Bishop Rocco Taban: A temptation & disgrace, the Catholic Church should take administrative action

BY: Kon Joseph Leek, JUL/07/2016, SSN;

It was sometimes in May [2016] when a number of aggravated youth carried postcards in to Emmanuel Cathedral [Episcopal Church] demonstrating the allowance of Dr. Riek to pray there a week before. Again, last week [26th June], the presiding Monsignor Rocco Taban Mousa, the Catholic Apostolic Administrator for Malakal [having powers equivalent to that of a bishop] turned into less of what he really is by whimsically crossing beyond his territory by imaginatively rolling out of the priest’s attires.

The Monsignor might have been out of his senses that time that perhaps made him forgot where he was, he filled his heart with hatred and vomited out a quantity of poisons in the holy place!

This was what he said as sourced from Radio Tamazuj: “More than 100,000 people are in the bush being displaced by their own government. This is the country we have chosen, this is the country we have voted for its independence so that our country displaces us, our Country. We are ruled really by monkeys, we have to be very clear we are ruled by monkeys.

And the governor who was protecting people in Wau, who was loved by the people in Wau, General Elias Waya, was removed by the presidential decree and being displaced by a mad man. Do we love our country? Do we love this nation?” End of quote.

And so far the president of the republic did not say even a word. In Australia, three people were killed three days ago. The prime minister came out three times a day to make a statement because of three Australians!

“They are eating, and drinking and sleeping. Devils! These are devils! We are ruled by devils and we are sorry for them.

We don’t want to call fire on them because we will go against Christ, but they have to understand that they are devils and they are ruling us with evil powers. They are criminals. Praise be Jesus Christ”. Monsignor Rocco Taban Mousa on Sunday 26th, June at St. Joseph Church Juba.

This exaggerated hypothesis from the priest was acting as antidote to his illusive pain of the claim that it is the government killing the people, yes, the government carries some blame on how the 2013 war came in the first place but the national quagmire now is a shared responsibility for us all.

We have [Monsignor Rocco included] a shared responsibility of talking to ourselves to accept ourselves through peace and reconciliation not through hate speech that amounts to incitement and later aggravates more hatred that results into more deaths [whether we want it or not, we have to accept ourselves for our co-existence]

Hearing this, you get to wonder what is going on. What is the church turning to be? Many churches are supporting gay rights, some pastors are committing abominable things like adultery, killing, some raping, others stealing, the rest committing pedophilia and come to the church and begin shouting “praise be to the lord!”

Lord! Which Lord? Those are the category of Monsg. Taban [is possibly coming from] of whom I am requesting the Catholic Church to dismiss him or take some disciplinary actions against him such that he doesn’t disgrace the church next time.

The Catholic Church need to look for ways of dealing with such imperious, puerile psychopathic priests.

Impetuous Rocco’s demagogic posture and oratorical nature hit the most climax that sent many in to hysteria [invigorated women to ululate as if they were in a marriage ceremony] and others marched out of the church.

Whatever he said is good to him and his supporters but my problem of which I believe the Catholic Church also knows and accepts it as true, is that the choice of the podium is inappropriate, it couldn’t have been on the pulpit-sacred place! but somewhere outside the church.

The priest had succeeded in his own way by slurring the congregates away from what they came there for.

Well, it is undeniable fact that many of these priests are living embodiments of what they preach but for this Rocco guy it’s just too much and open, preaching wrong thing in the right place in the earshot of everyone!

We just came out of war, some pockets of fighting that are going on do not need to be refreshed with hate speeches and taunting. The stand of the church is love as a holy place where we are supposed to talk of cooperation and rehabilitation not incitement like Rev. Rocco Taban.

I have personally stopped going to the churches these days until further notice because my psychic tells me that one day war will break out of the church. What is going on is quiet mundane and no one cares.

It was in the Episcopal Church last time from some youth and it is now in the Catholic church from the church leader! Let’s wait the other denominations.

It makes one to ask himself that, “Are some church administrators being too assiduous to dismantle the stand of the church to the public?”

In short; the Catholic Church’s authority, to clear the snow on this Rocco guy whose behaviors suddenly dominated the media needs to be de-horned in order to know the reach of his horn when it comes to how the church performs its activities or duties.

This is another character that is a clear symbol of Catholic Church’s administrative stereotype [to the negative perception] if not addressed.

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  1. Gatdarwich says:


    The Bishop said nothing but the brutal truth. “The country is rule by monkeys and devils” period. The catholic church can not reprimaded his lordship, Bishop Taban for speaking against grave injustices. Catholic church is not governed by killer nyankiir’s monkey and devil decrees, but have strict rules and regulations.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    The invisible reality is,the bishop and his likes are forces behind MTN hunting policy.But when things turn ugly,they turn around and use the church to pass hate messages,an act which is in reality,a countinuation of MTN hunting drive.They don’t have a single clue that the roof will come down on them inside the church the day every body understands and proceeds to play with them in the depth of their game!!!

  3. Kwacha says:

    We go to church to pray to Almighty and ask Him to forgive us our sins not to hear priests insulting the rulers. The Holly bible teaches us to respect our leaders. Those priests who want to criticize government should join politics.

  4. Elhag Paul says:

    “The presiding Monsignor Rocco Taban Mousa, the Catholic Apostolic Administrator for Malakal” preached, “We (South Sudanese) are ruled really by monkeys.” “They are eating, and drinking and sleeping. Devils! These are devils! We are ruled by devils and we are sorry for them.”
    Obviously Monsignor Mousa is hundred percent right. His observation is hundred percent correct. President Salva Kiir, his tribal militia and the JCE are clearly monkeys (Agoks). As we all know monkeys are criminals: they snatch bananas and things from unsuspecting people. Equally, they are devils because they are tricky in doing demonic things. There we go. The Monsignor is right. Truth hurts but it is also liberating. Therefore, the author of the article and the likes of False Millionaire should accept the truth and liberate themselves from Dinkocracy and its evil. Ciao!!!!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire, Hardliner, Kwacha and the like have you heard? There’s one nauseating thing with most Dinka people not seeing the evil in Dinkocracy; they are not able to differentiate between Dinkocracy and Dinka culture.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    If,”truth hurts but it is also liberating”,why aren’t u accepting the bishop’s MTN hunting policy position for what it is and in cosequence liberate yourself?
    U are an incredible human hydra sir.Better never pretend to think that it’s forgotten that u had pretended to make believe that u were one among the makers of REMNASSA.But as REMNASSA has been silent for a long while,u owe it to yourself to explain what has become of it.If it hasn’t been liquidated in combats with the Juba’s troops,is it the one conducting MTN operations in equatoria and Bahar el Ghazal laying waste the lives of innocent masses who have nothing to do with dinkocracy?If that’s the case and if your operations turned sore,why are u so agitated and biting aimelessly when it’s the same u who dug your own grave?!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millionaire
      Forgive my ignorance. What does MTN mean and what is the context? Once I am enlightened I promise to respond to your questions.
      Kind regards

      • Ishakho says:

        MTN is a communication network with a functioning slogan “everywhere you go”. fools use it to mean that Dinka are everywhere like MTN. NOW SATISFIED, YA …. ELHAG PAUL?

  6. alex says:

    Does Paul el Hag knows Bible. Can he tell us which chapter or verse in the Bible said a priest should talk like that? Priest Taban is s non believer in a priest clothes. If he id a true believer I think he is now praying to God to forgive him. He has been taken away by the world’s glory. He is now following his bodily needs not the Holy word of the Lord.

  7. Southdan says:

    Alex, in human history peace were brought and achieved through church leaders, priests. Never forget if the wasn’t priest South Sudan independent would happen. A famous visitation to Sudan capital Khartoum by pop John Paul II has had helped Khartoum government accepted peace with southerners. Moreover, Poland Bishop Karol Works had contributed toppling communism in East Europe. Alex, we want peace in South Sudan, and Stop criticizing Bishop Taban he is right to depicte a failure ruler is like monkey gathering fruits in the tree.

  8. musa says:

    and he shamelessly calls himself Bishop, go hug transformer if you are a man of God.

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