Better sanctions than signing a bad peace in South Sudan

By: Taban Abel Aguek, Rumbek, MAR/19/2015, SSN;

The efforts for peace in South Sudan by IGAD and the International Community since the conflict broke out in December 2013 indicate how the world cares about South Sudan.

Much as the coup did fail in Juba, the carnage that has been precipitated by its overflow in places like Bor, Malakal and Bentiu remains the worst. It resulted in a piece of shame that we will never erase in the history of South Sudan.

For more than fourteen months now, IGAD, TROIKA and the UN have been exerting tireless efforts for peace in South Sudan. However, it is important to note that availing a wrong peace is worse than war itself.

It is a serious waste to place on table a peace agreement that will never stay.

It may be in the best interest of South Sudan and the region to expedite peace; but signing peace is one thing and keeping it is another.

That is why peace negotiations cannot be given a fixed time. And that is why peace is being negotiated between Palestine and Israel for years now. Maybe Kenyans are right in their saying, “haraka haraka haina baraka”, (hurrying up with things carries no blessing).

So, why rush with negotiations when tangible issues are not agreed? Human lives continue to be lost but that is due to the fact that Riek and his group fail to respect the cessation of hostilities agreement.

When making peace, it must be efforts of both the mediators and the negotiators to ensure a complete remedy is availed. All in all, peace can never be designed in a way that it serves the interests of one tribe in a country inhabited by more than 60 other tribes. Otherwise, it would result in another endless conflict.

The war in South Sudan is indeed a senseless war. But should not make it deserve senseless solution as well. Rather, it must be matched with solutions that are realistic and acceptable to all people of South Sudan.

If IGAD and TROIKA representatives have the same feelings as we do and try to put themselves in our shoes today, they could certainly see these useless demands by Dr. Riek Machar quite differently.

Dr. Riek’s demands at the peace talks are not only impossible but they also show the world that Riek does not want peace in South Sudan.

The Government of South Sudan has conceded a lot of issues at the talks just for the sake of peace; but that has been badly abused by the opposition. The opposition needed to have reciprocated the Government’s faithful concessions at the talks instead of using the same as the point of weakness to exploit.

The argument by the opposition to keep two armies in the country does not indicate any readiness for peace. Riek as reported in the media claimed that seventy percent of the army defected with him at the start at the conflict. But there is no baseline from which it can truly be placed. The Nuer tribe prior to the conflict had a big representation in the army but still it could not reach the claimed 70%.

It also happened because of the reintegration of several Nuer based militia groups that were aligned to Sudan before the South–South Dialogue.

Dr Riek should be made to drop the argument about the two armies or anything like amalgamation and go for the reintegration of the two armies under one command to ensure trust and togetherness in the SPLA once and for all.

Amalgamation of the two armies may plant in the SPLA the rebel White army that was mobilized and armed without proper training.

And the admission of the White army may amount to calling for the ‘gelweng’ of Dinka and the ‘Arrow boys’ of Equatoria to be included in the army. To allow this to happen may render the national army not only fragile and fragmented but also inflated and bloated.

Federalism has been a call by a section of South Sudanese. But it has no recorded public backing since it has not been put on a referendum. Still, even if all South Sudanese agree on federalism, there can be no way it can be applied straight away after the war.

It is necessary to have census conducted prior to re-division of states into 21 or more federal states.

There are more important things to do before we can embark on federalism. South Sudanese deserve a just peace and national reconciliation first before anything else.

It should be the transitional government to undertake issues that are deemed “firsts” before we embark on federalism now.

The wealth sharing is another issue that got many of us baffled. It is difficult to comprehend why in the first place was wealth sharing included in the talks. The demand for wealth sharing under the ratios the opposition have suggested is a straight call for war.

Dr. Riek and his group must tell us all what did they do in this country to earn them the right to sit and tell us how they want to share out wealth?

It seems the opposition wants to argue for a CPA-like agreement but the first thing they ought to know is that South Sudan was an entity that had existed like a country for decades.

South Sudan was granted semi autonomy and that enhanced for a model that was to suit a two states solution. It can never be applied here now and there is not a single justification for it in solving South Sudan crisis.

Countries like Kenya did experience violence over power in the recent past. And Uhuru Kenyatta should have an insight into what a tribal conflict is since he was accused of supporting his tribe, Kikuyu and in particular a sect of outlaws called ‘Mungiki’ in the fight against the Kalenjin tribe during the 2007 post election violence.

There was sense in sharing power in Kenya because the elections were contested by two parties, ODM and PNU.

But in our case, a former VP sacked under the constitutional jurisdictions of the President, that power be shared is a way to accept peace; otherwise, Dr Riek should have been asked to drop guns and come contest elections either in the party, SPLM or General elections.

South Sudanese are not ready to give away the country in the name of reforms. Reforms cannot be guessed in the faces of negotiators.

Riek is not a reformist; rather he is a disgruntled opportunist who is just trying to cling at every floating straw. His reform agenda is a hoax. He didn’t rebel because of reforms either. If Riek’s demands are the perceived reforms then there is no need for peace at all.

I believe that African dictators are made. And for sure, if Kiir becomes a dictator and South Sudan becomes a hostile state it will be blamed only on frustrations. Mugabe and Zimbabwe may have been frustrated to choose to stand against the West after the realities presented by Zimbabweans were neglected by some external powers.

The West and USA in particular, stepped into Kenyan issues prior to 2013 general elections and declared that “choices have consequences” in an attempt to sway Kenyans from voting-in both Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. This made Kenyans to become even more defiant.

They chose to look no other way than to point in the eye of the US, voting in what Kenyans wanted and not what the external forces wanted them to.

The ICC was meant to intimidate and dictate what path Kenya should take, but it turned out to haunt its own proprietors. ICC became the launch pad from which the 2013 Kenyan Elections were based as tribal sympathies override the real issues that affect a common Kenyan citizen.

The threats of sanctions on South Sudan could serve the same purpose the ICC was for Kenya: to pressurize the government so as to hurriedly sign peace. Yet, signing a wrong peace agreement means a return to war.

South Sudan cannot manage the situation that happened in Egypt where leadership was swung all around like a pendulum. The talks in Addis Ababa can possibly produce a good agreement but only if the mediators keep away from external influence and stop condoning Dr. Riek’s impossible demands.

It is my belief that IGAD knows South Sudan very well. It is in the expectation of South Sudanese that IGAD and whoever that stands behind it – TROIKA or EU – be bold enough to ask Riek to shove or shelf all his impossible demands.

The circumstances under which the current war broke out are not comparable with those of the last North–South War. Therefore, there is no way whatsoever the same CPA mechanisms can be applied in the case of the current war.

Peace is all South Sudanese need but it must be a genuine one. For signing a wrong peace is signing a return to war.

Better sanctions than sign a wrong peace!

Taban Abel Aguek works in Rumbek – South Sudan. He can be reached at


  1. Taban Abel Aguek,

    What you have discussed on your writing is a series of no make sense argument. Do not say if Kiir wants to becomes a dictator, while he is already a dictator. If you and Kiir still do not feel shame for the damages you created in the country, you will never be a shamed by any act. Dr. Riek Machar is truly a reformist. He wants the corrupted genocidal government be reformed. No matter how negatively you describe Dr. Machar, he is the daylight of South Sudanese future. The Dr. Machar is the bright light of South Sudanese’s vision.

  2. Peter Koul says:

    This war which is being fought by the so called (SPLA) in the Opposition is not perhaps about rescuing South Sudan from the Dictatorship government as they claimed but rather, it is a war being fought by Riek on the behave of Westerns powers and those who wanted the government to collapse. Dr. Macher should be ashamed of himself for pretending to be fighting for freedom he does not practice. How can someone talk about democracy if you are the the main violator of it. One thing I understand about his demanding for two armies is to use it in hope if he loose in any future election. He is trying to borrowed this ideas from Ivory Coast. However, this will never work because there are 64 tribes, all groups in South Sudan would needs to have their own armies if that what it take to get a Power. the Best ideas is that each tribe in South sudan should at least have representations in all the security organs and not to allowed one lone wolf to have his own wishes. Also, Riek is still frankly speaking a member of SPLM, and there nowhere in the world where an individual could have his own army in the same party at least maybe in South Sudan.
    Reik needs to dropped some of his demands and government also need to show some seriousness because some of the opposition demands are in fact, very genuine grievances but not two armies in my view point.

    Also, I understand the demands to compensation for the war victims, and those who are affect by the war in general. I think it very important to compensates them. although, it might not be enough because many of the survivals have lost their loves one which is difficult thing to compensate no matter what. But the Compensation should not be limit to one ethnic group, it should be open for all South Sudanese since each and every tribes is affected by it.

  3. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Taban Abel Aguek,

    In actuality, peace shouldn’t take precedence over accountability and root cause. To solve a complex problem akin to what we have, it is appropriate to pinpoint the problem and come up with a game plan to correct it. I presume you know the level of impunity in South Sudan or in Africa in general. No wonder why our beautiful black skin is equated to bad. All over the planet, black people are being put down because of our bad behavior emanating from our Africa leaders.
    To make the matter worse, our so call educated stoop so low without knowing it. I guess this behavior has nothing to do with your illiteracy or literacy. It is all in the blood stream. We shy away from telling the truth while fully knowing that it is liberating.

    For example, an educated person like you failed miserably to understand that nothing is impossible under the sun. 20 years ago, a second grader told his teacher that technology is going to take over that everyone will be able to carry a computer around with him; the teacher told him it is impossible. Well, today we have that luxury as that young boy stated 20 years ago.

    To you, nothing is possible. Well, the bitter truth you ought to swallow is, Nuer and Dinka do not truth themselves anymore. Their social fabric is shattered and it is going to take sincerity and serious talking between these two tribes to go back to their normal live again. After the Nuer ethnic cleansing in Juba in the watch of what you want tells us to be a national army, what is the guarantee that Nuer will be safe? You forgot to address this. And it is why two armies are necessary for the reconciliation and interim period. It is to give assurance to Nuer here since you invited everybody to help you murder your brother. Note that it is not forever, it is just for the interim until things are put in order.

    For the record, you are far behind the news. According to the world, no coup took place in Juba. That coup you are talking about only happened in your head; not in real word that we all live in. This is just to up-date you.
    But you are right, sanction is far beneficial than signing a bad peace. I’m truly with you here.

  4. Tyson says:

    What a scrab! Jieng have failed to rule. Your serial killer Kirr-Ebola syndrome should shamefully resign rather than making useless excuses!

  5. Deng Hanbol says:

    From Edward Lion, the legitimate son of Dinka Abyei : “He is the biggest liar on earth who spoiled the name of Dinka in South Sudan.”Mr. Taban Abel, I believe Mr Lino is absolutely right. Kiir is the one who destroy the name and the value of Dinkoracy.
    Subsequently or after watching the character of the Dinka leaders, the whole world comes to the conclusion that Dinka tribe is the most monstrous creature. If we go back to the colonial times in Africa, Europe the conqueror hand many an advantage over Sudan in particular and Africa at large. The states were well organized and resolved to prosecute a policy of conquest
    as contrasted with defacto government of Sultan Kiir Mayardit.

  6. Mawien Magol says:

    Thank Mr. Taban Abel Aguek from Lake State. Well, the former vice president had been dancing all long just to come to power unfortunately, it is not going to happen for sure. I have been asking many Southern Sudanese people to give me insider of what specific did the former vice president had been studied and I hadn’t received any good explanation but I guess the PhD holder Dr. Riek Machar Teny did not understand the important things which any teacher from around the worldwide will teach Students and I thought education taught people to maintaining respect, peaceful with one another, acknowledge yourself before acknowledge on others, gains experiences, skills and most importantly, education teach you on how to put your knowledge in to good practices and let the Public judges you but for former vice president Dr. Riek Teny is completely different story to tell and I am sure if he would like to take my test probably, he will failed it because that IQ he had is absolutely innate minds and gimmick to help his own family of Machar in Leer county of Unity State..

    Yes, the former vice president is taking foot-step of the CPA process for his own advantage because he had intention to reunited Young nation with Old Sudan according to hearsay. Both former vice governor Taban Deng Gai and him went to Omar al Bashir face to faces and the Idea was to make apology and telling his friend they wrong to supports separation but asking all supplies and they will bring back South Sudan this is why they demanding separate armies in Addis Ababa peace agreement. Dr. Riek Machar is one of the worst politician ever in all Sudan’s history and our kids are going to be taught in South Sudan’s history. Clearly, he was the first leader to created a hateful and tribal conflict between Nuers and the Dinkas instead united both brothers and uncles, he belief in a bitterness leadership and all others notions of Nguendeng Bong Rod and Nuers control 60% in the SPLA will bring him to power. One from his supporter can argued that, the former vice president still have a chance to lead South Sudan but I strongly disagree with rebels consistency because he had lost the most trustworthy on the vast majority of Southern Sudanese people and he also lost his political career not to mentions many lives lost and there is no way to repair back human beings if gone then, it is gone for good with sadness.

    • Taban Abel Aguek says:

      You are welcome brother Mawien. I am please with the few additions you have made. People need to understand that I have no problem with Riek Machar. Riek has a problem with South Sudan

      • Taban Abel Aguek amd Mawien Magol,

        It was John Garang who created problem between Dinka and Nuer in 1983 for indulging ethnic cleansing of Gajaak-Nuer. Garang massacred Gajaak for one good month in 1983 and he did the same thing to Lou-Nuer in 1986. Nuer created the movement in 1975 and they did not have problem with Dinka so the movement was functioning properly until Dr. Garang hijacked the movement in 1983 and that is beginning of Dinka-Nuer problem.

        Dr. Machar is working very hard to correct and straight all the mess and the bended roads constructed by Kiir to keep his dictatorship. Riek Machar is a nationalist, patriot, and self-determination leader without him South Sudan would never have been an independent nation today. He was the only one who was able to speak up against secular United Sudan and until he won the mind of South Sudanese.

        Today, the same Dr. Machar who reversed the secular United Sudan to self-determination is going to throw in trash the dictatorship ambition of Kiir. All Dr. Machar thoughts, visions, and strategies are always beneficial to ordinary South Sudanese citizens. No matter how hard you and Kiir are trying to impose dictatorship on South Sudanese people, this dictatorship vision will not take root in South Sudan as long as Dr. Riek Machar is alive and still part of South Sudan.

  7. Raan Naath says:

    Taban Abel Aguek,

    You should be worrying now about how your king Salva Kiir has turned your state of Lakes/Rumbek into a war zone of self-destruction instead of looking far to blame Dr. Riek Machar for your own man-made messes. Tell us how do you plan to restore stability in the face of the ongoing madness and death in your backyard? Do you also blame Dr. Riek for your own madness? Salva Kiir will understand that he made a mistake by stage-managing a fabricated coup once fighting takes place right inside Warrap. Until this happens, this war he created by false coup is a joke to him because he doesn’t care about who dies in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal.

  8. Oduho Otuho says:

    Dear Mr. Aguek,
    I have carefully read your paper and found it as garbage that needs to be thrown into a dustbin. Your tribalism will never take you anywhere and the reality that you are denying will surface no matter what. Salva is illegitimate president and must go by all means. Keeping Dinka in power at the expense of us are gone days brother. Thank you

    • Taban Abel Aguek says:

      You surprised me Mr Oduho. How come you said that this article be thrown in a dustbin only to agree with me later that sanctions are not needed in South Sudan? Tell me.

      • Taban Abel Aguek,

        Yes, this article is good to be thrown in dustbin because it delivered a series of written lies in favor of Killer and terrorist in Juba. There is nothing about it. Mr. Oduho is 100% right. You the writer of this article and Kiir are only good for hell. I believe if you missed ICC you will not missed hell……

  9. Hard Target says:


    Its sad people like you write one sided articles in support of Dinka grip on power drawing irrelevant comparison from Zimbabwe and Kenya, I take it that you know very little about Contemporary African history.

    Well, there is no way you can compare Mugabi, An African hero with your cow boy low IQ Uncle. Mugabi commands respect from all quarters in Africa especially the SADC nations, no single neighbor can harbor Zimbabwean rebels,
    besides, his Tribe, the Dembele make up more than 60% of population

    In Kenya Tribal politics and bribery brought Uhuru to power, not ALL Kenyans, who have been played upon like toys by the likes of Uhuru and Ruto.

    Your uncle only survives on Museveni, its the same Museveni that the West will use to terminate him should they find one person that serves the interest of both(Uganda and the West)-Mark my words. Just like what they did to Kabila senior till Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan join the dance to stop the wolves of East Africa from taking over the second time to continue the looting.
    well,the sanctions will be lashed on your asses, and we see if Museveni will stand to support liability when he has too much to worry at home next year. UPDF is disappointed of SPLA performance, don’t be surprise if a deal will be struck one day behind the scenes to kick you cowboy out of power.

    Your only breathing space as per now is the support from Museveni and Equatorian keeping neutral.
    Fedralism is too little a demand, infact we should be talking about secession from Dinka BG, Equatoria and Upper Nile are better off as independent nations without headless wolves

  10. Kong Puok Tongluot - SS says:

    Mr. Taban
    Make sure that, peace, will be prevailed, when we maintain the following three things: Oils flowing for greedy elements must be stopped, Buffet zones between SPLA Juba and SPLA – IO, And UN involvement during interim transitional government. End

    • alex says:

      Cheap dreams and lack of vission for our country. Who will allow you to shut down the oilfields. Go and eat bamia with your boss Bashir. The day Bashir is kicked out you will follow him to Qatar or Iran because you have forgotten what the Arabs did to us. Can you really go to beg guns from the same enemies if you are sensable people. Soon Bashir will ask you people to wear Jolobia to come to the front line.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        While you are sleeping, Palouch Oil field has been down for months. Nobody wants to make that known. The Nuer didn’t shut it down but Salva Kiir ordered the shut down of it because all the money has been going to Al Bashir’s pocket. Wake up ya zol! No oil field in South Sudan is operation at the moment. Bentiu Oil Fields were shutdown long ago in December 2013.

  11. Taban Abel Aguek says:

    If you went through the whole of this article, you would agree with me that I am less a tribalist many of you who commented here. Most of you guys who commented here have my respect in one sense: that is your intellectual power. However, I am dismayed that most of you are obsessed with Salva Kiir and the Dinka and you never go to issues that I raised and how they can affect our country positively or negatively. My points of argument are the points that made peace stalled in Addis and the threat of sanctions. I made it clear there that the demands presented by opposition are not realistic and logical. They can lead our country back to war. Sanctions can only make everything worse.
    I expected you to talk around these issues, and not around Kiir or Dinka.
    Thank you all

    • Taban Abel Aguek,

      If you are less tribalist, then there are no tribalists in South Sudan.

    • Hard Target says:


      Lakes state gave more than any state during the liberation struggle, its sad that people like you betray the heros who lied their lives for us to be free. May be you are benefiting from current government.

      You are saying sanctions means war. its tells me you are a super idiot. you know why; GBG rebellion will never succeed, you border no nation other Sudan at an acute angle, your terrain is pitiful.

      You rejected federalism coz you are too poor, too remote, too backward, in fact semi-primitive to understand dynamics of our politics.
      On separate army; this model was first introduced in Angola to determine the assailants from the victims, so that the world know peace lovers from war mongers. as soon as this is determined, one of the war lords will be KILLED like the way US did to Savimbi.
      If you do not know what to write, NEVER write Again

      • Taban Abel Aguek says:

        Hard Target,
        How do you expect us to just go copy and paste the Angola model? Solutions must always be juxtaposed with the nature of that country, the nature of people and nature of conflict. South Sudan deserve a lasting peace. We shouldn’t sign an agreement that is full of loopholes and one that may be susceptible to cracks. This country can never afford going back to war after the current war.
        Thank you

  12. Hoiloom says:

    Ok Taban Abel, what is the guarantee that Kiir will not kill Nuer again for the second time if the army is integrated? The two army is just a temporary arrangement to safeguard the returning of the opposition forces and their politicians. You can’t be that naive to think that Riek Machar would trust Kiir’s Gelweng to protect him during interim period. The opposition must have their forces separated in any future agreement, which is more important than the position of VP or Prime minister. Anything short of that the opposition will not sign any deal and you can quote me on that.

    • Abiel says:

      You asking author .what is a guarantee Nuer will not kill again in Juba? I think you’re not inside South Sudan that why you asking author with this question and why became there are a many Nuer inside Juba but no one kill them anyway you should know that Nuer are a part of the government except those who got crazy like wild dogs when they losses their the position and their brain mind turn upside down keep asking same questions like author well done. Better sanctions than signing bad peace agreement in South Sudan.

      • Taban Abel Aguek says:

        Nice response there Mr. Abiel. There are so many Nuers in Juba and they are free. What is particular about this group?

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        It seems that only Taban Abel Aguek and Micheal Makuei Lueth are too shallow to accept your argument. Nice try… go back to your head scratching and come up with acceptable response to Hoiloom.

        • Abiel says:

          Nuer.another Israel in East African.
          First of all I like to common a little bit about your name (Nuer.another Israel in East African).is that pretending or dreaming what I know Nuers are totally different than Israel.Israel had aloyalty to their country but Nuers didn’t.Israel could not destroyed and looted their own properties but Nuer does and not only today it since 1983 until better to go back to the Luak and let your mother name you again. Secondly you’re denied Nuer are not a part of the government then how do you those in the government. Do you call them you should return back from your zealous and embraced your brothers.I know you will say what about those who died in Juba and the others will say what about those who died in villages and in cities .Malakal. Born.Bontiu. please accept the peace othwise you remain in exile.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


            You wandered away from the topic of discussion. You also didn’t answer Mr. Hoiloom. Anyhow, my name stem from the fact that Nuer tribe is fighting 7 nations plus the other 63 tribes of South Sudan. This tantamount to Israel fighting 19 nations in Asia. For your information, I have decided to either defeat you or remind in exile right after you murdered innocent Nuer civilians in Juba. Thus, it is nonsensial to tell me about it when I already made up my mind. Luak is where Nuers people were since creation. Our grandfathers built them and they will be there forever. We will not give them to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Egypt, and your allies in the west or china. Nuer’s blood = Jesus’ blood = Sacrificial lamb.We are proud of our identity and way of life, be it Luak or Nuer’s toughness. We are the envy of the coward like you.

  13. Ya Aguek Taban;

    The fact that there exist a whole bunch of so-called Jieng intellectuals with your kind of thinking is by itself a sure recipe for future wars if federalism is not immediately introduced in South Sudan!

    You said quote”

    ” … The demand for wealth sharing under the ratios the opposition have suggested is a straight call for war…”

    What war R U talking about? Have you yet defeated us to be talking like such?

    FYI we are in the middle of war and none of us has decisively defeated the other! Time will tell. You claim to be non-tribalist but your written sentences betray that claim. You and your like minds are worse than King Salva himself.

    If I am not mistaken, you are one of the 1991 lostboy-orphans who have mistakenly acquired college education and are deluded that you know everything while you don’t. You and your likes lack moral philosophy of sharing.

    And that is why we must demand federalism as a precaution against co-existing with devils like your types.

    I will be damn if I have to work in one office in corporation with people of types. Have you and your types ever heard of the principle of ” The Golden Rule ” ?

    This principle states that ” do not do unto others, what you do not wish to be done to you ” You and your types have been repeatedly violating this golden rule, to the extent that Equatorians, Murle, Nuer have grown sick and tired of this and these people are now demanding federalism or to hell with South Sudan.

    If you are wise, you should realize that now we are at the final cross-roads – obey the golden rule or we go federal.

    If you think you are entitled to the Jungle Laws, the White Army will waite until the Ugandans leave and you will either embrace federalism or you will leave the country to live in exile for the rest of your jungle life.

    Who the….. you think you are?

    Our oil from The Greater Upper Nile shall never again be shared with conceited uncoperative selfish magGots like you Aguek. Your Palloich Oil is still running and you have given all its revenue to M7 for their unnecessary mercenary services.

  14. Defender says:

    The Author of this article seems to swim between fiction and reality. Let us take one of his points regarding the SPLA (cum amalgam of tribally associated forces) that has not been reformed cannot be called a national Army. Also, let us take the argument that you alluded to that at the onset of the conflict, 70% of the army defected. What makes you think that the current army is not the same as the one that has defected to SPLM-IO? The SPLA was supposed to be reformed, however, it did not happen. Can you for sure call the remaining group that are currently fighting for the government a national Army? No. We all know that the SPLA forces are rag-tag of forces that are loyal to local commanders, and do not take any directions from the command structure of the SPLA. If that was the case, there would not have been huge defection within a short time. Thus, if you charge SPLA-IO that it is totally constituted in whole or in part by single tribe, the same applies to the rest that remained in the government garrisons.

    So, to call for an effective and reformed Armed forces for South Sudan, is to Amalgamate instead of reintegrate or integrate any forces. This fallacy that president will protect his opponents is like telling a goat to be safe in a lion’s den. No one will accept that.

    On the issue of governance, the Kiir regime seems to think that there is nothing wrong with what has taken place in the country since December 2013. If he so chooses to believe in this reality, not everyone buy into this notion. South Sudan needs transformation and Kiir is not the right person to transform the country from the situation it has found itself in.

    And just something to mull on while reading this message is: those who are responsible in inflicting damage on people never admit that they are mistaken. Those who are being paraded in Juba that they support the current government are doing so out of fear not because they believe in what Juba is saying. You know this very well these days: if all are invited and you do not show up, you are labelled as rebel. So, people show up to events to dispel any finger pointing at them. So, to avoid unwanting eyes, people cheer along but in reality they are doing in to keep feeding their children, that is if they are even paid to do so.

    Talking Riek this and Riek that will not change the equation that the cat is out of the litter box and will scratch at will now that the world knows it has been frustrated by the lies and continuous gaging. If one is really sure about its ability to articulate their point of view, they never disallow others from doing the same. It is fear that pushes those in power from be discovered to have been lying all along.

    The world has figured this out for sometime now and they are just waiting for the term of the current government to end so that they unleash targeted sanctions on those who have swindled our hard earned monies and stored it outside the country. The sanctions are put in place, they will not have access to this monies and for sure we will recoup them and use it for the intended purpose of building roads and hospitals for our poor, for whom life has not changed since the war of liberation started in 1983. So, is long overdue and this time, no one will just sit idly by watching those with barren hearts eat our souls alive and would want us to accept their holier than thou proclamations.

    • Defender,

      This is the best comments ever. You totally deserve an extraordinary appreciation for making such fabulous comments. In addition to your comments, nowadays all the government ministers have to walk Kiir to the airport when he is leaving the country and these ministers must all receive Kiir in the airport upon his return to the Country. Any minister who did not show up when receiving Kiir in the airport and those who did not show up when walking Kiir to the airport are termed rebels and they would face criminal investigation. In the end, they would loose their position.

      The beneficiaries of corrupted government are twisting the proposal of two armies for the purpose of keeping Kiir in power. How come more than half of army be reintegrated in the small loose army that is under protection of foreign armies? The oppositions propose the two armies for the duration of transitional government. When new constitutions have been written, the two armies will be amalgamated into one army, which is much better than reintegration of defected soldiers into loose army which is loyal to particular leaders. This gradual amalgamation of the two armies into unify one army would guarantee the safety of defected soldiers.

  15. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    All I know is, Nuer blood will bring everlasting peace to all Junubini. End justify the mean; if you don’t believe me, give it time and the ending is coming. Nuer’s blood = Jesus’ blood = Sacrificial lamb. Pay respect to your redeemer.

    • Johnson says:

      Dear Nuer boy,
      It is a big abuse, in fact, a blasphemy to compare your sinful blood to that one of Jesus Christ. You should rather compare your blood to the bloody prophet Mohammed. History can be harsh sometimes. Since time immemorial the Nuer and Arabs have been doing one thing because they are what they called ‘abid’ (slaves). The Nuer are like the Boko Haram in Nigeria and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. So dear boy, you go talk to Beshir of Sudan so that you can join his rotten country. There is no way you can be allowed to continue Arab slavery within South Sudan. Please go join Sudan immediately.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        If you are a pagan, it is high time for you to start worshipping. Nuer’s blood is your savior and redeemer. Nuer’s blood = Jesus’s blood = sacrificial lamb. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Rejoice and be elated for Nuer’s blood is in the work to bring you back from your lost direction to the proper direction. Wang dun yin Jinubini dial e kon Nuer.

        • Johnson says:

          Dear Nuer Boy,
          I have a Nuer blood myself, but I don’t generalize them to be as stupid as you. Every tribe has its bad people and also good ones. My problem is one guy called Riek Machar and his stupid supporters and pretenders like you who have chosen to be misled by feigning a lot than getting convinced by realities.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


            There you go!! Everyone of you want to be a Nuer man even when you have no blood relation with us. No, you can’t be Nuer or have blood with Nuer. I, Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa have rejected you.

            Dude! there are high requirements to be a Nuer. I refuse to give you the list of these criteria for reason known to me. For your information, you don’t meet any of them. So you can’t be Nuer. Be a Dinka or UGANDA. Nuer has rejected your application. Don’t call us, we will call you.

    • Nuer of Israel,

      I absolutely agree with your honest observation, however, people like aGuek taban above are trying to unsuccesfully establish a totally different history than the correct one we grew up reading about. I think there will be two history books taught in future South Sudan – one written by the likes of Aguek and the other true one written by moral South Sudanese.

      • majongdit says:

        Hahaha you go write history in Sudan? Please go write your history. You will come to learn something called impossible…

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


          The history in the making will not leave Nuer out. This is why you want it disappears so that brave are not known. As far as I know, you don’t hate Nuer, you instead want to be a Nuer man. But I’m so sorry, you can’t be Nuer. There are high requirements to be a Nuer man. I was told you are trying really hard to marriage a Nuer women so your children can inherit Nuer’s toughness. For your information, this will not cut it.

          • majongdit says:

            Nuer boy,
            I am a Dinka but I have a Nuer blood since my mother is a Nuer Nyuong. They rebelled and they could not maintain it for 1 year. Just like I said at the beginning of conflict, the sons of Dinka now sleep in Nasir, Bentiu and Malakal. Dr Riek went gave his ass to Beshir. Dinkas don’t kneel down before Arabs. Only Nuer are qualified to do that

  16. Dr.Duol Tut says:

    It is very silly for the writer to talk about failed Coup attempted after 15months of proven fabricated coup by Salva Kiir and it is ignorance of the highest order to misled the readers that Dr Machar wanted to reunite the two Sudans while it is the documented fact in word and action that he was the one who has a vision for self determination and sacrificed for Independence of South Sudan than any other leader in History of Sudan.

  17. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Hoiloom.

    You asked Abel Taban, what is the guarantee that Kiir will not killed Nuer if their army are integrated in to national army?
    to answer you, in 1991 when Riak machar rebel against Dr. Garang what was his guarantee for him to come back and work with Garang while he had killed thousand of Dinka Bor the home land of Garang?

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Alier Akon,

      Dig deepr for better or convincing answer to Mr. Hoiloom. You’re dancing around the solution to the problem. Give us solution instead of answering a question with another question. Where is your answer to the question raise by Hoiloom?

    • Alier-kon;

      Dr. John Garang himself, in the last minutes, accepted the death of the 1991-crossfire-martyrs as an indispensable historical happenstance. Have you ever asked yourself why Mabior Garang is in SPLM-IO?
      If you don’t know why, let me tell you why: His father told him Ngundeng is right afterall and our history will unfold inline & accordance of His Profesies.

      John Garang, before going to Khartoum as stipulated by CPA; called together his family and told them he was going to die within 7-days of arriving in Khartoum. In his death-farewell speech, he told Mabior and Nyandeng to stay close to Dr. Riek Machar in the next civil war. He also told Salva Kiir to never give Tellar Ring and Makuei Lueth big positions in the next first South Sudan true government. Because Kiir did not listen to Garang and many others, the hell broke lose as you have seen from July 2013 and ever after.

      All Dinka Bors martyrs of 1991 and Dec. 2013 Nuer-martyrs will be honored every July 31 of each year as the amongst the true martyrs of the History of South Sudan.

      Those who are dreaming of avenging 1991 will simply create more 1991’s and 2013’s, which will not be healthy to our collective dream-come-true of RoSS.

      I tell you, dredging up 1991 will nulify everything all have toiled to achieve – Independent RoSS!

      Let us forget 1991 & 2013 and start reconciling to build FDRSS.

    • Johnson says:

      Good question Alier….very very good question…..I am going to share this question on my timeline in social media

  18. False Millionaire says:

    Tououte Dagany,
    No one doubts the case of ngundeng as a prophet.But you n the rest of your fellow nguendeng followers will do very well if you keep to yourselves the believe in your assertion that,”our history will unfold in line & accordance of his profesies”.

    I am a regular reader of your comments and you force me to have the impression that you are either impersonating ngundeng or you are ngundeng yourself.I don’t intend any harm in my comments.But we are at the age of science and technology.It’s the force of education,science n technology in human intelligence that took man to the moon but not superstition.One thing must be very clear.We are a multi ethenic,multi cultural and multi religious society with every one enjoying a space of liberty.Sociology scholars call a society like ours secular.But you would force it to be a sectarian if you impose the notion of ngundengism.A secular society exists under conditions of mutual respect to one’s speritual believes or the lack of them.That’s how societies from most advanced states like USA,Canada,UK n Australia live in great harmony.Your ngundengism is the equal sectarianism to the mahadism in our recent history.The followers of Mahadism got inspired by the notion of it’s spirtuality to the extent of confronting Nimiri with arms.Why?becouse they falsely believed they were immortal.That bullets wouldn’t penetrate their bodies.That they would die natural death n go to paradise after.But the unfortunate events of Gezera Aba teach us of the tragedy that befell them.

    It will come down to the point of using violence to conquer others or be defeated like Mahadi followers in Gezera Aba if the others prove to be stronger than you.Viewing from this context,you will never stand a chance to manage a victory in RSS n you will have sacrificed human lives for nothing if you ever dare to insist.So why not leave it aside in favor of using logic.RSS is full of human forces of logic that can fight side by side with you if they find themselves to have common interests with you.It’s up to you to campaign to convince them!!!

  19. Alier-kon says:

    Nuer-another Israeli in East Africa.
    well, thank you if you need my contribution to the answer is that. this crisis was made by people and it will end when people are sitting together for negotiation and dialogue in the grass roots level like what is going between Duk and lou Nuer in Ayueldit.
    the politician’s are the caused of problem in every communities as we know it very well so we not should rely on them as civilians of this nation.
    to the points the family of Garang Mabior is not a father of Dinka and mother of Jieng they are just mabior Atem family and so on and so forth.
    in Juba who is killing Nuer Now a day? they Just go for daily activities like before and people are watching at them who will do some things to any one.

  20. True Millionaire,

    Thanks for the somehow lukewarm positive response to Ngundengism. I am not impersonating or forcing Ngundengism into anyone’s throat. I am simply communicating natural social facts of South Sudan from the contextual perspective of one of the 64 indigenous tribes of the country of S. Sudan.

    I agree that we are quote, ” … at the age of science and technology.It’s the force of education,science n technology in human intelligence that took man to the moon but not superstition…”, but I believe the civilization of today is a mix-product of both natural sciences in conjunction with all the social sciences – meta-physical ism if you will accept that.

    Have the Israelis completely abandoned Jesus or did the Indus abandon Budha in their quest for scientific excellence?
    No, they have not! Your spiritual / religious belief should not frustrate your quest to improve your physical scientific environment.
    Both your spiritual and scientific intelligence are equally important and should not clash if you desire to maintain a full and complete lifestyle. That is what I believe in – Meta-physics!

    If you have been in Juba, I think you should have seen a billboard with photos of Ngundeng included along with all our South Sudan’s political heroes. Why is that? Isn’t it because Ngundeng is indeed part of our significant History, whether we like it or not?

    Yes we are secular, and that does not mean we must completely throw away all our traditional heritages and embrace colonial traditions. If we do this, it shows we have endorsed mental-slavery as being [positive and we have actually swallowed our pride self-esteem.

    Scientific logic reinforced with traditional spiritualism is colorful and culturally rich compared to the prevalent Niger-mentality that have shackled a lot of us whom have acquired foreign education.

    We have a lot work remaining to detoxify ourselves from the too many alien cultures that have creeped into South Sudan unknowing.

    I believe these alien cultures are contributing to our current crises-es and lack of co-existence.

  21. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Toutoute Dagany,
    If you acknowledge,”…alien cultures are contributing to our current crises-es and lack of co-existence”,then the hour has come for great men like you to use the most selfless spirit of ngundengism to campaign against violence n in favor of peace n reconciliation among our communities therefore restoring our lost sense of co-existence.I must not shorten to express appreciation to your response.

    Wishing you a very best weekend,thank you.

  22. Hoiloom says:

    Alier Kon,

    There is no comparison between the merger of SPDF and SPLM in 2002. What took place in Juba in December 2013 is still fresh in most Nuers minds. Don’t tell me that I don’t live in Juba to ask such questions when in fact I had to escape for my dear life in early January 2014, however my elder brother was not lucky to make it. To begin with there was no coup in December 2013 made by Riek Machar though you keep singing the same song which has been discredited by international community, your saviour Museveni included, instead there was a well planned assassination attempt on Riek Machar and of course to massacre his tribes men and women. If the Nuer are safe and free to move around in Juba then how come they still live under UNMISS protection? Had your government not targeted Nuer in particular, I and most of my Nuer colleagues would still be working and living in our national capital today. However, as Nuer Another Israel in East Africa has correctly mentioned in his comment we will not rest until your dictator, the cowboy is ousted from power that is the bottom line. Any agreement that includes the integration of the rival forces on spot will not be signed by Riek Machar and if he does you will see him going to Juba by himself, like Lul Ruai Koang without even a bodyguard. Don’t tell me there are Nuers in government because those are money hunters who do not care about the lives of their relatives who were innocently murdered by the same regime they pretend to serve.

  23. johnson says:

    You are talking about what happened to Nuer in Juba in December 2013 but you forget to say what happened to Dinka people in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and Akobo.
    In Juba both Dinka and Nuer died in the two day shoot-out between the Presidential guards and the regular army in Bilpam, the spillover into the suburbs was caused by the fact that the defeated Nuer soldiers were being pursued into the neighboring suburbs like Mia Saba, new site etc.
    But in the case of the Dinka massacres it was a clean mass target of Dinka in their thousands. You can never compare in any way to what happened in Juba. But you people are big mouths you can only sing everyday the killing of Nuer in Juba.
    My advice to you is that we put aside all this mess and go for peace unconditionally. I think that will be the best for all of us. Thank you

    • Jake says:

      I pity your soul and our nation ‘s future. Everything is a chain reaction. Something has to occur and it will then trigger a sequencial chain reaction. Salva Kiir’s killed innocent nuers in Juba, as a result angry nuers targeted Dinkas in Bor, Malakal,Bentiu and other places in our country. You may argue that 1991 contributed to 2013 then I would go back to Gajaak Massacre. It doesn’t help our country. There will be no peace if Salva Kiir’s mass murderer Malong is still the chief of staff. Kiir is just a dimwit,who is being used by those around him. I doubt he was the one who gave the orders to kill innocent civilians in 2013. I believe Malong ordered the killing in juba. The issue still comes back to security of both the Nuer and Dinkas. Till we forgive and reconcile
      We will do that in time. That’s when the root causes of the conflicts are addressed, accountability for anyone who is found guilty of taking innocent civilians souls in all areas of South sudan.
      There has to be two separate armies for the interim period. With the AU or UN acting as a buffer zone. Then transformation of the army takes place. Why two armies? First trust building, second we don’t have a national army. Kiir has tribal men and militias loyal to him and the same goes for Machar.
      Finally the issue of federalism has to be implemented. It’s in the benefits of all southerners. Only we have to have a clause like in the Ethiopian constitution. Where the capital city of National belongs to the federal government. Better yet all the state capitals belong to the Federal government. Demarcation takes place and borders of the capitals are identified.
      As for wealth sharing, If only you knew why Machar put it in there. He wants fair distribution of our resources to everyone. Oil might be in great Uppernile, but it belongs to all of us. Minerals might be in Equatoria, but they belong to all of us. Wealth sharing is proof Machar doesn’t hate Dinkas of Greater Bar Elgazal. THINK ABOUT THAT SENTENCE FOR A WHILE MY DINKA BROTHERS.

      Finally this has to be imprinted and honoured like the word of God. THE NEXT ELECTION AFTER THE INTERIM PERIOD HAS TO BE SUPERVISED BY THE UNITED NATIONS OR THE AFRICAN UNION UNION. Better yet every international body out there. To guarantee free and elections. We could do everything correctly and united our nation but if that last part is botched, then it’s back to square one jn

  24. Hoiloom says:


    I do not deny that the Dinka were targeted in the places you’ve mentioned unlike you who refused to acknowledge the massacre of Nuer in Juba. Those massacres took place as a revenge and of course I don’t support the killing of innocents. I have not come across any Dinka apart from Nyandeng who has condemned Nuer massacre in Juba.

  25. Hoiloom says:

    Many thanks for a great contribution and elaboration on the topic. There is nothing to add as you have summed it all.
    No one hate our Dinka brothers but themselves. They need to start thinking outside the box and will surely see the bigger picture of nation building, if not then we shall be in for an endless cycle of revenge, the Lakes State way which won’t benefit anyone.

  26. Johnson says:

    Thank you for an elaborate explanation. You have been different from others who simply pour vitriol on to opinion of others without pointing at what they oppose or what they stand to defend in the article.

    You are entitled to your opinions but I don’t agree with almost all of them. You know you have your own fears and I have mine.
    1. The presents of two armies will be recipe for another war. You can not build trust by keeping two armies, but by putting them together.
    2. Federalism is a good idea but it needs to implemented slowly, likely after the Trnsitional Period
    3. Wealth sharing under the ratios Dr Riek suggests is not realistic. Riek is behaving as if oil belongs to Nuer. No. Nuer’s oil is in Tharjath. Oil in Paloch is Dinka’s and it has been used since the conflict erupted. There is oil in Bor, and Barh el Ghazal but it hasn’t yet be exploited. Minerals are national resources, no one should sit down and divide them like ground nuts from his garden.

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