to tarnish my fame.” Gen. Thomas Cirillo said.

The two generals, Cirillo and Chanuang are both loyalists to the current President Salva Kiir before and after the country attained independence in 2011.

General Cirillo who hailed from Equatoria region is one of the most respected high ranking military commanders in the SPLA, South Sudan official army.

Gen. Ciriilo has beefed up security along Rejaf-Juba road after an outcry from his own village for him to rescue them from threats of violence by the two communities, Bor and Padang Dinka, who have used force to grab a large of size of Bari land, according to the Dawn newspaper.

General Chanuong said already one community leader from Dinka Bor believed to be a member of the organised forces with the rank of 1st lieutenant was arrested at the scene and brought to Juba when the two commanders inspected the large size of the grabbed land and found the grabbers busy with demarcating the area, according to the Dawn Newspaper in Juba.

Reportedly, General Paul Malong along with General Thomas Cirillo went to meet President Salva Kiir where Gen. Thomas is said to have repeated the same warning he earlier told the SPLA generals. Gen. Malong reportedly told Pres. Kiir that he had repeatedly warned the President about the danger the Dinka land grabbers will bring to the nation.

It is said that President Kiir was in a terrible shock when General Thomas repeated his threat to die for his land, Kiir just ‘held his head down.”

More developments to the story above:

It is reported that Gen. Thomas Cirillo’s move has unsurprisingly attracted great support and solidarity not only from the Bari land owners but from many other South Sudanese from all parts of the Greater Equatoria region. From Yambio and all Western Equatoria to the entire Eastern Equatoria, pledges of support including physical and otherwise have been continuously pouring in.

Reportedly, the Former governor of Central Equatoria, Gen. Clement Wani Konga has promised to deploy his Mundari militias in support of the Bari and it is said other surrounding tribes are marching to Rejaf to boost the support to Gen. Thomas and the people of Rejaf.

Already, Chief Lado Bureng of Rejaf East payam, the area in dispute, has reportedly been detained on bribery and sale of the land in dispute.

Also, a Canadian citizen from Rokon who was the Executive officer of the Rejaf East payam is on the run for alleged bribery in the sale of this land grabbed by the Dinka of Bor and Padang. It’s reported that the Dinka in Canada would pay the money to his wife in Canada for the piece of land in Rejaf East.

Also, the newly appointed Commissioner of Jebel Lado is reportedly ordered to be arrested for involvement in illicit land sales.

Finally, despite the vows of President Kiir on the land grabbing problem, it is lately reported that president Kiir himself has ordered the same General Marial Chanuong to build a fence from the GUEDA (the Military Barracks to the South) up to Lulugo southwards and then up to the banks of the River Nile. This massive area will force out nearly 300 homes of innocent residents who had legally acquired those plots of land.

Kiir’s Motive: It should be recalled that some years ago, while Dr. Riek Machar was vice-president an opposed to the plan, President Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders had toyed with the idea of relocating the J-One presidential residence from the current site to the Gueda-Lologu area, allegedly for “security reasons,” he was said to be morbidly paranoid and afraid of the tall buildings that are being currently erected around the current presidential residence, J-One. Riek wanted the relocation of the entire government to Ramciel, the proposed new capital.

More updates will be coming!!!


  1. laku says:

    What is the bebenefit of reposting the article about the Juba landgrab by bor and apadang dinka? Is the article for a propaganda style? Do Equatorian really want to stand up for their this time ? Coward gene will always be a victim jieng leadership !!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Kuol or Laku,
      There was a technical glitch last night as this website migrated to a new host company and in the process they lost some postings.
      Reposting the articles might enable others to read them.
      Apparently as might be discerned, you are sorrily living in your own world, but just wake up and remember that even the mighty Roman Empire or the Mubaraks and Gadafis and Sadam Hussiens or nearby, the Nimeris or Garangs have all gone. Kiir…uuummmp… just start counting the remaining days to his downfall or dethroning……. At least one brave son of Equatoria has stood up!!!!!

      • Force_1 says:


        If you can’t handle the comments here on your website; I mean the comments of those who disagrees with you by deleting them; then how are you going to handle someone in Juba in person?

        Don’t you think that; the time is over due to topple the like of Roman Empire, the Mubaraks, Gadhafis, Saddam Husseins, Nimeris and the Garangs? Or is it going to happened on the internet! If it’s going to happened on the internet; then you’re going to wait for a while or maybe your children generation are the ones who are going to topple the like of Roman Empires!
        Laku with the comment above is truly going to be completely convince that “Site Technical glitch discriminate; it only deletes the comments of those who disagrees with Editor! Haaa; it’s really fun to be with geniuses!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          I have now ran this website for thirteen (13) years and you should have acknowledged my sincerity. The technical glitch happened as a result of the migration to a new hosting company. The process was ongoing for a few days and that explains why the new hosting company decided to pick up the site as of March 2, and that’s what the new host company started publishing the website.
          This might be technically difficult to comprehend for some people. Anyway I am now in full control again and trying to recover some of the lost articles.

          • Force_1 says:

            News flash; I happened to be exactly on that field; the “Information Technology” any experience network technician or engineer advise that a backup system should be the first line of defense against any data loss. A secure backup strategy minimizes the risk of losing data by maintaining a current backup; copies of existing files so that files can be recovered if harm comes to the original data.
            I don’t think anyone can bragged about having “IT” technical experience if they can lose the data that easily!

          • info@southsudannation says:

            I have a complete backup in place that’s managed by the hosting company and the website is secure. Once more let me reiterate that the problem emanated from the two IT companies and it’s being rectified.
            Once again, I never bragged about being an IT expert, but I am proud that I have acquired sufficient amount of IT proficiency that has enabled me to run this website for 14 years and counting.
            Way back when I started the in 2003, there was only the Nuer website called, there was no Sudan Tribune, RadioTamazug and the current multiplicity of online South Sudanese websites. I must say it has been a great achievement and personal satisfaction specially when it is recalled that the was the website foremost in vocalization of the call for and support of the TOTAL INDEPENDENCE OF SOUTH SUDAN, something then utterly unthinkable as many South Sudanese were then very much cowed down and threatened by John Garang’s SPLM/A call for a united one Sudan.
            Please, by re-assured that things will be back to normal when the two hosting companies resolve their technical issues.
            In the meantime, rest your mind in peace and my personal assurance that the IT issue will be put to rest.

    • alex says:

      Why did you hide in UK? If you do not want peace,come and start war. You will be tough to speak peace.
      Ask your friend Dr Riack Masar how bitter war is.. you want others to die and tomorrow you come with your children to enjoy. What a wise mr care. Laku you are the most coward South Sudanse person. Girls are more brave than you. You want a position in others people’s blood. To hell with you. We are one people one nation. May peace prevail in our country

      • Patriot, Gatdarwich says:


        The traitorous Jenges,Killer Nyankiir and the lunatics-fanatics, Jenges Council of Evils are uncontrollably-reportedly farting toxic chemicals in Juba because Gen. Cirillo unequivocally threat war if the forcefully grabbed Bari’s land isn’t urgently returned to the deprived owners.
        The traitors Jenges hurriedly ordered Gen. Marial, who immediately evicted the Jenges–your kinsmen implicated in the land grabbed case. In short, “Girls are more brave than” the traitorous Jenges. Proven fact!

        • alex says:

          It laughable for intranet warrior to think he can fool others to go and fight.
          you are only living in delusions and always for anything to happen. You lost hope for what you wanted to happen to our government. The same people you abused that they are bought by Kirr you are now looking your salvation from. Chirillo is inelegant individual who is guided by nationalism and unity of our people. He is not like power hungry people who put their interest above the nation.

    • kondokoro says:

      to info@southsudannation

      what role and support did the Executive director of Rajaf East did in fasilitating the Land grab issue in Gwuduge and what was the comment of intelecuals from that area to know about Clement Wani and Peter Simon plot to sell Bari Land to other IDPS communities in Juba? because it is imposible for gwudugwe land to be grab easily it is in the gate of entrance to Juba centre of Jubek state and along the nile closed to the bridge

      • Force_1 says:


        You’re going to be called a Dinka/Jieng now because you happened to disagree with your people rant for feign land grabbing! The people who come up with these allegations of land grabbed are not living in Juba as you’re but in Canada, Australia, UK or US; they utterly don’t have any clue of what’s going on in Juba as far as the issue of land is concern. Just because one make an assumption of land being grabbed doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually taking place. An assumption is not equal reality and your people outside South Sudan need to be schooled about the different between reality and assumption. Mr. Kondokoro your honesty and sincerity is highly appreciated about this issue of unfounded land grabbed!

  2. laku says:

    Dear Editor,

    I am sorry if I misunderstood the purpose for posting that article. Also it is good Mr.Editor to hear your feelings. I like those Equatorian who speak loudly and clearly in the face of evil. I am happy that everybody starts to feel the pain. So, let us join hands to take out those naked jienga.

  3. You are right Editor, but i think our son’s response came very late.

  4. Kuol Mach says:

    whose land is grabbed and who are the grabbers in this context? It was unconstitutional for Gen. Thomas Cirillo to use his rank to intimidate the civil population while wearing his rank and uniform. These are the symptoms of the rebellion because a active high ranking officer could not involve in the legal demolition without county or payaam authorities.
    I hope if this persist like the way it was, then there will be big fight between the community with those illegal forces of Thomas Cirillo.
    It is very unfortunate to liberate the land with your own blood and be told by the person who used to run and hide that you have to leave the land for him!!!. It is unbecoming and it will not be allowed to happen unless we are dead.

  5. Anya 2 says:

    I don’t agree with writer of this website because it’s wrote something about two communities as if they are one living in Juba? Secondly general Thomas Cirillo is not county authority to act on land issues, He is general of national Army unless he declare himself to rebel against government. Also he know very well those two communities lost their son in that areas want the where sent to rescue him from Juba and during Juba fighting as well. Those two communities have tough generals which the can’t be intimidate by general Cirillo? I hope their son death in that areas but if general Thomas want follow them because of they same land kill why not?

  6. Kokora II says:

    It is time to re-liberate. And there is nothing call “too late”.

  7. Toria says:

    Kuol Mach
    So now you are crying that people in uniforms and holding guns should never threaten unarmed civilians alright? Now you understand how it feels since SPLA assumed the position of government all Dinkas became land grabbers in SPLA uniforms or with guns supplied by SPLA crooks? There is no reason why you people couldn’t go and develop Upper Nile or Bahr Ghazal. The only reason is because your people are either afraid of your own people or from Jalaba, that why you thought Equatoria was a safe heaven. Well, let tell you that you are wrong. Now feel the heat.
    FYI, SPLA has never liberate anyone, the people liberate themselves from the Arabs and now they will have to do so from Jenges SPLA oppressions.

    • Force_1 says:


      That’s the same old tough talk song that doesn’t get old from you people. How many generals from nuer that are of the same rank or higher than general Cirrilo but are now hiding in either Pangak or Ethiopia because they are scared to death to come to Juba? Just let your tough talk match the reality on the ground or else you risk looking highly insane.

      What do you know about the liberation and what can you tell us about liberation of South Sudan when you were hiding in foreign countries in the 1980s and 90s! On the other hand; If you weren’t born in the 1980s and 90s to know who liberate South Sudan; then asked those who were and you’ll be schooled about who liberate South Sudan!

  8. Gatdarwich says:

    Force-1 & Laku,

    Technical glitches or malfunction of websites–which might results in loosing data restored on the affected website is very common. So, restoring every vital data lost is time consuming–weew–$$$$ expensive!
    In all fairness, force-1 & Laku—traitorous cousins, you’ve zero vital personal information lost in this website—unless if you inanely assumes that bickering comments are considered vital personal data. Plus, it’s absolutely absurd to wrongly conceptualizes that everyone behaves unethically as your kinsmen do!
    Lastly, be informed that many commentators–including Gatdarwich lost countless comments that worth crying for–if one is childish enough to do so period
    Give Editor the well-deserved break, and DON’T FORGET to urgently contact almighty Ngundeng to pour ice in thy traitorous broken hearts!

    Peace & Ngundeng bless,

    Patriot, Gatdarwich

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Thanks for your surprisingly and kindly support to my current predicament which technically not my own making. Like I reiterated to others before, it was a technical problem caused by my switching the hosting companies. As you might be aware, I have to pay these hosting companies in the mighty DOLLARS.
      What happened was that the old company passed the website update some days backwards and not the last updated data I had made. That is why some newly posted articles and your own comments got disappeared, not maliciously but due to the technicality. I hope this note of mine would quickly put your suspicious minds to rest and unnecessary innuendos about any misconceived intentions I might have.
      Finally, let me sincerely assure you and many others that this website is totally independent, I have been entirely relying on the Google ads displayed herein by lately the income has been dwindling and that perhaps is the reason for my latest appeal to the kind-hearted viewers for a little donation to keep the website going. This is now the fourteenth (14) years of managing this website partly from the ads and personal resources.
      May the blessings of ?Almighty Ngundeng dollars rain on the website also.

  9. Patriot, Gatdarwich says:


    Thank for your appreciation to my timely comments to the crying babies, Force-1 and Jenge Laku!

    Just for the record, Gatdarwich don’t hold grudges emanating from objective disagreements because I am a true believer in constructive criticism period

    Peace, and may almighty Ngundeng financially uplifted this website.

  10. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Gatdarwich:

    The forum is not a church for blessings!Ngundeng was not a prophet for all tribes in the South Sudan in the whole Sudan in the country! Ngundeng was only for Nuer group alone.But not all Nuer people had honored him! His rod Iron,was taken to England as artifact for Britain Museum for their imperialism memorial! NGUNDENG is not an answer to South Sudan political upheaval!!!! Back to you to the audience in the forum South Sudan Nation! Good luck with Ngundeng Bong the Nuer Mesiah!

    • Patriot, Gatdarwich says:

      Chef Abiko,

      Prophet Ngundeng Bong is South Sudanese’ prophet.

      Yes, he was born Nuer by tribe, but like Jesus of Nazareth, he is our prophet–can be call upon in the time of calmness/difficulties–and deserved the ultimate respect period

    • southdan says:

      chief Abiko
      you sound comedian we acknowledged Ngoundeng is for nuer tribe, since he not against anyone in the country then we as southern should be proud that our country had had a prophet. Read three is book world religious you will fine Ngundeng in the third chapter.

    • Southan says:

      Chief Abiko
      please don’t defamed prophet Ngoundeng by say he belong only to nuer. no Ngoundeng he a Nation prophet he like Dr john Garang, Abel Alier, joseph Lague and Dr Reik Machar Ngoundeng roles should credit national asset belongs to all tribe. unless you don’t value South Sudan as your country. im a Nuer, but I remembered during my childhood at 1980 all Nuer youths boys and girls had to composed songs uplifting our older politicians like Abel Alier, joseph Lagu and others. so why would you say Ngoundeng is for Nuer. pleas don’t divided our people of south sudan like Dinka does, wish you a prosperous life my friend

  11. Loul John says:

    This is a shocking development in the country

  12. Southan says:

    dear all,
    I’m not comfortable with people who are anti-peace, this article is a hoax. I do not believe on so called land grabbed by Dinka. however the writer to this article continue to write so call land grabbed by Dinka, but to me literally the writer does not meant what he written, instate he is mobilizing for second genocide against innocent Nuers in united nations protection compound in Jonglei Bor and upper Nile state ( now turns to be padang possession) those people are clear known anti-peace working with government of Salva Kiir to Derail peace, their main task is to organize a second mass genocide of Nuer in united nations campuses namely Jonglei Bor, and upper Nile Malakal. Thus the African union report on south Sudan genocide December 2013 had said “was organized by the government of south Sudan”. This indicated there was a falls allegation one week from this article which had said by government official the government of Salva Kiir issued an statement says “the land grabbed was not a government policy”

  13. Gatdarwich says:


    Please carefully read the article before making any further unconnected statements.

  14. Southan says:

    yes Gatdarwich, I have read the article and I found out it was written was by antipeace who do not want Dr.Reik Machar to set feet in juba .I do not believe on so call land grabbed by Dinka as the article stated. This is a hoax that came from Dinka government, who try to organized a second massacred in juba back to you

  15. False Millionaire says:

    Chief Abiko,
    Leave Gadarwich alone in the depth of the mud.He has kilt,raped,looted and destroyed in the name of ngundeng.But that has never prevented him from getting his ass kicked.Just sit and wait and u will not miss to see the next hell he and his likes will provoke.

    • Southdan says:

      False Millionaire (Donald). please let us restricts our selves from ethnic propaganda that had been planning to our mind by the jeing elders. Long life coexistence between the people Nuer, Dinka and of South Sudan and death to elders Dinka, who want acquired South Sudan land without Nuers. If you wanted to insult me because I disagree with you. please select any insuilt which appropriate because I personally think if you insulting me in insulting your self.please use your knowledge a respond and not abusing languages. Back to our readers, I only allowed you to respond somebody in a comedy style. Like who mentioned that Equatorians are in government of South Sudan as they eating in one check of Dinka and then tried to attack Dinka as a land grabbing this a kind of good debate that will make use to understand ourselves. Back to audiences

  16. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    Grow up nyathin! you needs to learns- adapts some good manners from the patriots–show some respect to your truly monymor, Gatdarwich!
    Ok, Nyanthin?

    • Bol says:

      Please re-read your vocabulary…Grow up NYANTHIN (little girl) ……show some respect to your truly MONYMOR (your mothre’s husband/boyfriend)…..Its all about Gender and Sex! Very interesting!

  17. Southdan says:

    Dear folk, I don’t care whether this website belongs to government agents. Please let us make it laughable and not aggressive so that we as southern Will understand each other.

  18. Gatdarwich says:


    Very timely intervention! Your traitorous cousin/niece–false millionaire went mute!

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