Blunders at Bor’s UNMISS compound

BY: Kuir ë Garang (Author, Poet), CANADA, JAN/23/2014, SSN;

Enter but with no guns and uniformed men, Minister Makuei was told. Now, this is being twisted by President Kiir and company!

I always believed that President Kiir is being misled by people around him.

‘He’s a nice uncle surrounded by bad people,’ as my brother would philosophically say. However, one has to sit back and think hard. Is President Kiir this clueless as to be completely blind to the realities of what is good and bad?

The government should avoid controversies and focus on helping civilians in Bor, Juba, Malakal, Bentiu and other areas. The senseless massacres and utter destruction we’ve seen in Bor and other areas should be our main concern as national healing will be next to impossible given the massacres, destructions and Minister Makuei’s and president Kiir’s attitudes.

Riek failed as a leader and you are now failing civilians through mindless arrogance!

Stop making excuses for your own failures! The current mess was created by lack of conscientious leadership by President Kiir and exacerbated by callous thirst for power by Riek Machar and his forces.

Four UN soldiers were killed by SPLA forces when a helicopter was shot down in December of 2012. And two more UN peacekeeping forces were killed by Riek’s Rebels in Akobo in December of 2013 but the UN is still helping our people. Please blame the culprits and stop making excuses!

Riek Machar is a man who’s distinguished himself as power-hungry even before he joined SPLA in the early 80s. The man has a dumbfounding mythic belief that can even have my daughter say: “Hey grandpa…don’t you think that’s a little naïve?”

With no doubt, Riek Machar inhabits his own world and he’s a man who’s predictable. This makes it extremely dangerous for Kiir and his trusted elements to use Riek as a pillar through which Kiir’s goodness meter can be calibrated.

Riek has lost what he has to lose but Kiir is still the president of South Sudan. He has to act like one; not like a rebel on rampage; and certainly not like a child who doesn’t care about the consequences of what he says.

How can our president talk like some man on the street? Why would the president talk anyhow? As Jiëëng people from my home area would say, “muuk yi yic” (have self-control).

While Kiir is a leader of a sovereign nation, he needs to understand that we need allies, formidable allies……and trading partners. China alone wouldn’t do!

“I think the UN want to be the government of the South [Sudan] and they felt short of naming the chief of the UNMISS as the co-president of the Republic of South Sudan.”

This is pathetic coming from our president.

President Kiir should be the one who should clearly understand the role of UN in South Sudan. Ministers don’t just enter UN premises just because they are ministers! They have to follow UN protocols just as South Sudanese government has protocols.

Is Kiir being destroyed by his allies or is President Kiir completely a lost man in a role he has no clue how to perform?

Someone needs to rescue president Kiir’s legacy; whatever is left, that is.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the current minister of information, is a man who plays by no rules. With no shame, the man swims majestically in ridiculousness. He says whatever comes to his mind.

I don’t even know why Makuei wasn’t arrested with the 11 political prisoners when he was present in the December 6 press conference. We know that conference is the center of the ‘coup attempt’ claim.

Why doesn’t Makuei, a lawyer by profession, know that entry to the UN premises is governed by rules and regulations that need to be respected?

Being a minister doesn’t entitle one to forceful entry to UN premises.

Minister Makuei wasn’t prevented from entering per se as claimed by President Kiir and his officials. The gentleman at the gate told the minister he could enter with no uniformed and armed officers (the video is here as proof). Lueth was allowed entry if with civilian entourage.

Assuming that he’s a minister, he wanted to be allowed to do whatever he wanted; that is, enter with SPLA generals.

Sorry, some people play by rules even if we, as South Sudanese, don’t!

President Kiir needs to know who’s destroying or has destroyed his legacy! We are a young nation and we can’t afford isolation.

In all indications, President Kiir and his officials are sticking to the ‘coup attempt’ claim when the whole world hasn’t seen enough evidence to declare it ‘a coup attempt.’

The world isn’t saying there was absolutely no ‘coup attempt.’ What’s being claimed is that there’s no enough evidence to conclude that it was a ‘coup attempt.’

Respect is only in proving what one claims not in just professing that such and such a thing is true.

I need the president to take the following issues very seriously:-

– Control the follow of information as ministers contradict themselves and reflect the president in a grim light. Makuei Lueth says one thing and Ateny wekdit says something else.

– Let your officials research and double check facts from different sources before going to the media. The ministers say ridiculous things in the media and our country looks like a nation of idiotic men and women when that’s absolutely wrong.

– Let your officials know that the government is supposed to come up with solutions for the country’s problems instead of whining all the times.

– Remember that respect and integrity rest solely on what can be proved. Professing things emotively because they appeal to the majority without proofs is a folly not worthy of presidency.

– The world has helped us gain our independence; don’t spit on their faces with made-up claims like those of Makuei Lueth.

– Makuei Lueth’s actions at the United Nations’ compound were shameful. Makuei wasn’t refused entry for argument’s sake. He was allowed to enter as long as he entered with unarmed people not in uniform. People like Makuei Lueth will bury you, Mr. President.

Mr. President, double-check everything you are told because your officials tell you things they don’t research. You might be a president of a sovereign nation; however, sovereignty comes with responsibility and mutual respect.

Your legacy will be written tomorrow. Don’t let it be spoiled by people you trust. END

Kuir ë Garang (Author, Poet)


  1. Adeekdheeng says:

    Mr. Kuir Garang! There is nothing that Makuei has done but trying to see who are in the UN compound when Gadet forces left Bor he did the same but UN never refuse to let him in. However, if you have different thing to talk about then move on. You can be who that person is. Riek is gone and you can follow him if you want to as well. Bor has been destroy and it will come back as usual although we have known each other very well. One day we will see how the life may be rebuild and renewing the relationship may be harder. I know that even if all will join Nuer still there’s no problem. Blame your attitude for joining riek line but South Sudan will remain and Kiir will still defeat Riek as Garang did before. Talk your mind but discovered that it is a great split and will never be peaceful co-exstence for a long period of time and this will not be like the days ago. Yap your mouth well.

    • john says:

      Kuir Garang, Mr. Makuei was trying to get Nuer in UN Camp in Bor and kill them. He got mad after seeing the town in ashes and dead people, but it was SPLA forces with Uganda army who keep bombing the city which result in civilans death and destruction to buildings. The president sold his people out to Uganda which kill people in Benitu, Bor, And Malakal. As for Riek he will be known as a Freedom Fighter who fight for the right of people.Museveni and Kiir Killed Dr. Garang De Maboir and George Athor so think about why Uganda was at South Sudan’s door step? Because they do not want to be expose if Kiir’s government fail. My take on Magok Ruondil is simple a fool who benefits from the bloodshed of his own people who was kill infront of him in Juba. If We put our faith in the hand of Uganda under kiir’s leadership We will not have a country or a lasting peace brothers and sisters think every carefully about why We fought north? It it to have a state run by Uganda or our country? If your answer is no to those questions then you are with freedom Fighters. Remember that is your country being stolen by Museveni voice your concern and support of Freedom Fighters. And thanks you very much. We appreciate you support brothers and sisters.

    • Kidepo says:

      Kuir ë Garang-

      Excellent Post!

      Keep it up. We hope someone read it in Englsih to Kiir, Makuei and Ateny while at the same time translating it to them in Monyjang dialect because Kiir as well other dinka extermists including Makue and Ateny wek have problems in analyses and saying truth that may temper with King of Pan Monyjang Republic- Kiir.

      God Bless you!

    • Muntu says:

      Come on Adeekheeng! Kuir is stating the obvious. The “lawyer” in Makuei should have guided him and we would have avoided this diplomatic mess. But he chose otherwise and here we are. First how did UNMISS come to the Republic? I guess they were invited by the government of RSS. What are the agreed rules of engagement? Read the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement). So both parties are expected to play according to the agreed rules and procedures or regulations.As if the UNMISS Bor incident was not enough, we are surprise to the entaintment that the government was tapping the phone lines of Ms Johnson. Is this true? I hope to wake up to the contrary?

      Pointing to mistake committed does not amount to siding with Riek Machar. Otherwise none of the is clean. We held the two responsible for the carnage done on the innocent citizens and our guests. Let’s leave this Nuer thing and focus on South Sudan. One thing to note: this country is bound to have the Nuer factor whether we like it or not. Otherwise let’s unite to exterminate them and have a free ticket to the Hague.


  2. Choromke Jas says:

    You did not need to have a swipe at Riek, good man. I really respect you as a very articulate and a well educated Dinka. When some years ago, claims were made that Dinka were “born to rule”, some of us wanted to know on what premise these were based. Indeed, because of our skepticism, some of us did predict that the SPLA/M, a Dinka-created outfit, was going to be a disaster in the future! And now, some of you well educated Dinka have difficulty talking about your so-called “born to rule” dictum. I am actually interested in hearing from the stalwarts of this hypothesis: men like Abel Alier and Bona Malual. I am sure they are working hard to hide themselves.

    There was never a justification for coming up with this totally ridiculous and unjustified hypothesis. I think it came about just because Abel Alier had represented the Arabs at the first Addis Ababa peace talks and then to have been the first President of the autonomous South.

    Indeed, we are told that Bona Malual did advise against Dinka voting for separation. He reportedly told Kiir and other Jieng leaders that the successful implementation of the hypothesis was based on one condition: the Arab North must always be present to guarantee the Dinka hegemony. The absence of the Arab would spell a doom for the Dinka’ dream. The Equatorians, he is said to have argued, would easily defeat the Dinka and subjugate them for eternity. His reasoning? Dinka’s population is still primitive. They cannot produce their own food, basic education among them is minimal, and civilization is yet absent.The Arabs would at least hold the ring until such a time that the Dinka can stand up to Equatorians.

    But as fate might have it, the creative Dinka leader, Dr John Garang, who would have brought this complicated project to fruition, is no more. In his place, is a semi-literate, blundering Dinka Kiir who cannot even read his lecture notes from Professor of Dictatorship, Museveni, correctly. The game is up! Dinka have now been shown for what they are; a primitive tribe that has fluked its way to power by pretending to be brave and using violence against its compatriots. Kiir will not read you advice. He has neither the inclination nor ability to do so. The Dinka project is as dead as Dodo. The sooner the Dinka climb down from their undeserved high horse the better for all of us. The people in Equatoria expect you to do what you know best: go around naked, hew the woods for Sheika Andaya and look after sickly cattle. We warned you before but you did not get it. What a waste of time and money over the last 9 years.

    • jay johnson says:

      Mr. Jas,
      the civilized and superior tribes of Equatoria region were no where to be seen during those tough and trying days of independent struggle. without ultimate sacrifice made by what you term ” primitive Dinka” south sudan would still be a region of sudan.

      If civilization and superiority mean any thing, it should be the love of freedom and rejection of subjugation by all means. But that not what happen during the struggle. The civilized and superior equatorian race either ran across the border to Congo, Uganda or Kenya or to north sudan, from were they were recruited as proxy militias fighting the people moment the SPLA.

      And now all of sudden, every body was a liberator. And that there was no Equatorian defense forces that stabbed the back of the SPLA numerous times when their help was badly needed.

      Now here is Mr. Jas bashing Dinka with nonsense and fabricated theory of “Born to Rule” which can not be attributed to a single Dinka. In fact south sudan regional government after Addis ababa agreement was dominated by the Equatorian. Lagu, and Joseph Tombura mismanage the region. But the Dinka did not abandoned and instead continued to press the Arabs government for more political power for southerners.

      The best thing the Equatorian like you can do is to start advocating for an independent Equatoria state by taking up arms. Your needs and Kokora aspiration can not be accommodate in a united federal democratic republic of south Sudan. If the current federal system does not give you peace of mind and sense of nationalism that you terribly lack, then the only option left is for you ( Equatoria) to secede violently.

      • AW Joseph says:

        Jay John,
        You are a Pathetic liar who will never be believed by anyone except you yourself and your primitive Dinka.

      • AW Joseph says:

        Jay Johnson,
        If Equatoria secedes how are going to survive without the food that we produce? The food products imported from Uganda or Kenya has to reach you through our territory which we are not going to allow. The oil is produced in Nuer and Shilluk land, they are not and will never be Dinka friends. What do you Dinka have that we can not do without you? Khartoum can refuse access to its oil pipeline. We will not allow you to export oil through Equatoria to Kenya. If you try Ethiopia, you will have to negotiate with our dear brothers the Nuer and Shilluk but you Dinka will have tough luck with them. Ethiopia does not have coast line. So You will have to pay Djibouti besides Ethiopia.
        Wise people always think first before they say anything , well savages will always be savages. Equatoria expects nothing new or good from Dinka except the chaos……!!!

        • jay johnson says:

          Dear Aw Joseph,

          Did you know that 98% of South Sudan revenues come from oil wells of Upper Nile region? Well, about 55% come from Nuer territory of Western upper Nile State. While 5% come from Pariang county of Ruweng Pan Aru Padang Dinka of Western upper Nile

          The remainder, 40% come from Khor Adar oil wells of Paloic Payam, Maluth county. FYI, the town of Paloic is located in the heartland of Nyiel Padang Dinka in Upper Nile state.

          In fact the Dinka contribute about 45% of the revenues to the national government. How much do Equatorians and Equatoria region contribute financially to the national treasury? Well not much in deed. It is approximately o.o5% which is accrued from business taxation and at the border town of Nimule.

          The Equatorians are better off staying in united federal democratic republic of south sudan. otherwise your respective states will be bankrupt should you attempt to wage a war of independent from south sudan. The money from the sale of honey, groundnuts, chickens and beer will not finance your rebellion.

          It make sense to reject anything to do with Dinka including the oil revenues from Dinkaland which is use to finance your states, counties, Payam, bomas and village governments and administration. But who will bail you out if you decide to refuse oil money?

          As you can see, the equatorians should thank the Dinka for delivering them an independent south sudan as well as running your states, counties, Payam and villages government with oil money from Dinka region. Without the Dinka you hated to death, the independent you now enjoy would have not come.

          Secondly your equatorian government would be non existence without oil money from Dinkaland. There is no way you can do without the Dinka who constitute 40% of south sudan population as per 2008 sudan census.

          If you dispute the figure I cited above, please refers to old sudan census. For instance, the Dinka were the largest ethnic group in the whole of Sudan, constituting 18% of the total population as per 1973 census.

          Reform is badly needed, but you need Dinka in order to realize it. so please stop the hatred and cultivate the spirit of nationalism and peaceful co existence

          • AW joseph says:

            Mr Jay Johnson,
            We have been in existence God knows for how long. The oil phenomena as the viable way of economic survivable in South Sudan had only been around in the last 15 years. So for you to come up with unproven theories that a country can not survive without oil flew in the face of civilized people of the world. If you are learned person and not embedded in tribal bigotry, how many countries in Africa and throughout the world that does not have a single drop of oil but yet are successful in the delivery of basic services to their people? What has your Dinka Government done with the huge sums of oil money?? The answer is NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!! OIL or No OIL it does not make any difference for Equatoria………

          • Kidepo says:

            JAY JOHNSON-
            You are a typical dinkatoria liar. Why didn’t you consult your dinkas working in economic sector before giving wrong information’s to the audience? Look here:

            RSS Income Revenue:
            .-South Sudan has two sources of revenue category; oil and non-oil revenue.
            -Oil revenue makes 87% of the overall income; (70% oil produce is from Upper Nile State, and
            17% from Unity State), and the
            -Non-oil revenue makes 13% of the income mostly from import and custom taxes in Equatoria that is also managed by arian jienge thugs in Nimule, Kaya, Nadapal, Tseretenya, etc

            Oil Income (87%):
            •48% of total oil income is produced from Nuer counties of Upper Nile State (55%)
            •22% from dinka Maluth County in Upper Nile State (25%)
            •4% from dinka Pariang County in Unity State, and (5%)
            •13% from Nuer Counties of Unity State (15%)
            •Unity State has the most expensive oil that is very competitive and it is sold in expensive price, whilst,
            •Upper Nile oil is sold at 15% discount rate

            Oil Expenditure:
            •24% is paid out of 87% for transit fee payment to the north,
            •4% to the management fee (only known to dinkas and kiir)
            •5% to the oil producing states (Upper Nile and Unity). This is the money kiir wanted to be deposited in his ABMC account for him and his daughter to deliver social services like exactly deng athorbei who gave all electric contracts to his children-dinkas have no shame

            -Dinka counties are only contributing by 26% (30% so that you understand in nominal rate) to the national income of the RSS.
            -and 61% from Nuer Counties (70% in nominal rate)
            -13% taxes revenue from Equatoria as many states do not deposit their taxes income to the BOSS but only remit vague expenditure directly to the national ministry of finance
            -In brief only 54% of the total oil income after deductions is shared between the 10 states of the RSS and National Government, meaning Equatoria States and other non-oil producing States should be receiving less than 3% from total oil revenue production monthly which is quite petty enough.

            Equatoria without Oil
            -Given that less than 3% petty revenue money are received by Equatoria States monthly, Equatoria can easily do away without the oil blood money like before
            -Improved import and customs taxes and can be economic leader in Africa like Botswana
            -Improved agriculture and most communities can cultivate and become African food basket like former Zimbabwe
            -Improve social services in health services and education by suing available abundant HR skills
            -Exploitation of other minerals like gold, mercury, copper and other non-exploited minerals. Instead of benefiting the Central Bank of Kenya and Sudan, the gold will benefit the CBE like South Africa Reserve bank without oil and bank of England
            -All the destructive corrupt dinka officials sucking the import taxes will not be in border points, companies will be hired like Botswana if necessary
            -This excludes the transit fees for importing your dinka oil by cars or pipelines
            -Not only that peaceful Equatoria like after 1983 will be re-born again

            Sika ta sama mafi le dinka (X2)

            SIka tani mafi le dinka (X3)

      • Dear Mr. Jay Johnson:

        You are truly a great fighter and I sincerely admire your nationalism, courage and loyalty. You surely know how, when and where to punch and kick the Devils. In fact, When I read your commentaries and articles I feel proud of you and I wish I could round up all those Twic East Cowards and traitors such as Kuir e Garang, Dan, Anok Maketh, Domac, Rebecca Nyadeng, Mabior Garang and Majak D’Agoot and send them to your school of bravery and nationalism. Those thugs make me hate the Twic East people. I wish I could swallow them as they are disgrace and wasteful to the entire Jieng Community. You are my hero and the Nhialic of Dengdit will give you blessing in abundance. The war against Dinka has shifted from the battlefield to the Social Media and you are doing your part. The enemies of Dinka have so many fronts and they can launch a deadly Bullets whenever and wherever they can find a loophole in our Society. Please keep up the good fight and stay blessed!

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Domac says:

          Mr Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, Never, never! call Twic East cowards or traitors. during war time Twic East fought tough fight against the enemies of freedom and lead South Sudanese people until they see sunshine. Twic East will never get involve in unjust war. war without vision, tribal war. By the way, Mr Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang who are you to judge Twic East. little man if you hate Twic East, you hate head of Dinka. We deserve respects in Dinka community and South Sudan.
          My brothers of Dinka Bhar el Gazal have lack of leadership. They cause current crisis in our beloved country and they act like deerfly without head, don’t know how to solve it.
          Leadership is something you born with or take time to learn it. Dear Brothers, it will take big time for you to learn how to lead people because it is something not born with you.
          No more room for dictatorship in South Sudan. Believe me this current government of foolish politicians will be tire down in next 5 months, remember that not through arms mean but through smart game.

          • Dear Domac:

            Happy New year! It has been a while since I heard from you. Are you with me here in Jonglei State? Or Are you with Rebecca Nyadeng selling and betraying the Mounyjang of Bhar El Ghazal to your Slave Masters(Nuers) in Kenya? Please be informed that the Mighty Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal would not vow down and give unwarranted respect to cowards like you. A Coward who can not defend his ancestral land, properties, sick and elderly people from the Nuer attacks. A Coward who betrays his/her own brothers/sisters who always stand with him/her shoulder to shoulder in the bad times. Cowards, It was the mighty Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal who defended and shaped the SPLA image and John Garang during the liberation war.

            Please do me a favour by telling that confused widow, Rebecca Nyadeng to get remarried with the Angel of Death, Riek Machar and shut up once and for all.. She has just reduced herself to the level of a street hooker. I have lost my trust and confidence in her. She has forgotten that she would not function well in politics without the support and blessing of the Mighty Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal.

            Please tell her (Nyadeng) to come and bury the remains of her extended relatives which are slaughtered in Bor by her allies, Riek Machar and Peter Gatdet. In fact, the prophet of Doom, Riek Machar and his food lovers and looters would never give you a leadership nor would they spare the lives of your relatives no matter how hard you kiss their feet. Believe it or not, Without the support and blessing of the mighty Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal, no Twic East will ever be a president of South Sudan…Period! We would rather support Nuer, Equatorian or anybody from any tribe than you cowards and traitors of Twic East.

            Late Dr. John Garang was very successful in politics and Military because of our support. Although he (John) had killed some of our great politicians and generals such as late Benjamin Bol Akok, late Victor Bol Ayulnhom kuol, late Dr. Madut Deng Mayol and late General Kerubino Kuanyin Bol just to name few, we forgave him and stood with him until the end of his life on earth. Will Rebecca Nyadeng, Majak D’Agoot and Mabior Garang be crowned and throned by Riek Machar and his looters without our support? No way. Not at all. Those thugs have unknowingly dug their political grave and the Angel of Death,Riek Machar has buried them alive.

            “The truth hurts but it is worth

          • laaralik says:

            exactly twic don’t fear war of realities but this coup support it by makuei and kiir targeting one tribe twic can not involve . and what I would like to tell kiir and his friends stop saying coup there is no run by one tribe brother the whole world is waiting out come of your telling people coupe Nyandeng and majak both from twic do they have some soldiers in that rebellion let us wait for chapter two what will happen

        • jay johnson says:

          Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

          And good compliments is always appreciated. Your good comments about me is well received and acknowledge. In fact, I am trying my best to fight ethnic resentment and bigotry, which have largely been wage against the jieng people of south sudan.

          I would not call Twi Dinka traitors and coward as you have commented. I would have instead focus my criticism on Twi Dinka politicians instead of painting the whole community with a broad brush. In fact I cured with you that Nyandeng Chol Atem, Mabior Garang Mabior and Majak Agot Atem are indeed traitors. Not because they criticize and opposed the president Kiir but because they have no shame to associate with the traitor and murderer, Dr. Mayik Machar Puot Nyuon.

          Who knows, may be Dr. Mayik Machar have an invisible hand in the death of Dr. Garang. And perhaps had he succeed in 1991 defeating the SPLA Torit, he would have killed Dr. Garang. And how could stand behind Dr. Mayik Machar who is willing to take us back to war because of his unsatisfiable lust for power. And yes you are right, these Twi Dinka politicians are traitors by association.

          I want also to thank you recognizing and accepting TWI Dinka as an independent Dinka sub tribe as oppose as being a section or sub tribe of Bor Dinka. I hope you will join me and persuading others to acknowledge Twi Dinka identity.

          So thank so much for the change of heart. May be the question of who is Dinka Bor is slowly being settled because of the campaign we did with those individuals you mentioned.

          And sadly, the Nhialic of Dengdit have been destroyed by Garang Anyieth. But I still hold him in my heart and pray to him every day.

          Finally, I want to acknowledge your role on this site with regard to defamation of Jieng by char makuony and Nyam Nyam internet warriors. With your determination and resolve we will defeat them and teach them the virtues of love, tolerant, forgiveness, peaceful co existence, nationalism, patriotism and love for freedom and justice

          May nhialiny Deng Garang ( Dengdit) Nhialiny Deng Abuk, Nhialiny Ayuel Longar and Nhialiny Lirpiou bless you

          • Diktor Agarab says:

            LGG and JJ,
            Where are you? Heard that LGG couldn’t stop running till Cape Town. JJ was a little brave but he ended up in Cairo. Hahahahaha! Thought you’ll love the sweet sound of AK-47.

            Your mangy barking isn’t going to save your primitive president who turn a traitor and coward by inviting M7 to save his @$$. Rest assured that in this war, Nuers are winning handily. Kudos to brave Dinka Bor politicians like Nyandeng, her son and Dr. Agoot. Your hateful reign of dinkocracy is ending. Soon your primitive president (PP) Kiir will be summoned to appear before the ICC for the murder of innocent Nuers in Juba. It’s now time for you to get off your welfare and start working to pay PP’s lawyers’ bills.

      • Kidepo says:

        JAY JOHNSON-

        Equatorians are super and proud professionals in the Republic of South Sudan. Equatorians have fought the war from 1955 to 2005 and the war was worn in Equatoria (1972, & 2005) take it or not. Meaning without Equatoria people and the beautiful land of Equatoria there would have been no RSS-open your eyes widely and re-read this massage again and again!

        “Do you think all Equatorians are blood thirsty hooligans like dinkas who will create reasons for spelling blood of innocent civilians just to certify their blood vampiretic Government? What arrogant arian jienge you dinkas are!” Print this paper and put it in your wall or at the back of your vehicle if you are renting a hotel accommodation.

        “Equatoria will continue to pursue Federalism if you like it or not. Equatorians have professional skills of negotiation and writing. They are civilized and diplomatic enough to do so until it is done”. If need be for war there is no problem, we will see who will be running out of Equatoria and South Sudan like the dinkas who are running in thousands to Uganda and Kenya from white army now. By the way when war broke with Equatoria where will you run……to Khartoum because Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and part of CAR will be block???.

        Keep on exposing yourselves to Equatorians and other fellow Africans—Equatoria brothers and sisters of Ugandans, Kenyans, DRC, Ethiopians, CAR to Rwanda and get rest like dynasour species once and for all because you dinkas are destructives flies.

        In your message you are telling me you dinkas do not understand principles of democracy but all you know is shading blood when requesting for democratic rights that is why you are saying Equatorians should take arms to request for their federation alone just like what you are now doing to the Nuer. What vampires are you dinkas?
        Let me be clear to you, there is nothing you can do to Equatorians or block the call for federalism all you will do is to allow M7 to be President for RSS as well Ugandans, then you will see who will be out of that combined RSS and Uganda given on your reckless attitudes and proven lie about “we (dinkas) fought the war”

        M7 nor Nuer or Wau people not even chollo will rescue your dinka asses because people like M7 will take an advantage and take 500% side with Equatorians to fade out your ugly faces from the RSS as he told late Garang sometimes back. Tell me where were you when Equatorians led and managed the first South Sudan movement of Anyanya 1 and 2 that was hijacked by your dinka jackers. As a matter of fact the Equatoria anyanya 1 led movement was as you rightly put civilized and superior not as dirty and ugly like the dinka led tyranny and terrorist government. Tell me which incidents the Equatorians led Government under Tombura or Lagu went wild and started killing the civilians of wau, chuhudum, nuer, yei, yambio, etc??. Are you not tired fo ciminality from Nuer massacre, wau massacre, murle massacre, chuhuhudm massacre, yambio and yei killings, land grabing, etc. Or do you dinkas have a vacabulary called shame or sorry at all in your arian jienge dialect?!

        “And by the way, why are you pathetic about federalism,,,,,haaahhhhhaaaaaa!. If Equatoria is too sweet for you dinkas, just get civilized and behave like human beings and learn how to peacefully co-exist with others”. Otherwise,

        “Sika tani mafi le dinka” (X3)
        “Sika ta sama mafi le dinka” (X2)

        This is the latest song for your information

      • Kidepo says:

        JAY JOHNSON-

        Equatorians are super and proud professionals in the Republic of South Sudan. Equatorians have fought the war from 1955 to 2005 and the war was worn in Equatoria (1972, & 2005) take it or not. Meaning without Equatoria people and the beautiful land of Equatoria there would have been no RSS-open your eyes widely and re-read this massage again and again!

        “Do you think all Equatorians are blood thirsty hooligans like dinkas who will create reasons for spelling blood of innocent civilians just to certify their blood vampiretic Government? What arrogant arian jienge you dinkas are!” Print this paper and put it in your wall or at the back of your vehicle if you are renting a hotel accommodation.

        “Equatoria will continue to pursue Federalism if you like it or not. Equatorians have professional skills of negotiation and writing. They are civilized and diplomatic enough to do so until it is done”. If need be for war there is no problem, we will see who will be running out of Equatoria and South Sudan like the dinkas who are running in thousands to Uganda and Kenya from white army now. By the way when war broke with Equatoria where will you run……to Khartoum because Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and part of CAR will be block???.

        Keep on exposing yourselves to Equatorians and other fellow Africans—Equatoria brothers and sisters of Ugandans, Kenyans, DRC, Ethiopians, CAR to Rwanda and get rest like dynasour species once and for all because you dinkas are destructives flies.

        In your message you are telling me you dinkas do not understand principles of democracy but all you know is shading blood when requesting for democratic rights that is why you are saying Equatorians should take arms to request for their federation alone just like what you are now doing to the Nuer. What vampires are you dinkas?
        Let me be clear to you, there is nothing you can do to Equatorians or block the call for federalism all you will do is to allow M7 to be President for RSS as well Ugandans, then you will see who will be out of that combined RSS and Uganda given on your reckless attitudes and proven lie about “we (dinkas) fought the war”

        M7 nor Nuer or Wau people not even chollo will rescue your dinka asses because people like M7 will take an advantage and take 500% side with Equatorians to fade out your ugly faces from the RSS as he told late Garang sometimes back. Tell me where were you when Equatorians led and managed the first South Sudan movement of Anyanya 1 and 2 that was hijacked by your dinka jackers. As a matter of fact the Equatoria anyanya 1 led movement was as you rightly put civilized and superior not as dirty and ugly like the dinka led tyranny and terrorist government. Tell me which incidents the Equatorians led Government under Tombura or Lagu went wild and started killing the civilians of wau, chuhudum, nuer, yei, yambio, etc??. Are you not tired fo ciminality from Nuer massacre, wau massacre, murle massacre, chuhuhudm massacre, yambio and yei killings, land grabing, etc. Or do you dinkas have a vacabulary called shame or sorry at all in your arian jienge dialect?!

        “And by the way, why are you pathetic about federalism,,,,,haaahhhhhaaaaaa!. If Equatoria is too sweet for you dinkas, just get civilized and behave like human beings and learn how to peacefully co-exist with others”. Otherwise,

        “Sika tani mafi le dinka” (X3)
        “Sika ta sama mafi le dinka” (X2)

        This is the latest song for your information

        • jay johnson says:


          I used the phrase ” civilized and superior'” Equatorians race sarcastically. I did not mean to say that Equatorians are more civilize than Dinka, Shilluk or Nuer for instance. Nor do I believe that they are superior race.

          The Equatorians tribe with exception of Zande, Mundu and others that I do not recall are from the same language family as Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk. The Bari, Taposa and Latuka for instance, are from Eastern Nilotic languages family while Dinka, Luo groups and Nuer are Western Nilotic.

          I was using those term to taunt Kokora sympathizers like you. Additionally, we the Africans do not harbor the notion of superior race, tribe or clan. It is a European idea which have no place in Africa political discourse.

    • alex says:

      You are wrong brother
      See the curren bloodshed is coused by people who think they are learnt and become proud.
      Educated people are thieves and liars, decievers. So do not talk of education infact education is a curse to South Sudan yet the so called educated were paid by tax payers money. shame to you the educated behaving like primitive people. If you are an equatorian brother if have that mentality of thinking the educated people are the only one who can lead our nation curse be to you.

    • Andrew Jenge says:


      Nowadays, Riek Machar’s name is selling like a hot cake, if you write an article without mentioning his/Nuer and drag it through mud that means nothing to Dinka Audience. Sarcastically, total ignorant and arrogant behaviour of Michael Malueth displayed at the UN compound in Bor should be blame squarely on Riek Machar despite the fact that he was not in the vicinity of incident!? Jieng for once accept the truth, goodness me!?

  3. Thonmajuk says:

    Kuir Garang hypocrisy will not let leave in peace in our New Nation..that we fight dearly…I thought that you will write for the destruction of the places such as Malakal, Bentiu and Bor..however you blindly point finger of talking of entry into U.N pathetic you are not even worry about the destruction that had destroyed our civilians lives. I know you are side with Riek Machar but at the end of the day you will still walk in the street of Bor town not in Leer or Bentiu.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Kuire Garang, congratulation you put it more than anyone can than you, thanks and hope Mr president has the zeal to begin to reconsider some of misinformation been carried to him by his minsiters, there is huge different from been a leader of one tribe and the President of the nation, I disliked Makuei because he talks like drunkard person likewise the presidential spokesperson Ateny, I don’t know his educational background for goodness sake, Mr Kiir needs to employ eloquent person in English language not the kind of Ateny. Yesterday he came on press conference to cement the damage created by Kiir by accusing world body UN, but my goodness my son who is secondary student reasonable better than Ateny.
    Thank you Garany for your advice, hope we all see what you see, and behave responsibly, we don’t ought to support our politicians because they are from our tribe. This is time for us together with government to correct the wrong image of south Sudan, it is shameful that many lives were lost unexpectedly but we still hold the key to heal our nation, we need the international community to give us the necessary tools to put things right, special UN and western nations China is just there for market interest.

  5. Kuire,

    It is not surprise for Dinka to write a bias article like this. Dinka never come up with the word of unity. In Dinka ideology, unity mean respect for Dinka and Dinka can do whatever they want to other people. The killing of other tribes is lawful for Dinka government and the killing of Dinka by other tribes is a crime for Dinka.

  6. Kuir,
    You are right, of course, Twich County left untouch by Nuer malatia invaders and that makes you one of them. It would have been better you guys stand with Nuers in the fight and not supporting them in your mouth like that! Thanks!

  7. jay johnson says:

    Kuir e Garang,

    for your information, Hussein Mar Nyuot, the former acting and deputy governor of Jonglei state was smuggled out of UNMISS compound in Bor and flown to Akobo where he ended up representing the rebels and nyageet in Addis ababa talk. In fact when the white army and Gatdet forces were defeated in Bor, they ran to UNmiss compound give their guns to the manager, took off their uniform and throw them outside the compound and then simply melt into civilian sheltering in the compound. that is why Makuei need to go with arm body guard for the sake of his own security.

    I mean UNMISS have lost impartiality and been actively involve in aiding and abetting the rebellion. It is being use by the US and UK as a covert intelligence operation under the guise of humanitarianism. come on, I thought you were mature enough to know the ways in which the western government overthrow democratically elected governments who refuse to act as puppet of west.

    this is what happening in south sudan my friend. you need to wake up

    • Defender says:

      I laugh when I hear people talk of impartiality, while ignoring the glaring facts that are before them. The whole Bor saga with Minister of Information is a smoke screen to try to draw the UN into the political mess created in Juba. The Hon. Minister wanted the UN to accept their narrative of the events that took place on December 15th, but they refused. This is the jest of the matter. As well, knowing well that the upcoming report from the UN will be damning to the role of government in Juba Massacre, they want by all means implicate the UN in anything remotely possible so as to question the outcome of their investigations in all areas: i.e. Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bantiu and many other areas. Those of Sabrino Majok Majok, like you, have even gone much further, by asking to the UN to accept that a Coup d’état was planned and executed by the SPLM in opposition. Finding out that there is no one that is going to buy this claim, new narrative is now being built to satisfy the needs of those who are still breathing that a coup was foiled on December 15. If there was any, why didn’t we the people see any unequivocal evidence to that effect? If you tell me that the proof is the flag that was found in the residence of the former VP. I will say do better than that. Because, if this is the evidence that the government want to convict political prisoner on, it will not be good enough.

      • jay johnson says:

        Dear defender,

        Like Kuir e Garang, you are also wrong to dismiss my argument about the impartiality of Un and UNmiss in south sudan conflict. In fact the UNmiss have been sympathetic and have act as a facilitator of the rebellion that follows after the failed coup on December 15th 2013.

        I have pointed out else where that the coup have been in the pipe since 2005, following the death of Dr. Garang. DR. Mayik Machar Puot Nyuon, a fourth generation Dinka Nuer from Hol Dinka of Duk county political ambition have never subside since 1991.

        wikileaks reports showed Dr. Mayik Machar plan to seized power by force in south sudan. Frist, Dr. Mayik plan was to assassinate Salva Kiir and take over the leadership of south sudan. When this sinister plan failed because of good security and intelligence from SPLA. He embark on Plan B, which is to encourage the warlords and professional rebels from upper Nile region to rebel against the government.

        And as a vice president, he convince Kiir to offer amnesty to these war lords with the aim of infiltrating and outnumbering the SPLA liberators and soldiers in the army. The integrated militias were instructed by Dr. Mayik Machar to captured the president and military hqr as per the coup plan, which is what they did exactly.

        Plan C is what we are witnessing now. Because in the events of failed assassination, failed toppling of the government through rebellion and failed coup attempt, then the democratically elected president of south sudan will have to overthrow through Nuer ethnic rebellion.

        So it have been coming as most south Sudanese political observers can attest to. This is the last kick of dying horse. Dr. Mayik Machar political future is at stake here. The only way he can achieve his ambition of becoming the president of south sudan is to over throw the government. If not, he will end up dead or spending the rest of his life in jail for genocide and mass killing of innocent civilians, both dinka and Nuer.

        Unfortunately, there are no allies to lend a helping hand to the traitor. The only ally in the country are his cattle keeping Nuer kins, some warlords of upper nile and UNmiss of Hilde Johnson

        Will he succeed? I do not know for sure. But soon, south sudan will enjoy the peace it deserve when this killer and murderer is put behind bar for the rest of his life.

        And by the way, it does not matter whether the UNmiss or western nations disagreed with government position of foiled coup attempt. The detainees are safely in the hand of government, while the rest including, Dr. Mayik Machar are being hunted down like chickens. it is a matter of time before they are caught and brought to book.

        And should the court find them guilty as the evidence show, they will face death penalty or life imprisonment for committing treason, a serious crime punishable by death

        • Defender says:

          Hi Jay,

          Your hypothesis is funny at best! With regard to UNMISS incident, have you looked at the Status of Force Agreement (SOFA)? It will give you a clear indication of the role and mandate of UNMISS in South Sudan. Familiarize yourself with it and then come back with better response. Your narrative what happen is just narrative. Regarding the charges of treason that the government has levelled against the SPLM in Opposition, it will just complicate matters more for the government, if they wish to seek peace. It also contradicts the COH that they have signed on January 23rd. You cannot negotiate with someone as equal on a political matter, which is has been recognized as that, and then come and charge that same group leaders with Treason. It makes a mockery out of the logic that is being employed. I think the government needs to revisit their approach to handling this issue. Because you cannot negotiate with someone you charge unless your intention is fight in order to bring these people to justice. This tells us that the government is not serious about peace. If it is, then this will not help. One cannot speak from both sides of their mouth and still be saying the truth.

  8. Kuot says:

    Kuir Garang, You are the most naive writer I have ever seen in 21 century. the UNMISS you are defending is the enemy of South Sudan civilians given the way they have allowed the enemies of our people to destroy and plunder civilians at will. You should not be a mouthpiece of UNMISS. Let them write this article as a defense to their unfair actions in South Sudan. It is not your job to adjust the speeches from the president or ministers of the government of South Sudan. Look at the writers who responded to your article. Most of them are haters who cannot appreciate anything that comes from Dinka’s literacy. What is the point of creating yourselves enemies with the government of RSS when UNMISS or other S. Sudanese will never appreciate your writings?


  9. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Kuir e Garang,
    Yes South Sudan need an allied with the rest of the world through mutual respect and in a transparent manner but President Kiir has been running after UN and US and the rest of the international bodies but they are kicking him off their reach, because the OUTSIDERS are reading your pathetic articles about Kiir where described him as Semi-illiterate, tribalist, corruptist, uncivilised Dinka, therefore they are waiting for a civilised Dinka, may be a PHD holder to work with him/her but i don’t know whether you have done that and if you have not yet finish your studies to possess a PHD then you must quickly do it so that we (the Dinka Community) should forward your name together with other Dinka PHD Holders to USA, UN, EU, AU and any other International bodies in order to select one among you as President of RSS and the Dinka tribe as well, and from there, i believe the above-mentioned bodies will work with any Dr. Selected among you.
    you have really brought shame to the Dinka tribe not President Kiir as you shamelessly tried to advocate.

  10. Leader says:

    Choromke Jas,
    I think you still live in the 60’s and 70’s to think that Dinka are not educated. Come back to South Sudan and research the statistics by yourself. Indeed some Dinka sections are more educated than most Equatorian tribes.

    If you think tribes with less education should not ascend to leadership then why embrace Riek when his own tribe is the most illiterate, barbaric and backwards in the whole of South Sudan.

    You talk of hypothesis of ‘Born to Rule’ among the Dinka as if that was proposed by the whole Dinka or those you mentioned above being Abel Alier and Bona Malual. If a word is uttered by one angry guy during a heated debate; how does it represent the position of the whole Dinka? If you want it to be reality we can make it possible for as long as we want but you will do nothing about it.

    • Kidepo says:


      99% of all the certificates produced by dinkas where I work are fake-period!. Time is coming for scrutuny and we will see the statisctics you are barbing about

      • Pan says:

        Kidepo, honestly, something has happened to the Dinka and most tribes in RSS. It used to be that if a young Dinka man stole his cows, no family would even entertain him as a suitor for their daughters. Dinka women used not to know how to steal or enjoy the fruits of their suitor’s theft. Alas, this has all changed. Perhaps it was the war and the long idle time whoring it up in Nairobi and Uganda that taught the Dinka elite how to run crooked and they then influence the people at home. Perhaps it was the thieving and raping soldiers on various sides of the Southern divide that corrupted the people. At any rate, I encourage us all to acknowledge the failures of our own tribal narratives and to try not to succumb to generalizations that get us nowhere.

  11. malith Alier says:


  12. Bentiu today says:

    the question is, will Uganda troops remains in south sudan forever and ever to protect dinka,could any conflict come in absent of Uganda troops?
    what about if the husband go away from home what will happen to the women and children from any attack?
    Minister Makue say that the president has responsibility to proctect civlians of his country who is not a case with dinka president, the world does not truth him as a president of all tribes.
    what your president did when Nuer civilians were kill in Juba?
    there is no single tribe that can fight Nuer believe me, you can not proud that you defeat the rebel with help of uganda who is other nation.
    day will come dinka will remain alone without uganda what will happen to you?
    you will admited that you are weak.

  13. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Mr. Kuir Garang. I know you have always been a voice of reason. I agree with you said in respect of responsibility bestowed on those who exercise authority. Minister Makuei’s behaviour at the UNMISS gate was despicable unexpected of somebody who is a lawyer. However, I want to register my disagreement on the point that the president is good but those who surround him are the bad ones. The English saying that ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’ is pertinent in this respect. A good leader will surround himself with good people; a bad leader will surround himself with scoundrels and thieves who will commit crimes on his behalf. Recall the case of Telar Deng, rejected by the Parliamentary select committee yet the president re-appointed him presidential adviser for legal Affairs.
    People who build accountable institutions and indeed render them functional can count themselves as good leaders. These are deficit supply in Africa.
    Kind regards

    Peter Adwok Nyaba

    • upiu says:

      Agree with you Adwok.
      The fact that he (Kiir) surrounded himself with you and your likes in the first place justify your sentiment. You and your comrades who were weaned off country’s coffers are the “scoundrels and thieves” you talked about.

      • Dear Upiu:

        Ha Ha Ha Ha….You are very smart and funny indeed. You correctly humiliated the educated fool (Nyaba) by putting back his lies into his bloody mouth. The PHD of Dr.Adwok Nyaba and that of Dr.Riek Machar and Dr. Justin Ramba are very useless for the people of South Sudan. I wish they shouldn’t have gone to school at all. Dr.Adwok has specialized in instigating the tribal war between Dinka and Nuer. He usually uses Doctor Death,Riek Machar as a tool to beat up his Dinka opponents. In fact, he used him(Riek) against late Dr.John Garang in 1991 and he is now using him again against president Kiir Mayardit. Does he(Adwok) think that he will rule South Sudan through the Barrel of Riek Machar’s gun and stupidity?

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Diktor Agarab says:

          Dr. Nyaba,
          Pay no heed to LGG, upiu, Pac Marial, J.Chin Jacob, JJ; I’ll deal with them as I understand their luak thinking. They’re nothing but tribal clowns who believe in Justin Yac’s retrogressive dinkocracy. Their unjustified bone of contention is that you dare point out that their emperor (Salva Kiir) is naked. Additionally, their other axe that they’re grinding with you is your decision to close down those fake degree-milling “universities” putting a stop to their shady education. Sadly, they’re still employes of GSS because of their tribalistic uncles’ benevolence despite their ill-qualification.

          They say you can tell a tree by its fruit. Judge for yourselves their writings. Nothing constructive. All they spend time is spread hatred against other communities and preach dinkocracy. Their useless luak thinking is what is leading South Sudan to HELL.

    • Dr. Nyaba,

      When you resume peace talk with the government, could you please negotiate on forming an interim government too until election day?

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Adwok Nyaba,
      Tell us (we the South Sudanese) what else do you want in government? Or can you tell us the other side of government that will fit your specialisation in order to enable you to deliver what you did not do during your failed eight years as a Minister in the backbone Ministry?
      I promise we will emulates to convince our President to reinstall you back so that he can deserve a better deed from you because you will definitely appreciate him since you know what you are after, President Kiir will or must owed your appreciation if he may reappointed you to his government because of the folliwing facts;
      1) He appointed you to serve in his government where you failed to delivered effectively and instead you and your likes have decided to enriches yourselves with public funds.
      2) He relieved you from your duty inspite of so complaints and evidences about your malpractices in your respective institutions yet he did not order for any accountability on you and your colleagues though the list of (75) seventy five thieves was infront of him.
      3) He did not order his security personnels to kill you and your group during your plan to stage your shameless coup against his regime.
      4) President did not detained you behind bars alongside your colleagues despite the fact that he is fully aware of the series of your folly articles in which you had denied your planned coup attempts in the international media, and which your fabrication lies were latter used by the international media through copy & paste to disputes facts about your failed coup plot.
      5) Acceptance of your new Ministerial position and recognition of being a hero who can not be jailed after all you have lost one of your leg for the sake of this country.

    • LL Reuben says:

      Kuir e Garang and Adwok Nyamba:

      Kuir e Garang you must understand that the UN and all its staffs; military and humanitarians workers in RSS are paid workers. Will the UN be wanted in RSS if these problems never existed? The answer is a flat NO. Could these workers find work easily if they were to return to their respective countries today? The answer is a big NO? Are these UN workers very fortunate that they have jobs that easily enable them to support themselves and their families? The Answer is unfortunately a big Yes. Unfortunate in a sense that in every country the UN is sent to people must be suffering from man-made conflicts created by the illusion of “democracy” and preach by half-baked journalists who are unconsciously mere puppets of imperialistic countries. In your case Kuir I will preserve my belligerence toward you for next time. Balancing the blame will not bring any tangible anything to RSS: Be it development, political maturity, creation of harmony among various tribes will never be achieved by not putting the blames squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrator. Stop appeasing both sides; you’re instilling confusion into the minds of South Sudanese.

      Makuei Lueth who wanted to visit the camped civilians should’ve been allowed because he wasn’t leading a battalion going to shoot at the gated innocent civilians. Everywhere in South Sudan a very important person travels with armed guards even the UNs are guarded by armed personals most of the times. So there wasn’t anything unordinary with what Makuei tried to do. If Ban Ki-moon claimed the rules of UN don’t allow trespassing of armed individuals on their premises; how did they allowed Nuer armed militias in Akobo to enter their camp and slaughtered all the unarmed Dinka civilian who had seek shelter in their camp for protection? Why was it that only two Indian personals were killed on the UN side and the 37 Dinkas all died?
      Adwok Nyamba, just keeps on preaching to your powe- hungry goons and supporters across RSS but a sane person knows very well that you and your group are not genuine from any perspective. You were all part of the government for so many years where you failed pathetically to deliver the things that you’re killing the innocents now and blaming Salva Kiir for not doing. Kiir is a dictator in just two years of an independent South Sudan said you and your group. How about ministers who’ve served under Kiir for the same period or a little shorter in your case and get extremely annoyed for having been replaced with other South Sudanese, aren’t they dictators as well? This war was instigated by you, disgruntles who were extremely angry at Salva Kiir for removing you from your post as ministers. You should’ve resigned from your posts while you were still in the government, it would’ve made more sense had you did that but not after you were all removed by Kiir.

      History will judge all of you, and in your case this is your second rebellion against the government, of which you were part of in the beginning.

  14. For God sake, South Sudan will only be good when the leadership falls to Equtorians. Riek would have been the best leader for this country but because of the “born to rule” theory, they start to block his way and succeeded to push him to do what people will judge him for even if he has done little wrong.
    I have equally lost hope in him though and shifted my wish to the Equtorians my state mates. I always swallow a big grudge when I see people complaining about Bor and the did,nt complain about the killings of our innocent nuer brothers which is continuing up to now. I love Dinga and Nuer at the same level but I know that, while Nuers are very violent, they are never trouble seekers like Dinga. My big share of blame goes to the government because even the Riek they always accuse warned the government that the were pushing the country into chaos and he has been smart enough to ask for calm at any provocation by the president esp when he was dismissed. The president seem unaware that he is ruling a country of illiterate population who are allied to trial loyalty.

  15. Equatoria Naya,

    I agree with you. I wish someone from Equatoria should step in and lead South Sudan. We need someone who is ready and willing to lead the country rather than Salva Kiir. It does not better what tribe that person comes from in South Sudan. If you have someone in mind from Equatoria that is willing to take risk and wants to be next president, let him know that we are ready to vote for him. we are so tired of President Kiir dictatorship rules.

    However, you the Equatorians you must know that you should be well organized to defend that candidate to death because what happened to Dr. Machar and Nuer will happen to him too and his Equatorians supporters.

    • Kidepo says:


      I agree with you. I am nominating Joseph Bakasoro for that because Wani Igga is dinka puppet. I would have nominated mamur but he is semi illeterate like Kiir and would rule the country using remote control excatly like Salva Kiir!

      I hope Salva did not consult another witched that ight have advised him to sacrified blood for him to continue leading this nation. May be we need to pray sometimes for this nation because we all know that Kiir and his cabinet like going for superstitions consultations

      • Pan says:

        Actually it was probably Riak who consulted Lucifer who advised him to spill blood in order for Riak to ascend. Maybe Kiir and Riak consult the same witch.

  16. Peter Malish says:


    There is nothing good you can do any more in this lovely Country of ours called South Sudan. My advise to your poor king the so called Salva Satanic must leave power to either Equatorians or Nuers to save you from more attacks in future even immediately after or during 2015 elections as you have prepared your king without formal education to steal the results of the coming elections 2015. which will bring an end of you in this Country which is lkely to bring all tribes together against Jiengs as it has already started in Nimule with the grabbing of land in that place. Nuers are bad but they accept their mistakes and do not step on other peoples feet especially in equatorians’ land. That is why we in equatorian shall prefer Nuer than Jiengs who can not and have never acknowledge their poor leadership in this Country from day one.

  17. Concern Citzen says:

    @Jay Johnson
    It is people like you who are misleading the president. Please go check your facts again, saying Equatorians did not participate in the liberation of South Sudan. I don’t know what status you have in the Government of South Sudan. It is this type of mentality that caused the ongoing problem in Juba…My suggestion is for you to go and clean the remain ash from your behind that might help your thinking…….

  18. Mading says:

    Mr.c. Jas watch your language man, you are playing with fire, Dinka.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      What fire Mr Mading? You rely on mercenary to fight your war and you still think you can threaten people? Your bluff has been called and most of the refugees now in Uganda (which you used to vilify) are the Dinka with the fire? Be serious. No body will believe in your invincibility anymore. The game is up. Admit defeat and apologize. The King is naked. I hope you get me. When the African soldiers during the World War II saw the white soldiers crying in the battlefield and dying, on their return home from war theaters (Burma, Malaya, Abyssinia etc) that they defied the white colonialists. This later led to the African independence movements and wars. So, you longer has the initiative and myth my Jieng brother. The presence of the Ugandan mercenaries has removed the myth about your “fire”. I dare you to start a fire in Equatoria if you still think you are a man. It is unbelievable: you have the guns, the government, the money, the tanks, the artillery, the boats, the helicopters and the control of the population and yet you run away and call in rent-an-army?! I just shake my head. What fire do you need? A nuclear bomb?

      • jay johnson says:

        Mr. Jas,

        the nuer rebellion you were cheerleading and wish to join have been crashed before cessation of hostilities was signed. The only areas under rebels controlled are those counties in which the Nuer are super majority. These are rural counties of upper Nile region with no political, military and diplomatic significance.

        In Jonglei, the rebels control, Akobo, Ayod, Wuror, Nyirol and Pangak counties. In upper Nile State, they controlled, Ulang, Luakpiny, Maiwut and Longchuk

        While Leer, Panyanjiar, Mayendit, Koch and eastern Guit county are under their control in Western Upper Nile.
        The Question is, Did Dr. Riek rebelled against a democratically elected president just to control Nuer areas? is he fighting for an independent Nuer nation?

        your dream of over throwing a democratically elected government have evaporated overnight. it is time now to turn to plan B if there was any at all

        • Kidepo says:

          Wait for the Ethipiopians mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………….f……………………you are done the peace dealt is not going anywehere

  19. Sebit says:

    Most of the journalists r leaving their clear point of writing like the recent killing of innocent vulnerable pple in Bor esp children and elderly, but waste their energy trying to blame the minister Makwei Lueth of his attempt to enter the UNMISS cpd with uniformed armed SPLA. Does this worth writing on if u r a sympathetic journalist of the destruction that had been cared out in Bor by the perpetrators who unclothed their military uniform and ran in to UN cpd for protection….kuir is no more than a betrayer of own pple…see how the rest of the other tribes r commenting expressing their hatred about dinka including u…!

  20. junubi says:

    PPLe died from all sides of the aisle,and to dwell on some specific areas clearly doesn’t cut it well as South Sudanese. This kind of attitudes and behaviours are the cause of recent conflict; where some people play victims forgetting that South Sudan is for every citizen of South Sudan regardless which tribes or states leadership comes from. It’s our collective responsibilities to make sure we all live in peace and harmony with our neighbours; South Sudanese politicians are cancer thats killing our people slowly in this new country of ours today. Like some other person has pointed out, “We need UN in our country” especially in such a time of need. Imagine without UNMISS compounds; where would civilians ran to,killings would have been unmeasurable, and both militaries would have killed every living unarmed person from either opposing sides. Our civilians owed it UNMISS facilitates and their dedicated staffs across the country for being there when they need it.

    Now the very government who was supposed to appreciate and congratulate UNMISS for sheltering its citizen’s now turning and condemning them just to accommodate some bad element within government for trying to force their way into UNMISS compounds. What was the intention of persons in question for trying to forced their way?? May be for revenge or executing of opposite tribe???? Now someone may asked; If a national minister could behave irrational towards international community staffs, what would have happen if he succeeded in getting into that compound with his armed bodyguards?? I believed, “Massacre” of Nuer and their sympathizers would have happened. No question!!

    So, its best for us as citizen to speak up against such provocative and arrogant behaviours from our ministers , telling the truth is better than just covering for unprofessional actives just because simply the person committing such acts is from my State,county, payam and parish or in most cases a relative. This won’t progress us as a people trying to build a nation of no tribe!!! Of course, the buss starts with the leaderships!!! Lets dismantle all tribe based mentality and render services to the nation and our government should seriously see itself as servicing the nation rather than ” SPECIFIC TRIBE”.

  21. Dengdit says:


    As usual, your analysis is spot on. Those despicable writers here calling you ‘a shame’ to your tribe are the very ones who are letting this country down and perpetuating the myth of tribal hegemony. South Sudan will never move forward and will always be in perpetual turmoil if one tribe (or one group of tribes) continues to consider it their right to rule the country. Honestly, minister Makuei has shown himself to be an absolute disgrace to the nation – he has made countless number of contradictory remarks, even contradicting himself many times! I don’t know whether it is out a burning desire to endear himself to the president or some inherent lack of self integrity, he utters things that are totally unbecoming of a public official, let alone someone occupying his position in government. When such people are the ones seen in the media, acting the way they are acting, it brings shame to the whole nation, as if we do not have the talent (which is really plentiful if it wasnt for nepotism) pool to select the right people from to represent the country.

    This episode at the UNMISS base in Bor is one of the lowest of his low points – although there are numerous contenders for this, including the episode where he was ranting in a ‘press conference’ at about 3 journalists in a large empty hall in Addis Ababa (clear proof of the media’s disinterest in his tirades), saying all kinds of ridiculous thing but mainly lamenting the fact that the international community is not buying into his useless propaganda. Just shows that those who occupy these positions have no clue about protocols, diplomacy and their responsibility (playing into the hands of those who would love to portray the nation as made of savage incompetents)

  22. makoi mayen chienggan says:

    mr jas. We are coming for you. Where do you stay personally? The other equatorians are cowards and if you are the only equatorians who is man enough to exchange words then I myself will come and face you head on. We are tired of your nonsense and I believe you will fear to tell me where you are. I only trust Nuer because they come and face us directly though in the process we always defeat them. It is because of your cowardice that you misled Nuer to be butchered when you promise that you help will them. Why didn’t you join this war rather than wait for your own war?

  23. Pan says:

    You should have heard the speeches of President Kagame after he found out the UN was meddling into the affairs of his nation and allowing perpetrators of the genocide to slip in and out of socalled refugee camps where they licked their wound, ate donated, sterilized grain and rested for their next cowardly night attacks on the Rwandese civilians. For years after, Kagame hard even harsher words for the UN socalled Peace Keeping Mission in his country, kept journalists at arms length and gave weekly radio speeches to the population where he informed the country of foreign duplicity.

    Kuir Garang, I like some of your suggestions toward the end but your opening paragraphs are pretentious and arrogant. If you were in South Sudan you might understand how muddy the waters are and how all actors are chameleons, including the Great White Hope(s).

  24. Dak says:

    Well said Mr Kuir,
    of course truth hurts that why many of your fellow Dinkas are saddened with this well articulated piece, of course no one among you Dinka can still talk of war. Otherwise you should not have run and called Ugandans to your help before fighting takes a week. Shame on you. My next advice is to Lukudu Garang, omit and edit Gatkuoth out.

    • Dak:

      The Ugandan troops were not in Juba when we kicked our Butts and chased you out of Juba on December 15th,2013. Also they (UPDF) were not in Malakal and Bentiu when we kicked your Butts and drove you out like chickens.

      Cousin, I regret to inform you that I have declined to omit Gatkuoth as I traded it in for Deng. As you know, Deng is my ancestral name and I wonder how it ended up in the wrong hands of the Nuer’s Jalaba Bustards such as Taban. Please ask the former governor Taban Deng Gai to return my ancestral name (Deng) to me and I omit and delete Gatkuoth, otherwise unless I will give it(Gatkuoth) to you on your way out to Gambella. By the way, Which City are your food lovers and looters going to loot and destroy next? Are they fighting to liberate South Sudan from the Dinka? Or Are they enriching themselves by looting other peoples’ properties? Are you guys true liberators or bunch of thieves?

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  25. Shamga says:

    Adock Nyaba, you said, “birds of the same feathers flock together.” Now that you are with Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon or risk Masochist Taunted devil, who is committing a lot of atrocities on civilians, are you not members of the same flock, and is that a good way to be in the same flock? You were in salva’s government as a minster of education, and you only so flaws in his government when you lost your ministerial position, how stupid are you? During the 1991 debacle in the movement you joined Mr. Masochist and when he failed in his bid to succeed Garang you ended up coming to the very same movement you betrayed with him, and you became a minster, how idiotic are you to just flip flop always. I wish they did not spare you because of your ugly leg. It is rather a time you deserve a bullet in the head, both you and masochist so that we forget about, you not the only politicians from your communities. Only then will Southsudan will enjoy real peace. But as you continue to exist you continue to fabricate and make populations kill each other.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Look another tribal clown talking about our hero, Dr. Nyaba. Shamga, you only support your naked emperor because of dinkocracy. Your primitive president has failed South Sudan. Better accept reality is that time has come for him to go face the music at ICC.

      • Diktor Agarab:

        At least our primitive president had fought to liberate you from Jalaba’s slavery. What have you and your educated fools and cowards have done for our Country? Please shut up and enjoy the freedom that we earned with our own blood, souls and limbs. You fled South Sudan during the war with the hope that you would return and rule it with your fake and online degrees. We will fix and rebuild the Republic of South Sudan once we get rid of all the traitors, cowards and food lovers such as you and the likes. Why are you always whining and crying for the Country in which you haven’t shed a drop of blood for it?

        Please leave us in peace and go back to where you were living during the liberation war. The mighty Muonyjang is determined not to give up the land and leadership for the cowards and traitors who betrayed and fought against us during the liberation struggle. for your information, I haven’t fled the Country for South Africa as you alleged in your previous comment. I’m presently fighting with Riek Machar’s food lovers and looters in Jonglei State. The rebellion of Riek Machar is crashed and some of his tribal Militias whom he misled are surrendering to our gallant forces everywhere in the Country. Why should I flee to South Africa while I’m kicking the Butts and winning the war against the food lovers and looters in my Country? If God willing, I will soon capture the Angel of Death, Riek Machar in one of the holes in Jonglei State. Why are you going to start your rebellion, Coward?

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Diktor Agarab says:

          Only a foolish luak boy like you will think that fetching water, cooking food and performing other menial services for Uganda troops is the same as fighting. Since when did you liberate South Sudan? Most of you were busy being house servants and maids to Arabs in North Sudan will real men (non-Dinkas) were fighting the war of liberation. It is only your tribalistic leaders who are trying to hijack the people’s movement. But, judgement day has come. Kiir has been weighed and found wanting. Soon he’ll appear before the ICC to answer charges for ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity for the massacres of Nuers in Juba on the night of Dec 15th. Stay tune, luak boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. akolf says:

    The word konkooc in Jieng language must be understand by some of Nuer guys because whatever they hear that Nuer had been kill,they rush and revenge without investigate or understand what happen,

  27. kikisik says:

    Mr.Kuir ë Garang
    I always enjoy your writing, as I used to say of all Dinkas, you are they only who can speak the truth I wish you could try by all means to educated some of your people so that they can speaks the truth free from bias. My heart goes to those who left us so soon, May God rest their soul in peace—–Amen

    For those Dinkas who still did not get it-the game is over for their savage president Kiir. Although people will not like it but one day Dr. Reik Machar will be remmembered as a game changers in the history and politics of South Sudan. It doesn’t matter if he will be a president one day or not. If I were Reik, I will not border to seek for presidentcy because what he did is more than enought- should there be a real peace coming out of his opposition to Kiir dictatorship.

    I kow alot of lives have been lost as a result of the present crisis which was unfortunate had Kiir dictator listen to the voices of reasons withour resorting to military action.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  28. Alier jr. says:

    Kuir Garang, I pity every bit about you, only a fool would write such a meaningless article. I honestly see no different between you, Nyandeng and Riek Machar. But I understand why you would want to be a small “internet hero” in the eyes of rebels who have caused so much pain and suffering to the people of South Sudan; Riek’s militia have spared your Twi people this time and only massacred the Bor South people. So, you have a good reason to yap around with your ugly aunty Nyandeng Garang to spearhead propaganda against our elected government. But remember that no matter how you, Nyandeng and your militia group, whom you are supporting through useless internet propaganda, are being WATACHED by patriotic citizens of South Sudan.

    South Sudan will succeed and will live on strong despite every effort of traitors.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Alier Jr,
      Following in the footsteps of his traitorous father/uncle, Abel Alier, who sold us out to the Arabs. You’re nothing more than a Dinka tribal extremist.

    • jay johnson says:

      Mr. Alier,

      Branding Twi Dinka as traitors is unfortunate on your part. FYI,there is no Twi Dinka son fighting alongside the rebels as we speak not because they like Salva Kiir but because they do not support unseating Kiir through violence and rebellion.

      it is time to forgot about Bor south, Bor central, Bor North and Bor west and east if they exist. There is Bor county, Twi east county and Duk county period. Forget about the so call GREATER BOR. you guys have killed it by branding Twic east and Duk counties as NYAGEET/TRAITORS for something they do not have control over.

      The Notion of calling Twi, Nyarweng and Hol Dinka Bor is dead and will be bury after this carnage is over. Never call people of Twic East and Duk county Bor Dinka again. it is finished!!! it is over!!! and it is dead and need not to be revive by clinging to an imaginary Bor north, Central and South when in fact we know where Bor county is and who Bor Dinka are.

      Twi, Hol and Nyarweng are Not Bor Dinka. their view need to be respected

  29. Kidepo says:

    Dear dinkas-

    salvA kIir has openly appologies to the UN for his big mouth of exchange of bad words with UN and Internationla community. How about this….you guys are finished!

    Leave the seat if it is too hot dudes!

  30. Bentiu today says:

    does dinka president look like any human president on earth?
    the answer is no at all !

    • Bentiu Today:

      Thank God the Dinka President doesn’t look like the Nuer’s Food lovers and looters.
      Please go home and clean up the rubbles and human remains in your homewown (Bentiu) which was looted by Riek Machar. The Dinka president will never loot and destroy his hometown no matter how stupid and/or illiterate he is. Was the looting, killing of the innocent civilians and the destruction of properties the specialization of Riek Machar’s PHD? The Moron (Riek) is insane, therefore he must be apprehended and locked up once and for all. The Nuer tribe and the entire Republic of South Sudan would never be stable, peaceful and prosperous as long as the Angel of Death, Riek Machar is alive and loose.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        The Dinka president wears a cowboy hat even indoors when it is stifling hot. He is ashamed to show his tribal marks whenever he goes on air or meet other world leaders. Guess he gets tired telling people that he got scared chasing cows in the jungles of Warrap. Hahahahahaahaa!!!!!!

        Salva Kiir is an alcoholic and a total failure even a small Equatorian child reasons better than him.

        • Diktor Agarab:

          Those who tend Cattle in their early childhood, they usually become great leaders in the world such as Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Do you know how many people wear Cowboy hats as their personal or presidential fashions? Your liberator and president Kiir Mayardit does not wear a hat because he is ashamed of the tribal Marks on his forehead. Perhaps,he wears it as his presidential fashion.

          The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni wears a hat, The president of Nigeria, Johnathan Goodluck wears a hat, Former US presidents Bush sr and Bush jr wears a hat. Also the former Vice president and Anyanya1 leader Joseph Lagu wears a hat. Fool, Are those people having the Dinka tribal Marks on their foreheads? Liar, How do you know that president Kiir does not take his hat off at all? President Kiir does not wear his Cowboy hat when he attends Church services and other events.

          Chasing cows in the jungle of warrap is better than chasing monkeys in the jungle of Equatoria. Anyhow, President Kiir and Madam Rebecca Nyadeng have brought some cows to the Jungle of Equatoria. Therefore you and the likes would no longer chase or eat the monkeys in Equatoria. The brave Dinka with the tribal marks on his forehead has liberated you from the slavery and brought you some cows from the Jungle of warrap and Jonglei States. The eating of the monkey meat has become something of the past as your kins and kith are feeding on the president’s cows. I would rather chase and feed on the cattle than chasing and feeding on the monkeys. Cowards, What have you done for this Country as an educated man with no tribal Marks on the forehead? Fool, If you don’t change your hatred and attitude towards Dinka, you will either die in exile or be our slave forever.

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  31. Kidepo says:

    Ha hahaha——-

    Diktor Agarab.

    Your quote amused me “the Dinka president wears a cowboy hat even indoors when it is stifling hot. He is ashamed to show his tribal marks whenever he goes on air or meet other world leaders. Guess he gets tired telling people that he got scared chasing cows in the jungles of Warrap. Hahahahahaahaa!!!!!! ”

    Another quote “Salva Kiir is an alcoholic and a total failure even a small Equatorian child reasons better than him”

    Sika tani mafi le dinka (X3)
    Sika ta sama mafi le dinka (X2)

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