Bitterness after sweet days of ululation

BY: Newton De Kuenyang, South Sudan, OCT/21/2013, SSN;

After the attainment of South Sudan independence on 9th July 2011, one thought that the twenty one years of ruin and bloodshed were enough for the people of south Sudan because when they overwhelmingly turned out to register and consistently vote for the right self-determination during the peaceful Referendum on 9th January 2011, their hopes were gathered around the birth of the now south Sudan republic which in turn they wanted to enjoy her sovereignty and all perspectives of the then deprived development.

But to my surprise and to the surprise of those who tirelessly participated in the struggle and during the referendum process, it was just in the first half of the six years of interim period that we noticed that our government is in a mess and those greedy big men and women especially those closer to Mr. president in power corridors were walking away with public funds meant for rehabilitation of the destroyed infrastructures and services deemed necessary for betterment of citizen’s life, leaving the less fortunate languishing under the scorching sun without clean water, health facilities, education, roads, security and…..the list is long.

Indeed the worse thing about these is that Mr. president is turning a deaf ear and blind eye to such malpractices and the gross record of corruption taking place in his administration and sometimes attempts to harbor those aides from facing justice.

Instead, he abets them in retaining the stolen public funds and their recovery of money injected into foreign accounts for their personal satisfaction and families’ luxuries outside south Sudan.

That’s clearly an act of selfishness because since they know these funds are for millions who had suffered assault for so long. They should have felt pity and spent the money here so that the poor could be able to get from them even penny from their extravagant wives and children instead of transferring them abroad.

I feared they would experience someday later the same fate of late Mobutu of Kinshasa who had all his wealth impounded after his death because they belong to public.

Another surprise to me is from Mr. President Kiir himself after knowing that the resources were becoming scarce, he put it for public consumption that he wanted to create a leaner government but in my view as a concerned citizen, I analytically thought Mr. President was having an intention of doing one of the followings:

1: safeguarding more resources for his campaign for 2015
2: opening a new doors and windows for his aides to continue enjoying public funds in small numbers
3: Elimination of his political opponents from power corridor as clear indication that he kicks the ball of power struggle himself.

As a concerned citizen, I believe in the ideology of truth telling and way forwardness when it comes to affairs of the country, therefore allow me once more to draw your attention that our president made a fateful mistake when he removed his long serving vice president along with other prominent members of SPLM leadership including the party’s secretary-general on the accounts that are best known to him and begin to boast about it in some public occasions as if it was something good to-do as head of the state.

Here Mr. president was read domestically and internationally crystal clear that he has surely been swallowed by power and forget even some simple principles and causes of our struggle, but because of wrong advice from his elites he deadly think eliminating iconic leaders like Dr. Riek, Deng Alor, Kosti Manibe, Taban Deng, Pagan Amum, Nhial Deng, Oyai Deng, Rebecca Nyandeng, and Luk Jok was a solution to the widely preached power struggle in the SPLM leadership.

However it is fresher eras of total hovering of which he Mr. President shall paid dearly democratically and not war as he and his aides intended.

Finally, but not the least I am very much worried of the directions of this vast nation at the hands of Mr. president and would like to give him and his merciless advisors who deadly advise him to do destruction instead of development.

For God’s sake if they have nothing to bothered about the living what about the spirits of the fallen heroes and heroines? Shall they not hold you accountable for all the mess on behalf of the living? Here then whether power struggle or not.

I am advising you to take advice from the 5th class citizens rather than from the people who do not wish you good but want to see your drastic disappearance with shame in 2015.

Simply because you did not render anything on the public interest so still you have golden chance to seek reconciliation first with the public by returning back their stolen resources and delivering basic tangible services.

Secondly, with all your comrades in the party by mending all wounds and granting those you sanction a freedom to stay like any other citizens in the state.

The reign of president kiir humiliates the Almighty Father‘s children. The wonderful citizens of south Sudan by not giving them the services they need.

Lastly, reconcile with yourself and stop governing the country from outside but rightfully do your administration in consensus from inside.

May god bless south Sudan!

The writer is a former Red Army, former chairperson of South Sudan Referendum sub-committee and an active eminent member of SPLM since 1987.


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Your article tells me we are now all singing the same song, That is essentially there is one and only one man who is responsible for the wrong direction our country has taken and that is the president who rules by decrees rather consensus, Check and balances and rule of law! This grave sin was started by those who forged the constitution, who led themselves be carried away by ulterior motives resulting into imbedding iniquities in the Constitutions such as:

    1) granting an absolute power to the president, to such that an elected president is given power to sack an elected governor!! Where were their brains….Let me tell you my fellow countrymen, Dinka Bor are Traumatized by Kokora more so than are by the Arabs…Here they sought to curb the influence of states that could lead to federalisms, worst Kokoraism while anticipating power will be theirs for ever. In this scenario, the threat of removal subjugate governors to the President!!

    Interestingly this phenomenon also led to the president subjugation the judiciary and the Parliament thus they all became choirs members who sang what the conductor, the president wants them to sing…..The country became lost because power must never be left in the hands of one man!!

    2) The need to specify in the constitution..One can live anywhere…Again result of trauma from Kokora and the Nomads imbedding their life styles into the constitutions without the will of those who are not Nomads who Valued their ancestral lands more than life it selves. This second one results into the Dinkas essentially laying claim on all the 10 states. The Dinkas are the only tribes that hold claim on all the 10 states with Kirr approval,without considerations for those who live in these places generations and age eternal thus causing insecurities in our country. Take the equatorian states, brethren, without the Dinka occupations, these region will live in peace and enjoy their land even if the president and his cohort steal all the money. These regions needs nothing other than not being occupied by Dinka bor with resultant insecurities!

    The solution to our country problem are
    1) Kirr stepping down
    2) Establishing Check and balances between the executive, legislative and Judiciary
    3) Stop imperial Dinka bor occupations.

    Less this, our country will continue to be run like a cattle camp, where the warrior gets all the girl and he lays claim on any land he steps on and raid cows as he wish….thus is it any wonder that our national cows (Money, dollars)….4 billion of them have been raided by the warrior president and his accomplices, taken to Switzerland etc and the legitimate owners of cows are left to starved to death?

  2. majongdit says:

    You have made it all ugly when you became so particular about the Dinka Bor. It is puzzling to see you rank Dinka Bor among the enormous issues that face this country. However, having been half-baked you can be excused.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      The president and his evil partners in Power have no Physical power to subjugate the entire country, except for the the power bases which in this case the fanatical, tribal support he enjoyed from his tribesman from Bor/Warap. Until his power base brings him to book and forsake him, then for the rest of the country the man and his supporters can not be separated.

  3. Dan says:

    Has anyone else seen where Dinka Bor have been mentioned in this article?

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