Bor People Victims in Kiir’s Political Manoeuvres

BY: David Kuol Arok, Australia, OCT/19/2013, SSN;

We, the Bor people, have always been known for fair-mindedness. But in recent political fall-out in Juba, president Kiir has finally found his allies among us. The one section of Bor tribe whom he looks upon has lost both logic and common sense.

It’s those who claim themselves victims of repressive rebel movement that has killed their people. And if you asked them how many people were assassinated? They could only mention one possible example, and that is the death of late Martin Majer Gai Ayuel.

However, let’s not be naïve, Kiir has never been fair to all of us, and his recent appointment of Jonglei State Governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk, to the country’s defence ministry is basically because he finds him useful just as the political tool to be used eventually in removing the current SPLA army Chief of Staff, Lt.Gen. James Hoth Mai in a nearer future.

This appointment is not just a random process; it is both politically and desperately an attempt by a confused president who is determined to clinging to power at all cost whatsoever, with a long political calculus that we, the Bor Dinka, would remain enemies with the Nuer people forever.

Undoubtedly, General Hoth Mai has strongly opposed any involvement of the South Sudan army in a political process, and one vivid example is his refusal to integrate several hundreds presidential guards trained at Luri Bridge without his knowledge.

Here again, it has surfaced that Mr. Gabriel Jok Riak is the leader of this private army (the recently trained presidential so-called Republican Guards) that’s predominantly selected and recruited from president Kiir’s own home of Warrap State and related Northern Bhar el Ghazal State.

In view of the recent political developments, had it not been for former vice-president Dr. Riak Machar’s willingness for peaceful political transition, only God knows how we, as a nation, have evaded one catastrophe very similar to the Rwanda genocide.

In the aftermath of the removal of Dr. Machar from office, there was a speculation that John Luk Jok, a Nuer, was considered for appointment as vice-president, but he, John Luk, was wise enough to turn the consideration down and the vacancy went unfortunately to a weak comedian because he is from Equatoria region and therefore fits the political narrative.

Besides, do you think Kiir cares much about Bor South? No, of course, basically because there is no prominent political rival in that region that is the primary reason Kiir is willing to offer them an olive branch for political convenience.

But, unfortunately, Bor North and Nuer who have individuals ready to assume the presidency are left languishing under the bus.

Dear friends, I am not against any political appointees but let us refrain from politics that pit us against any faction in South Sudan.

Kiir is a spoiled or rotten apple, and now he is more determined to smear us with his political dung.

So, let all Bor people remain united, strong and vigilant. No more political enemies!

David Kuol Arok
Country: Australia


  1. Mikith Kuol says:

    It seems that you are contradicting yourself. What you wrote in the body of this article is a complaint against appointment of Bor South individuals by Kiir and neglecting Bor North and Bor South being used as a political witch hunt by Kiir. All you wrote in this article has nothing to do with unity. How can you deceive yourself of Bor unity in the last sentence?

  2. jay johnson says:

    Good insightful analysis Mr. Kuol Arok. I think you have rightly pointed out why gen. Kuol was appointed as defense minister, which was to remove gen. Hoth Mai so that the spla army, the only independent institution left in the country could be used as a rubber stamp of the president like south sudan parliament. The president has been looking for a cover as he had no guts to unilaterally dismiss Gen. Hoth Mai. And of course he found a willing surrogate in the person of Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk.

    It is important to understand why gen. Kuol accepted the political bait of defense ministry. First, Kiir was rewarding gen. Kuol for nominating him to succeed Dr. Garang in that famous new site meeting. That act of rewarding your political ally is called patronage in politics. Kiir would have not been president were it not of Kuol Manyang decision.

    those who know gen. Kuol know him as an imposing and intimidating figure. a no nonsense kind of man who command respect and fear among his peers. so the opponents of Kiir need to forget about gen. Kuol, a man who brought Kiir to power. Secondly, Kuol as a failed governor of jonglei state was looking for a way to redeem himself and his reputation before he could call it a day in public services.

    Following his appointment as jonglei governor, he pledged development and improvement of security in the state. Today the opposite is true. jonglei remains the most insecure and backward state in the nation. any sign of modernity or development is virtually confined to the limits of bor town and bor county. insecurity remains high and worst than during the reign of former governor, thon leek.

    Politics has been correctly described as dynamic and there is no surprise that the Bor Gok has benefited immensely under Kiir administration. the message of being a victim of Garang rebel movement has resonated well with president who considers himself a victim of Garang too. so there is victims solidarity at play here.

    Secondly the Bor Gok consider themselves as lost section of Gong Arol or Gok Dinka of cueibet county. theories are flying about that the Gok of Cueibet and Gok of bor county were one people separated only when the former migrated across the nile to their present country. I have yet to find a proof of that theory. but anyway, the point is that there is no question that Bor Gok have been the most political allies of the president Kiir from all dinka groups east of the nile river. whether that is due to victim solidarity or that the president considers them as part of Gok Dinka of cueibet county is subject to debate.

    Finally, I do not understand Mr. Kuol Arok what you mean when you said ” we, the Bor people” Do you still consider Eastern Twic, Hol and Nyarweng as part of that “we, the Bor people” or are you referring specifically to Bor Gok and Bor Athooc? and What do you mean by Bor North? Did you mean Athooc Bor or are you still clinging to an imaginary Bor North of liberation and Abel Alier yester years that is no longer visible on the ground? I apologize if the bor north you are referring to is that one south of twic east county otherwise there is no Bor North in existence as we speak.

    When did the Eastern Twic, Nyarweng and Hol Dinka relinquish their identity and became Bor? I think Mr. Kuol Arok, that you are an intelligent and well informed person based on my reading of your article. However, I am dismayed, disappointed and appalled by your sheer lack of history of south eastern Dinka or Jonglei Dinka. I challenge you to write another article justifying your inclusion of TWIC (Eastern Twic), NYARWENG and HOL under Dinka Bor. Please consider my request and I will be glad to debate you on this forum.

    any way thank for the article. I enjoyed it and you have earned my respect though I do not agree with your categorization of Nyarweng, Hol and eastern Twic as BOR.

    Jay Johnson lived in central equatoria, south sudan

    • LL Reuben says:

      Jay Johnson,

      Thank you very much for your repudiation of this illusory assertion of the long-a-go political gimmick – the so-called Bor south, north and what have you; helped coined by Abel Alier during his time of significance. It’s severely regrettable the ill-informed and ill-advised like this Kuol Arok fellow are still instigating this whole to nothing debate of what exactly is Bor, at every opportunity. When in fact Bor is Gok and Athooc as is always is and will forever be.

      Koul, you better answer Jay Johnson’s questions. Should you decline to answer them, then I suggest you go back and study history of the Jieng (Mounjang/Dinka) people. Lazarus Leek Mawut from Duk County tribes of Nyarweng and Hol has a book called, “Dinka Resistance Against the Condominium Rulers”, you will not find the book as it has not been published yet but the thesis of the book is available at public libraries. Find it and read it there is an elaboration of many of the intrigues concerning the tribes of Dinka including your invalid claim of Bor north, south, etc absurdity. You will be thrilled afterward!

      Should you discount my suggestion, I will then be forced to dismiss your writing and question your integrity as a writer and simply regard you one among those whose intention is to grab public attention by prompting debate of a mythical concept without considering subsequent consequences.

      • David Kuol Arok says:

        Dear Reuben,
        Thanks for the new reading you have recommended. However, I could not find the book you just mention, maybe if you know the link or if you could find hard copy there you may scan some important pages and send to I will appreciate if you could do me that favor.

    • David Kuol Arok says:

      Dear Jay Johnson,
      It is true you may disagree with my categorization, however, I believed ‘BOR’ is a name that defines all of us – from Cueikeer to Cueithon. Although there are people who now claim the ownership of the name and those who exclude themselves and define themselves by their local names. All the names you have just mentioned are our “Local names” and on the map we are ‘Bor’. We may choose to shy away from this reality and that is foolish, or someone may claim the name and that is foolishness too. All I believed, if you refer to a current definition there is a possibility that I may agree with you, not that because it is true but because majority of us are indoctrinated to view it in a way you just described. Based on current definition, it excludes me but I don’t accept because there is no other name you could possibly find that defines all of us apart from “BOR”.

  3. majongdit says:

    You say, “no more political enemies”, yet in this you create even more.
    You say “let us refrain from politics that pit us against against any faction in South Sudan”. You preach water and then go for the wine! Yours is already divisive politics and your argument is enough to pit Bor North/Nuer against the Bor South; Equally pits Hoth Mai against the Kuol Manyang. If your intention was not to pit “us against them,” then you need to rewrite this piece.

  4. anok maketh says:

    David Koul,
    You are right, this is another desperate attempt not only to divide bai bor but Upper Nile people as well, Kiir since 2005 has been focusing on destroying other regions instead of building them. if he was just concentrating on CPA, all other protocols would had been implemented by now including Abyei.
    Working only on his chairmanship, that’s how come nothing is done up to now. Kiir has never toured the whole nation at once even during the referendum, only when campaigning like in 2010 & recently when he toured Greater Bhar el Ghazel for his bid of 2015.
    he would probably visit Upper Nile & the rest of Greater Equatoria soon for the same reason, his chairmanship. So is up to Koul Manyang whether to protect SALVA KIIR’S chair or SPLM principles and reputation.

  5. DENG Gai says:

    Mr Kuol Arok,
    you seem to be contradicting yourself trying to advice other audience to refrain from political division, something that you categorically failed to do. Anyway, what is your point actually? Are you trying to convince the the Nuers to leave Twic east alone when crisis break loose?
    Why do you guys cry always when something is against your political aspirations?
    Garang didn’t kill only Martin Majier, he killed many when the entire Bor community was accused of siding with the government of Khartoum because of Majier death?
    Anyway, I can only see an ignorant fool in you to answer most of your ridiculous claims. Bottom line is we are the real Bor and Salva knows it, we do know you guys as ambitious cowards so whatever you say and talked about, we don’t care about it.

  6. Mankien town says:

    David Kuol,
    you are right, Bor community was so united during Dr. John Garang De-Mabior’s rule the man i like so much. many of us now want to bring John Garang back if there could be a way to do so.
    Kuol Mangang will drive the conflict back to greater upper Nile region if he will attempt to remove James Hoth in favor of Kirr political gain, believe me, and Bor community will pay a lot of price in return.

    if you don’t meet early and think big about community rather than kirr power and this therefore will save as early warning and it is good that most Bor community know kirr’s agenda of is divide to rule” old fashion every modern human being have already know this style. it not new to any of us as well as Nuer, but need to be corrected early in peaceful way because nothing will benefit us from conflict than lost of live. power is useless but human life is that important.
    thank u.

  7. Ohi'de says:

    David Kuol Arok
    What are you talking of? You better condemn the presence of your people in Nimule.

    • David Kuol Arok says:

      Dear Ohi’de,
      Nimule is a part of South Sudan and any citizen of that a country can live wherever they choose in any part of the country. My people include you but if you want people to leave Nimule – maybe you yourself can go but the rest of the citizens can live in peace.

  8. Raan Naath says:


    That would be the worst if Kuol Manyang would only see Kiir’s political benefit

  9. Raan Naath says:

    Removal of Gen.James would drag Juba to its former shape during Jalaba because no building that they have built with the loot money would remain standing if they would ever attempt to run during the tournament.

  10. jay johnson says:

    Deng Gai said “Bottom line is we are real Bor and Salva know it” .
    the word real does not apply to human beings as you have used it here. It is either Bor or not. There is no such thing as real Bor, real Twic, real Nyarweng or real Hol. It is either Hol, Bor, Nyarweng or Twic. There is no other way around that. if a person or ethnic group is not real, there is no fake person or ethnic group. You guys need to admit that you have been wrong all along trying to steal the identity of Hol, Twic and Nyarweng Dinka for political reasons.

    if there was doubt about the intention of the so called BOR DINKA or Greater Bor just to borrow from GBC USA, in which independent communities of Twic, Hol and Nyarweng have been coerced into denouncing their respective identities, then the appointment of Kuol Manyang, Makuei Lueth and Abdulla Deng Nhial from Bor Dinka was the overall objective of Borism. The Bor Dinka that has been propagated to the media since the time of Abel Alier is a political project and has nothing to do with culture, dialect and customs of these communities. in other word, the Bor, Nyarweng, Twic and Hol are culturally, dialectically and genealogically different.

    i concur with you Mr. Deng Gai in the sense that the Hol, Twic and Nyarweng have never, are not and will never be a section of Bor Dinka. They are not fake Bor as you claim but they are who they are ( Twic, Hol and Nyarweng) independent of Bor Dinka of Bor county.

  11. Tyson says:

    This is a nice advice. Collectively, we can get rid of Kiir syndrome from the Republic of South Sudan. We should not encourage violence to inflict another suffering to our poor people especially areas that have been witnessing blood shed since this country became independent.
    Kiir and his cronies should be uprooted from the political platform in this country.

  12. David Kuol Arok says:

    Dear Readers,
    As some of you think that I am divisive, you are free to criticise in anyway possible. But, for the benefit of the other audiences who see it otherwise, you may need to explain in detail which way I am divisive and I am willing to explain myself why I believed you misunderstood my position. The general themes of the opinion piece condemn the way president Kiir used other communities as a shield for his political benefit and when he achieved his political objectives he dropped that community and chose the next.
    I believed that always left political wounds between the communities while he is there free taking no share of a blame. Furthermore, I urged the communities or representatives of the people to not allow themselves be used for political purposes. So, in which way am I preaching hatred?

  13. jay johnson says:

    Dear Kuol Arok

    thank for your response. I am disappointed though because what you wrote do not add a substance to the debate we are about to embark upon. It is a classic and typical answer from pro Bor classification folk like you. Perhaps that is due to ignorance and arrogant. your response do not answer the questions I asked in my earlier comment.

    you fail to explain why you believe “Bor is a name that defines all of us from Cueiker to Cueithon”. you went on to say that “and on the map we are Bor” Which map? and who draws the map? and finally, you ignorantly accuse those who oppose Borization as foolish!!! matter of fact the so called Bor categorization is a myth which had been promoted for political reason.

    If Nyarweng, Hol and Twic are sections of Dinka Bor as you have asserted, then for your claim and belief to be valid, Both Nyarweng, Hol, Twic and Bor should have single dialect, trace their genealogical lineage to a single apical real or mythical ancestor.

    if Bor grouping is valid as you claim, then you need to include Western Twic or Twic mayardit as section of Bor Dinka. the reason being that Western Twic do not identity as Rek, because according to their oral history, they split peacefully with Eastern Twic at Patindur due to lack of grazing land. They acknowledge being related to eastern twic or Twic jonglei which is why they do not consider themselves part of Rek though they speak Rek dialect.

    The point is that if your claim of Bor categorization is to be accepted as true for the sake of argument, then there is no way you can separate western and eastern Twic. Though they live 300 miles apart, their relation and partition at Patindur around 1700 is acknowledged by both sides.

    I think little research could be of great help to you instead of making your self a laughing stock of historians. You need to understand the formation, structure and organization of tribal societies like Dinka. More importantly, anyone who is well acquainted with Nilotic and western Nilotic segmentery lineage system of fission and fusion, he or she appreciate my reluctance on classification and categorization.

    Please read: Upper Nile handbook, Dinka religion and divinity by Godfrey Lienhardt, Nuer prophets by Douglas Johnson. and more importantly please talk to the elders of your community. whether you are from Bor or Twic. you will realize why Bor categorization is controversial, problematic and stupid.

    The Nyarweng, Hol and Twic traced their genealogical ancestry separate from Bor.In other words, there is not a single real or mythical ancestor from which the Bor, Twic, Hol and Nyarweng trace their genealogical lineage apart from Jieng/Dinka. Put it this way, what united Hol, Bor, Twic and Nyarweng is Jieng, real or mythical

    • David Kuol Arok says:

      Dear Jay Johnson,

      The purpose of historians is to prove something that is irrelevant when applied in a current context. The work of a philosopher is to address current issues – trying to find answers where things gone wrong and come up with the recommendation of what needed to be done. I appreciate your diligence in wanting me to qualify my categorisation, but all you want me to do is come down to a simple conclusion and that is glorifying oneself which fails to address current problems.
      Perhaps if you want me to join you in debate of what happened in the past, then you need to add as well how is it addressing the current situation? Whether I will be the laughing stock of historians, I have no problem with that because what you are asking me to do undermine what I considered important to me and that is to be humble rather than showing myself to public that I know more. Leave the history to prove itself, and come back to the world of what needs to be done?

  14. Daniel British says:

    Dear David Kuol Arok,
    thank you brother. Some people promote themselves to be educated, but I see nothing at all. Learning means change of behavior, but I see nothing changes in us since we have been in school.

    By the way, I don’t have time, but if you may recall, I am Daniel British from Mading Aweil Discussion Board. I never shy away from debate and I have enough knowledge about whatever Dinka to debate any one who thinks he knows Dinka, or Dinkas.

    Mr. Twic Jay Johnson, you are wrong. You don’t even know the origin of Twic while you shamelessly claimed to be Twic. You self-assumed yourself to be real Twic.

    Well, I am a Twic and I don’t have relationship with Western Twic. Majority of Kongor, Hol and Nyarweng came from Ngok Dinka. They have no relationship with Western Twic.

    The name Eastern Twic came from Atwic. Atwic was the founding Father of Ajuong Nar clan. I don’t know: are you from Ajoung clan, or you are one of the people who are robbed of identity?

    I will be back Mr. Historian. Just answer that few questions.

    Again, I am Daniel British. Thank you Kuol Arok for your article.

    • jay johnson says:

      Mr. Daniel British,

      I would urge that you desist from claiming to be from Twic which can not be supported given the name you identify yourself, that is DANIEL BRITISH!!!!! as you know, Daniel is a biblical name which I assume you borrowed when you shamelessly abandoned nhialic, the God of your dinka ancestors if your claim of being Twic and therefore Dinka is assumed to be true.
      And BRITISH, as you are aware is the name of former colonial master of your grand fathers who treated them like slaves. there is nothing from your name that authenticates your TWIC claim nor Bor claim though you have yet to profess it publicly.

      Similarly, nothing from my name: JAY JOHNSON that can validate your assertion of me being Twic. I did not claim to be from Twic nor should you vaguely reach that conclusion. the point being whether I am from Twic or not is irrelevant and non-essential to the question before us, which is BOR CATEGORIZATION SCANDAL.

      Likewise, your claim of Twic will not deter me from debating and humiliating you on this public forum. again whether your are from Twic or not is not important. What is important to me is that I have found your likes who have not shamed to sell their identity and yet are reluctant to migrate to Bor Dinka territory and become Bor….

  15. Dan says:

    Jay Johnson:

    Your explanation makes more sense than those wanna be historians. In fact Patundur/ poktundur means scattering and it is found in Kuach area of Ajuong. Every adult in Twi county knows Patundur as the place where the Twic people dispersed. Some of the distinctive names to Twic are Atem and Dau. I am aware the Nyarweng, Hol, padang and Malual Dinka use them as well. Nyarweng and Hol have the same dialect as that one Twic.
    And for those who do not feel Twic, well, when you move to a place inhabitted by Twic, you become Twic until the time you move back to where you came from, fullstop.

    • Mawei Deng Wieu says:

      Dan, are you one of narrow-minded people I am lucky to meet here too? Well, if you breathe a little bit, open your mind to the nature and let spirituality flow into your soul, you will see that I always feel Twic whereever I live not only when I come to Twic area. We like to be called who we are. I know that.
      But I am always against division and narrowed thinking. What matter to me isn’t name but people. People are matter to me whether they are from Hol, Nyarweng, Twic, Athooc or Gok. I wouldn’t live without my people and so would you. We need our brothers and sisters everwhere regardless of how they are named.
      For examples, I got many names including Mawei, Buol, Maluak, etc. Whatever name you call me isn’t matter, what matter is me. Myself. Without me there would be no these names.
      What matter to me is not Twic, but you, not Hol, but people of Hol, and not Nyarweng, but people of Nyarweng. I don’t care whatever names you call yourself, but I do care when you use name to divide us, to alienate us from one another, to preach hatred among us, and to cause disunity in our midst.
      Let me summarize my argument: it is people that causes names and without people there would be no names. There’s nothing called Twic. Who is called Twic? Our love of dividing ourselves will kill our community. The life of the community is unity. If I walk away and you walk away then our community is dead. We will kill even Twic we pretend we love.
      Genes, cultural values or dialects are inadequate to debate someone like me. I think you don’t know who is debating with you.
      Your brother Daniel British,
      Bor Community Activist, USA

      • Dan says:

        Daniel British,

        You are right I don’t know who you are . You could be Gordon Brown, Tony Blair or any other British national, but what is important to me is the quality of the debate and not the true identity of the debater.

        • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

          If you are really concerned about quality debate, then debating on tearing down your community is not qualitative at all. I want you to be a good community member who contributes things that will make our community get glued and magnetized. Let’s magnetize our community rather than dismantle it.

  16. jay johnson says:

    dear Kuol Arok

    You have been reluctant to answer my questions. It is commonly said that you cannot force a cow to drink from the river. therefore, I will let you go but remember when you choose to authored an opinion article as you did, you have obligation to answer questions from concern citizens like me whose their identity is being challenge or call to into question. Specifically, you call into question my identity as Twic, Hol and Nyarweng Dinka by asserting out of pure ignorance that they are sections of Bor Dinka. A claim that lack historical foundation and substances.

    You called it stupid and shyness when questions were raised about BOR Classification. I can sense the desperation search for common name from which the Bor, Twic , Hol and Nyarweng would be identified and be united. But that search for unifying name should not have to come at the expense of Hol, Twic and Nyarweng identity. we have been, occasionally told that rejection of Bor identity creates disunity, which is nonsense and intimidation tactic.

    Should you decide to publish another opinion article in the future, which I believe you will, my advice is to avoid controversies if you can. As I have stated earlier, your article was well thought out, articulate and raised important substantial political question. However, your inclusion of Twic, Hol and Nyarweng as being sections of Bor Dinka has damaged the quality of your article, in the view of people like me. in the process you missed the target of your article, which was criticism of president Kiir.

    thank again

  17. David Kuol Arok says:

    Dear Jay Johnson,
    A thousand years history you have not seen is just a lie because you and I cannot prove it nor can Douglas H Johnson. You and I have heard that we spread out from “Patindur”. But where exactly is “patindur” currently located on the map? And how can you be absolute that the place you just mention on the map is Patindur? Explain to me exactly where Bor, Hol, Twic and Nyarweng came from? Who were the first sattlers of these groups? Explain the reason for spreading out in Patindur? Quote one person who was in Patindur explaining why they spread out? You see, the similarity between you and I is that we both read history. But, the difference between you and I is that, you believe every history but I am too reluctant to believe most of the history I read – especially the one written by the secondary witnesses. Explain everything question that I have asked and back it up with a primary evidences from early sattlers of Hol, Bor, Twic, Nyarweng and people from Patindur. I promise to be your follower if you back yourself up with the primary evidences, but if you can not, then there is no reason you should have asked me to explain the history that I have not seen.

    If you discount my request than I will believe you as one of those hypocrite who try to show they know more when they know nothing or less.


    N/B: Can you provide your real name please?

  18. Mawei Deng Deng says:

    Mr. Johnson, I am Daniel Mawei Deng from (Hol Ajang) Twic of Bor. You can call it Eastern Twic to equate it with Western Twic of Bharelgazale, it is up to you.
    Stop bothering David Kuol Arok, because your questions make no sense brother Johnson. For example, you think if you argue that people of Twic East, of Duken and of Athooch-Gok are culturally, dialectically and geneologically different, then they can’t be categorized as “Bor.” Which is insane. Such an argument can’t never win.
    Let’s say we are Dinka. Why are we called Dinka while we are culturally, dialectically and geneological different?
    We are South Sudanese; why Sudanese with such a difference?
    Let’s come to your so-called Twic East; how did the word Twic or Twic East came about if you know? Do you think people in Twic East have same genes?
    What kind of genes I have with Awulian who recently came from Tony in Bharelgazale?
    What kind of genes Abek clan who claimed dropped down as pumpkin from heaven to where they are today has with, for examples, Kongor, Hol and Nyarweng who mostly came from Ngok?
    You linked Bor Gok to Gok Arol in Bharelgazale and you analyzed that they are benefiting from Kiir administration because they have link to Bharelghazele. And you recognized that Twic East and Twic West are closely related by culture, dialects and genes.
    In other words, Twic Mayardit is named after President Kiir mayardit. What happened? Why those related to Gok Arol are benefiting while those directly related to the President not benefiting? Which is more beneficial? Direct relation or indirect relation?
    I saw somewhere you mentioned you reside in Eastern Equatoria state. I can assume you acquired/are acquiring your education in East Africa, right? If you are smart you will stop debating me on this topic.
    I don’t see logic in your questions at all.
    Daniel British
    Bor Community Activist, USA.

    • Dan says:

      Daniel British,

      Just limit your assumption to Bor community where you are an activist. I don’t think people of Twic Mayardit will appreciate your allegation about them being named after Salva Kiir Mayardit. And for your information the East Africans know about South Sudanese than the British.

      • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

        Dan, I appreciated it. It is better to attack me than attacking our community. I advise you to open your mind and think deeper for the health of our community.
        For brothers to fight over trivial issues is unhealthy and politically unprosperous. We need our community to develop and grow. We are gifted with talents, creativity and critical thinking that we need to use not on debate like this, but on developing ourselves.
        About Twic Mayardit, it is true it was named recently after the President. It was Twic Bol Chol not Twic Mayardit. Therefore, I subtracted nothing and I added nothing.
        I am not Only Bor community activist, but South Sudanese activist, too. My love of unity and hate of division is not limited to the Bor people, but I want all South Sudanese to unite and be one people.
        Daniel British
        Bor Community Activist, USA.

  19. Lare Justice says:

    I can only hope if the former failed Jonglei governor Kuol Manyany Juuk know what going to happen to him after the fall of Warrap State’s cattle keeper dictator Salva Kiir before the 2015 election? Because, we the greater Upper Nile Regions or South Sudan for the matter, will come after you and your coward dictator Salva kiir and his yes-man Wani Igga, Kuol Juuk and alikes. There is a saying what goes around comes around and Salva CANCER Kiir and his gangs will see it with their own naked eyes. Shame on Warrap State’s coward dictator Kiir.

  20. jay johnson says:

    dear south sudan nation moderators/editors

    I do not know why my comments/responses take/took long time to be posted? Am I being censored and scrutinize more than I SHOULD? am not making an allegation but wondering as to WHY. I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE HOW LONG IT TAKES BEFORE THE COMMENT IS POSTED BUT IT SEEM TOO LONG IN MY OPINION

    • info@southsudannation says:

      hi, jay johnson,
      Absolutely, there is no discrimination, however, the problem we have with some of your comments as with some of our dedicated viewers like you, is that the comments are really too long. As such, due to constraints such as space and time, we are forced to delay publishing your and such comments as we try to edit and possibly shorten the comments.
      I am sure you will appreciate that we have published previously your articles promptly but such elongated comments are timely problematic.
      As an advice, you are kindly asked to possibly make comments short and concise.
      best regards,
      Dr. Peter Wankomo

  21. jay johnson says:

    appreciate your response

    I have often time try to avoid lengthy comments but the reason was to make myself clear and not to be quoted out of context as some of the I have made comments involves sensitive and emotional topic like Bor categorization. I want to be accurate as possible but disappointingly, I might have failed to achieve that objective.

    I would however, appreciate the posting of my response to David Kuol Arok and Daniel British in their entirety and I promise to follow your guidelines of short and concise responses as you have advise.

    I have been bogged down by numerous responses, which delay me in finishing my article on BOR CATEGORIZATION

    thank for your quick response

  22. Daniel Mawei Deng says:

    That are consequences of debating without being knowledgeable about the debating subject. It forces you to have lengthy comments and justifications which are voided of substances. You are concise and to the point when you are knowledgeable and have confident on what you are talking about. However, on this case, brother Johnson lacks specifics and his ill-intended debate lead nowhere.
    The CATEGORIZATION OF BOR is emotional for people who lack vision in our community, but for visionaries of this community, it is a waste of time. If there’s anything emotional to me, it is loss of lives and what can we do to make sure no more lives lost to insecurity and to poor health.
    Daniel British,
    Bor Community Activist, USA

  23. jay johnson says:

    Daniel British,

    do not capitalize on my correspondence with south sudan nation moderators. I am very honest and fair person who acknowledge mistakes instead of looking for excuses. I do not know if my response to your comments will be publish, otherwise I am currently working to publish my article on the fraudulent BOR Categorization.

    it is premature and too early to celebrate victory when you have not even read my reply which is yet to be posted. please stay tune for my article which will be out in the next weeks

    • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

      Brother Johnson, if your argument lacks substances on our debate here what will guarrantee that your coming article will contain substances?
      I will not bother to read it because I know what is in your mind already unless you included some seneses of being concerned for the health of our community.
      Otherwise, if you win over me you will be first to defeat me and I will recognize you with a gold or silver.
      Daniel British,
      Bor Community Activist, USA

  24. mawut says:

    it is true that “you can take a Donkey to a river, but you can’t force them to drink” in this case, being able to read and write,and having read history doesn’t necessarily equate to one being smart. Mr Kuol Arok had a very interesting point, a direct one. but some way, somehow, people found a way to divert it. the article was that of a government negligence of “BOR” and more specifically how Kiir government has been taking advantage of the “fair-mindedness” of the “BOR” citizen. and how the same government is using the sons of this very region to bolster its power base.
    this should have been the center of debate. not who is “bor” and what constitutes bor or going so far out of topic as coming up with unfounded allegation that there is some supposed connection between the gok section of Bor and the Gok Arol of bhar el gazal, it’s just mind boggling how quickly and direct point can be diverted.

    • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

      Exactly brother Mawut. Kiir knows this useless division among us and want to capitalize on it. When you see it his first political strategy was to alienate Bor by massed retiring of Bor Generals, by killing political activists and jounalists, and by demoting the powerfuls like Dr. Majak D’Aghot.
      Now, his plan to alienate Bor has failed and he opened up another ram-headed strategy of fitting Bor South against Bor North of Kuol Manyang Juuk vs. Rebecca Nyandeng de Atem or de Mabior Atem. Since he fell out with Nyandeng-Bor North, he brought in Kuol-Bor South, just for nothing benefiting Bor community, but for his political benefit.
      That should be our ultimate concern not whether you like to be called Bor or not. The comparison of Bor Gok and Gok Arol is unsound. Twic East and Twic West are politically more related than Gok Arol and Bor Gok, why are they not benefiting from the president? This political strategy intended to divide us not out of relation.
      Daniel British,
      Bor Community Activist, USA

  25. Dear Bor and Twic East Brothers and SSN Friends:

    I have just come across your historical debates and I really enjoyed it very much. I would not be ashamed to admit the fact that I’m learning something from your debates which I didn’t know about your community before. At the end of your debate, each and everyone of you would come to the conclusion that you all came from the Dinka family and you are all members of the South Sudanese Community. I have noticed that the spelling of the place where the two Twics split is not consistently spelt right. Is it Patindur, poktundur or Patundur and where is it located in Jonglei State?

    There are two comments that I would like to correct from your debate. The Twic West(AKA Twic Bol Chol) was officially renamed by its’ intellectual sons and daughters as Twic Mayardit in 1960s. It was not recently renamed after president Kiir Mayardit as Daniel British claimed in his debate. The name Twic Mayardit has existed way before Salva Kiir Mayardit became president of South Sudan. Also President Kiir Mayardit’s legal name is Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual. However Kiir assumed the nickname of his Father Kuethpinny-Mayardit. The word/name Mayar in Twic West means Mabour or White in English. The word/name Dit is mainly used after somebody’s name and it means greatness. It is widely and mostly used in Twic West(AKA Twic Mayardit/ Twic Bol Chol).

    In additions, President Kiir Mayardit is originally from Twic West but his parents immigrated to Rek Dinka, Awan Chan Nyal section. I don’t know whether Kiir was born in Twic West and moved to Awan Chan Nyal with his family as a child or born and raised in Awan. What I’m attempting to interject here is that president Kiir is not from Gok Arol and his present home town is very far away from Gok Arol. The former Deputy House speaker, Hon.Awet Akot is from Gok Arol. Gok Arol’s main County is Cueibet and it is part of Lakes State. I refuted the claim that president Kiir is helping Gok Bor because he is from Gok Arol. Perhaps he might have built good, personal relationships and connections with Minister Hon. Kuol Manyang Juuk during their stay in the SPLA movement.

    I assumed that Mr. Elhag Paul and the Madi people are watching your debates very closely and interestingly. perhaps they are interested and wanting to know which part of your Jonglei Dinka is occupying and harassing them in their ancestral land. I hope you will give them a clear and concise answer when you finished tearing each other apart with your senseless but historical debates. Mr.Elhag Paul, the lion who is currently waiting in ambush and not really interested in your senseless debate, would want to know which one of your people is occupying the Madi Land and Why? In fact, Mr. Elhag Paul does not know nor would he interested to know who the hell is Twic, Hol, Gok, Nyarweng etc. All he knows is Bor and Jieng/Dinka and he wants all of you to get the hell out of his ancestral land. PERIOD!

    “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  26. Daniel Mawei Deng says:

    Stop lying. There’s reason I displace my name as Daniel Mawei Deng. I write with accountability and not like anonymous writers. The naming of Twic Mayardit generated heated debate recently and I was part of it.
    Second, I am not a guy to be lectured. May be you find another person.
    Daniel British,
    Bor Community Activist, USA

    • Dear Daniel British:

      Please don’t be naive and arrogant. Where is the lie in my comment here? I wonder, Why would the Bor Community activist take part in the renaming debate of Twic Mayardit Community in USA recently while the renaming was done in South Sudan in 1960s? Something is very fishy, interesting and I’m eager to know. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to lecture you. However, I’m just refuting and/or correcting your lie about Twic Mayardit Community being renamed after president Kiir Mayardit.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  27. Dan says:

    Lukudu G. Garang,

    While Majority of Dinka residing in Nimule are mostly from Jonglei, it does not mean that there is no substantial number of Dinka from Bargazel there. All the noises you hear here are just hangover from the civil war era.
    I suppose the Baggara want the Dinkas who are mostly from your area and are still residing in their land , which has long become a foreign nation to get the hell out of there too or are you guys more of brothers now than Dinka and the Ma’adi are?

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