Bankrupt, failed, collapsed: Why Kiir & SPLM/A must promote ‘Kokora’/Federalism as solution


In spite of the worsening economic and security situations and the projected imminent collapse of an already failed nation, the South Sudan warlord president Kiir and his malign and sycophantic SPLM/A are unashamedly persisting to hold on the reins of power to the very end.

No wonder that when the exasperated leading French scholar, Gerard Prunier, a former adviser to president Kiir himself, decided to resign in 2012 from the job in Kiir’s Juba inept and corrupt government, he aptly described it (quote) as “a government of idiots….rotten to the core.”

Truly, indeed, this ‘Kiir’s government of idiots’ deliberately started a totally unnecessary tribalized war that is now estimated at a humongous cost of as much as “$28 billion dollars if it continues for five years.”

Furthermore, as ominously described by the World Bank recently and corroborated by his financial personnel, Kiir’s misruled South Sudan nation is facing “a dramatic contraction of its GDP (gross domestic product), massive depreciation of its currency and exponential rise in inflation.”

With a shrinking economy, the much-coveted dollars (foreign reserves) are now scarce and Kiir has resorted to massive printing of local currency (the South Sudanese pound) in a hopeless effort to avert the inevitable financial collapse of the nation now happening and the faltering confidence from the financial markets.

Already, the nation’s oil production has drastically plummeted and it’s revealed that Kiir barely gets less than ten US dollars per barrel, and now experts and even Kiir’s own petroleum minister has confirmed the oil refineries are crumbling at an alarming rate with the unlikelihood that the foreign oil companies would ever attempt any renovations.

This senseless civil war being persecuted mercilessly and murderously by Kiir and exacerbated by the 3-year unconstitutional extension of his tyranny plus the illegally expedited imposition of the so-called Security Bill, all these actions should seriously jerk our collective national conscience and as such, it’s time for South Sudanese to take some serious reflections on the perilous future of our already collapsed nation.

For a fact, Kiir is now functionally an avowed dictator who’s heading a typically tribalized and tribally-dominated government that’s wittingly energized by a closely-knitted circle of tribes-mates sworn to viciously protect this Jieng dynasty at all costs.

Indisputably, the preponderance of evidence from different sources have now proven that it was tyrant Kiir who, along with fellow tribesmen, carefully planned the December 15, 2013 genocide against the Nuer and other South Sudanese nationals by secretively recruiting, training and finally unleashing the infamous Jieng (Dinka)-only ‘Presidential Guards,’ aka “Tiger Battalion.”

Characteristic of despots and without any moral compunction or constitutional restraint whatsoever, the illegitimate president Kiir has now incorporated his so-called ‘Presidential Guards’ into the national army not only to wreck more havoc on other citizens but also being engaged in this war to perpetuate the killing of more Nuer under his direct command.

Kiir’s shameful legacy exemplified and amplified by the gross crimes against humanity perpetuated by special tribal commanders in the tainted cloak of the SPLArmy perhaps equates in magnitude to Saddam Hussein’s or even Adolf Hitler’s.

Just imagine! What kind of nation is South Sudan today when the Army Chief of Staff, the Chief of National Security Service, the Head of the National Intelligence Service, the Chief of National Police, the Commander of National Prisons Service, the Chief of the Census Bureau, the chief of the Election Commission…etc..etc, all are the president’s own tribes-mates?

For a fact, this monstrosity known as the SPLM/A (including its entire leadership) wasn’t universally or popularly accepted or recognized by all citizens of South Sudan region as evidenced by the cornucopia of other militias that spuriously sprang up opposing it during the liberation war era.

Inevitably, with calculated reservations, many South Sudanese communities were only reconciled into joining and supporting this SPLM/A movement, after accepting the fact of its predominance during the bush war.

Also, the then prevailing military abuses commissioned and committed by this tribalized army and combined with the obvious “liberation war fatigue” among the people, Garang’s led SPLM/A emerged as the sole army despite committing numerous egregious crimes against humanity.

As a fact, Kiir’s SPLM/A leadership from the onset didn’t have the blueprint of the system of governance suited for the new nation, and since then, unfortunately, our nation under the SPLM/A, has been cruising blindly until it crashed against the rocks on December 15, 2013.

Looking back to 2005 when Kiir and the SPLM/A gangsters invaded ostensibly as ‘our own government’ in Juba, two outstanding issues that emerged were: the first was the “Mafiazation” of the twin SPLM/A dominant government and army and the second was the enforcement of a pervasive and contentious Dinka tribal hegemony in all facets of the government and the army.

Moreover, this new Kiir-led dominant SPLM party and its appendaged SPL/Army, unscrupulously manifested itself into a criminal kleptocratic organization from the top to the bottom, that’s from president Kiir himself and even to his then antagonistic vice-president Machar, down to the ministers and top army generals, they viciously set to loot the government.

Almost the entire appointments into top leadership positions were greedily filled by tribes’ mates who were completely inexperienced, unqualified, barely educated, but…so long as they have the recognized tribal marks …to enhance the mafiazation of the government.

Today, sadly for the nation, kleptocracy is the shining hallmark of the Kiir’s legacy across the entire nation, the top SPLM/A leadership quickly became sinfully rich while millions of citizens, including many relations of these top SPLM/A kleptocrats, shamefully wallow in abject depravity.

To the naivete, whilst the rapidly changing Juba skyline of multi-storied hotels and the V-8 SUV cars crisscrossing the pot-holed streets might seem like ‘some mirage of development,’ the naked reality is that South Sudan is retrogressing and sinking very rapidly so long as Kiir’s SPLM/A continues in power and the war remains unsolvable.

Most of those so-called investors and mafiasos jetting into Juba from all corners of the world are insidiously front-men or women for Kiir’s SPLM/A comrades, who use them to ‘invest’ their illicit monies stolen from our people.

Even though they look like and call themselves ‘comrades,’ in actuality, deep beneath this charade, they’re bitter rivals each one aiming to destroy and even kill one another due to lingering tribal or personal animosities.

This was what transpired exactly on December 15, 2013, ‘so-called comrades ruthlessly shooting, massacring, brutalizing, raping one another,’ we basically ceased to be a one-people, one-nation anymore.

It isn’t a national secret that practically and factually, every SPLM/A member from Kiir himself down to all the other ‘comrades’ have plenty of blood of innocent patriots they killed personally, or abetted, commissioned and sanctioned these murders, just as each one of them is practically a thief…thanks to the pervasiveness of the mafiazation and kleptocracy of their government.

South Sudan is unfortunately sinking down under because much of the oil wealth has and still is being callously stolen or being recycled among themselves into a patronage system; they capriciously reward those SPLM/A members personally loyal to Kiir.

In practical sense, every top official, be it vice president, ministers, governors….down the SPLM hierarchy, is potentially under severe likelihood of blackmail by Kiir himself or his close inner tribal circle.

For instance, millions of the SPLA soldiers and tribal militias’ salaries are first paid to the commanding SPLA generals instead of these salaries are paid directly to the soldiers, as is normal practice everywhere. Each general takes a big cut and the soldiers get peanuts!

Same practice within the ministries, embassies, co-operations and all government-affiliated agencies. The minister or ambassador or head just with absolute impunity takes all or most of the money allocated for his office. No accountability ever, but just a silence of approval.

No country being run by criminalized mafiaso leadership such as the Juba/SPLM/A government can survive, let alone sustain peaceful coexistence between themselves and the people for long.

Unscrupulously, Kiir’s SPLM/A government has severely mortgaged our nation to foreign money lenders such as the Gulf Arabs and international Mafia consortia, generations of South Sudanese will be seriously indebted to these money lenders.

The solution: In the light of the reality that any peace reached and any formulation of government agreed on that includes Kiir and Machar, or between their haplessly degenerate political protegees, e.g. Dinka/Nuer monopoly, that accord will never survive for long before another catastrophe recurred.

In their latest condemnation of the SPLM so-called leaders, the Catholic Bishops meeting in Juba lately, called this “war is being all about power and not being about the good of the South Sudanese people.”

South Sudan, unfortunately, remains an asphyxiated nation that is run by decrepit generals who have nothing with governing a country but only assiduously protecting their own interests by pillaging public resources and enriching themselves.

In summation, it’s time truly nationalistic South Sudanese citizens and the international community seriously embark on new, workable and consensually acceptable modalities for the resolution to the crises, specifically and basically governance issues.

Let’s try the Swiss-style of Federalism, by creating nation-states, for instance, whereby each state has majority control of all governance issues within its particular suzerainty, that’s complete ‘federal status.’

What is urgently and seriously needed is a newer and up-dated form of true federalism that will surely and equitably enhance our progress and cohesion separately as a people sharing a common past and perhaps a common but yet undefined and uncharted future.

That system, tried briefly in South Sudan in 1983 as ‘Kokora,’ or scientifically also christianed as ‘Federal system.’ In our current particularity, this would mean the current states (more can be consensually created, like upgrading the so-called Greater Pibor Administrative Area GPAA, into a federal state by itself) could by their own choices choose to become separate or voluntarily combine with another or others to become federal states.

We just have to look at former Yugoslavia or the once formidable Union of Soviet Socialistic Republic aka USSR, all have broken up into separate nations because of the rejection by others of domination, hegemony and misrule in the then so-called ‘united’ republics.

In USSR, the Russians people were utterly incompatible to the Tajiks, Uzebiks or even the Armenians; same in former Yugoslavia where the Bosnians, the Slavs and the Serbs were antagonistically dissimilar.

Sadly, today, the popular retired Bishop Paride Taban has seriously spoken out about the unmistakable incompatibility of the Dinka cow/IDPs pastoral invasion of his own agrarian Madi people who have visibly become marginalized in their own ancestral land.

This, like other similar scenarios happening among the Bari-speakers or others, where an aggressive and belligerent policy of ethnic domination is being enforced to the disadvantage of others could never exist in truly federated system.

In 1983, the then ‘Kokora,’ which incidentally was popularly promoted and accepted not only by Equatorians but even by many from Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazel citizens, was unfortunately controversial due to the then evolving politico-military situation in the form of the SPLM/A war.

Then, in retrospect, the much detested Abel Alier’s Dinka-dominated Arab-North puppet regime in Juba, which itself actually precipitated the mass call for ‘Kokora,’ was rightly perceived by others, not only the Equatorians, as dictatorial, tribal and abusive of their human rights.

The situation today in the independent South Sudan nation is the exact replica of 1983 Abel Alier’s Dinka hegemony but this time, Kiir has surpassed Alier in the commission and persecution of gross abuses of human rights, murders, looting and egregious crimes.

Anyway, the centrality of the argument in the way of the resolution of our current crises lies in South Sudanese changing the modality of governance in this erroneously so-called “one-nation, one-people” country.

History abounds with successful examples of ‘Balkanization’ of once so-called great nations, Yugoslavia and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) are incontestable examples and even tiny Switzerland has a workable modality of federalism, these can be modalities that we can wisely and timely emulate in our bleeding South Sudan.

The current predicament the country as is unfolding, irrevocably proves that we were never a homogeneous nation at any one time, we’re basically an aggregation of tribes that were emotionally united by our combined historical rejection of and resilience against decades of Arab North Sudanese domination abetted by past British imperial interests in the Arab world.

Arguably, in spite of so-called African-ness or geography, the Azande or Moru in Western Equatoria have almost no cultural or linguistic commonalities with the Dinka, Nuer or Shilluk (Chollo), just as the Tajiks and Turkmens didn’t have much with the Russians in the now broken-up former USSR ‘superpower.’

Furthermore, why should the Dinka, for example, just boisterously dream that they can impose their detested Jieng ‘imperialism’ on the Kakwas or Madi or Moru, for that matter, just as the Russians Czars imperialists failed to do so over Tajiks and Turkmens?

As an example, it took centuries for the English, the Irish and the Scots to finally come to live peacefully in one country now called Britain, same for others like France, Germany… etc…etc.

Tragically, that modality of ‘Federalism’ we experimented with before didn’t survive to maturity because, one, the so-called leaders of South Sudan inside the emerging Khartoum Islamic caliphate became puppets, or two, those who rushed to join John Garang’s SPLM/A in the bush became sworn anti-Kokora propagandists, a psychological obsession that persisted till today.

Unfortunately for our nation and the predicament we are in, what we have in the domineering SPLM mis-ruling dynasty in Juba are severely post-traumatized and stressed (PTSD) generals who’re irreparably and irreversibly metamorphosed into devils who’re sworn to Satan himself to take the whole nation down the path of ruin and stagnation.

They say ‘if men were angels, no government would be necessary,’ and likewise, ‘if angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls would be necessary.’ END


  1. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    Morning BOSS!
    With disbelief and cripple sadness, I can simply say your analysis is very unfortunate. I though, you know the different between individual and community, politicians and non-politicians…etc. Why do you attack Dinka community? Isn’t the fact that South Sudan president is Dinka?
    Editor, Yes Kiir’s government has failed but was pushed to that limit by those who where in the government by then including Riek Machar Puok Nyuon whom you support today. To prove it right, look at the list of corrupted politicians, is Riek and other politicians rebelled with him not there?
    Editor, whether you’re Journalist by profession or not, you must observe the journalistic code of conduct. Why are you so bias?
    Editor, Why are you supporting anarchist and person better known for iconoclastic style? I am with you for change but Riek Machar Puok Nyuon is not a sensible pillar of this time. He is unhelpful buoyancy! His short termism approach to national issues is known by many accept you. Why do you think Riek is a true political connoisseur among his cohort to be a better president? Are his hands cleanse since 1983-2015?
    Editor, Our nation this time need a person with melancholy though, real analytical thinker not pretenders. Your fellow, Riek is just an absent-mind professor. Outfit for presidency!
    Lastly, I’m always concern about Comments on you web but given your writing one wouldn’t bother either.
    Editor, Are you sure that, every Dinka is enjoying Kiir’s government? Why are you not dealing with individual and leave COMMUNITY alone!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Dengchol,
      First of all, I want to make it clear that nowhere in the article did I favour Riek Machar. I even included Machar in one of the paragraphs as a participant in what I called the ‘criminal kleptocratic organization,’ that looted the country, by which I clearly named as all the SPLM.
      Secondly, in the entire article, I made a clear separation between ordinary Dinka and the government but where the two fuse together I also made the distinction.
      However, as the situation in the country continues to evolve, with Kiir now proudly and fearlessly publicly exhibiting his cohabitation with this Jieng Council of Elders, the difference between individuals and the community becomes more murkier.
      Seriously, Mr. Dengchol, what is the difference now between Kiir’s policies and the public suggestions propagated by the Jieng Council of Elders?
      Is it just a coincidence that the Jieng Council of Elders advices to Kiir are almost the true copy of government policies?
      Finally, I personally empathize with the suffering South Sudanese generally regardless of the tribe or area, that is why I am condemning the theft and destruction happening to southerners, including Dinka, Nuer and all.
      Brother Dengchol, just visit SudanTribune and read the article by Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban and you will sincerely appreciate why a community must also be condemned for its belligerency. Bishop Paride mentioned the community as the aggressors in Madiland.
      Please, kindly educate me, are those IDPs individuals or a community?
      Is the Jieng Council of Elders soliciting, advising and guiding president Kiir, doing their devious job as individuals or as guardians of a particular community?
      Just a reminder, the Jieng Council of Elders is reportedly made up of judges, lawyers, ministers in Kiir’s or states’ governments, senior government officials and generals on the national SPLArmy.

  2. Defender says:

    Dear Editor, Need we say anything more? No. You have laid bare the reality of our nation and the tragedy she has faced in the short three years of its existence. Based on your analysis, our politicians or dare I say leaders, are a fold of people with no beating hearts, no conscience to call their own or for their people. This reality is spelt well through the suffering of the last fifteen months.

    Kiir, who should be held responsible for all the has befallen our country must not be allow to be a part of any solution whether that will derail the prospect for peace or not. There is nothing good that will come from him at this juncture or in the future. He has cold heartedly orchestrated the demise of our nation with the false hope that he was going to built a Jieng Hegemony. However, he failed to understand that those who build hegemony do not do it with the tools of olden days. These tools do not work. The era of forcing people to live by one’s will without questions are gone. These are the days where people demand that they are represented in style and substance: i.e. Democracy and leadership. Since the two has not been the making of Kiir, there is nothing that he could have done to lead, but through briber, brute force, tribal condescension, village mentality that is riven with PTSD.

    This reality is not made clear by the so called Jieng Council of Elders, a self appointed group that seems to speak of themselves as if they are a representative sample of South Sudan. These elders or whatever name they are giving themselves are not a group coming out of vacuum. The reason one would say this is two fold: the Denka or Jieng are not disowning them by coming our clearly to say that the group does not represent us. Second, they have made it clear that they are protecting their monopoly on the presidency. However, the reality is catching up to them. The leaked report of the AU is light fire under their garments.

    Additionally, if you read the position of government these days, it totally resembles the position that Jieng Council of Elders have championed. They are the de facto government. The Kiir decides with them what the national policies of government are and then he brings these to the weekly ministerial meetings, which then is rubber stamped as the decision of the cabinet. if one doubts this, just read the recently released letter of Jieng Council of Elders, date March 28th 2015 and you will conclude for yourself what I am talking about.

    Now, the coming IGAD plus round talks will for sure be the final test on whether we will have a country or not. Because if the Troika and China allow the IGAD lead the way, the prospect of a realistic peace in South Sudan will as good as a dream. But if the Troika and China have anything to say, the potential for durable peace with justice must prevail. Because those who have put in motion the crisis of December 2013 must face justice, not in The Hague, but in Juba so that they face the same bullets that have used to kill many without due process or the law. This will the fairest way to restore sense of accountability for the innocents that perished because they belonged to something that was not of their choosing but destiny.

  3. Tyson says:

    Jieng = cow and cow = Jieng. Learned, educated or illiterate, they think the same.
    This mafia clone demagogues require persecution and total pruning. They have already entangled the ugly ropes around their necks. Their demise in just at the corner!

  4. John Kijana says:

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for such a nice editorial anaylsis. What the South Sudan urgently needs is a recourse to Kokora or Federalism in which each region or ethnicity finds its rightful place in South Sudan. Apparently, most jiengs loath federalism or kokora as they´re unable to run their own affairs properly. What exactly is the problem? With a staggering 92% illiteracy, they´ve no developed human resources: a large population without skills and competencies and yet so many hungry mouths and so many developmental wishes. Today most jieng states are worse than 30 years ago. Their leasdership are comfortable in Equatoria, Uganda or Kenya where there is plentiful food and security. Equatorians are civilized and manage their “shit” well whereas the jiengs not. But the jiengs can´t expect the Equatorians to clean their asses either. They have to do it themselves. This is only possible if they embrace Kokora or federalism as they begin to learn to tackle their problems alone.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    This editorial analysis deserves reading with great attention for the benefit of correct understanding of the context.For me,it’s the best analysis that confirms the prevailing grave situation.No.It’s neither biased nor against aspirations of any particular group among our tribes.Any over boarding particulars,if there are any,are too insignificant to compromise the central value of the work.

    May be out of the need to be brief,the editor just fell short of adding that,some time back,the sudan tribune reported a case of a huge money reserves in SSP banknotes intended to last five years that were stollen in the centeral bank in Juba.The case of the soldiers’ salaries given to the generals with a mandate to pay them is true.It’s also true that the generals hijacked the money and the soldiers on the front line can go unpaid for a period of over six months.In fact there was a grave incident in Wau involving junior policemen who revolted against their senior officers for going many months without being paid.The end of that story was that many of those poor policemen were either shot dead or arrested and imprisoned.As for the cases of RSS’ embassies,a close friend abandoned his job against our advise n joined RSS embassy crew.He is regretting it tearfully today becouse he is never paid but if he is paid,it’s only once every three to five months.

    In brief:I don’t believe in miracles.But it will be out of a miracle if RSS doesn’t collapse very soon as the editor predicts!!!

  6. Kondokoro says:

    you are using kokora to indulge Bari into this senseless war and triblist ideas
    you dont know what you talking about we are united accept few inviduals who want food to be cook in seconds not even minutes, how can you judge the 2 years old country as corruft when you cant evn condemn Sudan the mother of all corruftions,you are an editor of divisions or triblist ,why do you need kokora for what you want every tribe to go to their respected area or counties what type country it will be?

  7. John Kijana says:


    If you cherish and wish development to take place in South Sudan, then Kokora or federalism is the solution. It is not abouth the Bari, it is about a system of governance that is best described in Bari language. You could choose a Zande, Madi or Balanda word, the fact of the matter remains the same. Now you claim to be Kondokoro, I wish you could tell us what that means and where you borrowed it from. Those illiterate jienge elders (council) are worthless and valueless who cant take care of their own shit. Let them develop their jienge lands before they even think of the entire South Sudan. Your a jieng, we know.

  8. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Dear Editor:

    Thank you for this analytical editorial. I agree with you on most points you have raised in this editorial, except the notion that there will be a Dinka – Nuer monopoly if the peace deal is reached. Let me assure you: The Nuer (Naath) have no any intention or plan to co-rule S Sudan with Jieng. Period. S Sudan is for all. The Naath, unlike Jieng, do not warship leaders or allow their leaders to abuse them. This is a fact. I am not making it up. To give an example, Naath traditional chiefs have term limits. Moreover, if a Naath chief abuses his power, he would be subject to impeachment.

    I lived in Juba for three years. I am a survivor and witness of the crimes committed by Mathiang Anyoor of Paul Malong and Salva Kiir against Naath in Gudele, 107, Eden, Munuki, Khor William, Referendum neighborhoods. It is very painful when I flashback these memories. I cannot get over it.

    Dear editor, what we have in Juba is not a government that represents or cares about people of S Sudan regardless their tribal background or region of origin. I call Kiir and his sycophants: embezzlers, thugs, tribalists, terrorists, gangsters, corrupts, and visionless.

    I honestly fear that S Sudan will remain a united country if those thieves still run S Sudan affairs. Some politicians in Greater Equatoria and Greater Upper Nile have already started thinking seriously about kicking out Greater Bhar el Ghazal from our union. I sympathize with them

    Many Thanks

  9. Manyiel Atem says:

    We are losing our political senses of respect in all these stupid senseless political debates we have been, having on many websites. Folks, there will be no peace and sustainability development in the South Sudan with out mutual respect and trust. We, the people of South Sudan are making the lives extremely difficult for ourselves.
    In conclusion, our political leaders need to understand that they will not be judged by how much money they smuggled out the country, but they will be judged by whether they have made significant difference in the people’s lives or not. Otherwise they go down in the downstream of history books as failed political leaders.

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