Blame Pres. Kiir Mayardit for the Crises in South Sudan

BY: Manyok Mabiei, Chicago, IL, USA, FEB/15/2014, SSN;

I accept to blame My President Kiir Mayardit in all the Crises in South Sudan

I would like to share the few weakness of South Sudan President Kiir Mayardit that I know since he took the power of Vice-President of whole Sudan and President of South Sudan.

All these mess happened in South Sudan are accountable to President Kiir because of his weakness without taking full action to defend the nation through the security.

First of all, President of South Sudan knows that millions of lives in his hand to take strong responsibility without taking soft decision.

I see some people press President is a good leader because he take soft decision without strong decision to frame things ahead of time and take action before it grown bigger. I call it as a part of weakness on him.

Secondly, President Kiir weakness in the country through the disaster happens in all the locations in South Sudan, he never moved his feet to those areas to comfort and condemn the killers that took action.

And to approve to you the disaster last year, we never seen our President Kiir Mayardit move his feet to condemn crime sense on the ground where Nuer Lou was attacked by David Yau Yau last year.

For examples, the killing of Nuer civilians by Murle in 2013 exceeding about 118 civilians lost their lives and President Kiir never stepped his feet on the ground to condemn the death and he was just made short speech in Juba.

Another recently approved disaster happened in South Sudan that continues, and we never seen President Kiir Mayardit walk his feet on the ground to witness what happened in these three states: Jonglei, Unity, and Upper Nile.

Well, if he fears about his life to go to Unity and Upper Nile State what about a close state like Jonglei heavily destroyed up to ground zero and lives gone.

I believe a strong leader must take risk than fear for his life as the good way ordinary citizens will keep you in power and respect your leadership ability of care of the nation.

Thirdly, all these disasters which occurred in the country much of them blamed on President Kiir, if anyone sits down and digs the ground what the root cause of matter before you go to blame heartless criminal Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

What you can analyse what was the root cause of the matter is very important before you judge recent crises.

What we see and pain in our hearts, South Sudan President made the soft decisions, and that’s why the crises move beyond and no recovery.

If you are leader of country you don’t need to take soft decisions, while millions of lives in your hand to be protect rather than you worry about your own life, while your civilians are venerable in other corners.

Another weakness of President Kiir by taking soft decisions last year and I was there in South Sudan, the time he called all the commanders to join the meeting in Juba on July and General Peter Gadet Yak was refused to attend meeting, while he is a junior commander and refuse to his boss order and President Kiir never take action on time.

We call it as part of naïve and soft decision maker is dangerous to lead 10 million people without good protection to the citizens.

However, Peter Gadet Yak who joined the government of South Sudan as rebel who killed (Kaunyin Bol and William Nyoun) and many others in South Sudan.

Mayardit welcome Peter Gadet Yak to South Sudan Government and Gadet Yak refused his soldiers to be integrated to the national army of South Sudan.

President Kiir accepted Peter Gadet’s decision to stay separate without integer with Goss soldiers.

Is that a good decision Dear Southerners? I reject such kind of theory to make soft decision on public affairs.

We heard that President Kiir gave his Junior Officer Peter Gadet Yak (1,000,000) $ dollars to establish himself in Bor, Panpandier within civilians.

Is that smart decision, dear Southerners, from our president to be soft and take things easy without framing the best decision to lead 10 million of Southerners in this promised land?

More to the points, President Weakness is accountable of all these crises in country because all the rebels who joined the South Sudan, after Independent in 2005-2011.

Mayardit promoted them into high positions and he retired all the veterans of the SPLA since 1983. He was assuming that the country is in peace, while his decisions brought the country down.

This is called slower and indecision maker.

Also, we heard that President Kiir was insulted by Former Vice-President Dr. Riek Machar, before he lost the position and he never take tough decision on time.

Furthermore, President Mayardit accepted another criminal David Yau Yau who killed hundreds of civilians in Jonglei and South Sudan armies last year and to accept to assign the peace doesn’t change anything after all.

Well, same David Yau Yau who killed hundreds of civilians and soldiers last year and as recently on Thursday, 5, 2014 in Kolnyang Payam and Ayidi Payam in Jonglei State.

Murle killed civilians that was confirmed exactly numbers lost in Kolnyang through this cruel attack hit 50 lives and 12 kids gone with them this week.

According some people on the ground including Dr. Agoot Alier has confirmed the number and they said the attackers were Murles.

I would like to inform my President Kiir to take tough decision in such environment of South Sudan and impose the law to eliminate any killer who took the lives of other human-being, so the criminals will fear to defect away and come back at same time to government and seek for the high force. Anyone who defects away must face trial beyond of reasonable doubt that the law work all over the world. If you take soft decisions, those rebels will take it, as grant move without fear to any consequences to face when they return back.

I support the idea of giving of green light to arrest Rebecca Nyandeng Chol Atem in South Sudan, while the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement was signed in last month ago called for both parties to stop negative propaganda in the media.

Now, it appears that Rebecca Nyandeng Chol Atem does not want to respected the agreement signed in Addis Ababa and now she continues engaging in negative propaganda attacking the Goss.

What she is doing is to encourage another violence to endanger the future of South Sudan.

I respected Dr. John Garang de Mabior as former leader of our party and I believe he is not happy now in his resting place with Nyan Chol Atem who is supporting Prophet of Doom Dr. Riek Machar who created a new flag to replace South Sudan flag designed by Dr. John Garang de Mabior in 80s.

I already disown her since last month on January, 25, 2014, that I approved her as a rebel who supporting Prophet of Doom Dr. Machar Teny.

There is no way she can be addressed in the last name of Dr. John Garang Mabior because of humiliation she made to kill our innocent civilians in Jonglei.

She claimed in her interview two week ago in Nairobi-Kenya that she had nothing to lose in this war in South Sudan. Nyan Chol Atem is the greediest woman; she is thinking that the SPLA Party is a family business.

She talked about lack of democracy in the party blaming president for that. While she is the one practicing dictatorship in the party for several things.

She is lucky to have a soft leader like President Kiir Mayardit, she should be arrested already without campaign in the Medias.

Words of mouth are dangerous than shots in the air, while rebels quote her words that is true Mother Nyan Chol Atem said Nuer are killed in Juba, while she never condemned anything in Jonglei.

Well, South Sudan Nation needs radical decision maker and not soft decision maker to eradicate South Sudan. We believe words are power tools, nowadays and quick responses in any problem take place in such kind of environment in South Sudan.

If you like to rule for many years like Uganda President and others, then, you need to frame things ahead and take tough decisions not soft decisions.

So, Dear President Kiir Mayardit, open your eyes widely and change theory of ruling the nation.


  1. Manoon Thonchol says:

    While I disagreed with your views against Nyandeng de Mabior, I really applauded your observation of Kiir being concerned too much for his own life than the lives of our fellow South Sudanese. This quote, “If you are leader of country you don’t need to take soft decisions, while millions of lives in your hand to be protect rather than you worry about your own life, while your civilians are venerable in other corners” means it all.
    In fact, we have seen Kiir vigorously reacted only if the violence is very closed to Juba. All decisions Kiir took swiftly have been ones to avert threats against his own seat.
    Thousands of thousands have been killed in our state of Jonglei and other states, but Kiir never moved and continue to cite that the violence has been between civilians and government has nothing to do about it. But look now, was it not this government killing Nuer civilians in Juba and white army who are mostly civilians?
    Why accept killing civilians now while Kiir continued to ignore Yau Yau killing of civilians in Jonglei for the fake reason that it is a violence between civilains? Those diehard supporters who are without hearts like LGG will jump up and down fabricating that these civilians are against the government. Is it fair that the government would react only when threat is against it? In other words, What kind of government which can react only when civilians are against it and ignore the suffering and security of fellow citizens when they are killing themselves?

  2. Jonit Me says:

    All this is lie. Kiir is a cause of all these problems.

  3. monychol says:

    Young man,the ideas you have expressed are good but you should have done more of research on accurate information on the events who caused them and where to place the blame rather then basing your judgement on opinions expressed.This is typical South Sudanese ways of analysis by muddling the water and assign blames base on believe and shadowy information . Salva Kiir is the supervisor of the cou and anything happened innthe country is his responsibility and he should

    • bolabokdit says:

      I agree with you that president Kiir was sympathzing with his administration and especially with his formers ministers who recently turn against him. However, if someone burn down my house I will not hold you as a subject just because you didnot visited me; I will blame the aggressor for his hostitlity behaviour and ask help if possible
      Infact Kiir is toothless president and everyone knows that Kiir Mayardit don’t bite so ministers are free to form thier own army within the national. Ministers are free to practice fraud, and they are not bind by any law in the country that is the reason (75) seventy five ministers were not accountable.
      Wake up Mr. president the time is runninig out for the corruptees rebels to be trial. The reltionship you were trying to build with the self-interest group called ministers has went loose. They have exploited your seat but they also put themselves in jeorpedy too; because we will not let thieves and killers lead us any more enough is enough.

    • Lotyang James says:

      True he used the Tiger Army (Aweil Boys) to kill the Nuer civilians in Unity and Malakal

  4. monychol says:

    Kiir and his Warrap thugs messed the entire country and caused the irresponsible violence his Gelweng under Marial Chanuong gangs.The whole thing was an assasination plot against the leadership of Greater Upper by Bhar el Ghazel led thugery administration and that is why four of Upper Nile leaders are still being kept hostages by Warrap sponsored thugs .

  5. My Dear Manyok Mabiei:

    The former First Lady Ms.Rebecca Garang,is not greedy bear in mind! She is a person who cares most for others.If she is truly greedy,she would not sent a thousand of children of South Sudanese from refugees camp in Kakuma in Kenya to the United States of America who were called later THE LOST BOYS in which you have been one of them. They could not see the country of the United States of America in their lives!

    Now you have called her the greedy person for what she had said.What she have said,on the matter happening in the country,was that to live in peace among ourselves in the South Sudan since the South Sudan,have broken away from the Sudanese people in the mainstream in the country in the society in the South.She blamed President Kirr Mayardit for the killing of Nuer civilians in Juba in cold blood. She had said the same to Riak Machar for the atrocies he made in Jonglei,Unity,and Upper Nile.

    Now, I come for President Kirr issue.was good before in 2005.But,now, he is not good anymore because he had scattered the country into pieces! Thank you! Back to you in the audience in the forum discussion board South Sudan nation

    • Biong B Mading says:

      I am very sorry to hear somebody saying that is Nyandeng who send THE LOST BOYS to USA, is good always to tell the truth or keep quite if you are not aware about that information at all. THE LOST BOYS was a political move from the SPLM office to make sure that we have an educated young leaders in future, its was not from Nyandeng my dear. Let give her respect as our the mother of the SPLM but not anythings else.
      What she is doing is very wrong, if Dr, Garang was alive she can;t support Riek in any way or even site with him at the same table, but God will judge her for the mistake she is committing now.

  6. Joe says:

    Dear Manyok,
    never dream that Your mentally retarded premitive will rule forever in south Sudan, you must be draming I think its kiir himself who instigated all this so Dr Riek was must pushed to arm struggle by kiir because of his dictatorial tendencies.whether he like or not his days are number and he will be accountable of all crimes committed.God help our innocent women, childern and elderly who are in the buhex, foreign land without barely nothing to eat

    • bolabokdit says:

      Kiir did not pray for 2,000 he masscared in Bor in 1991 and he did not helped orphans of people he killerd inocently do you think Riak will govern if he still alive?. Make sure Riak is a toxic leader in Nuer Community not to Dinka alone as you think.

  7. Mohd Adam says:

    I always have said, Nyanchol, is responsible for the whole mess. She was appointed, minister of Roads and Transport, but proved to be a top corrupt creature. Embezzled the whole budget for our roads and airports. What a greedy woman. She even never cared about the great loss in the death of our leader, Dr. Garang! With her drugs abuser and alcoholic son, Mabior, both are a curse to Garang Atem family in particular, and South Sudan in large!

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