Bishop Santo of Kator, Juba, slams South Sudan leaders

BY: Joseph Oduha, JUBA, AfricanReview, FEB/01/2016;

A Catholic clergy has hit out at the South Sudan politicians for failing to ease the suffering of their people.

Speaking at the St. Theresa Cathedral Church in Juba on Sunday, the Auxiliary Bishop Santo Laku Pio said the politicians were collectively responsible for dragging the nation into war.

He challenged both the government and the SPLM-in-Opposition to fully commit to resolving the crisis and restore stability.

Overcome hatred

“The situation in the country requires our Christian stand to overcome hatred and division through love and forgiveness. All South Sudanese leaders must cultivate in their hearts the spirit of love to create a safe and free nation,” said Bishop Pio.

He said it was sad to see the people suffering in the hands of their own brothers and sisters and advised the political leaders to avoid the use of the military to seize power.

“Power is short-lived. You can have guns today but time will come when you have no gun; you can have heavy artillery today but time will come when the artillery will be too heavy for you to carry,” he said, referring to a two-year old war mainly flamed by the wrangles within the SPLM party.

Tribal groupings

The influential bishop called on all leaders to discourage tribal groupings, saying it was a major cause of division and hatred among the civilians.

Bishop Pio also called on all leaders to ensure the full implementation of the recent peace accord to end the more than 20 months of violence, that has claimed thousands of lives.

The bishop has made a name for himself by often expressing frank comments about the failings of the government of President Salva Kiir and opposition forces led by Dr Riek Machar, since conflict started in South Sudan in December 2013.


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Bishop Santo needs not only talks the talks, but must thoroughly apply bleaches and shampoo on himself, because it is in St. Theresa’s church in Juba, where the highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, Killer Nyankiir, and the Jenges’ warlord, Nyanlong Awandit, washes their treacherous-bloody hands at–in the present, and on the altar of Bishop Santo–everyday God damn given Sunday.

  2. Deng Deng says:

    I had commented earlier that the Clergy are very powerful people. They command good number of faithful and respect. Use this as an opportunity to tell your faithful to bring down the bad leaders through mass action if the current leaders do not listen to you!
    Our leaders have failed this young nation. Tomorrow comes election, will the clergy will ask their faithful to vote for these leaders despite they have killed innocent South Sudanese. By the way, we learn through mistakes. We know now very well the bad leaders. Dear South Sudanese, vote wisely during the next election.

  3. Deng says:

    My question is, did the Bishop really said these words and when? And if this turns out to be him then I would say he is a true servant of God but at the same time I am very disappointed that it took him this long to speak out and tell the truths about these horrible crimes committed by South Sudan’s leaders against their own innocence people!!! I hope other South Sudanese Church’s leaders who have chosen to stick their heads in the sands will join this brave Bishop and begin to speak the truths simply to save innocence people’s lives.

  4. Daniel Amum says:

    Please be reminded that a person who wrote in 2009 that President Kiir is a Jieng chief was God servant, but some people regard such servant as political ambitious. The warmongers within the system threatened his life. They termed him as person out of his mind and he was not supposed to be called God’s servant. In fact most God’s servants are affected by virus called tribalism and their message become partial by supporting the killers. Church was instituted by God to transform the nations and it is the voice of voiceless. Yes, God is looking for trustworthy servants who know their calls.

  5. Mafai says:

    This is a great and bold standing against the evils who thought they are born to rule. Ruling and leading are two different sides of the coin with different qualities which must be mastered. Those who fought themselves into the helm of power thought ruling and leading is a jungle affair where the rule of law, honest and accountability has no space.They are mistaken.Indeed time will come when they will posses no guns and immunity and they will see the law of the masses in action.

    Thanks Bishop. Keep it up

  6. Auxiliary Bishop Santo Pio has been consistent in his faith and reason. We should keep congratulating him for that. But the problem is Arch Bishop Paulino Lokudu. It was disgusting last month seeing him spraying holy water on 28 states which has been a violation to the signed peace agreement (ARCSS) of August 2015. He did this when he decided to go to the Secretariat of the former Central Equatoria State to bless the three illegitimate governors of the so-called Jubek, Terekeka and Yei River states.

    Did His Lordship Lokudu know the evil he was blessing in that building? Why did he accept to do that when he knew that the ‘three-governors-in-one’ (as they would like to pretend in their operation) and their states are still pending poltical problems in making? Now he turns around supporting the IGAD’s Communique that demands suspension of the proposed 28 states until it is discussed later by the established TGoNU in competition with other proposed states. Is Bishop Lokudu not ashamed of shifting loyalty?

    Men of God should always stand where the truth is like what Auxiliary Bishop Santo Pio has been doing. Perhaps, it is high time Arch Bishop Lokudu should start repenting and learning from the young truthful Bishop Santo. May God give him more wisdom and courage to always remind our leaders of the righteous path of peace.

    • kondokoro says:

      Paulino is a real servant of God he took care of Juba since the time of Jalaba and he is a real patriot but Santo is a politician by getting involved in this will make him dirty himself because now the enemies are turning against his mentor Paulino

  7. Dutajiengdit says:

    The clergy didn’t talk about the 28 states issue, p’ple come to your senses, he was literally telling some of those stone-hearted opposition leaders that want to win everything to adjust and allow the formation of 28 states for the peace to come soon such that if at all they don’t want that then in the next elections of which they think they will win can still reverse it through a referendum period. 28 states formation is the medicine to some p’ple in the RSS who have been left in the dark for years such as New Jonglei, we’ve left in the dark by the gov’t against the cattle rustlers and kidnappers but now with 28 states we can defend ourselves pretty well unlike during that stupid unity with animals, so even if the gov’t allows to revoke them we will not allow our state to be join with others even if it means been independence from the rest of the country period, so you should know that before making stupid noise on the social media

    • Southdn says:

      You depicting Nuer as (unity with animals). I think you are an animals too looking at the markings on Nuer forehead it symblizes constriction, strength. unlike, so called 777 or, ٧٧٧ on Dinka forehead, they just are symble of cowardness, like Gahzal hidden inside have started tribalism in( Bor Jonlei state) every south Sudan knows. Here you can see different between Nuer and:
      1.Nuer fought for referendum, you fought for unity of Sudan even it indicated Bor Dinka 99% voted for united Sudan
      2.Nuer fought against tribalism,you fighting to promote tribalism
      3.Nuer they stood in their land since creation of earth you Dink Bor making propaganda Nuer occupied all Dinka land
      4.Nuer are fighting against Garangkiir dictatorship, Bor are making propaganda to wipe Nuer on hearth started the messe don’t you accuse Nuer in vain. so it will remain in the history you the one moblizeing people blindly to fight war for you against Nuer.

  8. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Okuk,

    Very commendable comment! It is undeniable that most of the so called Arch Bishops in South Sudan are happily dining and treacherously blesses the carnage perpetrators-Killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges council of Evils. Arch Bishop Nathaniel reportedly thanked God for having created Uganda, because UPDF indiscriminately and cowardly dropped cluster bombs on the patriot forces-white army.
    The same Bishop also went to the UNMISS camps in Juba with makuei liar, and successfully lured over 200 Nuer to deaths-the said people left the UNMISS sites to thier homes–all were found headless in Juba hospital!

    We have Judas Iscariot Arch Bishops(Nathaniel and Lokudu) in South Sudan period

  9. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Dr. James Okuk,

    You have raised up good question. Those Bishops in Juba are just gambling. None of them beliefs in God. None of these hypocrite Bishops had condemned December 2013. On the morning of December 16, 2013, Arch Bishop Paulino Lokudu, told BBC that “the people who are destroying South Sudan are those who have scars on their forehead, pierce ears, and do not have lower teeth”.

    Bishop Paride Taban told Radio tamazuj that “Dinka and Nuer are fighting over the control of South Sudan resources at the expenses of South Sudanese”. Again, Arch Bishop Paulino Lokudu blessed Salva Kiir 28 states. Today Bishop Santo of Kator made fake accusation against both government and opposition because the war is coming closer to his home villages.

    These Bishops around Juba begin to condemn Kiir’s government because the war is coming closer to their hometowns, villages, and tribes, but when the war is in the other part of the country they do not care about it. What a desperate Bishops?!

  10. Southdn says:

    Mr. Assistant Bishop, you so blind that you don’t know your professional ethics. You are an spiritual by professional not a polticin as you have said “the leaders of south (s) should discouraged trible regrupings”.Mr. assistant, get loos I said drink your milk and sleep. If you called an implementation of peace and the coming home of Dr.Riek Machar as trible reguropings, then you not repecting your boss the popthe Vatican, who calling to end the war in south Sudan. where were you when the war started and why didn’t you slammed Kiir when refusing signing peace? I think you really blind and don’t see things as they looks. When we voted fore referendum only when( Dr Riek Machar was a champion. When the international rushes for people of south Sudan rescued, he was Dr.Reik Machar championing).I conclude your are a goverment agent not a spiritual leader.

  11. DengDeng says:

    It is one thing to do bad things, then go to church, confess and ask for forgiveness, stop doing evil and become a better person. It is an entirely different thing doing the same evil again and again, week in and week out. Why bother go to church at all? If there is no love for other people, only greed, glutton, selfishness and disregard for others. well then don’t bother to show up in the cathedral.
    (perhaps one day, the congregation will kick the evil doers out of the house of the Lord)

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