Booming hotels in Juba promoting prostitution & other harms to citizens


You will not be surprised to discover that the whole of Juba city and its suburbs is being consumed by hotels. The author as well as the citizens of the country don’t read very clearly what this surprising development is meant for.

Is it a profit–oriented business development or does it take into account the social welfare of the citizens or community of South Sudan, this question is left to all of us to digest.

In Juba today you will not miss to see a hotel in any of the suburbs where you happen to pass by with residential buildings disappearing in favor of hotels.

The author could not establish the exact number or percentage of hotels in Juba due to some setbacks in research, probably from the reading of realities on the ground as we all know, over 80% of Juba could have been hotelised and if you want to attest to these facts look around where you live and you will start your statistics right there.

However, my argument is against these rampant hotels because of the following reasons:-

(a)- These hotels have become a tool for promoting prostitution here in juba. Why I talk of prostitution, it sounds offensive but it’s happening in the eyes of the public where your daughter or sister or wife is being taken there in broad daylight to be slept with without your notice.

Whereas responsible men have refused to spend nights at their homes with their families but have chosen to live in these hotels in order to have side dishes with brown nyabos of Uganda or Anycis of Ethiopian and Eritrea.

So what would you call this practice in your own words?

This act is what I refer to as prostitution because it involves the use of cash to influence someone’s will to have sex.

(b) Secondly, these hotels harbor criminals with criminal practices like counterfeiting money, document and selling prohibited goods like marijuana (Bangi).

(c) These hotels are being built in residential areas leading to displacement of the local people who sometimes end up not being relocated or given where to live.

And to make it worse, no restitution for them (displaced), because some of them (hotels) are located in residential areas and they are creating a noisy environment for the neighbors hence discomfort ability.

(d) Extinguishing fire using petrol, these hotels carry their own workers from their cradle land starting from the top management down to the kitchen denying our citizens their national right to work in foreign owned investments.

Therefore, such investments undermine our social security, economic status and cultural values.

The author, therefore, recommends that the foreign investors who are still to actualize their dreams of investing in South Sudan should take note of the following:-

I. That hotel investment is not the only profitable field in South Sudan and that there are other fields of investment in the Republic of South Sudan.

II. They should take into consideration the needs and expectations of the South Sudanese people before they invest in any field.

III. That the south Sudanese people want you (investors) to put much emphasis on agriculture infrastructures, education and industrial areas, we need schools, roads, hospitals, agriculture firms and industries but not hotels.

IV. These foreign enterprises like hotels and business firms must employ at least 50% of south Sudanese nationals at any cost in order for them to have good social relationship with the local communities.

Finally, too many hotels may cause more harm than good to our people and country. Therefore, investors should take into consideration the needs and expectations of the people of South Sudan but not profit-oriented principles first.

By Mangar Agok Marial
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  1. wanilosake says:

    ahhh you guys dont know what you are talking about most of you have a deasese called crictism you dont believed on your leaders you dont beleived on development what you all want?

  2. sunshine says:

    Hotels promoting prostitution? How about the local men patronising these places? They are the real promoters of the trade! Without demand no business. And what is the issue with the staff being foreign? Without all the Ugandans, Kenyans, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Congolese etc. Juba would look much worse. Talking alone doesn’t fill water tanks, built houses or feed hotel guests and it doesn’t clean rooms or repair generators. Image a week in Juba without the other East Africans! Without enough skilled, able South Sudanese willing to do manual labour for reasonable wages, there will be a demand for foreign workers for a long time to come. To be a hotel manager needs experience, skills, integrity and acceptance of long working hours. I can’t see most of the local men sitting around day in and out under trees and drinking tea in this position. They look for white collar jobs they are not qualified for. And why blaming foreigners for investing in hotels when the majority of local people with the necessary means brings money abroad instead of investing in agriculture, education or manufacturing. But hey, blaming others is always easier than working on ones own shortcomings.

    • Both Tut says:

      Mr. Sunshine,
      I think you didn’t understand what Mr. Mangar meant if am not mistaken.Inviting investors to come to our country to invest their money, nothing wrong with it.What is wrong comes from our government because they did not direct or instruct them about the investments priorities that South Sudan needs. What our country need the most are education, health, agriculture, roads,electricity, and water.Its the government which supposed to set these developmental priorities not the investors. Secondly, the employment of the nationals in their investments activities, is also the government’s responsibilities to direct them about the investments conditions based on the South Sudan law, in which they should employee nationals only not foreigners.The investors themselves know this better than us because they are applying the same in their countries.My point is, we should blame our government for not setting investment policies not the investors.

  3. John Philips says:

    @Both Tut, my friend, business is not like that. It’s not the function of the government to tell investor where they should invest their money. It’s up to the individual investor who knows where his or her money will provide the most return for his money. Back to the article written, I do not think you can belame hotel for brokem social morale that exist in the new found Nation. People are going to do what they want and you can not call on the government to stop the building of hotel just because your sister or wife is stupid enough to be lured to the hotel in brough daylight. Some people need money more in Juba and some chose that route to feed their kids.

  4. Mtm says:

    I agree with jhone phlip exactly ,you know guys investers for hotels are not promoting for protitution ,prostitution cames willingly ,if ladies or womens behaive well who can talke them from their home to hotels ? Investers r investing to get money,but it should be ethically .so l agree with mr jhone phlip

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