Better focus on the unity of South Sudan

BY R. MODI, JUBA, 24/July/2015, SSN;

A lot has been written and some of the articles have made focus on Dinka versus Nuer or Dinka versus Equatoria. Logically, it is not possible to paint a whole tribe or group of people using the same paintbrush or in the same colour.

Whereas there can be a myth aimed at creating what is called ‘bonding social capital’, usually those myths are created and propelled by politicians to achieve their goals.

These kinds of politicians do not in fact care for the good or welfare of their so-called tribes Men & women, contrary to what their followers choose or are made to believe.

These political foxes are merely pursuing their goals and in order to get support, they play the ethnic card.

Just see how they keep their immediate families in lucrative government positions and what bank accounts they have all over the world.

How they are out of reach even for mere handshakes for their tribesmen. By this you will know the myth of tribe is just a bluff.

But many people fall for these tricks. This has to be challenged and changed. If we are going to build a nation out of many but one, clearly the nation South Sudan has proven very expensive to build and elusive, demanding our language to change.

We have to deal with human beings as they really are. Humanly speaking, there is no evidence that a group of people, because they come from the same tribe or ethnicity, all reason alike.

Scientifically, the evidence to such is miserably lacking. The way we reason is the function of socialisation. It is not attached to our DNA.

In fact what is called a tribe can be deconstructed to a level that it is a unit created in negotiated identity. Because in one tribe there are so many differences that in many case the neighbouring adjacent tribe has more similarity with a group of people than their other tribe members geographically distant to them.

Anyway to come back to the topic, there are few points in the case of South Sudan that needs to be focused on. The important one is this, the government has failed and it does not serve the interest of South Sudanese, regardless of ethnic identity.

It is hurting everybody, whether they are Nuer, Ma’di, Dinka, Moru, Zande, etc. Simply it is not the government we fought for. It has no respect for the rule of law and in that case it hurts others who are not even South Sudanese.

Is there any doubt that this government hurts East Africans? There was a case raised at the level of East African court against South Sudan.

That has nothing to do with Nuer, Ma’di, Anyuak, Shilluk, Muru or Murle etc. It is simple and clear, this is incompetent government and whoever sticks to it is serving his self-interest.

And those who are mobilised to support this government on the basis of tribe not good principle of governance are self-deluded.

It takes us to a point where we need to examine the bedrock on which this government was founded.

There was too many lies about the SPLA/M right from the beginning. Some people will feel bad about this, but Dr. John Garang did not tell the truth to everybody.

His message changed according to the environment or audiences.

I want to draw the attention of the reader to the book of Professor Peter Adwok Nyamba entitled ‘The Politics of Liberation’. So do not judge me, but read that book and find the point where he pointed out how mobilization was done.

When Dr. Garang spoke to Dinka Bor Youth, he told them to go and get guns so that they could defend themselves against the Murle. When he spoke to the larger Dinka community, he said the Kokora was the reason to rebel.

In fact back in 2014, somebody called Martin Manyang Mading, commented from Bor and said they went in the bush because of Equatorians. That article appeared as a comment in South Sudan Nation.

It was one of those incendiary and provocative statements. ‘Our enemy number one are The Equatorians. That is why we fought, used their intellectuals for our benefits, turned their ladies into machineries for procreation, colonised them and used their resources to settle in our colonies. Those who are dreaming about federal government, you must know that our colony is the first priority. We will not leave our colony and Equatorians will never go free. Practically, as of today, our number in some Equatorian villages or towns is about 3 times more than the number of the native people’.

Those are his words verbatim. It appeared on June 8, 2014 at 11:45 pm. Is this acceptable in a nation? Where is the difference between Nazism and this philosophy?

That is a mind-set that is not only tribalistic but falls in the category of Nazism. Any respectable people now will feel revolted by ideas like that.

Can we now put it that this is the way Dinka reason? I think NO; this is a demented and very unsophiscated person who is posing to speak on behalf of a people of varied philosophies and interests.

The Dinka have a great deal of contribution in the journey to liberations and so are the other 63 tribes.

It is not possible for a single tribe to single-handedly fight on behalf of 63 other tribes, in fact should only 1/3 of the 63 tribes reject such notion, it is doomed before it takes off the ground.

That is why we are a mosaic. Every community has a specialty and you cannot compare them. But people like Mading, are going to destroy South Sudan.

The same way Salva Kiir is doing when he spoke to their youth and told them they fought for this power and they have to keep it. Misinformed people followed that logic and it makes me wonder how poor they are. This cannot happen.

The world is global and you cannot dominate any tribe because their representatives the world over will react. And when they do so, you will be questioned at the level of United Nation.

That is what we are supposed to be, people who work together with the global society. Less than that you are ferial nation and who will respect a ferial nation?

So I do not believe Martin Mading represents the Dinka nation. That would have been impossible to imagine. Where he got that from, the answer is above.

He was totally misinformed on the reason for the struggle of South Sudanese. He went to fight, if he ever did, for exactly the opposite reason why most South Sudanese went to fight.

His narrative is different and with narrative like that, South Sudan cannot stand as nation. I am very confident on that conclusion.

If anyone should try to build a nation on such bad, racist, tribalist and obviously undemocratic principle, they are not going to get anywhere, not in South Sudan but also anywhere in the world.

Do we have to remind people on this? I think it is necessary. The quickest people but at the same time hardest to change are in Equatoria.

Even the Brits found Equatoria difficult to occupy. So they used the churches to calm the people. Any war in Sudan or South Sudan not supported in Equatoria is doomed.

Again, I am not being chauvinistic. I base myself on real evidence. For Garang to get where he got, he has to come to Equatoria. Haaa, that is the reality.

Conversely, if people in Equatoria feel bad it is impossible to hold a government in Juba. And now we feel bad. That government is going down. That preferential advantage is not what we play on. We want to work together with our brothers and sisters in all South Sudan.

We are keenly aware the different contribution you are bringing to the table. That is why we are mosaic and respected one. A few times I used to see it happen in Kampala or Nairobi.

Whenever you see somebody paying bus fares for people behind them, they are South Sudanese. That was obvious. In Khartoum we saw the same generosity.

So together we can make a better South Sudan. But for now South Sudan has to be salvaged from Salva and he has to go.

I could tell you something in the lines that follow. Garang and Salva would have been nowhere without Equatoria.

Because the link with Museveni which proved crucial especially in the battle of Aswa, Kaya, Pogee, Owinykibul, Yei and until close to Juba could never have been possible without the mediating link of Equatorians.

Forget about their meeting in Dar El Salam. People on the ground did the real connection because previously Dr. Garang had Ethiopia and Mangistu as his powerhouse.

When Mangistu was taken out in Ethiopia, SPLA was on the run and by 1993, when William Nyoun Kuach defected from Pageri, nothing remained of SPLA fighting force.

That was re-echoed in Rumbek during the meeting of the leadership. And Salva was the one who challenged Dr. Garang on his administration and Uyay Deng Ajak clearly said there was no more army to fight.

Had it not been for the Equatorian boys and Nuer, Torit was going to be recaptured or Kapoeta for that matter.

The commander who entered Kapoeta we know him and the same commander entered Torit. We know these things but we have been silent. No more.

Fellow compatriots, the best direction is to work for a government we wanted to have in the first place, one for which that first bullet of independence was fired.

One that respects the rights of our South Sudanese people and promotes peace. Such a government will make South Sudanese respectable in the international community.

We have lost too many in the process of finding a government of the people, by the people and for the people, not of a tribe, by a tribe and for a tribe.

We have lost too many and too much and have come too far for us to give up and we shall not give up until we get it.

Should those who now fight, politically or otherwise for such a people’s government fatigue out, or be bought out, history shall remember them harshly and the dead shall not forgive them.

South Sudan at the end of it all shall not fall, for many of her children are nationalists not against tribes but for all tribes, thus out of many, only ONE!

By R. Modi
Juba, RoSS.


  1. Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

    When those in control misrule, the country goes bed and must take the blame. If the Jiengs want brotherhood, then they should not occupy other peoples ancestral lands. This is the most critical things for Equatorians and the current IGAD-plus mediation is ignoring and it will be the at the center of the next blood shed in South Sudan even if the current war is brought to an end! Land issue must be addressed!

    • Force_1 says:

      Opiombira Kiirendealzele;
      Please stop the “occupy ancestral land” bullshit! The question is; who did you left your ancestral land to when the Arabs were occupying it with the war going on about the same land? Who did you left there to defend the land you called your ancestral land when you were hiding in Uganda and other foreign countries to this day? If you think your land is occupied by someone; well pick up the gun and take it by force if you think you’re the only one entitled to it!

  2. BILL KUCH says:

    R. Mori,
    You started your article right and merging on the way to one way street of hate with culture self promotion. All in all is a awful lying and you ascertaining it to be one of the rebels and there is no need to call yourself as one of RSS. You an enemy in the rank who has nothing to add to the unity of South Sudanese, but instead,tearing it apart. First of all, Equatorians were never been a threat in order for the Dinkas to leave the country. Secondly, the 64 tribes of South Sudan did not contribute equally for South Sudan during the civil war. You are nothing more than just being a mouthful and I know you have a right for jobs opportunities as a citizen, but you know we can not share responsibilities of defending South Sudan among our 64 tribes as was termed as Dinka and Arabs problem by some of your own people not too long ago. You a joke to claim something you did not participate in it as you mentioned in the case of Torit and Kapoeta.

    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      “Secondly, the 64 tribes of South Sudan did not contribute equally for South Sudan during the civil war.”
      The most absurd assertions! Typical Jieng! South Sudanese have equal rights and protections under the law and constitutions if they fired a bullets for the liberations or not! South Sudanese voted..please register that Voted unanimously for independence, do not take this fact for granted, these other negligible tribes as some of you would like to call, if had not voted unanimously, then we could have not reach the threshold required for the referendum! Your language is the very narrative as stated by R.Modi above that need to be changed if we are ever to become one nation.

      Think about this, Not all Dinka fought and those who put the SPLM Uniform, I hope they did not put it in the name of Dinka but rather South Sudan, if that be the case then there is no place in South Sudan to say, We Contributed more. There was no Single bullet more battle that gave us independence, It was all the bullets, from Anynya 1 to Referendum, to include the mobilizations of the Diaspora South Sudan, fro Near Diaspora, Uganda, Kenya to London and Washington DC.

      If the right to decent job and land is through the guns and not through the constitutions and the rule of law, then let South Sudan be prepared for a long Civil wars one after the other until all the other 63 tribes also get their rights. If you claimed to have gotten your right as a tribe alone without the others through fighting the Arabs, then we shall get ours from fighting you! The dance has started and shall cary on until you come to your senses as to what true brotherhood means.

      • Force_1 says:

        Well; if you knew that everybody never participate in the war of liberation but those who never participate should be treated equal; then you should have been wise enough to not use the phrase “your ancestral land” and if you keep saying that; then you should be ask “where were you to protect or defend it!

        • Hardtarget says:


          I think you are an ego-centric, and mentally dwarf. Modi was simply asserting the fact that the SPLM semi-gods have manipulated the population including the Dinka and Nuer for far too long. The nation is bleeding, the Nuer and Dinka pay the heaviest price NOW!

          They manipulated innocent youth to die in the name of Dinka yet they and their immediate kins live lavish life.
          Same cards of “we liberated this country” have been played over and over again to justify oppression and domination over other minority Groups.
          Unless one is an idiot, there is no way u can condone such acts;
          When Reik rebelled in 1991 in the first battle of Juba what happen?? terrible defeat and we lost a number of our boys.
          Was is not Wani Konga and the SSDF who gave us a bloody nose in the battle for control of Torit as negotiations were going on in Machacos in 2002?

          was it not in Equatoria that the war was largely fought as u the Dinka play double standards, going in and out of SPLA controlled areas?
          What will happen if All Equatorian get to bush in unison? how will u get the ammunition, the relief and other essential goods ?

          Yes! you are many in the army, but do u know some think called average? if we apply the law of average then some tribes have contributed more than thee Dinka say if in a family 4, three people died and in a family of 12, seven people died. who lost more? its mean the former had lost 75% of the members while the later lost only 58%.
          the truth is the minority groups contribute more than they should have.

          Your display of vanity is pushing this country over the edge and believe me peace will be brought by force as Museveni (the lonely supporter) will be forced to comply and foreign forces take over-MARK MY WORDS

          • Force_1 says:

            Bear in mind that the foreign powers are not that dumb or wearing the same brain as you’re; why; because they clearly knows that the current army the government have in South Sudan wouldn’t safer to the puppets they installed the power to by force. You can’t tell me foreign powers haven’t learn any lesson in Libya and Iraq and the last thing they would do is create another dilemmas in South Sudan. Good luck with your foreign forces putting you into power in South Sudan and see if you going to be any safer more than anyone else out there in South Sudan.

  3. taban lowani says:

    It’s well respected assey.south Sudanese people should learn from the g fifty years of fighting Khartoum regime. Millions of peoples have been killed. and now in this senseless war, thousands also have been killed. after all these, do people really learned something. if south Sudanese peoples don’t confront tribalism, there will be another million ahead of us to be kill.

  4. Bol says:

    R. Modi,
    “There are few points in the case of South Sudan that needs to be focused on. The important one is this, the government has failed and it does not serve the interest of South Sudanese, regardless of ethnic identity. It is hurting everybody,”
    This is one of the few “less provocative articles” ever written by one in SSN! You have identified the real problem in RSS…… It is not the Dinka, but a government which is weak even to scratch its own back! Right from this point, we can move on, hand in hand, pondering ways of strengthening it, or replacing it altogether as RSS citizens. Mr “Mading” comment shouldn’t be taken out of context, I mean; most people would be “rightfully “offended by some of articles and comments in SSN as you just did, and may not by-pass these articles and comment without firing back. Anyways, thanks for signing out of the herd…..Be careful……You may be outcast by the ultra-folks!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Bol,
      I always find it intriguing and bamboozling to read your often repeated comments such as ‘most people would be rightfully offended by some articles and comments in SSN.’
      I wish that by now in the more than twelve or so years the SSN has been in the net, you should have appreciated the fact that this is perhaps the only forum which publishes articles from practically all ‘South Sudanese’ from across the globe.
      Our primary objective has always been the exercise of free speech, people, I emphasize South Sudanese, have the inalienable right to free speech to say what they want and this right must never be compromised by bullets, tyranny, intimidation or security ‘dogs’ of the governments.
      So, please, seriously appreciate that freedom the SSN is according you as well as the fact that the SSN is freely contributing to the well-being of our joint nation being horrifically misruled by a gang of thieves. Yes, I can say this loud and clear now that even president OBAMA has reiterated the same.
      So, there is nothing offensive here.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr.Editor, this platform you provided for all to air, reasoned, vent, and learn how to write is a freedom to all. Some began writing with fragmented sentences and overtime, they polish up. We appreciate you for your dedication not forgetting the facts that somewhere in Juba, you are placed in Blacklist for publishing articles against them thieves.

        Bol and his kins don’t appreciate it since their conceal evilness is brought into the open here. Watch out! Kiir’s security guards are out searching for you and those of GatCharwearbol.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Thanks for the comment. That fact of the threat from the security in Juba is real but it will sooner come to pass when the tyrannical Kiir leadership is eviscerated ASAP.
          I am greatly encouraged by Pres. Obama speech in Addis. Kiir has now only less than a month to survive, as the August 17 ultimatum is quickly arriving.
          Incidentally, August 18 is the day of the great Torit Mutiny of 1955 and hopefully it spells the end of Kiir.
          Bravo Obama.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            If what President Obama said is not a bluff, there are two sides to it. August 17 ultimatum could be against Dr. Machar and his Nuer tribe despite the fact that they are the victims. It is the interest of America that matter; not what is humanly right. Just to make you aware, let us not celebrate yet. But I hope it is what you think it is leading to.

          • alex says:

            I really wonder if you are matured in politics. Obama has become like a father to you what a cheap would be job seeker. Obama is not a God and he can not impose a bad peace that is a raspy for another war. Obama is aware whether he bring you to power by force it will be only few years you are out of power. The spirit of liberation is still high in this nation and those who think they will be brought to power by a super power will fail. Russia did that in Afghanistan they were humiliated after ten years and America did that in Iraq and now Iraq is sliding back to war, Libya is the same story. So to assure you, the American people knows what is war and they will not risk to create another war while it is dealing with the ISLs in middle East and around the world. Americans knows they are friends to S.Sudanese and they will not risk themselves to be humiliated because of one person Riek who is not loved by his people and most S. Sudanese. It is okay that now you have only strategy waiting for Obama and we will see the 17 August. More rebels are returning home those who have nationalistic spirit. What will you gain by giving you Upper nile, Unity state and jongle states. If you can look far in the future it means nothing to us only dividing our people. I am not going to the talks of the Obama but if I analysed it, the talks have been directed to all parties to the war but may be my understanding of English is different from yours. Secondly, the peace proposal itself is even good for Riack himself. It will get a place in his camp only if he was fighting to be returned back to his positions of vice president. A reformer will accept a good peace than one that will lead to another war so unless you are not fighting for reform than will you accept that peace proposal. If you are for reforms then lets stick to our S.Sudanse peace proposal. I know we can make a good peace deal among ourselves that that bad peace which the world want to impose to us.
            To end brother, Cuba stayed for fifty years without America and Zimbabwe is following and Boma so if worst comes to worst we are ready to suffer than selling our dignity because of American money. It is cheap politician who can sell their people but not liberators.


          • Bol Akuol. says:


            If your hope now is president Obama to change the regime in Juba and not the crazy idea that Riek Machar and his looters/food lovers would grab the leadership by force, then we will officially and democratically have a change of the regime in 2018. In fact, the August 17th, will come and go as usual. Is Riek Machar returning home to his Boss as he did in 2002? If so, I feel sorry for those who lost their precious lives in that stupid and useless coup attempt in 1991 and 2013.
            Ngamlieldu, my friend!

      • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

        Mr. Editor! Amen! SSN is about the only space of Southsudanese gatherings where the “Gang of thieves with their tyrannical guns can not silence! Our Jing Brothers feel bad when we criticizes them! But let them know where this generalizations are coming from! We want more of our Jing Patriots like Madam Garang, Like her son, Like the Young youth leader from await Mr. Machar to speak against this government, to speak against their Cattle Camps kin colonizing all over south sudan and displacing other people from their ancestral lands. We want to hear them having pain for the actions of their ruthless generals in uniform having trigger genocide in the nations capital which spilt over to Jing land as a revenge attacks. Until we see them speak out, then we have no choice but to blame them because without their support Kiir is nothing!
        We speak out because we want true brotherhood not one where there are masters and others are slave! Such arrangement means we still have millions to kill from each other! It is a sure thing. The reason we must forge true brotherhood and this nonsense of we liberate you and taking other peoples land must be brought to an end.

      • Bol says:

        Mr Editor & Gat…bol,

        I appreciate the Freedom of Speech in SSN, and I don’t overstep the line because abusing others in not a freedom of speech. For example, what befits did Mr. Mading comment added to national debate? What gains are in most derogatory articles and comment against Dinka? Mr Modi is offended by Mr Mading comments demeaning Equatorians…That is why he dwelled on it…… Mading, on the other hand was outrage by other writings belittling his tribe …..Freedom of Speech can generate negativity and destruction……if, the bigger picture is lost. Mr Editor, don’t you also find it {intriguing and bamboozling} when writers such as Mr Modi implies discomfort because someone wrote things they don’t like?
        Gat..bol, Why will the government waste its time and resources on you and the editor? All you do is to incite others to fight you wars.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          In December 15, 2013, the very government you are defending waste its time and resources on innocent Nuer civilians and other Dinka civilians who share facial marks with Nuer. To spice it up, your tribal government wastes its time and resources on unborn children, elderly, and disabled. If it could do this, what is there to prevent it from doing the same to me and Editor? Be the judge ya Bol. On numerous ocassions, he, Kiir said it repeatedly that those Nuer civilians inside UNMISS site are very lucky otherwise, he could have finished them all. Tell me if I’m wrong.

          • Bol says:

            There are more urgent matters in hand,second, its absurd to hunt Canadians while there are plenty of dangerous individual on the ground. …..The killing of Nuer stopped because it is wrong, not because they live in UNMIS…… enjoy your demolition work afar … Engineer with special quest for revenge!

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            All I’m up to is better future and country we can all be proud of. Revenge will do me no good nor will it bring back my relatives massacred. If I have to revenge, I wouldn’t do it on the innocent Dinka who have nothing to do with Kiir’s madness. I would take it on the right person to satisfies my desire for revenge. But we should value peace over war. This carnage has occurred and nothing can be done to reverse it. What needs to happen is accountability. If accountability is accorded to the victims, the solution to this mess could easily fall into its right place. What is your suggestion or recommendation to resolve this predicament?

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Mr. Editor:

        Really? Are we really allowed to practice our rights and freedom of speech on this forum? If so, Why was Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, Jay Johnson and many others especially the pro government kicked out and banned from posting anything on this forum? Please ensure that you practice what you preach onto others. Perhaps, we can not write good English but we are not suffering from dementia or memory loss.

  5. John Kijana says:

    Dear Modi,

    Your nice article puts the Equatorians at a disposition, as if it were they to curve the unity of South Sudan. South Sudan should first be dismembered to be united. Only when each ethnic group or nationality has its rightful place in this “Babylon” can it know no peace. If unity is only paying lip service by those who arrogantly and stupidly want to possess the South while keeping other hostages, corrupting the South without any guilty conscience and sense of remorse, then the South is better splitup. I strongly believe in individual freedom that is expounded into meaningful collective freedom by all ethnicities. Kokora or federalism as the ultimate system that can provide both individual and collective sense of ownership. It is when jienges learn to also live freely in their luaks without having to run to Juba, and the Bari in his village can each enjoy the citizenry of South Sudan. How can we instil in the jiengs that living in Yirol, Warrap or Aweil is equally good instead of Juba? The jienges can be good Southerners, if they also learn to stay and develop their luaks into magnificent towns, refrain from archaic and foolish revenge killings, if they learn to be people of God and not behave like infidels and godless beings. Thats it.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dear Mr. John Kijana,
      Your comment truly and explicitly exposed the mentality of the so-called ‘rulers’ who’re shamelessly wrecking havoc in the country with their frozen ideology of majority ethnic domination.
      Indeed, the only solution is a ‘comprehensive’ federal system which must accord every and each region absolute power in their own domains or region.
      This agreement being worked out by Kiir and Machar whereby the Equatoria is sold to Kiir’s tribalized domination will not produce the peace being envisioned by those so-called negotiators.
      What it blatantly implies is that Equatoria has been sacrificed to Kiir’s ethnic bigots in exchange for the self interest and parochial ambitions of the Nuers, who will obviously gain complete control of their own territory.
      Western Equatorians have bravely come out against Kiir’s tribal bigotry and domination and this must be respected. There can never be an enforced unity and domination especially when those people now imposing themselves in Mundri, Meridi and Yambio have no apparent cultural, linguistic, etc….commonalities with the people they want to ‘rule.’
      I seriously hope the Equatorians in Machar’s SPLM/O-IO stand up and reject the latest IGAD-PLUS proposals, especially in the light of the obviously impending marginalization of the Equatorians in general.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        John Kijana and Editor,

        Life is about making choices. God places before us ten of thousand choices to choose from. Some are bad, some are good, and few are the best. I said it before and I would like to say it again. South Sudan belongs to all. It doesn’t belong to Nuer and Dinka. Your share as Equatorian is there and if you don’t want to go get it, know that the world is full of greedy people, they will snatch it from you. Make a choice; don’t just sit, someone is waiting to snatch your part.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          The people who snatch things out from other people are currently being evicted out from the ROSS. They will soon call Gambella and Addiss Ababa their home if they don’t repent, abandon the snatching protocol and return to South Sudan as decent Citizens. Did General Peter Gatdet and General Thomas Gatkuoth try to snatch the senseless leadership from Riek Machar in Pagak? Or Does Riek Machar want to get rid of them because their demands and conditions would keep him in Addis Ababa for life?

    • Force_1 says:

      John Kijana;
      You have the freedom to liberate yourselves; and here is an advice to you and your supporters; mobilize your army, pickup your guns and fire Dinka out of your land by force and that’s the only way Dinka can leave your so called “ancestral land”! The only thing you can’t do is to liberate yourselves on the internet and in a foreign country.

      • Holo Kor says:

        Hi Force_1, mantra and barking and casing or the harassment is a good language of the weak people like you and, importantly the effeminate. In this view, it is you and the rest of your type ( I am talking here about the vagabonds), who’re now like to be something that they were not before. Commonly, by that, or at the end, they appear always as fools-and indeed they are!

        You see, since the beginning of CPA, we knew South Sudan is going to go to the dogs(olai), and it was true; the evident were written all over the wall. Seriously I was laughing so hard last time, when I saw the proposal of the city in the form of animals. What was the name of that city again? I forgot it myself-remind me again. It was funny and it is still funny now, and at least for me.

        Please, Force_1, I’ve a lot to make a fan out of your madness but, anyway, let me go off here and walk away in shame for just being a South Sudanese, it is a crazy world over there! And let’s have fan of ourselves because, we’ve become a leaving theatre of the world-and what a pity is this? South sudan-let me not say it!

      • John Kijana says:


        First, I am a free person and so do all other Southern ethnicities. If indeed the jienges feel that their cousins the jellaba have given them to rule the South, then it is right to kick them by all means. I do not Need Liberation because that would imply that other Southerners are subjugated by the jiengs. The good thing is that the jienges are so disorganized, greedy and full of chaos (see their jienge heartlands) to qualify as “colonizers”. They should be treated as grown up children that need nurturing and counselling because they do not know what they are doing. Soon we will setup things straight.

  6. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear South Sudanese,

    If you keep this senseless thinking you will keep continue killing one another until the end of the world. Tribalism will never develop you country, but being brothers and sisters will free you to develop your nation. Brother Taban Lowani said we should have to learned from this senseless war. Millions of people killed during the war between North and South why do not we think like humans? These millions people were not killed because of Equatorians land, but they killed for the whole country and I think this what many of you should have to understand instead of talking about Shilluk,Madi, Dinka, Nuer, Zande, Muru, land. Nothing beautiful you people will gain from hatred, but what you will gain is just killing one another all the time over the land that God given to you to live as brothers and sisters.

    You have to fight the hatred together instead of hurting one another through hatred and tribalism. South Sudan is one of the richest country that every each of you can be rich without thinking about politic if you just mind off in tribalism and begin to welcome yourselves to live as brothers and sisters of one community. I always ask God if I take my heart out and divided to all South Sudanese to love one another as I love them because I hate to see you killing one another all the time because of hatred and tribalism.

    This is what I would like to say let us consider one another and live together as one nationalist because we contributed to this liberation together otherwise there would be no South Sudan today. Do not betray your countrymen and women we fought for the freedom of our generations, but how are we going to teach our children if we continue betraying one another through hatred and tribalism. I pray God will change your hearts to love one another.

    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      Francis, Saying I have my milk cow and it is not yours because you too have your cow does not mean I hate you!!!! The Jieng Nomads think, I must allow you to come and squatter in my land for us to call ourselves brothers and sisters! When I say no this is my land, your staying in my house is through mutual respect not through impositions. Obviously this is a strange concept for the Jieng Who are nomads and roam from place to place. You totally misunderstood the notion of one nation, this does not mean our tribal territories should be erased! How do the Equatorians who are many distinct tribes leave peacefully, move peacefully and inter mary peacefully??? This is the model for all South Sudan.

      Francis, You want us to leave our lands open freely for you but no one goes freely at your land, one reason is you make it hostile and unsafe! Any Jieng is free to come to my village and become one of my people or remain as a Jieng but he must not bring his entire village with his cow and form his own rules and chiefdom in my territory! This is not brotherhood, this Nasizm, this is superiority and colonosizations amounting to ethnic displacements and ethnic cleansing! Without these ancestral lands the individual cultures dies off, and when the culture dies of so the tribes, if this trend is not opposed guess what at the end result only Jieng are left, we all become Jiengs!! This is not what we fought for , this is the very reason we fought the Arabs!!

  7. Attention: Opiombira Kerendeazele

    Clarification:Word occupation.Occupation has many ways.Who are occupying your land of ancestors in the South Sudan right now???!!!! Are those occupiers are they enemies???? Are they foreign invaders into your lands of your ancestors???? What are their policies on occupation lands right now??? Back to you to the audience! I am waiting forward to hearing from any time soon best for you for your inconvenient!

    Jackson County,Kansas City Missouri,USA

    • Akuranyang! I refuse to call you chief! You bring disgrace to our brave Lotugos worriers !! An enemy has no colors! A brother who Kill his electorates as in the genocide of December 2013 in Juba is an enemy! A brother who rape women and children as reported by Human right watch group is an enemy. A brother who kill protesters in the streets of Wau is an Enemy. A brother who arrest children as young as 11 years olds as in Nimule and Mudri is an enemy! a group of people who displaces others and take their ancestral lands against their wish as it is in Nimule are enemies! If this is not enemy then there is no such word in existence!

      Lucifer was not created satan. But his action converted him into satan! By definitions even a Chinese is your brother, even the Arab is your brother but it is the action of a person that makes them your enemy. Akuranyang so far your words if follow by actions will make you an enemy of our great state of EE!!!!!!!

  8. Buoyar Apuk says:

    It is good to preach unity of south Sudanese, that is what we are all aiming to achieve , a country for every body, although we all tried our level best to liberate it , some of us fell of the road, and we left the Dinka to carry on with the fight from 1991 to 2005 and until up to the present, don’t equate our brother Dinkas as a tribe they are not a tribe they are more than that – a nation a country by themselves though some people will hate me for the truth I am airing but facts are facts. some of you will continue to grumble but the natural law is that might is right , majority wins over the minority, the big fish eats the smallest, to borrow from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution it says ” survival for the fittest” you shall all brawl and cry loud but God did not make a mistake to create you minority. you have to succumb to our brother the Dinkas rule because that is what we have to do logically otherwise we are just playing out of the circle.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Buoyar Apok,
      Survival of the fittest!!
      The big fish eats the smallest!!
      No wonder, brother, the Kiir regime stinks like a rotten fish, and as Charles Darwin might have also discovered in his Evolution Theory, the big fish first starts rotting from the head!!
      Oooooooooooooooooooops, that must be Kiir Mayardiit!!!!!!!!

  9. Buoyar Apuk says:

    People brag about that south Sudanese tribes are 64 but that is nonsense, some tribes are pure Dinkas for example: 1)Jur Mananger in Gogrial East county are a mixed of Lueel ( an aboriginal tribe that has already left for Mali and Senegal ) their original language is lost and they speak only Dinka Rek dialect, 2) Reel are Atuot Dinka living in Yirol and the vicinity they speak Dinka Atuot dialect although they have their own vernacular which is called Thok Reel a mixture of 35% words from Nuer, 60%words from Dinka and 5%words from Luo.3) Jurbeli in Wulu county and Mvolo county are a mixture of Dinka and Bongo related tribes of Beli who speak Dinka Agaar and Gok dialect though they have their vernacular mixed with 70% words from Dinka origin,4) Duor in Ayod county of Jonglei state called Gawaar in Nuer are not Nuer they are assimilated padang Dinka though they speak Nuer in daytime and speak Dinka at Night for fear of their lives so that they are not identified as Dinkas in a culturally dominated Nuer area, even Nuer Thiang are also padang Dinka from Fangak, Nuer Bul are also assimilated Dinkas from Warrap and Biemnhom who have become Nuer for no reason. Some clans in Shilluk and Arab Rezegat in Daeen, and Muglad are pure Dinka Malual and Dinka Ngok of Abyei.
    In conclusion, our tribes in South Sudan amount to only 50 tribes with evidences excluding the Dinka.

    • bismark says:


      You are nothing but an imperialist by rewriting history. Where did you get your data for your rotten article from? Please try to have patriotic lenses to bring all communities of South Sudan into a multi tribal, multi religious and multi racial society that serve justice, freedom and independence to its people. Do not lock yourself in a tribal bottle from which you do only see that the other tribes around you are from your tribe.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Buoyar Apuk:
      you said it so well, Wen Giirdit.

  10. lojuron says:

    Force 1 or force 2. Please stop lying to the public with old story of liberation. Dinka land in Abyie is under colonial regime of Meseriya Arab. Why don’t you go and liberate Abyie? The most cowardice ethnic community in south sudan is Dinka. Sham on you! !! If it was not Musseveni of Uganda such kind of you won’t talk again. You are defeated in many battle fields in the current war. Dinka are slaves and slaves cannot be entrust with power. You are a symbol of curse and disgraced to this nation. Stop chanting nonsense in this platform.

  11. Toria says:

    Wherever this is leading to but I like it. Truly I see who is at the losing end, the one one who runs around defaming themselves will eventually succumb.

  12. Buoyar Apuk it is not right to preach conquest. Those with limited brain are always the ones who claim to speak the truth. There is no truth in what you said, “the Dinka nation” you advocate is an illusion. The Arabs tried to Islamize south Sudan by force and they failed gloriously. Now the Dinka are trying to curve south Sudan as a “Dinka Nation,” thinking that they will succeed, that is open war. But as much as that is already known, the hidden agenda of the Dinka on other tribes is a topic that will never go away. If we want south Sudan to be a nation that is prosperous, it must accommodate all the tribes and unity of the people is paramount. You talk of survival of the fittest, the rule of majority, and strong only should survive that is beasts life. Well, without the help of President Museveni of Uganda where do you think the Dinka could be by now? Only the Nuer scared you to death, just one tribe. Think about the day M7 will die and the change of government in Juba by a non Dinka. I’m sure Gogrial will be your new safe haven. The utterance of people like Bona Malwal, Martin Manyang Mading, and other crazy Dinkas are clearly intellectual insanity. People all over the world have taken notice of that and I’m sure there will time to regret those words. It is not bad to be majority but numerical number shroud be aided by good work, not by inciting hatred and war. In 1960s, Lord Church Hill talked of “the wind of change in Africa.” Do your people think of that, do you see how the wind is blowing in south Sudan? Please, let see how we can built south Sudan as a nation for all. Your people have looted south Sudan enough, believe me you are now hitting a rock. Lets pray that God bless south Sudan.

  13. alex says:

    Visonles people use cheap politics of tribalism because they do have anything to offer to the people
    If you know fire is bad it can burn a house one should not put In on grass thatched house unless you are wizard. So those who insist in inciting tribalism are wizards . It is wrong to preach hatred as way of getting support. The report about the incident id now out and if we are peace lovers we should sccrpt tjr gimf

    • Elhag Paul says:

      “Visionless people” like the Jieng “use cheap politics of tribalism” and media distortion. Example Alex, Upiu, Mangok etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Bol says:

    Stopping the carnage comes first…..You have more troops to assist in accountability journey , where some were genuinely enraged by civilians killings and some would use it against perpetrators or perceived perpetrators to alleviate themselves to leading positions. These un utilised forces are either assisting the wrong side to avert physical threat against themselves, posed by the other wrong side, while other stay neutral. Accountability is fine with most people as long as it is not manipulated and few would have something to worry about though. Lastly, it may take years to hold any body accountable for their deeds, or it may not happened at all, Mengistu regime for instance, which is far brutal then Kiir didn’t account for what it did, but the Country has move on. I am not say the government shouldn’t be hold accountable by its citizens for any deed but realities sometimes don’t permit accountability. So, my solution is stop the war or help stop the war …..Accountability and Regime Change comes next…These two items are not your own demands…. many more need these two items too. Find way of working with them.

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