Bombardment of Innocent Shilluk Civilians by the Kiir’s Juba Regime

THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT (NDM), 28th January, 2017, Press Release;

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) would like to inform and alert the region and the international community about the on-going killing and maiming of innocent Chollo civilians in the (Shilluk Kingdom) by the genocidal and
dictatorial regime of Kiir Mayardit using Antonov plane.

Last night, an Antonov plane belonging to the regime in Juba, dropped bombs on the civil population in Choll (Shilluk) villages of Pamath, Ogod and Wau. Large number of civilians were wounded, some of them very seriously.

This callous and cowardly targeting of innocent unarmed civilians by the bankrupt dictatorial regime must be condemned in the strongest terms possible by all and the concerned countries in the region and beyond should join hands to stop the unfolding carnage.

It is to be recalled that in the last three days, the regime’s forces have been battling the Agwelek forces around Bukieny, opposite Malakal airport west of the White Nile. These are the forces that rejected the deal reached by some of their leaders to abandon the struggle for Chollo land, and join the Bantustans of the regime.

It is worth mentioning that Chollo (Shilluk) land east of the Nile was grabbed by Salva Kiir in 2015 and gave it to his kith and kin, the Dinkas, through his decree that divided the country into 28 states.

Most recently, and as a result of underhand dealings with some weak-knee elements, Kiir’s Bantustans were increased to 32 hoping that the trick would go unnoticed by the gallant Chollo (Shilluk) fighters. This was not to be.

As a result, the regime unleashed its troops on the oppositions of the forces opposed to the deal. Bukieny was the most ideal for them to be used as a bridgehead to attack the civilian centres at Wau-Shilluk and beyond.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) condemns this sinister action by the regime in Juba and renews its call for an arm embargo on the regime so it does not acquire more deadly weapons against its own people.

The Antonov plane used last night to bomb innocent civilians is a new acquisition by the regime.

We also call upon the United Nations Security Council, especially its humanitarian’s agencies to immediately come to the rescue of civilians in Shilluk Kingdom. Time is of the essence.

Long live the struggle of our People
Long live South Sudan
A luta continua

Amb. Emmanuel Aban
For/ the Spokesman,
The National Democratic Movement (NDM)


  1. Abel Magok says:

    It becomes clear here Dr. Lam Akol is fighting for Shilluk lands not a Nationalist leader. Lam tried to give himself size he does not deserve when resigned from National ministry of Agriculture, a decision means to score political points on president Kiir. He miscalculated political environment after the events of J 1, he thinks the international community will work for regime change in Juba, and he could be a Karzai of South Sudan.
    Lam works against the independence of South Sudan when serving as minister of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum on the ticket of the SPLM. It was a mistake from president to truth him again in National ministry of Agriculture.
    He is unstable politician and should not be trusted in anything.
    Lam with Machar splits the movement in 1991, then he split from Machar, formed his own militias in Pachoda, and after he joined National Congress Party of Al Bashir. He split again from Al Bashir back to the SPLM, then split to form his own party where he appointed minister of Agriculture.
    He is a splitter by nature and should not be trusted in anything anymore.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      Absolutely, you’re correct to describe Lam Akol as a habitual ‘splitter’ which scientifically identifies him an over-ambitious individual desperately groping for the highest position that he actually doesn’t deserve.
      Lam Akol should genuinely accept some sense of humility. When the majority selects someone else as the leader of a party or movement and not him, Lam Akol should accept this majority decision and should continue supporting the same in whatever role he is accorded. When his time comes for leadership, he will then ascend to that highest seat.
      Those of Tanginye and Yoannes would not have needlessly died if Lam Akol had this sense of humility.

  2. Bol Khan says:

    Thank you very much Editor. To NDM spokeman, wouldn’t it be far better off, if your late generals namely Gabriel Tanginye and Youanis Ockech died in a fight not in favor of the one you always post agaisnt?

  3. Dear: Editor In Chief,

    I am adding my comment to your comment to commentor Mr.Abel Magok in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN)Him.Dr.Lam Akol,before,he was knowledgedable in time of Armed in Struggled in 1983 against the Sectarian Clique Regime Pluocracy Oligarchy in Central Government in North in Khartoum! I have seen him.He was doing very good job for both regional level and national level.

    Now,he is screwing up! His newly movement the so called NATIONAL DEMOCRACTIC MOVEMENT(NDM),has no solid base! The ongoing internal internecine politics in the government of South Sudan Republic,is basing on MALADMINISTRATION OF ONE LEADER OF PRESIDENT SALVA KIRR MAYARDIT.It has nothing to do with democracy problem! Him,by himself,he vied for his presidency in 2010 against his rival President Salva Kirr in election.But,unfortunately,he lost! This was democracy!

    You know,many wars against President Salva Kirr,administration,it is leaving him now to cling up in power of his presidency!

    In my own opinions,well,I want-to know for real if true that Kirr administration is using weapons such as ANTENOV BOMBER PLANE against his own people at home in the country in the South Sudan RepublicThose weapons,they are for protection for the country! Thank you.Back to you to the audience on the floor in the forum (SSN) Discussion Board.




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